EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Egotism - Elisha


Egotism, defined 4T 607

example that encouraged DA 150

man in his, separates himself from God and fellow men CS 24

hearts purified from 5T 696

ministers should discard 1SM 178

put away all 1SM 414

SS officers should put away all CSW 28-9

selfish, ardor of first love lapsed into 7BC 962

teach children to be free from every particle of CSW 84

unbecoming to ministers GW 144


Egotistical, men whose comprehension is, sit in council TM 417

youth who was puffed up and 4T 437-8


1. Figurative

2. Literal


1. Figurative

church was steadily retreating toward 5T 217

darkness and bondage of, persons who are going back into 2T 124

God’s people were going back to, rather than to Canaan CD 319

spiritual, France as GC 269

2. Literal

Abraham’s sojourn in PP 129-31

armies of, Moses was commander in chief of PP 245; SR 108; 1T 650

perished in Red Sea COL 85; PP 283-90; 3SG 231-8; SR 121-5; 4T 20-8

asylum for Israel, in Joseph’s time PP 333

beautiful and attractive women of, brought to Solomon PK 56

court of, luxury and vice allured Ed 63

cultivated lands of, watered by river 4aSG 54

entangling alliances with, Judah given opportunity to free herself from PK 423

existence of living God boldly denied by GC 269

God revealed Himself to, through Abraham PP 368

through Joseph PP 368-9

gods of, Israel made golden calf in imitation of PP 316-7; 3SG 274-5

worshiped by some Israelites 3SG 201, 240

God’s commands boldly resisted by GC 269

God’s judgments upon, purpose of COL 287; PP 333

testified to His supreme power PP 492

God’s purpose for: Jacob and his posterity in COL 286

Joseph in COL 286

God’s purpose in bringing: Israel out of PK 16

Jacob and descendants into PP 232

gratitude and praise of, for Joseph PP 369

great light given to, before visitation of God’s judgments upon her PP 369

greatest kingdom on earth in Moses’ time PP 369

greatest of nations when Joseph was called to Pharaoh’s court Ed 53

greatness of, in dust Ed 69

hail unusual in, in Moses’ time PP 269

heir to throne of, Egyptian priests educated PP 332-3

help from, in Hezekiah’s time Assyrian army cut off PK 352

in Zedekiah’s time Nebuchadnezzar’s armies cut off PK 452

high honor of being next to king of, Joseph was exalted to MM 36

idol worship of, imitated by Israel in worship of golden calf 3SG 279

most degrading in nature Ed 35

idol worship was common in 3SG 269; SR 143

idolatrous feast of, observed by Israel in worship of golden calf 3SG 279

idolatrous worship in, splendor of PP 248

idolatry of: in Joseph’s time PP 214

Israelites were influenced by GC 453; 3SG 240, 298

Jeremiah’s warning against seductive influences of PK 461

many Israelites corrupted by 3SG 240

in Jehoiakim’s time, soon to receive a decided check PK 422

indebted to Joseph for her prosperity 3SG 177

irrigation of, by machinery in Moses’ time 4aSG 54

Israel’s alliance with, in Hosea’s time PK 280

Israel’s bondage in, Abraham was given vision of DA 32; PP 137-8

Israel’s sojourn in PP 231-90; 3SG 168-248; SR 103-21

cause and effect of PP 363

why God permitted PP 333; 3SG 297-9

Israel’s worship of golden calves was borrowed from PK 100

Israelites in: degraded by long bondage MB 45

kept themselves a distinct race PP 242

knowledge of God’s law lost to great extent by PP 334

not permitted to offer sacrificial offerings PP 333-4

offering of sacrifices was almost wholly discontinued by 1BC 1107-8

surrounded with idolatry 3SG 303

Israelites’ murmuring for having left PP 284, 414; 3SG 232; SR 122; 4T 21-7

Israelites’ plan to return from Sinai to PP 315

Jacob’s sons sent to buy grain in PP 224-31; 3SG 153-69

Jeroboam I sojourned in PK 100

Joseph and Mary fled with Christ from Bethlehem to DA 64

Joseph and Mary took Christ from, to Nazareth DA 66

Joseph as God-fearing youth brought blessing to 1BC 1096; SD 320

Joseph was fountain of life to AA 13

Joseph was God’s representative in 6T 219

Joseph was light bearer for God in MB 41

Joseph’s integrity preserved AA 13

Joseph’s management greatly enriched PP 241

Joseph’s experience in PP 211-40; 3SG 138-78; SR 100-4

providence of God in 8T 153

king of: highhanded rebellion against God by GC 269

Israelites reduced to slavery by SR 105

Jehoahaz deposed by interference of PK 412

Moses chose to serve Christ rather than to be PP 245-6

Moses was educated to become PP 245

was to drink of cup of wine of God’s wrath PK 431

was also a member of priesthood Ed 62

See also Pharaoh

last two Pharaohs of, before Exodus were cruel and tyrannical 3SG 240; SR 113

laws of, required that Pharaohs become members of priestly caste PP 245

lay to south of Israel PK 53, 70

leeks and onions of, Israel longed for 4T 573

magnificent temples in, in Moses’ time PP 251

material representations of deity in Ed 35; PP 315

mightiest nation on earth at time of Exodus Ed 254

Moses and many others witnessed for God in COL 286

Moses refused crown of, rather than embrace idolatry 3SG 184

Moses turned from prospective kingdom in, to serve God PP 471

most highly civilized nation in Joseph’s time PP 214

most powerful and most highly civilized nation in Moses’ time Ed 62

most powerful kingdom in existence in Moses’ time PP 263

nation of idolaters 6T 220

Nebuchadnezzar conquered PK 515

oppression of Israel in, Egyptian priests caused PP 332-3

plagues visited upon, at time of Exodus CG 304; DA 51; GC 627-8; PP 257-90, 586; 3SG 203-48; SR 112-25; 4T 20-8; 5T 505

