EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Languor - Law and testimony


Languor, erroneously interpreted to mean hunger 2T 413

feeling of, overeating causes MH 307; 2SM 415

felt after using brandy Te 159

felt in many families 2T 381

felt in morning after overworking digestive organs during night CD 174

See also Lassitude

Lansing, Mich.

Lansing, Mich. 2SM 113

JW and EGW at camp meeting in LS 228

Lantern, Lanterns

Lantern, Lanterns, light of, Christ led to Caiaphas’s palace by DA 703


Laodicea, church of, instructed faithfully in apostolic times 7BC 964

Laodicean, Laodiceans

Laodicean, Laodiceans 4T 87-9

blindness of, explained 4T 88

not complete 7BC 965

class of: who are deluded 1T 407

who will be fitted for translation 2SG 226; 1T 187

who will be left to devils’ control 2SG 226

who will be spewed out 2SG 225; 1T 144, 187, 482, 485

who will have favor with God 1T 144

who will not be spewed out 3T 251

who will receive latter rain 2SG 226; 1T 187

honest, in sad deception 3T 253

lukewarmness of, explained 4T 87-8

only hope for 4T 87

purchase recommended to 4T 89

shaking caused by straight testimony to 1T 181

unfaithful, not spewed out in moment 2SG 225; 1T 186, 407


condition of, described OHC 349:4

dependence on lawyers and documents to much makes workers as 3SM 303:3

gifts for, needed by those discussing human merit FW 23:2

message to,

because truth claimed without sanctifying power FW 82:2

Christ gives, to church with warnings 3SM 17:3

complained about by ones ignorant of sinfulness TDG 278:2

presented by Christ before His church RC 199:2

pride of, in knowledge but blessings not responded to FW 83:1

rejection of, explained UL 213:5

repentance of, many found in judgment to have rejected TDG 278:2

satisfaction of, See also Satisfaction, spiritual

wretchedness of, is the lack of Christ’s righteousness OHC 349:4; TDG 228:2

See also Backsliding; Depravity; Independence; Indifference; Laziness; Rut; Self-righteousness; Self-sufficiency; Sleep (spiritual); Trust

