EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Higher criticism - History, Histories

Higher criticism

Higher criticism, destroys faith in Bible AA 474; Ed 227; MH 142

“Higher education,”

“Higher education,” does not tend to make men like Christ 6T 130

theories of, SDA have no time for popularly called 6T 130

Highest ascent

Highest ascent, climbed one step at a time MYP 46

High-minded person, High-minded persons

High-minded person, High-minded persons 5T 106

mistakes made by 2SM 169

High place, High places

High place, High places, Balaam offered sacrifices on PP 444

earth’s, God’s word is to be opened in 8T 11

how sacrifices began to be offered in PP 609

men in, Christian’s duty to CS 186

need your prayers CS 148

sacrifices offered in, in Samuel’s time PP 609

Solomon worshiped in 2BC 1025

High-pressure plan

High-pressure plan, living on, perils of 2T 656

many people labor on 2T 656

men who require all about them to work on 2T 663

High Priest (Christ as)

High Priest (Christ as) 1SM 340-4

1. Appellations of

2. In heavenly sanctuary

3. In holy place

4. In most holy place

5. Priestly garments of

6. Miscellaneous

1. Appellations of

compassionate and tender High Priest TM 220

compassionate High Priest GC 423; 2T 421

great High Priest 7BC 913; COL 148; DA 166, 709, 734; EW 55; GC 413, 432-3, 480, 488; GW 22, 34; LS 278; PK 685; PP 343, 351, 353, 356, 426; SC 37; SR 376; 2T 591; 9T 105; TM 37, 218

great High Priest of mankind AA 246

High Priest and Mediator AA 586

interceding High Priest FE 370

Master Teacher Ed 78

merciful and faithful High Priest FE 275; TM 187

merciful High Priest GC 430; MH 164

Michael EW 36; LS 116-7

Minister of heavenly sanctuary 7BC 931; GC 413; PK 685; PP 356; 1SM 343; SR 376; 4T 393

tender and faithful High Priest 3T 93

true High Priest 5BC 1104; DA 52

2. In heavenly sanctuary EW 250-6

accepts our sacrifices, prayers, and confessions of our faults and sins EW 48

angels bear our petitions to CT 110

atonement is made by, for His people 1SM 67; TM 37

atoning sacrifice through, is essential because of constant commission of sin 1SM 344

bears names of His people on His heart GW 34; PP 351

cleanses sanctuary by removal or blotting out of sins there recorded GC 421-2; PP 357-8

cleansing of sanctuary by: began in 1844 Ev 223; EW 243, 250-1, 253; GC 399-400, 410, 417

began on Oct. 22, 1844 GC 400

blood of Christ is used for GC 417-8; SR 377-8; 4T 122

confessed sins of the righteous are placed on Satan after EW 280-1; GC 422, 485; PP 358

first angel’s message of Rev. 14:7 pointed to GC 424

foreshadowed by last service performed by Jewish high priest in year GC 352

Hebrews 9 refers to GC 417

involves work of investigative judgment GC 422; SR 378

is accomplished by removal or blotting out of sins there recorded GC 421-2; PP 357-8; SR 378

light re, pioneer SDA received by faith EW 243-4, 251, 255-6; GC 423, 425, 427-8, 432-4; LS 63; 1SM 206-7; SR 376-81

Millerite Adventists did not understand EW 243; GC 429, 431-2; LS 63; SR 375-6; 1T 58

precedes second advent GC 422; SR 378

prophecy of Dan. 8:14 pointed to GC 424

closing ministration of: first angel’s message of Rev. 14:7 announces GC 352

immediately precedes second advent GC 352

involves removal or blotting out of sins of His people from records in heaven GC 352

involves work of investigative judgment GC 352

is closing work of atonement GC 352

closing work of priestly office of, Dan. 8:14 refers to Ev 223

confessions of sin by His people are presented to Father by 1SM 344

dies continually to sin 1SM 343

duty of God’s people while, is cleansing sanctuary Ev 224; GC 425

each division of ministration of, has distinctive place PP 357

occupies a period of time PP 357

eye of faith sees, before mercy seat 4aSG 9; SR 155

final atonement made by, sins of the truly penitent are blotted from records of heaven by PP 357-8

great truths re, taught by priestly ministration of earthly sanctuary PP 358

great work of atonement by, services of typical Day of Atonement represented PP 358

hears all penitential prayers and confessions 7BC 989

inauguration of, as priest and king after His ascension AA 39

intercedes now in our behalf 7BC 932; FE 370; 1SM 344; TM 37

intercession of, many souls will be saved unto eternal life by TM 218

service of Jewish priesthood reminds us of 6BC 1078

is: invisible to human eyes DA 166; 4aSG 9; SR 155

now set down with Father in His throne GC 416

is minister of His church on earth also 4T 393

by Spirit DA 166

looks down as Chief Shepherd upon sheep of His pasture FE 273

makes atoning sacrifice for us FE 370

mediation of, God’s people claim with assurance benefits of 4aSG 9; SR 155

ministers for sinner PP 343

ministers (officiates) for us 7BC 931; CH 221; PP 343, 357

at God’s right hand GC 413-4

before God’s throne GC 414

in presence of Father 4T 395

in sanctuary of new covenant GC 413, 417

ministration (intercession, or mediation) of 7BC 913; GC 414-22

began when He ascended to heaven GC 420, 430; PP 357

change of, pioneer SDA understood GC 433-4

close of, will surprise many at unholy feast and unprepared for marriage supper of Lamb 5T 690

consists of two great divisions PP 357

few people have real understanding of 7BC 932

foreshadowed in priestly ministry of earthly sanctuary GC 413, 420-2

God’s people must live through time of trouble without EW 71, 280

great object that cast its shadow backward was AA 246-7

is as essential to plan of salvation as was His death on cross GC 489

labor of Christ’s representative should be in harmony with 4T 395

light re, pioneer SDA received by faith EW 243-4, 251, 255-6; GC 423, 425, 427-8, 432-4; LS 63; 1SM 206-7; SR 376-8, 381

made clear ministry of Jewish priesthood AA 246-7

Millerite Adventists who accepted light re, found truths of third angel’s message SR 381

