EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Jerusalem, New - John (apostle)

Jerusalem, New

Jerusalem, New See New Jerusalem

Jerusalem center, Jerusalem centers

Jerusalem center, Jerusalem centers, do not make CH 299-300

God will scatter His people out of CH 299-300

there should be no, in God’s work 8T 232-3

Jerusalem church

Jerusalem church, many leading members of, prejudiced against Paul AA 405

See also Church


Jesse, Christ the Branch from root of DA 103

David’s father Ed 266; PP 637; 6T 197

other sons of Ed 266; PP 638

Jest, Jests

Jest, Jests, avoid low, in home life AH 438

coarse, persons pleased with 2T 222

derisive, cease at second advent GC 642

levity and, marriage relation often entered upon with AH 72

re religious things, warning against MYP 267

ridicule and, Noah’s warning message received by antediluvians with PP 95

sacred things should not be made subject of CH 413

Satan assails the illiterate with GC 600

Scripture should never be quoted in Ed 244

skepticism may treat gospel claims with 1SM 28

some SDA’s make health reform subject of CD 400

unseemly, lowers and destroys true dignity of manhood 4T 652

vulgar, heard in impressive dream 2T 595

is from abyss below LS 191

words spoken in, recording angel writes CG 217

youth should not pass off cautions and instructions of parents and teachers with CT 223

See also Joking

Jester, Jesters

Jester, Jesters, presumptuous, sharpen one another’s ingenuity 3BC 1137


Jesting, all, studiously avoid CG 146

angels driven from publishing house by 3T 192

angels grieved by EW 111; 6T 173

as natural to some people as their breath Ev 641

barrenness of soul caused by 2T 236

belongs to world 3T 241

Christ is denied by 1T 304, 408; 3T 332

Christian recreation is not occasion for 2T 589

do not let tongue run at random in SD 180

favor of God lost by 2T 236

foolish: religion of Christianity is above ML 211; MYP 364

in social gatherings TM 83

not right to indulge in 7BC 938

put away all CT 548

warning against CH 412

God forbids FE 458

improper at wedding ceremony AH 101

in atmosphere of unbelief FE 457-8

institutional workers should shun MM 145

lay aside ML 196

man who was reproved for his 2T 224

minister should never indulge in 4T 320

minister who was inclined to 3T 228

ministers warned against GW 132; 3T 233

ministers’, is offensive to God Ev 644

is stumbling block to sinners Ev 641

person of defective speech should not be made occasion of 3T 192

person who finds pleasure in 6T 173

rude, unbecoming to Christian SC 120-1

Sermon on Mount condemns MB 69

sickens soul that feeds on Christ FE 457

sign that heart needs to be cleansed SD 180

spirit of, is unchristian Ev 641

spiritual growth is hindered by 6T 173

too much, at church services 4T 73

unbecoming to: Christians 2T 586; 3T 246; 7T 204

ministers Ev 206, 641-2; GW 205; 3T 238

warning 4BC 1141

with persons who do not fear God, warning against 2T 292

women professing godliness warned against 2T 455

youth warned against 1T 505; 2T 180

youth warned not to fritter away time in 3T 222

See also Joking; Levity

Jesuit, Jesuits

Jesuit, Jesuits, creation and work of order of GC 234-5

Lacunza (Manuel) as GC 363

tyranny of, in France GC 279

Jesuit colleges

Jesuit colleges, establishment of GC 235


See Christ

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ See Christ

“Jesus, Lover of My Soul,”

“Jesus, Lover of My Soul,” by Wesley (Chas.), quoted TM 183

Jet, Jets

Jet, Jets, of light: like stars dotted through darkness 1SM 76

lighting whole world 1SM 76

living stones like AA 598-9

shining from cities and villages 9T 28-9

of water, burst up from earth during Flood PP 99; 3SG 69; SR 66-7


Jethro, agent of God among Gentiles 1BC 1099

Gentile 1BC 1099

godly priest of Midian PP 247, 301; 3SG 186; SR 110

lived near Rephidim PP 300

Moses counseled by, re organization and government of Israel AA 92-4; PP 300-1, 383-4; 3SG 260-1; 4aSG 19; SR 135-6; 9T 262-4; TM 340-1

Moses kept flocks of, for many years PP 301, 471; SR 110; 4T 611; TM 263

Moses’ father-in-law AA 92-4; 1BC 1099; PP 247, 300-1, 383-4, 471; 3SG 186-7, 259-61; 4aSG 19; SR 110, 134-6; TM 263