Laodicean church

Laodicean church, 1T 185-95; 3T 252-72

cold, lifeless, and Christless church 1SM 357

condition of 6BC 1101

Battle Creek church in 3T 201

many of God’s people in 3T 201

parents should no longer remain in 7T 67

defects of, intellect and earthly riches cannot remove 4T 88

promise to, precious 1T 143

rebuke to, promise of peace accompanies AA 587

symbolism of AA 585-6

warning to CW 33

Laodicean message

Laodicean message 2SG 222-30; 1SM 357-8; 1T 141-6

appeal to believers to accept 5T 233; 8T 104-5

applies to: church 7BC 961-2; 1SM 92

church members 2SM 69; 6T 426

God’s people 7BC 959; 2SG 214, 223; 1T 186; 3T 252

last church 6T 77

our own selves 2SG 222-3

SDA who have great light and have not walked in it 2SM 66

wealthy Sabbathkeepers who grind face of poor 1T 480

young publishing-house workers 1T 591

youth professedly Christian 1T 162

applies to persons who: are unwilling to do self-denying work 5T 265

believe present truth 4T 87-9

do not apply it to themselves CW 99

have insipid religious experience 7BC 962

have not appreciated great light and opportunities 7BC 961

have received great light 2T 488-9

live for self 7BC 962

profess to keep God’s law but do not obey 7BC 962

belief that, would end in loud cry of third angel 2SG 224; 1T 186

believers in California needed 4T 227

call to accept 2T 216-7

Christ’s condescension in giving 2T 224

church members tested individually by 1T 187

church’s condition portrayed by 7BC 961; 5T 101

class who will not receive 3T 258

class whose condition is described by EW 107-8; 5T 682

designed to arouse God’s people 2SG 224

from dangerous deception 3T 259

to action and confession of sins 3T 259

to zealous repentance and putting away sin 2SG 224; 3T 260

duration of, not short 2SG 224-5; 1T 186-7

each person can have experience for himself in 1T 165

encouragement brought to backslidden church by 7BC 966

first presentation of, results of 2SG 224-5; 1T 186

full of encouragement 7BC 966

Gen. Conf. of 1893 received TM 23

God would restore by means of TM 23

God’s people found by, honest in deception 3T 253

God’s purpose in giving TM 23

is not to lead brother to judge brother 2SG 223

to arouse slumbering church 1SM 196

to discover to His people backslidings 2SG 224

to fit His people for loud cry of third angel 2SG 224; 1T 186

to rid church of fanatical influences 7BC 962; 2SG 223

to work deep repentance EW 270; 1T 181

has been before God’s people a long time 7BC 961

idlers sent into God’s vineyard by 7BC 961

importance of heeding 3T 42

influence of, Satan’s effort to destroy 2SG 223

lessons from 2T 36-7; 5T 484-5

ministers may be in need of 3T 210-1

ministers should not neglect 3T 257

misuse of, pleases Satan 2SG 222-3

must be proclaimed: to all who claim to be Christians 6T 77

to other churches 6T 77

to world’s wealthy 6T 82-3

wherever Providence opens way 7BC 964

with clear and distinct utterance TM 296

with power 7BC 962

not a peace-and-safety message 3T 252

not a smooth message 3T 257

not half heeded EW 270

not heeded as it should have been 7BC 961

practical in every particular 3T 252

purchase recommended by See Eye-salve; Gold; Raiment

rejection of, results of 1SM 127-8

shaking of God’s people caused by EW 270

reproof and counsel of, heed 5T 21

Satan’s effort to corrupt 2SG 223

some believers have accepted 2T 217

some people use, to impress others 2SG 222-3

sounding in 1892 7BC 964

straight testimony EW 270; 1T 181

time to heed, now is 5T 214-5

warning against persons who use, to tear down church TM 23

woman to whom, applied 3T 533

work to be accomplished by 1T 186; 3T 260

Laodicean state

Laodicean state, danger of remaining in 1SM 180; 2SM 13

Lapeer, Mich.

Lapeer, Mich. 1T 594


Lard, discard, from principle 2T 367

healthful cookery is possible without 1T 681

EGW did not use, in 1864 4aSG 154

EGW used milk, cream, and some butter in place of 4aSG 154

See also Butter; Grease; Oil


Largeheartedness, teach, by precept and example 6T 214

Large things

Large things, expect, from God 2SM 404


Lark, caroling to its God 5BC 1117


Laryngitis See Croup

Lascivious mind

Lascivious mind, sure evidence of 2T 459


Lasciviousness, comes under general heading of “Intemperance” LS 242; 4T 385

is: fearful crime LS 242

order of day among unbelievers 2T 459

Lascivious thoughts

Lascivious thoughts, and conduct are ten times more injurious to girls than weariness 2T 559


Lassitude, children’s, bad habits cause 4T 96-7

skirt sustained by hips cause MH 292

See also Languor


Last, why some people who appear to be first will become COL 403

Last days

Last days, agencies of evil combining and consolidating in 9T 11

alarms of war in, are portentous 9T 11

ambition absorbs men’s minds in 6T 31

atmosphere of world in, as that of pest-house 6T 10

Bible regarded in, as not authentic PK 275

black record of crime in, is horrifying PK 275

boasting of wonderful progress and enlightenment in PK 275; 6T 10

bribery in, fresh revelations of MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 89

business circles in, teachings of Christ rarely are rule of MH 142

business operations in, vain struggle to find more secure basis for 9T 13

calamities by land and sea in 9T 11

Christendom will be divided into two great classes in 9T 16-7

Christian principles govern few professed Christians in MH 142

cities in, social conditions in 9T 89-96

visitation of God’s judgments on 9T 92-7

church in, admonition for GC 408

encouraging selfish love of pleasure 9T 91

church raising money by improper means in 9T 91

cities of, fast becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah 9T 89

compared to Noah’s time COL 414; DA 633

corruption prevailing in, human pen cannot describe MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 89

cries of starving humanity in, come up before God COL 170; 9T 12, 90

crime committed in, for sake of gain PK 275

dangers to which church is exposed in PP 686

deception among God’s people in 3T 353

delusions of, rapidly increasing COL 414; PK 717

desire for gain in, is absorbing passion PK 650

despisers of God’s grace in, plagues and judgments already falling on 9T 11

destruction of human life in, brutal and fiendish MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 89

determined wickedness in, cities experience steady increase of PK 275; 9T 89

display in, thirst for 9T 90

earth is filled in: with corruption and violence 6T 10

with iniquity and violence PK 275

with violence and crime 6T 15

epidemic of crime in, fresh revelations of MH 142-3; 9T 89

events taking place in, thinking people have attention fixed on PK 537

evil multiplies fast in AH 406

extravagance and extortion in, corrupting faith and destroying spirituality of many PK 651

faith in Bible during, destroyed by higher criticism and speculation MH 142

fearful tests and trials await God’s people in 9T 17

final movements in, will be rapid ones 9T 11

foundation and framework of social life in, tottering and ready to fall in ruins PK 624

fraud in, fresh revelations of MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 89

