EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Crowned head, Crowned heads - Cyrus

Crowned head, Crowned heads

Crowned head, Crowned heads, will bow to Satan’s false theories FE 472


Crucible, God’s, tests His people 4T 540

souls whom God will place in, to try them as gold tried in fire SD 100


Crucifixion, Christ’s DA 741-75; EW 175-81; SR 220-9; 2T 200-15; 9T 101-4

hallowed associations connected with scenes of AA 245

Lord’s Supper commemorates EW 216-7

was His true coronation DA 379

death by: agonizing 3T 369; 4T 458

lingering process DA 771-2

most cruel and humiliating form of death DA 416

most humiliating process to which criminals were subjected DA 643

most ignominious, revolting, and agonizing death MH 501; 4T 458

marks of, Christ wears DA 807; EW 53, 179, 292; GC 643, 674

of Christians, by pagans GC 40

of Jews, by Roman soldiers GC 32

of self: failure of many believers to make COL 48

love for souls for whom Christ died means DA 417

needed in order for Christ to be formed within 7T 116

painful death but life to soul 6T 125

true happiness results from 4T 345

other people besides Christ have suffered 2T 214-5

pain of, did not cause Christ’s death DA 772

Peter’s AA 537-8; Ed 90-1; SR 315-6

Christ foretold AA 537; DA 815-6

stupefying potion given to persons condemned to die by DA 746

unheard-of thing for person to die within six hours of DA 772

See also Cross



by professed followers TDG 40:6

in many ways; worldly business TDG 339:4

attracts sinners Mar 99:4

because not known by studying Scriptures FW 77:2

beholding, ask for duty HP 222:5

by humans whom He came to unite with God RC 21:6

carrying the cross CC 325

Christ chose to endure TMK 339:3

contemplation and conversation to be of RC 284:7

disciples could have borne better TMK 191:4

for sin, central truth of the gospel UL 85:6

God surrendered Christ to TMK 20:4

gratitude awakened by scene at TDG 328:3

hope of disciples died with, but Nicodemus was told FW 63:2

justice of God seen in LHU 158:3

marks of,

beams of glory shine from LHU 348:2

borne through eternity HP 78:6

re-enacted under delusions of Satan 3SM 415:6

Satan’s control of humanity revealed by LHU 257:4

talk pray and sing about VSS 115:2

(torture) by those who claimed enlightenment TMK 70:2

See also Calvary

Cruel treatment

Cruel treatment, Christ was of good courage when suffering DA 330


Cruelty, act of, against child of God will be punished as if done to Christ GC 48

against God’s people is registered in heaven COL 177

calm and trustful spirit under, maintain DA 301

cherish hatred for all 7BC 942

disguised in garb of so-called love CG 235

God will punish persons guilty of 3SG 239-40

God’s determination to punish PP 268

grinding, prevalent in Christ’s time DA 509

horrible, perpetrated under various forms of idolatry GC 569

Roman Church covers with apologies her records of GC 571

is satanic GC 534

little of existing, is made known TM 457

no act of, goes unmarked by God PP 300

of enemies, God’s servants will be tried by ChS 239-40

of satanic powers, seen on every hand MM 280

sacrificial system was corrupted by PP 364

satanic, of Jews before Jerusalem was destroyed GC 28

Solomon’s, by means of ambition and prodigality PK 55-6

to animals PP 442-3

to the poor, regarded as though done to Christ PP 535-6

veriest, to children CG 91

See Oppression; Persecution

Crusade, Crusades

Crusade, Crusades, enter, against Satan CS 44

papacy’s terrible, against Waldenses GC 76-8

three papal, against Hussites GC 116-7

Crusader, Crusaders

Crusader, Crusaders, against Hussites, promised full forgiveness of most heinous crimes GC 117


Cruse, symbolic meaning of PK 231


Cry, from hearts in all lands and ages SC 19

loud See Loud cry


Crying, child who developed habit of, for what he wanted CG 213

children should learn that they can receive nothing by CD 229

children use, on parents to have their own way CG 284

Crystal Springs, Calif.

