EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Criticism/Faultfinding - Crown, Crowns



for plans different from your own RY 77:4

listening to OHC 293:4

punishment not always the purpose of calamity PM 178:2

speaking mind; suspicion; sneer 2MCP 576:4

banished by truth and righteousness in the life TDG 234:5

banishing, through prayer HP 86:4

believers to cease TDG 111

business dragged down by two or three with TDG 351:4

called spiritual discernment UL 28:2



draw together, UL 366:3

people to be told importance VSS 347:2

pray for help to help the erring RC 200:2

seek the Lord with gratitude TDG 242:6

in uniting for character perfection HP 29:6

ceases with sense of accountability to God OHC 232:3


grieved by TDG 99:3

is the object of, when criticizing brethren 3SM 345:2

sang when receiving LHU 38:3

Christian life will not have UL 36:5

Christians of early church gave way to UL 358:4

communicated like leaven; give it no quarter 3SM 351:7

consider the power of God instead of OHC 248:3

considered a virtue by some TMK 177:2

depression from HP 176:2

devouring others in, dishonors God 2MCP 636:3

difficult people helped by kind words and avoiding TDG 79:5

discouragement from, do not allow UL 133:4

discourages; point sinner to Christ 2MCP 453:1

eats away vitals of God’s people UL 239:2

error indicated in, often present in own life TDG 178:2

eyes of one doing, to be fixed above UL 197:3

finding things for, in self instead of others OHC 232:5

followed by other evils 3SM 351:7

forethought by some offering, no better than those criticized HP 178:2

give no occasion for HP 230:5


is defense against UL 348:5

knows all about it; let Him take care of it HP 246:3

grieves Holy Spirit and separates from Christ UL 127:4

guard self setting example instead of engaging in TMK 177:4

habit of HP 178:3

harshness develops in the path of; put away feelings 2MCP 634:2

Holy Spirit

does not work with ones showing UL 270:2

is not in a tirade of 3SM 349:4

ignore, and

fulfill duty, UL 363:6

show no rising of self by word or conduct TDG 178:4

impatience over, realize own faults instead of TDG 178:2

indulged when we are overcome UL 127:4

influence of, to be guarded against 3SM 120:1

instead of helping push the load TMK 332:2

integrity shines like gold through HP 243:2

interest of Christ in those He purchased makes, wrong HP 178:4

learned by youth when their errors are exposed 1MCP 190:2

like aiming weapons 3SM 344:3

living for UL 251:3


destroyed in own heart by, of its lack in others OHC 246:2

is to replace HP 230:2

of God seen to be absent when we have shown FW 61:4

lovers of, watching writings of Ellen White are like Satan 3SM 351:5

meeting, by silence or turning conversation UL 185:2

mind guarded against entry of UL 38:5

need for more love and less 2MCP 504:1

neglecting consideration and forbearance causes OHC 237:3

on earth would mean the same in heaven HP 227:5

others given, when own soul needs it OHC 233


not to allow OHC 294:3

who practice, teach children the habit TMK 149:3

pledge against, taking all to God in prayer RC 283:6

praise instead of, by those who love and obey God TDG 245:4

pray instead of talking UL 359:2

put on Christ instead of TMK 298:5

reaction to, suppressed HP 176:2

rebuked by silence OHC 293:4