prince of Midian PP 247

sacrifices offered by, when he visited Moses in wilderness 3SG 260

shepherd 3SG 186; SR 110

visited Moses in wilderness PP 300, 383-4; 3SG 259-60; SR 134

worshiped God PP 247; 3SG 186-7; SR 110


Moses taught correct faith by, as far as he understood it TDG 321:4

Jew, Jews

Jew, Jews, cannot see their ceremonies are meaningless now 1SM 239

conversion of, greater burden needed for Ev 578

converted: being numbered with Israel of God in last days Ev 578

laboring now for their own people Ev 578

many, will be used in God’s work Ev 578-9

now laboring for Christ in various places Ev 578

Wolff’s (Joseph) labors as GC 357-62

See also Lichtenstein, Marcus

decided advantages possessed by, over other peoples AA 380

faithful, are true children of Abraham COL 268

Gentiles and: equal before God 9T 191

gospel is equally efficacious for AA 380

linked by Christ in common brotherhood 7T 225; 9T 191

God expects His people to take particular interest in AA 381

recognized by Christ as equal before God 7T 225

God has been calling after, by Spirit AA 380

goodly remnant of, will be saved AA 376-82

gospel work for AA 376-82; 6BC 1097; Ev 577-9

apostles used OT Scriptures in AA 221

blend OT Scriptures with NT in AA 381; Ev 578

few Christian ministers feel called to AA 380

has been neglected AA 381

in last days AA 381

needed in Boston, Mass. Ev 392

outlined in Romans 11 6BC 1079

Paul dwelt on OT prophecies in Ev 246

Paul’s method of AA 221-2, 246-8; Ev 141, 246, 554; GW 117-8

persons who do, Christ will be with Ev 578

Peter’s method of SR 224-6

heritage of suffering has been lot of AA 379

individuals among, will be converted EW 213

light of present truth must be taken to Ev 578

long neglected and despised AA 381

many: gospel work will gather in Ev 578

revelation that will be as dawn of new creation to AA 381

will accept Christ as Messiah when gospel is presented fully AA 380-1

will be converted Ev 578-9

marvelous vitality of, secret of PP 562

mighty in Scriptures, immutability of God’s law will be proclaimed by AA 381; Ev 578

will be converted and labor in closing gospel work AA 381; Ev 578-9

minds of, veil drawn by stubborn unbelief before 1SM 239

what will remove veil from 1SM 239

mission to Jerusalem in 1850‘s to convert, erroneous ideas re EW 75

noble and God-fearing, God’s pity for AA 379-80

have seen Israel’s true Messiah in Christ AA 380

not cut off as individuals from blessings and hope of salvation AA 27-8, 375-8; EW 213; GC 378

not won to Christ by argument alone AA 409; SR 245

salvation for, today AA 376-82

remnant of, in God’s plan for last days PK 298-300

will be saved AA 376-82; PK 309-10

salvation of, work will be done for AA 380-2

scattered among nations like wrecks on desert shore AA 379; GC 21; MB 120

some, mighty in Scriptures as was Saul of Tarsus AA 381

special work to be done for, in closing of gospel work AA 381

strange that few Christians have burden for Ev 578

veil that is upon hearts of 1BC 1110; 6BC 1096

Wolff’s (Joseph) labors among GC 360-1

See also Israelite

Jewel, Jewels

1. Of truth

2. Miscellaneous


1. Of truth

bright, Bible opens to mind ML 22

buried beneath dust and rubbish of: error ML 220

human wisdom and tradition FE 188; 6T 132

Christ’s words are 6T 174

diligently gather up, and place them in framework of gospel GW 289

discovered as result of contention over Bible 1SM 20

do not lie on surface, as many suppose FE 188

scattered over field of revelation FE 188

treasury of, open to all men COL 117

2. Miscellaneous

casket of 6T 425

Christ preserves as precious, all whose life is hid in Him MH 488

Christ’s disciples are called His MB 89

Christ’s redeemed ones are His 6T 309

Christians are to be Christ’s 5T 368

consistency is Ev 542; 2SM 82; 5T 95

cutting and polishing of 4BC 1177

each soul is Christ’s own 6T 116

earth’s most costly, Christ’s words more precious to Mary than DA 525

God has many precious, in this world of sin AA 140

God’s people are to shed light as 4BC 1177

every, will be gathered out EW 70

in Christ’s crown, souls that will shine as MB 130

Israelites gave, for building sanctuary PP 344; 4aSG 5; SR 151-2

meek and quiet spirit is, of inestimable value 3T 367

money spent by professed Christians for, would feed all the hungry MH 287; ML 241

most costly, experience in trials that is more valuable than 3T 555

of faith and love, Christ offers to man 6T 426

of mind, elevates man above beasts 8T 127

persons whom God considers as His SD 185; 5T 96

precious: among nominal Adventists EW 69

in God’s sight the faithful are as 4T 107

that shine with increasing luster AA 598-9; 6BC 1087

truehearted worker is to God as 7T 67

scattered, not yet come to light of present truth EW 61

why Israel was told to borrow, from Egyptians PP 281; 3SG 191-2

woman decorated with, received into Methodist Church 1T 20

See also Gem


Christians as HP 267

crown from Jesus a better plan for, than pleasing self here RC 266:6


call us His OHC 17:4

polishes only TDG 122:4

gospel truths are like a string of; lines of good works 3SM 198:4

justice, honor, love and truth are, to be cherished forever TDG 350:5


Jewelry, Bible teaching re wearing of, warning against departure from Ev 270

display of, abstain from Ev 270; 3T 366

Israelites asked, of Egyptians PP 253; 3SG 229; SR 120

money spent for WM 216

professed Christians wear, while God’s poor suffer 2BC 1012; SD 57

sale of, to provide means for God’s work Ev 270-1

See also Bracelet; Gold; Ornament; Ornamentation; Pearl; Ring


contrary to God’s Word (gold necklace and chain) 3SM 246:4

money not to be spent on, but on salvation of souls RC 266

sell; time is too short to adorn the body 3SM 248:1

standard regarding, found disregarded in Battle Creek 3SM 246

See also Adornment; Dress, display in

Jewish age

Jewish age, Christ was foundation and center of sacrificial system in PP 366-7

despising blessings of, leaves unprepared for gospel TDG 246:3

not a Christless period, without mercy or grace SD 225

not one of spiritual darkness PP 366

one of great light on gospel PP 366-70

unfolding of plan of redemption in PP 373

Jewish child

Jewish child, surrounded with rabbinical requirements DA 84

taught some trade AA 346; CG 355; CT 276, 307; Ed 47; FE 97; MH 185-6; PP 593; 4T 409

