EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Epaphras - Eternal things


Epaphras AA 455, 471


Epaphroditus AA 479

Ephesian, Ephesians

Ephesian, Ephesians, witchcraft among MYP 275

Ephesian believers

Ephesian believers AA 395; MYP 275-8; 5T 171-2

Ephesian church

Ephesian church, dangers that threatened AA 394-5

early zeal of AA 578-9

flourishing church raised up by Paul AA 291

message of Rev. 2:1-7 to AA 578-80; 7BC 956-7; 1SM 380, 387-8; 6T 421-2

Paul’s prayer for GC 9

Paul’s visit with elders of, at Miletus AA 352, 392-6

symbol of entire Christian church in apostolic times AA 578

Timothy first bishop of 7BC 916-7

Timothy placed in charge of AA 498

Tychicus sent to AA 490, 508; 7BC 920-1

waning piety of AA 580; 6T 421-2

Ephesians, Epistle to

Ephesians, Epistle to, Paul wrote, in Rome AA 176; 5T 730

study carefully TM 500


Ephesus, about 30 miles from Miletus AA 392

Apollos labored in AA 269

capital of Roman province of Asia AA 281

description of AA 281, 286

Diana worshiped in AA 286, 291-2

idolatrous inhabitants of 6BC 1064

John’s labor in DA 194

John the Baptist’s disciples baptized by Paul at AA 282-3

Paul’s labors in AA 175, 269, 281-97, 342, 351

riot against Paul in AA 292-5; 7BC 920


Ephod, common priests wore PP 707

Gideon made PP 556

high priest wore PP 351, 556

others than priests wore PP 573, 707


Ephraim, Joseph’s son PP 234


Ephraim, Mt. PP 569


Ephraim, tribe of PK 280, 649; PP 234, 513-4, 553-4, 611-3

territory of PP 513-4, 557, 703

when, will not envy Judah 1SM 385

Ephraimite, Ephraimites

Ephraimite, Ephraimites, Caleb’s courage and faith lacking in PP 514

two Midianite princes slain by PP 554


Ephrath PP 206


Epicure, rich dainties of CH 148; 4aSG 131

Epicurean philosophers

Epicurean philosophers AA 235-6

Epidemic, Epidemics

Epidemic, Epidemics, best resisted, by living simply and naturally Te 159

flesh food makes eater more susceptible to CD 386-7

of fever, decaying matter about dwellings causes MH 276

scientific attempts to account for CT 440; FE 409

violent, lack of cleanliness causes AH 22

See Disease; Pestilence

Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church See Church of England

Epistle, Epistles

living, gospel worker is to be CH 560

life that is quiet and godly is TDG 146:5; TSB 82:2

qualities of OHC 186:5

we are to be, to world 4T 376, 459

who are 3T 66; 4T 615; 5T 386

NT, Waldensian youth memorized GC 68

why we need 1SM 21

Paul’s instruction to churches in AA 483

inspiration of 5T 684

lessons in, which all should study AA 470

written at Rome ring with note of triumph AA 484


Epitaph, “Died of an abused stomach” MH 302

“Died of poor cooking” MH 302


Epithets, foul, priests and rulers abused Christ with DA 715


Equality/Equity, all men are on, in God’s sight AA 238; CS 133; 7T 225

law of heaven 2SM 192

more, needed among us 2SM 183

of believers, secret of unity is found in 1SM 259

school managers to preserve, in every plan 6T 215

unselfish, needed in dealing with gospel workers GW 455

See also Brotherhood; Caste; Color line


all have, in access to Christ since He left earth RC 22:2

golden rule of TDG 108:2

religion with, taught by Christ TMK 100:5

works to show, by those abiding in Christ TMK 185:3

See also Exclusiveness


Equipage, lack of extravagance in MM 167


Equipment, costly, not essential to advance God’s work MH 36

physicians need, of God’s word CH 594


Equity, deal with every man with CS 146


Equivocation, who will stoop to 3T 214


Erasmus, Desiderius GC 216-7

NT Scriptures published in Greek and Latin by GC 245

Tyndale (Wm.) received gospel from GC 245


Erastus, Paul sent, from Ephesus to Macedonia AA 291

Erfurt, Germany

Erfurt, Germany GC 121, 152, 254


Err, better to, on side of mercy and tolerance rather than intolerance 4T 65

on side of people than altogether away from them CD 211; 3T 21

humanity’s constant liability to CSW 48

it is human to 2T 276

when men in positions of responsibility, God has power to correct or to remove them MH 484

