EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Law of God (Part 1 of 3)

Law of God

1. After New Testament times

2. Among angels and devils

3. As moral mirror

4. Attempt to change

5. Breach made in

6. Characteristics of

7. Claims of

8. From Adam to Exodus

9. From Exodus to Christ’s birth

10. Gospel and

11. Immutability of

12. In New Testament times

13. Obedience to

14. Precept(s) of

15. Principles of

16. Transgressor(s) of

17. Violation (transgression) of

18. Miscellaneous


1. After New Testament times

antinomian teaching re, in England GC 260-1

first-day Adventist opposition to 2T 449; 3T 36

France free from restraints of, during French Revolution GC 286

infidel France cast aside, as yoke of bondage SD 54

perpetuity of, some Christians during Dark Ages believed GC 63

precepts of, Reformation unsealed GC 230

study of, by faithful Millerite Adventists EW 254-8; GC 433-7; SR 380-1

trampled underfoot in France in 1793 GC 273-4

2. Among angels and devils

always guarded by heavenly angels SR 194

angels are governed by 1BC 1104; MB 48; 3SG 295; 1SM 220; SR 145

angelic host’s interest in EW 252; 4aSG 8

controversy began in heaven over 1SM 316

devils set aside GC 552; SR 394

fidelity to, angels retain their happy estate only on condition of PP 53

first rebel against, Satan was DA 309

great controversy has been upon, from the first PP 69

ordained to govern heavenly beings SR 30

perfect obedience to, angels’ happiness depends on SR 19

reverence for, by angels PP 349; 4aSG 8; SR 153-4

by heavenly host LS 95

Satan began controversy over, in heaven DA 763; 1SM 316; 2SM 160

Satan declared that, could not be obeyed DA 761

Satan declares that, is unjust DA 309

Satan denounced, as restriction of liberty 4BC 1162; GC 499

as unjust DA 29

Satan does not openly war against PP 338

Satan endeavors to set aside GC 10

Satan has declared that, is burdensome PK 311

is faulty 2SM 107

Satan has tried to obscure 3SG 94

Satan points to, as unjust DA 117

Satan rebelled against MB 109; PP 38; 1SM 222; SR 17-9

Satan represented, as law of selfishness DA 24

Satan reproached, as yoke of bondage GC 504

Satan seeks to destroy people who honor GC 591

Satan seeks to make void, through exaltation of false science TM 490

Satan seeks to remove great things of, from man’s sight PK 275

Satan seeks to work out his proposed changes in GC 498

Satan sought to show that righteousness of, is enemy to peace DA 762

Satan thought to improve upon 1SM 316

Satan urged that, was oppressive GC 531

Satan would not dare to say what some ministers say against 4T 14

Satan’s attack against PP 69

Satan’s hatred for 6BC 1116; PK 311; PP 331-42; 1SM 221-5

Satan’s last deception will be re DA 763

Satan’s plot to lead men to trample, underfoot EW 215-6

Satan’s purpose in introducing belief that, is not binding GC 586

Satan’s purpose to overthrow GC 582

Satan’s version of, presented to world 1SM 315

thought that there was, came to angels almost as awakening to something unthought-of MB 109

warfare against, began in heaven DA 763

began with Lucifer 7BC 972

3. As moral mirror AA 562; 5BC 1117; 6BC 1070, 1076-7; 7BC 935; CG 433; CS 39; GC 467; MYP 360; SL 81; 1SM 213, 219, 321; 2T 512-3, 452; 3T 116; 4T 294, 398, 632; 5T 141, 537; TM 124-5, 344

cannot cleanse man from defilement 7BC 935

defects of character revealed by 6BC 1077; 7BC 935; FE 460; 1SM 213, 317; 2T 512-3; 3T 116; 4T 294

