EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Heartache, Heartaches - Heaven (place)

Heartache, Heartaches

Heartache, Heartaches, Christians’ duty to people suffering MH 158; 3T 530

larger share of life’s, uncontrolled temper causes MYP 135; 4T 348

many people bound by marriage vow suffer AH 44

under load of care DA 330; MH 481

Heart action

Heart action, baby’s tight bands or waists hinder 2SM 466

coffee increases MH 326

confining indoor work ill affects 1T 520

cramped by ill-formed school seats Ed 207

healthy, dress should permit 2SM 478; 1T 460

school seats should ensure 2SM 436

laws govern Ed 99

physical exercise makes, more perfect 3T 490

sickly and weak, all branches of body weakened by 5T 721

tea increases MH 326

tight bands or waists hinder MH 382

would cease without God’s constant care CH 586; MM 291

Heart anguish

Heart anguish, other people’s, we little know of 5T 55

Heartbeat, Heartbeats

Heartbeat, Heartbeats, at every pulsation of, blood should quickly and easily go to all parts of body MH 271

each, is by inspiration of God 1BC 1081; MM 9; 1SM 294

evidence of power of ever-present God 6BC 1062; 8T 260

God causes MYP 408

God’s power keeps, in order and activity MH 417; MM 8

God’s power manifest in CS 17; SD 17

testify of God’s care Ed 131

under God’s supervision 1BC 1081; MM 9; 1SM 294-5

Heart disease

Heart disease, baby’s, poisonous drugs cause 2SM 468

body poisoned by impure blood as result of 4T 210

causes body to suffer 1T 596

difficult breathing with, while lying down LS 151; 2SG 184; 1T 92

fainting fits with 2SG 184

EGW afflicted for years with LS 151, 229; 2SG 184; 1T 92-3, 185; 4T 284, 286, 302

as result of childhood accident 4aSG 154

EGW relieved from, by adopting health reform 4aSG 154

Heart failure

Heart failure, effects of DA 417


Heart-holiness, men may have, through Christ 1SM 262


Heart-keeping, diligent, essential to healthy growth in grace 3BC 1157; SD 99

Heart imaginings

Heart imaginings, that are not pure and holy 5T 595


Heartlessness, Christ’s tender and pitying love rebukes man’s 9T 31

leavening the camp TM 156

Heartless person

Heartless person, never become 5T 613


Heart-longing, Christ can satisfy, of all who come to Him SC 46-7

Heart service

Heart service, idolatry and, God distinguishes between SD 57

Heartsickness, Heartsicknesses

Heartsickness, Heartsicknesses, dyspeptics made by 3T 184

of hope deferred, faith strengthened by grace amid 2T 270

physician’s duty in treatment of 3T 184

Heart trouble

Heart trouble See Heart disease


Heartwork, God wants 4T 601

neglect of, danger in 5T 306

thorough, seek for 1T 663


Heat, cold and, Christ as Lord of PK 509


Heath, desert, men who are like DA 348


Heathen, abominations of, prevailing in Israel during apostasy PP 337

Abraham called to be light bearer to GW 26; PK 368

Abraham’s efforts to keep family from mingling with PP 141

acts of, showing working of divine power in them COL 385

aged parents abandoned or put to death by PP 337

alliance with, Jewish church became harlot by GC 382

alliances of Abraham’s descendants with PP 363

appetite allowed to govern MYP 237

articles of food eaten by, forbidden to Israel MH 280

at doors of God’s people DA 822

need to hear message Ev 79

untaught and unsaved MH 288

best way to show, difference between God and idols AA 180; CT 186

byword among, Israel fell so low as to become PK 96

children of, caused to pass through fire before idols PP 337

choose side of Christ while many disciples desert Him SD 217

Christ has used men among, to uplift their people from sin and degradation DA 35

Christ made, understand He had message for them DA 254

Christ manifested Himself to, who had not rejected light of heaven AA 416

Christ taught disciples how to treat DA 402

Christ will be given, for inheritance GW 28

civilized people led, into destructive vices MH 339

conversion of, during reigns of David and Solomon PK 25

converted, idols demolished by ML 353

will be used to win other heathen to Christ CT 531

donations from, receiving of TM 197-200

Elijah safer among, than with rebellious Israel AA 430

fifth precept of Decalogue given little heed by PP 337

forbidden association with: Israel endangered by 2BC 1001; PK 673

Israel enticed to sin by GC 508

Solomon influenced by PK 54

glory of God’s grace revealed to, by Jonah’s preaching PK 273

God and His people reproached among, in Nehemiah’s time PK 637

God’s name exalted before, in Elisha’s time PK 259

God’s name magnified before, by Ezra and returning exiles PK 615-6

God’s name was to be exalted among PK 319

God’s purpose for: Isaiah testified of PK 367

Israel lost sight of PK 371

Israelites often seemed unable or unwilling to understand PK 367

gospel work for, how Christ introduced His disciples to DA 400

hope for PK 367-78

how, lost knowledge of God DA 35

how God works for, responding to light PK 253

ignorant: Christ’s grace implanted by Spirit in heart of COL 385; PK 376; SD 364

God’s servants protected by, at risk of death COL 385; PK 376; SD 364

God’s voice heard by, speaking to them in nature DA 638; SD 364

heeding light, guided to kingdom of God COL 385; PK 377

kindness shown to God’s servants by COL 385; PK 376-7; SD 364

Light lighting every man enlightens COL 385; PK 377

mind and character of, working of divine power on PK 376

mind of, God’s grace working on darkened SD 364

missionaries befriended by DA 638

missionaries protected by, at risk of death DA 638

of Christ PK 376

of Christ’s name COL 385

of God, except for knowledge received under working of divine grace PK 376

of God’s written law DA 638; COL 385; PK 376; SD 364

recognized as God’s children DA 638

spirit of kindness cherished by DA 638

those among, who will hear Christ’s words of approval at last day DA 638; SD 364

works of, show Spirit has touched their hearts DA 638

working of divine power shown by acts of COL 385; PK 376

worshiping God ignorantly, will not perish DA 638

impenitent, why God used Israel to destroy COL 290; PK 19; 4aSG 50-1; 2SM 333-4

influence of, was problem for faithful Israelites in Egypt PP 259

intelligent, protest against intoxicating liquor as deadly poison MH 339

intemperate people who are but little above Te 146

intercourse with, Israel affected by PP 746-7

Sabbath disregarded as result of PK 671-3

Israel misrepresented God to PK 20-1

Israel slow in dispossessing PP 521

Jew and, Christ came to demolish wall of separation between PK 370

Jews denounced judgments against DA 240-1

Jews did not regard, as neighbors COL 376

Jews excluded, from advantages they daily enjoyed DA 399

Jews regarded: as beyond pale of God’s mercy PK 371

as strangers and enemies DA 498

as unclean COL 376

Jews’ covetousness and greed caused, to despise them COL 293

Jewish priests’ disdain for AA 62

kingdom of Israel sought alliance with PK 280

knowledge of God given by Israel to, during Babylonian captivity DA 28

led to embrace a part of Christian faith EW 210

living up to all light she had, widow of Zarephath was AA 416; DA 238; PK 129; 3T 274