Errand, Errands

Errand, Errands, children do miss. work by running on AH 486; WM 102

for the less fortunate 9T 37; WM 75

children never to be ashamed to do 6T 429

little, children to be taught to do AH 282; 6T 435

of love, offerings on 7T 295

Erratic, Erratics

Erratic, Erratics, Christ blamed by, for His liberal mercies GW 335

Erratic view, Erratic views

Erratic view, Erratic views, time needed to get rid of Ev 418

Erring (making errors)

Erring (making errors), See Error, Mistakes

Erring child

Erring child See Child

Erring children

Erring children, God yearns over His PK 413

Erring church member

Erring church member See Church member

Erring disciple, Erring disciples

Erring disciple, Erring disciples, Christ’s manner of dealing with DA 655-6

Erring heart

Erring heart, unwilling to: be criticized FE 239

humiliate itself by confession of sin FE 239-40

Erring men

Erring men, why preaching of gospel was committed to DA 297

Erring mortals

Erring mortals, all men are 1T 383

Erring soul, Erring souls

Erring soul, Erring souls, all men are, needing God’s pitying forgiveness 3T 93

angels help, who confess their wrongs MYP 60

angels help persons laboring to save CSW 173

angels press to side of persons manifesting Christlike sympathy for COL 149

be calm and gentle with TM 165

be ready to help 4T 133

blind sympathy for, caution against 4T 224

cause of, Christ pleads MB 131

Christ bears with, in all their perversity Ed 294

Christ has taught how to treat DA 567-8; PP 516

Christ loves 1T 383

Christ loves and pities ML 300; 4T 131

Christ seeks to help 4T 503

Christ’s efforts to win, do not cease Ed 294

Christ’s love and labor for 5T 603

Christ’s love and patience for Ed 294

Christ’s love for, does not grow cold Ed 294

Christ’s manner of dealing with, lessons from 5T 646

Christ’s manner of rebuking 4T 66

Christian’s duty to CSW 171; 5T 345-6

Christlike love to be shown for AA 504

church members’ duty to 2T 218-9

co-operate with Christ in restoring MM 209

council members should exercise feelings of kindness and pity for 5T 559

courteous and forbearing deportment may save PP 520

cutting off, with severity and harshness TM 185

deal tenderly and patiently with Te 131

deal with, by winning invitations to return CT 198

in spirit of meekness DA 440-1

dealing with: calls for great patience and forbearance MM 181

cutting and slashing in 1T 612-21

forgiving love needed in DA 815

men are sometimes too rigid and too cutting in 2T 18

observe golden rule in Ed 293

patience needed in DA 815

sympathy needed in DA 815

direct and personal appeal to, need of WM 101

do not deal with, by harsh words and whip CT 198

driven almost to desperation, many DA 504

error of, too much toleration of GW 31

exposed to snares of wily foe 5T 606

feeling their shame and folly, many COL 387-8; DA 504

gentle and winning deportment may save MB 129; 4T 65

give, no occasion for discouragement COL 250

God deals gently with PP 657

God gives special call to, to come fully into fold 2T 20

God’s infinite love for PK 324-5

God’s gentleness in dealing with PP 657

heart of, when sunshine of heaven fills GW 500

help 2T 73-7

by telling them your experiences MH 494-5

how minister should reprove 3T 229

how to deal with AA 516; CM 40; Ev 368-72; 2T 52-4; 7T 265; TM 350-4

how to help COL 250; 3T 100

how to restore 2T 52-4

how to speak to Te 134

how to speak truth and facts plainly to 3T 93

how to teach FE 280-1

how to treat, Christ has given lesson on CSW 171

human beings prone to deal untenderly with AA 516; Ed 90

hungry for words of encouragement, many DA 504

Jacob as, God’s mercy still extended to PP 183

judicious treatment needed by TM 184-5

labor for LS 186-9; 3T 186-8; 5T 646

labor patiently and kindly for 5T 176

lack of soul-touching sympathy and love for 5T 604

lend helping hand to COL 387

love for 2T 73-7; 5T 603-13

covered up with selfishness 2T 81

masterful spirit toward, do not manifest TM 285

means for correcting, God has provided 1T 417

ministers should show, their peril PP 361

more Christlike sympathy needed by MH 163-4

need of Christlike patience toward AA 504; GW 31

only way to restore 5T 613

Paul showed himself a friend to MH 166

persisting in sin, kindly treat 2T 54

persons working to save, work out their own salvation 5T 607

pity 4T 131

pray for and encourage COL 250

pray with FE 280

promise to, who would escape from Satan’s power 1T 301

salvation of, few in church stand where they can help in 2T 20

self-respect of, be careful not to destroy 7T 265

service for, follow Christ’s example in MH 162

sharp and severe speech stirs up, to rebellion COL 337

shed tears over, but do not get angry with them FE 280

