EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Faultfinder, Faultfinders - Feet washing, ordinance of

Faultfinder, Faultfinders

Faultfinder, Faultfinders 1T 527

among gospel workers 7T 278-9

church does not need, but builders 4T 194

complainers used as, by Satan 9T 39

disposition to be, Christian will rise above 5T 484

duty of 8T 83-4

man who stood to one side as 2T 255

person who will despise 5T 484

watching for evil, will be shaken out 1T 251


Faultfinding 1T 311-23; TM 266

against leaders of God’s people, warning re PP 404; 4aSG 37

against spiritual leaders, in early church AA 88

cannot exist in heart where Christ dwells 4T 610

cease your 2T 90-1; 4T 63

children given to CG 480

Christ did not speak one word of MH 489

Christless people cannot be helped by CW 66

church members naturally given to, Satan exults over Ev 371

condemned 5T 94-8

confusion caused in church by 2T 51

continual (constant): children are hardened by 4T 61

is wrong 3T 531

Spirit cannot abide in heart given to 3T 531-2

corrupting influence of, on parents and children AH 439

danger in, of overlooking people’s redeeming traits 2T 437

disposition to, warning against 4T 238

do not be depressed by 4T 567

do not countenance TM 406-7

do not pass dish of, around at mealtime AH 440

easier than suggesting better course 2SG 282

every act of, painful to Christian 5T 96

evils of 2T 638-9

fetters of, people who help to forge TM 281

give up your 4T 341-2

God calls upon His people to cease their AH 441

God considers work of, as valueless 7BC 940

guard against tendency to, in efforts to correct evil Ed 291

habit of, warning against cultivation of CD 464; CH 451

warning to persons who have 1T 145

home without, needed 5T 568

is sin 8T 170

Israel’s, warning not to imitate 3T 312

lack of spirit of forbearance and love leads to MB 125

lay down your 4T 240

leads to shipwreck of faith 2T 221

life business of, some people make 9T 29

like desolating hail to sensitive plant 1T 696

man given to, is not Christian AH 427

miserable spirit of, bury 8T 45

more harm than good done by, in teaching others MM 209

must be overcome 2T 92

never speak a word of CG 551

no place for in SS or day school CSW 152

not remedy for hasty temper 7T 266

parents should teach children without CT 158-9

parents’, hasty and passionate temper encouraged in children by CG 94

warning re CG 219; 1T 385

persons who seek food for 1T 527

poisonous weed in heart’s garden 4T 365

productive of unhappiness only 4T 256

put away all AH 436; 5T 279

rebuke, as Satan’s working 5T 609

remedy for MYP 73; 1T 145

Satan leads unconsecrated persons to 1T 261

sharp and critical, warnings to persons given to 8T 298

spirit of: all need to realize how cruel is 4T 222

great injury done to church by Ev 215; 2SM 318

must be overcome 3T 421, 464

no place for, in home AH 440

results of cherishing 3T 313

Spirit grieved away by 9T 125

unbecoming to Christian ML 53

warning against indulgence of 2T 221

spiritual dwarfs made by 4T 196

spirituality weakened by cherishing AA 549; 8T 242

stinging, what to do under storm of MH 486

strife stirred up by 4T 134

teachers should put, far from their hearts CSW 152

temptation to, results of yielding to 9T 184

tendency to, guard against Ed 291

tongue should be bridled against 4T 235

toward children, warning against CG 279

warnings against 1T 527; 4T 61-2; 5T 334

wives given to, warning to 2T 465

See also Complaining; Criticism; Gossip; Murmuring; Talebearing

Favor, Favors

1. God’s

2. Miscellaneous

1. God’s

assured to Judah on condition of loyalty to God PK 411

better than houses of silver and gold 3T 459

confession of sin does not earn 5T 648

devotion to money getting removes, from church CS 20

evidences of God’s, overbalance every trial OHC 323:5

God works for people who appreciate PK 253

men cannot do or give anything entitling them to 5T 735

obeying His commandments is only way to obtain 4T 28

Paul given special tokens of, at Ephesus AA 286

persons who hope to pray themselves into 2T 582

Pharisees tried to earn MB 79

rabbis taught that, must be earned COL 390

reward for good works through 3SM 200:1

special tokens of, demand return PP 187

in outpouring of Spirit in time of end AA 54-5

value, above favor and praise of princes MYP 27

very best men can do will not merit 1T 167

worth more than gold and silver MM 158; 7T 101

you cannot enjoy, unless you comply with conditions 4T 610

See also Grace

2. Miscellaneous

Christ would not swerve from duty to obtain any ML 74

giving to those unable to return RC 252:5

God moves hearts of kings and rulers to give His people TM 202

God’s people are to receive as well as to impart TM 202

God’s people will be given, with world till His work is done 6T 21

little, do not grudgingly give 1T 693

received from other people, show gratitude for 3T 539-40

SDA should not copy customs and practices of world to gain MM 161

special, in SDA institutions there should be no giving of MM 146

world’s, never yield one iota of principle for ML 77

Favorite, Favorites

Favorite, Favorites, easy for natural heart to love a few TM 157

heaven’s special, no one should consider himself to be 5T 604

