EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

God, Gods, false - Good and evil

God, Gods, false

God, Gods, false, Abraham’s descendants led by Satan to worship PK 687

animals worshiped as, by Egyptians PP 266-7; 3SG 211

anything made subject of undue thought and admiration is 4BC 1145; SD 56

appetite as CD 121; 4aSG 126; 9T 164

Baal as See Baal

cherished in place of the true 1SM 255

clothed with attributes of satanic character, many people worship CT 28

do not let money be made a 4BC 1145; SD 56

Egyptians worshiped PP 259-60; SR 114

first commandment of Decalogue forbids worship of PP 305

fourth commandment of Decalogue reveals Creator as distinguished from all PP 307; SR 330

gifted people may make themselves UL 183:3

groves of trees dedicated to, by antediluvians PP 91

heathen: athletic games held in honor of 4T 33

believed to be deified spirits of departed heroes PP 684

images of, on walls of Pharaoh’s palace PP 263

See also Heathen god

highhanded power that makes men TM 361

how ministers become TM 364

idol See Idol god

idolatrous feasts observed by Egyptians in honor of 3SG 184

images worshiped as, by Egyptians SR 114

introduced through agency of evil spirits PP 689

mammon as See Mammon

man who makes, of harlot TM 434-5

men are not to be looked up to as TM 494

men worship creatures of their own imagination as PP 91

many people now truly serving PK 177

many professedly wise men’s, is little better than Baal GC 583

money as, of the foolish of earth 2T 42

money is, of men having insane love for riches 3T 479

moon worshiped as, by Egyptians PP 272; SR 114

nature deified as, by thousands of people GC 583

Nile River worshiped as, by Pharaoh PP 265

no intangible principle or impersonal essence as, can satisfy soul’s needs and longing Ed 133

of fraud, god of traffic in world is too often 5T 562

of many colleges, universities, and some theological institutions GC 583

of polished fashionable circles GC 583

of this world, deludes, blinds, and leads to destruction 2T 142

thousands of people follow after PK 177

people of world are worshiping COL 299

person devoting all his powers to getting gain worships CS 145

philosophical, worship of GC 583

pleasing fables that are PK 177

powerless to uplift and save PK 97

representative of, Egyptians worshiped Pharaoh as PP 271-2

riches, fame, and pleasure as PK 177

rulers of nations are not to be worshiped as Ev 561

Satan promises men that by disobedience they will become as PK 178

second commandment of Decalogue forbids worship of PP 305-6

show people that world is not your 1T 150

stars worshiped as, by Egyptians SR 114

strange principles that exalt finite men as TM 494

sun worshiped as, by Egyptians PP 272; SR 114

there will be many 5T 80

true God worshiped as, by people having false concept of Him and His attributes 5T 174

whatever we cherish that tends to lessen love for God or to interfere with service due Him is made our PP 305; SD 56

worship of, as result of rejecting fourth precept of Decalogue PK 182

worship of cruel, before Christ’s first advent 1MCP 183:1

worship of human being as TM 435

worshiped by men: as result of Satan’s accumulated misrepresentations FE 177

when Christ was born CT 28

worshiped by professedly wise men, philosophers, poets, politicians, and journalists GC 583

worshipers clothe, with human attributes PP 91

See also Idol; Image

“God Almighty,”

“God Almighty,” words, irreverently used in prayer EW 122

speak, only with feeling of awe GW 176

“God and the right,”

“God and the right,” as motto for Christians 6BC 1081

Goddess of Reason

Goddess of Reason, worship of, during French Revolution GC 229, 275-6

Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)

Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), absolute, what is 7BC 914

baptized in name of; They pledged to help us LHU 109:2

blending of human and divine natures did not make, human 3SM 131:1

Christ is fullness of, manifested Ev 614

Christ unites fullness and perfection of FLB 219:3

committed to work in behalf of the baptized one OHC 157:5

consists of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit CH 222; Ev 615-7