soreness of, oil of love removes GW 500

spirit of kindness may save PP 520

sympathy for 4T 321-30

tender and pitiful spirit toward, show Ev 304

tender compassion for, cherish WM 24

treatment of 5T 615-7

undying love for, learn 2T 20

unwise sympathy for, warning against 3T 258, 267, 313, 325; 5T 679

weep over FE 280

EGW’s duty of bearing testimony to LS 90-1

JW qualified by God to deal with 1T 612


all may be; Word of God tells us what to do TMK 239:2

character shown by enlightening, not pushing away HP 289:4

Christ pleads case of OHC 327:4

come close to the UL 117:4

confidence in God to be retained if you are UL 376:6

denouncing, as though we were faultless HP 291:3

education as well as reformation needed by TMK 186:4

efforts for,

may be unavailing TDG 105:5

watched by angels LHU 209:2

encouragement for HP 295:2

God gives, another trial HP 290:4

God proposes cooperation with HP 12:4

indifference felt toward TDG 239:3

make, ashamed by your kindly interest UL 117:2

patience toward, to bring back wandering TDG 260:3

restoration of, TSB 242

in the spirit of meekness UL 122:5

showing interest in their salvation TDG 79:6

speak comfort to OHC 293:3

tenderness for,

cultivating TDG 21:2

of Jesus LHU 206:5

turning, away from the Saviour by unwise action HP 100:3

words of ill repute against VSS 152:1

work with Christ to restore HP 291:2

Erring student

Erring student See Student

Erring youth

Erring youth See Youth

Erroneous assertion, Erroneous assertions

Erroneous assertion, Erroneous assertions, opposers’, do not repeat TM 165

Erroneous doctrine

Erroneous doctrine See Doctrine

Erroneous idea, Erroneous ideas

Erroneous idea, Erroneous ideas, fanciful, lead minds away from 8T 192

give up your TM 149

Erroneous opinion, Erroneous opinions

Erroneous opinion, Erroneous opinions, God not honored by, when Bible is within your reach GC 597

Erroneous reasoning

Erroneous reasoning, safeguards against, Christ’s teachings are MM 93

Erroneous teaching

Erroneous teaching, how to combat Ev 623-7

Erroneous theory

Erroneous theory See Theory

Erroneous view, Erroneous views

Erroneous view, Erroneous views, fanatics who advocated, that there will be no resurrection of the wicked 1T 411, 418

you will be subject to temptation if you cherish 2T 694-5

Error, Errors

Error, Errors, abound DA 101

advocates of: be calm and considerate in dealing with 4T 415

cannot create or destroy truth 4T 415

do not echo words of TM 237

mind is not enlightened with new light by hearing EW 124

wisdom and caution that should be shown in meeting 3T 462

age does not make, truth 5BC 1095; CW 35; Ev 589; 6T 142

all men are liable to DA 414

always brings confusion and dissension 5T 292

always dangerous 5T 292

among SDA, how to meet 8T 192

angels cease watchcare over persons who needlessly attend meetings where, is taught EW 125

another person’s, making public DA 440

be watchful against LS 93

belief that man has natural immortality is GC 534

best way to deal with, is to present truth DA 498; TM 165

best way to expose fallacy of, presenting evidences of truth is Ev 170, 577

bondage of, God delivers men from 2T 575, 599-600

cannot stand alone 5BC 1094; Ev 589

captivates people 5T 278

chaff of, mixed by men and Satan with wheat of truth FE 307

chains of, people who are becoming hopelessly fastened in GC 597

cherished, the real and substantial in life sacrificed because of 4T 519

cherishing, warning against CW 36

children should be prepared by Bible study to meet Ev 591

Christ did not make direct attack on, of Jews DA 299

church members imbibing, how to deal with 1T 117-8

church needs men able to cope with CM 19

clothed with: deceptive garb MM 88

new garment 1SM 163

clothes itself in angel robes 5T 454

clouds of, truth will dispel Ev 624

combination of religious and philosophical, persons unprepared to expose 5T 390

company raised up to dispel sophistry and, Satan’s ire against 3T 110

compared to poisonous parasites Ev 163

compromise with, God cannot make DA 312

conflict with, strength of truth is made manifest by CW 44; TM 107

truth is in eternal CW 44

contained in works of pagan infidels, do not wade through FE 167

Corinthian believers deceived by, under guise of truth AA 385

creeping into church, John perceived SL 63-4

danger that, will steal away faith of God’s people 7BC 958

dangerous: doctrine that denies deity of Christ is GC 524

doctrine denying Christ’s pre-existence is GC 524

re conversion Ev 286-7

that belief in Christ releases men from keeping God’s law SC 59-60

deadly, presented as truth Ev 247

Satanic agencies instill into minds 8T 294

denounced as Bible doctrines are really false interpretations of Scripture 5T 710