reformers not to be given 3SM 342:3

refusal to engage in, by those who wear Christ’s yoke UL 359:4

repentance needed by ones bringing, against church TDG 172:3

responsibility of preaching the gospel instead of TDG 229:2

retaliation to HP 176:2


enters through, of fellow workers TDG 297:3

has become skilled in, and educates others TDG 28:2

served by, as Judas served him TMK 184:2

Satan’s missionaries utter HP 178:3

self-exaltation is the motive for LHU 110:2

self found as worthy of, as others; strengthen instead 2MCP 637:2

self given,

instead of others OHC 181:5; TMK 187:4

makes mistakes of others insignificant TMK 181:4

rather than others UL 79:4

silence should not be response to, against leaders 3SM 350:3

sing when tempted to speak words of TMK 185:5

soul neglected through UL 210:4

soul-saving work leaves no time for UL 76:3

speakers to minimize cause for VSS 202:3

spirit of,

a source of weakness in church UL 216

cast out, however painful 1MCP 44:2

destroys confidence HP 105:2

spiritual weakness in the church brought by TMK 153:4

success lacking in organization where, cherished UL 28:2

talent of speech not to be used in VSS 22:2

temptation of,

met; overcome by singing praise VSS 152:1

resisted by spending time in self-examination TMK 184:4

until close of time 2MCP 636:3

tendency of, errors may be found in self by those with TDG 300:3

time better spent in prayer and encouragement than RC 121:7

traitors engaged in, instead of building up the work RC 201:8

unjust, of those making mistakes is not Christlike TMK 186:3

(vindictiveness) Christ could not be roused to TDG 121:7

weeding all, out of our thoughts OHC 232:4

words about Jesus instead of LHU 334:7

See also Accusations; Gossip; Reproach


Criticize, closely, yourself COL 331

do not, anyone 5T 334

inclination to, greatest danger of many people Ev 107

Satan takes advantage of 9T 39

less you, greater your influence over others for good MM 209

lesson for man who delights to, from God’s word DA 468

minds educated to 5T 701

persons ready to, lack of spirituality in church caused by 4T 193

persons who, God’s instruments criticize Him TM 466

yielding to temptation to ML 335

Criticizer, Criticizers

Criticizer, Criticizers, are stumbling blocks 8T 82

Christ’s peace cannot dwell in heart of Ev 102

greatly weakens his own hands Ev 634

harsh and unforgiving spirit of, grieves God TM 186

how far, will go 5T 690

of brethren, God never blesses Ev 102

Satan unites with, in fostering unbelief, envy, jealousy, and disrespect 7T 183


Criticizing, as Israel did, warning against 3T 312

faultfinding and CH 296-8

fellow workers makes their work unnecessarily hard 7T 238

habit of, persons who have formed CH 297

minister’s manner of preaching, warning against TM 196

sin of listening merely for FE 242

motives of others working for Christ, time spent in 8T 82-3

not evidence of Christ’s grace in heart 2SM 79

Satan’s special temptation Ev 634

what to do instead of MH 492

Criticizing spirit

Criticizing spirit, hearts bruised sore by MM 138

parents warned against CG 219


Crochet, girls need more to do than 2T 371

young women who work at, and neglect household duties 3T 151

See also Fancywork; Lace


Crocheting, not proper exercise for invalid women and girls 2T 528-9 See also Tatting