must be held up before men CS 39

reflects: God’s true character GC 465

light upon wrong SD 143

shows man his true relation to God COL 263

4. Attempt to change

compared to ancient mischievous practice PK 179

every deceptive artifice used in PK 186

papacy exalts itself above God by GC 446

proud pontiffs presumed re SR 425

Satan’s efforts re 2SM 107

Satan’s master stroke PK 178

Satan’s purpose in EW 215

5. Breach made in 2SM 106-7; 6T 352

by attempt to change Sabbath GC 453; PK 678

by man of sin LS 96; 1T 76; TM 41

by papacy Ev 225; GC 453; 2SM 107

God’s people are to repair 6T 265

is to be repaired GC 453; Ev 695; PK 678; 6T 352

people who are repairing 4BC 1152

people’s attention must be called to 1T 77

Satan has effected, by trampling on Sabbath Ev 355

seek to heal 3T 573

SDA are repairing ML 224

SDA are to repair 1T 76

time for SDA to repair EW 65

6. Characteristics of 1SM 216-20

above law of state 1T 201-2

agency in conversion 4T 14

agent in bringing men to Christ DA 308

as covenant 6BC 1095

as enduring as: heavens and earth FE 238

its Author GC 467

as great as its Author is great 7BC 986

as His seal 2T 468

as holy as He is holy MB 54

as immutable as His throne PP 365

as perfect as He is perfect MB 54

as sacred as Himself PP 40, 52, 63; SR 16, 31, 48

as sacred as His throne 5BC 1099; 7BC 911; 2SM 50

as unchangeable as His throne 3BC 1166; 7BC 910

as unchanging as God Himself 3SG 46

barricade about man SD 63

basis of: all right conduct FE 504

covenant of grace PP 371

bears stamp of the divine PP 465

binding on every soul to end of time Ev 226

brief and comprehensive 6BC 1095

broad foundation of, love to God and man is AA 505

broad in its requirements 1SM 211

cannot be done away with in the least, to pardon sin 7BC 951

cannot justify sinner PP 373

cannot pardon transgressor 6BC 1070, 1110; 7BC 935; 1SM 213, 323, 341, 347; SR 26

cannot remit penalty for sin 1SM 371

cannot remove sinner’s guilt 1SM 213

cannot save sinner from his sins 7BC 935

causes sinner to feel his need of Christ 6BC 1096; 1SM 234, 240

changeless DA 308, 763; MB 50; MYP 30; PP 36

Bible presents PP 370

Christ’s glory is revealed in 6BC 1096; 1SM 240

condemns: jealousy, hatred, lust, ambition AA 424

persons who transgress it GC 640

sins of omission 1SM 220

sinners 7BC 935; 1SM 371; SR 26

to death the disobedient 7BC 915

transgressors PP 524

contains: everlasting principles of truth, justice, and purity COL 287; PK 18

gracious commands of One who is all-wise and full of compassion CSW 35

His will 1SM 371

something deeper than mere authoritative commands DA 608

convicts man of: his state of evil 1SM 321

sin 1SM 211, 219

declares that death is transgressor’s portion GC 467-8

demands: good works 1SM 343

holiness in every part Ev 598

perfect and unswerving obedience TM 440

perfect obedience 7BC 908; 1SM 218

purity in most secret thoughts, desires, and disposition 1SM 220

righteousness 6BC 1073; 1SM 367

Sabbath observance GC 604

sinner’s life PP 356

detector of sin 7BC 935

divine standard 1SM 320-5

divine standard of righteousness PK 170; 9T 44

drives sinner to Christ 6BC 1096, 1110; 1SM 341

echo of His voice to man AA 566; Ev 598; GW 274; MH 503

essential to maintain order and equity PP 52

eternal 6BC 1097; DA 308; 2SM 107

Bible presents PP 370

every statute of, is binding 4T 147

excuses no wicked act MH 451; 8T 312

exponent of His: mind and character 1SM 371

will SD 239

expression of His love and wisdom PP 52

extends beyond man’s outward acts AA 505

extends to: deep secrets of man’s moral nature AA 424

man’s thoughts as well as his words and actions GC 254

forever the great standard of righteousness 1SM 211

foundation of: all enduring reformation CG 489; MH 129; 7T 139; 8T 199

His throne 4BC 1153; FE 238

foundation of His government 6BC 1070, 1097; EW 215; GC 66; MM 91; PP 66, 477; 1SM 240, 315; TM 16

