EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Davis, Marian - Debate, Debates

Davis, Marian

Davis, Marian, sickness of 2SM 251-4


bothered Ellen White or her son for minor editing matters 3SM 92

death of, imminent; faithful helper 3SM 93

faithfulness of, in editing; considered work sacred 3SM 91:1

Dawn and twilight

Dawn and twilight, youth need secret communion with God at Ed 259

Day, Days

Day, Days, all, God carries out His plans for us in DA 206

close of, should find us a day’s march nearer to overcomer’s reward ML 109

crowd not into one, work of two GW 244

each: brings responsibilities and duties GW 244-5

dividing line for some soul 5T 466

to be used for God MB 101

God required man to number, by sevens 3SG 53

in symbolic prophecy, represents a year DA 233; GC 324; PK 698

live each, as if your last on earth 7T 44

never begin, without committing your ways to God COL 341

of creation week: like every other day since that time Ed 129

not vast and indefinite periods Ed 128-9; PP 111-2; TM 135-6

seven literal days PP 111-2; 3SG 90-1; TM 136

24 hours long TM 136

See also Creation

only one, to live at a time MB 101; ML 94-5

perpetual, redeemed will walk in sunless glory of GC 676

rising and setting of sun marks off TM 136

special, observed by ancient Israel 2T 573, 598

strength of one, not sufficient for trials of next GW 257

See also Daytime


begin, with praise HP 62:3

Christ prayed for strength for next TMK 258:2

fruitful, living one at a time TDG 27:2

given as trust HP 227:2

help for HP 355:4

last, See Last days


as our last LDE 77

in the sight of God; avoiding distractions OHC 360:2

one, at a time

given HP 213:4

God’s rule TMK 231:2

gratitude for TDG 27:2

is mine HP 227:3

living FLB 249:4; HP 59:6; TDG 27:2

opportunity of, for blessing others HP 57:5

strength for UL 44:5

work as though, were your last HP 213:4; Mar 108:3

Day and night

Day and night, changes of, speak to man of God’s love CS 17; SD 17

in regular succession by God’s power MB 75

mysteries of, Adam and Eve studied Ed 21

Daybook, Daybooks

Daybook, Daybooks, what should be written upon DA 556

Day by day

Day by day, how God would have His people live DA 313

live for Christ 5T 609

Daydreamer, Daydreamers

Daydreamer, Daydreamers, true workers carry double burden because of MM 293


Daydreaming 3T 329-38

avoid all 7BC 917

cease 2T 252, 560

far-off, cease 2T 429

habit of, bad and exceedingly dangerous 2T 561

next to impossible to break up 2T 561

healthy Christian experience hindered by 3T 333

highest, can aim at nothing WM 152

idle, children who have no time for CT 122

youth waste precious hours in 4T 655

youth who have no time for AH 285; Te 210

imaginations perverted by 2T 463

moral fitness for better life hindered by 3T 333

unfits one for usefulness 2T 251

unfits one for work 2T 429


allowing, will ruin soul and body OHC 334:4

Day of Atonement

Day of Atonement See Atonement, Day of

Day of God/Day of the Lord

Day of God/Day of the Lord, at hand 5T 98-105; 6T 446

coming of, as thief in night FE 335; GC 38

as snare upon earth 5T 456; TM 233

unawares to ungodly GC 38

with stealthy tread 6T 406

described in Revelation TM 444

everything preparing for 1T 363

experience needed to stand in 5T 220

false security in GC 38

Isaiah referred to 2T 446

men absorbed in business and pleasure in GC 38; 4T 309

muffled footsteps of, world not aroused from deathlike slumber by FE 335

near 5T 276-7

prepare for 6T 407

prophecies re GC 310-1

put not far off 5T 276-7

rapidly approaching FE 335; 4T 608

right upon us CS 35; 1T 361

searching test of, what alone will abide ML 72

soon to break upon world 6T 333

will come suddenly and unexpectedly FE 336


as thief unless we know own standing; tell neighbors PM 313:0

destruction of Jerusalem not as terrible as 3SM 417:1

envy, etc. must be put away to stand in TDG 258:4

Great Controversy needed to prepare people for 3SM 113:3

hastened by giving gospel to world AG 353:3

hastening OHC 354:5

motive to keep awake and improve opportunities UL 261:2

preparation for; practice principles of Christ’s life TDG 372:5

preparation of people for, UL 308:4

work of Ellen White 3SM 49:3

safety for, only in departing from sin FW 117:0

signs show nearness of HP 342:2

snare to those engrossed in business CC 37:7

terrors of, should not be motive to come to Christ TMK 320:3

testimony against us in, by those we wronged OHC 369:4

thief for those half asleep; workers must warn PM 281:3

those found in, who have refused God’s call HP 346:4

truth from Scriptures needed to stand in TDG 320:6