Crooked elements

Crooked elements, in world and church, SDA shall have to meet TM 164


Crookedness, there must be no, in gospel workers CH 35; Ev 632

Crop, Crops

Crop, Crops, as seed sown, so will be 3T 226, 363

failure of, causes of FE 323, 327

what to do in case of FE 323

faithful Christians depend on God for His blessing upon TM 307-8

ground must be properly prepared for seed or there will be no FE 323

in which there will be no failure 1T 134; 2T 31, 300-1

land’s, God can increase or decrease 1BC 1081

loss of, because of unfaithfulness in stewardship 2T 661

of persons unfaithful in tithing, destroyed by spoiler 6T 390

rotation of, helps to preserve soil’s productivity FE 323

taken from Sabbathkeepers by violence in time of trouble EW 56

unfaithful steward’s, caused to fail 4T 484

why many believers are disappointed in their 5T 152

See also Harvest; Reaping


Croquet, man who played, on paid time 2T 411

not best exercise for girls CG 352; FE 74-5

Croquet ground

Croquet ground, world is not MM 318

Crosby, Howard

Crosby, Howard, quoted GC 387

Cross, Crosses

1. Christ’s

2. Christian’s

3. Roman

4. Miscellaneous

1. Christ’s

above His throne in executive judgment GC 666

all blessings of present and future life come stamped with COL 362; CS 157

all influence centers in SD 242

angels as well as men drawn to Christ by DA 626

angels attract men’s eyes to COL 318

angels not permitted to save Christ from death by 3T 369

appeals to every Christian’s benevolence AA 339; 4T 80; 9T 254

as near teachers as it was to Paul CT 23

banner of, planted in heathen lands GW 465

bearing dying Saviour, men must look to DA 660; SC 26-7

beauties of, begin now to study 4T 493

behold TM 161-2

beholding, effects of AA 209; MB 9-10

better to remain unmarried than marry person who would lead away from 4T 507

bounties that come to men because Christ was nailed to MH 424-5; 8T 288

call men’s attention to TM 220

calls for unreserved consecration PP 188

center of all teaching and study should be MH 460

center of attraction should be MYP 137-8

center of hope for humanity is 8T 206

central pillar on which “far more exceeding weight of glory” hangs AA 560

challenge of 6BC 1113

challenges every hellish power SD 242

Christ died on, because God’s law could not be changed to save sinners DA 762-3

Christ endured, for joy set before Him DA 410, 490; FE 403; SC 77

Christ paid on, redemption price for lost world 5T 603

Christ’s death on: is measure of soul’s value COL 196; 8T 28-9

opened way for man to come to God FE 251-2

self-denial should not be regarded as hardship in view of 9T 54

Christ’s sacrifice on, Spirit presents to speaker TM 144

Spirit seeks to draw men’s attention to GW 286

Christ’s self-sacrificing love was revealed upon 9T 254

Christ’s sufferings on, youth should consider MYP 16-7

Christ’s voice crying from, heard among the dead DA 787

Christ’s yoke is easy because He bore its weight on 6T 247

church history centers round TM 433

church members have no time to look to, and see its glory or feel its power 5T 202

