EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Felice, G. de - Fire, Fires

Felice, G. de

Felice, G. de, quoted GC 277

Felix Antonius

Felix Antonius AA 415, 419-27, 450, 453; 6BC 1066; CT 393; GC 164

Fellow man (men)

Fellow man (men), all associations with, should be with reference to their eternal interests and our own 4T 236

as man deals with, so will he deal with God 4T 311

condemnation of, warning re MB 55-8

do unto, as you would have him do unto you MB 134-7

God has bound us together with, as members of one family 4T 339

man cannot love, and be as cold as iceberg 4T 548

man honest before God deals justly with LS 244

man is capable of being happy in living to bless 4T 224

man’s duty to 3T 521-44

no right to surmise evil re GW 498

obligation binding on man to, parable of good Samaritan teaches 4T 57

See also Parable

proper sense of duty to, lack of 4T 37

services due to, which we cannot ignore and yet keep God’s commandment 4T 339-40

souls of, Christian’s responsibility for 3T 209

speaking well of, cultivate habit of MH 492

See also Neighbor; Others


“Fellowship,” means participation or partnership FE 476; GW 392

See also Church fellowship


Fellowship, believers should associate together in MM 316

Christian cannot have, with bitter enemies of Christ TM 505

Christian, should make believers glad 6T 362

closest bonds of, God’s people should be united in 3T 446

enjoyed in world to come Ed 127

heavenly beings help to bring the lost into, with Christ DA 21

highest honor is, with Christ in His sufferings DA 225

little differences dwelt upon lead to destruction of 8T 243

privilege of, with God and Christ SL 17

rejection of, with Christ in service Ed 264

stand together in, during troublous times 8T 38

test of See Church fellowship

See also Association; Companionship; Partnership


accepted into divine, with Father and Son through the Spirit 3SM 191:2

character formed partly through HP 281:6

Christ longed for TDG 189:3

church is united in bonds of, for mutual benefit 3SM 15:3

danger of neglecting HP 97:4

differences dwelt upon destroy OHC 170:5

encourage and strengthen one another in OHC 166:2

experience of; church fellowship HP 288

fruit of union with Christ HP 72:5

God works mightily through those united in Mar 120:5

love binds in, and bears testimony to the world TMK 173:2

need for 2MCP 624:1

perfect, among those united in Christ RC 200:2

privilege of, will be lost;

so store mind with God’s Word OHC 37:2

investigate truth TDG 93:2

Satan’s object to produce, between church and world HP 309:3

selfishness prevents true UL 69:5

strength developed from HP 294:2; UL 104:4

talk should be less and prayer more when gathered for VSS 53:2

test of, meat eating not to be; keep the commandments 3SM 287:1

See also Church, attendance at; Communion; Worship


Fellowshiping, with believers who have been guilty of grave sins 5T 246


Female See Girl; Woman


Fence, barbed-wire, against debt 7T 235-6

Ferdinand I

Ferdinand I, king of Bohemia and Hungary GC 201-2, 205


Fermentation, refuse to place in stomach that which will cause CD 493

stomach: desserts that create CD 335

improper combination of food causes 7T 257

salads that cause CD 345

sugar causes CD 327

too many varieties of food eaten at one time cause CD 110

symbol of sin and death DA 653


Fervor, holy, men needed with hearts nerved with 3T 23

personal, how to increase MB 85

religious, time for meditation is essential for CW 125

See also Ardor; Earnestness; Enthusiasm; Zeal

Festival, Festivals

Festival, Festivals

1. Israel’s (divinely appointed)

2. Miscellaneous

1. Israel’s (divinely appointed) PP 537-42

attendance at, benefits derived by 6T 40

Christ attended CT 262; MH 22-3

Christ’s absence from, misunderstood DA 450-1

delegates from Christian churches came to Jerusalem at time of AA 190; SR 305

encouragement given at, for service of God PP 530

feasts of Israelites at PP 530, 569

first fruits presented at PP 311 See also First fruits

full month of every year was spent at Ed 43; PP 541

God’s purpose in, for Israel Ed 41-2

lost sight of DA 447

hospitality shown at COL 220-1; MH 281, 353; PP 530

Israelite homes divinely protected during PP 537

Israelite men were required to attend DA 75, 447; Ed 42; PP 311, 537, 540; 3T 395