Paul made plain work of, when he preached in Corinth AA 246

Paul preached to Thessalonian Jews re AA 288

Paul presents, in Epistle to Hebrews GC 413; PP 351-2, 356-7

Rev. 3:7, 8 pointed to EW 86; GC 430, 435; 1SM 63

same light that revealed true Sabbath reveals also TM 472

secret of bitter opposition to harmonious exposition of Scriptures that revealed GC 435

services of earthly sanctuary taught important truths re PP 357

third angel’s message directs minds of God’s people to 1SM 67

typified by priestly ministry in earthly sanctuary GC 352

unbelieving Jews who could not be benefited by GC 430

work of, condition of careless and unbelieving Christians who are willingly ignorant of GC 430-1

Zech. 6:13 is prophecy re GC 415-6

no mediation by, during time of trouble EW 71, 280

now set down with Father in His throne GC 416

offering of His own blood borne by EW 253

offers His shed blood for our offenses and shortcomings 1SM 344

officiates in heaven of heavens DA 757

outpouring of Spirit on Day of Pentecost as token that, had received authority as priest and king AA 39

penitent confessions of sin by God’s people ascend to 1SM 344

pleads: efficacy of His blood in our behalf FE 370

His blood in behalf of penitent believers PP 357

pleads before Father as our intercessor 7BC 933

pleads for: all who by repentance and faith commit keeping of their souls to Him PK 586

His church AA 552; PK 588-9; TM 92

His people before Father’s throne EW 54-5; 1SM 125, 258

people of God PP 353

pleads His blood before: Father for sinner PP 351

mercy seat in sinner’s behalf GC 415-7

praise of His people is presented to the Father by 1SM 344

prayers by His people are presented to Father by 6BC 1078; 1SM 344; TM 92-3

prayers of God’s people are directed to PP 353; 4aSG 9; SR 155

receives our petitions and presents them to Father 4T 528

remnant church pleads for pardon and deliverance through PK 588

represented as continually standing at altar offering up sacrifice for sins of world 1SM 343

sins of God’s people are transferred to sanctuary by blood of GC 421; PP 357-8; SR 378

sins of God’s people stand on record in sanctuary until final atonement is made by GC 421; PP 357

sinners may approach God through PP 353

Spirit is promised by, to abide with His consecrated laborers TM 218

surrounded by ten thousand times ten thousand of heavenly beings 7BC 933

unchanging love of, for His church GW 34

work of, it is essential that we understand GC 431

works through earthly messengers by Spirit while He performs His priestly ministry CH 545

3. In holy place

bears names of all His people on His heart COL 148

benefits of His atonement shed by, upon disciples on Day of Pentecost EW 260

close of ministration (mediation, or intercession) of: present test on Sabbath could not come until EW 42

Rev. 3:7, 8 pointed to EW 86; GC 430; 1SM 63

took place in 1844 EW 42

door of holy place shut by, in 1844 EW 42-3, 86, 250-1; GC 428-30, 435; 1SM 74

faith of disciples followed, after His ascension GC 421

mediation of, Jews who could not be benefited by EW 260

minds of disciples were directed to, on Day of Pentecost EW 260

ministration of EW 253; GC 420-1

began after His ascension to heaven EW 260; GC 420

began after His blood had been shed 4T 122

ceased (ended) when His ministration began in most holy place GC 428-30, 432, 435

continued for 18 centuries GC 421

ended in 1844 EW 251, 253-4; GC 428-30, 432, 435

foreshadowed by priestly ministration in first apartment of sanctuary throughout year GC 420-1

sins pardoned as result of, remained on books of record in heaven GC 421

pleading of His blood for penitent believers by, secured their pardon and acceptance with Father GC 421

pleaded His blood before Father for sinners GC 420-1

tarrying of, for moment after His intercession closes EW 280

confessed sins of the righteous are placed on Satan after EW 280-1

4. In most holy place EW 42-3, 55, 243-4, 250-1, 253-4, 279-81; GC 421-32

angels attend EW 251; GC 480

appears in presence of God for us 7BC 933

atonement is made by: for all entitled to its benefits GC 480

for His people EW 244, 260

for the righteous dead EW 254

for the righteous living EW 254

atonement made by, includes all who died trusting in Christ without light on God’s commandments EW 254

close of ministration (intercession, or mediation) of EW 36, 48, 253; GC 430-2, 490-1, 613

angel will announce in heaven EW 279; GC 613

cases of all men are forever decided at 2T 190-1

cases of professed Christians will have been examined and decided at GC 428, 490; LS 116

commencement of time of trouble shortly before EW 85

condition of the righteous and the wicked living at GC 490-1

decree of Rev. 22:11 follows EW 48, 279-80; GC 490-1, 613; 2SG 276; 2T 190-1, 691; 8T 315

door of mercy is shut at GC 428

every case will have been decided for either salvation or destruction at EW 36

fearful time will follow EW 280; GC 614

four angels hold four winds until EW 36-8; GC 614; LS 117-9

God’s people live in sight of holy God without intercessor after EW 48, 71, 280-1; GC 614

God’s people will be sealed with His seal at EW 48

justice will take place of God’s grace and mercy at 7BC 989

kingdom of glory is given to Him at GC 416, 426-8, 479-80, 613-4

last acts of, for man GC 480

Mark 13:35-37 points to 2T 190-2

marriage of the Lamb at EW 55, 251, 280; GC 426-8

no mediator between God and man after EW 48, 71, 280-1; GC 425

no more light imparted to sinner after 2SG 276

office of Supreme Judge will be assumed by Him at 7BC 989

probation closes at EW 280-1; GC 428, 490; 2T 190-1

removes sins of His people from sanctuary by His own blood at GC 422

Satan will have entire control of the wicked after EW 280; GC 613

second advent follows AA 33, 228; 1BC 1111-2; 7BC 913; EW 251, 280-1; GC 425, 485, 490; LS 63; 1T 58

seven last plagues will be poured out after EW 36, 85-6, 280-1; LS 117

sins of God’s people are removed from sanctuary at GC 422, 485

sins of the righteous will be blotted out at EW 48; GC 485, 613-4; PP 357-8

Spirit will be withdrawn from earth at GC 614

terrible time of trouble will follow GC 614

time for, nearly finished 7BC 989; EW 58; 1SM 66-7

work for sinners will be done at 2T 691

work of rescuing souls must be done before EW 48

wrath of God will be poured out on rejecters of truth after EW 36, 48, 279-81; LS 116-7