in heaven and earth 7BC 990; FE 329; SC 24, 60; SR 48; 3T 213; TM 21

founded on eternal principles of love SC 19

glory of, found only in Christ 1SM 237

is Christ 5BC 1133

golden link uniting man to Him 2SG 275

great moral standard 5T 329

of righteousness AH 342; 6BC 1069, 1116; 7BC 951

great principle of love embodied in SC 60

great rule of: right GC 415; PP 309

righteousness PP 349

great standard of: all character COL 315; Ed 34; GW 276

obedience COL 304

right 2BC 997

righteousness COL 314; CT 62; FE 134, 238; GC 467; SR 334; 1SM 219; 5T 561; TM 448

guards rights and individuality of every human being Ed 77

guide of life CT 32; Ed 16; GC 639; SD 47

hedge about men DA 596; Ed 76-7; SD 63

higher than any civil law 1T 361

His measure of character 2SM 318

holy CG 261

holy standard of righteousness in judgment 5T 627

immeasurable breadth and dignity and glory in FE 238

infallible standard by which character is to be compared FE 214

infinite 6BC 1097; 1SM 240

is holiness made known 1BC 1104

is law of life 6BC 1077

to the obedient 6BC 1077

is love GC 467; PP 33

is maintained and its justice vindicated while sinner can be pardoned 5T 739

justice and mercy are foundation of GC 503

lasts as long as His throne endures 6BC 1116

lays men under obligation to God 1SM 211

linked with His throne AA 12; 2SM 108

looks into heart’s secrets COL 316

love is fulfilling of 1SM 375

moral standard of character TM 124

never can be changed or abrogated CT 248

never to be obliterated or destroyed 1BC 1109

no mystery in ML 163; 1SM 218

no power in, to save man from penalty of disobedience AA 393

no saving properties in 6BC 1070

not a new thing 1BC 1104

not a yoke of bondage CSW 35; 1SM 219

not changed PK 184-5

not given to prevent soul’s salvation 4T 345

not holiness created 1BC 1104

not so many separate precepts DA 607

only correct standard of character Ev 620; SD 51; 2SM 127

only infallible rule for regulation of conduct 5T 417

only reliable code of honor between man and man 5T 417

only standard by which men can estimate divine affection 1SM 311

only standard for testing character 2SM 50

only standard of holiness GC 472

only thing by which men can know whether they are obeying God or not 1SM 315

only true standard of moral perfection SL 80

ordained to ensure men’s happiness, peace, and eternal good 7BC 915

ordained to life 6BC 1094; 7BC 915; 1SM 237

perfect DA 764; MB 50; PP 42; 1SM 211-5; 3T 371; TM 440

perfect holiness SD 51

perfect rule of life AA 505

pledge of eternal life to the obedient Ed 77

preserver of true freedom and liberty Ed 291

prohibits things that degrade and enslave Ed 291

promises life to the obedient GC 467

pronounces death on transgressor PP 349; 4T 342

protects the obedient from power of evil Ed 291; ML 163

provides no remedy for sin GC 467

province of, is to condemn sin 1SM 236

pursues evildoer by speaking through conscience Ed 144-5

reaches to: every secret spring of action 2BC 997

man’s feelings and motives 5BC 1085

man’s secret purposes 1SM 219

man’s thoughts and feelings 1SM 211

reasoning cannot controvert 3BC 1141

reflection of His character PP 596

remains: as long as heavens remain 6BC 1095

through ceaseless ages of eternity FE 238

represents His character CT 62

reproves sin 1SM 371

requires due regard for dumb animals WM 47-8

requires that: men love Him supremely and their neighbor as themselves SD 52

mind be holy 1SM 211

soul be pure 1SM 211

requirements of: cannot be lowered to meet wicked men’s standard AA 425

men must meet, in order to be candidates for heaven 1SM 395

setting forth your duties to men are fulfilled in love one to another 5T 243

true estimate of, results of SD 194

what to do to meet 1SM 374

what would happen if men were free to depart from MB 51

restrains: the subordinate from disobedience Ed 77

the superior from oppression Ed 77

reveals: attributes of His character DA 762

His glory 6BC 1097

His goodness 6BC 1085

His love 1SM 156

His righteousness MB 54