James’s labors for Jews attending AA 165

Jews from many lands attended AA 39, 165, 281-2; DA 32; SR 302; 6T 39-40

John’s labors for Jews attending AA 165

journey to: described Ed 42

opportunities for outdoor recreation and social life DA 76, 80; MH 281

psalms sung during PP 711

labors of apostles at time of AA 165, 514; SR 302

new moon, celebration of PP 654

not observed during captivity DA 447

object lesson for Israel in COL 220-1

observance of, in Elkanah’s time PP 569

renewed after captivity DA 447

observed first at Shiloh Ed 42; PP 537

observed with thanksgiving COL 299

occasions of rejoicing COL 219; MH 281

offerings presented at sanctuary during PP 352

opportunities at, for outdoor recreation and social life Ed 41-2; MH 281; PP 530, 540

Paul’s plan to go from Ephesus to Jerusalem to attend AA 269

peace offerings presented at, were numerous PP 576

people of all lands attended 6T 39-40

perversion of DA 447

Peter’s labors for Jews attending AA 165, 514

religious instruction given at PP 530

sin offerings were numerous at PP 526

thank offerings presented at PP 311, 526, 530 See also Thank offering

three annual DA 75, 447; Ed 41-2; MH 281; PP 311, 537; 3T 395; 6T 39-40

type of blessings of eternal life COL 219

were means of education Ed 41-2

wider lesson in, for Israel COL 220-1

2. Miscellaneous

church, raising church funds by means of COL 54; CS 201-3; 2SM 413; 4T 392; WM 289

church may have, of rejoicing unto God CT 371

heathen See Heathen festival

Israel’s, in honor of golden calf at Sinai PP 317, 320 See also Calf

Jeroboam I appointed, for worship of golden calves PK 101-2

school may have, of rejoicing unto God CT 371

two great, Christ at transition point between DA 652

without true devotion, are valueless Ev 192

See also Festivity; Holiday

Festive occasion, Festive occasions

Festive occasion, Festive occasions, unusual to dispense with wine on, in Christ’s time DA 145-6

Festivity, Festivities

Festivity, Festivities, antediluvian PP 97, 103

conduct, in accordance with God’s laws AH 100

empty, come out from TM 344

extra week of, observed in time of Hezekiah PK 337

hospitality shown by Israel during COL 220-1; MH 281, 353; PP 530

idolatrous, Israel led to transgress God’s law by joining in PP 454, 458

innocent, Christ attended many AH 100

that Christ has never discouraged AH 100

God used, to teach Israel Ed 41-2

popular, which becloud senses Te 50

See also Festival

Festus, Porcius

Festus, Porcius AA 427-34, 438, 449, 453; Ed 67; SR 313

Fetter, Fetters

Fetter, Fetters, Paul in, when taken to Rome AA 448

Paul’s hands in, before Herod Agrippa II and Bernice AA 438

Satan’s, arise in God’s name and break asunder 2T 224

sin’s, Satan seeks to bind man hopelessly by PK 686


Fetus, growth of, nutritious food needed for 2T 382



1. Causes of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Causes of

air overheated and foul 1T 703

flesh foods 4aSG 147; 2SM 418

of unhealthy animals 2T 153

impurities about home premises 2SM 461

indulgence of perverted appetite CH 117-8; 2T 69

from inflammation of brain 2SG 122

lack of cleanliness in home and on premises 4aSG 141

miasma from stagnant water 2SM 464

poisonous miasma from damp surroundings CH 59; 2SM 464

stomach craving food when deprived of it too long 2T 384-5

wearing of filthy clothing CH 61; 4aSG 140-1

wrong course of eating and drinking 2T 69

2. Miscellaneous

ague and, distressing disease 2SG 191

poisonous miasma causes 4aSG 144

burn up life current DA 823

burning: child afflicted with CD 241

Christ feels agony of victims of DA 823

eating excessively of quails caused PP 382

little danger of taking cold during CH 56; 2SM 460

many Israelites were cut down by PP 382; 4aSG 18

many people have died of, because they were not given water to drink MM 228; 4aSG 136-7