froward generation in, filled with ingratitude, formalism, insincerity, pride, and apostasy PK 185

gambling in, stimulates passions to activity 9T 89

God’s covenant with His commandment-keeping people in PK 299

God’s law declared abrogated by men in PK 275

God’s law in, opposition to PK 624-5

God’s law rejected in PK 185

God’s love despised in PK 185

God’s warning voice in, world utterly regardless of 9T 14

God’s word in, sneering at PK 185

great apostasy of, will develop into darkness deep as midnight COL 414; PK 717

great changes soon to take place in, in world 9T 11

great riches amassed in, by robbery and extortion 9T 13-4

greed and ambition in, has strong hold on men’s hearts MH 142

heaping of treasure for 6T 453

heresies of, rapidly increasing COL 414; PK 717

holy convocations in, God’s people need 6T 40

horse racing in, stimulates passions to activity 9T 89

human suffering in, indifference to MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 89-90

idolatrous exaltation of human wisdom above divine revelation in PK 178

idolatry prevalent in PK 177

impenitent world in, judgments of God are to fall upon PK 389

infidelity and apostasy are prevailing spirit of PK 178

iniquity prevailing in, like that before Flood 9T 92

insanity increasing in MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 89

intensity taking possession of world in PK 537

judgments of God at work in earth in COL 287; PK 389-90; 9T 11, 92-7 See also Judgments of God

justice in, perversion of 9T 11-2

labor unions and strikes in, city life made more difficult by 9T 90

large numbers of people will accept truth for 7BC 979

law and order in, growing contempt for PK 185

light especially for, Daniel was given 4BC 1166

liquor drinking in, stimulates passions to activity 9T 89

love of amusement in, terrible consequences of 9T 90

love of display and of money in, makes world den of thieves and robbers PK 651

love of pleasure in, has strong hold on men’s hearts MH 142

luxury and extravagance in, thirst for 9T 90

men absorbed in worldly pursuits, pleasure, and money-getting in COL 228

men possessed of demons take human life in 9T 11

men will exalt and rigidly enforce laws in, in direct opposition to God’s law 9T 229-30

marked sins of CH 24; 3T 164; Te 227

message of God in, will be received with unbelief and mockery PP 86

miracle-working power of devils in GC 553

money getting in, intense passion for 9T 90

money-making absorbs men’s minds in 6T 31

moral corruption in, government officials unable to solve problem of 9T 13

multitudes living in poverty and wretchedness in great cities in 9T 12

multitudes of false teachers in 4T 376-7

multitudes struggling with poverty in PK 650; 9T 90

multitudes worshiping at shrine of idols in, wretchedness and misery of PK 185

multitudinous errors of, rapidly increasing COL 414; PK 717

murder increasing in MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 89

murders committed on every hand in 9T 11

nation rising against nation in 6T 14

New York City in, description of 9T 12-3

of earth’s history, we live in MM 243; 1SM 90

open rebellion against God in PK 185

opposition to God’s law in 6T 10

opposition to God’s people in PK 605-6

oppression and extortion in, colossal fortunes piled up by COL 170; 9T 12, 90

overreaching in, corrupting faith and destroying spirituality of many PK 651

overwhelming surprise soon to break upon world in PK 626

pauperism in, government officials unable to solve problem of 9T 13

people living in, important lesson for GC 457

will experience peril 4T 212-3

perils of: are upon us 1T 269; 4T 633; 6T 61, 128-9; TM 79, 118, 230

how to stand faithful amid 2T 119

persons who will be unable to cope with 2T 130

search Scriptures amid MYP 282

soon to come upon us 8T 315

thicken around us 2T 121

we are amid 1T 260; 3T 53, 403; 8T 224

we live in CH 103; FE 86; 3T 66; 4T 210; TM 337

we really live amid 2T 468

pleasure absorbs men’s minds in 6T 31

pleasure attracts thousands from life’s sober duties in 9T 89

political strife in, fresh revelations of MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 89

popular current in, youth swept away by 9T 90

poverty in, government officials unable to solve problem of 9T 13

proclaim great truths for, by Spirit’s power 6T 24

prophecies of Christ that have direct application to MB 120-1; 5T 753

prophecies relating to, demand our study COL 133; TM 116

prophetic picture of, Jas. 5:1-6 gives COL 170; PK 651; 9T 91

religious circles in, teachings of Christ rarely are rule of MH 142

reveling in, stimulates passions to activity 9T 89

rich people living in luxury and self-indulgence in great cities in 9T 12

robberies in, are frequent and bold 9T 11

satanic delusions in, warning against 5T 525

sign of, Christians who are lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God are 2T 145

