EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Israel (Part 2 of 2)

as people, descended from Shem PP 117

as vine: brought out of Egypt GC 19-20

Christ’s care for GC 19-20

God planted in Promised Land DA 675

prosperous vine DA 575

association with heathen enticed, to sin GC 508

Babylonian captivity cured, of worship of images DA 28

Babylonian captivity of, brought the faithful to front 2BC 1040

God’s purpose in 2BC 1040; DA 28-9

backsliding and chastisement of 2BC 1002

repeated PP 545

barren fig tree represented COL 215

battles of, God fought PP 614

belonged to God by creation and redemption 8T 114

blessings assured to, are assured to every nation and every individual Ed 174

blessings brought to surrounding people by the faithful in PK 20

blessings of, all nations were to share PK 370-1

blessings promised to: by covenant 2T 661

for every believer in Christ AA 379

on condition of obedience 4aSG 54; 6T 222

book of law contained abundant assurances of God for PK 393

borders of, were to be enlarged to embrace world COL 290; PK 19

borrowed trouble for future because of unbelief 2T 656

brought out of Egypt to: keep God’s law 1BC 1108; 4T 27; 8T 197-8

observe unmolested all of God’s precepts PK 181

serve Him as only true and living God PK 413

calamities came upon, as result of separation from God Ed 263

called out of Egypt to keep God’s commandments FE 287

Canaan not completely conquered by, under Joshua PP 511

Canaan promised to, on condition of obedience MB 149; PP 315, 465, 543; 4T 162

Canaan was not to be conquered by, for riches or self-exaltation PP 491

captivity of, by heathen was foretold by Moses PK 295-6

cause of bondage of, to heathen nations DA 106

ceremonies and ordinances given to, purpose of 5T 666

chief governor over, Moses as 4aSG 28

Christ and See Christ

Christ purposed that, should help give gospel to world COL 229

Christ was to be lifted up before all nations by, through teachings of sacrificial service AA 14; COL 290; PK 19

Christian patriots in, true as steel to principle 2BC 1040

clothes of, did not grow old during wilderness wanderings PP 429

clothing worn by, blue ribbon on fringes of 1BC 1114; 1T 524-5

commanded to keep distinct from idolaters 2SM 121

commissioned to give God’s blessings to world PK 708

conditions on which God defended PP 299, 393, 449, 537, 584

convocations of, appointed at set periods 2T 573-4, 598-9

corrupted by idolatry in Egypt FE 287

course of ease and self-indulgence chosen by PP 544

covenant promises given to, faithful followers of Christ are to be inheritors of PP 476

will be fulfilled to goodly remnant PK 22

covenants made with See Covenant

covetousness and greed of, caused heathen to despise her PK 20

crimes of, recorded as warning to us 4T 491

crown removed from, passed successively to Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome Ed 179