Luke’s med. miss. work among MH 141

men whom God used to give His blessings to PK 479

many, led to recognize Israel’s God as Supreme Ruler PK 369

many professed Christians little above, in habits MYP 237

many sincere, accepted promise of Redeemer by contact with Israel DA 28

marriage with: common after Solomon’s apostasy FE 499

Esau’s PP 179

God’s people forbidden to enter into 4aSG 100

Hebrew language corrupted as result of PK 661-2

Ishmael’s PP 174

Israelites forbidden to enter into 2SM 121-2

Israelites led into idolatry by PP 260

Jacob’s children tempted to contract PP 332

nobles of Judah entangled in PK 657-8, 669-70, 673-5

results of PK 657-8

Samaritans were mixed race resulting from PK 567, 674-5

Samson’s PP 562-3

Solomon’s PK 88

martyrs among, violent death suffered by DA 35

millions of, have never heard of God or His love Ed 263

minister to missionaries at risk of death DA 638

mother treated with little respect by PP 337

mourning of, for the dead 2SM 270

must be left no longer in midnight darkness COL 418; PK 719

necromancy practiced among PP 684

neglected gospel work among, plea re 8T 60

of Nineveh, Christ’s reference to repentance of PK 273-4

partake of gospel blessings and privileges through Christ AA 136

patience and gentleness under wrong were not prized by MB 14

Paul pointed, to God revealed in nature Ed 66

Paul presented Christ to, as Saviour AA 248

Paul protected by, against bigoted Jews AA 430

Paul’s appeals to, to accept Christ AA 248-9

Paul’s methods of gospel work among AA 180, 233-45, 248-9, 286-7, 291-2

plots of, against Nehemiah and his work PK 653-60

pork used by, as food CD 392; 2SM 417

prayers regarded by, as atoning for sin MB 86

preaching among, by Paul and Barnabas AA 177-87

professed people of God who are worse than, in His sight AA 416; DA 240-1; 2T 441

professedly converted, idolatry brought into church by EW 211-2

prophetic messages re God’s plan for, not always understood PK 367

propriety of receiving gifts from, for God’s cause TM 197

purchase money for soul of, Christ paid 2SM 343

rabbis regarded, as unclean AA 133; MH 209

rabbis’ disdain for DA 62

redeemed, will greet missionaries in world to come ML 353

reverence of, for idol deities 2SM 314

sacrificial offerings of, regarded as gifts for propitiating the Deity DA 113

salvation of, Christ’s regard for DA 399-402

Israel almost wholly lost sight of God’s designs for PK 370

separation of God’s people from, in time of Ezra and Nehemiah PK 665-6

SDA who will be more guilty than, in day of judgment 5T 495

Solomon’s touching plea to God for PK 66

some: in more favorable condition than some persons who have received great light DA 239

learned that God of Israel was true God PK 369

more righteous than unbelieving Jews AA 416

Spirit implants grace of Christ in heart of COL 385; PK 376-7

superiority of God’s people recognized by COL 289

teach, re God through His works AA 180; CT 186

two demoniacs of Gergesa were DA 339

unenlightened, enlightened man who accepts error as compared to MM 93

God’s test of 5BC 1121

unnatural vices among PP 337-8

untaught and unsaved because Christians absorb means in fashion and display MH 287-8

wickedness of, Hebrews instructed how to train children to avoid 3T 565

without having heard God’s word, befriended missionaries DA 638

wont to kindle altar fires on hills PP 538

worship of figures or symbols of Deity by, is sin PP 306

worship of the dead by PP 684

See also Gentile; Pagan; Savage


Christ’s earthly ministry not extended to; reason UL 165:2

learn through nature UL 278:3

mixing Christ with Belial does not convert CC 200:4

reaching some who are like SW 30

worship of, adopted by Solomon after his familiarity RY 180:0

See also Non-Christian

Heathen ceremony, Heathen ceremonies

Heathen ceremony, Heathen ceremonies, incorporated into worship of Christians GC 50

Heathen classics

Heathen classics See Classics

Heathen custom, Heathen customs

Heathen custom, Heathen customs, adoption of, Israel led into apostasy by PP 603

debasing, Corinthian believers reproved for falling back into AA 303

entrance of, almost imperceptibly into church GC 49; SR 326

for removal of plague PP 587

introduced into Israel after Solomon’s apostasy FE 499

Jews adopted DA 733

Romans introduced, into Palestine MB 59

Heathen deity, Heathen deities

Heathen deity, Heathen deities, popular worship of, architecture and paintings representing AA 233

true God and, distinction between SR 382

will exhibit themselves before cities of world TM 117-8

worshiped by Jews during reign of Ahaz PK 322, 330

Heathen doctrine, Heathen doctrines

Heathen doctrine, Heathen doctrines, incorporated into faith of church GC 50, 58


Heathendom, metropolis of, Athens as AA 233

Heathen environment

Heathen environment, Christians living in, encouragement for AA 521

Heathen festival, Heathen festivals

Heathen festival, Heathen festivals, Balaam suggested seduction of Israel by PP 454, 458

national, held yearly in honor of Diana at Ephesus AA 291-2

some Israelites put to death for refusing to observe, during Babylonian captivity DA 28

Sunday as See Sunday

universal and open impurity characterized PP 338

Heathen foe, Heathen foes

Heathen foe, Heathen foes, invasion by, Israel continually exposed to PP 603

Israel oppressed by, after Babylonian captivity DA 28

Heathen god, Heathen gods

Heathen god, Heathen gods, as deified spirits of departed heroes PP 684

believed to communicate their will to men Ev 603; PP 684

God of heaven is not like PK 49

mariners’ prayers to, during storm PK 267-8

Solomon erected altars to PK 76

See also Gods

Heathen home

Heathen home, Gadarene demoniacs were from MH 98

Heathen idea, Heathen ideas

Heathen idea, Heathen ideas, religious service of Jews corrupted by, during Babylonian captivity DA 29

Heathen idol

Heathen idol See Idol

Heathen idolater

Heathen idolater See Idolater


Heathenism, Abraham grew up in midst of PP 125

ancient, spiritism and theosophy are modernized forms of DA 258

Athenian AA 233-4

Paul met AA 235, 240-1

centuries of, God’s devised plan through FE 360

Christianity and: compromise between EW 211-2; GC 50, 52, 384-5

Roman Church unites forms of GC 569

union of GC 42-3, 45; SR 322-4

Christianity corrupted by EW 211-2

church persecuted by, in first centuries EW 210-1; GC 39-40, 49, 240; SR 320, 326

church’s concession to, results of EW 211; GC 52

church’s great tribulation under, Christ foretold GC 393

conflict with, spirit manifested by God’s people in 7BC 976

conquest of church by GC 50; SR 327

converts from: Abraham won Ed 187

during Israel’s captivity PK 372

often compared to newborn children DA 171

Corinthian, gross immorality of AA 243-4

Daniel and companions refused to array themselves with PK 481

Daniel’s ordeal with, during his captivity CD 154-5; Te 191

darkness of, light of God ever shining amid DA 59

debasing sins of, some Corinthian believers lapsed into AA 300

Egyptian, Israel corrupted by long contact with Ed 34; PP 310, 363

forces of, summoned to destroy Christianity GC 39

foresaw results of gospel’s triumph GC 39

foulest and most debasing, Canaanites given to PP 492

Gibeonites renounced, and united with Israel PK 369

God’s character misrepresented by GC 569

grossest form of, Baal worship as PK 114

imperial Rome’s, little communities of slaves and peasants in conflict with COL 78

in Britain under Saxon domination GC 62

in professed Christian churches DA 258

invention of, which Rome named purgatory GC 58-9

Israel influenced by, after settlement in Canaan Ed 45

life amid, Colossian Christians endangered by influences of AA 473

many souls reclaimed from, in Elisha’s time PK 259

midnight of, experiment that God permitted men to make during FE 196-7

mingled with Christianity in great apostasy EW 210-2

most degrading, Canaan’s posterity descended to PP 118

penetration of, into Christian church EW 211; GC 50-2; SR 322-4

prevailing religion of Roman empire during first centuries GC 438

principle borrowed from, Caiaphas advocated DA 540

provision made for all who would renounce, to connect with Israel COL 290; PK 19; PP 507