erroneous ideas re Ev 614

eternal heavenly Dignitaries are Ev 616

Father is fullness of, bodily Ev 614

fullness of, dwelt bodily in Christ GC 24

gave Themselves to working out plan of redemption CH 222

great threefold power of, man may form union with 6BC 1102

heavenly Trio of three living Persons of Ev 615

co-operate with the obedient Ev 615

parents may have, at their disposal for home church RC 178:3

pledge of three Persons of, to the baptized 6BC 1074

pledge of, to cooperate with sanctified humans HP 61:4

power of, pledged at baptism RC 107:2

silence is eloquence in attempting to explain 7BC 914

Spirit in all fullness of, is Comforter Ev 615

Spirit is Third Person of 6BC 1053; DA 671; Ev 615, 617; ML 36; TM 392

still Christ’s after He became man DA 664

stirred with pity for mankind CH 222

three Dignitaries and Powers of heaven as 6BC 1075

three great Agencies 1BC 1120

three great personal Dignitaries of heaven 7BC 959; SD 351

three great Powers of (in) heaven 6BC 1074; Ev 65, 307, 615; 8T 254

three holy Dignitaries of heaven 5BC 1110

three infinite and omniscient Powers of 6BC 1075

See also Christ; God the Father; Holy Spirit

Godless person

Godless person, manner of, harsh and dictatorial 5T 569


Godlikeness, goal to be reached is Ed 18


1. Form(s) of

2. Practical

3. True

4. Miscellaneous


1. Form(s) of 2T 142-3

described 5T 258

intellectual religion is SC 35

Judas Iscariot had AA 558; SL 59

little self-denial or self-sacrifice needed to put on 5T 172

lovers of pleasure may put on 3T 29

man who had 2T 323

many people have 2T 442

many people in Isaiah’s time trusted in PK 373

mistaken for spirit and power thereof by many 1T 407; 8T 249

no safety for person who has merely a DA 172

peril of persons who have merely a 5T 429

Satan’s plans for persons who have TM 474

wicked men will not oppose 2T 344

will not save 1T 125

without power thereof 4T 403-4

is weariness and burden SD 76

2. Practical 5T 532-41

advocate 6T 396

Christ gave much-needed instruction on FE 339

Christ’s lessons of, ministers should study 3T 214

SDA need more instruction in Ev 365

doctrinal discourses should include Ev 142

effectual sermon on GW 204-5

every discourse should present Ev 178

Isaiah urged value of PK 326

knowledge of, need of deeper and more thorough 4T 299

lessons on, people need 4T 401

ministers should dwell more on GW 120, 158-9; 4T 375; 5T 158

ministers would reach more hearts by dwelling more on 4T 395

Moses urged value of PK 326

most effectual sermon on SD 223

must be learned CT 362

need of, dwell more upon GW 120; 5T 539

in daily life AA 262

need of enforcing 4T 396

Paul dwelt especially upon AA 272

people need 3T 237

preachers need CW 79

simple lessons on, ministers should present GW 153

vital and, class destitute of 3T 64

why ministers dwell so little on 4T 395

3. True

cannot be forced 2SM 202

cultivate love for 2T 315

distinguished clearly from apparent PK 188; 5T 81

drowsiness and indolence sure to destroy 4T 410

elevates thoughts and ennobles life DA 310

lack of, in youth 1T 158

measured by work done WM 37

not cultivated as should be 4T 306

persons lacking, bodies of darkness instead of light 2T 444

power of, need of far more 5T 461

profitable to all in this life and in life to come 4T 580-1

practical and, ministers need to instruct people in 4T 398

revival of, greatest need 1SM 121

right actions are unmistakable fruit of CT 329; 1T 405

simplicity of, lost to large degree from church FE 254

why the lack of 2T 444

worldly lust destroys 1T 531

4. Miscellaneous

basis of, love is COL 384

change to worldliness from, made imperceptibly CS 214-5

cloak of, covers dark deeds 2T 449

danger of counting gain as 4T 351

essential for this life and next FE 109-10

essential principles of, not understood as should be 2T 606; 5T 665

experimental, cold formalism must give way to living energy of 4T 445

foundation of true dignity and completeness of character CH 362

fruit on Christian tree TM 180

Godlikeness, goal to be reached is Ed 18