sign that we live in MYP 444

sin of, upon God’s professed people TM 129

social circles in, teachings of Christ rarely are rule of MH 142

social conditions in, described 9T 11-7

like those of Noah’s day CD 40; PP 101-2; 9T 14

society in Te 100

special manifestation of Spirit in GC 9

Spirit gradually being withdrawn from earth in 9T 11

spirit of war in, stirs nations from one end of earth to the other 9T 17

spiritualism in, prevalence of PP 686

state of society in, not many educators and statesmen comprehend causes of 9T 13

strife in, fresh revelations of MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 86

strikes common in 9T 11

subjects needed by people in 8T 301

suicide increasing in MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 89

Sunday laws will be made and enforced in 9T 229-30

theatergoing in stimulates passions to activity 9T 89

theft committed on every hand in 9T 11

tide of evil in, as has not been seen since Noah’s day PK 275

time of intense excitement in 6T 31

travel from place to place to spread truth will be more difficult in 6T 22

trusts in, city life made more difficult by working of 9T 90

unbelief in, re second advent 6T 129

union of church and state in, to persecute God’s people 9T 16-7

unsettled state of society in 9T 11

violence and lawlessness in, heart-sickening record of MH 142-3; PK 275; 9T 89

walk carefully and humbly with Christ in 9T 203

war absorbs men’s minds in 6T 31

wars and rumors of wars in 6T 14

warnings of Christ that should be heeded in CW 24

we have reached DA 235

we live in GW 289; ML 62; 4T 503; 9T 167

wealth in, regarded as means of glorifying self 9T 90

wealth obtained in, by every species of robbery 6T 15

wealth often obtained by fraud in PK 650

whirl of excitement attracts thousands from life’s sober duties in 9T 89

wickedness and corruption of, foretold in prophecy GW 26

wickedness in PP 89

church’s responsibility re PK 651

Enoch was shown SR 58-9

widespread iniquity in, failure to study and obey Scriptures is chief cause of PK 624

wonderful things to come to pass in, Daniel was shown FE 81; SL 24

work God’s people must do in 6T 11, 19, 21-2

world has its Ahabs and Jezebels in PK 177

world stirred with spirit of war in 9T 14

See also Time of the end


betrayed by friends in Mar 197:4

binding in bundles to be consumed in Mar 148:3

character to stand fires of LYL 43:4; TSB 62:2

children’s disobedience is a sign of LYL 53:4


righteousness needed in the perils of HP 211:5

strength amid perils of OHC 352:2

Cornelius’ story for those in; many neglect light 3SM 421:3

danger in, of absence of pure religion TDG 81:4, 146:2

Daniel 3 has lessons bearing on experience in HP 149:4

Daniel taught to present what would happen in CC 248:4

developments of, soon to become decided TDG 312:6

error believed in, calls for Bible knowledge OHC 37:3

faith needed in, to be large and increasing HP 349:3

fires of, evil spirits seek to control minds for TDG 336:2

God will have a peculiar people in OHC 347:2

grave dangers of, revealed to Ellen White UL 274:4

labor unions are a sign of; impossible to obey God CL 11:4


given in, in proportion to wickedness 3SM 339:2

needed in; rely on Christ our righteousness FW 66:4

living in,

humility needed 3SM 311:2

youth corrupted; protective of false love LYL 53:3

many just learning truth will join God’s people in TDG 163:6

marriage among SDAs even in these, not forbidden 1MCP 219:6

message to prepare a people to stand amid perils of TMK 210:4

messages in Old Testament were also given for 3SM 419:5

people of God in,

represented by Isaiah’s vision HP 177:4

reprove sin and are opposed TMK 183:2

See also God, people of

perils of,

Christ beheld, surrounding His chosen OHC 359:2

faith tested by HP 184:4

light needed to stand amid TMK 191:3

living amid RC 159:2; TDG 129:2

now (1902) TDG 152:4

now; imagination impure TSB 88:1

upon us UL 274:2

preparations for standing in 3SM 425:2

prepare souls to abide the fires of TDG 119:2

study God’s Word relating to HP 97:3

sustained in UL 244:2

temptations stronger in HP 344:2; LHU 347:2

triumphant in UL 154:7

truth denied by some wanting self-advancement in 3SM 421:3

warfare in, against God’s people 3SM 392:5

wilderness experience of Israelites is for us in TDG 77:4

will-worship is a vile delusion of FW 51:1

wisdom needed by SDAs to resist deception in HP 347:2

See also End, time of

Last work

Last work, God is carrying forward, for world TM 431


too, ask for items promised Laodicea and oil before it is OHC 264:4

Latent force, Latent forces

Latent force, Latent forces, in man’s mind, apostles of nearly all forms of spiritism claim to heal by Ev 606