revival of, during Manasseh’s reign PK 381

Roman, gave place to papacy in sixth century GC 54-5, 438-9; SR 330-1

Roman Catholicism borrowed theory of immortality of soul from GC 549

Satan used, to turn men from God DA 35

seeming triumph of, in Judah during reign of Ahaz PK 330

teaches men to: appease God by sacrifices MB 74

look upon God as malign deity to be feared MB 74

worship of the dead in PP 684

Heathen king, Heathen kings

Heathen king, Heathen kings, God moved upon, to help Nehemiah TM 201

pomp and display of, Israel attracted by PP 603

Heathen land, Heathen lands

Heathen land, Heathen lands, Elijah was provided refuge in DA 238

firmament of chosen ones in, God has in reserve PK 189

gospel work in, missionaries need more help for 6T 27

honest in heart in, God’s plan for PK 378

how to multiply gospel workers in, a thousandfold SC 81

intoxicating liquor in, before missionaries arrived MH 339

Israelite exiles persecuted in DA 28

Israelites scattered throughout, during Babylonian captivity DA 28

Joseph as slave witnessed for God in PP 332

light is reaching even to 4T 595

Magi came from, to worship Christ DA 65

med. missionaries in, women needed as MH 146; MM 246

med. missionaries must be sent to MM 199

miss. groups in, likened by Isaiah to ensigns PK 375-6

pioneer missionaries sent to, noble efforts of AA 598

preaching of gospel in, duty of persons who cannot personally engage in SC 81

refuge provided in, for Mary and child DA 65

school in Australasia needs to extend its influence to 6T 473

women missionaries in CH 389; MH 146; MM 246

Heathen merchant, Heathen merchants

Heathen merchant, Heathen merchants, Israel induced by, to trade on Sabbath PK 671-3

Heathen mind, Heathen minds

Heathen mind, Heathen minds, darkened, operation of God’s grace on SD 364

Heathen nation, Heathen nations

Heathen nation, Heathen nations, alliance with, Solomon led into apostasy by Ed 49

ancient, corrupt fruit borne by tree of COL 285

civilized people force upon, use of tobacco, intoxicating liquor, and opium MH 339

David appointed by God to destroy PP 673

God and His people reproached by, because of Israel’s long stay in wilderness PP 486; 4T 158

God’s purpose for Israel re COL 290; PK 19

gospel workers for darker, institutions needed to train 6T 25

great teachers in every DA 478

how Israel’s deliverance from Egypt affected PP 319, 369, 483, 492, 583, 588

human sacrifices offered by GC 569; PP 337

Israel was to represent God’s character to COL 285

Israel’s bondage to, cause of DA 106

Israel’s subjection by, why God permitted 3BC 1138

religious systems in every DA 478

Satan influenced, to destroy Israel PK 587-8; 5T 473; 9T 231

Satan led, to offer human sacrifices GC 569

Satan moved upon, to destroy Israel PK 583

some, will eagerly accept knowledge of God CT 531

why civilized people are hated by MH 339

why God used Israel to destroy COL 290; PK 19; PP 434, 492, 629, 673

wickedness of, how Hebrew children were to be taught to shun FE 141

Heathen neighbor, Heathen neighbors

Heathen neighbor, Heathen neighbors, idolatry of, God’s people forbidden to participate in PP 685

Heathen nobleman

Heathen nobleman, Naaman was PK 253

Heathen philosophy

Heathen philosophy See Philosophy

Heathen power

Heathen power, greater and still greater parade of, near close of time TM 117

Heathen practice, Heathen practices

Heathen practice, Heathen practices, abominable, Israel’s duty re 2BC 998

Abraham’s descendants disposed to adopt PP 363

conformity to, early church led into apostasy by GC 384

corrupt, Christians warned against AA 306

iniquitous, why Israel adopted PP 370

Israel allured into, by music, dancing, and beautiful women PP 454

Jews’ religious service corrupted by, during Babylonian captivity DA 29

judgments of God upon GC 585

sensual, Jews looked with horror upon MB 59

Heathen priest, Heathen priests

Heathen priest, Heathen priests, income of, preaching of gospel at Ephesus affected AA 295

pomp and pride of, apostate Christianity adopted GC 49

Heathen priesthood

Heathen priesthood, sacrificed to sun, moon, and stars PK 115

Heathen princess, Heathen princesses

Heathen princess, Heathen princesses, Solomon’s marriage with FE 498-9

Heathen religion, Heathen religions

Heathen religion, Heathen religions, foundation of, principle that man can save himself by works lay at DA 35

violation of sixth commandment made part of PP 337

worship of the dead in PP 684

Heathen rite, Heathen rites

Heathen rite, Heathen rites, degrading, practiced on Mt. of Olives in Solomon’s time PK 57

degrading and cruel, Solomon’s wives taught to practice PK 56

idolatrous mothers brought children up to observe PK 59

licentious and abominable, made part of religion PP 337

seductive, influence of PK 481

sincere observers of, learned from Hebrews meaning of divinely appointed service DA 28

Heathen sacrificial system, Heathen sacrificial systems

Heathen sacrificial system, Heathen sacrificial systems, were perversion of system appointed by God DA 28

wholly unacceptable to God DA 469

Heathen sentiment, Heathen sentiments

Heathen sentiment, Heathen sentiments, books expressing, youth injured by CT 26; FE 168

do not present, in SDA educational institutions CT 26; FE 168

students in SDA schools should not be presented with FE 174-5

Heathen shrine, Heathen shrines

Heathen shrine, Heathen shrines, Solomon built, on Mt. of Olives 3BC 1165; PK 57, 402-5

Heathen superstition

Heathen superstition, incorporated into Christian worship GC 50

re Creator PK 49

Heathen system, Heathen systems

Heathen system, Heathen systems, communion with the dead in Ev 603; PP 684

deification of the dead in Ev 603; PP 684

losing hold on people when Christ was born DA 32

Heathen teacher, Heathen teachers

Heathen teacher, Heathen teachers, Christ’s disciples not instructed by FE 468

Heathen temple, Heathen temples

Heathen temple, Heathen temples, of Tyre and Sidon DA 399 See also Temple

Heathen territory

Heathen territory, Paul’s energies given chiefly to building up God’s kingdom in AA 175

Heathen tradition, Heathen traditions

Heathen tradition, Heathen traditions, adoption of, God’s efforts to safeguard Israel against PP 364

Heathen tribe, Heathen tribes

Heathen tribe, Heathen tribes, jealousy of, toward Jews in Nehemiah’s time PK 635-45

Heathen wife, Heathen wives

Heathen wife, Heathen wives, Ishmael’s experience with PP 174

Solomon led into idolatry by 2BC 1025; PK 54-7

Heathen woman, Heathen women

Heathen woman, Heathen women, Rahab’s conversion as PK 369

sustained Elijah 3T 274

Syrophoenician, Christ’s manner of dealing with DA 399-402

wiles of, men victorious in battle were overcome by PP 454

Heathen world

Heathen world, God exalted and honored throughout, in Jonah’s time PK 271

Heathen worship

Heathen worship, licentious and abominable rites as part of PP 337

mysteries of, secret association and séances today replace PK 210

objects of, changed to images of Christ and Mary EW 211

changed to images of saints EW 211

Paul delivered telling blow against, in Ephesus AA 292

relics of, God commanded Israel to destroy 2BC 996

seductive rites of, influence of PK 481

works of art in, beautiful and expensive 2BC 996

Heathen writer, Heathen writers

Heathen writer, Heathen writers, works of: dangerous in SDA schools CT 26-7

do not wade through mass of error in FE 167

some thoughts of elevating character contained in FE 174-5

warning against study of 8T 306


Heaven, aged persons should be ripening up for 1T 423-4

all, in activity 6T 433

all is harmony, peace, and love in 1T 706

all is health, happiness, and joy in 2T 81

all is love and unity in 4T 224

all is purity, holiness, peace, and blessedness in 8T 131

all persons in, will seek happiness of heavenly beings around them 2T 132-3

arduous struggle for, is lifelong struggle 5T 412-3

ascension of the redeemed to EW 16-7, 35, 287-8; GC 645-6; LS 66-7; 2SG 33-4; 1T 60-1

