EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Law of God (Part 2 of 3)

will be charged as cause of calamities GC 590

will not sell honor for gain 4T 310

prerequisite of salvation 1BC 1109; 1SM 225

present need of, in clear and distinct lines MH 129

promises to man who renders, by faith SD 45

prompt, is required 4T 146

protects men from evil MB 52

Protestant churches oppose people who render GC 592

providential care of persons who render GC 589

purification by Ev 289-90

purifying effects of CSW 40

render: even though it involves sacrifice CT 449-50

in spirit and in letter 4T 252

regardless of consequences 1T 201-2

repentant sinner must live in 1SM 230

results of AA 505; 1SM 218; 8T 199

peace and good will among men PK 192

reward that awaits people who render 1SM 220

rich blessing brought to body and spirit by CH 231

righteousness is 6BC 1073; 1SM 367

safety of God’s people GC 529-30

Satan is wroth with people who render COL 168

Satan says men are not now required to render SD 66

Satan’s claim that man cannot render, refutation of PP 77

saves men from destroying themselves PK 18

sinful man needs Christ in order to render PP 371

sinful man’s utter inability to render, in himself PP 371

sinner can render, only by faith in Christ AA 425

some people devise rules and regulations to force themselves to render MB 123

strength to render, secured only by faith in Christ PP 524

strict, parents should teach and enforce 5T 38

surrounds man with hedge MB 52; SD 66

teach children by means of object lessons of nature to render DA 517

teach children to render AH 305; CT 155; 2SM 438

teach youth to render AH 16

temporal and spiritual prosperity depends on CG 80

that was prompted by selfish motives DA 28

there is to be no compromise in rendering 4T 249

third angel’s message calls men to render LS 96

true prosperity depends on PK 708

unquestioning, is required 4T 146

unswerving, is required PP 52

why many people striving to render, have little peace or joy AA 563

worship without, cannot be pleasing to Him GC 436

would keep men from intemperance, licentiousness, and disease Te 228

See also Grace

14. Precept(s) of

are holy, just, and good SL 67

Christ freed, from burdensome exactions placed on them by man PK 693

Christ’s life of obedience illustrated DA 308

comprise man’s whole duty AA 505

divine love underlies MB 52

man cannot keep one, while breaking another DA 498

must be brought into practical life 1SM 134

not one: can be changed by men GC 66

could be abrogated PP 66

could be changed to meet man’s fallen condition PP 66

could be improved 1SM 220

one, many people have unwittingly violated Ev 372

meaning of willful breaking of MB 51

only, that points unmistakably to true and living God GC 53

put, into practice 1SM 99

results of setting aside GC 655

same principle runs through all COL 377; DA 498

sanctified heart is in harmony with AA 563

Satan says that men cannot obey DA 24

trampling on, warning against GC 452

two grand, should regulate conduct of all humanity SD 137

violation of one, makes man a transgressor 4T 253

15. Principles of

are love to God and men SC 28

are principles of heaven MB 109

arranged to meet man in his fallen condition 1SM 230

as everlastingly inexorable as God Himself MH 129

carnal heart is at war with GC 467

Christ can bring sinful men into harmony with MB 50

Christ’s life exemplified SC 28

far-reaching, failure of God’s people to comprehend exceeding breadth of 1SM 402

great, may be made plain by Bible stories CT 181

in man’s heart will control his actions SD 51

indifferently regarded by Christian world GC 478

made plain in Christ’s life DA 308

must be: carried out as graces in life SL 80

carried out in minutest actions of everyday life 4T 75

developed in life and character 4T 367

spring of man’s actions COL 391

woven into life’s practices TM 187

no man who willfully disregards one, will enter God’s kingdom DA 309

obedience to, secures happiness of mankind Ed 76

presented in direct and forcible way COL 380

remain as long as heaven and earth continue MB 50

Satan’s hatred for GC 10

second SD 52