grace of, need of ML 98

harmonizes with laws of health CH 29, 627

health and CH 627-30

health not destroyed by 1T 502

health to body and strength to soul 1T 502

high profession of, that denies faith by works 4T 404

life of, importance of living 5T 706

love of world eats out 2T 158

men no more favorable now to real, than in Christ’s time DA 459

mere profession of, will not avail 5T 139

worthless 7BC 951; SD 297

most positive profession of, actions speak louder than PP 579

mystery of, Bible religion is simply 4T 585

explained 5BC 1129

need of understanding 2T 618

not easily explained, but felt and enjoyed 4T 626

See also Mystery

need of, knowing how to discern LS 448

no conflict between, with laws of health 3BC 1156; CH 29, 627; ML 149

power of, almost ceased in SDA churches 5T 167

influence of person ignorant of 5T 460

popular churches lack GC 463-4

profession of, that is utterly valueless 2T 443

real, diffusive and communicative 3T 543

revival of primitive, before final visitation of God’s judgments GC 464

righteousness has its roots in MH 136

round in ladder of Christian progress AA 530

tendency to make light of 5T 288

vital, lacking among SDA 1T 153

lacking in forms of religion GC 378

theory of truth without, impotency of 4T 314

true and, life and character must reflect MYP 64

See also Piety


added to patience OHC 71

destroyed by pride, unbelief and selfishness TMK 167:2

experimental knowledge of,

ensures highest culture HP 141:3

in consecration and service 2MCP 737:4

form of,

possible while heart estranged UL 301:2

saves none TMK 303:4

too much, without power RC 351:5

fragrance of, lives that inhale and exhale UL 186:3

fruits of,

profession without TMK 113:2

working in Christ’s lines to win souls TDG 233:2

gain believed to be, by Greek traders on seacoast TDG 214:3

harmony of, with laws of health RC 160:4

healthy church has members with experience in 2MCP 710:3

in those who believe and do works of righteousness TDG 202:5

lack of true, by people in SDA centers PM 63:2

lacking in the church because love lacking RC 208:2

leaders unsafe who do not show, in words and character TDG 248:3

lessons of, to be taught in preparing ministers FW 18:2

likeness to Christ’s character OHC 71:3

love is the basis of; it means love for others TDG 239:3

means loving others HP 287:5

mind seeing excellence of, makes body full of light 1MCP 69:4

mystery of,

God manifest in the flesh TMK 371:3

in Christ: neglected theme 3SM 185:2

not understood when ashamed to bear cross Con 93:2

only in believer divested of self TDG 231:2

seen by sinners in the judgment UL 203:5

sinful humans transformed and loved 3SM 169

surrender to God is individual work with 2MCP 423:2

path of self-denial is too narrow for many who profess TDG 155:5

Philippians 2 presents OHC 109:3


bring into the home OHC 294:3

explained in Old Testament and repeated by Christ RC 112:4

home to have; words will then cause joy 1MCP 179:2

in conforming to Christ and in obedience TSB 52:2

sermon on, preached by family unity OHC 304:4

woven into life work RC 205:7

youth look to ones yielded to God for RC 41:4

preserve simplicity of, in presenting truth TDG 185:3

pride and unbelief destroy, in professed Christians RC 368:3

profession of, worthless OHC 142:2

profitable, OHC 242:2; 2MCP 782:3

in this life and in eternal life OHC 333:5

reflected to lift cross and reveal value of the soul RC 297:6

religion in vain without RC 351:6

requires work of Spirit of God on the heart RC 208:4

sacrifice of, unity attempted by OHC 329:3

science placed above TMK 345:3

simplicity of,

in reaching hearts VSS 220:2

message to be given in TDG 282:3

to be in every discourse FW 19:2

to be maintained RC 249:3; TDG 204:3

understanding of, needed LHU 185:6

sin has a paralyzing influence on TMK 352:2

tract and missionary work reduced to a form lacking PM 329:0

trivial remarks of those who should understand FW 19:1

understanding of, needed by families TDG 73:3

See also Holiness; Worldliness

“God Moves in a Mysterious Way,”