Jewish church

Jewish church, became harlot by alliance with heathen GC 382

called to represent God to apostate world SD 44

Christ saw, like barren fig tree GC 316

comforting messages given to, by prophets PK 722

disobedience and failure of 5T 456

enlarged and prospered during reigns of David and Solomon PK 25

eyes of backsliding, closed to signs of times in Christ’s day GC 316

God’s purpose and regard for COL 286; 4aSG 116

highly favored of God 1BC 1105

house of Israel as 4BC 1165-6

Israel was acknowledged by God as His AA 315

Israel was incorporated as, at Mt. Sinai PP 303

Jewish people believed they were always to be God’s COL 294

Spirit instructed, in wilderness in Moses’ time AA 53

spiritual condition of, when Christ was born GC 568; 3T 200

Jewish converts (to Christianity)

Jewish converts (to Christianity), Gentile converts far exceeded AA 189

majority of first, spoke Hebrew SR 259

not inclined to move rapidly as God’s providence indicated AA 189

Paul’s manner of speaking to 6BC 1085

rebaptized by Paul Ev 372

Jewish economy

Jewish economy, bore signature of heaven COL 105

Christ came to develop Ev 554

Christ gave significance to 6BC 1095; 1SM 238

Christ instituted and established COL 105; FE 398; GW 118

Christ’s death gave significance to AA 227-8

Christ’s life and death gave significance to TMK 197:4

Christ’s sacrifice was glorious fulfillment of 7BC 932

cross of Christ gives significance and glory to GW 118

foundation of, Christ was AA 14; 3BC 1129; 4BC 1176; 6BC 1078, 1109; COL 34; 1SM 233

gospel sheds light on 6BC 1095; PP 368

mysteries of, gospel is key that unlocks COL 133

of types and shadows, gospel gives meaning to Ev 231

offerings given in, were to be proportionate to one’s property 4T 474

originator of, Christ was FE 398; 1SM 232

period of, one of wonderful manifestations of divine power SD 225

significance of, not yet fully comprehended COL 133

study of, importance of COL 133

system of, was gospel in figure FE 238

Jewish leader, Jewish leaders

Jewish leader, Jewish leaders, evidence given to, that apostles spoke and acted under divine inspiration AA 61