do not enter into controversy over, when they come into SDA ranks 8T 192

doctrinal, are multiplying 5T 330

twine themselves with serpentlike subtlety around people’s affections 5T 330

draws its life from truth 5BC 1094-5; Ev 589

dust and rubbish of, jewels of truth buried beneath Ev 444

duty of faithfully meeting 3T 328

efforts to prove, as true by starting with false premises TM 364

embodiment of, tares represent class of people who are the COL 71

embraced more readily than truth and righteousness in last days 3T 325

enemy’s, danger of being beguiled by 2SM 58

every conceivable form of, will be accepted by persons willfully rejecting truth GC 523

every semblance of, will come upon SDA MM 87

every variety of, will be brought out to deceive God’s people 7BC 952; 2SM 98

evolution and kindred, taught in schools of every grade Ed 227

excuse for not confessing, honesty of intention cannot stand as EW 103

fallacy of, truth exposes DA 467

false teachers opening door to, Paul warned church against AA 474

fatal, education that leads to CT 49

that wrought woe for France GC 285

followed eagerly as though it were truth 5T 546

fondness for other sex is sad, prevalent among women 2T 248

framework of, placing Scripture and Testimonies in 2SM 83

setting truth in CW 153

frequent and great, in man’s conclusions Ed 130

gentleness of Christ should be manifest to persons in 6T 120

giant, SDA are battling with 4T 262

SDA are struggling with 3T 420

glossed over in this degenerate age FE 288

God is displeased when His people listen to EW 125

God is patient toward you notwithstanding your many 4T 362

great: doctrine of immortality of soul is GC 588

doctrine of Sunday sacredness is GC 588

re appetite which Christian women should reject 2T 383

greatest rebuke that can be given to Ev 170, 577

guard against, of trying to become holy by works SC 59-60

that faith in Christ releases men from keeping God’s law SC 59-60

hard work must be done in dislodging 5T 390

held in sincerity is dangerous CH 35; Ev 632

hoary with age, but not backed by Scriptures FE 450

how believers may fall into 5T 537

how, captivate and ruin souls PP 338

how men fall into TM 364

how Satan uses church members to introduce GC 520

how to unmask CW 44

incoming, must be met by God’s providence 1SM 205

incorporation of, into faith of thousands of people GC 582

increasing, tracts needed to expose EW 96

intellect enfeebled by entertaining MM 89

interweaving truth with, warning against TM 364

into which SDA have fallen Ev 598-9

is most in accordance with natural heart 1T 624

Job’s friends reproved for, that God inflicts all suffering DA 471

John met, unflinchingly SL 64

leaders of, SDA interest not to be divided with 4T 81

leading to freelovism Ev 600

learn to discern truth from 2SM 58

light must not be mingled with, in college textbooks FE 167

light of gems of truth have been caused to minister to DA 287

little seeds of, results of sowing 2SM 87

Living Temple contains, that SDA are to reject CW 158

local church divided because of, how to deal with 3T 110

long-cherished, hard to remove Ev 341

love of, love of Christ in heart will banish 1SM 105

man cannot distinguish truth from, without Spirit’s enlightenment COL 408-11

man cannot make, truth TM 70

man reluctant to acknowledge that he had been in 2T 387

men at ease love 1T 624

men fall into, by starting with false premises TM 364; 7T 181

men in responsible positions ought to know it if brother is teaching GW 300-1; TM 110

manifested themselves soon after disappointment of 1844 Ev 595

measure of truth interwoven with, in some cases TM 364

meetings of advocates of, angels cease watchcare over believers who needlessly attend EW 125