(vengeance) coming; who will abide? FW 33:3

Day of God’s preparation

Day of God’s preparation, we live in 2SM 379; 5T 118, 257, 420-1


LHU 360

pray to be prepared for struggles of OHC 340:3

Day of judgment

Day of judgment See Judgment day

Day of reckoning

gifts used in meekness leaves no cause for grief in HP 224:5

See also Judgment

Day schools

Day schools See School


Daystar, risen upon us 6T 24


Day-Star, editor of, ran into spiritualism EW 77

false doctrine published in TM 57


Daytime, evil habit of turning, into night ML 143

God has provided that we breathe air of day in 2T 528

Deacon, Deacons

Deacon, Deacons, AA 87-96, 261; 7BC 914-5; CSW 161; SR 259-60; 1T 276, 692

camp-meeting school for 6T 49; 9T 82

head SR 260

ordination of AA 89; SR 260

supervision of, by conference presidents TM 305

Dead body, Dead bodies

Dead body, Dead bodies, cast out of tombs by earthquake when Christ died DA 756

putrefying, sinful soul represented by 4BC 1176

Dead friends

Dead friends, devils’ impersonation of AA 289; EW 87, 262; GC 560; 4aSG 84

in actions, looks, and speech 2BC 1022; GC 552, 560; SR 393

supposed communications from, warning re 1T 298-9

See also Spiritualism

Dead generals

Dead generals, impersonation of, by devils 1T 364

Dead person, Dead persons

Dead person, Dead persons, belief that, become angels GC 551; PP 684-5

bereavement for See Bereavement

cannot feel 2T 425

communion with, expressly forbidden PP 685 See also Spiritism; Spiritualism

deification of, heathen systems involved Ev 603; PP 684-6

devils relate incidents connected with lives of 1T 298-9

do not communicate with the living AA 289

do not seek knowledge from EW 59

errors of spiritualism re EW 86-91, 262-6; GC 551-62; PP 675-89; SR 393-8 See also Spiritualism

expression of love for DA 560

gifts for, should be given before they die DA 560

impersonation of, by devils See Devil

judgment of, in day of final award PP 357-8

know not anything EW 59, 87, 262; GC 556, 560; SR 398; 1T 298-9

lamentation for, Jewish customs re DA 318, 342-3, 529, 708

Jewish excommunication affected DA 472

let, bury their dead 2T 541

monuments and tombs for, extravagance in erecting DA 618

pretended communication with: cornerstone of heathenism Ev 603; PP 684

devils profess to put the living in GC 552; SR 393

doctrine of, not founded in Bible Ev 603

in demon worship PP 685

Isaiah refers to PP 684

sorcery founded on belief in PP 684

vital principle of idol worship, modern spiritualism, and witchcraft PP 685

widespread in professedly Christian lands Ev 603; PP 684

See also Spiritualism

resting places of, superstitious regard for DA 618

restored to life, took part in Christ’s triumphal entry DA 572

resurrection of See Resurrection

righteous: judgment of, began in 1844 EW 280; GC 483; 1SM 125; 5T 692

kept in safety as jewels by God till resurrection day SD 359

not brought from heaven at second advent AA 259

not present in person at investigative judgment GC 482

not raised till after investigative judgment GC 482

sacrifices offered to, at Beth-peor PP 684

Satan cannot hold, when Christ bids them live DA 320

Satan has no power to resurrect 2BC 1022; 4aSG 84

sleep of, know reasons for SDA faith re Ev 604

spiritually, often made to pass for the living 4BC 1166

spirits of, angels are not GC 511

devils regarded as PP 685

familiar spirits were not PP 685

theological teaching re GC 551

spiritualists say that, can give valuable information 1T 299

treatment you accorded, memories of 5T 489-90

trumpet of Archangel will awaken CG 561

victims of Flood, burial of PP 108, 112; 3SG 77-9

worship of, ancient idolatry and PP 685

demon worship and PP 685-6

heathen religion included PP 684

See also Death


called by the trumpet at Christ’s return Mar 292:3

forms of, will appear UL 317:5

hidden for a little moment TDG 34:3

raising of, and going to heaven claimed in fanaticism NL 51:2

resurrection to be remembered when looking on FLB 185:5

righteous, life of Christ is in Mar 302:3

trumpet voice calls LHU 373:5

Dead Sea

Dead Sea, Israel encamped near Jordan River’s entrance into PP 438

mountains between Maon and 2BC 1021; PP 661

waters of Kedron Brook flowed into DA 449

Dead to sin

Dead to sin, it is easy living after you are 1T 131

Dead weights

Dead weights, how church members become 6T 425


Deaf, boy dumb and, devil cast out of DA 426-31

children born 3T 140

Genesis records no CD 117; 3T 138

parental responsibility for thousands of PP 561

persons who are, placed in close relationship to church by God’s providence 3T 511