cup of God’s long-deferred wrath filled for GC 20-1

cut herself off from God by refusing to keep His covenant PK 20

Day of Atonement spent in prayer by GC 420; PP 355

definite instruction given to, re habits of life DA 824; MH 114

delay of, in entering Canaan dishonored God PP 464

deliverance of, from Egypt was to be object lesson of redemption DA 77; MH 403

destiny of, was in God’s hands 2T 108

destruction of: by Romans AA 379-80; COL 269, 295-6; GC 17-38; PK 712-3

Satan determined to cause PK 582; 5T 468

unbelief led to DA 241

did not keep covenant with God 5T 455

diet of: God’s plans for 1BC 1102

God’s purpose in restricting CD 406

dishonored God by departing from light 2T 441-2

disobedience of, as warning to us 5T 37

disobedient when God was about to divorce Himself from COL 279

divine Sovereign of, God was PP 732

divorced herself from God by rejecting Christ DA 620, 709

doom of, came as foretold COL 295; PK 712

Christ would have averted, if they had received Him COL 295; PK 712

doomed by rejecting Christ DA 580-8

double portion in, given Joseph PP 234

downfall of, began in rejection of ways of God for ways of men Ed 50

beginning of Ed 50

dress recommended by God for 1T 524

during divided monarchy, God’s purposes did not fail re PK 720

each family in, inheritance apportioned to MH 184

Edom and, relationship that should have existed between PP 424

education and instruction of, reserved by God to Himself FE 95

education of, Christ’s plan for COL 23-4

God’s plan for Ed 33-44

Egyptian bondage of, revealed to Abraham DA 32

encampment of, in wilderness PP 374-5; 6T 34-5

enemies permitted to war against, because of disobedience 2T 106-7

ensnared by transgressions, became prey of enemies PK 582

every family in, was to have land for cultivation CT 275

every reformation in, was followed by deeper apostasy DA 28

existence of, was curse in Christ’s time COL 215

expected to be exalted to pre-eminence over all nations DA 243

facilities furnished, for becoming greatest nation on earth 6T 222

failed to: carry out God’s purpose for her AA 15-6; 2BC 998; 4BC 1181; COL 214-5, 290-4, 296, 303; CSW 47-8; Ed 45; MH 285, 312; PK 19, 74, 705; PP 369-70, 393, 476; SD 55; 8T 26, 119

fulfill their holy mission AA 14

receive benefits God desired to give them Ed 50

teach children God’s requirements CSW 47

failure of: did not frustrate plan of redemption PK 705-6

individual Jews are to be saved in spite of AA 376

solemn lessons from PK 74

faith of, in God’s promises tested before entrance into Canaan PP 414

faithful souls among: early Christian church was composed of AA 377

gladly accepted John the Baptist’s message AA 376-7

recognized Christ as Messiah AA 377

false theories led, to ruin TM 359

families of, God’s plan for CT 275-6

favored of heaven above all other peoples of earth PK 475

feet of, not swollen during wilderness wanderings PP 429

fell: short of high ideals set before her MB 1

so low as to become byword among heathen PK 96

filled her cup of vengeance GC 35

final overthrow of, Moses was shown PP 467

first dispersion of, causes that led to 6T 249-50

first generation of, excluded from Promised Land PP 410

perished in wilderness because of unbelief PP 417-8

first rejection of demonstration of Spirit’s power was beginning of end to DA 241

flesh diet would create disease and insubordination among CD 375

flesh food given to, with God’s curse 3T 171-2

flesh foods used by, under careful restrictions MH 311-2

follies of, God’s people warned against repeating LS 323

food and water provided for, by daily miracle PP 429

forbidden alliances made by, with heathen neighbors 4BC 1155-6

forbidden to: eat flesh of unclean animals, birds, and fish MH 312

enter into league with Ammonites PP 714

make confederacy with heathen 2SM 121-2

make league with idolaters PP 505

forbidden to intermarry with: heathen 2SM 121-2

idolaters PP 369; 5T 363

other nations 4T 508

forgetfulness of, recorded in Ps. 105, 106, and 107 8T 107-15

forgot God in time of prosperity 2BC 1002

forgot God’s dealings with them 8T 113-4

former mistakes of, repeated after return from Babylonian captivity PK 21

future apostasy and punishment of, Moses was shown PP 475

future temptations, Moses gave warnings re PK 294

Gentiles like Rahab and Ruth were to unite with COL 290; PK 19

glory of, began to wane in Rehoboam’s reign PK 96

God chose, to reveal His character to men AA 14

God commanded, to remain separate from all nations 4T 109

God dealt tenderly with, in deliverance from Egyptian bondage PK 312

God did not purpose that, should wander 40 years in wilderness Ev 696; GC 458; 1SM 68; 1T 281

God directed, in wilderness travels PP 376

God foretold that, would be governed by king PP 605

God had beneficent design in scattering among nations PK 371

God let, go into captivity because of disobedience PK 297

God of, many heathen were led to recognize PK 369

God permitted, to be enslaved in Egypt because of disposition to marry with heathen nations PP 260

God planned for, to be greatest nation on earth 4BC 1181; COL 288

God purposed to bless whole human race through AA 374

God revealed Himself to, as God of love MB 45

God would not have, forget their errors and sins 3T 320

God’s blessings for, on condition of obedience PP 466

God’s care for, by miracles 4aSG 17

God’s covenant re, embraced all nations PK 368

God’s dealings with, parable of barren fig tree represents COL 212; DA 581-4; GC 27

