EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

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Israelite, Israelites

1. In Old Testament times

2. In New Testament times

3. Miscellaneous

1. In Old Testament times DA 27-30; PK 15-22

abhorrence of idolatry rapidly lost by, during Solomon’s apostasy FE 499

captivity of, as punishment for not heeding God’s word 4T 164

care of children by, during plagues in Egypt CG 304

ceremonial worship corrupted by 3SG 304

chastisement of heathen oppression was suffered by, in vain DA 28

children who passed through Red Sea with, crossed as adults over Jordan 4T 158

confused re true and false worship as result of Solomon’s apostasy FE 499

conscientious few, made returns to God of about one third of income 4T 467

corrupted by Egyptian idolatry were many 3SG 240

corruption of, during sojourn in Egypt PP 363

could not be sold as slave for life PP 310

disposition of, to intermarry with other nations 3SG 242

each family of, had its landed possession MH 280

education of children of FE 95-9; PP 592-602

See also Schools of prophets

Egyptians regarded it as abomination for, to prepare food for them SR 101

Egyptians were enriched by labor unjustly exacted from PP 253

exempted from taxation in Joseph’s time PP 241; SR 104

faithful to God in Egypt were many 3SG 240

favors shown by Egyptians to, in gratitude to Joseph SR 103-4

first fruits were required of 4T 77

forbidden to follow cruel and licentious practices of Canaanites MH 280-1

God called, to preserve knowledge of His law among men DA 27

God desired, to be wells of salvation in world AA 14; DA 27

heathen customs adopted by, during Solomon’s apostasy FE 499

in time of judges PP 603

heathen rites practiced by some 3SG 303-4

heathen ways followed by, after entering Canaan DA 28

hospitality of, on occasions of social and religious rejoicing MH 353

idolatry surrounded, in Egypt 3SG 201, 303

increased in numbers in spite of Egyptian slavery 3SG 179

influenced by association with godless Canaanites MYP 432

intermarried with Canaanites PP 544

kept themselves a distinct race in Egypt PP 242

knowledge of God’s law lost to some extent by, in Egypt GC 453; PP 258

last of adults of, who left Egypt were slain at vale of Shittim PP 456

law of God did not forbid, to associate with Gentiles SR 287

led to repentance during exile were many PK 21

liberality of: in building earthly sanctuary 4T 77-8

in building temple of Solomon 4T 77-8

in caring for poor 4T 77

living in distant lands, prayed with faces turned toward Jerusalem PK 541; PP 354

loyalty of, tested by God in wilderness 3SG 298

made depositaries of sacred truth COL 267-8; DA 819

many, died in faith in Christ as coming Deliverer PK 699

preferred before the plagues to remain in Egypt 3SG 197

many exiled, lost sight of sacredness of God’s law PK 618

remained true to God as long as they lived PK 618

many years in Egyptian servitude 3SG 201

nakedness of, when stripped of ornaments by Aaron 3SG 282

nearly all adults of, who left Egypt perished in wilderness PP 427

not crowded together in cities MH 280

not slaves when they settled in Egypt 3SG 177; SR 103

not to stand on level with other nations PP 447

often seemed unable or unwilling to understand God’s purpose for heathen PK 367

only two adult, who left Egypt entered Canaan 1BC 1113-4; FE 505, 508; PP 472; SR 163; 1T 609; 4T 152-3

oppressed by last two Pharaohs before Exodus 3SG 240

oracles of heaven were committed to AA 14; GC 313

pious, earnestly prayed for Messiah’s coming 5BC 1116

pledged not to intermarry with other nations SR 146

prayed with faces toward sanctuary PK 541; PP 353-4

prejudice of, against Canaanites DA 400

rendered outward service to God as means of attaining to national greatness DA 28-9