“God Moves in a Mysterious Way,” by Wm. Cowper, quoted 5T 726

God the Father

1. Appellations of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Appellations of

Ancient of Days GC 424, 426-7, 479-80

endearing title GC 652; 5T 740

eternal and self-existent One GC 416

Eternal Father MB 64; PK 373

everlasting Friend MB 120

Father and Governor of men 4T 268

Father of infinite pity DA 363

great Source of all DA 21

heavenly Husbandman DA 675

heavenly Pardoner 5BC 1151

Jehovah DA 116; 8T 177

Judge of all the earth GC 479, 484

King of the universe PP 36, 63

Ruler of universe FE 309; MB 74

significance of, in Lord’s Prayer COL 142; FE 309; MB 103, 105-7

Source of all being GC 479

the Eternal DA 231

2. Miscellaneous

applies pruning knife of bitter trial DA 677

atonement made by Son satisfied 6T 364

beside Christ during crucifixion DA 753-4

boundless love of, manifested in Christ 1SM 156

cannot be described by earthly things Ev 614

character of: Christ came to represent TM 199

Christ came to reveal PK 696; PP 469

mercy and tenderness and forgiveness blended with equity and justice in 4T 461

children should regard, as tender and loving 2T 584

Christ and: created earth 3SG 33-4; SR 20

created heavenly beings GC 493

Decalogue spoken at Mt. Sinai by 1BC 1103-4; Ev 616; PP 339

not one in person MH 422; 8T 269

one in purpose, mind, and character MH 422; 8T 269

planned creation of earth EW 145; 3SG 33-4; SR 20

relationship existing between MH 421-2; 8T 268-9

rested on Sabbath after work of creation DA 769

two distinct Personages 5BC 1148

unity existing between, set forth in John 17 MH 421-2; 8T 269

See also Christ

Christ depended on, for means to relieve men’s needs MH 48-9

Christ is His people’s Mediator and officiating High Priest in presence of 4T 395

Christ was separated from, by assuming man’s guilt DA 693

compassionate 2T 149

decided that Satan and his angels must be cast out of heaven 7BC 973

dwells in light unapproachable AA 333

education of Adam and Eve personally directed by Ed 21

erroneous idea that: is as light invisible Ev 614

is like dew or invisible vapor Ev 614

eternal GC 416; PP 36

exalted, holy, and pure 2T 564

face of, hidden from Christ on cross DA 755; GC 540; 2T 212

faithfulness of, pledge of 1SM 258

family of Christ is called after MB 107

form of, is like that of Christ EW 54, 77

fountain of all law GC 479

gave Himself to working out plan of redemption CH 222

glorified by Christ’s incarnation, life, death, and mediation 6T 364; 8T 177-8

great love of, for sinful man SC 13

in giving Christ to redeem man 4T 563

hand of, cling fast to 2T 490

has personality 8T 268-9; 9T 68

distinct from that of Christ 8T 269

heart of: Christ revealed DA 57

feels human pain and grief DA 356

love of, woos, entreats, and draws sinner 5T 633

revealed by gift of Christ 9T 254

infinite love of 2T 200

invisible to mortal sight Ev 614

is all fullness of Godhead bodily Ev 614

life of, flows out to all through Christ DA 21

love of: Chirst revealed DA 20

Christ’s cross reveals to man greatness of 4T 503

for guilty race was unveiled by Christ 5T 204

for man cannot be measured 7BC 914

is fountain of salvation GC 416

marvelous, for rebellious race TM 246

love and compassion of, can never be fully comprehended 5T 740

loves to have His people trust in Him 2SM 247

ministers to life of every living thing Ed 103

no priest or religionist can reveal, to man 7BC 914

not judge of men ML 335; 9T 185

one of: eternal heavenly Dignitaries Ev 616

three highest Powers in heaven Ev 615, 617

three living Persons of heavenly Trio Ev 615-7

paternal character of, Christ came to reveal TM 192-3

person of: Christ was express image of 7BC 907, 921; EW 77; MH 422; 2SG 74; 8T 265