recorded in song by Moses 6T 364

God’s designs for salvation of heathen were almost lost sight of by PK 370

God’s efforts to lead, to repentance 3T 356

God’s eternal purpose for, fulfillment of PK 108

God’s favor to, always conditional on obedience PK 293-4

God’s favor withdrawn from, during Exile PK 21

God’s law committed to 6T 349

God’s law sung verse by verse by, while marching in wilderness SD 43

God’s laws for, were to extend over all territory of earth 2BC 999

God’s long-suffering toward GC 19, 28; PK 97

God’s plan for: every family had home with land for tilling in MH 183

gross perversion of PK 70

prophecies re AA 375-6

God’s plan for making, a pure, happy, and healthy people CD 377-8

God’s presence finally withdrawn from GC 615

God’s promise to fight for, in conquest of Canaan PP 436-7

God’s promises to, questions re fulfillment of PK 384

God’s protection over, while in exile PK 582-3

God’s purpose for: among nations 2BC 998-9; COL 286-90; DA 27; PK 16-21, 70; PP 314

as His chosen people COL 290; DA 27-30; PK 17, 704

could not be wrought because of her unfaithfulness DA 28

in Canaan 2BC 998-9; CD 406; PP 314, 334, 369, 378, 492

in dispersion and captivity 4BC 1144; PK 475, 479, 599; 5T 455

in Egypt COL 286

in wilderness wanderings CT 409; Ed 34; EW 163; FE 345; 4aSG 121-2; 1T 128-9; 2T 107; 7T 210

in world AA 374; 2BC 998-9; 4BC 1181; COL 284-90; DA 27; PK 16-21, 70, 703-4, 713-4; PP 314, 334, 369, 492; 6T 12-3, 221-3

Satan’s efforts to thwart PK 296

set before them through Moses COL 288-9; PK 18-9

to be queen of kingdoms DA 577

to meet with literal fulfillment at second advent PK 720

will finally be fulfilled PK 22, 471-2, 713-4; PP 476

would have been accomplished had she been true to Him DA 28

wrought out through continued adversity and humiliation DA 28

God’s purpose for church today is same as that for CT 321; PK 713-4

God’s purpose in placing, at head of nations of earth PK 393

God’s special favor and guardian care for GC 18

God’s tender mercy toward PK 97

God’s word misinterpreted and misapplied by 8T 114

God’s wrath upon, as result of mingling with world 1T 283

government of: administered in God’s name and by His authority PP 603

at beginning of Solomon’s reign 3BC 1128

God was center of Ed 37; PP 374

God’s plan of Ed 37; 4aSG 66

Head of, God was to be recognized as PP 603

laws given for, at Mt. Sinai PP 374

70 elders aided Moses in PP 374

strong central, clamor for PP 603

thorough organization characterized PP 374

under earlier judges PP 543-59

under God was superior to those of other nations PP 605

wise and mild, by God through His prophets 4aSG 66

great blessings promised to, on condition of obedience PP 371, 535

great sin of, rejection of Christ was GC 22

guided in marches by pillar of cloud PP 376; 4aSG 10-1; SR 156-7; 1T 651; 4T 312

had to do in captivity what she failed to do in prosperity 5T 455

hatred of, for God’s prophets and messengers PK 21

head of, God was to be recognized as PP 603

headquarters of, Gilgal as PP 514

Shiloh as PK 415-7; PP 514, 569

health principles taught to MH 277

health promised to, on condition of obedience MM 119, 277

heathen customs and traditions adopted by, in Egypt PP 334

heathen nations moved by Satan to destroy PK 583, 587-8; 5T 473; 9T 231

heathen nations reproached God and, because they did not possess Canaan soon after Exodus 4T 158

heathen people were to behold in, love of their Creator and Redeemer PP 369

heathen regarded by, as beyond pale of God’s mercy PK 370-1

hedged about by precepts of God’s law COL 287-8; PK 18

hid their light: because of unbelief PP 371

instead of shedding it on surrounding peoples PP 371

high privileges of, as God’s representatives AA 14

history made by, for future generations 4T 370

history of true, to close of time was shown to Balaam PP 447

Hobab aided, in wilderness PP 628

holy convocations held in, three times a year 6T 39

hope of, embodied in promise to Abraham PK 683

how God taught, their need of provisions of Abrahamic covenant PP 372

human inventions made supreme by TM 359

idolatrous practices of other nations were followed by 5T 455

idolatry of, God had true souls in midst of PK 108

imaginary wants of, closed their eyes to God’s goodness and mercy 2T 656

immunity from disease promised to, on condition of obedience CD 378; COL 288; DA 824; MH 283; PP 292; 4aSG 122; 2SM 412; 6T 222; 9T 165

impending doom of, only by thorough heart reformation could be averted PK 413-4

incorporated as church and nation under God at Mt. Sinai PP 303

influence of Egyptian heathenism upon Ed 34; PP 310, 316; 3SG 201-2, 240, 274-5, 298; SR 114