Sacred Oracles were committed to DA 198

Satan’s scheme to rid earth of PK 600-1

sun-dried bricks made by, in Egypt PP 258

system of beneficence enjoined upon 4T 474

unprepared for deliverance from Egyptian bondage PP 260

various sacrifices and offerings were required of 4T 467

were: pastoral people PP 517

required to assemble before God at set periods 2T 598

taught need of personal cleanliness MH 279

were to: be guardians and keepers of God’s law PP 468

remain distinct people among nations PP 447

utterly destroy Canaanites PP 423

why, could not sacrifice to God in Egypt 3SG 211

why God permitted, to settle in Egypt 3SG 299

why God required, to be distinct from idolatrous nations SD 44

2. In New Testament times

absorbed in ambitious strife for place and power among men GC 313

acceptance of Christ by, as Messiah would have meant their teachers had erred 5T 728

accustomed to eat but twice a day 3BC 1165

almost every church of apostolic times had members who were 6BC 1108

ancient rites zealously maintained by, after rejecting gospel GC 378

apostate, sorcery secretly practiced by AA 287

arguments used by, to justify rejection of Christ GC 454

attributed: individual’s calamity to sin on his part COL 213

to first advent glory of second advent DA 193

banished from Rome returned in large numbers AA 450

bigotry of, hindered spread of light to Gentiles DA 33

blessings received by, brought no blessing to world COL 291

bribery of Roman authorities by AA 101; DA 30, 705, 785

built up wall of separation between themselves and other nations AA 14, 19; DA 29

chafed under Roman rule in Christ’s time DA 30

cherished idea they were favorites of heaven COL 294

children of, not condemned for sins of parents GC 27-8

chose darkness rather than light CSW 30

Christ would have made, His messengers to Gentiles if they had accepted gospel DA 351

Christ’s purpose in using parables in teaching COL 22-3

Christian: could not tolerate immorality of heathen AA 192

living within sight of temple, exclusiveness of AA 197

many, cherished regard for ceremonial law AA 405

saw that Gentile Christians would outnumber them AA 189

slow to discern that sacrificial offerings prefigured Christ’s death AA 189

sought to impose observance of ceremonial law on Gentile Christians AA 189

tendency of, to cling to ceremonies and traditions of Judaism AA 197

clung to sacrifices and crucified Christ in their blindness 1T 345

conditions on which, would have accepted Christ DA 130

confused Christ’s second advent with His first Ev 612-3

covetousness and greed of, caused heathen to despise them COL 293

gave Gentile world occasion to misinterpret God’s character and laws COL 292-3

crowning act of wickedness of, crucifixion of Christ was COL 294-5

defeated in opposition to Christianity at Corinth AA 253

deference paid to great men by, was homage to servants of Satan GC 313

demanded signs instead of Saviour COL 35

denied God’s mercy to Gentiles COL 219

desired no new element in their religion AA 15

destroyed one another in their blind rage PK 712-3

devils’ efforts to turn, against Christ EW 160-1

devotion of, to world and their forgetfulness of God GC 378

did not prize characteristics of patience and gentleness under wrong MB 14

dispersed widely in all civilized lands in Paul’s time AA 281

door of mercy closed by, in rejecting Christ GC 430; 1SM 63

endless dispute among, question “Who is my neighbor?” caused DA 498

envy and jealousy made, implacable against Christ COL 295; PK 712

erroneous concept held by, re Messiah’s work DA 56

exacting in regard to ceremonial purity MB 24

exalted forms and ceremonies and lost sight of their object COL 34

exasperated by intimation that Gentiles were to be admitted to equal privileges with themselves COL 400

exclusiveness of, toward Gentiles SR 303-4

expected Messiah to: break oppressor’s power DA 30

break oppressor’s yoke PP 608

bring all nations under His supremacy MB 2

come as conqueror DA 30

come as temporal prince GC 345

come in earthly grandeur 5T 253

establish His empire on ruins of earthly kingdoms COL 35

exalt Israel to throne of universal empire GC 345

exalt Israel to universal dominion DA 30

prove His claims by mighty deeds of conquest COL 35

experienced curse which they called down on their own heads EW 212-3

faithful, early Christian church was composed of AA 377

knowledge of God preserved by DA 34

first to be called into God’s vineyard were COL 400

flattered themselves that they were better than other men DA 106

Gentiles and, Christ sought to tear down wall of partition built up between AA 19; DA 193