close of work of atonement by, second advent will follow PP 426

closing work of, Dan. 8:14 pointed to LS 63, 278; 1T 58

investigative judgment as GC 428; LS 278

closing work of atonement by: began in 1844 GC 422, 433; SR 378

precedes second advent GC 422; LS 63; SR 378-9; 1T 58

solemn scenes connected with GC 490

closing work of atonement is performed by GC 428; SR 379

closing work of priestly office of, began in 1844 Ev 223

confessions of God’s people offered by, to Father EW 256

door of most holy place opened by EW 86, 250, 254

in 1844 EW 42-3; GC 428-9, 435; 1SM 74

engages in last acts of His ministration for man GC 480

eye of faith sees, in His work of intercession SR 379

final atonement began in 1844 by EW 253

for all who could be benefited by His mediation EW 253

final intercession made by, for all for whom mercy still lingers EW 254

for people who have ignorantly broken God’s law EW 254

final ministration of, in work of judgment is going forward EW 253

finishing of atonement by, Dan. 8:14 pointed to LS 63; 1T 58

intercedes for His people Ev 223

investigative judgment by: began in 1844 GC 480, 485; 1SM 125

began with dead persons who professed to be children of God EW 280; GC 482-3; 1SM 125

blotting out of sins of God’s people follows GC 485

both the living and the dead professing to be children of God must be judged by GC 486

closes with judgment of the living professing to be children of God EW 280; GC 482-3; 1SM 125

considers only cases of professed people of God GC 480

destiny of all will have been decided for life or death at close of GC 490

necessitates examination of books of record to determine who are entitled to benefits of His atonement SR 378

no one knows how soon, will pass to cases of the living GC 490

searching scrutiny of, all who have taken name of Christ must pass GC 486

second advent follows GC 485; SR 378

subject of, God’s people should clearly understand GC 488

last division of solemn work of, began in 1844 GC 421-2

cleansing of sanctuary is GC 421

ministers (officiates, or stands) before: ark containing God’s law EW 32, 254, 256; GC 433

ark containing Ten Commandments EW 279

mercy seat 7BC 948; EW 252

ministration (intercession, or mediation) of GC 421-32, 479-91

began in 1844 Ev 223; EW 42-3, 54-5, 243-4, 250-1, 253-4; GC 421-2, 424, 429-30, 433, 480, 486; LS 63, 278; 1SM 125; SR 378-9

began when His ministration in first apartment ceased GC 428-30, 432

benefits of, people who follow Him by faith in great work of atonement receive GC 430

center of His work for men is GC 488

Christians who died in faith and without light on Sabbath before commencement of, now rest in hope EW 42-3

commencement of, present test on Sabbath could not come until EW 42

Dan. 7:9, 10 pointed to GC 479-80

Dan. 7:13 pointed to GC 424, 426, 479-80

Dan. 8:14 pointed to EW 253; GC 424, 426, 480; LS 63, 278; 1T 58

duty of God’s people during GC 425, 490; 1SM 125; 2T 190-2

first angel’s message of Rev. 14:7 pointed to GC 424

foreshadowed in typical service of earthly sanctuary GC 424

God’s people should have their eyes on LS 278

God’s people should know what duties are required of them during GC 431

goes on notwithstanding Satan’s apparent triumph GW 26

heretical efforts to becloud our minds re 1SM 208

light re, pioneer SDA received by faith EW 243-4, 251, 255-6; GC 423, 425, 427-8, 432-4; LS 63; 1SM 206-7; SR 376-81

Mal. 3:1 pointed to GC 424-6

Millerite Adventists did not understand EW 243; GC 429, 431-2; LS 62-3; SR 375-6; 1T 58

ministers should study GW 22

parable of marriage of king’s son points to GC 428

parable of ten virgins points to GC 426-8

pioneer SDA followed Him in, by faith EW 243-4, 251, 255-6; GC 423, 425, 427-8, 432-4; LS 63; 1SM 206-7; SR 376-81

plagues cannot be poured out during EW 280

putting away of sin needed among God’s people during GC 425

rejecters of light re, are not benefited thereby GC 430

restraint is upon people during EW 280; GC 614

Rev. 3:7, 8 pointed to beginning of EW 86; GC 430, 435; 1SM 63

Rev. 11:19 pointed to SR 379

soon will cease 7BC 989; EW 58; 1SM 66-7

special work of purification needed among God’s people during GC 425

moved into holy of holies in flaming chariot EW 55, 251

performs closing work of His priestly office Ev 223

pleads: for His people before God GC 482; LS 278; 1SM 125

for us before mercy seat 7BC 948; EW 252

that all who have overcome through faith in His blood be forgiven their transgressions GC 484

pleads His blood before: ark of covenant SR 379

Father in behalf of sinners GC 429, 433

prayers of God’s people are presented by, to Father EW 32, 252, 256

prayers of God’s people offered in faith ascend to EW 252, 256

sins of God’s people are blotted out by EW 280

special atonement is made for God’s people by EW 251

third angel’s message pointed to EW 254-5

work of atonement by, for removal of sin from sanctuary GC 421

work of investigative judgment is performed by GC 480

See also Atonement

5. Priestly garments of AA 33; 1BC 1111; DA 25

bells and pomegranates on hem of garment of, while in most holy place EW 36, 55, 251, 280; LS 116

breastplate of: name of Israel is written on 7BC 928

names appeared to be written or engraved on EW 251

worn in most holy place EW 251

crown appeared to be worn by, in most holy place EW 251

full attire of, worn in most holy place EW 251

garments of vengeance worn in place of, when His work in most holy place is finished EW 36; LS 116-7; 2T 190, 691; 5T 690; 8T 315

garments of whitest white worn instead of, at second advent AA 33; 1BC 1111-2

kingly robes and crown worn in place of, when His priestly ministry ends EW 280

laid off when He finishes His work in most holy place EW 36; 2T 190-1

miter of, Jehovah’s name is on 7BC 928

priestly vestments of, how God’s people are clothed with 6BC 1078

souls clothed with 6BC 1078

tinkling of bells on garment of, in most holy place EW 280

6. Miscellaneous

Aaron as type of GW 34; PP 351, 426

Aaron symbolized COL 148

able to cleanse us from every stain of iniquity SC 37

advent of, foreshadowed in services of earthly sanctuary PK 684

appointment of, to priesthood was given Him by God 7BC 930

Caiaphas was high priest when, came into office 5BC 1104

can be touched with feelings of our infirmities 7BC 930

character of, beautiful official garments of Jewish high priest represented DA 709

come and present your case to Father through 2T 591

completed sacrificial offering of Himself when He suffered without the gate 7BC 913

confess your sins to, as only true Mediator SC 37

consecrated, interceded by prayer of John 17 for His people DA 680

could lay down His life as priest and also victim 7BC 933

direct your prayers to PP 353

eye of faith sees, before mercy seat 4aSG 9

fulfilled one phase of His priesthood by dying on cross 7BC 929

fulfills another phase of His priesthood by pleading for us before Father 7BC 929