teachers should not have, among students CT 318

there must be no, in dealing with church members Ev 369


Favoritism, for the rich above the poor, is crime in God’s sight 4T 551

Jacob’s, for Joseph PP 209

position in God’s kingdom is not gained through AA 543; DA 549

sanitarium should not show, to patients MM 146

spirit of: give no countenance to 4T 222

leaders of God’s people warned against 4T 221-2

what constitutes 4T 222

to particular ministers, warning re AA 277-8

toward associates GW 335-6

See also Exclusiveness; Partiality


Abraham did not indulge CC 49:3

Christians will not show; (respect of persons) SW 17:2


“Fear,” meaning of, in 1 Peter 3:15 4T 258-9

Fear, Fears

Fear, Fears, avoid manifestation of, in sick-room MH 219

calamities will cause men’s hearts to fail for 4T 53

cherishing of, rebuke Ev 180

conflict with, faith grows strong in 4T 117

dismiss your SC 72

distressing, lack of faith and trust brings 2T 140

do not cherish Ev 180

events will cause men’s hearts to fail for PK 537

godly, guard against tendency to lose PK 48

needed to rightly represent truth 4T 259

grieves Spirit GW 261; PP 294

grow by indulgence 4T 558

hope and, do not fluctuate between TM 518

in guilt there is PP 330

keep your, before God SC 100

man who was seized by 2T 301

message for souls troubled by TM 516-20

no need of, in God’s service PK 387

on land or sea DA 336

of coming to want, increases with riches COL 51; 2T 681

of God: men soon depart from honor and integrity when they cast off PP 557

proper, works fruit of righteousness 6BC 1100

was shield to Joseph’s heart SR 103

See also Reverence

of loss, true seeker for truth is not restrained by TM 121

of punishment, Christ’s disciples were not to follow Him because of DA 480

of wicked, do not fear EW 60

of want, perplexities and burdens brought to the poor by COL 51

Paul had no, in storm at sea AA 442

of man AA 423

privilege of telling God all your 2SM 238

re acceptance with God, souls troubled by SC 72; TM 516

Roman Church has profited by, of her adherents SR 333-4

Satan leads men to serve God from GC 569

Satan uses, to rule man’s conscience GC 591

sense of God’s presence can banish Ed 255

shadow of terrible, crept over John the Baptist DA 216

shepherd does not depend on, to direct his sheep DA 480

slavish, excited in the aged by Satan 1T 424

millions of human beings in bondage of DA 478

Syrian army routed by, in Elisha’s time PK 258

taking counsel with, perplexities increase as result of SC 96; 3T 323

that food will hurt you, result of 2T 530

thousand, persons who distrust God and regard future with 2T 656

unbelief revealed by, in time of danger DA 336

unbelief that results from 7T 211

unbelieving, swept away before living faith TM 226

See also Alarm; Anxiety; Dread; Fright; Terror; Worry


about acceptance by God, unnecessary FW 106:0

about salvation, not God’s will RC 75:4

cast away UL 376:2


approached without, by poorest of humanity TMK 218:3

felt, of suffering ones TMK 47:2

removes, for those who come to Him OHC 97:2

Christian hope does not cause OHC 33:4

connection with God dispels HP 241:5

disciples had, on sea, although strong men TDG 110:4

doubt from, removed in one reaching to God TMK 262:4

duty neglected was greatest, of eminent Christian TDG 334:3

Ellen White expressed, for churches not following light RC 114:2

energies paralyzed by doubts and, drive to discouragement 1MCP 321:3

God is better than our; He keeps those who trust 3SM 383:3

God may be trusted without TDG 354:3

God’s people to have no, Satan is limited Mar 191:3

holy, heavenly Father to be regarded with TDG 116:3

Holy Spirit is grieved by our anxiety and TDG 42:4

indulging in, implies we have no loving Saviour TDG 42:2

Jacob knew that his, were because of his sins TDG 323:2

lack of practical experience of Christ’s presence causes OHC 30:4

love of God removes HP 185:4

minds reached through, before Christ’s first advent 1MCP 183:1

motive to seek righteousness should not be TMK 320:3

nothing to, with God within and overhead TDG 194:4

paralyzing, follow willful transgression TMK 248:3

put away; choose flowers not thorns; Ellen White dream 2MCP 807:3

salvation to be worked out with, but only in one sense TDG 344:2

Satan caused man to see God with LHU 36:2

seeking righteousness through; terrors of day of God LHU 98:3

song words about shaking off OHC 163:5

(terror) majesty of Christ at first brings TMK 360:4

unnecessary because God is on our side TMK 342:3

unsafe to cherish, because they may grow TDG 212:3

weakness to be realized in, avoiding same mistakes 2MCP 728:2

See also Worry


Fear, do not, when appearances seem most forbidding PK 164

far more to, from within than from without 1SM 122

no need to, of power of men or enmity of Satan DA 356

nothing to, except as we forget God’s leading LS 196; TM 31

only, lest you surrender truth DA 356

when God makes men, they cannot hide intensity of their terror PK 524

Fearful persons

Fearful persons, no call for, to God’s work MYP 35


Fearing, some people are always SC 121-2


Fearlessness, Christian, Daniel as worthy example of PK 542