Gentiles were regarded by, as unclean SR 285-6

God was not dependent on, for fulfillment of His purpose DA 106-7

God’s long-suffering toward GC 27-8

gospel invitation was specially given to, from A.D. 27 to 34 DA 233; GC 327-8; PK 699

great show of piety made by COL 215

Grecian AA 87

alleged neglect of widows of, in daily distribution of assistance AA 88

many, became believers in Christ AA 136

synagogues of, Stephen preached in AA 97

greed and violence among DA 30

guilty of blood of holy men slain since days of Abel GC 628

guilty of crucifying Christ, God’s mercy and forgiveness extended to AA 59

had no true conception of Messiah’s mission DA 29-30

hatred for Romans led, to adhere rigorously to forms of worship DA 30

to utter hard denunciations DA 310

hatred of, against Paul AA 399-418

for Samaritans DA 183-4, 188, 193, 498, 503-4

hatred of the ungodly, Christ’s purity and holiness called forth GC 506

hatred of unbelieving, for Christ 3T 213

hearts of, had become earthly and sensual GC 378

heathen were not regarded by, as their neighbor DA 498

held that all rest of world lay under God’s frown and curse MB 74

hope of national greatness cherished by DA 154

hopes of, fixed on worldly greatness DA 28

how, sealed their rejection of God’s mercy COL 308-9

in bondage to heathen nation because of their sins DA 106

instructed from childhood re Messiah’s work DA 317

insurrection of, against Christianity at Corinth AA 252-3

at Rome not long before Paul went to Thessalonica AA 229

intent on maintaining separation between themselves and other nations DA 33

interpreted prophecy in accordance with their selfish desires DA 30

irritated by contact with Roman soldiery MB 69

jealous lest God should show mercy to Gentiles DA 29

labors of apostles for, during festivals in Jerusalem AA 165, 514

labors of Paul and Barnabas for AA 174-5

large colonies of, in nearly all cities of world in apostolic times AA 155

last seven years of 70 weeks of Dan. 9:24-27 was allotted especially to DA 233; GC 327-8; PK 699

later prophets misinterpreted by DA 193

leaders of: bribed Roman authorities not to investigate Stephen’s death AA 101

ignorance of, was result of sinful neglect GC 313

lacked justice, mercy, and love of God COL 297

looked with pride on temple and its imposing rites COL 297

nation’s sin and ruin were due to COL 305

parable of two sons sent to work in vineyard applies to COL 272-83

persistent rejection of light by, after putting Christ to death AA 61-2

responsible for nation’s rejection of Christ COL 305

sentence pronounced by, upon themselves and their children DA 739-40; GC 643-4

slew Christ because He reproved their sins GC 27

unwittingly pronounced their own doom COL 295; PK 711-2

were false shepherds COL 192

were impenitent and self-sufficient COL 276

learned teachers of: led them to regard interest in Christ as fanatical excitement DA 63

preferred to reject Christ as Messiah rather than acknowledge that they had erred 5T 728

pride of opinion caused rejection of Christ as Messiah by 5T 728

refused to go to Bethlehem to see if Christ was born there DA 62-3

would not stoop to be instructed by wise men of East DA 62-3

led into ruin and error because they knew not Scriptures or power of God FE 128

lives of, spent in round of ceremonies to make themselves pure DA 498

lived in state of excitement and irritation in Paul’s time AA 415

living in dispersion, learned to speak various languages AA 39

longed for Messiah to vanquish their enemies and restore kingdom to Israel DA 30

looked: for Messiah as great prince MB 2

on Jerusalem as their heaven DA 29

with horror on sensual practices of heathen MB 59

lost sight of: high privilege as God’s representatives AA 14; COL 291

teaching of ritual service in great degree DA 29

lost spiritual life from ceremonies and clung to dead forms DA 29

majority of, regarded as unclean by their leaders DA 150

many, sold as slaves when Romans destroyed Jerusalem GC 35

masses of, death was dread mystery to DA 32

maxims and traditions of, were hindrance to understanding and practice of true religion COL 34-5