special care needed when crisis comes in CH 56-7

water should be given to patient with 2SM 453

calomel in treatment of 2SM 444-5

cases of, lost by drug medication MM 228; 2SM 443

ventilation needed in LS 185; MM 228; 2SM 457

charcoal in treatment of 2SM 295

child suffering from DA 199

children’s, improper eating causes 4T 502

chills and: conditions that cause 2T 68

flesh food highly seasoned causes 4aSG 126

nature’s attempt to rid herself of burdens 4aSG 140-1; 2T 68-9

ten-year-old child afflicted with CD 241

Christ’s rebuke banished DA 217

cleanliness needed in cases of 2SM 457

crisis of, precautions needed during MH 221; 2SM 460

special care needed after passing of MH 221-2

critical cases of, precautions that attendants and nurses should take in CH 56; 2SM 456-7

death from, carelessness causes CH 62

epidemics of, decaying matter about dwellings causes MH 276

in Texas in 1878 LS 240

fire of, quenched by water skillfully applied 5T 195

strong drink’s stimulus adds fuel to 5T 195

God’s remedy for MM 228

great, mother of Peter’s wife healed of DA 259; MH 29

high: healed by prayer LS 148

JW prostrated with LS 148; 1T 91

Huss (John) suffered, caused by damp and foul dungeon GC 107

Jewish nobleman’s son afflicted by DA 199

lung, WCW afflicted with 4aSG 151

malarial, EGW afflicted with when her husband died in 1881 LS 256

Mrs. Van Horn’s, caused by her mother’s sudden death 3T 18

nature’s effort to correct unhealthful conditions MH 235

of man with terribly broken skull, treatment of LS 185-6; 2T 18

often attacks more than one member of family 2SM 457

poisonous drugs are not proper treatment for 5T 195

raging: drinking water freely is beneficial in CD 419-20; 4aSG 136-7

food may irritate and excite blood during 2T 384

thousands have died from, because of lack of water MM 228; 2SM 453

water treatment as remedy for CD 419-20

rheumatic, Frances Howland afflicted with 2SG 42

severe: abstinence from food for short time helps in 2T 384

diet during 2T 384-5

treatment of 2T 384-5

water in treatment of 2T 384

stubborn, lack of cleanliness in yards causes 2SM 461

lack of proper sanitation causes CH 63

that proper allowance of good food relieves 2T 385

victims’ vitals consumed by CD 420

violent, lack of cleanliness causes AH 22

water in treatment of CD 419-20

See also Lung fever; Rheumatic fever; Typhoid


mental, mind without sure guide suffers from TDG 188:3

Fevered pulse

Fevered pulse, more calm and regular amid surroundings of nature MH 264

Fevered state

Fevered state, water externally applied benefits person in CD 419

water should be taken freely by persons in CD 419

Fevered system

Fevered system, diet that produces 2SM 420

so-called good meal purchased at expense of 2T 69

Feverish condition (state)