ministers should present God’s message with GW 150

obeying God’s word requires AA 394

preaching God’s word requires AA 394

See also Boldness; Bravery; Courage

Feast, Feasts

Belshazzar’s PK 522-31

See also Belshazzar

children should not be educated to attend CG 181

Christ provides, that never fails to satisfy DA 148

Christ’s conversation and conduct at WM 287

family, observed by Elkanah at Shiloh PP 569

given to relieve poverty and distress, commended ML 240

giving and attending, do not give yourself over to 2BC 1039

gluttonous, antediluvians held PP 97

Lord’s Supper turned into, at Corinth 6BC 1090

gospel, illustrated by parable of wedding feast COL 312

guests at, seated according to rank DA 613

idolatrous See Idolatrous feast

invitation to king’s, is command COL 307

Israelite, at national festivals PP 530, 569

Levi Matthew’s, in honor of Christ DA 273-4, 342

luxurious, for raising church funds are condemned CS 202

of health-destroying dainties, tempt appetite 2SM 413

other nations’ drunken, Israel forbidden to unite in 1T 524

private, Christ attended WM 287

Christ’s purpose in accepting invitations to MH 24-5

religious, second tithe used for PP 530

servant washed feet of guests at DA 644

uppermost rooms at, Jewish leaders loved DA 613

wedding, at Cana DA 144-53

parable of See Parable

you may have, of good things daily TM 119

See also Banquet; Festival; Supper


idolatrous, Israel defeated by participation in CC 115:2

invitation to, accepted by few SW 21:2

relieving poverty and distress by giving, to help needy RC 252:5

spiritual, hymn about beggar child refusing FLB 22:4

See also Banquet


Feasting, God dishonored by Te 49

general meetings and camp meetings should not be seasons for CH 121

Satan tempts to violation of seventh commandment by means of PP 458

senses perverted by AA 150

shameless, in kingdom of Israel PK 282

tempting bribe(s) of, do not obtain freewill offerings by CS 203

gospel is not to be sustained by WM 291

world is absorbed in rounds of PP 104


gatherings of, Christ’s temptation and Con 63:2

reverence for Jesus impossible for those engaging in Con 64:3

Feast of Dedication

Feast of Dedication See Dedication, Feast of

Feast of Harvest

Feast of Harvest See Pentecost

Feast of Ingathering

Feast of Ingathering See Tabernacles, Feast of

Feasts of Israel

Feasts of Israel See Festival

Feast of Passover

Feast of Passover See Passover, Feast of

Feast of Pentecost

Feast of Pentecost See Pentecost, Feast of

Feast of Tabernacles

Feast of Tabernacles See Tabernacles, Feast of

Feast of Trumpets

Feast of Trumpets See Trumpets, Feast of

Feast of Unleavened Bread

Feast of Unleavened Bread See Passover; Unleavened Bread, Feast of

Feast of Weeks

Feast of Weeks See Pentecost


Feathers, parading of, out of place at church services 5T 499

species of idolatry 5T 499

wearing of MYP 346

on hats 3T 379

youth’s duty re 3T 379

Feature, Features

Feature, Features, bear decided testimony for God in your 6T 365

See also Countenance; Face

Fee, physician’s

Fee, physician’s See Physician’s fee

Feeble man

Feeble man, one touch of God’s finger can prostrate 1T 117


Feebleness, absence of, among Israelites in wilderness PP 379, 429

children’s, improper eating causes 4aSG 132

close confinement indoors causes MH 274

diseased imagination may cause 2T 523-4

eating too much causes MH 240

foundation for, gratifying appetite at expense of health lays COL 346

wrong habits that lay CH 41; COL 346; MYP 235

indulged appetite causes CD 135; CH 66; 9T 156

Israelites would not have known, if they had been obedient PP 378

large share of, indulgence of appetite causes CD 135; 9T 156

many persons submit to, as a necessity MM 296-7

mental See Mental feebleness

neglect of physical work causes AA 353

of effort in God’s service marks men as unfaithful 6T 445

of invalids, inactivity of mental and physical powers maintains 4T 95

indulging impure imagination often causes 4T 95

physical, regard laws of life to avoid 6T 369

vice causes MH 227

reading fascinating stories causes 4T 498

reign of lustful passion causes 2T 380

spiritual: church that will soon suffer LS 188

coldness of heart and unbelief keeps churches in CW 38

failing to help others causes 7T 18-9

God charges church with 1SM 127

inactivity causes 2T 22

lack of exercise of spiritual strength causes 4T 75

overcome through faith and prayer MH 511

seclusiveness causes 2T 22

waiting for others brings 4T 187

young women’s, lack of exercise causes 3T 151

See also Debility; Laziness; Weakness

Feeble person, Feeble persons

Feeble person, Feeble persons, God helps 3BC 1153

no, among the redeemed GC 650

people who possess Christ’s spirit will tenderly regard MH 204

should not yield to inclination to be inactive 3T 78

Spirit’s influence strengthens the PP 657

walking or working in garden benefits 3T 78


Feeblest, of His creatures, God loves and cares for ML 93

Feeble step

Feeble step, that recovers its elasticity MH 267


Feeding, at regular intervals, child should receive MH 383

of children, to keep them quiet is wrong CH 80

of 5,000 See Miracle


Feel, do not wait to, that you are made whole SC 51

Feeling, Feelings (Sentiments)