clear and steady view of, results of 5T 202

come nearer to MYP 115; SL 93

contemplating, effects of CS 200; GW 29; 3T 408

everything noble and generous in man responds to 4T 374

conversion to truth draws men to Ev 99

creates its own agencies 5BC 1138

dark cloud enshrouded, during Christ’s last hours DA 751, 753-4, 756

death on, Christ’s whole life was preface to His FE 382

declares that: God’s law is immutable DA 762-3; GC 503

wages of sin is death GC 503

do not cover, with ornamental roses SD 266

do not seek to evade 1SM 224

do not stand in shadow of, but in its saving light DA 659

does not find friends but makes them 5BC 1138

draw souls to, by well-ordered life 7T 70

efficiency of God’s people is 6BC 1112

energy can be found at 3T 47

enthusiasm should be inspired by CT 338; TM 81

everything men possess comes stamped with MB 66

exaltation of, power in CT 434

fix eye of faith upon 5T 167

foot of: bow in lowliness and humility at FE 52

bring sinners by faith to 6T 67

come close to 1SM 328

crown of glory await souls who bow at PK 590

feeling of guiltiness must be laid at TM 518

God’s people must come nearer to MYP 115

knowledge of plan of salvation leads sinner in repentance to SC 27

learn lesson of patience at 4T 374

learn lesson of penitence and humiliation at DA 83

leave your burdens at MB 10, 88

man’s only safety is to lie low at 4T 608

sinner can find pardon and fullness of joy at AA 209-10

Spirit brings sinner in contrition to DA 300

full significance of, men cannot comprehend GC 651

gather about SC 103; 4T 462

get souls in peril to behold Christ on 6T 67

glorious rest awaits men who conquer through CT 280

glory of, God’s estimate of soul’s value is discerned by MH 162-3

glory only in 7T 31

glorying in, privilege of AA 210

God and angels beside, while Christ died DA 753-4

God’s love manifested to universe by DA 626

gospel workers must stand in view of TM 214

gospel workers need to study, over and over again 6T 60

great center is 4BC 1173

greatness of Father’s love is revealed by 4T 503

hand nailed to, sustains worlds in space Ed 132

trust everything to SC 104

harmonious action at, God’s people should blend in MM 316

hope and salvation brought to world by AA 77; TM 67

human nature is exalted by 4T 79

ignominious, Christ was nailed to TM 67

importance of uplifting in presentation of gospel AA 209

inexhaustible source of power of God’s people is 6BC 1112

is: center of all religious institutions 6T 241

inconvenient instrument to lift 2T 45

standing pledge of God’s boundless love 1SM 156

is pledge of: crown of glory SD 231

crown of immortality CT 23

eternal life SD 81; 1SM 242

everlasting life Ev 186; SD 248

immortality 2T 47

Justice and Mercy are drawn together by SD 243

keep, before people Ev 150; 6T 54

upheld in school as foundation of true education CT 23-4

kneeling in faith at, highest place to which man can attain AA 210; 5BC 1133

lead souls in peril to behold Christ on Ev 298

lessons of, learn from Christ 4T 382

lift, high above people to absorb their thoughts MB 44

lift up, higher and higher AA 209

in gospel work 6T 240

light from, shone upon Moses’ face PP 330

light of: Christ’s love shines from AA 209

divine character as studied in AA 333-4

estimate all blessings in 4T 461

exceeding sinfulness can be estimated only in SC 31

God’s attributes appear beautiful in GC 652

soul’s true value can be estimated only in AA 273; COL 196; FE 205, 214; 2T 634-5; 8T 28-9; TM 185, 280

light of gospel from, encourages liberality 9T 254

light reflected from: indicates greater work must be done by God’s people 5T 383

rebukes selfishness 9T 254

significance given to whole Jewish economy by GW 118

writing of God revealed by AA 333

light shining from: educate your soul to abide in MH 253

nature can be rightly interpreted in MH 462; 8T 325

nature’s teaching can be read aright only in Ed 101

true Christianity appears pure and lovely in GC 566-7

light streaming from, Bible must be studied in 5BC 1137; GW 315

look by faith to, for salvation PP 432

looking often upon, effects of MB 128

looking rightly to, results of WM 296-7

love and selfishness stood face to face at DA 57

love expressed on, should be revived 9T 256

love of Christ shines from AA 209

love that Christ manifested by dying on, cherish 9T 193

man could have no union with Father without AA 209

man is brought near to God by AA 209

man’s hope depends on AA 209

man’s hope of eternal life is due to 7T 68

man’s only hope is 4T 503

man’s time, money, and intellect were purchased on 7T 159

many people fail to look at, long enough 5T 202

meaning of, to Paul 6BC 1112

means everything to perishing souls TM 377

means of man’s atonement is 6T 236

meet around, in self-sacrifice and self-denial 9T 256

mercy, tenderness, and parental love blend with holiness, justice, and power in GC 652

mercy and truth meet together in GW 156; 6T 60

messengers of, must watch, pray, and go forward with faith and courage GW 264-5

mighty argument(s) of, convicts men of sin 4T 375

demonstrates that Satan’s sinful course is not chargeable to God’s government GC 501

how to present ML 14

man in his need may present the 1SM 241

minister who clothes, with beautiful flowers GW 32

ministers need to dwell more on 4T 374-5

ministers should present, to people GW 158

ministers too often omit, in sermons GW 158

missionary of, work with heart and soul as 8T 29

mystery of, explains all other mysteries GC 652

new and enduring light shines from, when Christ is taken as Friend 4T 625

no rest for Christ between throne and AA 332-3

no safety away from 2T 279

not only on, did Christ sacrifice Himself for man Ed 80

object of supreme interest to Paul AA 245

offense of, has not ceased GC 507; MB 29-30

offering made on, estimate soul’s value by FE 214

one glance at, caused Paul to press forward anew in way of self-denial MH 500

our sins made, necessary 7T 9

Paul always kept, before Gentiles AA 208

Paul clung to, as his only guaranty of success GW 61

Paul never ceased to glory in AA 245

Paul’s all-absorbing motive was to exalt AA 484

people of all ages and all lands would be drawn to DA 622

persevering prayer brings souls to 7T 27

person who sees himself in light of, detests himself as sinner TM 264-5

Peter once unready to discern Ed 90

Pilate’s inscription on, in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin DA 745