Crystal Springs, Calif. CG 315-7

Cube root

Cube root, knowledge that is more important for young women than learning FE 74

Culinary art

Culinary art, mistress of, woman should persevere until she is MH 303

See also Cooking


Culprit, barely pardoned, man should not enter City of God as 8T 125

Cultivated imperfection, Cultivated imperfections

Cultivated imperfection, Cultivated imperfections, soul should be purified by faith from all 6T 238

Cultivated tendency

Cultivated tendency See Tendency


Culture, as curse and snare GC 509

Athenian AA 233-42

broadest that world could bestow, seen at court of Babylon PK 485

cannot supply place of piety GC 509

children need 2T 480

Christ has provided spiritual, for His children CSW 113

Christian, opportunity needed for CH 422-4

parents need to understand amazing power of CG 72

degraded child of sin cannot be made child of God by COL 96

divine, perfection brought by 7BC 926

height man may reach by proper, not yet realized 4T 426; TM 195

highest, how to find 8T 63

unselfish service brings CT 32; Ed 16

individual, student should feel need of FE 373

intellectual See Intellectual culture

is gift of God GC 509

lack of, habit that reveals Ed 235

man by proper, may reach height not realized hitherto TM 195

mental See Mental culture

moral, combine intellectual and physical culture with 3T 157

moral and intellectual 4T 545-9

must not be selfish and exclusive PP 595

of heart and mind, give time to 3T 146

more easily accomplished when you feel tender sympathy 6T 262

of holy communion, give yourself to MH 503; 8T 318

of holy thoughts and communings, Christ’s was FE 443

of mind and soul, seek constantly highest ML 102

wealth that consists of GW 25

of spiritual thoughts, give yourself to MH 503; 8T 318

partial and one-sided, evil effects of giving to child CT 112

pass no persons by because they lack, of the more favored 4T 423

physical See Physical culture

powerless to change sinful human heart SC 18

so-called, that does not make youth deferential to parents Ed 241

soul, more painstaking effort needed to acquire CG 493; CT 108

spiritual Ed 123-7

church member should seek 5T 480

parents should take time for AH 376

power of Bible to develop Ed 124-5

seek to acquire more and more 7T 281

true, best obtained in school of Christ GW 283


Christian development of 1MCP 301:1

experimental knowledge of godliness develops HP 141:3; 2MCP 737:4

humility makes, possible OHC 318:2

intellectual, Bible is the best book for RC 163:8

mental, Ellen White did not put low estimate upon TMK 193:3

obligation of those with advantages of SW 16:3

spiritual, from seeking God HP 217:4

Cultured intellect

Cultured intellect See Intellect

Cultured person, Cultured persons

Cultured person, Cultured persons, society of truly, habit that unfits man for Ed 235



people of other, See also Blacks; Colored, working for; Custom; Nationalities; Race

Cumberer, Cumberers

Cumberer, Cumberers, of ground, so regarded in day of judgment LS 242


Cunning, in gospel work 2SM 169

manifests itself in countenance CSW 113


Satan exercised, in dealing with Christ RC 60:5


Cup, apportioned Christians to drink, Christ drank 2T 73

church may drink of full, instead of empty one 1T 179

cleansing outside of, never makes vessel pure within 7BC 951

for detecting poison, ancient kings and rulers used PP 229; 3SG 162

full to brim, most difficult to carry CS 148; MH 212; PK 59-60

mysterious, dying Saviour drained 2T 211

trembled in Christ’s hand in Gethsemane DA 693; 9T 102

of: bitterness See Bitterness

blessing See Blessing

cold water See Water

iniquity See Iniquity

mercy See Mercy

martyrdom See Martyrdom

salvation See Salvation

sorrow See Sorrow

suffering See Suffering

vengeance See Vengeance

wine See Wine; Wine cup

woe See Woe

worldliness See Worldliness

wrath See Wrath

silver, Joseph’s brethren tested by PP 229; 3SG 162-3


trembled in hand of Christ TDG 49:6


Cupidity, among church members PK 72; 5T 202 See also Avarice; Covetousness; Desire; Greed