Feeling, Feelings (Sentiments), Abraham was not guided by 1T 454

action and, must be combined in Christian life 4T 372

advancement or decline in religious life must not be judged by 5T 199

affected by surrounding circumstances 1T 695

aggrieved, people act out their 1T 308-9

analyze closely your 2T 564

alienation of, Satan exploits 1SM 123

all-gone, overworked digestive organs cause CD 132; MH 307

mistakenly called hunger CD 132; MH 307

angry, it is sin to have CG 95

mother should subdue her AH 242

are often deceiving 4T 188

aroused, mistaken for God’s blessing 2SM 21

be controlled by duty and principle and not by 2T 435

be tender in 3T 519

being controlled by, is unsafe CS 25

bitter, do not cherish 2T 52

foreign to spirit of Christ 2T 52

capacity for, leaven of truth enlarges COL 101

caprice of, God’s work should not be left to 4T 358

change in, conversion does not mean merely 4BC 1164

erroneously thought to be conversion MYP 71

chariot of, minister who rides upon 1T 647

childish, put away 4T 347

See also Childish feeling

Christ strengthens moral powers irrespective of TM 147

Christian faith and hope are not founded on 2SM 49

confess, of bitterness, wrath, or malice toward brother 5T 646

control your 1T 309

through God’s grace 5T 314

counterfeit holiness leads men to follow their own GC 193

danger of becoming narrow, selfish, and notional in 2T 646

despondent, too much leisure often leads to CH 629

devotional, cultivate 2T 264, 289

disagreeable, harsh words create AH 437

discontented, resist MH 251

dissatisfied, sickness of body and mind caused by 1T 566

do cheerfully what God requires however contrary it may be to your CS 164-5

do not accept, for faith 1SM 351

do not allow your, to be easily wounded MH 485

to become overwrought TM 227

do not be: controlled by Ev 138; 3T 506, 571

ruled by 2SG 261

subject to TM 518

do not excuse you from duty 1T 692

do not live to guard your MH 485

do not make you a child of God 5T 515

do not measure your faith by your MYP 122

do no move from, instead of firm principle 1T 690

do not talk of, if you do not feel lighthearted and joyous MH 488

dwelling upon, unbelief strengthened by 3T 108

earnest, falsely interpreted to be Spirit 3T 73

ecstasy of: fanciful representations causing Ev 182; GW 153

life in Christ may not be SC 70

there may be no, in conversion 1SM 353-4

whatever may be, Christ cannot dwell in heart that disregards God’s law SL 92

every, must be engaged in serving God 1BC 1096

every cherished, makes impress on countenance CG 563

excessive, impressions produced on hearts by 2SM 93

experience founded in, do not adhere to 2T 92

excitable, do not give way to 5T 313

See also Excitement

failure to control, sin of 5T 310-11

faith and: are two distinct things EW 72; 2SG 291

as distinct as east from west 6BC 1073; 2SM 243

distinction between 1T 167

do not confound 1T 167

faith is not Ev 138; EW 72; FE 341; GW 260; MYP 106; 2SG 291; 1T 620

faith is not dependent on 6BC 1073; 2SM 243

faith is not in, but in truth 2SM 157; TM 387

faith is not to be based on 7BC 928

false sanctification is dependent on SL 9

finest, Bible religion has nothing that jars upon 3T 375

fitful, love of Christ is not AA 516

fixed in, guard continually against being 3T 540

flash through nerves 4T 56

flight of, not evidence of conversion Ev 286-7

giving expression to, at large gatherings 3T 507-8

encourages and strengthens them MH 251

giving way to, result of MH 249

God marks your SD 309

God’s law reaches to 5BC 1085; 1SM 211

gospel worker should not be controlled by 3T 506

grateful and happy, manifest AH 34