planted between humanity and and divinity 1SM 261

planted midway between earth and heaven MYP 137; SD 243

planted where Satan has set his throne 6T 237

pleadings of, hearts are touched by 4T 375

point men from world to CT 23-4; FE 197; GW 26

points to law of God 1SM 323

power of, alone can separate man from confederacy of sin MYP 138

to lead sinners to Christ AA 333-4

practice self-denial that led Christ to die on 9T 49

principalities and powers of darkness assembled around DA 760

principle of, brings heavy obligations to deny self 3T 382

is to give and give 4T 80

proclaims that wages of sin is death GC 503

proves that God will punish sin GC 539-40

puts life of selfish ease and indulgence to shame CS 21; 4T 82

redeemed find in, science and song DA 19-20

reflected in every water spring DA 660

religion without, meets no opposition 2T 344

remember, when your burdens seem too heavy DA 659

when your duties appear stern and severe DA 659

removing, from Christian would be like blotting sun from sky AA 209

renounce self, world, and every idol at 2T 263

reveals: greatness of Father’s love 4T 503

His self-sacrificing love 4T 80

to man’s dull senses pain that sin brought to God’s heart Ed 263

what man’s salvation cost Christ FE 135

revelation of God’s love to man centers in MH 423; 8T 287

righteousness and truth kissed each other on GW 156; 6T 60

Sabbath commandment not nailed to EW 33; LS 101

sacred memories surround AA 245

Satan cunningly draws God’s people from, to self-indulgence and wickedness 4T 210

Satan’s accusations against God were refuted by DA 626

science and song of: the redeemed, will be DA 19-20; GC 651; MYP 115

unfallen beings is DA 19-20

science of all education should be MH 460; 8T 320

secret of, parents should share with children 7T 11

shameful, Christ bore for man 1T 566

shows that Father loves men with infinite love AA 210

significance and glory given to Jewish economy by GW 118

sinner sees Christ dying in his stead on FE 197-8

slaves of intemperance must be led to 6T 110

soldier of See Soldier

speaks Mk. 16:15 to every Christian 5T 456

speaks worth of human soul GW 184

stamped on every loaf of bread DA 660

stand in view of TM 214

stands, alone as great center in world 5BC 1138

as pledge that not one soul need be lost 1SM 96

standard of, carry everywhere 5T 189

Paul fearlessly held aloft AA 494

story of: tell to children CT 184

tell from house to house 7T 228

told by apostles on Pentecost TM 66

strength and staff to man in adversity, privation, and sorrow 2T 47

student needs to study, over and over again 6T 60

study TM 378

anew 4T 375

symbolizes guilt which made Christ’s death necessary TM 402

teach students to glory in CT 23-4

teachers need to understand CT 23

testifies to immutability of God’s law 1SM 312

theme of, must be learned and practiced in SDA education 6T 132

thousands have felt efficacy of looking to PP 432

too much bustle and stir re religion while, is forgotten 5T 133

triumph(s) of: God calls for men who will push GW 469

God calls on SDA to push 6T 26

God needs workers who will push ChS 228

seek to push 9T 56

SDA need men who will push 5T 391

SDA need to push LS 375

work of extending 7T 29-33

uplifted, sinner becomes new creation as he approaches COL 163

uplifted serpent of brass symbolized PP 432

value of, church members should study 4T 285

viewed aright, is sure foundation for faith 6T 238

will be presented in final judgment, and its real meaning will be understood DA 58