stammerer who was, healed by Christ in Decapolis DA 404


healed when Christ turned to multitude and spoke RC 352:5

rejoiced in presence of Christ; His words, first many heard HP 225:4; TDG 283:4


Deal See Business transaction


Dealing, unfair, God keeps exact record of every GC 486

unjust, God abhors CS 227

with others MH 494-5

true Christians are faithful in MYP 349


See Business, transactions of

Dealings of God

Dealings of God, profound mysteries in TM 432

with His people: is mingled with love and mercy PP 469

often appears mysterious TM 503

should be often repeated 6T 364


Dean of men (or women) at school See Preceptor


Dear, never rudely seek to deprive people of what they hold 6T 54


1. Man’s condition in

2. Premature

3. Second

4. Spiritual

5. Miscellaneous


1. Man’s condition in GC 531-62

Bible teaching re, accept GC 559

need of understanding EW 87, 262; SR 398; 1T 300

Christ looks upon, as sleep DA 527; ML 295; 1SM 302-3

Christ speaks of, as of little moment DA 787; ML 295; 1SM 302

Clarke (Adam) quoted re GC 547

dead people do not go to heaven immediately at GC 550

dead people sleep during, until resurrection GC 550

delusions re, devils perpetuate 1T 298-9

doctrine of man’s consciousness during: brought into early church SR 333

erroneous belief in natural immortality rests on GC 545, 551

is Satan’s doctrine GC 539

many Jews in Christ’s time held COL 263

many people led by, to commit suicide GC 539

not founded in Scriptures Ev 603

opposed to Bible teachings GC 539, 545

papal error of GC 586-7

pleasing fable GC 539

prepared way for modern spiritualism GC 551

received by church from paganism GC 58, 551

dread mystery to masses when Christ was born DA 32

Enoch was troubled re PP 85; 3SG 55; SR 58

erroneous belief that, is eternal sleep EW 219; GC 274

erroneous doctrine re, preached from pulpits of Christendom GC 533

erroneous opinions of Thessalonian believers re AA 257-9

France in 1793 declared, to be eternal sleep GC 274

Hezekiah’s belief re GC 546

in David’s case GC 537-9, 546

inexplicable mystery to Pharisees DA 603-4

Lazarus’s testimony re DA 557-8

light received by EGW re LS 48-50; 1T 39-40

Luther’s (Martin) views re GC 549

man has no power to choose anything during COL 270

man is not conscious in GC 545

man knows not anything during DA 557-8; Ev 249; EW 87; GC 549, 556

moment of silence and darkness for Christian DA 787

moment of time to the dead GC 550

no pain, joy, or hatred experienced during EW 218

not eternal sleep for Christian 5T 313

Paul speaks of, as sleep AA 257

Paul’s teaching re AA 257-9; GC 546-8

persons who regard, as eternal sleep EW 219

popular theology re GC 546

Sadducean theory re, Christ overthrew DA 538, 603-6

sleep to Christian DA 527, 787; ML 295

small matter for Christian DA 787; ML 295

state of unconsciousness AA 257

truth re, essential for this time Ev 249

Tyndale’s (Wm.) views re GC 547

Universalist minister’s opinions re GC 537-9, 548

utter extinction of life at GC 533

EGW’s early interest in LS 48-50; 1T 39-40

See also Dead person

2. Premature

among babies 2SM 465-72

from breathing poisonous tobacco effluvia in air 2SM 467

among: wives 3T 527-8

women of fashion 2T 530

avoided by observing divinely appointed rules CD 16; MM 49

causes of: bread that is heavy and sour 1T 684

carelessness 4aSG 141

continuing in self-indulgence CD 131

dampness MH 274

disregard of counsels of the Testimonies 1SM 47-8

drug taking 2SM 450; 4aSG 133

excessive indulgence of animal passions 2T 473

following ways of world CD 40

food prepared improperly CD 256; 1T 684

forgetfulness 2SM 459

forsaking God CD 40

gluttony 2SM 416

ignorance 2SM 459

ignorance of physiology LS 353-4

indulgence of appetite CD 167; 3T 562; 9T 156

indulgence of perverted appetite 2T 69

intemperate appetite 4aSG 130

lack of suitable nourishment 7BC 941

malaria MH 274

neglect of health CH 566; 2T 117

neglect of laws of health LS 353-4

opium 4aSG 138

poisonous drugs 4aSG 136

recklessness 2SM 459

strychnine taken immoderately 4aSG 138

too many varieties of food taken into stomach at one time CD 110

violation of nature’s law 3T 164-5

violation of physical law CH 19

wrong eating 6T 372-3

children’s: education which brings 2T 536

improper care and wrong habits of living cause 2T 94

insufficient clothing of feet and limbs causes 2SM 471

does not come without cause CH 63; 2SM 461

many believers suffer, because of robbing God 2T 199

marriage that results in 2SM 424

of child of Elizabeth Bangs 2SM 259-60

physicians should teach people how to prevent 2SM 282