covered by cloud of glorious light EW 54

not seen by EGW in vision EW 54

personal being 1SM 293

personal God 6BC 1068

personality of: not destroyed by unity with Son 5BC 1148

set forth in John 17 MH 421

shown in John 3:16 Ev 614-5

power of, give more study to 2SM 170

prayers of men ascend to, in Christ’s name 8T 178

presence of, Christ on cross was not comforted with DA 753-4

withdrawn from Christ in Gethsemane DA 759

presentation of the redeemed to, by Christ GC 646

presides in investigative judgment GC 479

price Christ paid for men’s souls satisfied GC 652

privilege of referring to Deity as COL 142

prunes every fruit-bearing branch 5T 230

reads man’s heart DA 194

rejoices with singing over: one soul rescued from sin 6T 125

repentant sinner DA 834

salvation of sinners COL 207

souls who approach nearest to Christ’s perfection FE 480

the redeemed 1SM 307

representative of, Christ was sent into world as 5T 739

ruler of men SD 175

sacrifice of, in permitting Christ to die for man MYP 16

seen by faith alone 5BC 1141-2

self-denial and spirit of sacrifice manifested by PP 70

self-existent GC 416; PP 36

source of life SC 9

sparrow’s fall is noticed by 8T 273

Spirit given without measure to Son by GC 477

suffered with Son DA 693

in saving man SC 13

tender parent solicitous for His spiritual children SD 14

tender pity of, surpasses mother’s yearning sympathy for wayward child 4T 461

throne of grace occupied by 6T 363

treasures of grace of, opened for man’s appropriation 6T 364

veiled Himself in dark cloud by cross of Christ DA 753-4

vinedresser 5T 230

vision re, entering most holy place of heavenly sanctuary EW 55, 92

welcomes Christ’s friends as His friends 6T 364; 8T 177

when, assumed character of judge toward Christ TM 246

divested Himself of endearing qualities of a father TM 246

wonderful condescension of, to give Christ to save men MYP 64

works continually in nature PP 114

world given into Christ’s hands by PP 366

wrath of, upon crucified Christ 2T 209

yearning love of, for sinners GW 157


acceptance by,

pledged by Christ’s obedience FW 107:2

through faith in Christ FW 118:1

access to,

by Jesus; He is open to pleading FW 106:0

through Christ with desire HP 71:3

activity that does not glorify TDG 27:5

Advocate before, lays hand on contrite soul TMK 235:4

agreement of, that Son must come as a baby RC 16:5

angels who guard us communicate with HP 99:2

blameless before, only if clean in person 3SM 273:3

blessings of,

if relationship is right RC 121:5

show love and pity RC 284:5

calls us to heaven OHC 11:4

cares for birds and flowers; He will care for us TDG 279:5


accepted by and, through atonement, also sinners 3SM 194:2

acknowledges us before, gladly TDG 11:6

before face of, to present requests OHC 264:2


as a baby although equal with 3SM 128:1

to represent, LHU 169:4

to reveal; He showed His holiness LHU 259:5

with message of hope from LHU 208:4

clasped hands with, in covenant FLB 76:3

glorified, by fruit borne; so should we OHC 144:6

is equal with TMK 292:4

leads the redeemed to, in heaven OHC 12:5

presents our names before, as we come HP 264:2

represented; we are to follow Him PM 259:4

reveals 1MCP 92:1

sent by, in time of rebellion LHU 197:2


as the Light of life HP 8:3

attributes of LHU 48:6

the character of TMK 38:5

sought retired place for intercession with TMK 258:2

was as great as, but became one with us TMK 26:4