failure of, to understand Messianic prophecies GC 313-6, 378

feared dead Christ more than living One DA 771

filled with spiritual pride DA 242-3

jealousy and distrust of, ripened into open hatred DA 232

ready to sacrifice national existence in order to kill Christ DA 745

rejected Christ rather than yield pride of opinion 5T 728

searched Scriptures to exalt themselves DA 65

signally failed to fulfill God’s purpose for Jews AA 78-9

sin of, ecclesiastical authorities repeating DA 232

stirred to anger at seeing priests accept Christ EW 197

strife and faction among, when Romans destroyed Jerusalem GC 29

studied Scriptures only to sustain their traditions CT 438-9

thought that God despised all other nations DA 65

truth rejected by AA 78-9

why Christ was hated by COL 293-4


at Christ’s return remember their behavior Mar 293:2

character of, laid bare by Christ TDG 275:3

Christ’s miracles all helped those despised by TDG 275:2

enraged by Christ’s attracting people UL 325:3

false ideas of, about Christ’s coming LHU 373:4

guilt of, greater than of dying thief TDG 236:4

paralytic examined by, and pronounced hopeless FW 67:1

scorned to be taught by Christ TMK 189:4

See also Scribes and Pharisees

Jewish nation

Jewish nation, abused God’s mercy more than 1,000 years DA 584

Barabbas’s cruelty felt by, as long as time should last DA 739

brought upon itself its own ruin PK 712-3

by choosing heathen ruler, withdrew from theocracy DA 737-8

Christ’s blood was perpetual curse to DA 739

dead branch severed from vine DA 739

destruction of, cause of DA 241

divorced from God by rejecting Christ DA 709

doom foretold came upon COL 295

failure of, to fulfill God’s purpose AA 78-9

fired with madness against Christ 2T 452

fruitless fig tree symbolized DA 582-3

God’s vineyard COL 282-306; DA 596; PK 15-22

gospel rejected by COL 308

great sin of 5T 99

national hatred of, against Rome DA 104

preserved as witness that Christ was born of Abraham’s seed DA 44

pronounced unchurched by rending of temple veil 5BC 1109

repentance alone could save, from impending ruin AA 247

required to worship at Jerusalem for a time 7T 53

scattering of, judgment of God was in COL 309

significance of condition of, since death of Christ DA 739

souls will be saved from Ev 579

symbol of people of all ages who scorn pleadings of God’s love DA 587

under Rome, was paying penalty of apostasy from God DA 602

verging on revolution when John the Baptist was born DA 104

See also Israel


ambition had deluded, when Jesus came LHU 135:2

angels could not tell, of Christ’s advent; separated from God Mar 11:3


seen by some, as Son of God, but pride prevented surrender 1MCP 324:4

not seen by, in ceremonies UL 161:3

rejected by,

although He had led them in travels TDG 31:3

and were cut off as a nation UL 309:3

was knocking on heart doors of LHU 17:8

Christ’s lessons misunderstood by; minds prejudiced 3SM 82:2

errors of, about first advent infatuated people LHU 135:3

fulfilled Scripture by misapplying prophecies UL 368:3

kingdom taken from UL 131:3

made the repository of God’s knowledge UL 232:3

Messiah’s triumphant reign looked for by Mar 11:7

misapplied second advent glories to first UL 368:3

overcoming (topics on) ignored by pleasure lovers as by Con 66:1

peculiarity of, disappeared in Christ LHU 35:6

professed believers in time of persecution may be like TDG 314:4

race of, Christ’s physical features like those of TMK 26:2

raising of Lazarus was last test given to TDG 149:2

refusing to accept invitation as did TMK 105:3

salvation may be received by, with Gentiles UL 309:3

selfish sins not repented of leave in darkness like RC 199:3

separated from God, angels could not communicate with them LHU 30:3; Mar 11:3

temple significance not understood by HP 191:3

traditions substituted by, in departing from God TDG 246:5

unable to see to the end of that which was abolished TMK 343:3

wise men questioned, concerning the Messiah Mar 11:5

without repentance as church members in darkness 3SM 17:4

works of, proved they were not true children of Abraham TDG 183:3

See also Israel; Jewish; Jews

Jewish official, Jewish officials

Jewish official, Jewish officials, would not enter Roman judgment hall during Christ’s trial DA 723

Jewish priests

symmetry required of, in body, mind and soul TSB 82:1

Jewish religion

Jewish religion, consisted in outward ceremonies rather than inward piety DA 608

devoid of saving faith in Christ’s time MB 53

like barren fig tree in Christ’s time DA 582-3

principle of salvation by works was adopted by DA 35-6

under protection of Roman power AA 253

Jewish revolt, Jewish revolts

Jewish revolt, Jewish revolts, Romans dealt vigorously with DA 725

Jewish ruler, Jewish rulers

Jewish ruler, Jewish rulers, addressed as rulers of Sodom and Gomorrah DA 590

convicted by Christ’s teaching, feared excommunication DA 699

Gamaliel was moved by God to counsel AA 82-3; EW 196

hypocrites loving praise of men more than they loved God EW 195

led people to reject Christ 5T 747

plot of, to kill Christ DA 164

sin of, in Christ’s time was greater than that of any preceding generation DA 618

Jewish sects

Jewish sects, loud and long disputes between opposing MH 32

See also Herodian; Pharisee; Sadducee

Jewish system

Jewish system, of worship, Christ was originator of 7BC 933

people were taught under, to cherish spirit of liberality AA 337

Jewish teachers

criticisms and formalities of; righteousness claimed TMK 114:3

traditions taught by; truth obscured VSS 324:1

Jewish world

Jewish world, apostles brought stones from quarry of, to lay on foundation of church AA 596


Jezebel, Ahab led by, into idolatry 2BC 1033

to foster Baal worship PK 114

Ahab’s character molded by PK 115; 3T 262

Ahab’s marriage with, disastrous results of PK 114-5, 204

alive when Ahaziah became king of Judah PK 214

alive when Joram became king of Israel PK 255

Athaliah’s mother 2BC 1038; PK 192, 215

conference of, with priests of Baal PK 123

daughter of high priest of Baal PK 114

disposition of, bold, defiant, and determined PK 115, 126; 3T 262, 276, 289

Elijah hated by Ed 151; GC 626; PK 126, 137, 159-62; 3T 261-2, 275-6, 288-90

end of, Elijah foretold PK 207

grandmother of Ahaziah, king of Judah PK 214

heathen woman Ed 60; PK 224

idolatrous woman 2BC 1033; DA 120; Ed 60; 3T 262, 289

influence of, over Ahab 2BC 1033; PK 204

in kingdom of Judah PK 212-3

Jehu slew PK 215, 255

King Jehoshaphat a friend of 2BC 1038

mother of Jehoram, king of Israel PK 212

Naboth’s death caused by PK 205-6

pagan woman 3T 274

prophets of PK 144; 3T 274, 279-80

prophets of God slain by PK 126; 1T 251; 3T 276

Satan’s special agent 3T 262

unbeliever 3T 262

wife who acted like 1T 251

woman hardened and impenitent PK 159

worship of Ashtoreth revived through PK 230


Jezebels, world today has its PK 177


Jezreel PK 158-9, 214; PP 675, 713


Joab, Abner and, blood feud between PP 699

Abner murdered by, to avenge Asahel’s death PP 699

Absalom slain by PP 743-4

army led by, against Ammonite capital PP 715

attempt of, to reconcile Absalom and David PP 728-9

battalion led by, against Absalom’s troops PP 742

brother of Abishai and Asahel PP 699

David aided by, in murder of Uriah the Hittite PP 719

David charged, to finish war with Ammonites PP 718

general of David’s army 3BC 1128; PP 699-700, 703, 715, 718-9, 728-9, 743-4, 742, 745, 747, 749-50

guilty of: many crimes PP 749

wanton murder PP 719

jealous of Abner PP 699

joined Adonijah’s conspiracy against Solomon PP 749

put to death by Solomon after David died PP 749-50

rebuked David for bewailing Absalom’s death PP 745

remonstrated against David’s census of Israel PP 747

rude and blunt PP 728, 745

sinned in obeying David’s command to kill Uriah the Hittite PP 719

troops led by, in capture of Jebus PP 703

unscrupulous man PP 747

why David did not punish, for murdering Abner PP 699-700


Joash, Gideon’s father PP 546-7


Joash, king of Israel PK 261-3


Joash, king of Judah PK 215-6

Job (employment)