happy, not evidence that soul is or is not sanctified SL 10

happy flight(s) of: do not set too high value on 1T 161

not always true 2SG 261

religious experience that consists of 1T 412

some people depend too much on 2SG 261

hard, purifying fire of God’s love should burn out CH 297

hateful and revengeful, resist your SD 142

have faith in Christ irrespective of TM 147

have nothing to do with faith 1T 167

homesick, woman who gave herself up to 2T 435

how God’s love in heart affects man’s SC 61

hurricane and tumult of, raging in heart Ev 288

in youth’s early years, determine his life history CG 196

influence of association upon your CT 221

influence of grace refines and purifies MB 135

intensity of, overeating affects 3T 310

invalids whose, have bad influence on God’s cause 2T 646

irritated: kind words soothe PP 666-7

Moses spoke from, at Meribah PP 417

parents not at liberty to act out AH 432

See also Irritated feeling

joyful, is God’s to give EW 72

keen, God’s cause needs men of 4T 515

gospel workers should be persons of MH 309

keep, subject to Spirit CT 191

look at things candidly and not from Ev 324

lovesick, ruinous to soul and body 2T 324

man who was changeable in 1T 695

men controlled by, not qualified for gospel work 4T 218

minister whose preaching moved greatly upon people’s 1T 622-3

ministers should speak with full control of 1T 645

ministers who play upon GW 382

mistake keeping attention fixed on, in religious life 5T 199

mistaken for faith MYP 111; SL 89

mistaken idea that, is impression of Spirit 7BC 952

move from principle and not from 2SG 225; 1T 187; 3T 76

move in harmony with natural law irrespective of 3T 76

must flow heavenward, not earthward 5T 366

must not get mastery over judgment 2SM 18, 91

natural: do not give way to 1T 150

of carnal heart must be overcome 3T 474

person who gives way to, makes himself weak and untrustworthy FE 264

shown by likes and dislikes TM 185

subdue your 2T 221

need to be softened, refined, and elevated 4T 365

new, implanted at conversion COL 98

not always true guide 1T 161

not criterion for Christian 1SM 328; 5T 298

in true sanctification SL 10

not evidence of genuine work of grace on heart Ev 287

not guide for Christian 1T 356-7

in matter of marriage FE 103

not safe guide 1T 413; 2T 92; 5T 199-200

not safe to trust to 3T 418; 5T 513

in giving offerings 5T 151

not sure evidence of divine guidance 1T 413

nursing, which stings and poisons soul 2SM 163

of heart, persons who dare not act out 1T 166

of retaliation, mind should not harbor 5T 331

of self-pity, spiritual disease causes SD 298

of suspicion and jealousy, neither sanctified nor prompted by Spirit 3T 313

of tenderness, minister should cultivate 3T 466

of violators of God’s law 1SM 232

or no feeling, earnestly cry to God in faith 6BC 1073

keep eye fixed on Christ MYP 111; SL 89

other people’s: be kindly considerate of 4T 242

deal delicately with 1T 166

enter into, in association with them MB 134

God demands generous consideration for SD 271

members of family should respect CG 205

sacredly regard AH 427

show tender regard for AH 34; ML 53; SD 80

spirit of murmuring and rebellion influences 3T 313

parent in whom, rather than duty bears sway 4T 362

persons controlled by 3T 112

persons moved entirely by, are often confused and thrown into uncertainty 4T 75

persons who make, their criterion SL 10

persons who talk much of Ev 597

pleasant and self-satisfied, sanctification is not 5BC 1146; 8T 235

poor criterion for person controlled by strong imagination and firm will 3T 68

power to subdue his, man’s real greatness or nobility is measured by his CT 222; PP 568; 4T 656