woes of lost world crushed out Christ’s life on GC 651

world despises 1T 525

2. Christian’s

accept without murmur whatever, you may be required to bear 4T 568

accepting truth involves 2T 489-97

almost entirely forgotten 5T 215

bear, without complaint 3T 423

bearing: genuine Christianity means CT 326

is never convenient 4T 557

lies directly in path to City of God 5T 548

meaning of SD 69; 4T 627

repentant sinner follows Christ in 9T 151

repenting sinner finds peace and comfort in 3T 481

shunning, results of SC 101

spirit of, lost to great degree 6T 445-6

time never was more important for, than now 9T 186

true Christian is distinguished from world by 1T 525

before crown must come DA 422

better to bear, than to live with princes and forfeit heaven 7T 100-1

blessing brought by, to students who bear it manfully CT 23

Christ bids His followers to bear DA 416-7

Christ calls upon you to take up 7T 49

Christ has borne, that you are called to bear GC 633

Christ’s example in bearing, study how best to follow 7T 25-6

Christian is pledged to unite with Christ in bearing 7T 9

Christian should be guide and example in bearing ChS 12

Christianity means bearing of CT 326

count it joy and sacred honor to bear 2T 237

deliberately accept, when convinced of duty GC 460

do not live in shadow of, but on its sunny side SD 224

do not wish to invent something to make 1T 525

duties often are 5T 548

erroneous ideas re 4T 626-7

failure to bear, by misuse of money 6T 338

few people are willing to bear 1T 566

God’s work has no place for people who desire to win crown more than to bear MH 476

God’s workmen to refine His people 3T 115

gospel workers must take up 6T 440-1

if God presents, cheerfully bear it 1T 525

is Christian’s portion 5T 135

is that which crosses natural affections and will 2T 651

learn to bear 4T 285

left untouched by many physicians and helpers 4T 560

lies directly in pathway of every Christian CS 289; 2T 651

lift, and it will lift and support you 2T 47

lifted, is strength and staff in adversity, privation, and sorrow 2T 47

will prove pledge of immortality 2T 47

lifted and cheerfully borne, becomes diadem of glory 4T 627

lifting, cuts away self from soul 5BC 1090; SD 69

privilege of TM 394

taking course directly against inclination is 5T 94

long-neglected, take up 4T 631

love of Christ leads men to bear CH 223

man’s opinions and wisdom always lead away from 1T 286

men must bear, to find comfort and peace MYP 108

med. missionaries must bear 6T 440

met at every step heavenward 4T 79

most highly honored persons will be those who daily take up TM 130

must be borne daily CG 483

in leaving world to serve Christ CT 330; 1T 405

no crown where there is no 3T 67

obedience involves GC 316

of self-denial, Christian is in world to lift 8T 45

when you lift, you find it lifts you 8T 45

people neglecting call of duty because obedience involves, will lose their souls 5T 720

person who follows Christ must take up 6T 251

person who shuns, shuns promised reward 5BC 1120

person will be ensnared who seeks to avoid, of separation from world TM 235

persons who wish to have Christ as Saviour but will not bear 5T 77

possessor of Christ’s religion is not ashamed or afraid to bear 1T 154

practicing temperance is, to many people 2T 45

presented at every step 1SM 359

rejection of truth because it involves GC 523

rejoice to bear, after Christ DA 440

rich young ruler needed to take up DA 520

Spirit is grieved when believer refuses to bear CH 561

spirit of pure religion leads youth to take up 5T 87

stands all along way to eternal life 2T 688

symbolizes giving up will to God 5BC 1090

too humiliating a, man to whom confession of wrong was 4T 242

true missionary’s lot is to bear 8T 209

way of, is onward and upward way 1T 279

way of truth and righteousness involves 1SM 311

what it means to bear, for Christ’s sake DA 416-7; 4T 627

when you lift, it lifts you 5BC 1095; 2T 47; 8T 45

will you take up, by denying self and following Christ? 8T 216

yoke and, symbolize same thing 5BC 1090

you are elected to lift FE 126

you must bear, to win crown MH 476

youth should not be ashamed to bear 2SG 251

3. Roman

associated with Rome’s power DA 416-7

bearing of, reaction of criminals to DA 416-7

instrument of: most cruel and humiliating death DA 416

shame and torture AA 77; TM 67

laid on Christ and two thieves to be borne to place of execution DA 741-2

lowest criminals were required to bear, to place of execution DA 416

regarded with feelings of repulsion and horror in Paul’s day AA 245

thickly erected: along valley of Jehoshaphat during destruction of Jerusalem GC 32