prevent MM 222

vast amount of, could be prevented 2SM 450; 4aSG 133

why some gospel workers suffer 8T 145

3. Second EW 218-22, 294-5; GC 531-50, 672-3; SR 428-9

awaits: sinner 1SM 297-8

transgressor of God’s law 1T 533

violator of Sabbath 1T 533

erroneous doctrines re, prevalent today GC 531-50

eternal: disobedience means CG 65

millions are deciding for eternal life or 6T 406

road leading to 1T 127

Satan has been condemned to 6T 231

sinner is exposed to PP 517

soul that sins will die EW 51

wages of sin will be wrath of God and 2T 210

wicked will receive sentence of 9T 252

will be pronounced on the impenitent GC 668; SR 425

everlasting: no hope of resurrection from EW 51, 218

Satan and followers will die an EW 295

soul that sins will die EW 51, 218

will last forever EW 51, 218

fearful and unbelieving persons who will suffer 2T 630

final punishment of all who reject light 4aSG 14

flee to Christ for safety from PP 516

justice demands, for sin 1SM 340

millions will suffer GC 22; SR 428-9

most awful death EW 276

no resurrection from EW 51, 218, 295

not death pronounced on Adam GC 544

not eternal life in misery EW 218-22

open contempt of God’s law will be punished by 4BC 1162

Paine (Thomas) will suffer EW 89, 263

penalty of disobedience is 3SG 296; SR 145

people who are ripening for 2T 630

persons having part in first resurrection will not suffer GC 673

placed in contrast with everlasting life GC 544

portion of the wicked will be GC 544

professed Christians who will suffer 2T 294

punishment of the wicked will end in EW 294-5; GC 544, 673; SR 429

Satan and his angels will be destroyed by EW 52-4, 158, 178, 295; GC 485-6, 673; ML 355; SR 429

sinner’s reward will be 3SG 53; 1SM 220

slave master who will suffer EW 276

sufferings of the wicked in connection with EW 294; GC 673; SR 429

terrible pains of 5T 620

transgressor of God’s law will suffer 1T 533

wages of sin is EW 294; GC 668; 1SM 220; 4T 363

wicked will be consumed by fire in EW 52-4, 294-5; GC 485-6, 673; SR 429

wicked will be deprived of existence by GC 544

wicked will sink into hopeless and eternal oblivion as result of GC 544-5

See also Hell; Punishment; Torment

4. Spiritual

awake from, and Christ will give you life 2T 114

Christ’s message to men held in DA 320

daily, grows wearisome GW 135

lack of spiritual exercise causes 2T 19

selfishness brings 8T 136

sleep of, awake from 5T 466

soul that Satan cannot hold in DA 320

to self, seems repulsive AA 565; GW 135

5. Miscellaneous

Abel’s, Adam’s sorrow over PP 82; 3SG 51; SR 55

Adam and Eve became subject to, because of sin GC 532-3; PP 59-60

Adam and Eve doomed to, on day they sinned PP 60

Adam regarded, as dreadful calamity 3SG 50-1; SR 55

aged persons approaching, duty of 2BC 1025

agreement with, King Saul’s 2BC 1023

anguish of being unprepared at 1T 131

animals became subject to, because of Adam’s sin PP 68; SR 50

antidote of, fruit of tree of life was 7BC 988; MM 233; 8T 288

author of, God is not CH 563; GW 239; 5T 503

be willing to suffer, for Christ’s sake DA 417

rather than transgress God’s law 5T 147

believers may be consigned to COL 179

bonds of, in His divinity Christ has power to break 5BC 1113

book of, evil deeds of the wicked are recorded in EW 52

names of the wicked written in EW 291

brings dissolution of body 5T 466

brought into world by disobedience of Adam and Eve GC 533, 544; MYP 69-70; PP 59-60, 88; 1SM 299; SR 60

cannot make any man poor who seeks eternal riches COL 266

character is not changed by AH 16; 5T 466

child’s, comfort for mother in time of 2SM 258-9

children taken by, restored to faithful parents at second advent GC 645; PK 239

children’s natural, Genesis records no CD 117; 3T 138

Christ insulted by mere pittance of property and means at 4T 481

Christ is mightier than DA 528

Christ is only one who could conquer 6T 231

Christ’s disciples betrayed to, by relatives DA 355

Christ’s witnesses have endured, rather than break God’s commands AA 81

Christian may have joy and hope when facing LS 253

Christians facing, assurance for 2SM 246-55

Christians put to, during Dark Ages AA 85 See also Martyr

Christian’s motto should be, before dishonor 5T 147

clad in livery of heaven, lurks in youth’s path CS 202

comforting words to those facing 2SM 246-56

conversion shortly before 1SM 262

See also Conversion

covenant with, fearful deception of GC 560-2

crooked character cannot be straightened out at CG 562

doctrine that the righteous go to their reward at, not supported by Scriptures GC 549-50