measured their holiness by multitude of their ceremonies DA 29

meats and drinks and divers ordinances multiplied by, until ceremonial religion constituted their only worship FE 398

messages borne by Christ and His disciples to COL 308

Messiah did not come as, had predicted He would 5T 728

Messiah was to appear from among DA 189

Messiah’s appearance announced to DA 231

Messianic prophecies interpreted by, at dictate of proud and world-loving heart MB 2

millions of, in Jerusalem when Romans besieged her in A.D. 70 GC 31

sold as bondmen into heathen lands PK 713

minute and burdensome injunctions given by rabbis to, made it impossible to keep God’s law DA 29

misinterpreted God’s promise of eternal favor to Israel DA 106

misled by errors and traditions had false concept of Christ 5T 710

misrepresented God among nations COL 215

monuments built by, for slain prophets GC 313

more than 1,000,000, perished in destruction of Jerusalem by Romans GC 35

most bitter opponents of Roman rule were DA 737

most tyrannical in enforcing their national and religious requirements DA 737

national and spiritual pride of DA 30

not cut off from participation in blessings of salvation GC 378

opportunity given to, to accept gospel after Christ’s death AA 27

overthrown through gratification of appetite Te 13

Paul’s conversion surprised AA 123-4

Paul’s labors for, in Corinth AA 246-7

persecution of Christians by, at Iconium AA 177-9

at Lystra AA 183-4

persons who were regarded by, as “unclean” DA 498

popular concept of Messiah and His work unfitted, to receive Christ MB 1

presence of Roman officers in Palestine was continual offense to MB 59

prided themselves on their morality MB 59

priests and rabbis multiplied requirements of their own for DA 29

profaned God’s name continually MB 106

rebellious and stubborn pride of, brought wrath of Roman conquerors upon them PK 712-3

Redeemer was rejected by, in pride and unbelief GC 378

regarded themselves in self-righteousness as God’s favored people GC 27

rejected: antitype and clung to types and useless ceremonies COL 35

Christ because His religion did not accord with their standard of piety SL 14

rejecting light, could not receive pardon through Him GC 430

rejection of Christ as Messiah by 1SM 232

religion of: compared to barren fig tree DA 582-3

consisted in display, praying publicly, and works of charity for effect SL 14

doctrine of salvation by works became fundamental principle of DA 35-6

religious teachers of: built themselves up in self-sufficiency DA 362

cherished pride, envy, and jealousy 8T 221

Christ would have made, His ambassadors if they had yielded to His transforming grace MB 2

depended on outward performances to show their superior piety DA 362

endless repetitions of maxims and fiction used by, to explain Scriptures 6T 249

exalted tradition above Scriptures COL 105-6; FE 309 See also Tradition

fixed in rut of ceremonies and traditions DA 278-9

guilt of, not like guilt of ordinary sinner COL 292

honored priests and rulers instead of honoring God DA 489

human interpretation of Scriptures hid truth from COL 105

inquiry of Herod the Great stung pride of DA 62

interpreted OT Scriptures in manner that destroyed their true meaning 8T 221

Messianic prophecies were committed to GC 313

might have learned truth from sacred scrolls they kept COL 186

not faithful instructors of people COL 292

perverted Scriptures instead of strictly obeying them COL 292

put their own interpretation on God’s word COL 110

put what men had taught and written about God’s word in place of the word itself COL 38-9

regarded themselves as educated, refined, and pre-eminently religious COL 185

rejected truth that they might keep their traditions DA 489

show of piety was constant aim of DA 612-3

so spiritually blind they could hardly recognize virtues of heavenly origin 8T 221

spiritual import of Scriptures was lost by COL 105

teaching of, had no power to quicken souls COL 39

thought sum of religion was to be always in bustle of activity DA 362

truth and purity perverted by FE 397-8

were not sowing seed of God’s word COL 38

See also Priest; Rabbi

required to pay half shekel yearly as ransom for his soul DA 155

robbed: fellow men of religious guidance and holy example AA 14-5; COL 291-2

God of His glory DA 36

God of service He required of them AA 14-5; COL 291-2

Romans imposed heavy taxes on DA 30

ruin of, clinging to dead forms and turning from living truth and power of God proved DA 279-80