atmosphere of, is purity itself 2T 265

attained by all who comply with conditions 4T 625

bank of See Bank

beauties of, shown in vision to EGW 1T 123-4

begins on earth SD 112; 7T 131

as men enter into rest through Christ DA 331

for the redeemed SD 361

Book given to guide men to 1T 125

books of See Books

ceaseless approaching to God through Christ is DA 331

character defiled by foul blot of selfishness cannot enter CS 22

cheap enough EW 67; 3T 338

if you resign every selfish interest to obtain it 4T 218

whatever the sacrifice made to obtain it 2T 73

Christ’s death made, accessible to man PP 69

Christ’s presence is 7BC 989

Christian life on earth is beginning of life in Ed 307

Christian should have, in church here below 8T 193

Christian’s, this world is not 2T 430

clean and holy place 1BC 1119

do not go groaning and complaining on way to SD 116

doctrine that the righteous go at death to, not supported by Scriptures GC 549-50

each person has, to win and hell to shun CD 328; CT 414; DA 636; Ev 530; FE 355; 1SM 96; 5T 365, 506

each person may not choose his own way to DA 663

earth is fitting-up place for 1T 706; 2T 187, 430

enlisted on side of true Christian TM 440-1

erroneous idea of what constitutes CG 353-4

everything connected with, is perfect order PP 376

felt effects of Satan’s rebellion SC 33

fitness for, labor earnestly to obtain 2T 430

foretaste of, given to the humble in heart CW 81

here man may have a 3BC 1147; SD 311

full of joy 7T 244

Garden of Eden was, in miniature 1BC 1082

gate of, house of God on earth is 5T 491

glorious rest to the weary and heavy-laden CG 354

glory and peace of, well known to Satan DA 115-6

glory(s) of, human language inadequate to describe EW 39, 289

mortal lips cannot describe 8T 131

God cannot carry men to, unless they make necessary effort on their part 5T 345

God is all in all in 5T 745

God takes to, only persons first made saints on earth ML 273

golden gates of 4T 418

good place EW 40

grand meeting place 9T 197

happiness of, Christian may have experience giving foretaste of FE 234

helps him who is willing to help himself 4T 339

higher trust of, selfish use of riches unfits steward of means for 6T 391

highest, God dwells in PK 67

holy state of perfection ever exists in GC 542; 2T 266

how man closes door of, to himself 4T 346

how to have a little, here below SD 268

if your treasure is in, your heart will be there too 2T 59

imperiled, for man’s redemption COL 196

interested in: gospel work in distant lands 6T 459

gospel work on earth 5T 573; 6T 457

man’s salvation 1T 124; 5T 467; 6T 63

is a school Ed 301

is all health 1T 556; 3T 172

is Christian’s home CT 455; 2SM 232

is home to which God’s people are going 8T 175

is in men’s hearts when they are fitted for heaven DA 641

joy in, while Christ rested in grave on Sabbath DA 769

joys of, described 2T 266

love and friendship that are foretaste of MH 360

law of, order and cleanliness are 4T 142

life in, erroneous ideas of GC 545

life of rebellion unfits a person for GC 543

limited view of, persons who have 2T 258

live for 2T 430

loss of, means loss of everything SD 365; 2T 88; 4T 337

made eternally secure against Satan DA 490

make, below in which to prepare for heaven above SD 112; 7T 131

man can make sure of, through Christ alone 8T 131

men can reach, only through faith 4T 27

men do not go to, immediately after death GC 550

men need to learn what it is to have, in heart FE 179

moral fitness for, now is time to obtain 4T 367

music in See Music

new concept of, held by apostles 6BC 1054

no halting place this side of 5T 308

no jar or discord in 2T 81

no person can afford to lose 5T 568

no rough or unkind person will be found in 8T 140

no time to prepare for, persons who have 1T 132

not a place of inaction CG 353-4

not closed against fervent prayers of the righteous 5T 161

not desirable to the carnal-minded AA 273

not obtained without earnest persevering effort 3T 338

not possible for man to drift into COL 280

of inactivity, disappointment of persons who look for CT 280

order in, persons who would have no respect for 4T 429

pain cannot exist in atmosphere of GC 676; 9T 286

parents are to help children form characters for CG 170

parents will meet and know children in CG 566

peace of See Peace

people looking wistfully to, all over world AA 109

people who think they can go to, as independent company and alone 1T 229

people who would not enjoy being in COL 364-5

perfect harmony with God in, nothing can mar ML 293

perfect order in PP 376; 4T 199, 429

person cherishing worldly thoughts cannot enter 1T 124-5

person indulging and fostering sin cannot go to 4T 346

person partaking of Christ’s sufferings is only one who can enjoy 1T 155

person who enters, must have character without spot or wrinkle MYP 144

will love order and respect discipline 4T 429

person who must go to, alone 1T 215

persons who have, in their hearts COL 421

persons who would mar, if they were to dwell there 1T 155

persons whom it would not be safe to take to COL 280

place of interested activity CG 354

preparation for, home on earth should be MH 363

home should be school where children receive 6T 354

preparation for home in, must be wrought out in this life CH 633

price of, Christ is DA 385

principles of: in social and business dealings reveal CT 58

must be practiced by Christians here below 9T 197

selfish principles exercised on earth are not CS 133

should be made paramount in life FE 544

pure and holy CH 103

reached by linking soul with Christ 6T 148

records of See Records

redeemed shall know each other in ML 353

redeemed will be qualified to do work of, when in heaven 3T 80

redeemed will continually improve in COL 332

redeemed will not have to contend against sin and Satan in CG 354

remember that this earth is not 8T 127

rest of, promised to weary and heavy-laden CT 280

saints in, men must first be saints in earth in order to be ML 273; TM 145

sanctuary in See Sanctuary

Satan’s hardness of heart made him unfit for TM 152

Satan’s rebellion in See Satan

sinners would be exceedingly miserable in EW 221; GC 542-3

spirit of, persons who cannot have 3T 381

spirit of Christ’s self-sacrificing love is 3T 381

spirit of liberality is AA 339

will dwell in Christian’s heart here 5T 745

spirit of unselfish love reigns in SC 17

steps to, must be taken one at a time CT 100

strive earnestly to reach FE 137

sweetest type of, home where Spirit presides is AH 15

symbol of, home on earth should be MH 363

that many people seek to make for themselves PP 124

there are not many ways to DA 663

there is, to gain and perdition to shun 5T 365, 506

things not found in 1T 706

third, Paul caught up in vision to AA 206; SL 95

this world is all, that some people will have 2T 100

this world is not MM 212; 8T 127

to be at home in, men must have heaven enshrined in heart 4T 442

to gain, is to gain everything 2T 88

to win, and hell to shun CD 328; CT 414; DA 636; 1SM 96

treasure laid up in See Treasures

trying to climb up to, by other than narrow way 1T 131

way to, consecrated by Christ’s footprints GC 633

is rugged SD 352

when, begins here on earth DA 331

wicked people are shut out from, by their own unfitness COL 413; GC 543

words and works that will savor of 3T 65

work constantly being done in AH 287

work of, never ceases DA 207

worldly business will not be carried on in 5T 276

worth lifelong, persevering, untiring effort 4T 38, 259

years of probation given to men to form characters for GC 542-3

See also New earth; New Jerusalem

Heaven (God and/or the inhabitants of heaven)