doctrine that the wicked go to their punishment at, not supported by Scriptures GC 549-50

dominion of, Satan’s power exercised in EW 164

Dorcas restored to life from AA 132 See also Dorcas

end of, for the righteous 6BC 1093

errors of spiritualism re EW 86-91, 262-6; GC 551-62; PP 675-89; SR 393-8

See also Spiritualism

face to face with, cherished fallacies that vanish when sinners come MYP 89

faith is mightier conqueror than MH 62

faithful minister’s, may accomplish what his life failed to do AA 418

fashionable, people who die 4aSG 142

fear of, lost by Stephen before persecutors AA 100

that overcomes faith in God PK 174

first, that Adam witnessed PP 62, 68; SR 50-1, 55

first human, was that of Abel PP 74-7, 82; 3SG 51; SR 55

fraud perpetuated after 4T 481

friends separated by, united at second advent EW 16, 287; GC 645; LS 66; 2SG 33; 1T 60

God did not create 5T 503

great, Switzerland swept in 1519 by GC 179

hope of the faithful who fall in, before Christ comes LS 266

hour of, fashionable piety is worth little in CG 278

how men rob God after 5T 155-6

how men rob God at 4T 480

human, angels existed before any GC 551

inevitable as long as sin exists PP 522

is of less consequence than salvation of souls 2T 540

is representative of sin 4T 120

Israel was redeemed from Egypt with COL 287

Jews regarded, as punishment arbitrarily inflicted on account of sin DA 471

John the Baptist was placed by, beyond power of temptation DA 224

judgment does not take place at GC 548-9

keys of, Christ holds DA 530; ML 47

last thoughts of the righteous who go down to ML 349

laughs at folly of worshipers of fashion CG 432; 4T 634

life is more solemn than FE 300; 2SM 264; 5T 466

little children’s, not caused by “mysterious providence” MH 380

living, aimless life is CH 51

lovers of pleasure without oil in their lamps at MYP 387

man became liable or subject to, because of sin 1BC 1082, 1085-6; 6BC 1096; 7BC 988; CT 467; Ed 15; FE 414; GC 533, 544; MM 233; MYP 69-70; PP 59-60, 88, 461, 522; 1SM 299; 2SM 288; SR 30, 40, 50, 60, 146; 3T 492; 5T 503; 6T 358; 8T 25, 288; TM 134

man’s influence does not die at TM 429

man’s thoughts perish at COL 270; GC 545-6, 550

men know not how soon arrow of, may strike their hearts MH 454

men often saved from, by God’s intervention ML 291

men’s accounts with God are sealed at 2SM 264

in books of heaven 5T 489

men’s souls do not pass directly to heaven at GC 539

many believers laid away in, before time of trouble CH 375

many little ones to be laid away in, before time of trouble 2SM 259

many people pass directly from dens of infamy to Te 18

martyr’s, alone does not make man a Christian 5T 168

meet, with peace and calmness of unwavering faith AA 465

merciful thing for sinful man 3SG 51; SR 55

mother’s, children saved by 2SG 111

comfort for the bereaved in time of 2SM 261

no, in world to come 7BC 988; EW 288-9; GC 676; LS 166; MH 506; ML 349, 355; PP 477; SC 86; 7T 76