rulers of, did not love God COL 293

sacred feast connected with seasons of national and religious rejoicing of COL 219

sacrificial offerings regarded by many, as gifts for propitiating the Deity DA 113

salvation of, Paul’s burden for AA 124-5, 129, 174-5, 372-82, 397-8

salvation offered first to, by Christ AA 247

Samaritans and, great difference in religious belief between COL 380-1

Samaritans were not regarded by, as their neighbor DA 498

satisfied with legal religion AA 15

scattered to almost every: nation in apostolic times GC 35; SR 242

part of world AA 39; DA 33

sealed their rejection of Christ by crucifying Him DA 165

self-deceived in rejecting Christ 4T 230

self-righteousness of, could never enter kingdom of heaven DA 309

self-seeking among DA 409

serving as publican, was classed with vilest of society DA 272

was despised as apostate DA 272

seventy weeks specially allotted to, ended in A.D. 34 DA 233; GC 327-8; PK 699

should have been first to recognize Christ as Promised One AA 374

shut themselves away from world to escape temptation AA 14; DA 29

sign required by COL 35; DA 164-5, 404-9; FE 333

sin added to sin by, after Christ’s resurrection EW 208

sought: deliverance from Romans instead of redemption from sin DA 30

new light to sustain their actions against Christ 3T 448

to make monopoly of truth for themselves DA 36

spirit of retaliation was cultivated by DA 310

spirit of true devotion lost by, in tradition and ceremonialism MB 1-2

steadfast souls among, knowledge of truth had been preserved by DA 34

stoning of Stephen in A.D. 34 by, sealed their rejection of gospel DA 233; GC 327-8; PK 699

strong antipathy of, toward Samaritans COL 380-1

subjected to merciless demands of priests DA 30

suffered God’s judgments because of their sins DA 106

sufferings of, during siege of Jerusalem by Roman army under Titus COL 269; GC 31-3

supposed they merited God’s good will because of their good works AA 15

terrible judgments visited upon, for having rejected Christ and gospel EW 213

thought: salvation was restricted to themselves DA 204

their own righteousness all-sufficient AA 15

to confine benefits of salvation to their own nation DA 306

thousands of, sold to serve as bondmen in heathen lands AA 379

toiled: under heavy burden while trying to observe rabbinical precepts DA 29

wearily to reach perfection by their efforts MB 77

trumpeted their good deeds SL 14

trusted to sacrifices and ordinances instead of Him to whom they pointed DA 29

truth committed to, Christ carefully guarded His disciples against giving up DA 307

tumults frequent among, in Paul’s time AA 415

unable to: fulfill requirements laid down by rabbis COL 292

keep man-made commandments, became careless re commandments of God COL 292

unbelieving: against Paul at Rome AA 450-3, 485

became byword and derision to other peoples EW 213

became representatives of Satan DA 36

Christianity met opposition from, at Ephesus AA 285-6

left in total darkness to continue useless sacrifices and offerings GC 430

opposed Christianity at Thessalonica AA 229-30, 232-3

Paul’s labors opposed by, at Corinth AA 248-9

self-righteousness of, prodigal son’s brother represented COL 207-11

understanding of, had become darkened GC 378

unwilling to impart knowledge re symbolic service DA 33-4

warning given in Deut. 8:11-20 was not heeded by COL 291

were looking for Messiah 5T 728

why John the Baptist called, a generation of vipers DA 106-7

woeful mistake of, re first advent of Christ 2SM 111

3. Miscellaneous

are astonishment and reproach to world 3T 200

became byword and derision to heathen and to so-called Christians EW 213

becoming SDA Ev 578

blessings refused by, that they might have accepted 3T 200

cannot see their ceremonies meaningless now 1SM 239

Christ will be with persons who labor for Ev 578

Christian patriots among, who were true as steel to principle 2BC 1040

Christians have reason to be more thoughtful and reverential in worship than do 5T 496