Philistines remembered PP 586

See also Plagues

plains of, Nile enriched PP 133

political relations with, Solomon ventured on forbidden ground in PK 53

power and civilization of, passed away Ed 69

powerful kingdom in Joseph’s time PP 368

priests of, alarmed by Israel’s prosperity PP 332-3

prime minister of, Joseph was made PP 221, 233, 332

Joseph’s education to become PP 217

punished for her idolatry PP 263; 3SG 238; SR 115

rain unusual in, in Moses’ time PP 269

remnant of Judah sought refuge in, after Gedaliah’s death PK 460

ruler of, Moses was prospective GW 332

Sabbath observed by Israelites in PK 180-1; PP 258

seven years of famine in, in Joseph’s time PP 224-31, 241; 3SG 151-4

Solomon’s kingdom extended to PK 70

some Israelites worshiped idols in 3SG 201-2, 240

source of food and wealth for, overflowing of Nile was PP 265

sovereign of, Moses was prospective Ed 62

starvation threatened, in Moses’ time PP 271

taxation in, in Joseph’s time PP 241

throne of, Moses was prospective heir to MH 474

Pharaoh expected to exalt Moses to 3SG 183

to south, Jehoiakim vainly placed his trust in PK 422

unequaled in civilization, art, and learning in Joseph’s time Ed 53

veneration of animals in PP 333-4

Wolff (Joseph) visited GC 360

world’s greatest empire in Joseph’s time 6T 219

Zedekiah looked in vain for help from, in revolt against Nebuchadnezzar PK 454


call out of, to enable obedience, like call from Babylon 3SM 406:1

deliverance from, God to be remembered in AG 149:2

Hebrew slaves despised by lowest people in SW 14:3

Israelite children in, found among Egyptians destroyed HP 150:3

Joseph was a light bearer in HP 316:2

pitching tents nearer to, than to Canaan TMK 307:2

Sabbath sacredness lost sight of in UL 124:2

Egyptian, Egyptians

Egyptian, Egyptians, accustomed to luxurious diet PP 377

acquainted with Hebrew religion PP 259

altars erected by, to their gods 3SG 303

animals sacrificed by Hebrews were regarded as sacred by PP 266

animals superstitiously venerated by PP 333

animals worshiped by 3SG 201, 211; SR 112

believing, mixed multitude consisted of PP 281; 4aSG 15

with Israelites in wilderness PP 377; 3SG 274

children caused by, to pass through fire 3SG 304

considered it abomination to eat with Hebrews PP 228; 3SG 161

cursed through objects they worshiped PP 333

derided Israelites’ hope of deliverance SR 113

descendants of, excluded from camp of Israel until third generation PP 407

disobedient, punished with total destruction 6T 9

diverted Chaldeans from siege of Jerusalem 4T 181

dusky, in Abraham’s time PP 130

efforts of, to aid Zedekiah’s revolt against Nebuchadnezzar PK 452-3

to turn Israelites to idolatry PP 259

enriched by labor unjustly exacted from Israelites PP 253

first-born of, angel slew PP 273-80; 3SG 224; SR 119; 1T 265

slain in every family of 4T 20

forbidden to eat with people of other nations PP 228; 3SG 161

frog regarded as sacred by PP 265

God of Israel acknowledged by many, as only true God PP 279; 3SG 224

God revealed Himself to, as Ruler of universe 8T 207

God’s mercy and long-suffering toward PP 333

gods of wood and stone worshiped by 3SG 202, 241

gratitude of, to Joseph for what he did for them SR 103-4

gross idolatry of PP 333

had no regard for God 4T 27

honored Joseph 5T 526

idol worship of, pomp and ceremony in 3SG 303

idolatrous 3SG 245; SR 112; 1T 288

hardhearted cruelty of 3SG 239

in worship 3SG 169

images of wood and stone worshiped by 3SG 241; SR 114

images worshiped by 3SG 201; SR 112

Israelites enslaved by PP 241-2; 3SG 191

Israelites oppressed by 3SG 240-1

Israelitish woman and, rebellion of son of PP 407-8

Josiah died in battle with PK 405

learning of, Moses well educated in all 4T 343

many: gave themselves to God’s service PP 333

sought shelter in homes of Israel PP 279

united with Israel in worshiping God 3SG 224-5

moon worshiped by PP 272; 3SG 201, 242; SR 112, 114

Moses regarded by, as remarkable character PP 245; 3SG 183

much light given by God to PP 369

Nile River worshiped by many PP 265; 4aSG 54-5

ox or calf regarded by, as symbol of deity PP 316-7

Pharaoh worshiped by, as representative of their god PP 271

possessions of, sold to Pharaoh PP 241

preparation of food by Hebrew for, was considered abomination 3SG 143; SR 101

proud people 3SG 245

punished with death person killing sacred animals 3SG 211

reverence of, for animals they regarded sacred PP 266

sacrificed to senseless gods of wood and stone 3SG 202

shepherd regarded by, as abomination PP 232

shepherd’s occupation regarded by, as degrading 3SG 169

sin of, in rejecting light brought by Joseph 1BC 1098

sinful idolatry of 3SG 239

slain by Moses PP 246; 3SG 185-6; SR 109-10

sought shelter in Israelite homes PP 279

stars worshiped by 3SG 201, 241; SR 112, 114

strange gods among, many 4BC 1145

sun worshiped by PP 272; 3SG 201, 241; SR 112, 114

traditions received by, re sacrificing 3SG 303

tyrannical 1T 288

why God permitted, to oppress Israel 3SG 297-8