SDA institutions must operate in conformity to MM 164

speculative theories that undermine DA 408-9

two great 1BC 1104; 3T 511-2

love to God and love to man are GC 467

underlie all true prosperity Ed 174

work of conversion and sanctification is to bring men into harmony with GC 467

16. Transgressor(s) of

all human family are 1SM 321

curse declared against CW 100

decisive evidence that, will be punished GC 539-40

destruction will surely overtake PP 496

divine wrath is about to be visited upon 5T 100

every, must die if he continues in sin DA 799

feelings of 1SM 232

filling earth with wickedness DA 633

find: peace and pardon in Christ’s atoning sacrifice AA 230

sure retreat in Christ PP 516

first, Satan was GC 10

God’s people must not range themselves on side of TM 471

have worn garments of their own devising COL 311

His protecting care will be withdrawn from 5T 601

judgment will be executed upon PP 628

lover of self is COL 392; MB 79

must exercise faith toward God GC 468

must render fearful account at His bar 5T 147

no man is saved who is 1SM 315

only one provision made for 2T 293

persistent, will be visited by His wrath 9T 93

persons who are, God’s people should not be charmed with sentiment of Ev 599

protecting care is being withdrawn from GC 589

Satan would have, claim to be holy Ev 597

seven last plagues will fall on EW 65

some church members are 3T 513

trample it underfoot TM 236

whole human race have become PP 338

will meet just recompense of their deeds GC 48

17. Violation (transgression) of 1SM 363

all suffering results from DA 471

almost universal 3BC 1153

be afraid of smallest actions in 1SM 234

bondage and death brought by, to sinner 6BC 1094; 1SM 237

breaking laws of health leads to Te 80

breaking laws of life is CT 190

brings condemnation ML 250

brings man into bondage 4T 294

business conducive to earning money from Te 99-100

by Adam and Eve, results of PP 59-62; 1SM 214-5

by man of sin 7BC 910

called for Christ’s death Ev 150

Calvary is memorial of Christ’s amazing sacrifice to atone for SC 33

cannot be done with impunity PP 61, 217; SL 67

cannot be done without detection PP 217

caused Christ’s death TM 220

caused fearful separation between Him and man SR 51

choose death before 5T 147

Christ died to atone for man’s COL 314

Christ sacrificed Himself to save men from DA 762

Christ’s death proves that retribution will be meted out for GC 540

church has gone over to world in COL 316

consequences of, it is hard to save the guilty from GC 22

continual, continual transgression of nature’s laws is 4T 30

Flood was brought upon earth as result of SR 146

continued, spiritual declension as result of 4T 75

death came as result of 6BC 1096; PP 363

death is penalty for PP 409

death is sure result of FE 414

death would never have existed except for SR 146

dishonors Him 5T 146

every, must receive just retribution GC 540

every misuse of any part of human organism is COL 348

evil thought is DA 310

false profession of holiness by persons guilty of Ev 596-7

following selfish practices is CH 578

fornication is TM 428

full penalty of, will be visited upon the wicked GC 673

God’s free grace does not sanction 4T 295

gospel does not give sinner liberty to commit GC 468

great sacrifices should be made rather than to commit FE 102

has almost reached its limit CG 555

humanity is in trouble because of 1SM 215

ignorant, intercession of Christ for persons who have committed EW 254

in smallest particular is sin 7BC 951

incurs His wrath PP 500

is: curse to man 5T 146

man’s own act PP 421

sin MH 228

just wrath incurred by AA 393

look to Christ for pardon of DA 608

lustful look is DA 310

made atonement of Christ necessary 1SM 232

made Christ’s death necessary 3SG 296; SR 145

makes men servants of Satan 5T 32

maladies suffered by humanity as result of SD 25

man brought sin into world by 6BC 1096

men cannot commit, and remain in His favor 1SM 312

men led by Satan into, by fear of wanting food and clothing PK 184

men led into, while professing to obey it PK 178

men who are leaders in, do not extol it CW 100

men will be required to obey human edicts in PK 588