holiness of His character DA 308

man’s duty DA 608

man’s guilt DA 608

man’s sins GC 467

man’s sinfulness 3T 475

men’s defects of character 7BC 935; GC 467; 1SM 323

sinfulness of man’s character DA 308

sinner’s need of Christ 6BC 1109; 1SM 371

things that degrade and enslave Ed 291

revelation of His: character GC 467

will GC 434, 467; PP 52

righteousness is required by DA 762

righteousness of: fulfilled in believer in Christ DA 762

is received in Christ 3BC 1153; 1SM 239

Satan will confess PP 339

righteousness of Christ pervades CG 69

rule by which He measures men’s actions COL 314

rule of: His government 1SM 239

His kingdom FE 331

judgment GC 639; PP 349

life Ev 620; 5T 329

rule to govern man’s conduct FE 135

rules of, feeblest intellect can grasp ML 163; 1SM 218

sacred PP 36; SL 67

sacred character of, cost of man’s redemption reveals PP 66

safeguard placed around man 1BC 1084

same in all ages 6BC 1073

shield to men Ed 76-7

simple and easily understood SD 39; 1SM 217

so far-reaching as to express His whole will ML 163; SD 39; 1SM 217

spirituality of MB 45-78

not comprehended 1SM 134

standard by which character is to be: measured 5BC 1085, 1146; GC 482

tested 7BC 911

standard of action in home CG 506-7

standard of character 4BC 1180; SD 55

standard of righteousness in judgment 1SM 211

states whole duty of man 1BC 1105

steadfast MYP 30

true standard of attainment GC 555

truth ML 100

unalterable 6BC 1097; MM 123; MYP 30; 1SM 240

unchangeable AA 190; 6BC 1097; GC 467; SL 74-5; 1SM 240

unchanging 2BC 996; GC 494; PP 36

utters condemnation against evildoer 6BC 1094; Ed 144; 1SM 236

wall around His people PK 678

wall of protection around men 1BC 1105

wall of protection to the obedient 6BC 1085; FE 394

7. Claims of

arouse people to see and obey 2SM 403

as related to Christ’s grace 1SM 156

binding: greatest ignorance is re FE 131

ignorance re, is result of neglect of Bible study CT 442

mistake made in presenting 1SM 371

present Christ’s love with 1SM 371

present, everywhere Ev 226

SDA schools should teach FE 288

world is cursed as result of ignorance re CT 442

Christ came to vindicate 8T 207

Christ’s death justified 2T 201

Christ’s life of obedience maintained DA 309

customs and teachings of men will not lessen CS 66

gospel does not detract one tittle from Ev 598

gospel does not weaken 1SM 373

it is not enough to present 3T 228

men who do not admit, generally take lawless course 3T 213

must be impressed on mind and heart MH 180

must be vindicated 9T 94

not understood by some ministers who advocate it 2T 512

perfect and entire obedience to, is required 1T 416

persons who teach TM 472-5

sermons on, have been without Christ 1SM 371

sinful man cannot meet DA 762

why men cannot meet SC 62

will be brought before men in positions of highest authority 2SM 375

8. From Adam to Exodus

Abraham instructed his household in Ed 187

Abraham kept 3SG 296; PP 140-1; SR 148

Abraham was called to exalt 8T 207

Abraham was made keeper of, for future generations FE 504-5

Abraham’s faithfulness in obeying FE 286-7; PP 363

Adam and Eve transgressed 6BC 1109; FE 382; 2SG 274; 1SM 230, 234, 308; 6T 190; TM 134

Adam fell from his holy estate by transgressing 3T 162

Adam taught, to his descendants PP 363; 3SG 296; SR 146

antediluvians despised FE 421

authority of, maintained by His covenant with Abraham PP 370

Christ made, known to man in Eden MB 48

circumcision would not have been necessary if men had kept PP 364

condition of covenant with Abraham was PP 178

copy of, given to Moses on Mt. Sinai GC 434-5; SD 56

could not be: abolished to meet man in his fallen condition SR 48

altered or abolished to save man 2SG 274

dates back to creation 1BC 1104

defied openly by people of Sodom PK 297

Esau regarded, as yoke of bondage PP 178

existed at creation MB 48

existed before: earth was called into being MB 48

man was created 1BC 1104; 3SG 295; 1SM 220, 230; SR 145

given to man in beginning as: means of obtaining happiness and eternal life PK 178