influences that prevailed against, are met with still PK 74

ingratitude of, for God’s care in wilderness 4aSG 41

iniquitous practices separated, from God PP 455

instruction given to, re cleanliness CH 62-3

re education and training of children is for us MH 405

re preservation of health MH 277

insubordination delayed entrance of, into Canaan Ev 696

intercourse with heathen by, effects of PP 746-7

intermarried with Canaanites PP 544

irreligion and idolatry in, in Samuel’s time PP 590

Jerusalem as missionary center if leaders and teachers of, had accepted truth Christ brought COL 232

Jews expected Messiah to exalt, to dominion over all nations PK 709

joy of, when God accepted building of tabernacle PP 350

judgments upon, because of rebellion AA 315-6

king of: as vicegerent of God to His people PP 603, 621

God chosen as, by covenant at Sinai PK 293; PP 379

God was ML 288; PK 312; PP 312, 366, 374, 376, 555, 605; 3T 294

not to be absolute monarch PP 611

should rule people according to God’s will PP 621

was to hold power in subjection to God’s will PP 611

kings of, strove for self-exaltation 4BC 1155

would imitate pomp and luxury of other monarchs PP 606

kingdom of, was to embrace world COL 290; PK 19

was to extend over all earth 2BC 999

knowledge of Abrahamic covenant lost to great extent by, in Egypt PP 371

knowledge of God lost by, to large extent in Egypt PP 371; 3SG 201

land of: divided among whole people MH 184

not to remain wholly forsaken forever PK 309

was to be called “Beulah” DA 103

land of Canaan was divided by lot among PP 510-20, 533-4

landed property in, reverted to family of original possessor in jubilee year PP 533-4

last years of grace given to, as chosen people DA 235

laws given to, for preservation of physical, mental, and moral health FE 414

laws of, under God’s government were superior to those of other nations PP 605

leaders of: adopted misinterpretations and false theories of truth in Christ’s time 5T 710

became Satan’s instruments in warring against Christ DA 206

failed to proclaim Christ’s first advent GC 313

left in darkness as result of rejecting light GC 378

legal economy of, promise of Saviour given to DA 212

lessons given to, for their training in discipline Ed 37

lessons to be learned by, during Babylonian captivity PK 475

liberality of, in tithes and offerings PP 525-9; 4T 77-8, 467-8, 474

written for our learning SR 152

light graciously given to, became darkness PK 116; 4T 43

light of heaven was to shine to world through PP 314

light of truth withheld from heathen nations by PK 370-1

light revealed to surrounding nations through the faithful in MB 41

light was to shine out from, to world enshrouded in darkness PP 314

long intercourse with idolaters affected PP 364

looked for: Christ to deliver from power of Romans DA 30

Messiah to exalt them to universal dominion DA 30

lost connection with God as result of unbelief AA 377-8

lost sight of: God’s purpose for heathen PK 370-1

high privileges as God’s representatives AA 14; COL 291-2; PK 20; 8T 26

precious truths committed to them 5T 710

love of ease in, caused failure to fulfill God’s purpose 8T 119

man’s teaching put in place of God’s by COL 18

men of renown and rulers in, rebelled against God’s providential leading 4T 594

many converts from heathenism were to unite with PK 372

many exiles from, lost lives for refusing to disregard Sabbath DA 28

suffered martyrdom for refusing to observe heathen festivals DA 28

many generations of, afflicted by remnant of idolatrous peoples PP 544

many Gentiles were to learn to love God as result of contact with PK 372

many of God’s people like, in following inclination 5T 93

many people not descendants of Abraham after the flesh were to be numbered among PK 367

many souls in, found salvation in midst of affliction PK 599

message of grace for, after apostasy and retribution of 6T 409

Messianic hopes of, when Christ was born GC 345

Messianic prophecies were misunderstood by, in Christ’s time GC 345

mighty miracles wrought for, recorded for our benefit 4T 11

minds of, pride and unbelief blinded GC 24

misrepresented God among nations COL 215

mission of 5T 454-5

was to preserve knowledge of God among men PK 16

mistake of, in choosing king PP 636

mixed multitude in, was constant source of trouble PK 657

mixed multitude was source of trouble to PP 281, 315-6, 324

monarchy in, principle on which was founded PP 621

monarchy of, could not prosper without acknowledging God’s supreme authority PP 621