Heaven (God and/or the inhabitants of heaven)

all, exhausted in the gift of Christ OHC 12:3

appeal of, calls for a decision OHC 44:4

business transactions not endorsed by, influenced by Satan OHC 226:4

Christ sets in operation, in our behalf; agencies HP 61:6

claims of God and, presented by Christ OHC 286:4

commendation of, given to humble follower of Christ TMK 234:6

communicates with universe in variety of channels UL 23:3

communication with, through angels at the end of time FLB 340:4

communion with,

by life of praise TMK 322:4

may be hourly OHC 143:4

we may have hourly TMK 140:4

conflict between good and evil watched by HP 361:4

connection with,

important in this solemn time HP 145:3

interrupted by frozen prayer channel TDG 277:4

true religion reveals RC 346:4

conquering by cooperation with TDG 247:5


of, with humble workers TDG 227:5

with, for success; agencies 2MCP 760:3

enlightenment from, received by the humble in heart TMK 124:3

favor with, when accepted by Christ 3SM 191:2

insulted when we refuse robe of righteousness OHC 264:3

interest of,

in Christ’s coming to earth TDG 360:3

in humanity and desires our salvation OHC 321:4

in humans who have no thought of the unseen UL 84:2

in our welfare, so anxiety is wrong TDG 42:4

in people God gave His Son for HP 195:5

message of, received and voiced by contrite ones TMK 337:3

moved by prayer RC 159:6

notices one carrying atmosphere of peace and love OHC 234:6

partnership of, with those submitting to Christ TMK 123:2

ready to help people become what God would have them RC 296:3

seek approbation of, while mercy lingers RC 57:5

settle accounts with HP 305:6

soul charmed by, as attention is fixed on heavenly gates TDG 212:5

standard set by, self insufficient for gaining RC 55:6

strength of, at command of believer HP 176:5

unites with instrumentalities of earth to communicate lit TDG 342:5

waits for channels through which to refresh souls RC 102:5

watched the struggle on this earth HP 11:3


our daily actions HP 101:4

our reaction to temptation TMK 276:2

the church develop in the science of salvation OHC 172:4

workers united with TDG 320:2

yearns over weary souls RC 254:4

Heaven (place)

Heaven (place)