circumcision among, significance of SR 146-7

cling tenaciously to tradition 4T 256

conversion of, greater burden needed for Ev 578

converted: important part in gospel work is to be done by AA 380-1; Ev 579

laboring now for their own people Ev 578

many, will be used in God’s work Ev 578

now laboring for Christ in various places Ev 578

will aid in gospel work Ev 579

will proclaim immutability of God’s law AA 381; Ev 578

Wolff’s (Joseph) labors as GC 357-62

See also Lichtenstein, Marcus

curse of God has followed EW 213

curse pronounced by rabbis on all, attempting to compute time of Messiah’s coming GC 378

danger of living like 5T 535-6

decided advantages possessed by, over other people AA 380

destitute of God’s love while blazing light of truth shone around them 5T 536

destroyed because they rejected message of salvation 6T 146

did not go into darkness all at once 3T 200

diet of, distinction between clean and unclean in MH 280

disobedience and failure seen in, has characterized many SDA 5T 456

failure of, to discern lessons taught by sacrificial offerings FE 398

faithful, are true children of Abraham COL 268

faithful remnant of, as noble olive tree with some branches broken off AA 377-8; DA 620

ingrafting of believing Gentiles into AA 377-8

figures and symbols of sacrificial offerings were perverted by FE 398

foes of, heathen and professed Christian alike have been EW 212-3

forsaken by God, as nation EW 213

Gentiles and: equal before God 9T 191

gospel is equally efficacious for AA 380

linked by Christ in common brotherhood 7T 225; 9T 191

recognized by Christ as equal in God’s sight 7T 225

Spirit calls after AA 380

wall of partition between AA 19, 135-6, 161, 403; DA 86, 193, 400, 403, 622; EW 209; MB 42; PK 708; PP 368; SR 285, 303-4

See also Gentile

God did not design that, should build up wall of partition between themselves and fellow men PP 368

God expects SDA to take particular interest in AA 381

God has been calling after, by Spirit AA 380

God required, to give systematically 3T 546

goodly remnant of, will be saved AA 376-82

gospel regarded by, as stumbling block FE 333

gospel work for AA 379-82; 6BC 1079; Ev 577-9

apostles used OT Scriptures in AA 221-2

blend OT Scriptures with NT in AA 381; Ev 578

erroneous ideas re EW 75

few Christian ministers feel called to AA 380-1

has been neglected AA 381

in last days AA 381

needed in Boston, Mass. Ev 392

outlined in Romans 11 6BC 1079

Paul dwelt on prophecies in Ev 246

Paul’s methods of labor in AA 246-7; Ev 141, 554; GW 118

great sin of, neglecting and rejecting present opportunities was 5T 72

great truths of redemption were committed to DA 189

heritage of suffering has been lot of AA 379

hopes and promises once belonging especially to, now offered to Gentiles also AA 373

horror of leaders of, on beholding second advent DA 739-40; GC 643

human opinions mingled by, with God’s word in OT Scriptures COL 105-6; FE 309

hygiene among MH 277-86

ignorant of God’s power while blazing light of truth shone around them 5T 535-6

indifferent to offers of salvation since Christ’s time GC 378

individuals among, will be converted EW 213

industrial training regarded by, as duty CT 276

light of present truth is to be brought to Ev 578

long neglected and despised AA 381

maligned, hated, and persecuted from century to century AA 379

manual training among CT 275-6

many: gospel work will gather in Ev 578

revelation that will be as dawn of new creation to AA 381

will accept Christ as Messiah when gospel is presented in fullness AA 380-1

will accept Christ as Redeemer AA 380-1; Ev 578-9; EW 213

will be converted Ev 579

many noble and God-fearing, have suffered in silence from age to age AA 379

marvelous vitality of, secret of PP 562

Messianic prophecies long obscured among, by tradition and misinterpretation AA 380

mighty in Scriptures, immutability of God’s law will be proclaimed with power by some AA 381; Ev 578