may not be punished with temporal penalties now PP 409

natural law cannot be violated without CH 21

neglect to keep its every requirement is CT 504; FE 118

no man can be forced into 5T 177

no safety in 1SM 213

only escape from, is found in Christ FE 331

pardon does not give repentant sinner license to commit 1SM 230

past, sincerely repent of 2T 91

penalty of 4T 11-2

will be executed on all transgressors 6BC 1095

will surely be inflicted PP 80

penalty of man’s, Christ died to answer for 4T 253

fell upon Christ GC 503

penalty will follow 3T 161

people who make, a virtue TM 247

person who truly loves and fears Him will not continue in ML 250

person who would be healed must cease to commit MH 224

persons who profess holiness while committing AA 562-3

pretended holiness that permits 2SM 51

remedy for, declaring law abolished is not FE 331

results of, shown to Adam SR 48-9

ruthless 4T 249

same results follow, in every age PK 297

Satan claimed that, would bring liberty GC 502

Satan exults over men’s DA 761

Satan fell because of his SR 145

Satan is bent on leading men into GC 582

Satan seeks to lead men into GC 484

second death is final penalty for 1T 533

sin is SL 76; 1SM 115, 229; TM 115; 4T 13, 251

small acts of, results of 1SM 234

soul is defiled by DA 397

suffering has resulted from MM 119

trampling on Sabbath is FE 475

transgression of laws of our being needlessly is 2T 538

transgression of nature’s law is CH 20; Te 16; 6T 225

transgression of physical law is CD 43

violation of laws governing human body is CD 17; CH 39-40

violation of natural law by indulging depraved appetite and lustful passion is 3T 161

willful and deliberate, is presumption PP 409

woe and death brought in train of CT 33

world and churches are guilty of CS 51

world has become bold in COL 177

world is realizing sure results of 1SM 222

worshipers of leopardlike beast are distinguished by GC 445-6

See also Sin

18. Miscellaneous

abolition of: Satan is bent on 4BC 1162

would be to dishonor it FE 331

would cast contempt upon Lawgiver FE 331

adherence to, greatest evidence of sincerity in 7T 145

all mankind are to be tested by GC 415

allegiance to, antichrist has broken down people’s 1T 76-7

message in last days is to call men back to LS 96; 1T 76-7

antipathy cherished by some ministers toward 1SM 239

as revealed in Holy Writ, many opportunities to become familiar with PK 275

as rule in home CG 261

as schoolmaster, brings sinner to Christ 1SM 213

condemns sinners to punishment 1SM 341

as viewed through new theological prism GC 466

authority of: Christ died to maintain SD 54

downtrodden, will be vindicated in terrible way GC 627

sinner’s offering of blood acknowledged GC 420

will be vindicated by Him PP 628

be controlled by ML 156

be very jealous for Ev 625

becomes man’s idea when he receives Christ 6BC 1110; 1SM 235

bondage of, sinners are under 6BC 1077

some people speak of GC 466

bound up with: His created works CT 453

well-being of all His creatures 4BC 1162

broken: Christ alone could satisfy claims of PP 63

Christ died to meet demands of 5BC 1127

Christ fulfilled every requirement of AA 227-8

Christ’s sacrifice equals broadest demands of GC 489

demands sinner’s life GC 418; PP 63

man is under condemnation of COL 244

brought into contempt by men’s refusal to observe Sabbath PK 184

carnal heart hates 1SM 217

carnal heart is not subject to 2SG 260-1

character building as related to CG 42

character in harmony with, divine grace is needed to form GC 469

children should be taught to repeat CT 110

Christ vindicates, through His mediatorial work PP 366

Christ’s grace and, are inseparable 1SM 349

church and state will unite to persecute people who keep GC 605-8

churches of world taking sides with great apostate against 6T 10

condemnation of: Christ’s blood releases sinner from PP 357

Christ was counted as transgressor to redeem men from DA 753

faith in Christ’s merits frees men from 1SM 396

men without Christ are under 1SM 330

no unrighteousness can escape MH 451

sinners are under 1SM 393

conflict with: what to do when laws of land are in AA 68-9, 81-2; DA 602; GC 605-12; 1T 361