functions as our Mediator 4aSG 9

glorified not Himself in being made high priest 7BC 930

great antitype of Jewish high priesthood was 5BC 1104; DA 709

high priest of Israel was designed to represent, in special manner 5BC 1100; 7BC 930

high priest of Israel was type of 5BC 1104; PP 426

intercedes in behalf of those who receive Him 8T 177-9

intercession of, avails before God’s throne 9T 105

service of Jewish priesthood reminds us of 6BC 1071

is: compassionate FE 275; GC 423; TM 220

faithful FE 275; SD 287; 3T 93; TM 187

head of unchangeable priesthood DA 52

High Priest forever after order of Melchizedek 5BC 1100; 7BC 930

higher than Moses or highest angel 7BC 928

merciful FE 275; GC 430; MH 164; SD 287; 2T 438; TM 187

minister of new covenant DA 166

over God’s house 7BC 928; DA 52

priest forever EW 253

pure and undefiled 5BC 1105

tender 3T 93; TM 220

without taint of sin 5BC 1105

Jewish high priest represented, as mediator GC 422

laid aside royal robes and garbed Himself with humanity to offer Himself as sacrifice AA 33; 1BC 1111; DA 25

Levitical priesthood had its center in 6BC 1083

look on, as compassionate and tender TM 220

made only sacrifice that was of any value 7BC 913

manifest same spirit as that manifested by TM 187

mediation of, Father is glorified by 8T 177-8

mediatorial work of, Father’s purpose for world through PP 366

study 6T 59

Moses’ intercession for Israel illustrates mediation of, for sinful men PP 326

occupies double position of: offerer and of offering 7BC 933

priest and of victim AA 33; 1BC 1111; 7BC 933

of all who believe in Him 7BC 931

offered Himself as sacrificial victim DA 668

offered sacrifice, Himself being the priest and the victim AA 33; 1BC 1111; 7BC 933; DA 25

office work of, is to introduce us to God as His sons and daughters 8T 177-9

perfect atonement made by, when He suffered and died 7BC 913

personal concern of, for persons whose life was in imminent peril 2T 421

piercing eye of 1BC 1110

pleaded with Father to forgive His murderers DA 752

pledge of His anointing as, blood flowed down His face and beard as DA 734

position of, all need knowledge of GC 488

preparation of, for office of tender and faithful high priest 3T 93

priest of Israel praying in holy place represented 4aSG 9

priesthood of: ceremonial system pointed to PP 365

foreshadowed in typical system GC 352

how SDA pioneers found light re 1SM 206-7

not to pass to another or be superseded by another 7BC 930

typical system foreshadowed GC 352

Waldensian doctrine re GC 74

remembers all words by which He has encouraged us to trust COL 148

sins of the repentant are placed upon and transferred by, to heavenly sanctuary GC 421

stands to mediate for you 2T 591

work of, all need knowledge of GC 488

professed Christians willingly ignorant of GC 430

you can present your case to Father through Him 2T 591-2


Christ as, completed sacrifice of Himself TMK 73:2

Christ as, makes perfect atonement for sin TMK 74:2

compassionate, praise the Lord for RC 350:2

High priest (Jewish)

1. In Christ’s time

2. In holy place

3. In most holy place

4. In sanctuary

5. Priestly garments of

6. Miscellaneous

1. In Christ’s time

Annas as DA 698

appearance of, awed beholders DA 594

aspired eagerly to office through love of power and show 5BC 1100

at: Golgotha when Christ was crucified DA 774

temple services while Christ lay in tomb DA 774

Caiaphas as, Jewish high priesthood ended with 5BC 1100-1

See also Caiaphas

Caiaphas virtually was not 5BC 1101

Christ and, conversation between DA 594

desired position where they could have authority 5BC 1100

did not scruple to engage in most dishonest and criminal acts 5BC 1100

each action of, people watched with interest DA 709

fraud practiced by, under garb of piety 5BC 1100

glittering tiara worn by DA 594

great power still possessed by DA 30

hair and long flowing beard of, silvered by age DA 594

held in restraint by Roman authority 5BC 1100

jealousy of, Christ’s popularity aroused DA 704

majestic appearance of, awed beholders DA 594

merciless demands of, people were subjected to DA 30

mob that arrested Christ in Gethsemane included DA 695

not allowed power of legally putting anyone to death 5BC 1100

not divinely appointed to their work 5BC 1100-1, 1105

office of: men of corrupt hearts sought 5BC 1100

often obtained by fraud, bribery, and murder (assassination) 5BC 1100; DA 30

was bought and sold 5BC 1105

palace of, Christ’s trial at DA 703-15

open court surrounded DA 710

position of, was one of power and importance 5BC 1100

power of, employed for selfish and mercenary ends DA 30

proud self-confidence and angry air of DA 594

rich and costly garments worn by DA 594

right of appointing and removing, Romans claimed DA 30

Sanhedrin’s president usually was DA 133, 703

servant of, Peter cut off ear of DA 696

splendidly robed in sacerdotal garments during temple services DA 774

usually chosen from among Sadducees DA 604

was: counselor and mediator 5BC 1100

judge from whose decision there was no appeal 5BC 1100

2. In holy place

blood of sin offering was sprinkled by, on altar of incense GC 419

bore names of all his people on his heart COL 148; GW 34

ministration of EW 253

blood of goats slain as sin offering was used in GC 419

ceased when his ministration began in most holy place GC 428-9

ended on Day of Atonement GC 428-9

3. In most holy place

atonement made by: blood of animals was used in GC 417-9, 422; PP 355-6

for altar mentioned in Lev. 16:19 GC 419

for each of sacred apartments GC 418-9; PP 355

for Israel GC 400, 489

on Day of Atonement GC 489

on tenth day of seventh Jewish month GC 400

atonement made for Israel by: before mercy seat PP 352, 355

once a year for sins of people DA 757; GC 400, 418-9, 485; PP 352, 355

pardon was granted to repentant sinner by virtue of PP 359

was symbolic service PP 348

blood of sin offering was presented by, for Israelites who truly repented of their sins GC 429; PP 355-6

blood of sin offering was sprinkled by, before and upon mercy seat GC 419-20; PP 355-6; TM 92

could enter most holy place only once a year to minister DA 757; GC 400, 418-9, 485; PP 352, 355, 426; 4aSG 9, 102; SR 155, 184

entered into his ministry with trembling before God MH 437; 4aSG 10; SR 156; 8T 285