no future judgment needed if men go to rewards at GC 549

no resurrection needed if the righteous go to heaven at GC 546-7

obey truth even if it means COL 60; PK 512-3

only persons who prefer, to wrong act will be found faithful 5T 53

opportunities given to SDA to confess their faith when facing 1SM 118

pall of, black despair like 2T 210

path to, pains and penalties all along 2SM 169

penalty of: Christ bore for men 6T 230

for sin SR 41

for transgressing God’s law 6BC 1116; PP 409; 3SG 300

why, was not enforced immediately when Adam sinned 1BC 1082

permitted by God’s mercy PP 82; SR 55

persons restored to life but were still subject to DA 786

persons who would prefer, to life 2T 473

perverted life closed by Te 140

physician’s duty to patient in danger of MM 38

portion of every living thing PP 62

power of: Elijah was second person never to come under DA 421

in His death Christ gained victory over PK 702

no man can resist 5T 313

pray earnestly when, stares you in face 5T 137

previous knowledge of impending, Satan sometimes imparts 2T 172

prison house of: promise of deliverance from 2T 229

righteous dead will be delivered from GC 644; PK 728

sound of last trump will penetrate AA 590

unbarred by Christ for man 4T 387

promise for persons who suffer, for Christ’s sake DA 669

rapid increase of, since Adam fell 3T 162-3

reveal Christ’s meekness even unto DA 354

righteous persons do not go to heaven immediately after GC 546, 550

risk of, people of God face 7BC 975

road to MB 138-40

salvation cannot be obtained after COL 263

Satan cannot hold men in, when Christ bids them live DA 320

Satan led men to look upon, as from God DA 471

Satan’s lie re, told to Eve EW 218; GC 531-4, 538; PP 54-5, 685

seeds of, never planted in human system by Christ 1BC 1082; 2SM 288

planted in man’s system by Satan when Adam sinned 1BC 1082; 2SM 288

self-control stronger than, Christ exercised DA 117

selfishness that chills people to 3T 528

sentence of: falls on Christ instead of repentant sinner 1BC 1086

men are under, for disobedience MM 168

sin has placed whole world under 6BC 1076

shadow of: guardian angels accompany the redeemed in Ed 305

how to have peace amid PP 657

righteous souls supported by God’s arm as they enter PP 447

Shunammite boy restored from PK 238-9

sleep of: came upon Moses 4aSG 57; SR 173

persons awakened by Christ from DA 572

persons in danger of sleeping 8T 304

smallest deviation from right is worse than 5BC 1083

sobering effects of, on mind and heart 5T 490

solemn thing FE 300

some people try to excuse covetousness by being charitable at 4T 479-80

son’s, before his father’s was rare in patriarchal times CD 117

soon there will be, and destruction in earth 8T 50

spiritualism declares that there is no Ev 608; PP 688

sting of, lost at Christ’s second coming PK 239

sudden: diseased flesh food causes 4aSG 147

eaters of flesh foods are liable to 2T 61

eating of forbidden fruit in Eden did not cause PP 60

flesh foods cause 2SM 419

may claim you 5T 487

of athletes AA 310

sure penalty of indulgence Ev 266

teachings of God’s word re, not contradictory or obscure GC 549

there was to be no, in Eden 4aSG 120

there would be no, if God’s law had never been transgressed PP 363

if man had obeyed God PP 68

thought of, thrilled Adam with horror after he sinned 3SG 50-1; SR 55

threatened, many believers will yield to powers that be rather than suffer PK 188

triumph of the redeemed over EW 287; GC 644-5; ML 349

truth will be obeyed though results be PK 512-3

unkind words and deeds done to persons claimed by, cannot be recalled 5T 489-90

weapon used in all ages to silence heretics DA 715

when, seems preferable to life PK 162

when God’s providence is erroneously charged with causing CH 62; 4aSG 134; 2SM 441-2, 451; 3T 141