what to do when laws of men are in 1T 201

what to do when state laws are in PK 506-13, 540-5; SL 38

conformity to, well-being of universe depends on MB 48

contempt for: almost universal 3BC 1153

calls God’s people to greater reverence 5T 136

Christian world has shown GC 589

growing, results of AA 506

is contempt for Him who gave it 4BC 1162

open, is to despise His authority 3SG 294

teachings of religious leaders have led to GC 587

conversion is to bring men into accord with GC 467

covenants and PP 363-73

crisis will be reached when nations unite to make void 5T 524

cross of Christ points to 1SM 323

curse of: borne by Christ for sinners 1SM 240, 258

Christ died to save sinners from 2T 200-1

is penalty merited by transgression 2SG 274

dare not tamper with GC 610

dead letter to many people 3BC 1152

declared by men to be of no effect PK 170

deeds of, no flesh justified by 1SM 363

defiance of, Satan moves men to enforce human laws in GC 591

demands of, man cannot in his own power meet AA 425

depository(s) of: SDA are made 2SM 66; 5T 381

SDA churches have been made 4T 286

SDA have been honored as CT 507

there is people whom God has made 4T 27; 5T 538

disloyalty to, Bible foretells consequence of FE 394

disregard for: effects of, on morals of people PP 143

has brought sure result 7BC 974

in last days PP 102

many people in large cities manifest FE 422

results that follow SD 54

sanctification that manifests GC 471

well-nigh universal TM 457

divine jealousy for SR 51

do not avoid, to please your own inclination AH 342

do not trample on, in business transactions TM 87

do not transgress one jot or tittle of, to accomplish any object MYP 446

do your part to bind up and seal, among His disciples 6T 332

doctrine of perpetuity of, Christian world has practically rejected GC 583

doctrine re, that has opened floodgates of iniquity upon world PK 624

that has weakened force of moral obligation PK 624

doctrine that, is no longer binding on men GC 584

downtrodden: Christ does not forget people who try to uphold TM 19

God will vindicate authority of His PP 628

must be exalted before people 5T 388

efforts made to explain, to make it conform to wrong practices DA 408

enemies of truth seek to provoke people who uphold TM 247-8

entire conformity to, is required AA 566

erroneous teachings re, warning against Ev 598; 1SM 314-5

eternal obligations of, not comprehended 1SM 134

everlasting gospel proclaims 2SM 106

every offense against, is recorded 3BC 1166

every man’s character is measured by 5BC 1085; GC 268

every variation from, is evil DA 308

exalt CW 65; PK 16

before world 7BC 911

by unfurling banner Ev 281

exaltation of human laws above, in great crisis Ev 235

exceeding breadth of, God’s people have only glimmering light re SD 45

exemplify, in life CT 321

existence of, man’s happiness is bound up with GC 671

faith and, under new covenant PP 373

false christs’ claim that, is not binding 2SM 76

false doctrine re Ev 598

false teachers’ neglect of 2SM 51

falsehood propagated by persons who make void ChS 155

far-reaching depths of, yet uncomprehended FE 238

fasten your anchor securely to MM 123

fearful deception re AA 554

fidelity to, eternal life is promised on condition of PP 370

final struggle of long-standing controversy re GC 582

flows from heart of infinite love CG 259

fulfilled only as men love Him with heart, mind, soul, and strength 8T 139

fulfillment of, meaning of DA 505; MB 48-9

fullest investigation of, all men invited to 9T 64

function of, in conversion GC 465, 467; 1SM 212, 323; 3T 432; 4T 14

gave the poor right to part of soil’s produce PP 531

genuine revival in church as related to GC 478

given because He loves mankind DA 308

given to: convict of sin DA 308