Christ’s acts and lessons reveal TMK 338:4

coming of, to earth would have been same as for Christ TMK 338:4

communion with, constantly needed TMK 290:5

condescension of, in giving Jesus RC 297:5

confidence in, Christ’s life taught OHC 327:2

considering, as a tyrant 2MCP 809:2


looked on by, with relenting compassion OHC 46:2

pledges love and mercy of TDG 88:2

disciples did not understand Christ’s relationship with OHC 264:2

discouraged one reminded about care of HP 295:4

everything around us teaches about OHC 253:6

forgiveness of TDG 176:3

gift of, rightly estimated 1MCP 249:4

glory of, same as glory of the Son HP 357:4

go to, as a child TDG 209:4

hears the faintest pleading RC 75:4


is doing the will of HP 130:3

of, honor of having, in our sphere TMK 131:4

image of, seen in Christ 3SM 128:1

infinite yet receives us through Christ RC 284:6

infirmities borne with by; He forgives and heals TDG 88:3

judging, hard; Satan misrepresents Him FW 60:3

loneliness helps direct friendship to OHC 64:2


given by, not darkness, beholding 1MCP 21:3

(greater) could not have been expressed by OHC 13:3

love of,

for bereaved one HP 272:5

for those sincerely trying OHC 51:5

for those who love Christ TDG 142:3

for us as for Christ; marvel to angels HP 282:4

led Him to give His Son AG 79:2

shown in the sacrifice of Christ TDG 269:2

mercies of,

eyes of soul kept open to recognize TDG 305:3

to be recounted HP 299:2

misrepresentation of,

by Satan LHU 212:4

joining enemy in FW 61:4

mountains show greatness and majesty of OHC 253:2

numbers those doing acts of mercy TMK 335:3

power of, to turn rock into refreshing streams RC 353:6

prayer of Christ at His baptism accepted by AG 83:3

presented in Christ’s character UL 82:2

priest cannot reveal TMK 73:5

receives us,

through His Son; promise of life LHU 249:4

through love for Christ HP 77:2

relating to the claims of HP 128:2

relationship to,

same for us as for His Son LHU 319:5

through prayer and consecration HP 93:5

revelation of,

as loving, not despotic by Christ 1MCP 183:1

humans able to understand UL 304:6

reverence and holy fear in relating to TDG 116:3

righteousness of Christ accepted by, for one striving FW 93:1

Ruler HP 228:5

sacrifice at cross accepted by, for our salvation FW 72:1

Satan misrepresented, so Christ came LHU 36:2

satisfaction with Christ’s atonement shown by OHC 118:3

separation from, made Christ’s suffering acute 2MCP 464:4

side of, determine to be on RC 52:6

sinner left with, when he rejects counsel TDG 105:5

strangers to, by pleasures of the world OHC 283:2

strength (spiritual) shown in doing will of TMK 332:4

suffering of, as Christ suffered TMK 69:2

surrendered Christ to be crucified TMK 20:4

talking unbelief puts, in a false light FW 60:5

trial before baptism of Spirit to test fidelity to 3SM 426:4


bring us close to AG 311:2

known by; He will help TDG 310:5

selected for believer by 2MCP 473:2

trust in,

as a child trusts its parents HP 118:4

for protection HP 101:3

rather than in finite prayers HP 125:4

voice of,

and movements seen in Christ TMK 338:4

at His Son’s baptism LHU 78:6

will of,

Christ came to make known UL 341:3

taught in lessons to disciples TMK 177:4

wisdom of, shines in Christ HP 358:2

See also most entries under God

“Go forward,”

“Go forward,” God says Ev 381; GW 262-3; PP 290

in discharge of individual duty 5T 71

Goguac Lake, Mich.