worshiped creatures of their own fanciful imagination 4BC 1145


diet and habits of, like those in world today TDG 77:3

felt scourging of God UL 341:4

Hebrews were a reproach to all TMK 22:2

Egyptian architecture

Egyptian architecture, in Moses’ time PP 248, 258

Egyptian army

Egyptian army, Assyrian army blocked aid by, to Hezekiah PK 352

destroyed in Red Sea PP 283-90; SR 121-5; 1T 265; 4T 21-5

Moses as general of See Moses

Egyptian chariot, Egyptian chariots

Egyptian chariot, Egyptian chariots, wheels of, angels removed SR 124

Egyptian idolatry

Egyptian idolatry, Egyptian priests’ zeal in behalf of PP 332-3

Egyptian king, Egyptian kings

Egyptian king, Egyptian kings, nearly all, called Pharaoh 3SG 189

Egyptian language

Egyptian language, efficient use of, lost by Moses in Midian PP 254; 3SG 192-3

Egyptian law, Egyptian laws

Egyptian law, Egyptian laws, forbidding intercourse with foreign shepherds PP 130-1

Egyptian priest, Egyptian priests

Egyptian priest, Egyptian priests, heir to Egypt’s throne was educated by PP 332-3

idolatrous, spread of Hebrew religion in Egypt alarmed PP 332

plague of boils smote PP 267

Egyptian priesthood

Egyptian priesthood, Joseph’s wife connected with highest order of PP 234

king of Egypt was member of Ed 62; PP 245

Egyptian princess

Egyptian princess, idolatrous, Solomon’s marriage with FE 498

Moses loved and cherished as son by Ed 62

Egyptian religion

Egyptian religion, mysteries of, Moses initiated into Ed 62; PP 245; 3SG 184

Egyptian slave

Egyptian slave, left to die by Amalekite master PP 693

Egyptian soldier, Egyptian soldiers

Egyptian soldier, Egyptian soldiers, mail-clad, in Moses’ time PP 287

Egyptian taskmaster, Egyptian taskmasters

Egyptian taskmaster, Egyptian taskmasters, Israelites oppressed by PP 258-9

Egyptian wife

Egyptian wife, Solomon’s, converted PK 53


believers after, united in truth, through the Holy Spirit TDG 317:5

Ellen White engaged in public labor since TDG 24:3

influence of noisy worship after Mar 234:4

messages of 1843 and, to be preached UL 199:2

searching for truth after CET 192; TDG 317

1888, General Conference session of

See General Conference


Ehud, Israel delivered by PP 545

Eighth commandment

Eighth commandment See Ten Commandments

Eight-hour system

Eight-hour system, gospel worker does not measure his work by 9T 45

no place for, in minister’s program GW 451

Eight spirits

Eight spirits, parable of See Parable

Einsiedeln, Switz.

Einsiedeln, Switz. GC 174-6


Ekron, ark of covenant at PP 586; 4aSG 108

idol god of, Baal-zebub PK 208, 224

educators should not seek wisdom of CT 255

information supposedly given through 2BC 1036; PK 208; 5T 192

King Ahaziah inquired of CH 455; 5T 192, 195

many people resorted to 5T 192

Satan’s predictions and information given through 5T 192

mystic voices at 5T 193

still mislead Ev 608

path leading to, cursed CH 458; 5T 197

people should not inquire of CW 117

plague on people of PP 588-9; 4aSG 108

mice caused PP 586


Elah, king of Israel PK 110


Elam PP 134-5

Elamite, Elamites

Elamite, Elamites, Canaan invaded by PP 134-5, 139, 154


Elasticity, man who acted as if he had no 2T 413

of spirit, how students can develop 6T 180

Elder, Elders

1. Church

2. Israel’s

3. Miscellaneous

1. Church

calling of, to pray for the sick CH 373, 457; MM 16, 287

camp meetings as school for 6T 49; 9T 82

cautioned not to pray or talk too long in public 5T 618

choose suitable men for work of 7BC 914-5

do not call, to pray for every little ailment MM 16

election of 5T 617-8

Bible rule disregarded in 5T 617

have duty to: encourage faithfulness in tithing TM 306

faithfully gather in tithes CS 106

guard spiritual interests of church 5T 241

look after the weak and straying CSW 161

teach church faithfulness in tithes and offerings CS 106-7; TM 305

urge faithfulness in payment of pledges CS 107

hurry no man into position of 4T 406-7; 5T 617

lesson for, from Nicodemus’s experience TM 369

man who is not qualified to serve as TM 323

man who should be relieved of responsibility as CS 106

more thought should be given to plans for church work by ChS 62

must not be slow and tedious 5T 618

ordination of, by prayer and laying on of hands 4T 406-7; 5T 617

Paul’s exhortations to AA 342

Peter’s instruction to AA 525-8

qualifications of 1T 692; 4T 406-7; 5T 617-8

supervision of, by conference presidents TM 305

things not to be countenanced by, in church services 4T 489

wide field of labor for 7BC 942

wife of, woman unqualified to be 2T 316-7

See also Church officer

2. Israel’s

encouraged oppressed Israelites in Egypt SR 113

ministry of Christ in marked contrast to that of DA 150

Moses accompanied by, in dealing with Korah’s rebellion PP 400

Moses aided by, in leading Israel 3SG 272

Moses given message for PP 257

Moses’ mission revealed to PP 245

ordination of, in Moses’ time AA 94

organization of PP 383

qualifications of PP 380

regard for tradition and formalism by, destroyed freedom of thought or action DA 150