whole human race is subject to, in consequence of Adam’s sin GC 544

wicked people do not go to flames of hell at GC 545

will not come one day sooner because you have made your will 4T 482

work of antagonistic power MH 113

See also Resurrection


acting as culprits guilty of, bears false witness TMK 224:4

Adam horrified by thought of, but later saw it as merciful CC 22:2


largely at the base of premature 3SM 292:0

(perverted) becomes a minister of Mar 81:2

betrayal of God’s cause is worse than TDG 240:5

captives of, sample of, raised at Christ’s resurrection FW 74:2

certain punishment for transgression 3SM 141:3

character not changed at HP 369:2


averted immediate, for Adam and Eve CC 20:6; HP 153:3

bursts bands of FLB 185:3

calls the sleeping dust from HP 352:4

consecrated the grave by passing through RY 155:3

raised captives to show universe His power over FW 74:1

saddened at the sight of; (funerals) LHU 90:2; UL 57:3

soon to unlock prison of TMK 274:3

tasted, in humility in every rescue TMK 48:4

tasted, so all might have life HP 13:3

Christianity not renounced at, as atheism often is RY 153:2

claiming that Christ gave license to break law is FW 71:2

comfort for loss of loved one in HP 272; RY 62

comfort in, when for Christ’s sake TMK 275:3

coming everywhere; canvassers needed to warn the cities PM 281:1

commitment of whole being if God’s will is TDG 268:3

concern about, important to all TMK 45:2

confidence in Jesus in; simple salvation RY 154:3

consolation of Ellen White at, of Henry and James White HP 353

David thanked God for taking responsibility in Nabal’s RC 333:7

decree of,

against Sabbathkeepers LDE 13, 257

prediction of, in Revelation LDE 13, 257

similar to that of Ahasuerus LDE 259

disobedience of Adam and Eve brought the sure result of HP 153:2

Ellen White affirms her confidence at time of her husband’s TDG 302

Elijah’s prayer for, not taken seriously by God RC 349:7

eternal, rejecters of God’s mercy receive FLB 338:6

evil angels representing friends in, believed more than God’s word TDG 247:2

God does not desire UL 379:5

goodness of Jesus seen in the loss of a loved one in HP 272:2

hope was wealth of Halburton in RY 154:2

humanity would never have known, without sin TMK 17:2

impossibility of, asserted by Satan in Eden Con 13:3

infirmities dwelled on may bring; imagination diseased 2MCP 683:3

jealousy caused the first LHU 292:2

joy mixed with sorrow over HP 272:2

keys of, Christ held blessings as well as TDG 341:3

Lazarus had no wonderful experience to relate about TDG 149:3

leaving humans to sustain own life for one moment would bring RC 138:5

life of Saviour in, for believer Mar 301:4

loved ones lost in,

seen by faith at the resurrection HP 272:4

to return FLB 185:3

many in shadow of, need gospel truth RC 254:2

minds on customs of the world which bring OHC 79:5

motive for keeping awake and improving opportunities is not UL 261:2

not regretted by Ellen White for her husband RY 164

obeyed commands of Christ; it is the cruel spoiler TDG 249:3

penalty of,

disobedient ones given TDG 148:2

transgression always is HP 153:3

process of, while living, by perverted appetite, passions, etc. TDG 123:3

promises of God are precious when loved one is taken in TMK 362:2

providence blamed for premature, when natural laws violated 2MCP 570:2

punishment by,

abolished for adultery; now thought of lightly TSB 249:3

threatened for not observing first day LHU 347:3

regret for self-serving if called to end probation by TMK 321:3

rejoice in time of TDG 34:3

rest in the grave is short after OHC 9:5

rich fool experienced, but helpless sinner cured TDG 106:4

safety in experiencing, learned from the mind of truth OHC 31:3

saints (host) proclaim victory over, at resurrection 3SM 430:5


could not impose, on Enoch and Elijah; righteous characters 3SM 147:0

is the author of FW 73:4

lie of, about, to Eve repeated by many in days of Noah RC 322:2


penalty for the broken law FW 85:1

those who receive, feel agony of Christ FLB 338:6

seen on every hand at end of time 3SM 418:2

small matter of forbidden fruit opened floodgates of TMK 255:3

spiritual, strengthen those ready for HP 182:5, 294:1

stupor of, truth to be brought to those in TDG 187:4

terror not in, for Ellen White TDG 24:3

transgressors receive sentence of HP 361:4


defended with willingness for VSS 93:0

maintained despite threat of HP 179:2

to be held aloft until RY 152:3

victory over temptation,

at the price of Con 79:0

kept Satan from bringing Enoch and Elijah under power of Con 26:1

wicked face, without hope of the first resurrection OHC 9:3

words of kindness after, not spoken before UL 210:6

worship deviation punished by Con 80:1

See also Bereavement; Life, loss of; Life, destruction of; Martyrdom; Mortality; Mourning


Deathbed, wealth cannot give sweet assurance and peace to one on 5T 352

Deathbed charity

Deathbed charity, Christ requires not of us 5T 154

evils of 5T 154

risks involved in 5T 155

selfishness during lifetime is not excused by 5T 154

See also Charity

Deathbed repentance

Deathbed repentance, not genuine in many cases 2SG 86-7; 1T 81-2

See also Repentance

“Death before dishonor

“Death before dishonor or the transgression of God’s law,” as motto for Christians 5T 147