Goguac Lake, Mich. 2T 585; 4T 272


Gold, antediluvian, abundant in Noah’s time PP 90; 3SG 61

antediluvians used, in building homes PP 90

to adorn houses 3SG 62

art of work in, Israelites of Moses’ time did not know CT 59

belongs to God 1SM 298; 4T 78, 473; 9T 255

brightness of, dark cloud that may be filled with TM 518

buried, dig for truth as for FE 108

buried under earth and rocks by Flood PP 108; 3SG 78

celestial, wisdom which makes man wise unto salvation is FE 170

character more precious than ML 121

clear conscience is to be esteemed above CS 177

costly, seek what God estimates as more valuable than ML 123; 3T 376

deeds more valuable than CS 226

do not spend money for WM 267

faith sincere and uncorrupted compared to CT 60

fine: believers whom God can make more precious than 4T 541

God’s grace more valuable than MYP 84; 2T 145

has gradually become dim 5T 534

of character PK 55

firm integrity shines as 4T 310

furnace consumes dross and brightens LS 106; 1T 83

God could rain, from heaven if He chose 4T 473; 9T 255

God does not propose to come and lay down, for His work CS 36

God is not dependent on any man’s 3T 390

God’s people being refined as 1T 355

good name is more precious than 4T 588

heart yielded to Christ will give, to Him DA 65

hidden in earth by God Ed 214

high priest’s raiment adorned with PP 351

idols of, God may remove your GC 622

let no man set up CS 231

in church, will be separated from dross 5T 81

Israelites gave, for building sanctuary PP 344; 4aSG 5; SR 151-2

kings of Israel forbidden to multiply, for themselves PK 52

large treasures of, stored in earth Ev 88; WM 280

lessons learned in privation and trial are worth more than 3T 318

life and character of some people compared to 2T 637

meekness more excellent and valuable than SL 16

men heap up, to be consumed by fires of last day CM 17

mining for GW 76

miser’s pile of, that will have no more attraction 2T 41

names of 144,000 engraved in letters of, on tables of stone EW 19; 1T 69

not sufficient to purchase salvation AA 519

of character: dimmed and marred in Solomon PK 55

tested and brought to light by circumstances 4T 540

tested by adversity and prosperity MM 36-7

of Christian integrity, should shine brightest now SD 54

of faith: God wants all men to have SD 259

offered by True Witness 1SM 358

offered to Laodiceans 7BC 965

testing time reveals character’s pure SL 12

of love: essential to be true Christian 5T 168

God wants all men to have SD 259

offered by True Witness 1SM 358

offered to Laodiceans 7BC 965

testing time reveals character’s pure SL 12

of Ophir: upright character is worth more than PP 223

God esteems pure heart more precious than ML 263

inward adorning more valuable to youth than 2T 593

strength of intellect and substantial knowledge worth more than CT 132; 5T 544

See also Ophir

offered by True Witness, pure faith and love as 3T 254

one solid piece of, candlestick of sanctuary was PP 348

pillars of transparent, in temple on Mt. Zion in world to come EW 19; 1T 69

poor man who considers salvation of others more important than CS 151

pure: Christ’s sayings are FE 386

failure to distinguish between mere glitter and LS 325; TM 467

faith compared to PK 410; 3T 254

love for Christ as GC 348

purified in furnace, God uses trial to perfect His people as 3T 28

qualities that cannot be supplied with any amount of 3T 23

refined, faith compared to PP 208

refining of PP 129

relation of, to God’s work 6T 448-9

ring of See Ring

ring of true, lacking in character of many believers 5T 404

scattered grains of, all over field of revelation ML 28

separated from dross in time of crisis PK 188

seven times purified, God’s people are to be tried until like 1T 431

Solomon obtained abundance of, from Ophir PK 54

thread(s) of: Bible principles are to run through your life like CT 422

God’s purpose of grace and mercy compared to Ed 67

living faith compared to 6T 171

uniting human agent to the divine TM 161

treasures of, God’s gifts to man CS 65

trial of faith is more precious than 5T 578

tried, gems of truth as precious as 4T 445-6

tried in fire: all Christians will be tried as 5T 104

buy 1T 142-3

buy precious treasure of 1T 166

faith and love as DA 280; 2T 36; 4T 88, 559; 5T 233

faith that works by love is COL 158

God’s people will come from furnace of affliction as PK 589

God’s people will come out of trial refined as Ev 632

God’s word as 8T 193

gospel workers are to come forth from trial purified and refined as CH 300

love of Christ as 7BC 965

love of God with living and abiding faith is 5T 105

no defiling substance mingled with 7BC 965

persons who withstand Satan’s devices will come forth as 4T 584

persons whom God will place in crucible to try them as SD 100

remnant church will be purified as 5T 474

trial refines God’s people as GC 621

true, character as 4T 558

truth like, does not always lie on surface GW 76

unselfish labor for Christ will be as 5T 466

used for selfish purposes, God is dishonored by CS 261

used in building sanctuary See Sanctuary

veins of, miner exploring earth to find COL 111

wearing: does not recommend your religion to others 3T 376

excuses given for LS 113-4; 2SG 100-1

God speaks expressly against 4T 630

many professed believers feel no scruples against 4T 645

Scriptures forbid LS 113-4; 2SG 100-1

teachings of apostles re 1T 460

woman reproved for LS 113-4; 2SG 100-1

See also Jewelry

without alloy, faith and love as 7BC 965

worthless and counterfeit, character that is TM 441

wrong use of, God is dishonored by 6T 102

youth may acquire that which cannot be bought by SD 78


alloy of character that destroys the value of TDG 222:5

character purified as TSB 83:2

contentment is a gift worth more than HP 186:3

faith and love as, required to enter heaven OHC 351:3

love is as precious as; cultivate it 2MCP 606:3

moments are more precious than OHC 187:2

money not to be spent for RC 266

ornaments and, idols to be taken off 3SM 248:1

purification of, by suffering or by gentleness and love FW 86:3

purified like, through temptation and trial TDG 259:6

silver and,

friend’s hand grasp worth more than TDG 144:4

God’s favor cannot be purchased with OHC 118:2

Solomon brought, at the expense of virtue and integrity RY 183:0

Spirit of God valued more than, by those returning to Him RC 346:3

Golden calf

Golden calf See Calf

Golden chain

Golden chain See Chain

Golden currency

Golden currency See Currency

“Golden fruit,”