abilities and graces taken to AG 60:4

absent from, description of those who will be FLB 370:4

Adam’s sin filled, with sorrow TMK 18:3

advancement toward, neglected; so not prepared for light OHC 62:2

affections of Ellen White in, longing to see the King RC 350:6

air of, needed constantly TMK 290:5

anticipation at each stage of knowledge in, less than reality UL 151:4

appreciation for,

after affliction and disappointment OHC 158:5

developed in this life HP 160:3

only by spiritual mind HP 366:3

armies of, deliver one desiring to overcome FW 93:1

art of humans cannot represent PM 219:5

astonishment of, at Christ’s reception in the world HP 44:2

atmosphere around considerate ones is fragrant with TMK 185:6

atmosphere of,

breathe into the church 3SM 19:1

brought by those who pray in secret OHC 130:4

Christ wants to encircle each of us with HP 113:6

in the soul increases strength TDG 25:5

sanctification of soul, body and spirit brings 3SM 200:5

spiritual power from breathing TMK 257:4


meek UL 46:5

righteous believers UL 123:6

those who walk and work with God HP 240:6

to surround us UL 374:7

wrathful words may hurt one struggling for TDG 238:7

attractions of,

no time now to turn from TMK 352:3

seen as Israelites saw Canaan TMK 169:4

turned to when Christ is first HP 310:5

beauty of,

impossible to describe; home Mar 351:6

lost to mind focusing on earth OHC 200:4

before us without strife Mar 317:5

begins on earth,

for the faithful AG 60:4

for those entering mansions above OHC 368:4

for those tender to one another HP 287:5

better than Canaan; we must not turn back TMK 169:4

books of,

actions recorded in; character building continues FW 43:3

all must meet TMK 234:5

begin new year with clean pages in OHC 7

careless employee registered as unfaithful in TMK 93:4

determine to be marked an overcomer in UL 47:6

Ellen White read record in, of one counseled LYL 68:1

every word, act and thought recorded in UL 138:5

histories written in, guarded from prying eyes TDG 144:4

impatient and passionate words recorded in HP 99:4

impulses of the Holy Spirit noted in RC 257:6

let your name be enrolled in; records OHC 219:5

lives accurately traced in TMK 93:2

record of every unfair dealing in Mar 340:6

retain sins unrepented of and unconfessed TMK 359:4

sin blotted out of, in the judgment RC 62:6

smallest offenses are in LHU 158:5

testimonies vindicating Christ are recorded in OHC 168:5

those registered as holy in FLB 140:2

unkind words and selfish acts recorded in Mar 39:3

unlawful gain recorded as fraud in HP 84:2

words of praise and thanksgiving recorded in OHC 168:3

See also Heaven, record in; Book of life; Providence, volume of; Record

bread from,

live on, rather than tasting it occasionally 2MCP 783:2

received by studying the Word FLB 22:2

studying Word is like eating RC 128:3

See also Manna

breath from, souls drawn out after TDG 27:2

breathing the atmosphere/fragrance of, UL 15:3

avoids malaria of the world OHC 285:5

through the promises TMK 213:3


as much as possible of, into this life UL 306:5

into life; educate families TDG 271:3

it must begin here TDG 122:5

brotherhood of all as strangers bound for HP 288:3

capacity for enjoyment of, lost by misdemeanors here TDG 350:3

chain of, golden links of, connected finite with infinite RC 143:4

challenge to win the battle to gain HP 354:2


needed for, to be found out TMK 169:2

preparation for,

like God in the life LHU 301:4

perfect LHU 346:4

wash robes now RY 156:2

taken to, with heavenly elements received here RC 303:6

tested here for HP 227:5

cheap enough, OHC 288:6; UL 109:5

at any cost Con 78:1

counsel to leave rebellious boyfriend LYL 55:0

cheerfulness in the way to, knowing Christ went before us RC 350:2

cherish nothing you cannot take to TMK 290:5


and redeemed entering HP 332:5

ascended to, bearing a sanctified humanity HP 13:4

brings, with its possessions, to our view OHC 286:4

calls the attention to, correcting value system OHC 285:4

comes to present, making it familiar to thoughts OHC 286:2

died that we might possess TMK 203:2

explains His word in HP 33:6

hastened to, to perfect His work and send Spirit TDG 341:2

Himself will lead white robed ones in OHC 12:5

is the Angel standing in the sun of 3SM 169:2

is the brightness of OHC 61:4

is the door to, by faith FW 25:2

leads saints to living waters in HP 369:3

left, at high cost HP 13:3

left splendor/command in, for us OHC 17:2; TMK 83:3

marked out the way to HP 53:2


before humanity HP 39:4

path to, at great cost to Himself RC 114:5

way to, at great personal cost HP 142:3

presents, as first in importance OHC 285:2

reflected by those nearest to CME 27:0

regained, by bearing the test Adam failed FW 89:0

teaches us in, we could have learned here OHC 62:2


(halfhearted) cannot enter TDG 145:2

in, not halfhearted UL 197:2

(professed) will never reach OHC 82:6

(professed) would spoil UL 257:3

Christlikeness needed to enter OHC 338:2

Christ’s birth celebrated in; Satan had deceived people LHU 373

church in, prepared for by singing and preaching here VSS 432:3

citizenship in,

law of God is standard of character for 1MCP 189:0

obedience is qualification for TMK 353:4

city of solemnities 2MCP 462:2

cleansed for, by the Holy Spirit as Bread of life is received TMK 106:2

climbing ladder described by Peter gives entrance to RC 295:6


by appetite and moral pollution TDG 123:5

by Jewish teachers to those who had not learned in their schools TMK 114:3

closeness of, shown at Christ’s baptism Con 29

colored and whites have the same SW 55:2

commandment breakers may not enter; Satan was cast out FW 29:1

commandment keepers,

have the interest of FW 59:1

responsible to show steps to HP 263:4

will have; it is worth effort LHU 152:5

communion of,

begins on earth—we learn its keynote HP 94:7

preparation for, is heaven in your heart OHC 367:4

companions in, overcomers not the vile of earth OHC 39:3

companionship of Christ in, depends on closeness here TMK 119:5

conflict and trials before entering LHU 239:2


with earth by Christ 3SM 140:3

with human minds by Scripture study 1MCP 98:1

connection with, needed for our hearts to reflect light TDG 98:3

consider effort required to secure TDG 48:6

contemplation of, See Heaven, thoughts of

contrite trusting soul with sense of unworthiness gains UL 367:4

controversy begun in, continued on the earth RC 58:2

conversation on,

and life to have more of it TMK 119:3

would make criticism lose attraction TMK 187:3

cost of, death of self and conformity with God’s will HP 155:4

council(s) of,

amazement of repentant sinner about plans made in OHC 78:3

creation of humans decided in 3SM 133:1

predictions given prophets, to fulfill TDG 368:2

provision for salvation made in OHC 78:2

watching to see professed believers witness TDG 51:4

courtesy is an attribute of HP 180:2; RC 306:6

courts of, Christ enters, accompanied by the redeemed Mar 39:5

crown in, for the brow of warriors OHC 82:6

daily advancement toward RC 159:3

desire for,

expelled by mind filled with sensual things FW 92:1

instead of amusements OHC 284:2

determination to attain,

at any cost FLB 363:6; TDG 320:6

required FLB 365:2

direct minds toward, instead of to gloomy feelings OHC 312:3

disaffection in,

started by Satan UL 114:3

would be worse than before if justice were extinct Mar 326:5

dwell on cheery scenes of; assimilate happiness 2MCP 491:1

earth and, parents to remember the One who made TDG 86:2

earth is the place to prepare for UL 311:6

earthly becomes less attractive when we contemplate HP 127:3

easy way to, if without self-denial and cross OHC 288:6

elements of, imparted to character RC 303:6

Ellen White shown glory of FLB 364:2

employment certain in OHC 223:4

enrollment in records of TMK 59:2

entrance into / reaching,

by climbing the ladder of 2 Peter 1 OHC 75:2

by door with Christ’s words and works TDG 266:3

by fastening to Christ straining every nerve OHC 75:3

by more than zealous active workers TMK 123:3

by those in whom Christ is exemplified AG 66:2

Christ must take away our sins before TDG 301:6

not alone; God is preparing a people TDG 295:5

not secured by name on church books AG 249:3

only by self-sacrifice OHC 189:5

only in becoming like Christ in character OHC 72:3


being laborer with God; work for PM 285:2

enjoying communion with God here HP 161:3

feeding on God’s word AG 251:6

oneness with Christ and others UL 141:5


highway or ladder OHC 66:5

merits of Christ TMK 79:3

merits of the cross AG 179:2

envious and jealous spirit must be changed to enter OHC 234:2

essential understanding of, opened by the Great Revealer HP 366:2

evil will not be in; it must be put aside here 3SM 155:4

faces set constantly toward HP 263:5

failure to secure, if we follow our own criterion OHC 138:3

faith for victory over sin needed to enter 3SM 360:4

faith unlocks the storehouse of TMK 7:5

family in,

copying excellencies of HP 165:4

daily preparing to unite with HP 227:5

families on earth to be samples of 2MCP 599:3

human family to help, in binding wounds of sin HP 102:3

interested in families here below HP 99:3

mysteries will be unfolded when we compose TMK 365:4

name of Father and city borne by TMK 103:5

one cultivating good may at last join TMK 278:4

fantasy about family in, with another woman TSB 200:1

fastening the mind on things of TDG 367:4

favor of, not always seen HP 271:2

filled with songs of praise by angels and redeemed HP 371:4

firmer hold on, increases power for usefulness in world TDG 94:4

fitness for,