Job (employment), long, made out of short one SD 114

refusing, because wages are not acceptable TDG 161:4

scorn to slight any 2T 84

See also Employment; Task; Work

Job (person)

Job (person) Ed 154-6; PK 162-4

abhorred by relatives and friends in his affliction AA 575

according to faith of, so it was unto him Ed 156

afflicted with loathsome sores 3BC 1140

affliction of 3T 262

aided the poor and needy 5T 151

angels protected, from Satan’s power GC 513

benevolence of, to the unfortunate 3T 530

benevolent and kind man 3BC 1140; SD 257

blessed abundantly in his last years PK 164

blessings removed were returned to 3T 88

captivity of, turned when he prayed 3BC 1141

case of, taken in hand by God 3T 509

comforters of, persons who are like 2SG 198

cup of, element of bitterness added to Ed 155

deprived of worldly possessions AA 575

example of truly prosperous man Ed 142

faith of,

an example; lay hold on God’s promises 2MCP 496:1

needed when clouds sweep over the soul TMK 257:2

faithful in day of affliction PK 162

faithful priest of his household 3BC 1140

flung reproaches back upon friends 3T 508

friends of: accused him of wrongdoing Ed 155

could not understand his humiliation and suffering DA 88

error for which God reproved DA 471

Jews repeated error of DA 471

rebuked by God for judging His faithful servant 3BC 1140

God’s testimony re Ed 155

honor of God shown to, in time HP 271:4

hoped for second advent COL 421; GC 299

hospitable to strangers DA 500

humility of GC 471

when he heard God’s voice Mar 235:4

implicit trust of, in time of discouragement and despondency PK 163

labored for salvation of his family 3BC 1140; SD 257

last years of, were the best of his life PK 164

lived early in world’s history Ed 155; 3T 393

mercy of, to the poor, suffering, and depressed MB 22-3

message of hope given to, in his affliction PK 163

not as guilty as his friends supposed TM 350

not understood by friends 3T 508

patriarch of Uz Ed 155; SD 257

plea of, when unjustly accused by comforters 3T 518-9

prayer of, for salvation from friends 3T 509

principle of tithing existed in days of 3T 393

professed friends of, were miserable comforters TM 350

reaction of, to God’s challenge 3T 509

repented in dust and ashes GC 471; PK 164

reply of, to criticisms of friends 3T 508

righteousness of, was after Christ’s order ML 244

Satan permitted by God to afflict AA 575; 3BC 1140; GC 589; ML 316; PP 129; 4T 525

scornful charge brought by Satan against Ed 155

searched out the needy to help them 5T 151

self abhorred by, when hearing God’s voice TMK 175:3

spirit of steadfast integrity found in, by God 3T 311

story of, shows that suffering is inflicted by Satan DA 471

tempted but he did not speak against God HP 251:4

testing of, lessons from DA 471; Ed 154-6; SD 257

though weary of life, not allowed to die PK 163

thought that he had cause for grief 5T 313

thoughtful of others 3BC 1140; SD 257

JW’s experience compared to that of 3T 509

Job, book of

Job, book of: Moses wrote, in Midian 3BC 1140; Ed 159

poetry of Ed 159

purpose of DA 471


Jochebed, Moses’ mother Ed 61; MH 372; PP 242-4; 3SG 180-2; SR 107-8


prophecy of, misunderstood 3SM 340:2

Joel, book of

Joel, book of, written 2,500 years before May 19, 1780 GC 308

John (apostle)

1. Biog.—youth to Christ’s triumphal entry

2. Biog.—crucifixion week to Pentecost

3. Biog.—active ministry of (to his exile)

4. Biog.—on Patmos

5. Characteristics of

6. Teachings of

7. Visions of

8. Miscellaneous

1. Biog.—youth to Christ’s triumphal entry

accepted Christ’s call to forsake all and follow Him DA 249

ambitious to be first in Christ’s kingdom DA 295; SL 55-6

associated most intimately with Christ AA 539; DA 292, 295; Ed 87; SL 65

Christ’s mighty miracles witnessed by SL 65

close relationship to Christ enjoyed by Ed 87

clung to Christ as vine to stately pillar AA 539; SL 53

devotion of, to Christ Ed 87

did not receive training of schools SL 61

disputed with fellow disciples as to who should be accounted greatest SL 55

distinguished as “disciple whom Jesus loved” AA 539; DA 292; SL 53, 79

early life of, among uncultivated Galilean fishermen SL 61

humble and unlearned fisherman DA 249

indignation and combativeness of, slight shown to Christ aroused DA 295

James and: among Christ’s first disciples DA 138-9, 548; Ed 87

called “sons of thunder” AA 540; DA 295

helped Peter and Andrew with miraculous catch of fish DA 246

Judas Iscariot’s severity toward DA 644

man forbidden by, to teach in Christ’s name CSW 85

mother of, sought highest position of honor for them DA 548; SL 56; 2T 32

rebuked man casting out devils in Christ’s name AA 543-4; DA 437-8; SL 56; 5T 461

requested highest place in Christ’s kingdom AA 359, 541-2; DA 644, 650

would call fire down from heaven upon Samaritan village AA 540-1; DA 487; SL 58; SR 268