Cure, Satan works MYP 59; 1T 296 See also Remedy


Curiosity, Christ did not come to gratify 1SM 187

Christ did not explain His miracles to gratify DA 384

Christ did not seek to gratify COL 23; CT 34, 405; Ed 81; 8T 201, 310

Christ does not open doors to satisfy 2SM 33

Christ would not work a miracle to gratify 4aSG 150-1

Christ’s disciples often excited by CT 405; FE 339

Eve permitted, to control reason 3T 483

Eve’s, tempter aroused SR 33

finite mind has strong desire to satisfy 2BC 995

for something new, how Satan exploits TM 59

God’s work may be matter of FE 472

His disciples’, how Christ dealt with FE 339

how Christ usually answered questions put to Him from DA 471

idle, cease all 7BC 917; 1SM 162

Christ did not come to gratify DA 730

irreverent, Satan seeks to excite PP 54-5

spirit of, warning against 2BC 1011

leads people to attend SDA meetings CT 398; Ev 207

led: Eve into temptation and sin Ed 24; PP 54; 3SG 39-40; SR 32-3

man to seek tree of knowledge 1BC 1083; CT 12

people to Christ with prying questions MH 448

people to listen to midnight cry SR 370

lovers of gossip actuated by 5T 94

mixed multitude in Israel was moved by PP 281

people tamper with spiritualism to gratify GC 558

Pharaoh’s daughter excited by PP 243

presumptuous, of men of Beth-shemesh PP 589; 4aSG 110; SR 191

pries into secrets hidden since foundation of world 4T 164

prying, do not encourage 7BC 918

re His work, that God will not satisfy FE 472

re vice and crime, periodicals excite 3T 472

Satan exploited, of Adam and Eve EW 147

Satan has plenty to inflame, in large cities 4T 73

secret vice and 2T 392

Spirit’s work is not to create CT 373

subjects that gratify, ministers should not dwell on GW 153

tampering with devil to gratify 1T 299

tampering with theosophy and spiritism from, danger of DA 258

to find out things not revealed in Scriptures Ev 627

to know duty of others, while neglecting to do your own DA 816

to know what is not necessary 1SM 174

undue, warning against 7BC 917


Christ did not appeal to,

in teaching VSS 104:1

simple truth shown VSS 96:2

Ellen White not to frame answers to satisfy UL 326:3

spiritualism investigated from, but many enslaved TDG 247:4

tracts purchased out of, if readily available PM 324:0

Curiosity shop

Curiosity shop, old, minds like Ev 648-9


Curious, appetite whetted for the 6BC 1052

Curious development, Curious developments

Curious development, Curious developments, new and strange things will lead to 2SM 17

Curious person, Curious persons

Curious person, Curious persons, admonition to MM 92

communicate with devils through spiritualism AA 290

Currant, Currants

Currant, Currants, cultivation and use of, recommended MH 299


Currency, controversy over, ministers warned not to meddle with TM 331-2

heaven’s golden, things that are not 7BC 949

of heaven, deal only in DA 353; 7T 156

See also Money


Current, being borne along by, is easy 4T 188, 421

canvas or oar not needed to sail with 6T 129

floating along with, will not do 1SM 93

man cannot float with, in God’s service FE 219

of world, eternal life cannot be gained by drifting with 6T 147

labor is required to stem 6T 129

of worldliness and ambition, press against 5T 340

person contented to let, carry him downstream 1T 453

person swimming against COL 387

youth who drift with ML 71


vital, from Christ is His words TDG 12:2



practical, Bible knowledge in, avoiding useless learning 1MCP 53:0

voice culture in VSS 262:3

See also Studies

Curse, Curses

Curse, Curses, all creation groaning under CH 579; MM 234

Balaam’s efforts to bring, upon Israel PP 438-61

bitter, on believers who will not come to God’s help 2T 166, 284

blessing brought out of MB 136

through God’s grace Ed 148

blessings turned into MH 337; PP 112; 2T 574, 599; 5T 250

earth is decaying under CD 414

earth originally bore no shadow of SC 9-10

earth seared and marred by MM 321; 4T 563

earth will be freed of every trace of AA 592; EW 295; GC 674; PP 477; SR 430

earth witnesses to, in evident signs of decay Ed 27

earth’s, increased through successive generations PP 67-8

first, on earth because of man’s sin PP 59, 63; 3SG 61; 4aSG 121-2

greatest, do-nothing system is 2T 535

idleness is 2T 349

idolatrous nations’ belief in 4aSG 43

Israel’s transgression followed by PP 466

Jericho placed under PK 230; PP 491

men closely clasp, and are loath to give them up 4T 241

of this corrupt age, lack of virtue and modesty is 4T 96

on all flesh CD 411

on animals CD 383, 411, 414

on earth CH 495

because man has cursed it CD 357, 384; CH 495

on fish CD 411

on land and sea CD 414

on serpent, after man sinned SR 39-40

perpetual, Christ’s blood was to Jewish nation as DA 739

persons who receive light and refuse to reflect it are under 8T 55

second, on earth when Cain killed Abel 3SG 50, 61-2; 4aSG 121-2

sin’s: as broad and deep as transgression 1BC 1085; CD 411

God’s order for world has been changed by FE 314

removed from bodies of the righteous at resurrection GC 645

woman’s lot as result of 3T 484

third, on earth as result of Flood 3SG 76; 4aSG 121

heaviest marks of PP 108

threatened for disobedience 4aSG 122-3

threefold, on earth 3SG 89

twofold, evilspeaking is MH 492; 5T 176

unfaithfulness in tithes and offerings brings CS 49, 90, 92, 106; 3T 404; 5T 150; 9T 250-1; TM 306-7