was to be governed by divine power PP 621

Moses visible leader of, by God’s appointment PP 374

Moses warned, re result of departure from God’s statutes PK 295

Moses was shown, dispersed among heathen PP 475

most wonderful revelation given to, at Mt. Sinai PP 302

mourning of, in heathen lands during Babylonian captivity DA 28

multitude of ceremonies and ordinances required of, reason for 2T 607

murmurings of CD 408; PP 291-4, 297, 303, 315-6, 377-9, 388-90, 392, 395, 414-7, 428-9, 464; 3SG 200-1, 232, 256-7; 4aSG 15-6; SR 126-8; 1T 527; 2T 107; 3T 296, 339-57; 4T 11, 22-3, 25, 162, 369

music of sacred song cheered, in wilderness wanderings Ed 167

mysterious power that guarded, Canaanites heard of PP 394

Nahum’s prophetic ministry to PK 364, 366

nations rejecting service of true God were to be dispossessed by COL 290; PK 19

national law of, Decalogue as related to PP 311

neglect by, darkness of Gentile world was attributable to 4BC 1180

news of deliverance of, from Egypt spread far and wide PP 319, 369, 488, 586

no feeble person among, during wilderness wanderings Ed 38; 4aSG 15; PP 429

no less than one third of income of faithful, was devoted to sacred purposes 3T 395; 4T 467

no monarchy could prosper in, that did not acknowledge God’s supreme authority in all things PP 621

no power could prevail against, while under God’s protection PP 449

not forsaken by God: during Babylonian captivity PK 582-3

in Egypt 3SG 297

not permitted to offer sacrificial offerings in Egypt PP 333-4

not to be: swallowed up or lost in any other nation 4aSG 46

united with any other nation 4aSG 46

not to possess any part of Edom PP 424

not to shut themselves away from world PP 368-9

numbered: millions of people when Jericho was overthrown PP 496

more than 1,000,000 individuals at time of Exodus 1BC 1118; 3BC 1149; CT 409; FE 345, 506

more than 2,000,000 souls at time of Exodus PP 334

obedience to God would have placed, far in advance of other peoples in wisdom and understanding PK 368-9

obedience to laws of God would make, marvel of prosperity before nations COL 288; 6T 222

obligations of Christians are much greater than those of AA 338

offerings required of, at special convocations 2T 573-4

one fourth of income of, to be used for religious and charitable purposes PP 527

only a remnant of, chose to return from Babylon with Zerubbabel PK 568

only nation favored with knowledge of true God CH 455; 5T 196

opposition of, to warnings of prophets 4BC 1156

oracles of God were committed to COL 287

oracles of heaven were committed to AA 14

order and prosperity of, depended on good order of church 3T 294

order observed by, in marches and in camping SR 157

order of march of, in journeyings PP 375-6; 1T 651

order required in 2T 611

outside world and, God erected no wall of partition between PP 368

people of, Paul’s burden for salvation of AA 374-5

period of added probation given to COL 218

perversity of, provoked Moses to sin PP 470

Philistines used by God to punish PP 585

pomp and display of heathen kings attracted PP 603

poor people among: given right to certain portions of produce of soil PP 531

seventh year was year of release from debt for PP 532-3

special provision made every seventh year for PP 531

prayer offered by, at time of incense DA 97; GC 412, 421; PP 353, 359, 367

precepts of God’s law set to music and chanted by PK 464-5

precious lessons taught to, during sojourn at Sinai Ed 34

prestige of, as nation has never been regained AA 379

presumptuous madness of, in Isaiah’s time 4BC 1137

priests and teachers turned, away from Christ COL 304

promises of blessing given to, through obedience are for us MH 405

promises of God to: condition of fulfillment of PP 311

confirmed by oath PK 313

given on condition of obedience PK 704; SD 39; 1SM 218; SR 144

prophecies interpreted by, at dictate of proud and world-loving heart MB 2

prophecies re restoration of, from Babylonian captivity PK 552-3

prophets encouraged, in building second temple PK 567-81

prosperity of: depended largely on king’s fidelity PP 753

depended on obedience to God 1BC 1117; PK 704; PP 451, 463; 4aSG 49

greatest, was when they acknowledged Jehovah as their King PP 605

made conditional on obedience 2T 661

promised on condition of faithfulness 2T 661

secret of PK 500

terms of PK 18; 6T 222

under David PP 747

under Solomon 4aSG 98

protected against fierce beasts of prey and venomous reptiles in wilderness wanderings PP 429