Feverish condition (state), condiments and spices cause CD 340

eating too frequently and too much causes 4aSG 133

flesh food highly seasoned causes 4aSG 126

foods which produce 3T 563

least, children need food that keeps system in CD 244; 2T 359

pork causes 4aSG 126

treatment for 2SM 450

water properly applied reduces 4aSG 133

Feverish diet

Feverish diet, avoid 2T 365

children’s animal passions increased by 2T 365

health injured by 2T 404


Feverishness, children’s, feeding too frequently causes CD 229

Fever patient

Fever patient, half starved, in danger of overeating CD 324

Fever-producing food

Fever-producing food, tends to irritate and excite stomach’s coats 2T 400


Few, God can deliver by, as well as by many PP 550

little companies who believe that God is only with 1T 417

privileged, God does not mean that any of His people shall constitute 4T 225


Fiberless, men limp and, God’s cause does not need 3T 496


Fickle, man is 8T 106

why many Christians are 5T 231

Fickle mind

Fickle mind, marriage does not always make, firm AH 57


Fickleness, indecision results in 4T 454

See also Indecision; Instability; Vacillation



1. Ill effects of reading

2. Miscellaneous


1. Ill effects of reading FE 92-4; MH 445-6

destruction of taste for Scriptures FE 452

disinclination to apply mind CT 136

disrelish for words of truth and righteousness MYP 277

distaste for life’s practical duties MH 446

habit of hasty and superficial reading MH 446

imagination constantly overfed and stimulated 4T 497

imagination fevered MYP 272

imagination made a tyrant 4T 497

imagination perverted CT 139; MYP 274

inmates of insane asylum MH 446

intellectual tastes perverted CT 136

lack of devotion CT 132

lack of true piety and practical godliness CT 132

lifelong invalids MH 446

love for mere amusement MH 446

mental disease MH 446

mind filled with fancies and follies MYP 277

mind amused and abused 4T 581

mind unfitted for: patient and persevering investigation of Scriptures MYP 277

solemn thought MYP 277

usefulness MYP 272

moral tastes perverted CT 136

no heavenly light reflected upon associates CT 132

physical disease MH 446

power of connected and vigorous thought destroyed MH 445-6

soul unfitted to contemplate problems of duty and destiny MH 445-6

soul weaned from prayer MYP 272

spirituality destroyed AH 412; MYP 272

taste made fitful 4T 497

tendencies made perverse 4T 497

time taken from life’s practical duties and from service for God FE 92

unhealthy excitement MYP 272

2. Miscellaneous

articles of, that should find no place in SDA periodicals CW 17

better class of, objections to MH 446

books of See Book

cheap works of, do not profit FE 92

containing no suggestion of impurity, ill effects of MH 445-6

exciting tales of, ill effects of CT 136; FE 452

ill effects of, upon children MYP 279-80

love for: battle must be fought to overcome CT 136

remedy for MYP 274

should be overcome at once CT 136

lover of, total abstinence is only safety for MH 446

no earnest desire for purity is kindled by FE 92

no great and good purpose inspired by FE 92

no real knowledge imparted by FE 92

other books of, Uncle Tom’s Cabin encourages reading of 5T 516

power of, exciting and intoxicating MH 446

problem of persuading youth to discard 5T 516

soul not excited by, to hunger for righteousness FE 92

taste for, continued stories in periodicals and newspapers cultivate CT 132; MYP 279

stories in periodicals and newspapers cultivate FE 162

works of, good accomplished by some MH 445

untold harm wrought by MH 445-6

writers of, lure to pleasant dreams in palaces of ease Ed 227

work of, fraught with evil Ed 227

See also Fables; Fairy tales; Myths; Novels; Romances; Storybooks


Bible laid aside for OHC 275:2

cheap, indifference to Word of God from reading TDG 131:2

discernment needed to choose truth instead of TMK 346:5

overcome habit of reading OHC 205:3

See also Novels; Story

Fictitious sentiments

Fictitious sentiments, superstitious and, faith must not embrace CT 182

Fictitious story, Fictitious stories

Fictitious story, Fictitious stories, Bible study neglected as result of reading CSW 21; MYP 290

do not use, in education of children and youth MH 446; 8T 308-9

habit of reading, difficult to overcome, and must be CSW 21; MYP 290

imagination overexcited and diseased by 4T 497

imagination perverted by CT 139; MYP 274

in secular papers, children injured by AH 415

Fictitious storybook

Fictitious storybook See Storybook

Fictitious tale, Ficticious tales

Fictitious tale, Fictitious tales See Fictitious story


Fidelity, Christian 7T 199-202

some people mistaken re what constitutes 5T 478

church’s, in maintaining sacredness of God’s law will attract world’s admiration TM 17

counts most in God’s work CT 513

decided, God calls for men of 2SM 153

do God’s work with CS 44

do your little with MYP 23

earnest, indispensable to success 4T 453

every act of, registered in heaven 4T 564

every man’s work is sufficiently important to be done with 4T 608

God tests His people’s 1SM 140; 3T 29; 5T 12

habits of, mind must be trained through daily test to 3T 22

need of training yourself to PP 223

heroic, to God 5T 526-7

man’s strength is measured by, with which he fulfills God’s purpose Ed 175

minister’s, close connection with heaven gives right tone to 4T 538

motto of men loyal to God is PK 148

nation’s strength is measured by, with which it fulfills God’s purpose Ed 175

need of 5T 302-9

in business Ed 138

past, cannot atone for present sin 4T 370

persevering, church cannot prosper without 5T 304

personal, God’s work calls for 4T 186

required of Christ’s followers 5T 460

show, to God by wise use of His entrusted capital 5T 462

strictest, God requires ML 321

to Christ, martyrs earned spotless robes and jeweled crowns by 4T 336

to God: involves fidelity to man Ed 77

proved and tested by trials MYP 80

retained only by watchfulness and prayer MYP 80

JW’s name recorded under heading of, in ledger of heaven LS 242

wholehearted, work with 2SM 229

work with ChS 239

See also Faithfulness; Loyalty

“Fidelity to God,”