God met with, in cloud of glory PP 352

ministered before ark of covenant 4aSG 102

once a year 4aSG 102

ministration of: as mediator for all Israel PP 426

clouds of incense veiled God’s glory from his sight during MH 437; 8T 285; TM 92

completed his yearly round of ministration PP 355, 358

duty of God’s people during GC 419-20, 430-1, 489-90; PP 355

every sound hushed throughout temple courts during MH 437; 8T 285

important truths taught by, re atonement PP 355

is no longer to be made 1SM 344

ministry in first apartment ceased at beginning of GC 428-9

most careful and solemn preparation needed before PP 352; 4aSG 9-10; SR 155

no priests ministered at altars during MH 437-8; 8T 285

occurred on Day of Atonement 4BC 1139; GC 400, 419-20, 428-9; PP 355-6, 358, 426

petitions offered by worshipers for God’s mercy during MH 437-8; 8T 285

taught great truths re Christ’s death and ministration PP 358

took place on tenth day of seventh Jewish month GC 400

was only once a year DA 757; GC 400, 418-9, 485; PP 352; 4aSG 9, 102; SR 155, 184

worshipers bowed in silent awe during MH 437-8; 8T 285

no mortal eye but that of, could look on grandeur of most holy place PP 352; 4aSG 10; SR 155-6

no need of awaiting coming (return) of, after Christ’s death DA 757

no one but, could enter most holy place and live GC 414; MH 437; 8T 284

only, was permitted to enter most holy place to minister DA 757; EW 253; GC 414; PP 352; 4aSG 103; SR 184

people’s concern for, if he remained unusual time in most holy place PP 352; 4aSG 10; SR 156

permitted to behold ark of covenant only once a year PP 589

special work of atonement performed by, once a year GC 418, 421; PP 355

work of atonement by, duty of God’s people during GC 419-20, 430-1, 489-90; PP 355; 1SM 125

4. In sanctuary

as mediator, took confessed sins of Israel on himself and bore them from sanctuary GC 420; PP 356

came forth and blessed people after cleansing sanctuary GC 400, 485; PP 426; 4aSG 10; SR 156

cleansing of sanctuary by: blood of animals was used in GC 417-9, 422; PP 355-6

blood of sin offering was used in GC 419, 422; PP 356, 358

confessed sins of Israel were placed on scapegoat at close of GC 419-20, 422; PP 356, 358

duty of God’s people during GC 419-20, 430-1, 489-90; PP 355; 1SM 125

Hebrews 9 refers to GC 417

involved blotting out sins of God’s people PP 358

involves special work of atonement GC 418

occurred on Day of Atonement GC 400, 419-20, 428-9; PP 355, 358

occurred on tenth day of seventh Jewish month GC 400

only persons whose sins had been transferred to sanctuary by blood of sin offering had part in GC 480

removal of Israel’s sins from sanctuary was GC 352, 400, 422

was accomplished by removal of sins by which sanctuary had been polluted GC 421

was only for persons who had come to God with confession and repentance GC 480

closing work of atonement by, removal or putting away of sin from Israel was GC 352

prefigured Christ’s closing work in His ministration as High Priest in heaven GC 352

ministration of: cleansing of sanctuary completed yearly round of GC 352, 419; PP 358

closing work of yearly round of, removal or putting away of sin from Israel was GC 352; PP 355-6, 358

typified ministration of Christ as High Priest in heavenly sanctuary GC 420; PP 357, 356-8, 426

was to cease when Christ died DA 757; GC 430

special work by, was needed for removal of Israel’s sins from sanctuary GC 418

work of atonement by: at close of year GC 418, 421

blotting out of sins was represented by GC 421-2; PP 358

occurred on Day of Atonement PP 358

5. Priestly garments of PP 350-1

beautiful, represented character of Christ DA 709

blue robe of: ephod was worn outside of PP 351

golden bells ornamented skirt of PP 351; 4aSG 10; SR 156

skirt of, ornamented with pomegranates of blue, purple, and scarlet PP 351

tinkling of bells on, significance of 4aSG 10; SR 156

woven in one piece PP 351

breastplate of: bore names of children of Israel COL 148; GW 34; PP 351, 426; 4aSG 101-2

every stone in, had special significance Ev 379-80

most sacred of priestly vestments was PP 351

names of 12 tribes of Israel were engraved on 12 stones of PP 351; 4aSG 101-2

12 stones of, same as those forming 12 foundations of City of God PP 351; 4aSG 101-2

12 stones set in gold in border of, in rows of four PP 351

suspended from shoulders by cord of blue from golden ring PP 351; 4aSG 101-2

variety of precious stones formed border of PP 351; 4aSG 101-2

was in form of square PP 351

was very rich and beautiful work 4aSG 101-2

worn over ephod PP 351

daring to minister in rent robe signified he had severed himself from God DA 709

ephod of: breastplate was worn over PP 351

confined by girdle of same colors and beautifully wrought PP 351

two onyx stones on shoulder pieces of, names of 12 tribes of Israel on PP 351, 426

was shorter garment of gold, blue, purple, scarlet, and white PP 351

was sleeveless PP 351

worn outside of blue robe PP 351

everything connected with, was to impress beholder with sense of God’s holiness and sacredness of His worship PP 351

everything worn as, was to be whole and without blemish DA 709

made of costly material PP 350

miter of: bore inscription “Holiness to the Lord” PK 584; 5T 469

consisted of white linen turban PP 351

gold plate attached to, by lace of blue PP 351

gold plate of, bore inscription “Holiness to Jehovah” PP 351

Moses was shown pattern of 5BC 1104

nothing but perfection in, could be acceptable to God DA 709

official, Christ’s character represented by DA 709

rending of robe of: by Caiaphas during Christ’s trial 5BC 1104-5; DA 708-9

Caiaphas pronounced death sentence upon himself by DA 708

disqualified him for priesthood 5BC 1105; DA 708-9

during Stephen’s trial AA 100; SR 265

forbidden by God 5BC 1104-5

in pretended horror AA 100; 5BC 1105; DA 708-9; SR 265

Levitical law prohibited, under sentence of death DA 708-9

man-made law provided for, in case of blasphemy DA 709

marred representation of heavenly things DA 709

significance of, by Caiaphas 5BC 1104-5; DA 708-9

robes (dress) of: gorgeous, Christ did not come to earth to wear CT 34

gorgeous pontifical, laid aside when he offered sacrifice DA 25

no rent must be made in DA 709

not to be rent under any circumstances or on any occasion DA 708

official, signified he claimed to be representative of Christ as great High Priest DA 709