provision made for all who renounced heathenism to connect with PP 507

racked with internal strife when Christ was born DA 30

reached height of greatness in reigns of David and Solomon Ed 48

ready to ascribe their troubles to Moses PP 464

rebellious, God bore long with 4BC 1155-6; TM 75

rebellious discontent of, recorded for our benefit 4T 11

received God’s law but would not obey it LS 200

refusal of, to obey in Malachi’s time PK 707

refusing to keep God’s covenant, would cut herself off from Him COL 291

relation that, was to sustain to surrounding people PK 568

religious instruction given much attention by, after Babylonian captivity DA 29

remnant of: faithful during exile PK 599

God’s plan for, in last days PK 298-300

likened to noble olive tree AA 377-8

should be saved PK 309

to whom covenant promises are to be fulfilled PK 22

will be saved AA 376-82; PK 309-10

remnant of idolatrous Canaanite people affected PP 544

rending of, glory began to depart with PK 96

wonderful history began with PK 97

responded liberally with gifts to build sanctuary 6T 468

restless under restraint 3T 360

restoration of, in earth made new PK 720-1

Restorer of, Christ declared Himself DA 211

results of forgetting God by PK 20

retribution that came upon, after rejection of Christ AA 379-80; COL 269, 295-6; EW 212-3; GC 17-38; PK 712-3; 4T 192

richest heritage of, Scriptures of truth as PK 466

robbed: God of service He required of her COL 291-2

world of blessings God designed to give it COL 215

rulers and judges of, were to enforce laws God had given PP 603

rulers of: cruelty and greed of Ed 176

had no authority to legislate for nation PP 603

were to make precepts of God’s law their daily study PK 465

Sabbath desecrated by TM 75

Sabbath neglected by, during 40 years of wandering PP 410

sabbatical year of, slaves set free in PP 532-3

Sacred Oracles were committed to 8T 114

sacred things made by, to appear a farce COL 292

sacrificial offerings paganized by 3SG 303-4

Satan at head of, as nation GC 28-9

Satan could not harm, while they were obedient to God 5T 468

Satan hated, with cruel and malignant hatred PP 688

Satan was permitted to rule over GC 35

scattered among nations: as consequence of transgression PK 665

as result of ingratitude and disloyalty PK 564

because she forgot God CT 457

like wrecks on desert shore AA 379; MB 120

that truth might be carried to world 2BC 1040

scattered finally from land of promise PP 689

scattering of, Psalm 81 explains CT 457

separated from God by unbelief GC 458

shepherd of, Moses as FE 343-4; MH 474-5

shut herself away in proud exclusiveness PP 370

sin and ruin of, religious leaders responsible for COL 305

sin that brought destruction upon, is sin of world today COL 302

sins of, recorded as warning to us 1T 609

repeated in last days AH 327

sins that delayed entrance of, into Canaan Ev 696; PP 390-4, 464; 1SM 69; 2T 107

sincere observers of heathen rites learned from, promise of coming Redeemer DA 28