meetings of persons who teach, do not attend EW 124-5

message of, that SDA church is Babylon TM 53

mind lightly regarding any truth is open to MM 96

mind possessed by, can never expand freely to truth MM 89

mind pressed with, cannot dwell on truth EW 125

minds blinded by AA 232

minds diverted from truth by CW 14

minds poisoned with, sow seeds of doubt in minds of others MM 91

watch for opportunities to sow seeds of doubt FE 329

mingled with much that is truth 2SM 17

mingled with or attached to truth to gain acceptance Ed 231

mingling truth with, evil results of 1T 411

warning against TM 229

ministers should stand united in meeting 1T 213

ministers will be called to rebuke Ev 368-72

misleading, world is full of all manner of CSW 27

mist and fog of, many people wander in CM 72

mistaking light for, danger of Ev 593

modern, that are snares of Satan GC 518-30

more dangerous when combined with truth GC 587

most mischievous, opinion that religion is not conducive to health is one of PP 600

multitudinous: of last days PK 717

pushing into notice to supplant truth 7T 150-1

Satan’s working is plainly revealed by COL 414

must be rooted up first in order to prepare soil for good seed 1T 411

must be unmasked Ev 625

natural heart takes for granted, is clear 1T 624

never harmless 5T 292

never sanctifies 5T 292

new, need of being separate from people imbibing EW 124

no danger of going into, while following in Christ’s footsteps FE 128

no man ever reclaimed from, by censure and reproach PP 519

of brother claiming to have new light, use Scriptures to overthrow CW 50-1

of God’s people, EGW given view of 5T 661

of Millerite Adventists, re Dan. 8:14 and Rev. 14:7 GC 353, 424

re shut-door doctrine 1SM 63

of mind controlling mind, is dangerous deception MH 243

of most deceptive character is accepted and believed GW 289

of perverters of faith, must be fearlessly exposed by word of truth AA 387

of popular churches, many people disgusted with 4T 392

of repeatedly fixing definite time for second advent GC 456-7

of trusting to human power for transformation of character DA 605

one of Satan’s great masterpieces of, doctrine of nonresurrection of the wicked is 1T 418

open and unmasked, supplanting gospel in Galatian churches AA 385

papal: that church has right to control conscience GC 293

that church has right to define and punish heresy GC 293

that man is conscious in death GC 586-7

that man possesses natural immortality GC 586-7

parasite of, bears its own fruit 5BC 1095; Ev 589

parasite on tree of truth 5BC 1094-5; Ev 589

path (track) of, close beside that of truth Ev 590; 1SM 202; 6T 192; 8T 290; TM 229, 244

Paul exercised self-control in reproving 6BC 1094

person conscious of his, do not destroy self-respect of MH 167-8

person in, conduct yourself with meekness toward 6T 121

person(s) fallen into: how to deal with Ed 113-4; 3T 37; TM 164-5

is thrown out of relation to everything about him Ed 113

may become excited in advocating it TM 164

person who commits, miss. work for TM 265

persons supposed to be in, how to deal with PP 519-20; TM 274

persons walled in by 2T 105

persons who have imbibed 1T 411

poisonous, how John met SL 63-4

that Christ’s love releases men from obedience to God’s law SL 63

poisonous doctrines make up Babylon’s wine of TM 61

poisonous weeds of, grow rank and root out seeds of truth 1T 411

popular, persecution of persons refusing to sacrifice truth in deference to 5T 712

popular theology’s, many people driven to skepticism by GC 525

power of soul-destroying, to deceive TM 365

preferred rather than truth in this degenerate age 2T 689

preparing way for development of papacy, creeping into church in Paul’s time GC 49

present age is one of 4T 233

present truth contrasted with 8T 192

presented in different disguises GC 285

press in new and convincing truth to undermine and cut away 7T 156

prevails everywhere ChS 20

proclaim truth and let it discover 6T 38

publication of, will continue as long as there are printing presses and publishing houses CW 153-4