practice of talking out your SC 119

prayer with reference to MYP 71

prepare way for acts of same kind CG 199

rapture of, conversion is not 4BC 1164; MYP 71

not evidence of Spirit’s presence 2SM 18

re air and exercise, that invalids should resist 2T 534-5

real conversion changes man’s 5T 82

reason and judgment must not be completely controlled by 5T 310

reason and religion should control 5T 310

reason and sound judgment should guide instead of 1T 356-7

reliance on, in Christian experience SL 90

religion is not merely 2T 506

religionists who mistake, for faith MYP 111; SL 89

religious, intimate relation exists between habits and 5T 178

religious experience based on, erroneous ideas re MYP 71-2

religious experience that is no deeper than MYP 71-2

rough and coarse, man of 4T 365

sacrifice of, is most keen required of man 3T 500

sanctify your 2T 251

Satan gives, when not suspected 1T 413

self-complacent, persons of 2T 250

selfish, drives Spirit away SD 316

sentimental See Sentimental feeling

serve God from principle and not merely from 1T 161, 167, 698

sickly and sentimental state of, remedy for 2T 324

sinful, repress your 1SM 123

should not be harbored in heart 2T 311

that encourage hard and defiant spirit 2T 311

soul’s inmost, God’s eye reads 4T 599

spasmodic, do not be actuated by 4T 355

spasmodic exercise of, delusive repentance caused by 1SM 108

strive continually for mastery 5T 110

strong, nothing gained by moving from 2T 51

Spirit should control your Ev 639

strong assertion stirs some people’s 2SM 93

struggle is required to control your 5T 606

teachers should keep, under control CT 191

temptation to give utterance to, what to do re MH 254

thoughts and, combined make up moral character 5T 310

tired and weary, overeating caused CD 132

troubled, which are natural fruit of selfishness 2T 543

uncharitable, are attribute of Satan FE 278

unexpressed, of disunion and contention should not possess heart 4T 221

variable and subject to external circumstances 4T 188

walk by faith and not by Ev 413; ML 14

what to do when asked how you are MH 253

whatever deranges digestion also affects CT 298

wild and excitable, persons who give themselves up to 1T 414

windows of, must be opened toward heaven SD 107

woman who was controlled by 2T 435

woman who was guided by 3T 68

wrathful, angry words kindle CG 95

wrong: are result of wrong thoughts 5T 310

cherishing, separates man from God 1SM 350

failure to control, Satan takes advantage of 1SM 123

your, influence other people 3T 506

youth’s, seek to enter into GW 209

youthful, retain your CG 212

See also Emotion; Impulse; Inclination; Sensitiveness; Sentimentalism


acceptance by God is not indicated by 2MCP 496:1; OHC 78:2; TSB 257:3; UL 337:6

but by His word HP 126:2

actions of Christian not to be mastered by UL 36:5

against our brethren, no blessing in OHC 239:5

analyze, in light of God’s Word; love the right 1MCP 318:1

angry, sin even though not spoken HP 246:4

assurance in, not wrong; but in depression God has not changed OHC 124:6

attitudes need not be according to HP 296:3

bearing down on people to provoke the worst TDG 270:2

belief that you are God’s child does not require TDG 234:2

believe words of God rather than depending on HP 45:5

bitter, explanation could change TDG 19:3

bitterness of, reaped if sown RC 300:4

change from carnal, when changed into Christ’s image TSB 67:1


many have no guide but their own TDG 188:3

promises available TDG 223:2

changed by true conversion 3SM 200:4

child discipline according to, by unwise mother 2MCP 552:2


believers must outgrow HP 365:2

discipline needed to overcome RC 163:3

need to be overcome; avoid working at trifles 2MCP 630:1

self-discipline and effort needed to overcome FLB 316:4

to be overcome; steady energy needed 2MCP 801:3

children determine life history by LHU 339:7


acceptance by, not understood by FLB 123:5

blended with all our OHC 99:4

tenderly entered, of the oppressed OHC 183:4

Christian hope does not rest on TMK 257:2

Christ’s, as easily hurt as ours TDG 166:2

claim promises by faith without waiting for HP 123:2

condemned by the Word of God, let Jesus cleanse from OHC 37:4

consideration for, between marriage partners LYL 15:1


by faith rather than, for those wanting light TDG 52:2

with reason and religion HP 164:2

controlled by UL 55:4; RC 318:4

creation of, affecting reformers and Jesus 3SM 121:2

criteria while boasting of sanctification FW 53:3