teaching of, cold, formal, and like lesson learned by rote DA 253

seventy: aided Moses in governing Israel AA 94; Ed 37; PP 312, 374, 380-3; 4aSG 16-7, 19

laws given by God were to be enforced by PP 603

ordination of, charge given at AA 94; PP 381

permitted to see God’s glory PP 312, 359

prophetic gift bestowed on PP 381

outpouring of Spirit upon PP 381-2

3. Miscellaneous

Gibeonites ruled by PP 506


Eleazar, Aaron’s son, succeeded him as high priest PP 425-7; 3T 293

Joshua aided by, in division of Canaan PP 511


Eleazar, Abinadab’s son PP 589


Elect, God’s: dear to His heart COL 164-5

described TM 422

must have holy bodies and pure spirits CH 20

must stand untainted amid last-day corruptions CH 20

people who are SD 133

Satan in angel robes will seek to deceive 5T 80

when God will avenge His own 5T 210

you can prove yourself Christ’s, by being faithful 6BC 1079


deception of,

everything done to cause TDG 258:2

if possible Mar 204:2

planned using all possible means 3SM 423:1

Satan seeking, by claims of casting out devils 1MCP 40:1

follow God’s standard UL 70:3

proof of being, by faithfulness; abiding in the vine RC 355:3

provision made in heaven that we might become OHC 78:2


Election, Bible doctrine of 6BC 1079, 1114-5; 7BC 931, 944; EW 58; FE 125-6; PP 207-8; SD 23; 1T 196, 503; 5T 693; TM 103, 453-4

monstrous doctrines taught re, to salvation GC 261

no arbitrary, in case of Abel and Cain PP 72

See also Decree; Foreknowledge; Predestination

Election price

Election price, Christ paid, for every human being 7BC 944

Electrical energy

Electrical energy, man’s, at creation 3T 138

Electric current, Electric currents

Electric current, Electric currents, nervous system’s Ed 209; 2T 347

thrill as of, in healed woman MH 60

Satan’s healers of disease use Ev 606, 609; PK 211; 5T 193-4


Electricity, seed caused to grow by COL 63; Ed 104

Satan’s agents claim to heal by Ev 606, 609; PK 211; 5T 193

Electric physician, Electric physicians

Electric physician, Electric physicians, warning not to seek healing from CH 459; Ev 607; 5T 198

See also Clairvoyant; Hypnosis; Hypnotism; Magnetic healer; Magnetism; Mesmerism; Mind cure; “Sympathetic remedies”

Electric power

Electric power, brain’s, aids in resisting disease Ed 197; 3T 157

Electric shock

Electric shock, palsy-stricken soul felt 5T 267


Electrification, nerve power given, by will 2T 428


Electrifying, of blood, by deep and full inspirations of air 2T 68

Electrifying influence

Electrifying influence, pure air and sunlight exert 1T 517

Electrifying touch

Electrifying touch, of Christ’s hand 4T 63


El-elohe-Israel, signifies “God, the God of Israel” PP 204

Element, Elements

Element, Elements, from beneath, powers of darkness are stirring up 6T 18

new, needed in God’s work MM 319

of nature: God’s word controls PP 115

kept within bounds by God’s mighty power PK 134

obey God’s voice PP 269

Satan works through GC 589-90

used by God for happiness of His creatures PK 134


Elevation, of faith, reaction that frequently follows 3T 290

work of, must be performed by man for himself through Christ 4T 339

Eleventh hour

Eleventh hour, educate men of ability for God’s work at this 5T 554

thousands in, will accept truth 2SM 16


Eli PP 570-85; 4aSG 103-6; SR 184-7; 4T 199-200, 516-7

aged priest when Samuel was youth PP 573

all priests of line of, King Saul slew 2BC 1020

allowed children to: control him PP 575

grow up with unbridled passions 2BC 1009

blind and old when he died PP 585

chief magistrate of Israel 2BC 1021; PP 573; SD 161

could not be depended on to keep Israel pure PP 578

criminal neglect of, as priest 2BC 1009-10

in family discipline 4aSG 103; SR 184, 187

curse upon himself and children by CG 278

cursed for not promptly and decidedly restraining wicked sons 4T 651

death of PK 416; PP 585; 4aSG 106; SR 187; 1T 119; 4T 166, 516

displeased God by not reproving sin PP 578

ease-loving and affectionate father 4T 199-200

error of, in permitting wicked sons to minister as priests PP 577

failure of: to discipline his sons 2BC 1009-10; PP 575-7; 1T 217; 4T 199-200, 516-7