that should be wiped off as fast as possible 2T 59

whatever heart desires contrary to God’s will proves to be PP 606


Adam and Eve heard the promise before hearing TMK 16:2

belief that Christ became, for us, taking our sins FW 70:2

changes made by; degeneracy; meat was not original food 3SM 289:1

Christ maintains honor of law in bearing TMK 17:3

idea that work is degrading is TDG 133:5

life of inaction is greatest, God could inflict OHC 222:4

Peter’s denial with, compared with Christ’s patience TDG 260:3

property treasured will prove a OHC 194:4

talents perverted become OHC 218:2

tithe withheld brings TMK 221:5


Cursing, heard in impressive dream 2T 595 See also Blasphemy

Curtain, Curtains

Curtain, Curtains, bedroom, should be put aside for airing daily CH 57; 4aSG 142

heavy, remove MH 275; 2T 527

hiding unseen world, angels sometimes draw aside SD 37

in home, do not shut out sunlight by dropping 2T 527

should not be kept closed AH 153

veiling eternity, about to be lifted 5T 464; 8T 314; 9T 26-7

what men would discern if, could be rolled back 6T 408

See also Blind; Room; Window

Curtis, Eli

Curtis, Eli 1SM 60-1; TM 57

Curtis, Sister

Curtis, Sister LS 74; 2SG 42-3

Custard, Custards

Custard, Custards, food combination including, that disturbs stomach CD 112

liable to do more harm than good CD 333

sweet, digestive organs disordered by CD 332, 395

that are especially harmful CD 333; MH 301

Custom, Customs

Custom, Customs, Battle Creek school’s, influence of FE 224

Bible truths obscured by 5T 710

cart rut of, family who dropped into 3T 537

comply with accepted, when principle not compromised Ed 240

conformity to, college warned against 5T 12-4

conformity to worldly, one of greatest dangers for SDA CG 471

corruption of youth fostered by 2T 348; CH 618;

debasing, people must be led to renounce CD 446

dim light of, not needed to make Scriptures comprehensible FE 391

Eastern, of bowing before prince or other high dignitary AA 137; SR 287

of children bowing before parents AA 137

established, Christ was charged with seeking to overthrow DA 205

fatal to health and life 3T 136; 4T 552-3

gospel work must not be restricted by DA 403

habits of, power of MYP 311

health- and soul-destroying, SDA must reform 2SM 414

heathen, Israelites adopted FE 499

See also Heathen custom

hoary with age, not always a safe guide 6T 162-3

holiday, converted persons find it hard to break away from FE 313

idolatrous See Idolatrous custom

in cities, unfit minds to receive truth FE 312

inconsistent with Christian principles must be given up AA 195

intemperance in work and in eating because of 3T 178

Jewish, some believers in early church clung to AA 553

some leaders in early church held in bondage by AA 403

man’s, cannot lessen claims of God’s law CS 66

men will urge, in behalf of Sunday observance ChS 155

mistake based on, but not on sound sense 2T 382

not to have preference among God’s people 5T 506

of Bible times, importance of knowledge of CT 518

of exaction, Nehemiah’s measures for breaking up oppressive PK 648

of Jewish priests and rulers, made them unfit to be light of world DA 820

of leaving children’s limbs and shoulders bare, cannot be too severely condemned MH 382

of overreaching in trade, not example for Christians to follow 4T 494

of surrounding peoples, God’s commands were not to be set aside for PK 54

of the worldly wealthy, SDA should not ape 4T 515

of this degenerate age, do not yield one inch to 5T 78

old, it is difficult to depart from CT 392

must be shaken off 4T 485-6

old-fashioned, SDA need Ev 179-80; 2SM 19

one country’s, do not tolerate those of another GW 468

parents sacrifice children’s health and life in order to be in accordance with 3T 136