standard of obedience 8T 207

if Adam and Eve had remained loyal to PP 51

if man had not transgressed, there would have been no death 3SG 296

imprinted on hearts of Adam and Eve at creation 1BC 1084, 1104

Joseph refused to trample on 3SG 143-4

kept in Abraham’s home PP 142

knowledge of, Adam and Eve had 1BC 1104; PP 363; 1SM 230; 3SG 295; SR 145

preserved from Adam to Moses 1SM 230

man was given: after his fall SR 148

in Eden 1BC 1108; FE 504; MB 48; 4T 11; 6T 10; 8T 197-8

when foundation of earth was laid 1SM 315

man was so created that he was in perfect harmony with GC 467

Noah and his family preserved PP 363; SR 146

Noah preserved, in ark SR 148

not changed after man sinned EW 215; PP 363; 1SM 230

in order to save him 6BC 1097; DA 762; EW 127; 2SG 274; 1SM 240

to meet sinner’s fallen condition 6BC 1076; DA 762; SD 239; 3SG 46; SR 46, 48

not given in written form to Adam and Eve 3SG 295; SR 145

nothing taken from, when man sinned SR 145

obedience to: Adam and Eve were perfectly happy in GC 531

Adam taught his descendants re need of 3SG 50-1

circumcision was pledge of PP 363

importance of, by Adam and Eve PP 52

perfect, required of Adam 2SM 380-1

Satan declared human beings were incapable of rendering, after Adam sinned 1SM 252

original, known by Adam and Eve at creation 1BC 1084

patriarchs handed down, from father to son through successive generations PP 363; 3SG 296; SR 146

precepts of, made known by Christ to man in Eden MB 48

written on hearts of Adam and Eve PP 363

principles of: more explicitly stated to man after his fall 1BC 1104

not changed after Adam sinned 1BC 1104

not changed after man sinned 1BC 1104; 3SG 295; 1SM 220

written on man’s heart at creation GC 467

reiterated on Mt. Sinai MB 48

rejected by world twice before Abraham’s time PP 332

rule in Abraham’s household was PP 140-1

transgression of: Adam and Eve were banished from Eden because of DA 741

antediluvian world became corrupt and vile by PP 363

brought Flood upon earth 3SG 296

worded after man’s fall to meet case of fallen intelligences 1BC 1104

9. From Exodus to Christ’s birth

alone, gave to ark of covenant its sacredness 2BC 1011

broken, David felt condemnation of PP 750

circumstances of giving of, rehearsed by Moses for Israel 4aSG 52

claims of, satisfied on Day of Atonement GC 420; PP 356

condemnation of, daily sin offering did not release the penitent from GC 420; PP 356