“Fidelity to God,” as motto for Christians PK 148; 5T 528

Field, Fields

Field, Fields

1. In gospel work

2. Literal

1. In gospel work

foreign See Foreign field

hardest, God’s work will be carried forward in MM 329

mission See Mission field

new: decided efforts needed to open Ev 19-20

educational work should begin with opening of GW 468

encouragement for persons laboring in GW 267-8

enter 2T 711

entering, duty before TM 314

gospel workers in Ev 226; GW 119

long established institutions should help to advance work in GW 455-6

miss. effort in Ev 248

more than sermonizing is needed in GW 191

much prayer and wise labor needed in GW 191; 4T 266

open, for gospel work GW 454

patience and perseverance needed in GW 192

work in, how to perform 5T 459

2. Literal

cultivated, church compared to AA 275

God is proprietor of AA 337; 4T 77

green, in world to come ML 175

invite men to become acquainted with God SC 85; 3T 333

nature’s audience chamber CG 48; FE 61

place for children to study lessons of nature MB 97-8

schoolroom for little children CG 48; FE 61

uncultivated, grow up to thorns and briers AH 468; CG 169; SD 333

produces thistles and tangled vines ML 83


call to heaven for laborers FLB 247:4

Christ child went alone into, to commune with God TMK 27:5

Christ found rest in TDG 143:3


leaders to seek counsel about who should go to SW 81:0

methods of Christ studied when working in SW 76:2

thought and seeking wisdom neglected for SW 74:1

encouraging, disciples did not see Samaria as SW 58


education of youth has been provided in CET 204:3

prejudice to be avoided in working in SW 69:6

limiting work to most favorable SW 16:1


facilities needed to carry message into TDG 349:5

funds from established areas to help in SW 96

give to help present truth in UL 360:3

needs of those in, to be remembered TDG 107:2

neglected by spending more on Boulder Sanitarium SW 89:3

send messengers to; hearts will be impressed TDG 282:4

workers in, Matt. 10 shows how the Lord regards TDG 107:3

See also Areas, new

production of good plants in, requires care Mar 229:4

SDAs considered Southern, as unpromising SW 59:1


Fiend, how man can become DA 256


Fierceness, avoid, in presenting truth Ev 173-4

Fiery blasts

Fiery blasts, Sodom destroyed by 7T 89

Fiery issues

Fiery issues, causes of PP 108-9; 3SG 79-80

cities and villages destroyed by, in future PP 108-9; 3SG 80

See also Volcanic eruptions

Fiftieth part

Fiftieth part, See One fiftieth part

Fig, Figs

Fig, Figs, abundant in Canaan PP 387; SR 158; 4T 148

food for pregnant woman 2T 384

poultice of, Hezekiah’s boil treated with CH 381-2; MH 232; PK 342; 2SM 287, 300

redeemed will eat EW 19; 2SG 54-5; 1T 69

ripe, time of DA 581, 583

thistles do not yield 5T 129


Fight, hand-to-hand, between faith and unbelief in every soul SD 328

of faith MYP 102-4

See also Battle; War


Fight, time to, is when champions are most needed 7BC 982

Fighter, Fighters

Fighter, Fighters, ministers should not do gospel work as Ev 572


Fighting, hard, return from sin can be gained only by MH 452; 2SM 165

how parents encourage children in CG 251

inch-by-inch, to return to God 2SM 165

See Strife; Misunderstandings

Fig-leaf garment, Fig-leaf garments

Fig-leaf garment, Fig-leaf garments, Adam and Eve made 1BC 1084; COL 311; PP 57; 3SG 43; SR 37

cannot be worn at marriage supper of Lamb COL 311

do not spend probationary time in making 6BC 1070

robe of Christ’s righteousness is to take place of ML 311

Fig tree, Fig trees

Fig tree, Fig trees, barren, Israel represented by COL 215; DA 582

See also Parable

bearing of figs is natural for SL 13

fruit appears on, before leaves open DA 581

in new earth EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

Nathanael prayed under DA 140-1

pretentious, God hates fruit of 5T 146

putting forth leaves, parable of See Parable

time for ripe fruit on, around Jerusalem DA 583

unproductive See Parable

withered by curse See Miracle; Parable

Zacchaeus in DA 553

See Trees, fig

Figurative conversation

Figurative conversation, between Abraham and once-rich man in parable COL 265

Figurative language

Figurative language, Christ clothed cutting truth in COL 22

Figure, Figures

Figure, Figures, beautiful, in Balaam’s prophecies PP 450

childish, used in visions of false prophets 2SM 89

Christ drew, from natural world FE 236

from surroundings of daily life COL 21

Christ used, in His teaching CT 240

God has revealed truth through 1SM 25

Hebrews used, to illustrate lessons FE 95; PP 592

lessons taught thousands of years ago in 7BC 913

of Deity, should not be worshiped PP 306

of speech, used by God in giving rebuke FE 236

truth concealed by, in Christ’s parables 3T 426

Satan has prepared, for persons who misinterpret and misrepresent Testimonies 1SM 57