spiritistic claims regarding PK 211

Latent power, Latent powers

Latent power, Latent powers, that should be aroused to action CT 511

which could place a person among world’s great leaders Ed 85

Latimer, Hugh

Latimer, Hugh AA 598; GC 248-9, 303; SR 351-2

quoted GC 248-9

Latin and Greek

study of physiology more important than 1MCP 195:2

Latin classic, Latin classics

Latin classic, Latin classics, study of MH 443

Latin language

Latin language, inscription in, on Christ’s cross DA 745

not essential to higher education FE 468

knowledge of, needed for some callings MH 444

NT Scriptures published in, by Erasmus GC 245

not all or many should study FE 468; MH 444

Scriptures translated into English from, by Wycliffe (John) GC 245

some people must study FE 468; MH 444

study of: corrupt and corrupting literature used in MH 444

infidel authors should not be used in FE 467

not wrong in SDA schools CT 218

subjects more important than CT 218; MH 444

that colleges and universities require MH 443

youth should not be sent to universities to devote time to learning Greek and FE 467

Latin name, Latin names

Latin name, Latin names, med. nostrums given 2SM 290

Latin scholar, Latin scholars

Latin scholar, Latin scholars, needed at times FE 468

Latter rain

Christ comes as, if minds are stayed on Him 3SM 204:3

cleansing hearts of selfishness to receive HP 348:3

condition for receiving, actively working for Christ LDE 193

fed with heritage of Jacob at time of 3SM 260:3, 388:1

former and, needed; only God gives them TDG 276:3

indolent will never be refreshed by HP 338:3

pray for, instead of worrying about it UL 283

purification for, by issue of false Sabbath 3SM 385:3

Sabbath importance seen more in the time of Mar 245:3

selfishness removed in preparation for Mar 95:4

time of, now (1908); gifts of the Holy Spirit 3SM 83:2

See Rain


Laugh, foolish witticism spoken to create, as Satan’s merchandise CT 340

giddy, sickens soul that feeds on Christ FE 457

in common business place is not sin 5T 492

ministers should not relate anecdotes to create GW 166; TM 142

one trifling, may balance soul in wrong direction FE 195

silly, heard from lips of worldlings AH 512

heard in worldly gatherings for pleasure CT 336-7

unbelievers’, persons who will not be moved by 1T 136

youth’s innocent, persons who are chilled by 1T 565


Laughing, during church services is wrong CG 546; 5T 492

empty and vain, that dishonors God MYP 367; 1T 499

minister’s, at opponent is out of place TM 248

in pulpit is improper 2T 612

much, women professing godliness warned against 2T 455

persons who are either, or having great trials and little conflicts CH 628

silly and vain, youth warned against 2T 180

youth cautioned re 1T 505


Laughter, coarse and uproarious, at pleasure parties CT 340; TM 83

loud, from abyss below LS 191; 2T 595

loud and boisterous, at pleasure parties CT 344

senseless, Christian recreation is not occasion for 2T 589

silly, unbecoming to Christians 2T 585

uproarious, in social gatherings TM 83


avoid cheap speeches and, remembering value of the soul LYL 26:5

foolish, keeps treasures of Word of God hidden OHC 115:2

illustrations of Christ did not excite VSS 104:1

loud, boisterous, denies presence of God in soul TMK 138:2

minds undisciplined lead to joking and, or depression 2MCP 408:0

truth not imparted when trying to cause foolish 1MCP 314:3

vain, youth generally characterized by OHC 283:2

See also Joking


Laundering, teach, in schools 6T 182


Laurel, chaplet of fading, won by victor in ancient foot races AA 311-2

crown of, emblem of victory given to triumphant athlete was AA 310

perishable, privations and self-denial endured by men of world to obtain 2T 46-7

Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland Ev 410


Lava, floods of, will pour over villages and cities 7BC 946-7; PP 110

terrific streams of, will overwhelm gardens and fields PP 110

See also Volcanic eruptions; Volcanic rocks


Laver, brazen, constructed for earthly sanctuary PP 347-8; 2T 611, 614; 4T 159

constructed for temple by Solomon PK 36


Lavishness, abuse of God’s bounties by AH 379

Law and gospel

complement each other; love and faith OHC 141:4

go hand in hand in the third angel’s message 3SM 172:2

harmony between; Christ and the Father are one 2MCP 563:2

religionists have divorced FW 15:3

Law and grace

inseparable through all dispensations FW 30:2

Law and testimony

relationships as well as doctrines to agree with CET 203:1