to rule his own household PP 575, 578

to strengthen weak points in character 4T 516

family life of, imitated throughout Israel PP 579

gentle, loving, and kind 4T 517

had power in prayer 4T 517

Hannah blessed by PP 570

Hannah rebuked by PP 570

high priest of sanctuary at Shiloh PP 570

history of, terrible example of results of parental unfaithfulness 2BC 1009-10

honored his sons above God PP 578

indulgent father PP 575-6

influence of, extensive because of his position PP 579

judge and high priest in Israel PP 575; 4aSG 103

accountability as PP 578

lacked: courage and power to say No 4T 517

firmness of character to reprove sin 4T 517

moral courage to rebuke and reprove sin 4T 516

example of: warning to God’s people 2SG 229; 1T 190, 235; 4T 383

warning to ministers 2T 620

warning to parents CG 275-6; 1T 119, 217; 2T 620, 624; 4T 200, 204; 5T 29, 37

loved peace and ease PP 575

man good and pure in morals 4T 516

man of God PP 570

man of hoary hairs in Samuel’s time PP 581

many professed Christians are no better parents than 4T 651

mistaken kindness of, to sons 2BC 1010

mistakes of, as parent CG 275-6

neglect of family discipline by, reproved 4aSG 103

negligence of, fearful calamity brought on Israel by PK 416

negligent and ease-loving ways of, baleful results of PP 579

never rose in rebellion against God’s word 4T 517

no envy or jealousy felt by, toward Samuel PP 581

no resentment shown by, when rebuked through Samuel 4T 516

opportunity given to, for repentance PP 582

overindulgent father PP 571; 4T 516

reproved for not disciplining sons SR 184

required to restrain married sons 2T 624

Samuel and, friendship between 2BC 1021; PP 573; SD 161

Samuel gave message of warning to SR 185

Samuel given message from God for PP 581-2

Samuel placed in care of SD 161

Samuel trained by, in sanctuary service CG 197

shrank from duty to correct and punish sons PP 575-6

sin of: passing lightly over sons’ iniquity was PK 416; 4T 166

results of 4T 166

warning to men holding responsible positions 4T 166

sin of negligence marked against 2T 471

sinful indulgence of, as father 2BC 1009-10

sons’ wickedness grieved and distressed PP 573, 577

true interest manifest by, in God’s service and in prosperity of His cause 4T 517

undue affection of, for his sons made him a partial judge 4aSG 104

unwise and unfaithful parent PP 575-6; 4aSG 103-4


blessed by presence of Samuel; warm friendship RY 49:3

influence of, over his children compared with Abraham’s CC 143:3


Elis, today’s, warning to CG 276


Eliab David’s eldest brother Ed 266; PP 638, 645-6; 4aSG 80-1


Elias See Elijah


Eliashib, high priest PK 669-70


Eliezer, Abraham’s servant PP 136, 172-3; 3SG 100-1, 109; SR 77, 84-5


Elijah PK 119-70, 204-28; 3T 261-3, 273-93

abrupt disappearance of, after giving message to Ahab PK 122; 3T 274

Ahab hated and hunted PK 123, 126; 3T 276-8

three years PK 137

Ahab humiliated by, before his subjects PK 158

Ahab informed by, of coming drought 2BC 1033-4; PK 120-3; 3T 273-5

Ahab reproved by, for seizing Naboth’s vineyard PK 204, 206-7, 224

less than three years before king’s death PK 207

Ahab unmanned and powerless in presence of PK 139; 3T 273

Ahab’s chariot guided by, on rainy night PK 158; 3T 287

Ahab’s feelings toward 2BC 1034

Ahab’s palace entered by, without formal announcement PK 121

angel fed, at brook Cherith 3T 288

in wilderness GC 512; PK 166; 3T 289, 291

angel sent with message to, while in cave at Horeb PK 167-8; 3T 291

angels guarded, on Mt. Carmel PK 147; 3T 280

apostate Ahab acknowledged by, as king PK 158; 3T 287

appeared to Obadiah, governor of Ahab’s house PK 138; 3T 277

bidden by God to return from Horeb to Israel PK 169

called by God to be His messenger 5T 299

Christ directed, to rebuke King Ahaziah CH 455-6; 5T 195

Christ was strength and righteousness of 2BC 1035

Christ’s transfiguration attended by 5BC 1096; DA 421-2, 487, 686; EW 162; PK 227; PP 479; 4aSG 58; SR 174

colaborer with Christ DA 422

commanded to anoint Hazael king over Syria PK 169-70; 5T 77

courage of, ministers today need PK 142

denounced as troubler of Israel GC 458, 590; PK 126, 139-40; 2SG 284; 3T 278

destruction of Ahab’s house foretold by PK 206-7, 224

devotion of, to God’s cause GW 255

did not hesitate to perform menial duties PK 158-9

did not seek to be God’s messenger 5T 299

did not try to appear to be on popular side 5T 526

discouragement (despondency) of: after Jezebel threatened his life Ed 151; PK 159-66, 228; 3T 261-2, 288-93, 541

persons who can appreciate feelings of 3T 262

persons who cannot understand feelings of 3T 291

distressed by: Israel’s apostasy 3T 273

Israel’s idolatry PK 119-20

spread of Baal worship 3T 263

duty of, when threatened by Jezebel PK 160; 3T 289-90

Elisha and, labored together for several years PK 224

Elisha anointed by, as prophet in his stead PK 170, 217-8

Elisha called to God’s service by 2BC 1035; Ed 58-9; EW 229; GC 331; PK 219-20; 5T 82; SR 357