young disciples AA 541

John the Baptist’s disciple before he found Christ DA 138-9

learned in school in which Christ was teacher SL 59

lessons of humility and patience learned from Christ by DA 295

many tokens of Christ’s confidence and love were received by SL 53

most receptive spirit manifested by, among Christ’s disciples AA 545; DA 292

next to Christ, at every possible opportunity DA 548

question put to Christ by DA 437

raising of Jairus’s dead daughter witnessed by DA 343

repentant sinner’s love given to Christ by SL 53

self-seeking of, Christ rebuked AA 540; Ed 87

united closely to Christ as living Vine SL 55

was to learn constantly while working with Christ 5T 557

yielded himself most to Christ’s power DA 250

youngest of apostles AA 545; DA 292

2. Biog.—crucifixion week to Pentecost

at Christ’s right side during last Passover supper DA 644

Christ’s mother attended by, during His crucifixion DA 744, 752; EW 177

Christ’s mother committed to care of AA 539; DA 752; EW 177; SL 53; SR 224

Christ’s mother lived in home of, after His death DA 752; EW 177

Christ’s trial by Sanhedrin witnessed by DA 710-12

crucifixion of Christ witnessed by AA 539, 582; 5BC 1149; DA 744, 752; EW 177; SL 53; SR 224

dangers of judgment hall braved by, for Christ’s sake AA 539; DA 711; SL 53

feet of, washed last by Christ DA 645

fishing by, after Christ’s resurrection DA 810

followed Christ to trial before Sanhedrin DA 710

future of, Peter’s curiosity to know DA 816

helped to bury Christ DA 773-4

inquiry of, at last Passover supper with Christ DA 654

leaned on Christ’s breast DA 689; GC 471

lingered about cross of Christ AA 539; SL 53

outpouring of Spirit upon, at Pentecost SL 61

outran Peter to Christ’s tomb AA 539; DA 789; SL 53

perplexed as to how to give Christ burial DA 772-3

privilege of, to pray with Christ in Gethsemane DA 686

transfiguration of Christ witnessed by AA 539; DA 419-21; SL 53

well known to priests as disciple of Christ DA 710

with Christ in Gethsemane AA 539, 582; DA 688-9; SL 53

3. Biog.—active ministry of (to his exile)

boldness of, in preaching Christ in Jerusalem EW 194

called to labor in Ephesus and Smyrna DA 194

cast into caldron of boiling oil AA 570

Christians encouraged by, in time of terrible persecution SL 70

Christians terribly persecuted by Roman emperor in time of SL 70

defense of, when tried at Rome AA 569-70

destruction of Jerusalem witnessed by AA 569; DA 816

Domitian filled with rage against AA 569-70; SL 71

efforts of, to combat error in apostolic church AA 554

eloquence of, astonished his hearers AA 569; SL 71

enemies failed to silence SL 71

enemies of, made false accusations against him SL 71

error met with promptness and decision by SL 63

errors met unflinchingly by SL 64

faithful and ardent gospel worker after Christ’s ascension AA 546-56; SL 61

false witnesses accused, of sedition SL 71

Jewish attempts to kill 7T 288

Jewish authorities commanded, not to preach 5T 713

Jewish leaders tried to silence AA 569

Jewish rulers bitterly hated AA 569

old and gray-headed, when given message for persecuted churches 7T 288

old man in time of terrible persecution SL 70

Peter and: accused of murdering Ananias and Sapphira AA 80; SR 255

beaten with rods AA 83; EW 196; SR 258

crippled beggar healed by AA 57-60; EW 192; SR 248

first arrest and arraignment of, by Sanhedrin AA 60-7; DA 354; EW 192-4; SL 62; SR 250

released from prison by angel AA 80-1; EW 194-5; SR 255-6; 5T 713; TM 69

second arrest of, by Sanhedrin AA 77-80; EW 194-5; SR 254-6; TM 68-9

team of gospel workers Ev 72; EW 224-5; TM 329

third arrest and arraignment of, by Sanhedrin AA 81-3; EW 195-9; SR 256-8; TM 69-70

poisonous errors seen creeping into church by SL 63

powerful preacher AA 546; SL 54

preacher fervent and deeply in earnest AA 546

removed from boiling caldron by men who cast him into it AA 570

summoned to Rome for trial AA 569-70; SL 71

on charge of teaching seditious heresies AA 569

testimony of, adversaries could not controvert SL 70

threatened with imprisonment and death SL 61

useful life of, evil men sought to cut short SL 64

waning of brotherly love in early church alarmed 8T 241-2

See also Revelation, book of

way of adversaries of truth hedged up by SL 64

wisdom of, astonished his hearers AA 569; SL 71

witnessed for Christ during terrible persecution AA 568

won many souls to Christ, by his patient forbearance and deep devotedness EW 225

words of: carried weight of conviction SL 54

dropped as dew upon souls SL 61

simplicity of AA 546; SL 61

work of, in Jerusalem during Jewish festivals AA 165

4. Biog.—on Patmos

angel forbade, to worship him EW 231

angel gave revelations to, on Patmos EW 230

angel visited, on Sabbath on Patmos 6T 128

Christ appeared to, on Patmos AA 582; 4BC 1173; 7BC 953-4; CW 175; Ed 191; MM 37; PP 129; 7T 288