Daniel exalted and reverenced CD 154-5

depositaries of, Israelites were made PK 16; PP 314, 332

Ezra and other Levites instructed people re PK 661-8

foundation of Israel’s prosperity PP 732

given in Eden, Israel was brought out of Egypt to keep 8T 197-8

guardians and keepers of, Israelites were to be PP 305, 468

Hebrew parents were to teach children to obey PP 468

Israel was brought out of Egypt to observe, unmolested PK 181

Israel was delivered from Egypt to exalt 8T 207

Israel was in degraded condition when given MB 45

Israelites had confused idea of, when leaving Egypt 3SG 298; SR 147

Joshua read, in hearing of Israel PP 503

knowledge of: Israel was to preserve, among men DA 27

lost to some extent by Israelites in Egypt GC 453; PP 258, 334

preserved in earth since Exodus GC 453

made law of land for Israel PP 688

many Israelites in Egypt forgot SR 112

mighty display of divine power attended giving of, at Mt. Sinai PP 340

Moses as representative of his people received MH 508

Moses’ breaking tables of, significance of 3SG 281

not able to preserve Israel from idolatry AA 99; SR 264

not designed for Jews only 1SM 219

obedience to: Israel was given possession of Canaan on condition of PP 465

Israel was promised great blessings on condition of PP 371

Israel’s prosperity depended on 1BC 1117; 4aSG 49

Israel’s protection was in COL 287-8

would have made additional directions given to Moses unnecessary PP 364

would have made Israel’s sojourn in Egypt unnecessary PP 364

would have made Israelites marvels of prosperity COL 288

would have made its proclamation on Mt. Sinai unnecessary PP 364

precepts of, as hedge about Israel COL 287-8; PK 18

preparations for giving, at Mt. Sinai 2T 611

principles of, Daniel and companions refused to dishonor PK 481

proclamation of, terrible manifestation of divine power accompanied PP 340

read in Jerusalem to exiles returned from Babylon MH 281

read to Israel: in vale of Shechem PP 499-500

on public occasions 1BC 1117

regard for, Israel was strengthened during David’s reign by PK 465-6

repeated in Deuteronomy 1BC 1117

sacredness of, how God taught David PP 706

set to music by Israel Ev 500

spiritual nature of, Israel did not perceive MB 46

studied in schools of prophets 2BC 1037; Ed 47; FE 97; PP 593

that sinner transgressed was in ark of covenant GC 418

vindication of, symbolic system of ceremonies worked for 1SM 114

was to be repeated often to Israel 1BC 1117

why Israel was given ceremonies and ordinances in addition to 5T 666-7

10. Gospel and 1SM 229-32

bind up, in perfect whole TM 94

blend, in preaching Ev 231

bound together in perfect whole TM 94

do not divorce, in SDA discourses Ev 231

Edwards A. Park quoted re GC 465-6

go hand in hand GW 161

in perfect harmony 6BC 1096; 1SM 240

light re 1SM 356

no great contrast between 6BC 1061

present, together in third angel’s message GW 161

relationship between GC 467-8; 1SM 212

religionists’ efforts to divorce Ev 231

requirements of, make plain GW 154

same principle is embodied in DA 608

Satan seeks to separate 6BC 1073

uphold each other 1SM 240

Wesley (John) taught harmony between GC 263

11. Immutability of DA 764; EW 65; GC 433-50; 2SM 107; 5T 503

abundant evidences of 1BC 1109

Christ died to show COL 314

Christ proclaimed AA 505

Christ settled forever question of, by His life SD 55

Christ showed, to Lucifer GC 494

Christ’s cross testifies to SD 240; 1SM 312

Christ’s death shows 3BC 1166; 6BC 1097; DA 762-3; GC 466; PP 365; 2SG 274; 1SM 240; 2T 201

cross of Calvary declared GC 503

demonstrated before all worlds GC 503

doctrine of, held by Christians in first centuries GC 52

forever placed beyond all question GC 499

gospel recognizes 6BC 1096; 1SM 241

gospel reveals 6BC 1072

Jews who will proclaim, with wonderful power AA 381; Ev 578

light re, is source of joy and wonder GC 454

present, before world 8T 199

strongest proof of, Christ’s death as EW 217

unanswerable argument re, Christ’s death as 1SM 323

Wesley (John) taught GC 262

12. In New Testament times

allegiance to, Christ came to bring men to 1SM 229

beauty and excellence of, Christ’s life revealed CT 62

character of: Christ made plain CT 34; DA 24

Christ was living representation of MB 49

Christ bore curse of, suffering its penalty for man 6BC 1096

Christ came not to destroy but to fulfill 1SM 312

Christ came to: exalt 6BC 1097; 7BC 935; DA 206; PK 693; 1SM 302

explain relation of, to man DA 308

fulfill every specification of FE 385

magnify, and make it honorable DA 308

vindicate 4T 59

Christ condemned men who disobey, and teach others to do so DA 308-9

Christ defended, against Jewish traditions DA 397

Christ defined, in Sermon on Mount FE 238

Christ demonstrated that men may keep TM 226

Christ did not abolish DA 287; 2SG 274

Christ did not die to abolish TM 134

Christ does not do away with 7BC 935

Christ does not save sinners by abolishing 6BC 1070

Christ does not teach that, is ever to be abrogated MB 50

Christ established, by His death COL 314

Christ ever presented, as divine unity COL 377; DA 498

Christ exalted PK 693

and made it honorable 1SM 302

Christ exalts 7BC 935

Christ honored, by His life on earth COL 314

Christ lived DA 467, 649; ML 323; SD 266; TM 238

in behalf of humanity FE 429

in human flesh 7BC 915; FE 385

in humanity DA 668; 6T 237; TM 282

in world MH 130

Christ presented, in direct and forcible way Ev 230

Christ testified to immutable character of, by obeying it MB 49

Christ was accused of lightly regarding DA 497

Christ would not need to have suffered if, had been changed or abrogated DA 307-8