when his labors were about to close SD 93

Elisha requested large portion of Spirit of GW 116; PK 226-7

Elisha’s training under CH 538; Ed 58-61; PK 218-28; 2SM 227

See also Elisha

enlisted in God’s service COL 301

example of, in faith and prayer EW 73

example of results of true plan of living 9T 165

fact that he served God was not hidden by 5T 526

faith and courage forsook, in hour of darkness PK 159

faithful in warning against national idolatry Ed 151

faithful steward of God SD 279

fear of death overcame faith of, in moment of weariness PK 174

fearless ministry of, checked Israel’s apostasy PK 119

fearless reproof voiced by PK 235

fearlessly appealed to apostate Israel 5T 199

fearlessly opposed people who turned men from God’s word GC 520

fed by God in time of famine DA 65; Ed 138; GC 629; PK 129-31; 2SG 244; 1T 173; 3T 274; 6T 345-6

fled from Jezebel’s wrath DA 120; PK 159-62, 167, 173; 3T 261-2, 289

to Beersheba PK 160; 3T 289

God’s instrument for overthrow of gigantic evils Ed 60

God’s plan to translate, revealed to Elisha PK 225-6

revealed to students in schools of prophets PK 225-6

great and mighty prophet 3T 261

greatest prophet since Moses PK 224

guided Israel in safe paths Ed 61

hid in cave at Horeb PK 166-9; 1SM 17; 3T 289, 291-2

for protection from wild beasts 3T 291

honored by translation GW 116

hospitality shown, by widow of Zarephath AA 435; DA 238; PK 129-32, 168; 2T 29; 3T 274; 6T 345-6

humiliated to lowliest valley in faith and feeling 3T 290

humility of PK 158-9; 3T 287

idolatry in Israel in days of GC 583; PK 119-20

idolatry put down by, in Israel Ed 60

Israel’s apostasy in time of DA 238; PK 119-54; 3T 273-88

Jewish belief that, would personally appear before Messiah’s advent DA 135

Jezebel hated PK 126, 137

Jezebel threatened, with death Ed 151; PK 159-60; 3T 288-9

Jezebel urged Ahab’s efforts to capture PK 126

Jezebel’s end foretold by PK 207

John the Baptist resembled, in dress and manner DA 102, 104

John the Baptist’s work compared to that of DA 135

Jordan’s waters parted by Ed 59; PK 226

key of heaven taken away by 2BC 1034; 3T 274, 287-8

King Ahaziah reproved by, for inquiring of Baal-zebub CH 455-6; PK 208-10, 224; 5T 195

labor of, in schools of prophets 2BC 1036

life of, devoted wholly to work of reform PK 119

lessons from 2BC 1037; PK 157, 170, 173; SD 206

lifework of, cut short by one failure Ed 151

inspires and encourages others PK 177

loneliness of, during years of famine DA 422-5

loved no less by God during hour of trial PK 166

loyal and true prophet 3T 273

man of: faith and prayer EW 73; PK 119, 156-7; 3T 286

power Ed 60

stern fidelity COL 301

men as devoted as, God’s people need 4T 402

men like, God calls for GW 150; PK 142

mantle of, fell on Elisha Ed 60; EW 248; PK 228; 5T 82

meeting of, with Ahab after three years of famine PK 137-42; 3T 278

message given to, for Hazael, king of Syria MYP 278; PK 169-70

message of, to Jehoram, king of Judah PK 213

messages of condemnation and judgment given to PK 235

mighty reformation expected by, after slaughter of prophets of Baal PK 155

ministry of, began about a century after David’s reign PK 133

nearly all Israel united in denouncing PK 126

no apology made by, for abrupt appearance before Ahab PK 121

not above frailties of mankind PK 159

not forsaken by God: in despondency and despair GC 626; 3T 290

when persecuted by Jezebel GC 626

not greater than John the Baptist MH 478

not timid before Ahab and army 3T 278

not tried in same way as others are 4BC 1182

occupied no high station in life PK 119

one of mightiest of God’s prophets PK 116, 173

others faithful to God in time of PK 170, 189, 217

persecution of, by apostate Israel GC 590

by God’s enemies EW 162

petulance of, how God silenced PK 169

prayer of: before multitude on Mt. Carmel 2BC 1034; PK 152-3; 3T 285

dew and rain withheld from Israel in answer to PK 119-20; 3T 263

for Israel during drought and famine PK 133

for overthrow of Baal worship 3T 263

for rain 2BC 1034-5; EW 73; PK 155-8; SD 206; 3T 287-8

God answered, in most striking manner PK 158; 5T 161

indited by Spirit PK 155-8

Syrian captains consumed by fire in answer to AA 541; PK 208-9; SL 58-9

that God in mercy did not grant DA 301; PK 162, 169; 3T 289

that God would save Israel from apostasy PK 120; 3T 273

preparation of, for translation 2BC 1036; Ed 59; GW 270

prophecy of, re outcome of King Ahaziah’s injury PK 208

prophet from mountains of Gilead PK 119-20, 157

prophets and priests of Baal slain by DA 487; Ed 60; PK 154; 3T 285-8

prophets of Baal hated PK 137

ravens fed, at brook Cherith EW 56; MB 111; PK 129; 4T 253

reformation begun by, Elisha continued PK 254

reformation in time of, faith in God’s word brought PK 466

refuge (asylum) found by, in heathen land DA 238; PK 129; 3T 274

regarded as too severe 3T 261

represents people preparing way for second advent 3T 62

reprover of sin DA 587; GC 606; PK 119

revolution expected by, in kingdom of Israel 3T 290

route taken by, from Gilead to Samaria PK 121; 3T 274

safer among heathen than with rebellious Israel AA 430

safety found by, many months in mountains by brook Cherith DA 360; PK 129, 168; 3T 288