people girded by, as with iron bands 3T 71

Satan displays infernal wisdom in devising, for youth SD 177

sinful, disregard 5T 514

multitudes enslaved by 1SM 219

sinful and hurtful, what to do to free yourself from 4T 553

slaves of, can obtain power to break shackles binding them 4T 553

society’s, not safe guide in selection of food MH 295

strong power exerted over youth by PP 572

truth too often sacrificed in order to be in harmony with AH 253

tyranny of MYP 237; Te 146

Satan pleased to hold Christians under Te 16

vain, laid aside by converted person SC 58

valued highly by rabbis, not from heaven DA 398

warring with nature MH 125

world’s: Christians should not follow CH 50

faithful believers will not imitate 1T 136-7

few schools not governed by FE 98

God admonishes His people not to corrupt themselves by adopting 5T 74

God’s money spent to make appearance after FE 311

mother who makes, her criterion FE 149

need of decided separation from FE 289; 6T 146

need of opposition to FE 288

no criterion for Christian PK 651; 3T 524

not SDA standard 6T 142-3

parents corrupted by adopting 5T 74

results of conformity to 5T 81

robbing God’s treasury 5T 10

SDA youth do not need education in FE 115

worldly: are not to be SDA standard AH 368

God wants to lead His people away from 5T 54

result of yielding step by step to PK 188

SDA are to lead people away from 5T 520

See also Worldly custom

worldly polluted society’s, SDA youth need no training in FE 397

wrong, must be shaken off PP 248

See also Practice; Usage


acceptance of worldly, perverseness of others not to cause TMK 237:5

antichristian, prevail as truth is treated with contempt OHC 354:2

bondage to; many desire no better portion 2MCP 381:1

conform to, when not in conflict with law of God 2MCP 560:1

people of God have, very different from the world TMK 308:3

See also Habits; Society

Customs officer

Customs officer, wealthy, Zacchaeus was DA 553

“Cut loose! Cut loose!”

“Cut loose! Cut loose!” from world’s fashions 1T 133


Cutting, let truth do Ev 236; 2SM 371

slashing and 1T 612-21

JW reproved for 1T 613


Cyclone, Satan exercises destroying power through GC 589-90

See also Tornado; Whirlwind


Satan exercises his power in HP 342:3

Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature

Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, by John McClintock and James Strong, quoted GC 261

Cymbal, Cymbals

Cymbal, Cymbals, sons of Asaph used PK 563

at laying of cornerstone of temple in Zerubbabel’s time PK 563

tinkling: how to become 5T 98

person who is as 4BC 1181; 6BC 1091; 5T 98

truth that does not benefit receiver is as 4BC 1181

used in: dedication of temple by Solomon PK 38

removal of ark of covenant to Jerusalem PP 707

worship of God Ev 150, 501; PP 538; 6T 62

Cypress tree, Cypress trees

Cypress tree, Cypress trees, in garden of Gethsemane DA 689

wood of, called gopher wood in Bible PP 95; 3SG 66; SR 64

Noah’s ark made of PP 95; 3SG 66; SR 64


Cyprus, Barnabas and John Mark made second journey to AA 202

believers fled to, from persecution in Jerusalem AA 166

Christians from, brought gospel to Antioch of Syria AA 156, 166

deputy of, Sergius Paulus as AA 167

Paul and Barnabas visited, on first miss. journey AA 166-9


Cyrene, Christians from, brought gospel to Antioch of Syria AA 156


Cyrenian, Simon the, bore Christ’s cross 5BC 1107; DA 742; EW 175; SD 249; SR 221


Cyrus, aided Jews in fulfilling God’s purpose for them 3BC 1134; 4BC 1175; DA 44; PK 557, 559, 564, 572, 598; TM 202-3

Babylon captured by PK 523, 531, 551-2, 556

beginning of reign of, marked completion of 70 years of Babylonian captivity PK 557

born more than 100 years after Isaiah prophesied PK 551, 557

called Cyrus the Great PK 557

called to throne of world’s empire to free God’s captives DA 44

commanded combined armies of Media and Persia PK 523

constrained to acknowledge Daniel’s God PK 545

Daniel prospered in reign of PK 545

Daniel’s association with PK 545

Daniel’s deliverance from den of lions favorably impressed PK 545, 557

Darius the Mede was succeeded by PK 556-7

decree of, in favor of Jews GC 326; PK 557-9, 572, 578-9; TM 202-3

determined to fulfill his divinely appointed mission PK 557

entered Babylon by river channel PK 552

Euphrates River turned from channel by PK 531, 552

Gabriel’s ministry to PK 572

general of Darius the Mede PK 523, 556

God’s purpose fulfilled through PK 557-8

impressed by prophecies concerning himself PK 557

Isaiah’s prophecies re 4BC 1175; PK 551-2, 557

king of Persia DA 44; PK 556-60

Michael’s ministry to PK 572

nephew of Darius the Mede PK 523

prophecies re, brought to his attention PK 557

reign of, chronological data re PK 551, 556-7

siege of Babylon by, as sign to Jews PK 551-2

Zerubbabel appointed acting governor of Judea by PK 559-60