Christ’s death did not destroy EW 215

Christ’s death did not make, of none effect 2T 201

Christ’s death showed, to be changeless PP 70

Christ’s healing the sick was in perfect harmony with DA 207

Christ’s life practically exemplified SL 80

Christ’s life was living, in humanity FE 382

Christ’s mission as related to 1SM 240

Christ’s mission on earth was not to destroy MB 48

claims of: Christ alone was free of 4T 121

Christ does not lessen COL 391

Christ perfectly fulfilled, by His sufferings 6BC 1082

Christ’s mission to world was to vindicate DA 307-8; SD 55; 3T 432; 4T 59

far-reaching, presented by Paul to Felix AA 424

Pharisees thought Christ sought to lessen SD 48

urged upon Jew and Gentile AA 425

dignity of, Christ did not come to lessen DA 206

doctrine of Nicolaitanes made, of no effect 7BC 957

erroneous doctrine that Christ’s death abolished Ev 598; GC 466; PP 365

eternal obligation of, Christ’s mission was to make plain MB 49

every precept of, Christ’s life was perfect fulfillment of 8T 312

every principle of, Jews secretly trampled on GC 568

exactions which had encumbered, Christ swept away Ed 76

false interpretations of, Christ set aside DA 307

fidelity to, Christ’s followers should be more marked for 5T 136

full penalty of broken, Christ suffered for man TM 134

great principles of, embodied in Sermon on Mount MB 148

honor of, Christ died to satisfy justice and to vindicate FE 370

Christ died to save man and to preserve 3SG 88

how Christ magnified, and made it honorable 1SM 371

how priests and scribes made it impossible to keep DA 29

in Epistle to Galatians 1SM 233-5

in Paul’s conversion 3T 475

instruction re, given by John SL 68

it was Paul and not, that died 6BC 1076

Jews buried, beneath minutiae of outward forms SD 55

Jews made, yoke of bondage DA 204

Jews trusted in, for salvation AA 99

Jewish leaders made void, in strictly enforcing ritual law DA 541

lawyer queried Christ re DA 607-8

license to break, Christ did not die that men may have 6BC 1116; 1SM 317; TM 161-2

living epistle of, Christ was 5BC 1107

living representative of, Christ was DA 287

nature of, Christ came to manifest Ed 76

New Testament has not changed SL 68

not abolished at cross PP 70

not altered or abrogated by Christ’s death COL 314; EW 216-7

not crucified with Christ 6BC 1116

obedience to: Christ came to redeem men by living life of AA 207

Christ gave men example of AA 505

Christ lived life of 8T 26

Christ presented blessings of DA 450

Christ set before men perfect example of SD 61

Christ showed that man could render 4T 294; 8T 208

Christ’s death did not put end to 1SM 312

obscurities of, teachers of Christ’s time dwelt upon FE 236

observance of, made heavy burden by Jewish priests and rulers PK 709

opposition to, Christ accused of MB 47

in early church AA 553

Paul did not preach on, at first in working for Gentiles Ev 230

Paul ever exalted AA 393

Paul kept, in spirit as well as in letter AA 190

Paul’s manner of presenting, to Gentiles 6BC 1089

Paul’s personal experience re SC 29-30

Paul’s teachings re 1SM 212-3

perfect expression of, Christ’s life on earth was COL 315

perfect obedience to: Christ claims righteousness for sinners by virtue of His 1SM 393