dangerous to contemplate, because changeable HP 126:3

David might have vented TSB 175:1

deadened to highest interests by enchantments of Satan TDG 328:4

depending too much on, in acceptance by Christ 3SM 151:2

differing interpretations should not cause sharp 3SM 166:1

effort without personal, helped by God 3SM 25:2

elated or depressed without mind disciplined to be cheerful 2MCP 408:0

essential in God’s work, but must be purged by obedience TDG 321:2


of being a Christian is by faith not 2MCP 538:2

of being children of God is not in TMK 241:2, 285:1; UL 212:2

of being led by the Lord is not in Mar 233:3

of God’s hearing prayer is not in UL 256:5

examining, not a measure of faith OHC 120:3

exasperated, you may outlive, but effect continues TMK 137:4

exultant, sanctification not characterized by FW 121:1


built on, always wants more evidence; not faith 2MCP 679:2

confused with OHC 77:2

distinct from, as east is from west OHC 120:3

eclipsed by UL 337:4

is not from, even though pleasing HP 106:2

is unrelated to OHC 119:2

not exercised by exciting FLB 122:2

not to be affected by; Christ has overcome 3SM 324:3

of doubters is founded on HP 106:2

relied on, rather than, in childlike trust TDG 9:2

to grasp the promises does not come by HP 116:3

family members’, to be respected RC 190:3

fanciful, imbibe not UL 313:5

fluctuating, Christ grieved by UL 150:6

following will of God not known by 3SM 204:1

gloomy, promises are valid in spite of LHU 332:2

God’s displeasure is not shown by our 2MCP 808:2

grace revealed in, as the ladder is climbed OHC 72:3

habitual tenderness of, triumph of grace includes TMK 200:5

happy, faith is not OHC 119:5

harmony of Christian’s, with worldly person impossible HP 310:3

help from Christ for, of natural heart TMK 269:2

Holy Spirit implants new TDG 186:2

hope of Christian rests on principle not 2MCP 496:0

hopefulness to be worked for in; inherited discouragement 2MCP 809:3


impossible to avoid, but we are to be kind OHC 237:2

mistaken ideas conjured up by mind with TDG 19:4

impressions and, unsafe guides Mar 233:3

impulsive, do not act out, that may injure any soul UL 329:6


lack of faith shown by UL 137:3

Moses spoke from UL 299:4

joyful, may lack,

but act from principle 2MCP 496:0

but still God’s child 2MCP 639:3

judgment controlled by, in stubborn musician 3SM 334:1; VSS 424:1

just ones live by faith not TMK 245:5

kind, politeness to spring from HP 296:5

lay, at the foot of the cross HP 107:5

living by, or by faith UL 252:2

looking at, drawing more heaviness; look to Christ 3SM 324:2

loose rein given to, wrong way to deal with evil people TDG 99:2

love of God measured by, prevents leading others to faith HP 111:2

marriage partners to be careful of HP 204:2

melancholy, duty to war against, as duty to pray 2MCP 410:0


to do more than appeal to VSS 341:2

wanted who bring, in sermons VSS 290:3

misleading, confuse selfish minds knowing truth 1MCP 22:6

moving according to, bringing reproach on the cause TSB 167:0

never walk in shadow of UL 150:5

overcoming of, needed by one nourishing despondency TSB 160:2

overcoming prevented by indulging in RC 318:5

own, consider; warring against sin needed for safety TDG 83:4

Pharisees witnessing Jesus forgiving sin had FW 67:5

pray earnestly without waiting for TDG 277:4

prayer answers are not indicated by LHU 55:3, 129:1

prayer effective without working ourselves up in intense TMK 272:2

promises to be depended on rather than on OHC 124:4

put aside; harshness develops in path of criticism 2MCP 634:2

rejoice in hope not in 2MCP 803:4


consisting largely of TMK 133:3

dependent on Mar 55:6; TMK 248:2

is more than an impulsive TMK 113:5

not shown by, but by good works TDG 25:5

was not, to Ellen White in childhood RC 169:2

religion of, issues of eternity demand more than HP 131:5

salvation by belief without obedience is based on FW 32:2

sanctification is,

more than FW 121:2; 3SM 204:1

not shown by NL 55; 3SM 203:3


may give Mar 233:3

suggests, which must be repulsed 2MCP 432:2

Scripture instead of UL 37:4

selfish, thwart happiness RC 305:4

sensitivity needed by teachers for 1MCP 198:2; RC 300:5

soften; the church needs you (from Ellen White letter) TDG 245:6

soothing of, women needed for RC 333:3

speaking with excited, affects speaker TMK 137:2

speech manner is not to be guided by VSS 186:1

spiritual condition not to be tested by HP 131:3

strength from God not dependent on LHU 265:2