singing by, while marching in wilderness Ed 39; Ev 500

slow to complete work of dispossessing Canaanites PP 521

soon forgot: God and His wonderful works 1T 287

God’s dealings and great mercies 4T 91

sovereignty of God over, was not arbitrary PP 311

special days observed by, on which unnecessary work was not to be done 2T 573

special object of Satan’s enmity PK 582; 5T 468

spiritual darkness of, in Christ’s time CSW 47-8

spiritual decline of, progressed during Solomon’s apostasy PK 58

was steady after death of Jeroboam I PK 109

spirituality of, maintained only by obeying all God’s commandments SD 44

story of deliverance of, from Egypt was to be repeated DA 77

strategic position occupied by, among nations PK 70

strong among nations during reigns of David and Solomon PK 25

stubborn pride brought wrath of Roman conquerors upon PK 712-3

stubborn unbelief of 6BC 1096

supreme law of, God’s law was to be enforced as PP 603

surrounding peoples blessed by, when she was faithful PK 20

synagogues built by, during Babylonian captivity PK 612-3

taken to Babylon because they separated from God 2BC 1040

teachers of, led her to reject Christ GC 595-6

temple as tower in, as vineyard COL 288; PK 18

temple services continued after God’s presence was withdrawn from GC 615

tested: in matter of diet 6T 372

repeatedly and found wanting 4T 155

theocracy of, acknowledged when they first settled in Canaan PP 603

organized at Mt. Sinai PP 374

things forgotten by, in wilderness PP 293

tired of God as divine Sovereign PP 603

travels of, experience of Christians in last days compared to 1T 284

triumph of, Balaam foretold 4aSG 48

true conception of God’s character lost by 5T 738

true devotion of, lost in tradition and ceremonialism MB 2

true to God, would subdue all her enemies PP 450

truehearted among, were light to surrounding nations MB 41

twelve patriarchs stood as representatives of AA 19; DA 291

unarmed and unaccustomed to war at time of Exodus PP 282

unbelief and murmurings of, as warning to us 3SG 251

unbelief delayed entrance of, into Canaan Ev 696; 1SM 69

unbelief of, when entering Canaan COL 303

unclean foods not to be used by MH 280, 312

under dominion of Rome, Moses was shown PP 475

under guardianship of God PP 443

unfaithfulness of, lessons from results of PK 414

unwillingness of, to understand God’s purpose for heathen PK 367-8

unwillingness of God to chastise PK 413-4

verging on revolution when John the Baptist’s ministry began DA 104

visible center of worship in, earthly sanctuary was to be PP 314

voluntarily separated herself from God PK 116

wall of partition built up between, and every other nation AA 14; DA 29; MB 42 See also Wall of partition

wall of partition not to be built up by PK 369-78

wandered nearly 40 years in wilderness PP 406-10

wanted to be: guided by visible human power 6T 249-50

like other nations 6T 249

warned against: abominable heathen practices 2BC 998

apostasy PK 294-5

idolatry 4aSG 54

warned not to imitate Egyptian idolatry 3SG 268

was (were) to: break bread of life to world COL 221

bring blessing to all mankind AA 374; PK 17

diffuse light to whole world COL 286; 6T 221

dispossess nations rejecting worship of God PK 19

disseminate principles of true religion throughout world PP 492

exalt God’s law PK 16

exalt God’s name and make it glorious in earth PK 16

extend God’s laws and kingdom over all earth 2BC 999

give gospel invitation to world COL 290; PK 19; 8T 25-6

give knowledge of promised Messiah to world PK 683

give to world knowledge of God’s will 2BC 994

impart blessings to all peoples COL 286; 6T 221

lift up Christ in teaching of sacrificial service AA 14; COL 290; PK 19, 71; 8T 25-6

look to God as their Lawgiver PP 606

occupy all territory God appointed them COL 290; PK 19

occupy honorable place among nations PP 292

preserve knowledge of God among men PK 582, 677; PP 314; 5T 454, 468

preserve knowledge of God’s law among men DA 27; PK 677

preserve knowledge of symbols and prophecies pointing to Christ DA 27

remain a distinct and separate people PK 294; PP 232, 242, 369, 447, 603; 4aSG 46; 4T 109

represent God’s character to heathen nations COL 285

reveal God to all men AA 14; DA 27; PP 369

reveal God’s character to all men AA 14; 8T 25

reveal knowledge of God’s will PP 334

reveal light and truth to rest of world PP 314

set holy example before other peoples PK 20

stand as light to surrounding nations PK 94

teach nations how to cultivate soil 1BC 1112

was (were) to be: blessed with vigor of intellect 6T 222

blessing to nations Ed 40; PK 368-9

called of God “My Delight” DA 103

depositaries of God’s law PK 16; PP 273, 314, 332; 5T 454-5

depositary of truth for all nations 4BC 1180; COL 369, 267-8, 289-90, 389; DA 819; PK 18-9; SD 55; 8T 25

distinct and separate people for God 1T 524

exalted above all nations PP 314, 447

given nations more powerful than Canaanites PP 544

guardians and keepers of God’s law PP 305, 334

guardians and preservers of truth for world PK 15

guardians of Sacred Oracles MB 42; PK 677

guardians of true worship of God PK 677

light for God in world DA 28-9; PK 70; PP 314, 370, 476; 5T 454-5

light to Gentiles 4BC 1156

marvel of prosperity before nations of world 6T 222

mighty breastwork in Canaan to stay the tide of moral evil PP 544

nation of light bearers to inhabitants of earth PP 528

object lesson to surrounding nations COL 287

power in world PP 314, 334; 5T 455

praise in earth to glory of God’s name PK 599

preserved from diseases afflicting other nations 6T 222

wells of salvation in world AA 14; DA 27

world’s object lesson in health and prosperity MH 283; 9T 165

wayward, God’s patience and forbearance in dealing with COL 293

how God pleaded with PK 21

weakened as result of depending on men 6T 249

what God purposed to do for world through, will be done through church today PK 713-4