will be converted AA 381; Ev 578

minds of, veil drawn by stubborn unbelief is still before 1SM 239

what would remove veil from 1SM 239

mission to Jerusalem to convert, erroneous idea re EW 75

national exclusiveness rigorously preserved by GC 378

noble and God-fearing: God’s pity for AA 379-80

have seen Israel’s true Messiah in Christ AA 380

have suffered in silence AA 379

not cut off individually from hope of salvation AA 375-8

not forsaken by God, as individuals EW 213

not won to Christ by argument alone AA 409; SR 245

now an astonishment and reproach to world 3T 200

numbered with Israel of God in last days Ev 578

powerless in themselves to attain God’s ideal for them Ed 36

privileges and opportunities squandered by, till oppression and persecution came upon them 5T 456

remained distinct people through all ages PP 447

salvation of, mighty work will be done for AA 380-2

Paul’s burden for AA 374-82

scattered among nations Ev 578

like wrecks on desert shore AA 379; GC 21; MB 120

slumbering faculties of, need of arousing Ev 578

some, are mighty in Scriptures as was Saul of Tarsus AA 381

will unite with God’s people Ev 578

some noble and God-fearing, have accepted Christ as true Messiah AA 379-80

strange that few Christians have burden for Ev 578

teaching children a trade was customary among 4T 409

tithing system was blessing to 3T 404

truth was entrusted as golden treasure to COL 105

unbelieving, are not true children of Abraham COL 268-9

terrible sufferings endured through centuries by EW 213

veil that is upon hearts of 1BC 1110

wanderers from land to land 1,800 years AA 379

Wolff’s (Joseph) labors among, from 1821 to 1845 GC 360-1

worshiped with faces toward sanctuary PP 353-4

See also Israel; Jew

Israelite women

Israelite women, Egyptians compelled, to work as slaves in fields SR 105

Issue, Issues

Issue, Issues, fearful, world is to be brought to GC 604-5

God’s people face most important, that men have had to meet CW 175

important, must be met soon 7T 154

real, how Satan tries to attract attention from DA 396

side: do not meddle with TM 311-2

ministers cautioned re Ev 182-3

salvation does not depend on 7BC 918

warning re TM 229

so momentous, no other generation called to meet Ed 225

tremendous, before God’s people CM 120; 6T 61

unimportant, no time to lose on MM 304

will be made of conceited fallacies 2SM 14


avoid disagreeable; work in way that is open TDG 221:4

boldness with; Babylon has not spared blood of saints 3SM 426:3

coming, people must be prepared for 3SM 389:1

diversion by, from tests God’s people already have 3SM 254:4

invitation to leave, with God; follow in obedience 3SM 135:3


as wood, hay and stubble compared to present truth TDG 205:3

minds diverted by OHC 360:2

spiritual, show confidence in; show truth as precious VSS 248:2

thrusts against opponents not to be made while discussing 3SM 174:2

trivial, sin to quibble over, not telling others of coming crisis 3SM 389:0

urgent, Ellen White told to write about, for present and future 3SM 113:5

Italian, Italians

Italian, Italians in America, gospel work among ChS 201

Italian believer, Italian believers

Italian believer, Italian believers, to be like Christ 9T 181

Italian language

Italian language, SDA publications in, multiply 7T 160

Italian monk

Italian monk, Samson GC 178-9

Italian Reformer

Italian Reformer, martyred, Luther (Martin) shown portrait of GC 151


Italy, cities of, Waldensian youth sent to schools in GC 70

Luther (Martin) visited GC 124-5

Luther’s (Martin) teachings spread to GC 139; SR 343

missionaries sent from Iona to GC 62

northern, gospel work in Ev 424

opening to last message LS 304-5

Paul’s arrival in AA 447

Paul’s desire to labor in AA 373

SDA evangelism in Ev 424-5

help needed in 8T 38

See also Rome; Waldenses

Itching desire

Itching desire, to originate something new, strange doctrines result from 2SM 38

Ithaca, Mich.

Ithaca, Mich. 1T 599-600

“It is written,”

“It is written,” cleave to MM 89

our anchor 6T 160-1

our only argument Ev 361


Ittai, Gittite warrior PP 731, 742


Ivy, clinging to oak 3T 494