Death decree

Death decree, copies of, to be scattered in different parts of land EW 282-3

deliverance of God’s people from, at midnight EW 285; GC 636

execution of, planned for one night GC 635

highest earthly authority will issue 5T 213

leading men of earth will issue EW 282-3

rulers of Christendom will issue GC 626

Sabbathkeepers will be condemned by DA 121-2; EW 34, 272; GC 615, 631; PK 189

similar to that of Ahasuerus against Jews PK 605-6; 5T 450

time of, after close of probation EW 36-7; LS 116-7

after seven last plagues begin to fall EW 36-7; LS 117

shortly before second advent GC 635; 3SG 132; SR 97

united powers of earth will issue GC 604

universal, and against Sabbathkeepers GC 626, 635; PK 512

to disregard Sabbath and keep Sunday EW 282-3; 1T 353-4

See also Death penalty; Decree; Edict; Sunday law

Death dew

Death dew DA 744

Death penalty

1. Offenses anciently punished by

2. Miscellaneous

1. Offenses anciently punished by

adultery DA 460-1; MH 87-9; PP 718

blasphemy PP 407-8

disorder in sanctuary service 5T 274

disrespect for sanctuary 1T 652

failure to comply with God’s requirements 1T 651

manstealing PP 310

practice of necromancy PP 676

practice of spiritualism GC 556

rebellion against parental authority PP 310

rending of high priest’s clothes DA 708

violation of Sabbath PP 409; 1T 533

willful murder PP 310, 515-6

2. Miscellaneous

Eli’s sons should have suffered PP 577

infliction of, for opposing dictates of human councils 5T 712

for refusing to believe in idolatrous sacrifice of mass GC 59

Romans alone could inflict, in Christ’s time MH 88

under Roman rule, Jewish leaders illegally inflicted AA 98

Jewish priests could not legally inflict 5BC 1100

Sanhedrin could not inflict DA 698-9

See also Death decree; Decree

Death trap, Death traps

Death trap, Death traps, Satan’s, in traffic of intoxicating liquor Te 39

Debased persons

Debased persons, problems in miss. work for 8T 184

regard not, with indifference WM 246

See also Degraded person; Depraved person; Outcast


Debasements, dragging mind to low level, ministers must rise above GW 126

Debasing practices and thoughts

Debasing practices and thoughts, youth to shun SD 78

Debate, Debates

Debate, Debates, advocates of truth should not seek 1T 624

argument in, ministers who trust to 1T 624-5

avoid, whenever possible 3T 203, 424-8

avoiding UL 270

between J. H. Waggoner and J. M. Stephenson in 1858 2SG 273

cannot always be avoided 3T 424

challenges to, do not heed 6T 122

close doors leading to, among God’s people CW 82

combativeness is strengthened by 3T 424

conscience is not convicted by 3T 218

counsel of brethren should be sought in 1T 623-6

devils as well as men are involved in 1T 626; 3T 220

devils are astir on occasion of 1T 624

disadvantages in presenting truth in 3T 426

do not play upon words in 1T 626

effects of 3T 212-21

often unsuccessful and injurious 3T 220

exciting, mistaken for zeal and love for truth 3T 227

feelings and sympathies of people are stirred by 3T 218

few, can be conducted on right principles 3T 425

formation of Christian character is not favored by 3T 424

God is seldom glorified in 3T 424

God is seldom honored by 3T 424

gospel workers should avoid 6T 122

humble ministers who must engage in, promise for 3T 220

humbleness of mind is not increased by 3T 213

issues in 1888 conference not to be handled in style of 3SM 174:2

listeners to, calm consideration and judgment lacking in 3T 218

love of souls is lost in greater desire for mastery in 3T 425

mental training for, effects of 3T 216

minister who engaged in 1T 623

minister who loves 3T 227, 424

minister who would not be counseled in 1T 623-4

minister who would not wait till God’s cause demanded 1T 428

ministers are made self-sufficient and self-exalted by 3T 216

ministers may enter, when really necessary 3T 220

ministers who love: frequently become coarse and rough 3T 216

little disposed to study Christ’s sermons 3T 216

practical religion neglected by 3T 216

spirituality is generally lost by 3T 215

unfitted for pastoral work 3T 216

ministers who provoked 3T 219

ministers whom angels aid in 1T 625

ministers whom angels forsake in 1T 625

minister’s preparation for 1T 624

minister’s responsibility to keep up interest after 3T 213

more harm than real good sometimes results from 3T 221

must sometimes be chosen as lesser of two evils 3T 424

necessary, enter carefully and with humility into 1T 624

ministers who must engage in 1T 624-5

object that enemies of truth have in 3T 425

one, that produced some good 2SG 273

open, may be necessary sometimes 3T 213

opponent in, do not take unlawful advantage of 1T 626

opportunity for, is not great privilege 3T 426

oral or written, generally do more harm than good 3T 213

people are brought to rapid decision instead of calm consideration and judgment by 3T 218

people may clamor for, who love to see opponents combat 3T 424

personalities indulged in during 3T 425

prejudice resulting from, is often deep and bitter 3T 425

pure love and sympathy are weakened by 3T 424

reaction after, minister should beware of 3T 213

religious excitement produced by, effects of 3T 212-3

sarcasm and witticism in, both parties descend to 3T 425

sarcasm should be laid aside in 1T 626

self-sufficiency endangers minister engaged in 1T 625-6

sharp thrust is too frequently given in 3T 425

some ministers prefer, above any other work 3T 212, 215

spirit of, Satan stirs up combativeness by Ev 163

spiritualist medium in, discussion with 1T 428

spiritualists in, duty of ministers who meet 3T 484-5

spirituality is not increased by 3T 213

truth is cast before swine in 3T 425-6

truth is seldom advanced by 3T 203, 424

when a matter is left worse after, than before 1T 625

when it may be necessary to engage in 1T 624, 626

why ministers should shun 3T 212

why people like 3T 424

young ministers should avoid 3T 212-3

See also Argument; Contention; Controversy; Difference; Discussion; Quarreling; Strife; Variance