pontifical, laid aside by, when offering sacrifices AA 33; 1BC 1111

pontifical, worn as he came forth from service in most holy place AA 33; 1BC 1111

rent by Caiaphas in determined resistance to truth DA 708

were symbolic 6T 96

splendid, worn on Sabbath that Christ lay in tomb DA 774

two large stones of great brilliancy at right and left of breastplate of PP 351; 4aSG 102; SR 183

known as the Urim and Thummim PP 351

served as oracle of God PP 351; 4aSG 102; SR 183-4

white linen dress of common priest worn by PP 350-1

when offering sacrifices AA 33; 1BC 1111; DA 25

workmanship of, was beautiful PP 350

6. Miscellaneous

Aaron as See Aaron

Abiathar as See Abiathar

Ananias as See Ananias

as master teacher Ed 78

blessing pronounced on Israel by MH 285; PP 359

bore Israel’s sins as their representative PK 583-4; 5T 468

Caiaphas as See Caiaphas

claimed God’s promises of pardon for His repentant people PK 583-4

cleansing of sanctuary by, once a year EW 253

communicated God’s will to people PP 426

consecration of, ceremonies of PP 359

could not continue long in office because of death EW 253

David was anointed as king by PP 702

designed to represent Christ in special manner 5BC 1100; 7BC 930

Eleazar succeeded Aaron as PP 425-7

Eli as See Eli

God communicated with: before mercy seat and ark of covenant PP 349; 4aSG 10, 102; SR 156, 184

by means of golden cherubim PP 349; 4aSG 102

by means of Urim and Thummim PP 351; 4aSG 102; SR 183-4

God often answered, with audible voice 4aSG 102; SR 184

grandson of, Sanballat’s daughter was married to PK 674

held highest and most responsible position in Israel PP 575

Hilkiah as See Hilkiah

Jehoiada as See Jehoiada

Joshua as See Joshua

Melchizedek as See Melchizedek

need of, vanished when Christ appeared TMK 74

office of, passed from Abiathar to line of Zadok PP 749

Solomon degraded Abiathar from PP 749

praying, represented Christ in heavenly sanctuary 4aSG 9; SR 155

priesthood of, miracle that effectually settled question of PP 403

centered in Christ as High Priest 6BC 1083

restricted to family of Aaron PP 350, 403, 425-6

removed from office by death EW 253

represented Christ as mediator GC 422

sanctuary was cleansed once a year by, from sins that had been conveyed there EW 253

stood as representative of God’s people COL 167

symbolized Christ as High Priest COL 148; GW 34

tent of, located nearest to and in front of sanctuary in wilderness encampment PP 375

was: counselor 5BC 1100

judge or ruler over temple in all its services PK 584-5; 5T 469

mediator 5BC 1100; GC 420; PP 356, 426

representative of Christ as our High Priest PP 426

wielded great influence over tribes of Israel PP 575

Zadok as See Zadok

See also Atonement, Day of; Sanctuary; Temple

High priesthood

High priesthood, corrupt in Christ’s time 5BC 1100-1

ended with Caiaphas 5BC 1100-1

Highway, Highways

Highway, Highways, and hedges See Parable

beaten, hearts as unimpressible as 3T 384

hard-beaten, heart as unimpressible as 4T 220

See also Thoroughfare; Travel

Highway, King’s

to be kept clear; come higher and closer to God 2MCP 582:4


Hilarity, at Belshazzar’s feast PK 524

in gatherings of secret societies 2SM 126

in social gatherings TM 83

Israelite, in worship of golden calf TM 102

mistaken for strength MH 247

pleasure parties that encourage TM 82

See also Mirth

Hildebran, N.C.

Hildebran, N.C. 7T 231


Hilkiah, high priest PK 393

Hill, Hills

Hill, Hills, advantages of living in 2SM 356

antediluvian PP 90, 100; 3SG 62

as schoolroom for children CG 48; FE 61

balanced in position by God’s hand SD 110

Christ’s lessons associated with 2T 580

creatures of, are part of God’s household Ed 118

eternal, Christians need to be rooted and grounded as firmly in truth as 4T 75

everlasting: Christ drew lessons from 2T 580

Christ’s favorite resort for communion with God SD 135

God’s temple was SL 74

Master Artist’s work may be seen in TM 137

Moses beheld God’s majesty in PP 251

speak of God’s love PP 48

tell of God’s power CT 54; MH 411

God’s hand molded SD 110

God’s thoughts expressed by Ed 120

in living God’s hands PK 116

in new earth AH 542; GC 675; SR 431

irregular shape of, wind and water of Flood caused 3SG 78

lessons of truth may be learned from DA 291

let students climb Ed 247

life’s, persons descending PK 82

linked with words of truth SC 85

nature’s audience chamber CG 48

of Christian life, do not go mourning up 4T 627

of progress, not climbed without effort 5T 180

on earth when created PP 44; 3SG 33; SR 20

persons who climb, have to put forth efforts 1T 279

significance of, person who can fully appreciate SC 87

speak to us of God’s love ML 294


Christ’s lessons taught by HP 114

strength of, given as a retreat UL 327:5

Hilliard, A.

Hilliard, A. CD 481


Hillside, grassy, Christ loved to gather people about Him on DA 291, 299


Hilltop, do not go onto, to shine in gospel work Ev 396


Himself, everyone should live for 2T 488

Hindrance, Hindrances

Hindrance, Hindrances, persons walking in path of obedience will encounter many PK 487

vanish before souls who would rather die than disobey God 4T 147

you are either help or, to others 2T 47-8

See also Difficulty; Obstacle

Hindu, Hindus

Hindu, Hindus, gods of, senseless and powerless to save 2SM 131

Wolff’s (Joseph) labor among GC 361

Hinge, Hinges

Hinge, Hinges, glittering, gates of New Jerusalem swing on EW 17; LS 67; 2SG 34; 1T 61

strait gate does not swing loosely on ChS 247

Hinsdale, Ill.