“Golden fruit,” does not mean fruit composed of gold 1SM 66

means fruit having the appearance of gold 1SM 66

Golden Grains Series

Golden Grains Series, as Christmas gifts for children AH 479

Golden moment

Golden moment See Moment

Golden rule

Golden rule MB 134-7

deeper significance to MB 134-7

difficulties could be quickly adjusted by WM 202

follow, in business 2T 43; 4T 350

how it becomes second nature to live by SD 12

law of family AH 423; ML 200

like apples of gold in pictures of silver 4T 310

man is to measure his conduct by 4T 359

men’s actions are to be governed by 4T 487

operation of, explained 2T 136

power attending church that practices MB 134-7

practice of, half the ills of life would be banished by AH 421; WM 155

pride and self-seeking excluded by MB 134-7

principle of true courtesy MB 135

sacredly observe, in dealing with erring and rebellious Ed 293

standard of, true standard of Christianity MB 134-7

strictly obey 4T 310

strive earnestly to follow 3BC 1151-2

teaching of, re judging MB 134-7

true rule of honesty 4T 359

violation of, Christ is abused by 4T 490

every unjust act done to others is PK 652


eternal interests of others to be remembered by TDG 108:2

requires loving neighbor as ourselves OHC 241:5

Gold watch

Gold watch See Watch


Golgotha, high priest at, when Christ was crucified DA 774 See also Calvary

Goliath, Goliaths

1. Figurative

2. Philistine giant

1. Figurative

boasting, often have to be met 2T 650-1

ministers acting too much like 3T 218-9

2. Philistine giant

armor of PP 646

David’s encounter with PP 643-8, 656-7; 4aSG 79-82; 3T 218-20

height of, about 12 feet 2BC 1018; 4aSG 79

six cubits and a span PP 646

sword of, David took PP 648

kept in sanctuary PP 656


Gomorrah, destruction of CH 110; 4aSG 121; 3T 162; 5T 233-4

last-day condition of world like that of DA 122

light given to SDA was not given to 2T 488; 5T 624

place forever accursed PK 533; 4T 191

rulers of, Jewish leaders addressed as DA 590

sin greater than that of 3T 380

See also Sodom


“Goneness,” sensation of, just before mealtime 2T 363

overworking digestive organs causes 4aSG 129; 2SM 416

remedy for CD 175


Good, all power to do, is given by God ML 118

do greatest possible amount of CG 395; SD 154

doing, helps to restore health 2T 534

never rest from DA 207

done to others, does not cancel your debt to God SD 252

efficiency for doing, Christ supplies MYP 35

God does not require man to give up anything that is for his SC 46

God may be working for, in your trials AA 481 See also Trial

God requires nothing of man that is not for his AH 265; SC 46

man can do nothing, of himself 1SM 101, 333

means of doing, never exhausted GW 19

pleasure of doing, animates mind 2T 534

self-sacrificing effort to do, will be crowned with success CT 451

that you do, returns again MB 136

that you might have done, you are accountable for GC 601; 3T 385

things appearing to be against God’s people will work for their MH 255

work for, of others 2T 305; 5T 606

you must be good before you can do MB 128

you must climb to become FE 87

your business is to do all, that you can LS 207


accomplish greater, reflecting God’s glory RC 299:7

accountable for, which you could have done 1MCP 245:2

angels wait to see, so they can bless us TMK 335:4

be and do, and receive the crown of life 2MCP 439:4

cultivating, Christ’s attributes possible by 3SM 130:2

cultivating, keeps objectionable from gaining supremacy TMK 278:4


aim of moral heroes living in self-denial RC 346:6

channels stand open for RC 269:3

in the present; stewardship of fortune RY 95:1

enough, feeling nearly, not see sin as sinful OHC 101:3

God constantly works for our present and eternal HP 265:3

hand of God for, on those who seek Him TDG 354:2

highest, God seeks, for His colaborers UL 116:6

influence of, greater as a church member 3SM 16:3

means of doing, never exhausted as we are in His hands HP 319:4

opportunities to do, watch for TDG 73:4

or evil, path you choose influences future for 2MCP 421:2

power for,

fewer words and kind actions have TDG 70:6

institutions to be; workers need consecration PM 53:2

partaking of divine nature makes us a AG 235:5

with Christ’s sufficiency HP 179:6

sympathy with, must increase OHC 214:5

treasure house of, available by Christ’s becoming flesh TMK 338:3

unlimited, if Word of God is rule of life LHU 129:5

watching for opportunities to do HP 168:3

See also Praise

Good and evil

conflict between, as long as Satan permitted power OHC 248:2

conscience is spiritual eye to know 1MCP 323:1

final battle of, soon to be fought on earth TDG 308:3

harmony between, never occurs HP 260:3

making no distinction between, by setting aside law TDG 222:3

struggle between, on this earth LHU 253:2

warfare between, has not lessened OHC 155:5