used in Bible, valuable aids to understanding of CT 518

used in Daniel’s prophecies FE 81

See also Illustration; Symbol; Type

Figures (numbers)

Figures (numbers), study of, work should be made practical in Ed 238

See also Arithmetic


Figuring, children should be taught CT 168-9

Files, Elder

Files, Elder LS 77; 2SG 46

Filial ties

Filial ties, Satan binds many people by means of GC 597


Filthiness, God is not pleased with MYP 350; 2SM 476

Final conflict

Final conflict See Conflict

Finance, Finances

Finance, Finances, family AH 372-80

of God’s work MM 165

ministers are not set apart to manage 7T 255

persons who administer GW 454-7

should be properly managed by men of business ability Ev 92; 7T 255

use of 5T 465

pub. house 7T 206-7

question of gospel, can be managed nicely 2SM 207

school FE 510-1

men of business ability should keep account of 6T 216

school president should carefully look after FE 510

should be perfectly straight in everything FE 510


consider, with respect to God, home and world OHC 192:3

students to be checked on regarding school 1MCP 196:2

worry over personal 2MCP 493:1

Financial ability, Financial abilities

Financial ability, Financial abilities, exercise, in using God’s money CS 290

men of faith and, needed in God’s cause 6T 113

no man excusable for being without AH 93

Financial affair, Financial affairs

Financial affair, Financial affairs, persons in charge of, should not assume other burdens 7T 247

qualifications men need who superintend, of institutions 7T 253

of conferences 7T 253

Financial assistance

Financial assistance, never confederate with worldly men in order to receive 9T 233

Financial benefit

Financial benefit, many people unite with larger churches merely for 5T 185

Financial burden, Financial burdens

Financial burden, Financial burdens, too many, placed on ministers 7T 255

Financial condition

Financial condition, man who was troubled and distressed over his CS 254-5

school’s, businessmen needed to keep account of 6T 216

Financial controversy

Financial controversy, one of Satan’s masterpieces for last days TM 331

Financial crisis

Financial crisis, SDA work in Scandinavia involved in 9T 197

Financial depression

Financial depression, Australian, conditions during FE 317-8

Financial detail, Financial details

Financial detail, Financial details, conferences should find businessmen to handle, of gospel work in cities 7T 253

Financial embarrassment

Financial embarrassment, do not allow yourself to become involved in AH 393; CS 254

faithfulness in tithing would release God’s cause from 4T 475

Financial failure

Financial failure, warnings designed to keep men from Ed 136

Financial gain

Financial gain, food business should not be carried on for MM 267

Satan uses, to lure men out of God’s work 4T 604

spirit of, colporteurs should not be controlled by CM 97-8

youth tempted to seek CT 501

Financial help

Financial help

See Financial assistance; Help, financial

Financial loss, Financial losses

Financial loss, Financial losses, in school industries CT 316

Financial management

Financial management, men successful in, physicians should labor with MM 155

of educational institutions FE 510

Financial matters

Financial matters, management of: minister’s work is not 7T 246

should rest on others than ministers Ev 92; 7T 255

youth should be instructed in CT 524; 9T 76

ministers should learn to let, alone 7T 252

oversight of, ministers’ work is not 7T 252

why many ministers have hard time in AH 383

Financial obligations

Financial obligations, pay up squarely your, as you go AH 379

Financial pressure

Financial pressure, great man in God’s sight keeps his soul unpolluted under SD 271

ministers under GW 141

Financial problem, Financial problems

Financial problem, Financial problems, of pioneer work in foreign lands, how students can learn to meet 9T 78-9

of school industries CT 315-7

Financial prosperity

Financial prosperity, as result of self-sacrifice 6T 102

Financial responsibility, Financial responsibilities

Financial responsibility, Financial responsibilities, attacks on men bearing, in God’s work 4T 234