regulate conduct of nations, families, and individuals 1BC 1104

regulate human conduct 1SM 316

reveal man’s need of Christ DA 308

God does not compel men to comply with SD 182

God is jealous of His GC 668

God will not always suffer, to be broken and despised with impunity PK 186

God’s people cannot afford to disgrace LS 292

God’s people should love and honor, more than ever 5T 717

gospel cannot be rightly presented without COL 128

gospel exalts, and makes it honorable 1SM 373

gospel has not abrogated Ev 598

gospel is, exemplified in character 2SM 108

grace comes to men through ML 100

grace does not make, of none effect ML 100

grace does not take place of ML 100

great detector 5BC 1087; 6BC 1106

great original of, is in heavenly sanctuary SR 380

guard, and make it known to world PP 476

hand of, laid on every soul who enjoys His benefit CS 87

harmony of creation depends on man’s perfect conformity to PP 52

harmony with, required under covenant of grace COL 391; 1SM 373

has claims on every human agency 6BC 1109; 1SM 234

has no power to: pardon transgressor 6BC 1094, 1109; 1SM 229, 236-7, 323, 341, 347

redeem 6BC 1094; 1SM 236-7

save 1BC 1109; 1SM 237

has to do with all men’s acts, thoughts, and feelings 2BC 996-7

haters of, compared with unbelieving Jews 3T 213

heathen who have done things required by DA 638

Heaven-daring sins of people who trample on 4aSG 51-2

hedge placed about His vineyard ML 163

honor and sacredness of, church must steadfastly maintain TM 17

honor of, Christ vindicated 1SM 255

had to be maintained in saving man 1SM 240

work of SDA is to vindicate 2SM 29; 5T 592-3

how enemies will work to cast stigma upon 3T 571

how to present, to sinners 1SM 371, 383-4

how to stand before, without shame or remorse SC 51

human beings confederated with satanic agencies to make void 9T 43

human laws are substituted for GC 10

if men strictly and conscientiously kept Te 164

if there is no, then there is no transgression and sin 4T 13

ignorance re, is no excuse for transgression of Ev 372; GC 598; 3T 162

world is perishing in Ev 32

importance attached to, by Him Ev 232

importance of, ministers should preach on GW 148

Satan seeks to belittle PK 178

impression re, that SDA’s should not give TM 92

in man’s heart makes his own interests subordinate to those of God 3T 397

instituted for government of His family 6BC 1095

intelligent beings can understand, if they will CH 21

iron grasp of, people who will feel EW 66

is echo of His voice AA 566; GW 274

is expression of: divine goodness Ed 76

His character 6BC 1116; COL 391; DA 69; FE 442; MYP 30

His idea 6BC 1085, 1110; 1SM 235

His mind GC 467

His thought DA 308

His very nature SC 60

His will GC 467; SD 45

is tree (root) and gospel is blossom and fruit it bears 6BC 1073; COL 128; 1SM 212

it is one thing to talk and another thing to practice TM 187

justice and beneficence of, man can comprehend PP 52

justice of: Christ’s death proclaimed 2T 201

Christ’s sacrifice maintained 1SM 363

Satan leads men to doubt GC 534

justification by faith as related to 1SM 360-1

keep: as apple of your eye Ev 244; TM 134, 226

before minds of children 5T 329

through Christ’s merits SD 41

kills carnal mind 1SM 213

knowledge of, is blessing to the sick and suffering LS 403

large number of people loyal to, how there could be today AA 232

last conflict of great controversy will be re DA 763

last great struggle between good and evil will be re ChS 155

law of: His kingdom 6BC 1109; 1SM 233

liberty DA 466; 1SM 219

love Ed 76; MB 97; SC 9

love to God and man 7T 146

law that has been done away with is not 6BC 1095

laws to take place of, let no man prescribe TM 209

least deviation from, is sin 1SM 218

let it not be said that SDA teach, but do not believe in repentance, faith, and conversion Ev 599