Christ lived life of 6BC 1092; MH 180

Christ has made it possible for men to render FE 429

Christ redeemed Adam’s disgraceful failure and fall by His FE 382

persons who argue that Christ abolished DA 287

Pharisees accused Christ of: being in opposition to MB 47

making light of DA 307

principles of: far-reaching, Christ’s mission was to reveal MB 49; 1SM 211, 317

obscured by education when Christ was born DA 69

Sermon on Mount set forth 3BC 1145

rabbis claimed to be holy through their efforts in keeping DA 309

rabbis presented, as cold and rigid code of commands and traditions FE 237

rabbinical teaching re, effects of DA 284

regard for, Christ testified to His PK 183

requirements of, Christ did not come to set aside DA 307

Jewish leaders made, very exacting COL 278

reverence for, Christ showed greatest DA 150

Satan has declared that Christ’s death abrogated DA 762

spiritual nature of, Christ’s mission was to show MB 49

traditional precepts that encumbered, Christ disregarded DA 395

transgression of, Christ suffered penalty of man’s 2T 209

transgressors of, John warned AA 554

true significance of, story of good Samaritan reveals DA 505

13. Obedience to

all men are commanded to render TM 121

all who believe on Christ will render TM 124

arouse church members to render faithful 2SM 402-3

believers in, suffer ridicule or contempt GC 583

blessing pronounced on persons who render CW 100

blessings Israel derived from 6T 222

blessings of DA 308; SD 42

blessings of liberty are enjoyed only in Ed 291

character formed by, will be holy GC 469

children must render AH 310; SD 40

children should be trained to render CG 86-7

Christ has made it possible for man to render EW 197; ML 311; 1SM 312, 342

Christ’s life testifies that men can render DA 24

Christ’s mission was to bring men by grace back to MB 48

Christ’s yoke of, some people will not wear FE 462-3

daily, produces character for eternal life SD 42

demon of strife is kept out of home by AH 106

erroneous doctrine that: Christ’s love releases men from SL 63

faith in Christ releases men from SC 60

men need not render 2SM 49

essential to: happiness ML 163

salvation 1SM 218

faith in Christ enables man to render SC 60-1

faith in Christ makes possible 6BC 1077

faith is essential to GC 436

faith leads to DA 126

first angel’s message requires GC 436

fruit of faith and love AA 563

God proposes to accept men as His children through SD 45

God’s people distinguished by GC 445-6

gospel is to bring man back to PP 363

gospel leads men to GC 263

grace for rendering, promised by God SL 81

great blessings brought to individuals and nations by SD 39; 1SM 218

great controversy has ever been re PP 73

great gain in PK 192

great incentive to: industry, economy, and truthfulness CG 489; 8T 199

just dealing between man and man 8T 199

great issue before men is 2SM 403

halfway, avails nothing 1T 416

happiness of man depends on CG 79

health in 1BC 1105

human family may become united through SD 47

incentive to just dealing with others CG 489

includes Sabbath observance 8T 210

is perfect freedom CG 79; ML 164

leads to obedience to laws of country GC 278

majority of early Adventists rejected GC 456

makes men sons of God 5T 32

man can render, by Christ’s grace AA 393; 5BC 1097; ML 323; PP 338

only by accepting Christ’s virtue and grace COL 378

man cannot love money and render 3T 130

man cannot of himself render MB 54

man cannot render, without Christ’s grace 1SM 372

man in his sinful nature cannot render PP 373

man would not have known suffering if he had always rendered Ed 295

man’s destiny will be determined by his COL 377-8; DA 498

man’s physical, mental, moral well-being depends on 6T 224

man’s well-being is bound up with GC 285

men cannot plead that they are unable to render SL 81

men must render, in order to be prepared for judgment GC 436

many people depend on, to obtain His favor DA 175

many people seek salvation without PP 124

meaning of, exhibit to world SD 52; WM 46

mere legal, is not acceptable to Him DA 523

must enter into man’s life and be exemplified in his character DA 523

new covenant is designed to bring men into PP 371

no man can render, in his own strength COL 378

no man is compelled to yield CS 127; 2T 210

nothing short of, will meet requirements of God’s word SL 80-1

one of main pillars of SDA faith CW 77

parents are under solemn obligation to render 8T 199

parents must render AH 310; SD 40

parents should teach children to render CG 81

perfect: because men are sinful they cannot render SC 62

can be rendered by man through Christ’s grace MB 49; MH 180

is robe of Christ’s righteousness COL 312

required under grace 6BC 1072

persons loving their appetites and tastes more than God cannot render 2T 70

persons professing to serve God while relying on their own efforts to render SC 44

persons who endeavor to render, will be opposed and derided GC 593

persons who rely upon their own efforts to render SC 44

persons who render: are free from it SD 47

are not under bondage of law SD 47

moral power is promised to CT 209

must depart from all iniquity 4T 166

precious promises for, in this life CT 63

spiritualism will exert its influence against GC 590-1

will be accused of bringing God’s judgments on earth GC 614