Financial risk, Financial risks

Financial risk, Financial risks, must be taken, in gospel work WM 266

Financial ruin

Financial ruin, fear of, led swine owners to reject Christ DA 338-9

warnings designed to keep men from Ed 136

Financial speculation

Financial speculation, shun, in healthfood work for personal gain CD 269

See also Business speculation

Financial standing

Financial standing, school’s, should be determined each month FE 511

Financial strait, Financial straits

Financial strait, Financial straits, gospel work in, dream re LS 364

Financial strength

Financial strength, how to have increasing, in God’s work GW 466

Financial stress

Financial stress, administrators in time of GW 452

Financial support

Financial support, for gospel workers, church should provide AA 356

God’s people should give, to city missions GW 366

of young ministers AA 353-4

Financial wrong

Financial wrong, persons who have suffered SD 90

Financier, Financiers

Financier, Financiers, faithful, God’s cause needs CS 140; 6T 80

missionary, needed to establish industries MH 194

miss. work should be done by 9T 36

shrewd and successful, men who have name of being CS 124


Financing, of church work, methods not to be used for CS 201-5

of gospel work: abominable method of CS 205

God has never changed His plan for TM 306

God’s plan of 2SG 267-8

Fine, Fines

Fine, Fines

payment of, when charge was unfair 3SM 400:2; UL 40:2

Sabbathkeepers will be threatened with GC 607


Finger, pricked, communicates with brain by nerves 4aSG 146



it is, victory over death when Christ said FW 74:0



connection of, with the Infinite OHC 146:2

Finney, Chas. G.

Finney, Chas. G., quoted GC 377

Fire, Fires

Fire, Fires

1. Figurative

2. Literal

3. Pillar of (over Israel)

1. Figurative

church members warned by, of others 2T 126

extremists who are either in water or Ev 611

of affliction See Affliction

of fanaticism, souls that Satan will try to push into 5T 644

of trial See Trial

persons who are either in water or TM 228

sacred, gospel workers who mingle strange with TM 337

of God’s own kindling TM 357

Spirit compared to ChS 169

strange, gospel workers who offer TM 337, 356-8, 371

2. Literal

accumulation of lifetime may be destroyed by CS 212-3

angels appear as wall of, around God’s children 2T 272

as judgment of God LS 413; 5T 234; 9T 97

cities will be destroyed by Ev 27

upon wicked world PK 278

Battle Creek Sanitarium destroyed by 8T 227

Chicago, Ill., destroyed by 4T 52

children caused to pass through, before idols PP 337; 3SG 303-4

concealed in earth, wicked cities destroyed by 7BC 946

desolation will be spread everywhere by 4T 53

destruction by, frequent PK 277

devouring: attending Christ’s second advent GC 637-8, 641-2

God will be to transgressors of His law as GC 654

God’s glory compared to PP 339

earth will be purified by COL 179; EW 52, 54, 295; GC 674; GW 126; PP 89, 100; 3SG 87-8; SR 428-9

earth will be scourged with, in last days PP 339-40

earthquake followed by, in San Francisco, Calif. LS 411

fireproof buildings destroyed by: at touch of God’s hand 8T 99

in few minutes or hours 7T 83

in New York City LS 413-4; 9T 12-3

EGW’s vision of 9T 12-3

flaming, at second advent GC 641-2; PP 339-40

flashed from heaven: Abel’s sacrifice consumed by PP 71

David’s offerings on Mt. Moriah were consumed by PK 37; PP 748

Elijah’s sacrifice on Mt. Carmel was consumed by DA 219-20; PK 153, 158-9; 3T 285

first offering on altar of sanctuary was consumed by PP 359

offerings for dedication of Solomon’s temple were consumed by PK 45, 335

flashing from cloud 250 rebellious princes consumed by PP 401

forest, as judgments of God 5T 234

God is consuming MB 62

to the wicked GC 673

God uses: to chastise His people 8T 102

to destroy wicked cities 7BC 946; PP 109; 3SG 82; 1SM 269

to punish nations 1SM 269

to warn earth’s inhabitants 9T 97

to warn men of Christ’s soon approach LS 412

great loss of life and property caused by 8T 49, 252

houses or barns of unfaithful stewards destroyed by 4T 484

impenitent sinners will be destroyed by 3BC 1142; EW 52, 54, 221, 294; GC 672-4; 3SG 86-7; SR 59, 428-9