when land of, was no longer to be termed “Desolate” or “Forsaken” DA 103

was to be called “My Delight” and “Beulah” DA 103

why God forbade, to mingle with other nations PP 369

why God permitted Egyptians to enslave and oppress PP 260, 268, 333, 363-4, 371; 3SG 297; SR 147

why God used, to punish or destroy other people PP 492, 629; 3SG 269; 4aSG 50-2

why heathen nations were permitted to subject and afflict 3BC 1138; Ed 263; PP 393-4, 427-8, 543-59, 581-91, 614-6; 2T 106-8; 5T 468

wilderness wanderings of: are described faithfully 1T 652

other nations were to study 2BC 998-9

served as discipline for rising generation PP 407

served as judgment on rebels and murmurers PP 407

withdrew from theocracy by rejecting Christ DA 737-8

work given to, great and noble PK 16

worse than heathen at times TM 75

worship of, heathen customs mingled with PP 364

symbolized Christ TM 123

would not obey God’s law 2T 607


abilities given to some in, for building the tabernacle OHC 43:4

ark was the power of, in battle FLB 194:3

armies of, Moses trained in a long process for leading TDG 321:2

believers compared with, waiting in outer court TMK 73:2

camp of, to be cleansed after defeat CC 120:2

cautions given, to be studied HP 215:3

celebration of, for deliverance is example for us TMK 105:4

chosen to be educated by Christ UL 232:2

chosen to be God’s people UL 341:4


came to, in the pillar and educated them TDG 278:4

directed UL 341:5

guided, through the cloud and fire TDG 254:3

in the pillar was leader of SW 41:3

closer to the Lord in captivity UL 161:4

complained when the stream ceased UL 299:2

converted ones are UL 80:4

defeat of, sin of one man caused CC 120:2

deliverance of,

from bondage UL 341:4

recognized AG 149:2

sought by them in time of Deborah RC 329:2

doorposts to be marked by, to show faith 3SM 314:1

education of, included all habits of life TDG 77:2

evil disposition of, Moses understood TMK 22:2

faith in Christ would have made story of different; cloud 2MCP 534:0

faithful ones among, light to surrounding nations HP 316:2

favored most, yet denied Christ UL 304:5


pleaded with UL 298:2

surrounded, in the divided sea UL 276:3

God’s character represented to, by Moses TMK 370:4

gratitude to be expressed by, for heritage given by God AG 149:2

health of, in wilderness showed value of God’s plan TDG 77:2

holiness of, would be hindered by flesh food TDG 77:2

honor promised to, in God’s condescension LHU 139:4

instruction to,

before destroying angel arrived HP 150:3

should be understood today TDG 278:5

was as witness to other nations LHU 145

judgments of God came to, through licentiousness CC 115:2

laws given to, for happiness and health LHU 160:5


from HP 294

to be learned from reproofs to TDG 91:4

miracles witnessed by, but distrust still shown RC 353:3

overthrow of, Satan active in seeking CC 115:2

power of God revealed to TDG 254:4

preparation of, for hearing the law UL 294

promised land possessed by, under conditions TMK 162:3

protection of God not realized by FW 69

rebellion of, easily incited by Satan Con 25:3

Red Sea experience; hemmed in UL 341:5

reproach to Egyptians TMK 22:2

saved by faith in Christ TMK 101:4

serpents had been prevented from harming FW 69:1

signature of blood placed over the doors of TMK 211:3

sin by; appetite allowed to control reason Con 39:3

sins of, forgiven patiently by God UL 298:2

spiritual condition of, in bondage SW 41:2

story of, for us until close of time TDG 77:4; TMK 169:4

studying the record of, will help us avoid mistakes TDG 237:2

tempted by God, means He tested their faith HP 251:2

treasure in Christ not recognized by TMK 58:3

unwilling to risk anything on the promises TMK 169:4

victories of,

forfeited by indulgence in basest passions CC 115:2

preserved by memorials 3SM 320:1

warnings to, important for God’s people today UL 232:4

weakness of, facing armies of Sisera RC 329:5

See also Palestine