Christ not seen by, after His ascension till He appeared on Patmos 7BC 955

Christ personally presented gospel to, on Patmos CW 29; Ed 191

Christ speaks to men today through, from Patmos 1SM 67

Christ taught, on Patmos FE 424

Christ was revealed to, on Patmos SL 49-50

companionship of Christ and angels enjoyed by, on Patmos AA 570-1

could study on Patmos things God had created FE 423-4

exiled to Isle of Patmos AA 568-77, 581, 597; 7BC 953-5; DA 669; EW 230; FE 109, 423-4; GW 18, 77; MH 488; PP 129; SD 260; SL 49-50, 70-9; 4T 525; 6T 59, 128; 7T 288

by Roman emperor AA 570; 7BC 955; SL 71

by persecution 9T 227-8

in his old age 7BC 954-5; 1SM 33; 7T 288

more than half century after Christ’s ascension 7BC 955

fervent prayers offered by, on Patmos SL 74

friends and converts won by, on Patmos AA 573; 7BC 954

Gabriel appeared to DA 99

Gabriel opened future to DA 234

God used, as aged worker AA 572-3; 7BC 947

in Spirit on Sabbath day on Patmos SL 75; 6T 128

lessons learned by, from stormy sea SL 73

light for world given to, on Patmos TM 433

more communications received from God by, on Patmos than during rest of his lifetime 7BC 955; 1SM 33-4

most communications received from heaven by, in his old age AA 573

overwhelmed by Creator’s greatness and majesty SL 76-7

priests and rulers rejoiced over banishment of, to Patmos 7BC 954

promise of second advent given to, while on Patmos GC 302

prophecies of Revelation given by Christ to TM 115

prophet of Patmos GC 301; PP 289; 9T 17

providence of God in banishment of, to Patmos AA 581

revelations given to, on Patmos Ev 120; EW 230-1; 6T 59

Roman emperor determined to silence SL 71

Sabbath sacredly observed by, on Patmos AA 581

Sabbathkeeper while on Patmos 7BC 955; SL 74-5; 6T 128

seer of Patmos PK 720

steadfastly maintained his faith during persecution 7BC 947; GW 18

truths of Revelation given to, on Patmos 7T 288; TM 114

unable to endure God’s glory in vision AA 582; 9T 285

vision given by Christ to, on Patmos AA 582-3

voice of, heard from his place of exile SL 71-2

5. Characteristics of

amiable disposition possessed by SL 53

ardent AA 540; DA 139

in devotion to Christ SL 53

calm and considerate of feelings of others Ev 73

character of, before conversion AA 540; DA 139, 292, 295-6, 645; Ed 86-7; SC 73; SL 53-60

ambitious AA 540; DA 296; Ed 86-7; SC 73; SL 54

combative Ed 87

critical AA 540; DA 295

impetuous AA 540; SC 73

outspoken DA 296

proud AA 540; Ed 87; SL 54

quick to resent slight and injury SL 54

resentful in temper AA 540; SC 73

revengeful AA 540; DA 295

self-assertive AA 540; SC 73

violent in spirit AA 557; DA 295

character of, marvelous transformation in AA 540; Ed 86-7; SC 73

contemplative DA 139

faithful in face of imprisonment, stripes, and threatened death SL 78

faithful steward of God SD 279

fervent and deeply in earnest SL 54

had by nature serious defects of character SL 54

harsh spirit of, Christ rebuked GC 570

humility clothed, as naturally as garment SL 78-9

humility of GC 471

loving heart possessed by AA 540; Ed 86; SL 53

loveliness of character was not naturally possessed by AA 540; SC 73

loyalty of, to Christ Ed 90

man of: earnest and deep affection DA 139

mild disposition Ev 72; EW 224

naturally longed for love, sympathy, and companionship Ed 87

not a gentle and dreamy enthusiast Ed 87

not in slightest degree cowardly, weak, or vacillating SL 53

not intimidated by imprisonment or death SL 61

not naturally meek and yielding DA 295

not perfect, but improved every opportunity to learn 5T 557

patient EW 224

pride found no place in, after conversion SL 78

pride of, Christ reproved AA 542; SL 57

had to be overcome DA 295

reflected Christ’s likeness most fully SC 73

sincere AA 540

6. Teachings of

burden of testimony of, to churches DA 551

charity taught and practiced by, in fullest sense SL 79

Christ presented by, as only way of salvation SL 63

false ideas of sanctification met by SL 68

favorite theme of, infinite love of Christ was SL 62

mysteries of divine truth in discourses of, believer could not fully comprehend SL 61