Israel redeemed from Egypt with COL 287

Jew not allowed to kindle, on Sabbath DA 204

kindled because of cold during night of Christ’s trial DA 710

kindling of, forbidden on Sabbath in wilderness PP 409

lake of, earth will become COL 179; GC 672-3; SR 428-9

when God purifies earth 7BC 986

lightnings uniting with, in earth at second advent 7BC 946; PP 110; 3SG 82

love is like, which cannot be kept alive without fuel 1T 695

Nadab and Abihu destroyed by PP 359

on altar of incense, God kindled PP 348

palaces will be swept away by MYP 89

places destroyed by, many Ev 29

possessions may be swept away by MB 88

rained from heaven, Sodom and neighboring cities destroyed by PP 162; 1SM 63

Review and Herald publishing house destroyed by 8T 97, 99, 101-2, 218

rocks will be on 3BC 1142

Satan will bring, down from heaven EW 59, 86-7; GC 612; MM 87-8; 2SM 49, 51

Satan’s agents will seemingly bring, down from heaven 2SM 54

sea of liquid, earth will be purified by 7BC 986

sign of times DA 636; TM 444

sign that: Christ’s coming is near 6T 408

time of trouble is near WM 136

souls saved as by 3T 165

strange (common), not to be used in burning incense GW 20; PP 359; 4aSG 11-2

symbol of fervent zeal in gospel work AA 39; SR 242

symbol of power attending gospel work AA 39; SR 242

symbolism of, on Day of Pentecost AA 39

thousands of happy homes destroyed by MH 344-5

thousands of people perish daily by MH 207

unquenchable: God can kindle, upon man’s idols 4T 49

wicked will be consumed by COL 179; Ed 144-5; MYP 89

when message will spread like, in stubble 1SM 118

will break out unexpectedly MYP 89

world is being visited by, in its perversity FE 356

See also Conflagration; Flame

3. Pillar of (over Israel)

Angel in, in whom was Jehovah’s name PP 366

assured Israel of: divine protection PP 302

God’s presence PP 282

called cloud of the Presence PP 316

Christ instructed Israel from FE 286

Christ spoke from 1SM 318

Christ was enshrouded in 7BC 927-8; DA 500; LS 93; PP 311, 366; SD 222; 1SM 315; 4T 159-60; TM 405

commemorated at Feast of Tabernacles DA 463

God in, communicated with Israel DA 23

God’s commandments are to the obedient as 4T 27

guided Israel in night journey COL 287; DA 463; MM 97; PP 316, 504; SD 222; 4T 312

illuminated camp of Israel PP 282, 290

Israel separated from Egyptian army by, at Red Sea PK 153; PP 287; 3T 285

light enshrouded in DA 464

lighted Israel’s path through Red Sea PP 287; 4T 23-4

living memorial before Israel 3T 340

moves before God’s people as before Israel CG 565

protected Israel at night AA 315; Ed 34-5; PP 429

represented Israel’s divine Leader 4T 22

represents God’s care for His people PP 283

rested over sanctuary at night PP 481

Scriptures are to guide God’s people as CSW 23

sheltered Israel in wilderness SD 222

shone on foam-capped billows of Red Sea 4T 24

signified God’s presence with Israel 3T 340

speaks terror and wrath to transgressor of God’s law AA 589

token of God’s presence 3SG 288-9

token of light, mercy, and deliverance to the obedient AA 589


ball of, Ellen White’s vision of, coming down upon world RC 243

common, Aaron’s sons used; Christ not represented Con 81:1

communication with God represented by Con 80:2

divine, needed to reach icebound souls TDG 187:4

earth purified by hidden, with fire from above OHC 252:4

God has a purpose in UL 65:2

God’s people rescued from UL 20:3


comes to our souls as fire came to sacrifices TMK 271:4

praying souls receive CC 256:4

holy, to be used; only counselors led by Spirit to be used 3SM 300:5

penetrating, at second advent UL 261:4

pillar of, Christ led Israelites by TMK 101:3

property and life destroyed by, in the final scenes Mar 174:6

purified by, in temptation and trial TDG 259:6

sacred, in all of God’s work; not human ability TDG 231:4

Satan exercises his power in; (conflagrations) HP 342:3

strange, not accepted by early Christians UL 158:3

wall of, angels protect in the day of affliction as HP 30:5

See also Buildings