Hinsdale, Ill. MM 305

Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital

Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital MM 305

Hint, Hints

Hint, Hints, conveying erroneous or exaggerated impression, is falsehood PP 309

creating more unfavorable impressions 2T 186

cruel and sinful 2T 186

impure, corrupt communication includes COL 337

of doubt, evil result of expressing 1T 378

unfavorable, throw no ML 235; 4T 222

Hip, Hips

Hip, Hips, clothing should not weigh on Ed 199; MH 292; 2SM 473, 478; 1T 459, 461

clothing weighing on, causes diseases not easily cured 1T 461; 2SM 478

dress reform lifted weight from 4T 635

EGW afflicted in 2SM 233

Hiram (king of Tyre)

Hiram (king of Tyre) PP 703

Jehovah acknowledged as true God by 2BC 1026


Hiram, master builder See Huram

Hired girl

Hired girl, husband warned against familiarity with 2T 461

Hired help

Hired help, respect your, and treat them kindly 2T 461


Hireling, covetous believers have stinted, in his wages 2T 199

man who oppressed, in her wages 2T 157

much wealth obtained by oppressing 1T 175

oppression of 2T 156-61

by employer 2T 157

money gained by, scattered by adversity and affliction 2T 159

person guilty of, must answer at bar of God CS 128

See also Worker

Historian, Historians

Historian, Historians, efforts of, to pick SDA doctrines to pieces Ev 69

Moses as first CD 117

Moses without peer as PP 246

quotations from, in Great Controversy GC 11-2

sacred, Spirit guided pens of GW 286

very difficult for men to be impartial as 4T 10

Historical and Practical Discourse on the Lord’s Day

Historical and Practical Discourse on the Lord’s Day, by Francis West, quoted GC 575

Historical event, Historical events

Historical event, Historical events, showing direct fulfillment of prophecy 2SM 102

Historical work, Historical works

Historical work, Historical works, bad influence of certain, on youth CM 143

Historical writing, Historical writings

Historical writing, Historical writings, accumulation of, that is waste of money 8T 307

accumulation of large volumes of, not needed for preparation for God’s work 8T 307

extensive knowledge of, not essential to Christian work MH 441

strictly, leading to crime and licentiousness CM 143; CT 133

History, Histories

1. World

2. Miscellaneous

1. World

chain of, Christ’s second advent is last link in DA 630

church’s appointed place in 2SM 108

close (end) of: God has appointed a day for FE 335

knowledge that is needed in special sense near FE 360

light on events to take place at GC 341

perils and dangers thicken around God’s people near 5T 139

study Daniel’s prophecies as we near PK 547

we are near 4BC 1152; 5T 349

we are nearing CH 300; Ev 272, 631; 7T 15, 52, 240, 270

we are rapidly approaching 2SM 402-3; WM 80

we live near 2SM 85

closing now PK 571

closing scenes of: book of Daniel carries us to TM 115

book of Revelation presents 7BC 954

great battle to take place in PP 509

how God will use our youth in CT 166-7

how to be prepared for SD 342

important events will occur in CM 128

portrayal of COL 269

Scriptures reveal great Ed 180; PK 537

solemn position of people living in LS 431

special truth given re 2T 692-3

study meaning of TM 114

we live in CS 263; Ev 16, 217; 6T 378; 8T 252

work to be done during 2SM 403

See also End; Last days

duty of God’s people in this important period of SD 370

early, men depend on Bible for MM 89

evening of, ten virgins watch in COL 412

final crisis of, we are rapidly nearing CT 56; FE 469

God will soon close scenes of FE 216

grand and awful scene closing up, we watch and wait for TM 163

great crisis near in 9T 97

greatest event in, first advent as GC 313

last days of, we live in 4BC 1170; 1SM 90; 2SM 147

last period of, truth that applies in 2SM 112

many events of, linked with song Ed 161

momentous period of, we live in 7BC 977

more important period of, we live in CW 21

most solemn and momentous period of SR 355

most solemn period of, we live in GC 601; TM 147

mystery of iniquity figures largely in winding up of TM 118

position of God’s people in: great truths of prophecy show 5T 330

shown by tracing fulfillment of prophecy CSW 23

thorough investigation of prophecies shows 4T 592

prophecy has delineated 2SM 102

prophecy has revealed 2SM 107-8

scenes of, fast closing 1T 260

soon to close 2T 145

second advent will occur in darkest period of COL 414; PK 717

soon will close 5T 366

special period of, we live in 9T 125

study of, Bible study promotes mental development more than does FE 130

very close of, we live in 7T 97

we live in most solemn and important time of 3T 53

whole compass of, lies between school of Eden and school of hereafter Ed 301

2. Miscellaneous

Alexanders of, students should not dwell on exploits of Ed 269

ancient Israel’s, illustrates past experience of Millerite Adventists GC 457

annals of: empires apparently rise and fall as if dependant on will and prowess of men in Ed 173; PK 499

Scriptures throw light on distant past untouched by CT 429

working out of God’s will seen in Ed 173; PK 499-500

as commonly studied, described MH 442

as too often taught, description of Ed 238

being repeated DA 258; PK 177

Bible: children should be taught CT 171

contains much uplifting to man FE 130

events believed to antedate Ed 130

geology can prove nothing without PP 112; 3SG 93

leading men of, why God has not concealed sins of 4aSG 87-8

lessons of, should be taught in SDA schools CT 453

light thrown on fossils by 3SG 93

med. missionaries should be acquainted with FE 390

persons who regard, as unreliable GC 522

religious teachers should give more attention to PP 504

stays fainting heart with hope of God’s mercy 4T 15

what is taught by all lessons of PP 717

when it may be innocent to conjecture beyond 3SG 93

Bible as CT 421

children need sensible reading that creates interest in CT 137

church: centers around cross of Calvary TM 433

different periods in, marked by development of special truth GC 609

foretold in book of Revelation to close of time AA 583

from Constantine’s time to present GC 297

Great Controversy presents GC 11-2

lesson from GC 396

prophecy has revealed 2SM 107

truth repeatedly illustrated in GC 316

church is making 6T 377

daily unfolding, of miss. effort should be studied in school Ed 269

Daniel was shown events of, to close of time PK 485

early church, testifies to fulfillment of Christ’s words GC 39; SR 320

eventful, recorded in books of heaven 6T 14

every day we are making 6T 149

found in God’s word FE 432

God’s people live in period of, too solemn to be careless and negligent SD 118

human: angels intimately acquainted with GC 632

Bible as 5T 25

Bible presents truthful FE 84-5

God’s purposes embraced in all ages of 5T 699

inspired, what may be learned from MYP 255

unsullied by pride or prejudice, Bible contains CT 52; Ed 173; ML 107; PP 596; 5T 25