teacher of practical holiness SL 79

7. Visions of

angels showed, things that must shortly come to pass GC 521

anthems of joy sung in heaven were heard by 7BC 955

beholding of God’s glory by, effects of 5T 467

Christ shown to, as Lamb that had been slain 4T 395

church’s final triumph shown to EW 230-1

effects of angel’s glory upon EW 230-1; GC 471

glorious attractions of home of redeemed were shown to SL 78

history of church for future ages shown to EW 230; 5T 752-3

multitude of redeemed seen in vision by PP 289; 1T 78

prophetic visions of, foretell period of moral darkness 5T 9

scenes of deep and thrilling interest to church opened to GC 341

subjects opened to, needed by God’s people in last days 8T 301

temple of God in heaven was shown to PP 356-7

things seen in vision by, on Patmos AA 582-3

triumphant songs of the redeemed heard by AA 583; SL 78

vision of Christ given to SL 77-8

vision of glories of heaven shown to, on Patmos AA 582-3

vision of God’s purposes for future ages was given to SL 78

visions of Revelation given to, on Patmos TM 114

vision of spiritual Babylon given to PP 167

vision of temple of heaven shown to PP 356

8. Miscellaneous

ambition(s) of, Christ disappointed Ed 87

Christ reproved AA 542; SL 57

angel wonderfully preserved, to do his work EW 230

angels protected, from assaults of evil men SL 64

beautiful language used by, in speaking of Christ 7T 288

believed in God as child believes in kind and tender father SL 62

beloved apostle AA 539-45

bitterest hatred kindled against SL 70

blessings of true sanctification enjoyed by SL 65

book of Revelation written by See Revelation, book of

called “the evangelist” SC 50

Christ visited, in hard and trying places 8T 17

Christ’s affection for SL 53

Christ’s best-loved disciple DA 146

Christ’s character appreciated by AA 555

Christ’s love for AA 539

Christ’s love transformed SL 54-5

closely followed Christ to his latest days DA 816

counselor of gospel workers in his old age 7BC 947; 2SM 227

countenance of, Christlike radiance of AA 545

counterbalance to Peter EW 224-5

desired to become like Christ SL 54-5

did not claim to be sinless SL 65

drank eagerly at fountain of wisdom SL 61

evil temper of, had to be overcome DA 295

exalted concept of God’s love as held by SC 15

example of: how God can use aged workers 7BC 947

transformation by grace AA 557-67

experience of, lessons from SL 54

faith of, considered old-fashioned and insufferable today 5T 79

First Epistle of See John, First Epistle of

grew old in God’s service AA 573

had elevated idea of Christian’s privilege SL 16

had musical voice AA 546; 7T 288

heresies imperiling church in time of SL 64

hid self in Christ SL 55

highest education obtained by, that mortal man can receive SL 61

Judas Iscariot and, striking contrast between characters of AA 557-8; SL 59

two classes of professed Christians represented by AA 558

Judas Iscariot regarded, as poor financier DA 717

knew Christ by experimental knowledge AA 544

lessons of highest value to AA 544; SL 59

life of, harmonized with his teachings SL 54

lived to be: nearly 100 years old 7BC 947; 2SM 223

very old AA 569; DA 816

lived to see gospel preached far and near SL 63

living illustration of sanctification SL 59

love and affection of, for Christ AA 544-5

loved all for whom Christ died SL 54

loved and loving, at Christ’s final coronation SR 424

in resurrection of righteous GC 667

meditated upon God’s glory displayed in His works SL 76

ministers who say prophecies of, are obscure 3SG 95

ministry of AA 546-56; SL 53-79; SR 302-3

nearly all former associates of, in ministry suffered martyrdom AA 581

Nicodemus related to, story of his secret interview with Christ DA 177

obtained access to all classes SL 61

one of three leading apostles 6BC 1108

outlived fellow apostles AA 542, 569; 7BC 953; DA 549; Ed 86; SL 70-1

pen of, seems dipped in love AA 554

recorder of most sublime truths of gospel GC 5

religion of, was of practical character SL 54

Sabbathkeeper before exile to Patmos 7BC 955; SL 74

Second Epistle of See John, Second Epistle of

seemed constantly imbued with Spirit SL 61

shining example of Christian youth 1SM 319

special work given to EW 230

Spirit’s regenerating influence upon SC 73

teachings of, people living amid perils of last days need to study SL 65

spiritual fervor characterized SL 61

testimony borne for Christ by, on every suitable occasion SL 62

Third Epistle of See John, Third Epistle of

transformation of, by gospel AA 540-5

treasured lessons that Christ taught him AA 544; SL 59

true sanctification exemplified by SL 55

truths uttered by, sublime power of SL 61

visions of: Daniel’s visions help to understand EW 231

show heaven closely connected with earth 5T 753

study subject of sanctuary in LS 278

warred against his own faults AA 558; SL 59

world’s great men of science are not comparable to CT 66

writings of, Satan would have people believe they cannot understand PK 547

wrote: re God’s law SL 62

1,600 years after Moses GC 5

under Spirit’s inspiration DA 388; MB 48


book of,

first and third chapters, lessons from HP 248

sixth chapter, pray to understand UL 181:4

See also the Scripture index


chose, not because above frailties, but in love TMK 177:3

described by; power and greatness LHU 74:2

told, what to write in the book of Revelation UL 310:5

visits those in hard places like TDG 159:6

church is God’s although some in it would call fire like 3SM 17:3

different from Peter; each was to subdue peculiarities TDG 262:3

exile of, in God’s plan although enemies seemed to triumph RY 173:2

exiled but permitted to see future and God’s throne HP 271:6

fate of those choosing transgression seen by FW 117:1

humility of, at the angel’s feet Mar 235:4; TMK 175:3

language of, simple and loving VSS 364:3

life of, like his teaching; love and effort for others VSS 364:4

love of God for sinners pointed to by TMK 60:3

members like, desiring fire of revenge TDG 172:5

messages given to, now important UL 369:7

placed on Patmos to prepare him to receive truth OHC 315:2

Satan works against the One who came to Patmos to teach TDG 312:2

saw things God desired him to give to people TMK 340:2

strengthened to talk with Jesus on Patmos TMK 360:2

vision of Jesus and exalted truth received by OHC 315:2

voice of Christ remembered by, on Isle of Patmos TMK 360:2

work of, on Patmos UL 100:5