let men who hate, rave and pour out their anathemas TM 250

letter of, when outward life is judged by SC 29-30

lift up, and make it stand forth in all its sacredness CW 98

light esteem for, is productive of great evil PP 143

light of, will test and prove world LS 209

light on Sabbath tests God’s professed people re EW 254

light re perpetuity of, Revelation 14 presents GC 435

live in harmony with MH 228

look to Christ for power to do what is enjoined by DA 608

loose regard for, insults Him GW 437-8

love for, should increase among God’s people SD 217

true obedience springs from COL 97

loyalty to, Christ never deviated from 8T 208

made disreputable by some ministers in pulpits Te 164

made void 5T 378

by great majority of people 3BC 1153

by laws of men DA 709; 5T 712

by men’s traditions TM 135

by multitudes today PP 166

by satanic agencies Ev 236

by sinners’ acts of disloyalty SC 29

in world 8T 49

magnified and made honorable by perfect obedience CW 100

magnify, and make it honorable SD 41; 2SM 403; 8T 197

maintained by inflicting its penalty on Christ 1SM 301-2

maintains its claims on mankind in all ages PP 365

make: law of daily life in business 1SM 90

rule of home MH 390

standard of action 5BC 1112; FE 315; LS 353; 9T 94

makes sinner’s guilt plain 1SM 365

man becomes partaker of divine nature by conformity to SD 286

man has declared that, was abrogated PK 275

man must live in harmony with, to be sanctified wholly SL 29

to experience sanctification CH 69

man’s well-being is bound up with GC 499

men are to serve, with their minds 1T 150

men cannot trample on, and live Ev 244

men shall be judged by 2BC 997

men’s characters should be found in harmony with GC 483

men’s lives will be: judged by SD 331

tested by, in judgment GC 482

men’s wills and plans should be subordinate to 5T 527

man-made laws and, all men will be called to choose between DA 763

many people long to understand, more fully PK 171

many people violate, to serve personal interests 3T 479

meaning of MB 55

med. miss. work’s relationship to MM 21

mere observance of, cannot save without faith in Christ’s blood AA 553

mind occupied with things of world and in serving self cannot serve 1T 150

ministers who teach that, has been changed or abrogated GC 583

miracle worker who disregards, warning against 2SM 49

modern doctrine re, that strikes most boldly against God’s authority GC 584

more important in His sight than angels SR 48

more preaching on, need of EW 63

motives must be in harmony with CG 558

must be vindicated CS 39

before universe 7BC 951

must be: carried out in life CSW 113

magnified 6T 19

must be written: on every part of human tabernacle SD 313; Te 142

plainly upon doorposts and gates PK 464

must be written in men’s: foreheads EW 58

hearts CT 322; EW 58; LS 203; SD 50; 1T 361

lives CT 322

minds EW 58; LS 203; SD 50

must endure forever GC 434

must not be matter of convenience 4T 248

National Council set aside, in French Revolution GC 285-6

natural man is not subject to MYP 68

nature and importance of, lost to great extent in religious world GC 465

nature of, is righteousness and truth GC 467

need not be changed 7BC 910

needs to be imprinted in men’s hearts and minds 3T 202

new birth brings heart into accord with GC 468

new covenant as related to 1SM 212

new covenant is to bring heart into harmony with PP 372

no command of, has been annulled GC 434

no jot or tittle of, has been changed GC 434; SR 380

no longer violate, by sinful indulgences 3T 170

no protection for professed Christian who disregards 4T 166-7

no such thing as weakening or strengthening PK 625

no wicked act is excused by FE 135

nominal observance of, is not sufficient 5T 306

obedience to mere letter of, that entitles no man to heaven DA 174

obey every requirement of, in times of supreme test MM 168