rarely appears for what it really is Ed 231

Reformers received sophistry of, through misinterpretation of Scriptures FE 450

reject every phase of Ev 362

religious, multiplying through satanic power Ev 69

repetition of: better serves its cause TM 165

cannot make it truth 2SM 56

sometimes gives it currency TM 248-9

repetition of statements of advocates of, writers cautioned re TM 248

requires disguise and concealment 5T 454

resolve never to repeat Ev 623

rubbish of, Christ revealed truth that had been buried under CT 29

grand truths long hidden under 1SM 360

Satan and his agencies make every effort and use every device to advance 1T 467

Satan attaches, to truth Ev 589

Satan constantly seeks to lead men into Ev 358

Satan dims believer’s spiritual perceptions by AA 474

Satan gives soul-destroying, appearance of truth TM 365

Satan improves opportunities to set his agents to scatter 3T 113

Satan makes, to appear as truth GC 10

Satan mixes truth with PP 338

Satan propagates, as new light to divert minds from present truth 5T 292

Satan seeks to cover up, with pleasing garb 1T 467

Satan shakes confidence in gospel by AA 474

Satan suggests to minds plausible, of thought, action, and speech 5T 502

Satan will introduce every form of, to lead souls astray MM 327

Satan will seek to mingle, with God’s work 5T 645

Scriptures are not given to substantiate GW 303

seductive, God’s people warned against 7BC 984

truth must stand forth free from 2SM 24

seeing faults in others and condemning them does not excuse or offset our 3T 523

serious, EGW given vision re 5T 655

settings of, gems of truth must be removed from DA 287-8

SDA cannot be too watchful against every form of 5T 296

sincerity will not save you from believing 2SM 56

so winding and twisting that it needs many words to explain it EW 96

some believers in first message held serious, in doctrine and practice 5T 655

soul-destroying, Satan gives appearance of truth to TM 365

stand unflinchingly against AA 555; SL 65

specious: ministers will have to measure Scripture evidence with advocates of 5T 528

persons who mistake, for light MM 98

pronounced as light by some people Ev 593

Satan seeks to confuse minds by ChS 20

truth must be placed in contrast with bold assertions of 5T 528

specious and attractive, warning against MM 87

spirit of, why people fail to discern Ev 610-1

Spirit’s work reproached by, that men need no guidance from God’s word GC 7

spiritual eyesight needed to distinguish truth from 6T 425

striking most boldly against God’s authority, doctrine that God’s law is no longer binding is GC 584

strives for recognition TM 314

subtle and mischievous, belief that Satan does not exist as personal being is GC 524

supporters of, numerous CSW 36

supposed, persons ever eager to fasten upon 1SM 70-1

taught by professed believers in northern Wisconsin 1T 326

teachers of, deception by ingenious sophistry of AA 385

warning against 7BC 917-8

theoretical, souls ready to perish because of prevalence of 6T 21

there is in, that which bewilders and bewitches mind 1SM 46

thick darkness of, people are being enveloped in EW 104

thorns of, disguised by garments of philosophy of science 7BC 906

thousands have stumbled to ruin on, that conversion is change of feeling MYP 71

time and money misused in publishing TM 43-4

trusting in good works for salvation is SC 59-60

truth and: how men lose power to distinguish between GC 378

irrepressible conflict between GC 126

last great conflict between GC 582

loss of power to discriminate between PK 178

penetrating Bible truth must show contrast between 5T 529

truth will come into contact with TM 53

truth connected with, serves Satan’s cause DA 287-8

truth is stronger than 3BC 1138; PK 659; 3T 572

truth must be preserved uncontaminated by CH 290

truth unmixed with, labor to help people receive 1T 411

truth will be used in effort to establish Ev 360

two, against which God’s people especially need to guard SC 59-60

two great, that Satan will use to bring people under his deceptions GC 588

ultimate end of persons who cling to 1T 414

voices advocating, many GW 154

weakness of, truth makes apparent to intelligent mind TM 165

why some people fail to discern Ev 610-1

widespread, that no difference is made between the righteous and the wicked GC 552

will be presented in pleasing and flattering manner 8T 293

will come in and be advocated Ev 595

wily sophistry of, ministers should not publish 3T 427

winding, of false teachers and seducers Ev 626

windings and twistings and turnings of, to change truth into lie 3T 425

world teems with 4T 415

written, that should be treated with silent contempt 3T 37

See also Deception; Delusion; Doctrine; Fallacy; Falsehood; Mistake; Opponent; Opposition; Snare; Theory