days lost in acquiring, is an eternal loss TDG 350:3

gained now HP 365:3

gained only by conforming to Word of God OHC 338:2

if translated today Mar 98

needed for its society TMK 169:2

taught by Christ UL 229:3

to be obtained in this world OHC 79:6

freedom and joy in HP 280:6

Friend in, disciples joyful to realize that they had AG 49:5

friends in, will have perfect characters HP 367:2

gate(s) of,

left open by Christ AG 83:3

opened to believers through Christ OHC 54:2

sincere worship makes house of worship the HP 288:4

gift from Christ LDE 283

gifts of, cut off when not appreciated TMK 326:2

glimpses of, more distinct RC 220:3

glories of,

almost visible on other shore TMK 352:3

indescribable LDE 283

not visible to disciples at ascension AG 49:4

seen only by faith HP 366:4

soul flooded with HP 247:7

starlit sky testifies of FLB 26:4

surpasses the imagination HP 366:3

goal of treasure in, lifts above worldly influences OHC 195:2


adopts humanity in His Son and will carry it to TMK 19:2

gave all, with the sacrifice of Jesus TDG 183:7

wants us in UL 30:3

God’s glory floods threshold of UL 107:6

goods of, given to all the human family as moral agents OHC 289:3

government of, Christ died to bring us into harmony with AG 79:2

gratitude for OHC 10:5

greater than expectation LHU 348:2

guide needed for traveling the road to OHC 16:2

guidebook to, neglected by some AG 251:5

happiness in,

depends on improvement made here CC 248:5

found by conformity to God’s will AG 60:4

greater as we bring in more of it now TDG 122:5

if only Christ were there TMK 95:3

harmony in/of,

heard by spiritual ear HP 366:3

love required for each other if we expect 2MCP 426:4

harmony with,

by contemplating eternal things TMK 197:5

required in our testimony TMK 191:5

health reform light helps in preparation for CME 46:2

heart sealed with the divine image by contemplation of HP 36:5

hearts must have, for receiving a place among redeemed TDG 320:5

heirs of HP 286:5

help of, against sin, in vain without personal effort OHC 218:4

helping others climb toward HP 260:6

here to go to heaven in HP 30:3

(Holiest), cloud with Jesus takes days to arrive from Mar 287:8


life to be made like HP 211:4

may be a symbol of HP 203:5

home in,

attention drawn to, as if by angels FLB 248:3

for those who live life of prayer and faith TDG 155:3

forget annoyances by thinking of UL 15:3


for better life in; give God something better here UL 151:6

of, founded on God’s Word HP 106:2

hurry to ripen for OHC 338:5

importance of, compared to this world HP 307:3

important to know how to gain TDG 112:2

influence in harmony with, weakest child of God may exert TMK 270:4

influences of,

brought to homes with love and peace HP 99:6

Christ is ready to impart TMK 57:3

inhabitants of, perfect; God’s will is their delight 2MCP 384:3

intelligences of, See Intelligences, heavenly

invitation to enter, joy of hearing HP 368:5

join with, in praise being holy in our sphere FW 79:2

journey to, Satan tries to hinder UL 256:3

joys of,

gloom misrepresents Christian religion 2MCP 758:4

mirthful will mourn because not fitted for HP 245:3

rather than amusements OHC 284:2

when we have been filled with power HP 368:5

just next door; open the door heavenward TDG 11:5

kingdom of, See God, kingdom of

knowing whether we are on the path to FLB 365:2; HP 263:3

labors of, united in lifting the human race FW 71:4

lack of diligence in securing a title to OHC 44:4

ladder to,

climbing required to appreciate God’s glory OHC 68:5

draws away from worldly influences OHC 71:4

let down in everyone’s path OHC 11:4

set up on earth to climb city walls OHC 75:4

language of,

formed in this world TDG 96:2

learned by obedient UL 297:3

used by those who are translated into it VSS 20:2

law of God,

broken here would also be in FW 43:2

shows character traits unsuitable for UL 105:2

laws of,

God brings willing mind into harmony with TDG 355:2

is receiving to impart HP 317:5

merciful, kind, tender, uplifting FLB 84:4

progression, not stagnation HP 183:4

trials are test of loyalty to Mar 110:5

learning in this world how to conduct yourself in RC 28:6

ledger of, little duties faithfully done are entered in OHC 264:6


in preparation for: self-sacrifice, self-control FW 86:3

to learn in, from Christ UL 204:5


advancement here determines place assigned in UL 248:5

drawing others toward UL 32:3

here may have, with sunshine at every step LHU 185:2

humble, reveals you as heir of TMK 165:3

light from,

accompanies those who go to homes; it remains PM 312:2

Christ’s graces were TDG 275:2

filling hearts morning, noon and night HP 275:6

fills soul directed heavenward TMK 222:4

flows into heart TMK 361:4

if wanted; from threshold 3SM 336:2

in the soul will be reflected OHC 243:4

makes earthly things insignificant AG 251:4

on those praying to resist temptation HP 26:5

on those who give up all for Christ UL 267:3

privilege to stand in; thus Enoch walked with God 1MCP 245:1

Satan would eclipse; we need not talk of that FW 75:3

seen amid corruption and defilement 1MCP 21:2

shed through kind Christians to others RC 306:2

shines for followers of Christ FW 60:5

walking in, in dark earth HP 366:4

we may stand in AG 304:3

likeness to Christ on earth means being with Him in FLB 151:5

links to, all seemed broken after the fall OHC 66:3


connection with, defense of God’s people HP 348:4

for Christ rather than own pleasure prepares for HP 285:4

water drunk by contemplation of HP 36:5

longing to see, with angels and King HP 95:5

look by faith to, and lose sight of earthly trials TDG 155:3

looking toward, to catch beams of Sun of Righteous OHC 285:5

loss of,

by Adam and won back by Christ’s obedience FW 88:3

by indulgence Con 79:1

by little departures TDG 27:4

for earthly gain HP 305:4


at Pentecost adored by TMK 344:4

of Christ makes LHU 248:5

language fails us 1MCP 251:2

of God in Christ is science and song of HP 222:3

required to attain OHC 73:3

loveliness of, to shine forth from us HP 315:4

made for humans HP 29:5

mansions of, See Mansions, heavenly

marriage love is foretaste of HP 202:3


on glories of LHU 238:5

on themes of OHC 113:5

for spiritual growth 2MCP 406:1

meeting in, ones we directed to Christ on earth RC 257:8


invites to, while justice demands holiness Mar 326:4

permits reaching UL 43:6

message of, held in trust for the world HP 317:2


directed to, change heart AG 251:4

grow weary in effort to comprehend HP 368:3

kept on, FW 79:1; 1MCP 104:2

not too much RY 156:1

See Heaven, thoughts of

seeking, dwell on God’s goodness UL 325:5

trained to dwell on things of TDG 261:4

turned from, to be chained to the world HP 308:2

with trifling thoughts have no place for TDG 10:5

mistakes supposed unimportant are offensive to TMK 237:3

mold of, to be received RC 206:2

music in,

as we touch our harps Mar 317:6

with every act of justice, mercy and love TMK 335:3


of, Bible sheds light on RC 163:8

of life explained in OHC 318:3

of, sought in vain HP 366:2

mystery of God’s glory to be revealed to those in LHU 291:4

narrow cross-bearing way in reaching LHU 245:3

near those intent on perfection during sanctuary cleansing RC 296:6

nearness of,

impatience at the thought of RC 350:6

to earth OHC 23:2

no tears, temptations, trials, losses, reproaches in HP 36:5

nobility of, fitting for, in this world TDG 137:7


compelled to walk the path to OHC 11:4

go alone to UL 300:6

nothing must keep us from UL 329:3

now is time to prepare for UL 75:2


implicit, fits for HP 155:2

shows trustworthiness for FLB 114:2

occupations of, Christ trains fallen men for HP 282:2


don’t open gates of AG 179:2

not given by Cornelius to gain HP 306:3


for those purified through obedience to truth TDG 315:5

one way to UL 141:4


to humans; God will do for us what He did for Jacob TDG 323:5

to our prayers—channel for gratitude and yearnings TDG 277:4

opened by Christ so that believers need not die OHC 118:3

opportunities used determine entrance into AG 249:3


and cleanliness in, so we need those qualities OHC 230:4

and neatness of, to be copied TDG 331:2

is the law of, and should be law of God’s people CET 195:3

overcomer sees UL 32:2

parents to learn and teach children preparation for HP 209:4

peace, happiness and joy of, we know little of HP 61:3

peaceful spirit shows connection with HP 35:5


are objects of the interest of Mar 229:5

cannot be towed to, but must work with God OHC 310:2

of God to reflect light and joy of HP 321:6

pilgrims and strangers of earth soon to reach TMK 274:3

place in, not purchased by offerings OHC 118:2


of, Christ trains fallen men for HP 282:2

of the world leave no time to think of RC 247:4

Powers of, work with one given unreservedly to God HP 176:5

praise will make arches of, ring; let them ring here too FW 79:0

prayer moves HP 75:6

precepts of, See Law of God

preparation for,

daily OHC 102:2

heaven in the heart is AG 358:3

important; readiness HP 356

in heaven of tenderness below HP 287:5

learning meekness, loyalty and obedience UL 192:6

necessary for entrance to higher school HP 365:3

neglected TMK 321:3

our all-important work TMK 169:3

preparing others for is UL 202:7

promised on taking the name Christian HP 286:4

requires conformity to God’s law UL 105:3

showing what all must be TDG 137:7

shown by being pure and clean and holy TDG 331:6

studying experience in the wilderness TDG 77:4

too late when judgments of God fall PM 178:1

when coming to Christ TDG 101:4

preparation to live in TMK 363:5

presence or absence of people in, wonder of seeing FLB 370:4