object in giving, to fallen man SD 50

obligation of: is imperishable DA 283

is perpetual 2BC 1014; MB 48

is world-wide 2BC 1014

sacred, slave of passion cannot realize PP 458

Satan’s sophistry lessens GC 569

often obscure and well-nigh obliterated in hearts of men Ed 137

only standard by which we can estimate divine affection 1SM 311

only that which accords with, will stand in judgment COL 316

opposed and denounced by atheists, infidels, and apostates GC 285

opposition to: by religious powers 7BC 975

by some ministers 1SM 239

parties organizing for 2SM 141

Satan worked to excite PP 38

satanic agencies are organizing for, in every city 8T 42

origin and perpetuity of, Scriptures testify to GC 267

parents should administer, in home AH 310

parents should read, to children 1BC 1117

parents who administer, in home will be blessed CG 261

pattern for character building CT 62

people should hear Ev 119

people who call, “a curse to man,” “miserable,” and “rickety” EW 66

people who honor, but do not obey it DA 584

people who oppose, danger in mingling with Ev 364

perfect righteousness of, offered to man in Christ MB 54-5

perfection of, demonstrated before all worlds GC 498

perpetual safeguard around God’s people PK 678

perpetuity of: acceptance of light re SR 381

Christ’s death established PP 69

constant testimony has been borne to GC 453

rejected by many professed Christians PK 625

should be made special subject in SDA papers CW 97

third angel’s message brings to view SR 381

person who does not love, does not love gospel GC 465

persons loyal to, distinction must be made between persons disloyal and Te 217

persons trampling on, will one day find that they are amenable to its statutes FE 331

persons who deride, fate of EW 66

persons who despise, take sides with great apostate TM 132

persons who do not openly attack, but put forth speculative theories that undermine it DA 408-9

persons who honor, will be accused as lawbreakers GC 591

will be accused of bringing His judgments upon world GC 591

persons who love, should not be found in list of the impure TM 433

persons who make void, make no compromise with 2SM 371

persons who reject Sabbath truth declare that, is no longer binding GC 587

physician must measure his daily life by MM 122

physicians should make, rule of life MM 121

plan of redemption vindicates PP 68

platform of God’s people 7T 122

points men to gospel GC 263

while condemning sin Ev 231

power of, gospel recognizes 1SM 241

practical understanding of, needed 2T 512

practical view of, gives man knowledge of himself 3T 321

pray with all your heart that you may be loyal to 7BC 981

present, with love Ev 57

present Christ in His relation to 1SM 156

presentation of: do not forget His love in making Ev 484-5

ministers should present Christ in GW 157

ministers’ duty in 1SM 384

place of Christ’s sacrifice in 4T 395

preach faith in Ev 599

present God’s love in Ev 599

sinner should be pointed to Christ in 4T 395

principles of His kingdom are embodied in COL 305

principles of justice, mercy, and love are set forth in PK 275

principles of righteousness set forth in, obscured in Israel PK 709

principles underlying all true prosperity are made known in PK 500

proclaim, while holding banner of truth firmly 2SM 117

proclaimed distinctly and prominently CH 21

pronounced adulterer guilty of death PP 718

proscriptions of, true freedom lies within GC 285

protection of human laws will be withdrawn from persons who honor GC 635

provides no way of escape for transgressor PP 524

pulpits and churches that teach that, is not binding COL 305

rebellion against: divine interposition re TM 62

fate of person who boasts of his 2SG 275

Satan as leader of TM 62

Satan seeks to excite PP 338

received in Christ, lifts men above power of natural desires and tendencies 1SM 235