schools of prophets re-established by PK 224-5

schools of prophets visited by, shortly before his translation FE 512; PK 225

search for, after translation PP 88

second person never to come under death’s power DA 421

sent to anoint Jehu king over Israel PK 170

slept outside of walls of Jezreel PK 159; 3T 288

son of widow of Zarephath restored to life by DA 219; PK 131

spirit and power of PK 177-89

first angel’s message was preached in EW 233

God’s message for today is proclaimed in PK 716

John the Baptist preached with 5BC 1089; DA 104, 135, 215; EW 155, 259; 3T 62; Te 91

somebody is to come in 1SM 412; TM 475

stirs hearts to reform 3T 64

Spirit came upon, in work of reformation GC 606

spirit of, how God softened and subdued PK 169

spirits of, bitter disappointment crushed PK 162

stern rebuke voiced by PK 129-42

stood alone against prophets of Baal 3T 274

stood grandly alone amid general apostasy 5T 526

strength of, God was PK 175

strengthened by God to run before Ahab’s chariot PK 158, 168; 3T 287

strong spirit of, sank under temptation during fearful trial 4T 12

students instructed by, on most important points of education FE 512; PK 225

subject to: like passions as we are 3T 274; 5T 161

temptations as we are 3T 288

success of, secret of 2BC 1037

Tishbite PK 119, 206

translated to heaven DA 421-2; Ed 60; EW 162, 164, 247-8; GW 116; PK 225-8; PP 88, 479

accompanied by angels Ed 151; PK 228

children at Bethel jeered at PK 235; 5T 44

in chariot of fire DA 225; MH 478; PK 227

with convoy of celestial chariots DA 301

without seeing death DA 422; EW 164; PK 227

truth revealed to, in desert DA 217; MH 36

type of redeemed translated to heaven at second advent DA 421-2; EW 164; PK 227

unbelief was not cherished by 3T 274

under juniper tree PK 162; 3T 288-91

unyielding persistence of, in prayer PK 158

pray with COL 149

ventured everything in mission to Ahab 3T 275

voice of one crying in wilderness PK 119

walked with God EW 162

warned of Jezebel’s plot to kill him PK 159; 3T 289

what would have happened if, had not fled from Jezebel’s wrath PK 160

why John the Baptist was not, to Jews DA 135

willing to venture all on slightest token of God’s favor PK 157

witnessed for God on Mt. Carmel 2BC 1034; Ed 151; DA 120, 425, 487; PK 143-54, 168; 3T 279-86; 5T 526-7

word of faith and power on lips of PK 119

wore coarse garments usually worn by prophets PK 121; 3T 273, 280

work begun by, Elisha built up and strengthened PK 235

work of, was to rebuke sin and press back tide of evil PK 119

work similar to that of, ministers are to do 5T 254

youth educated by, in schools of prophets GW 102


ascent in glory planned for, not descent into dust RC 349:7

attitude of, at first evidence of answered prayer HP 88:4

character perfection by, represents what we can be 3SM 146:5

consecrated ones sent in the power of, with truth PM 92:4

example of possibility through faith in Christ Con 26:1

failed in time of weakness HP 256:2

faith of, we need HP 88:4

God will be entreated today as in the day of HP 88:5

John the Baptist denounced corruption in spirit of VSS 359:2

moved by God from place to place to prepare for translation HP 330:3; UL 170:4

prayer of, for death not understood by himself RC 349:7

ravens sent to; God remembers His children LHU 131:3

spirit and power of, working in the last days in Mar 22:3

sternness of, God used, to execute judgment on Jezebel RC 319:2

work to be done by, rather than dying in discouragement RC 349:7


Elijahs, today’s, where are they? 5T 527

Elijah message

Elijah message, John the Baptist preached 4BC 1184

preached just prior to second advent 4BC 1184


Elim PP 292


Elisabeth, mother of John the Baptist 5BC 1114; CG 22-3; DA 97

kinswoman of Jesus’ mother MH 372


Eliseus See Elisha


Elisha Ed 58-61; PK 217-64

angels of comfort and peace ever about PK 264

angels protected, at Dothan 2BC 994; DA 240; Ed 255; GC 208, 512; PK 257, 264, 590-1

anointed prophet by Elijah PK 217-8

ax miraculously recovered from river by Ed 217; PK 260-1

called from: farm to work with Elijah GC 331; SR 357

plow to serve God Ed 58; GW 333; PK 218-20; 5T 82

called into God’s service by Elijah 2BC 1035; Ed 58-9; EW 229; PK 218-20; SD 93; 5T 82

when Elijah was about to close his labors SD 93

called to: highest honor because of his faithfulness in little things 2BC 1037

prophetic office while Ahab was reigning PK 254

came in touch with people PK 235

closing ministry of PK 254-64

combined work of healing with that of teaching PK 240

could be stern also PK 235

cursing of youth of Bethel by, result of PK 235-6; 5T 44

Damascus visited by PK 255

did not live in thickly populated city 2BC 1035

died after lingering illness PK 263

disciplined in useful work during his youth PK 217-8

double portion of Spirit that rested on Elijah was given to 2BC 1037; GW 116; PK 226-8