price of, John 17:3 cited as; we must educate accordingly 1MCP 53:2

pride and love of the world lose power as we consider 1MCP 68:3

principles of,

accepted through the gift of Christ AG 249:4

advanced by early Christians UL 158:3

children to be taught 3SM 209:2

Christian to represent TDG 281:3

make Christians an honor to the gospel TDG 352:5

many with light from Christ do not live by TDG 311:2

not known by halfhearted Christians TDG 145:2

probation granted to form character for TMK 233:4

purchased for all and title claimed by obedience TMK 203:3

pure current that circulates in, not appreciated by some FLB 365:3

reality of, LDE 285

lost when mind centers on earth TMK 223:3

seen by faith; claim help against sin LHU 280:5

rebellion in,

began all human misery UL 114:4

from Satan’s desire to be center of influence RC 51:5

law would have been changed to save, if possible TMK 289:2

rebellion in; Satan claimed place above Christ TDG 256:4

spirit of, at work in our churches UL 114:6

spirit of, cherished by institution workers PM 71:1

teaches that all are amenable to God TDG 128:4

See Heaven, war in

rebels will not enter TDG 320:4

record in,

effaced only by Christ’s blood Mar 340:2

never fret or scold to have clean TDG 374:5

of actions, you will meet TDG 243:3

See also Heaven, books of

redeemed enter, by invitation not as beggars TMK 364:5

redemption is a training process for RC 251:6

refusing, while professing righteousness UL 196:6

representations of, blundered by talented people TDG 103:4

reproach and persecution have separated many from TMK 275:2

requirements for,

change in tastes, inclinations, etc. 3SM 191:0

shown UL 341:3

requirements of God would be viewed in, as they are here PM 112:0

resources of,

at our command UL 173:2

limitless and at our command HP 327:2

placed at command of new Christian OHC 157:5

responding strain in, when sympathy and help given TMK 335:3

rest in, for the weary who have been preparing for it OHC 82:6

review taking place in, parents to be diligent because of RC 185:4

riches obscure glory of UL 355:5

riches of,

available LHU 230:4

growing poorer in, because of worldly business OHC 221:2

right to, by keeping the commandments Mar 245:3

royal way leads to OHC 8:4

sacrifice needed to gain OHC 199:4

safe to save for, See Heaven, trustworthiness for

saints find rest in, their eternal home TDG 60:4

salvation secure when we enter gates of TMK 162:3

sanctification requested so we will dwell on 3SM 193:3


and others shut out of UL 41:3

cast out of UL 77:4

claims, impossible to reach TMK 278:4

desired to be first in power and authority in RC 51:4

pretended wrong insinuations in, came from angels TDG 256:2

tries to eclipse, while attracting to the temporal TMK 168:2

tries to keep us from UL 325:2

satanic passions no longer suffered in 3SM 429:3

satisfaction with crowns in, although not all the same 3SM 155:4

saw what heaven would be if Satan were in it TDG 14:5

school of, promotion to HP 247:6

science of, enigma, to those not feeding on God’s Word AG 251:6

securing, kingdom of, object of life TMK 90:3

seeing, to encourage others LHU 244:3

self must be renounced and Christ received to attain HP 155:3

service in, learned through service here UL 292:3

sexually polluted bodies of professed Christians excluded from TSB 113:2

show that we are seeking HP 29:5


causes loss of HP 360:6

not in, so requires a perfect character RC 22:5

to be put away working to save souls for RC 121:2

sky at night is a bit of, to testify of what is within FLB 26:4

society of, Christ’s grace fits us for AG 251:6

society of, practice in home life that which is needed in TDG 288:5

sold cheap, by one living in adultery TSB 132:3


fills, when Christ returns with the redeemed HP 211:5; Mar 39:5

of: praise to God LHU 372:2


connected to, by tiny link God has helped us form RC 236:5

in, show appreciation for those who helped them HP 280:5

seen in, whom we prayed for or talked with 3SM 431:3

soul-winning rewarded in LDE 294

spirit of, worked out here is growing in grace OHC 72:4

standard of, striving for, divine incentives urge TMK 85:2

strange place,

for those who don’t plan for it HP 8:4

to those absorbed in worldly cares 1MCP 128:1

striving to enter, required; seeking is not enough HP 362:3


of those fighting for the crown appreciated by OHC 368:5

required to enter HP 59:4; TDG 47:3

suffering before going to, was desire of Ellen White RC 350:4

supplies of, available to the consecrated HP 62:4

sweet peace of, seen in countenance UL 28:5

sweetness of, expressed by Ellen White RC 350:6

talents improved to bless others by those entering OHC 39:2

talents used for God and others by those accepted by TMK 113:5

talking of HP 370:3

to be a habit FLB 365:6

temple stones (saints) to shine as emblems of HP 281:4

terrible expense to, if Calvary had made void the law FW 118:2

theme of those having a relationship with God HP 95:5

things of,

appreciation for, developed in this life TDG 87:4

better but depraved heart prefers the earthly 2MCP 773:4

God can make best pictures of, in the mind PM 219:4

thoughts/contemplation of,

as future home by disciples AG 49:5

Christ always had time for; He sang VSS 413:0

draw souls with entrusted gifts TDG 90:3

Ellen White reported, while attending a meeting TDG 333:2

endue with heavenly vigor HP 36:5

ennoble TMK 135:4

eternal world is near LHU 216:2

make cheap things unsatisfying TDG 300:2

reason for LDE 284

talk and, increased OHC 250:4

talk and, rather than earth HP 352:5

understood by followers of Christ TDG 320:5

See also Heaven, minds kept on

three great powers of, work with consecrated ones HP 176:5

title to,

and fitness: justification and sanctification FW 111:1

Christ’s merits and heart service for TMK 203:3

love to God and humanity give OHC 73:3

to win, every soul has a UL 56:2

training for, means more than book knowledge RC 251:6

treasures from,

all given with Christ TDG 332:2

at our command in preparing way of the Lord OHC 172:5

at our disposal in the gift of Christ TDG 318:4

given to those seeking the divine image HP 148:5

God has provided riches of AG 235:6

God’s messengers to tell people about TDG 30:4

not to be lost UL 75:5

opened to humanity UL 361:4

opened to those God came to save TMK 19:2

poured into this world to purchase our will, affection, etc. OHC 104:3

poured out to disciples after heart searching TDG 10:3

received and let flow to others TMK 49:2

redeemed have command of HP 66:2

wants of hungering souls supplied by RC 61:5

treasures in, See Treasures, heavenly

trustworthiness for, shown by obedience TMK 292:5


in the heart prepares for TMK 247:5

light of, on the path to OHC 16:4

received for one to become heir of OHC 208:6

to work in us in preparation for RC 206:2

turning from attractions of, loving the unsatisfying HP 308:2

understanding, attempted affects character for good HP 368:3

use of riches of, proportional to desire for them TDG 87:4

vacancies in,

filled by redeemed UL 61:7

from fallen ones filled by the redeemed RC 347:6

value of, Satan knew, was not appreciated by humans Con 30:0

views of, charm the mind and make life duty efficient TMK 168:3

violence in taking, means holy earnestness as Jacob had TMK 272:2

voices from, vindicating Jesus and the saints 3SM 429

wall to scale and cross to lift before entering TMK 115:3

war in,

continued on earth UL 77:4

resulted from Satan’s dissatisfaction UL 77:3

resulted from Satan’s work against Christ TDG 256:3

See also Heaven, rebellion in

way/path/road to,

called the narrow way HP 266:3

choice of weeping and groaning or rejoicing in OHC 245:5

Christ is OHC 11:4

dark or bright depending on light from church TDG 81:2

Deity could traverse, before the fall OHC 66:2

divine agencies aiding human effort along TDG 286:5

hypocrites would travel, if easy UL 109:5

is cross-bearing way—rest not to be expected RC 350:2

many think they are on, by belief without obedience FW 32:3

marked out by God above the ladder OHC 68:3

narrow but truth illuminates it TDG 140:5

narrow, hedged in by the divine law TDG 108:6

no smoother than in Christ’s day OHC 155:5

plain to those who use knowledge faithfully HP 153:2

pointed out in John 3:1-16 FW 63:1

rough and discouraging, but Christ is sure Guide OHC 25:3

rough but safety in Christ RY 155:1

same for everyone UL 141:5

smoothed by Christ TMK 253:4

study the Bible not human theories to know TMK 357:3

wealth in, from trials endured here RC 350:4

will of God carried out by those who reach HP 154:5

windows of,

Jesus opened to shower grace and healing OHC 12:2

opened to those observing conditions TDG 341:5

wisdom of, secured by endeavor, watchfulness and prayer OHC 219:2

Word of God tells us how to reach LHU 130:5


are to reflect God’s love because we are bound for OHC 295:5

spoken in, not unpleasant UL 163:3


constantly being done in Mar 350:5

on earth corresponds to that in UL 344:2

performed daily as being seen by TMK 231:2

working in harmony with OHC 345:4

works will not buy entrance into TDG 88:3


has blindfolded many who suppose they are going to HP 167:3

is a workshop for preparation for TMK 186:3

is preparation place for HP 145:6, 161:2

of sin could soon be replaced with HP 217:6

will rub against those seeking HP 151:4

worldly tastes leave us unfit for FLB 365:3

worth winning FLB 364:2

See also Canaan; City of God; Eternity; God, kingdom of; Glory; Haven of rest; Inheritance; Interests, eternal; Life, eternal; Life, higher; Paradise; Realities, eternal; World, future