receiver of righteousness of, in Christ is in harmony with heaven 1SM 235

regarded by many people as restriction on happiness PK 311

rejection of: as our standard 1SM 311

by Christian world 1SM 229

by Holiness people 1SM 360-1

by Noah’s apostate descendants 8T 213-4

cause of GC 586

Christian world’s, Moses was shown PP 476-7

doctrine of divine decrees led to GC 261

erroneous theories of sanctification spring from neglect or GC 469

fornication and adultery as result of 2T 449-50

great sin of the Christian world GC 22

leads men to disregard human laws GC 585

pass to which some men will come in TM 132

results of GC 584-6

relationship of, to man’s lightest and most secret act 1BC 1104

to natural and spiritual world 3BC 1144

religious world has set aside FE 238

repeat, often in family worship Ed 186; Ev 499

represented as grievous yoke by some people GC 466

respect for, conduct that lessens 4T 250

restraint(s) of, results of casting aside GC 282

Satan seeks to break down GC 261

Satan’s policy to remove PP 79

wicked men seek to break down GC 500

reverence for, happiness of home depends on CG 79

has been subverted 8T 120

why many people are losing 5T 209

reverenced by Him 6BC 1069

righteousness of Christ in 1BC 1109-10; 1SM 236-41

rightly presented, reveals His love GW 157

royal, proclaims liberty to every captive MH 131

ruler commanding what is contrary to, it is sin to obey PP 719

Sabbath is embodied in DA 283

sacredness of, effects of discerning SC 24

must be revealed to the persistently disobedient 9T 93

safety of God’s people lies in understanding PK 191

sanctification is to bring men into accord with GC 467

Satan’s church works to cast off TM 16

satanic agencies combined cannot destroy 2SM 108

satanic deceptions re DA 762

satisfied with nothing short of perfection 1T 416

searches man’s thoughts, motives, purposes AA 424

set forth, in church-school textbooks 6T 203

setting aside: results of SR 332

corruption resulting from GC 55

greatest misery results from SD 54

leads to bondage of sin GC 522

men do not know what they are doing by COL 305

results of, will be revealed to universe PP 338

sharp conflict re, there will be 8T 120

should be: means of education in family 8T 199

standard of parents AH 235

supreme guide of conduct of life CG 492

should become more precious to His church TM 21

sin did not kill 1SM 213

sinner cannot render righteousness to 1SM 367

sinner must test his character by GC 467

sinner owes righteousness to 1SM 367

smallest iota of, should not pass MB 49

some popular churches declare that, has been abolished 4T 13

sophistries that make null and void, warning against LS 93

Spirit is to write, on tables of heart PP 372

Spirit reveals to man full meaning of 4T 14

spirits will urge that laws of land be obeyed as GC 591

spiritual nature of, effects of beholding SC 30

spread, upon memorial tablets PK 464-5

standard by which men are to be: judged in judgment 7BC 986; CH 413

tested CS 39

standard of, is being exalted AA 54

righteousness defined by SC 61

should be standard of all life practice MM 124

sinful men in themselves cannot meet MB 50

state laws will conflict with GC 459

sticklers for letter of, while violating its spirit DA 174

still honored and exalted by faithful few PP 477

still traced in hearts of men Ed 137

strictly obey, from principle 5T 38

subject of, Christ’s grace should be presented with 1SM 384

substitution of human law for, Satan will seek to control world by DA 763

sum and substance of 1BC 1105

Sunday law will be invoked against people who keep GC 607

takes cognizance (note) of: hatred, malignity, and revenge ML 163; SD 61; 1SM 217

jealousy and envy ML 163; SD 61; 1SM 217

lust and ambition ML 163; SD 61; 1SM 217

men’s desires and emotions ML 163; SD 39; 1SM 217

men’s thoughts and intents of their hearts AA 505; ML 163; SD 39; 1SM 217

teach, in SDA church schools CG 310

to children as great rule of life 5T 329

teach children to respect AH 305

teach children to reverence 2SM 438

teach youth to respect AH 16

terror of rejecters of, during seventh plague GC 639

test of: loyalty to His government CT 62

obedience Ev 231

your title to heavenly inheritance must stand CS 225

test of character COL 314; 2T 468; TM 233

in judgment COL 314

thoughts must be brought into subjection to 3BC 1145

threatens wrath against all who transgress its precepts GC 604

tolerates no sin 7BC 908

trampled beneath unholy feet CSW 36

trampling on, in obedience to human enactment, man receives mark of beast by GC 604

men deny Lawgiver’s authority by GC 583