dying prophet, King Joash of Israel consulted PK 261-3

early education of 2BC 1035-6

early years of PK 217-8

in quietude of country life Ed 58

educational work of schools of prophets fostered by PK 230, 240, 260

educator, director, and worker SD 93

Elijah and, labored together for several years PK 224

Elijah cast mantle of consecration upon EW 248; PK 219-20; 5T 82

Elijah’s education of Ed 58-9; 2SM 227

for gospel work PK 218, 222-4

for ministry CH 538

Elijah’s successor 2BC 1037; Ed 59-61; PK 220, 224, 228

energetic and steadfast PK 218

example of results of true plan of living MH 285

faith and confidence of, God honored PK 263

faith of, Elijah’s test of PK 220

held fast to God’s promises during prolonged illness PK 263-4

faithful in little things 2BC 1035; PK 218

faithful to end PK 263

faithful witness borne by, when people openly rebelled against God PK 255

faithfulness in little things prepared, for weightier trusts PK 218

family of, did not bow to Baal Ed 58; PK 217

first served as Elijah’s personal attendant Ed 59; PK 222

first work required of, commonplace duties were PK 222

friendly relations of, with family at Shunem PK 237-9

Gehazi’s sin denounced by PK 251

Gehazi’s wickedness revealed to PK 252

God gave to, power to work miracles PK 260

God’s call to, presented to men of learning and position 5T 82

God’s call to service accepted by PK 221

God’s plan to translate Elijah was revealed to PK 225

groups of earnest young men instructed by PK 240

heart of, impressed by Spirit PK 220

home of, had surroundings of wealth 2BC 1035; SD 93

homesickness tempted PK 222

honored and venerated throughout Israel PK 255

Jericho’s spring healed by PK 229-34

kindly spirit of, powerful influence of PK 237

King Benhadad of Syria inquired of PK 255

learned how to serve first, that he might know how to lead, instruct, and command SD 93

learned to co-operate with God, in his youth 2BC 1035-6

in performance of home duties Ed 58; PK 218

learned to do useful work, in his early years Ed 58

lepers of Israel passed by in time of DA 239

life of: lessons from Ed 58-61

present lessons from 2BC 1037

study MH 366

lifework of, spirit of self-denial characterized PK 250

loved and feared God PK 218

man of: characteristics of ruler 2BC 1035; SD 93

determination and firm reliance on God 2BC 1037

energy and steadfastness Ed 58

great mildness 5T 44

integrity and fidelity PK 218; SD 93

meek and gentle spirit Ed 58

meek and quiet spirit SD 93

meekness of one who would serve 2BC 1035; SD 93

mild and kindly spirit PK 235

quiet and gentle spirit PK 218

many people came to, for counsel PK 255

mind of, exercised in little things SD 93

ministry of, as prophet PK 108

miracles of healing wrought through PK 244

miraculously fed 100 sons of prophets at Gilgal PK 241-3; 6T 466

mission of, more peaceful than Elijah’s PK 235

Naaman healed by instructions from PK 246-50; 2T 309

Naaman’s costly present refused by PK 250

never forsaken by God PK 255

not a man of changeable character 2BC 1035

one of most faithful of reformers Ed 51

opposition met by PK 255

parental home of, God was honored in PK 217

poisoned pottage healed by PK 240-1

prayer of, for servant at Dothan GC 208

predicted Israel’s deliverance from siege by Syrian army PK 258-9

prepared to become Elijah’s successor Ed 59

prolonged famine in Israel in time of PK 258-9

prophet of peace PK 235-43

prophetic call received by, while he was plowing Ed 58

prophetic work of, somewhat different from that of Elijah PK 235

quiet retreat provided for, by family at Shunem PK 237

ready to rest from his labors when called by death PK 264

reared as farmer PK 217-8; SD 93

recognition of, by King Joash of Israel PK 261

reformation begun by Elijah was forwarded by PK 254

relied on God in every emergency PK 222

religious training of, in early years PK 217-8

request of, for large measure of Spirit GW 116; PK 226-7

Shunammite boy restored to life by PK 238-9

Shunammitess visited, at Mt. Carmel PK 238

softening and subduing influence of, needed in God’s service COL 301

son of prophet sent by, to anoint Jehu king of Israel PK 214

son of wealthy farmer Ed 58; PK 217-8; SD 93

steadfastness of Ed 73

strong faith exercised throughout life by PK 264

Syrian army’s attempt to capture, at Dothan PK 255-6

teacher of righteousness PK 259

temptations experienced by, after uniting with Elijah PK 222

tiller of soil MH 148

trained as youth to work in fields SD 93

trained in: habits of simplicity 2BC 1035; PK 218; SD 93

life’s common duties Ed 58

trained to obey his parents and God SD 93

training of, to become teacher and leader PK 218

trials experienced by, in abundance PK 222

true to his trust, through test and trial PK 222

type of Christ PK 240

understood meaning of his call from God PK 220

unmistakable evidence of authority of, as God’s servant PK 240

went in and out of Bethel 50 years PK 236

wise and sympathetic father to many people PK 261

wise counselor of kings PK 259

work begun by Elijah was built up and strengthened by PK 235

work of, closed with counsel given to King Joash of Israel PK 263

youth of Bethel mocked EW 248; PK 235-6; 5T 44

youth of integrity and fidelity 2BC 1035


call to people as, from the plow TDG 115:2

lessons from HP 331

preferred double portion of God’s Spirit UL 331:5

proved true to his trust UL 331:4

widow relieved of debt by, result of sharing God’s gifts RC 269:4