written by men, story of man in SD 338

interesting and important, Daniel 2 gives FE 410

Israel’s: lessons to learn from 2BC 994

Moses wrote SR 171

parable of two sons presents 5BC 1097

recorded for our benefit 3BC 1138

traced with exact fidelity by pen of inspiration 4T 370

written for our learning SR 152

Israel’s future, shown to Moses PP 472-7

Jewish nation’s, may be repeated in SDA experience 2SM 111

man whose mind was crammed with 4T 497-8

marked out link by link in prophetic chain Ed 178

more wonderful, Bible is to student a FE 394

most ancient, found in Scriptures Ed 125

most ancient and comprehensive, Bible is CT 52; Ed 173

most instructive and comprehensive, Bible is FE 84; 5T 25

most instructive, Bible is PP 596

most interesting, Bible contains 2T 410

most interesting and instructive, Bible contains MYP 273-4

most wonderful of all, Bible is FE 377

Napoleons of, students should not dwell on exploits of Ed 269

natural, Solomon’s special interest in PK 33

of ancient apostasies, written as warning to God’s people today 3SG 5

of ancient kingdoms, replete with lessons of warning GW 388

of apostles, lesson in self-denial from 5T 87

of apostles’ toils and sacrifices, church has precious treasure in AA 593

why, has been recorded AA 593

written under Spirit’s direction AA 593

of creation of world: Bible presents authentic record of CT 13; 5T 25

learned by Adam from Creator PP 83

results of rejecting God’s word re 3SG 93

Bible tells of CT 421

of Flood, wonderful mysteries explained by 3SG 94

of God’s: ancient people, lessons of great profit found in FE 95

cause, needs to be brought before people often 6T 365

cause and people, ministers should study 1SM 157

dealings with His people in all ages, argument re Sabbath from GC 455

people during Dark Ages, has little place in human records GC 61

of great controversy, EGW has traced GC 11-2

of great reformatory movements, study workings of Providence in MH 442; 8T 307

youth should study Ed 238

of infinite scope and inexpressible wealth, opened to student in future life Ed 304

of kingdoms represented in Daniel should be studied TM 112

of men in every station of life, God is acquainted with AA 134

of many SDA enterprises, EGW’s later history involves LS 196

of nations: lesson that should be read in GC 285

literal fulfillment of prophecy may be seen in PK 501

should be studied in schools 8T 307

speaks to men today Ed 178; PK 536

study working out of God’s purpose in Ed 184; PK 548

of origin of nations, Bible gives authentic account of CT 52

of Roman Catholicism, is revelation of Satan’s cruelty GC 570

of Roman Church, policy of deception has marked GC 591

of Satan’s deception delineated with unerring accuracy 1SM 316

of Satan’s rebellion will be perpetual testimony to all holy intelligences GC 499

of times and scenes otherwise unknown, Bible presents FE 377

pages of, fulfilled prophecy traced on Ed 178; PK 536

past: Bible throws light upon FE 542

God’s word throws light on ML 27

what may be learned about Satan from GC 10

will be repeated TM 116

will soon be repeated CM 128

personal, of vital interest to youth Ed 68

See also Biography

philosophy of, what it means to understand Ed 175; PK 502

poetic, written by Moses PP 468

portrays conflict between truth and error 2SM 109

presented by God, how man is described in SD 338

prophecy and Ed 173-84; PK 499-502

in Bible study CT 462

prophecy and, should form part of studies in SDA schools 5T 525

prophetic See Prophetic history

recorded by man cannot be absolutely impartial PP 238

relating to holy men of old is brief 3SG 5

repeated during closing work of gospel 2SM 390

repeated in rise and fall of: nations PK 535

world empires Ed 177

sacred: chief subject of study in schools of prophets Ed 47

God’s footsteps traced in records of Ed 47; MH 441; PP 594; 8T 307

grand truths of, possess amazing strength and beauty CT 427; FE 393

presents striking examples of God’s jealous care for weakest of His children 5T 245

sin and its results may be traced through MYP 255

studied in schools of prophets FE 97; MH 441; PP 593; 8T 307

taught in schools of prophets 2BC 1037

things reported in, for benefit of man and not of angels 5T 749

why records of, were written PK 175

sad, sacredly guarded from curious eyes MH 158

see fulfillment of prophecy in MH 442; 8T 307

SDA: do not forget God’s leading and teaching in LS 196

early, should be kept before God’s people CW 145

how to view MM 331

interpretation of prophecy in relation to 2SM 102-3

what to remember in reviewing LS 196

should form part of studies in SDA schools 5T 525

shows how dangerous prosperity is Ev 561

shows that men in sacred positions may handle truth deceitfully 5T 536

sin’s, studied in life to come Ed 304

will witness eternally re God’s law GC 671

strange and eventful, being recorded in books of heaven 1SM 221

student of, placed on vantage ground by God’s word Ed 304

study of: avails nothing if not used for God’s glory FE 192

in school 8T 307-8

include in, causes that govern rise and fall of kingdoms Ed 238

is important FE 192

knowledge to gain from Ed 190

right and wrong Ed 238; MH 442

should tend to strengthen and upbuild character Ed 238

that is not to be condemned MH 441; 8T 307

teaching of Ed 238

in schools 8T 307-8

true philosophy of, Bible reveals Ed 173

uninspired, men neglect most wonderful Book in searching FE 395-6

volumes of, that are not worth reading MYP 277

will be repeated 7BC 917, 976; 1SM 162-3; TM 116

written by men, contents of SD 338


actors in, carry out God’s plan CC 371:2


frees from human conjecture 1MCP 96:4

important UL 96:4

provides early 2MCP 742:2

close of, John saw UL 100:5

crisis in, few realize the rapid strides toward Mar 253:2

Holy Spirit has dictated, hundreds of years in future TDG 352:4

human accounts of, show human achievement; God’s is different TDG 352:3

light for those living in this period of TMK 217:2


in important period of TMK 352:3; UL 356:2

near end of; many won’t listen (1903) PM 281:5

making, every day we live TMK 89:2

mapped out by power of God; unwitting witnesses to truth TDG 352:5

nearing end of earth’s UL 241:3

now is the most important time in TMK 352:3

personal, made; danger at crisis point in life LYL 41:4

preparation for closing scenes of TDG 56:5

repetition of,

apostasy and Satanic deceptions UL 317:5

Ellen White urged to write; 1888 edition of Great Controversy 3SM 113:5

solemn moment of, because day of trial is coming OHC 266:4

studied apart from the Bible HP 133:4

understood when we walk in paradise 2MCP 465:1