acceptance of,

as new light; Ellen White asked to warn TDG 126:2

excludes from the tree of life UL 125:6

when mingled with workings of the Spirit 3SM 403:1

accepting reproof as from God enables one to correct TMK 239:5

action against, to be taken with caution TDG 265:3

apparent triumph of; Ellen White shown history of reformers 3SM 110:3

appears as truth to one trying to excel in new ideas PM 102:3

attacking, danger of strong statements in 3SM 404:0

believed and practiced seems as truth; work of satanic agencies PM 128:0

blindness to, when shown by Ellen White; belief in testimonies claimed 3SM 80:3

cherishing, temptations planned for those who are 2MCP 659:0


because truth involves a cross FW 46:0

by those wanting excuse for disobedience FW 42:2

rather than obedience TDG 87:2


instructs disciples when they have misleading TMK 261:4

rescued truth from LHU 181:5

confessed with sorrow by powerful people TDG 316:3

consequence suffered by partaking of UL 125:5


for soundness in the faith 1MCP 49:3

in tract missionary work; do not publicize PM 333:1

counteract, with any system PM 324:5

deception unnecessary in spite of prevalence of FW 97:1

desire to give message to those in TMK 344:4

discernment to distinguish, from truth OHC 109:3

discussion and presentation of, not for our papers PM 395:2

education (higher) thought to require TMK 188:3

entertained by some until close of earth’s history TDG 126:2

evidence for truth OHC 33:2

exposed best by truth; avoid denouncement RC 240

eyes on, is unnecessary OHC 248:3

fashionable, stand guard against, while claiming strength TDG 20:5

from trying to make false ideas true PM 128:0


power to correct, thwarted by rejection of testimonies 3SM 69:4

working to bring souls from, learned by Ellen White 3SM 71:1, 78:1

hard to renounce, and obey PM 345:4

hardly distinguished from true path 1MCP 42:3

harvest of, from “special light” TDG 126:2

human, not to be taught UL 86:2

ignoring, in others is not right TDG 274:3

impossible to distinguish in writings of infidel authors TDG 217:5

influence given to, in publishing house PM 101:2

intellect enfeebled by entertaining 2MCP 742:2

is sin; Satan is originator of every sin TDG 163:3

light obscured by, but Christ will reveal Father’s glory PM 68:2

loved more than truth which opposes inclination and action TDG 221:2

minister not to be trusted when faced with FW 86:2

mourning over, ask the Lord for pardon instead of TSB 49:4

needs of those making, not to be neglected UL 157:7

others’, skill in seeing, turn to seeing good in them OHC 232:5

patience in dealing with, sets right example OHC 243:3

philosophizing cannot make, into truth TDG 188:4

planted by one with exalted place in heaven UL 77:3

poisons the heart and degrades the understanding TMK 188:4

pray when, seems plausible and attractive OHC 126:2

pressure to promote, before first advent LHU 135:3

privately approach professed believers about their UL 297:6

protection against, lost without faith in Testimonies 3SM 83:3

quick to discern own, and make less of faults of others TMK 176:2

remedy for, Christ always shows, when admonishing TMK 261:4

remember own, instead of errors of others TMK 136:2, 187:1

reprint articles of pioneers to protect against RY 21:2

reviving, of other workers, living or dead RY 27

ridicule does not make truth into TMK 357:3

safety from, by experience and knowledge of the Word HP 348:2

sanctification cannot come through HP 145:2

Satan presents gigantic, deceiving by miracles 2MCP 710:3

self-indulgence tempts those who cherish OHC 88:3

Spirit of Prophecy used to support TDG 126:3

supporters of, by pen and voice, linked with Satan TDG 131:3

teaching against, of adulterous generation TSB 116:1

teaching of, in our churches, leaders to know about TDG 93:3

tenderness for those in, as you would want for yourself HP 292:3


disregarded followed by a flood of 3SM 83:4

given to correct 3SM 31:3


cannot abide in the same heart as UL 347:3

gems set in framework of, in religious world TDG 164:3

is the the best way to expose; people change slowly PM 306:3

mixed with,

in future 1MCP 42:2

makes deception harder to see TDG 163:2

not converted to, by sincerity FW 33:0

placed in framework of; Christ removed wrong theories TMK 207:2

rejected after discovery of promotion of partial 3SM 404:2

replaced by, in these last days OHC 37:3

separated from, by Christ VSS 96

to be heard clearly in contradiction to TDG 195:2

used to surround and support TDG 126:3

warnings needed against RY 21:1

willingness to be disillusioned on any point of 3SM 166:1

Word of God,

as only detector of, cast away by some FW 53:2

misapplied to prove; Testimonies rejected 3SM 83:3

misquoted to substantiate UL 338:2

words leading others into TMK 137:4

world will be flooded with UL 317:3

writings of Ellen White given to correct 3SM 32:2

yielded for truth, not a sacrifice OHC 201:3

See also Deception; God, people of, errors of; Mistakes


Erysipelas, John Herbert White afflicted with 1T 245-6; 2SG 295a


Esaias See Isaiah


Esau, birth of PP 177; 3SG 113; SR 87

birthright blessing pertaining to, Jacob used deception to obtain Ed 147; PP 179-81; SC 19; 3SG 115; SR 88-9

birthright sold by, for pottage 1BC 1094-5; CH 110; CS 139; PP 179; 3SG 114; SR 87-8; 2T 38