suspicious, refuse; drink refreshing waters of life LHU 321:2

talking of or exalting, not advised whether good or bad 2MCP 480:1

teaching others to voice own, hurts humans 2MCP 428:0

temptation to vent, tries our faith HP 270:2

tenderness of, through the religion of Christ OHC 72:3

thoughtfulness for others’, brings precious harvest TMK 85:5

too strong toward Brother A over supposed injuries TDG 121:2

tried in light of eternity UL 120:2

troubled by seeing wrong behavior OHC 124:5

troubled, not evidence you are not child of God OHC 119:6


rather than seeking hidden treasure LHU 152:5

wrong UL 176:5


implants new HP 21:4

is not mere; from the Word of God 1MCP 98:2

is through the Word not by 3SM 375:7

unholy, not to be cherished UL 64:7

unreliable; it is not faith TDG 156

unsafe, FLB 217:2

God’s law is the only standard FW 52:3

waiting for expected, to accept salvation UL 312:2

walking by, instead of trusting UL 337

warning not given because of, not excused TDG 21:5

Word of God,

is evidence not OHC 266:5

regulates the source of, toward one another TDG 238:4

words not to express natural HP 270:2

work taken into own hands by 3SM 21:4

works in cooperation for salvation are not according to 2MCP 757:2


against father refusing daughter’s marriage LYL 48:1

are to be rooted out; we expect too little 2MCP 601:0

if thoughts are wrong HP 164:2

suggested to all, but need not contaminate soul TMK 140:2

which would exclude one from heaven 2MCP 376:2

yield, to Christ; listen to divine instruction 2MCP 541:1

See also Emotions; Excitement; Imagination; Impressions; Impulses; Rapture; Thoughts


Feet See Foot

Feet washing

Feet washing, ancient custom of, whereby servant washed feet of guests attending feast DA 644, 650

Mary Magdalene’s example of EW 117; DA 559

Feet washing, ordinance of

Feet washing, ordinance of 5BC 1138-9; DA 642-51; Ev 274-6; EW 116-7; 3SG 226-7; 4T 373-4

by Christ, rebuke to disciples RC 261

calls for: self-examination 5BC 1139; 3SG 226-7

unselfish ministry 5BC 1139; DA 651

Christ by instituting, discharged His disciples from burdens of Jewish obligations in rites and ceremonies 5BC 1139

Christ’s example of, given for all believers to follow 3SG 226; 4T 225

Christians should observe, through all time and in every country 5BC 1139; Ev 276

cleansing of heart is tested in 5BC 1138

confess anything that would separate when RC 283:7

confusion in observance of, avoid EW 117

holy kiss in EW 15, 117; LS 65; 1T 59

illustrates need of true humility DA 649-50; 5BC 1139; 4T 225

instituted for work of reconciliation between brethren DA 644-6, 650-1; Ev 275; SD 157

institution of, by Christ 5BC 1138; DA 642-51; Ev 275; 3SG 226-7

is: designed to teach humility DA 649-50; 3SG 226-7; 4T 225, 373-4

memorial of Christ’s humiliation DA 650-1

sacred ordinance DA 650; Ev 275

type of higher cleansing DA 646-7

is ordinance of: humility 5BC 1138-9; DA 649-50; 4T 373-4

service 5BC 1138; DA 649

is service preparatory to eating Lord’s Supper DA 646, 650-1, 659; Ev 275; 3SG 226-7

lessons from 4T 374

made a: consecrated ordinance DA 650

religious service DA 650; Ev 275

much in, that is not seen and appreciated Ev 278

not obligatory on visitors Ev 276-7

observance of: among God’s people shortly before second advent EW 15; LS 65; 1T 59

Christ’s example in, should be followed as exactly as possible EW 116-7

covenant made by, that life shall be given to unselfish ministry DA 651

do not defer, because some believers present are not spiritually clean 5BC 1138

in new places EW 117

is time for brethren to settle every difficulty SD 157

men should not wash women’s feet in EW 117

on Sabbath day Ev 276-7

right, brings God’s people into holy relationship to help and bless each other 5BC 1138; DA 651

should be more than mere form DA 651; Ev 274

should precede Lord’s Supper DA 650; Ev 275

Spirit’s presence and work during DA 650-1; Ev 274-5

performance of, calls for self-examination 5BC 1139

pitcher, basin, and towel used in DA 644

prejudice against, how to meet EW 117

should be observed more frequently EW 116

should never become mere ceremonial DA 651

significance and purpose of DA 642-51; Ev 274-5; 3SG 226-7; 4T 225, 373-4

teaches that true service calls for unselfish ministry DA 651; Ev 276

teaches walking in humility before God RC 261:5

tedious ceremony should not be made of EW 117

tests our loyalty to God Ev 275

women may wash men’s feet in EW 117