characteristics of PP 177-8; 3SG 113, 117; SR 87

crisis of life passed by, without his knowing it 1BC 1094

daring and vigor of, Isaac attracted by PP 177

descendants of, Edomites were PP 423-4

Mt. Seir given to PP 207, 423

See also Edom; Edomite: Idumea

desert chief PP 198

erroneous idea of, re birthright 2T 38-9

example of indifference to religion PP 181

indulgence of appetite by 1BC 1094-5; CH 110; PP 181-2; 2T 38

God did not arbitrarily deprive, of salvation PP 207

God’s law regarded by, as yoke of bondage PP 178

hunter of wild animals PP 177, 179; 3SG 113; SR 87

inclination controlled PP 181-2

Isaac loved, more than Jacob 3SG 113-4; SR 87-8

Isaac’s eldest son, entitled to birthright PP 177-8; 3SG 114; SR 87

Isaac’s favorite son PP 177

Isaac’s wealth kept by PP 207

Jacob and, at deathbed of Isaac PP 207

story of PP 177-82, 196-8; 3SG 113-7, 130-2; SR 87-9, 96-8

two classes represented by 3SG 131; SR 97

Jacob guilty of great sin against DA 108

Jacob’s conciliatory message to PP 195-6; 3SG 127; SR 92-3

Jacob’s meeting with, on return from Mesopotamia PP 198; 3SG 131; SR 96-7

lost because he refused to be saved PP 207-8

many people like 2T 38

marriage of, to two heathen daughters of Heth PP 179; 3SG 114; SR 88

repentance of, did not spring from conviction of sin PP 181; SC 23-4

lamented result and not guilt of sin GC 620; PP 181

not result of true repentance GC 620

too late CH 110; PP 181-2; 3SG 117; 2T 39

Satan influenced, to march against Jacob GC 618

Scriptures call, “a profane person” PP 181-2

type of the wicked PP 181-2; 3SG 131; SR 97; 2T 38

warned in dream not to harm Jacob PP 198; 3SG 130-1; SR 96

with 400 men, marched against Jacob PP 196; 3SG 127, 130-1; SR 96

withdrawal of, from Canaan to Mt. Seir PP 207, 423

wrath of, Jacob’s flight from and fear of GC 616; PP 181, 183, 193, 195-6; 3SG 115-6, 127, 130-1; SR 89, 96; 4T 465


appetite causes many to sell birthright like UL 39:4


Christ made a way of, by His death and righteousness TMK 60:3

God made, for humanity depraved and weakened by sin RC 37:2


See End of time; Last days; Signs; Time of the end


Eschol, Amorite ruler PP 134-5

grapes of Ed 149; PP 513


Esdraelon, plain of DA 318


Essence, impersonal, cannot satisfy soul’s needs and longings Ed 133

of all right faith, to do right thing at right time is 6T 24

See also God; Pantheism


God never to be defined as UL 347:7

Essential, Essentials

Essential, Essentials, in Christian service GW 140-5

life’s great, worthlessness of things men regard as Ed 77

Essex Antiquarian

Essex Antiquarian, quoted GC 307

Estate, Estates

Estate, Estates, acquisition of, making home attractive is more important than AH 21

redemption of, in Israel PP 534

See also Land


Esteem, desire for others’, may produce well-ordered life SC 58; 2T 136


Esther PK 598-606

Ahasuerus’s decree against Jews in time of 5T 450

appeal of, to Xerxes for Jews PK 601-2; 1T 16

communed with God PK 601

experience of, EGW impressed by 1T 16

lesson from 5T 321

God’s people delivered through 3BC 1140

Jews’ trying experience in time of 4BC 1177; PK 600-6, 614

Jewess who feared God PK 601

met issue by prayer 3BC 1140

Mordecai a relative of PK 601

queen of Medo-Persia PK 601

question put to, in momentous crisis Ed 263


death decree similar to one in the time of LDE 259

Esther, book of

Esther, book of: Xerxes I was Ahasuerus of PK 598


Estimate, be careful re your, of other people MH 483

placing high, on abilities requires proportionate service 2SM 194

placing low, on yourself displeases God DA 668


Estimation, vain, resting on beauty of face or nobility of stature PP 638


forgiveness extended to avoid TDG 121:2


Etam, rock of, in Judah PP 564

Eternal interest, Eternal interests

Eternal interest, Eternal interests, do not make, of secondary importance 4T 123

Eternal life

Eternal life, See Life, eternal

Eternal reality, Eternal realities

Eternal reality, Eternal realities, value of, need of fuller comprehension of value of SC 99

Eternal things

Eternal things, not appreciated 1T 691