on Calvary during destruction of Jerusalem DA 577

wooden bars of, Christ’s hands nailed to DA 755

See also Crucifixion

4. Miscellaneous

insignia of, seen everywhere among Roman Catholics GC 568

outwardly honored and exalted by Roman Catholics GC 568

Roman Catholics claim to reverence GC 568

Roman Catholics place, on their churches, altars, and garments GC 568

self-made, are not Christ’s cross 4T 626-7

no need for 1T 205-6

wearing of, Christianity’s badge is not MH 469


accountability to show influence of, in the life LHU 230:5

affirms God’s love and willingness to save TMK 367:5

appeal of LHU 233:2

appears in the judgment HP 361:3

bearing, See Cross, carrying

behold, and the Victim on it HP 222:2

between divinity and humanity 3SM 194:1


all stamped with, and bear the image of Christ FW 22:1

that come through UL 191:5

blind to truth for not wanting to lift FW 41:2

brings liberty, hope and strength HP 275:5


and understanding self-denial TDG 49:8

before the world as godliness is reflected RC 297:6

by Jesus and Simon CC 325

crown desired more than PM 247:1

(desire for) comes by looking at it FW 16:1

for Christ who suffered for us TMK 289:4

heaven entered only by path of OHC 189:5

in the spirit of Jesus, our commission TDG 49:5

necessary before entering the eternal city TMK 115:3

not accepted by one defiled with sin TDG 291:4

central attraction

and influence LHU 230:2

believers to be united 3SM 21:3

centrality of, known by angels; our reluctance TDG 51:3

character of,

God in light of, shows mercy and justice RC 284:5

God’s law seen only through TMK 208:2

children to be taken to, by parents OHC 304:3


endured agony of, that humans might be saved TMK 368:2

knew temptation on, as no other can know 3SM 132:1

our sacrifice for sin revealed by HP 8:5

would be followed by many by coming down from OHC 288:3


charms seen better when closer to TDG 104:4

divinity or power to save not detracted from by TDG 236:3

church to work actively to spread influence of TDG 242:2

clinging to; bringing no price TDG 316:3

cloud of vengeance around, shows hope LHU 249:4

commandments said to be abolished at, deception of TDG 246:2

connection with the Father impossible without OHC 46:2

consolation in, looking at self blocks our view of 2MCP 811:1

contemplating the harvest of, glory of the redeemed UL 110:6

converted ones cling to, bringing no price in hand TMK 62:2

cuts to the root of unholy passion and practice TMK 93:4

death of, universe astonished that Christ died by TMK 339:3

doubts of universe (including ours) stopped by LHU 257:2

ennobling effect of LHU 248:4

experience finds crown in what appeared as HP 183:2

footsteps of Him who bore, show His character RY 156:0

gather about RC 284:7

glory in, under all circumstances RC 349:4

God the Father looks on, with relenting compassion OHC 46:2

grace leads to, to become active workers RC 346:4

gulf opened by sin is bridged by TDG 176:3

harmonizes love and justice LHU 252:4

harvest of, bears fruit unto eternal life UL 110:6

Holy Spirit helps through RC 17:6

honors Christians who honor it TMK 174:6


value of, estimated by; then work for souls LHU 244:6

valued by AG 83:2

with the greatest power have lived in light from TDG 316:3

humility at, when seeing Him by faith RC 76:5

immutability of the law proclaimed by, not its abolition RC 53:5


found or created by LHU 230:3

of, to be seen in the Christian TDG 106:6

interest of God in each person shown by TDG 184:3

jewelry of pleasure lovers symbolizes Con 65:1

Jewish rulers remember Christ on, at second coming Mar 293:5

knowledge of, Paul spread, through danger and obstacles OHC 249:3

law glorified by light from LHU 150:5

laying aside TDG 294:6


not death spoken by HP 52:2

to be affected by; not to be worn as ornament LHU 245:3

lifting, See Cross, carrying

lifts those that lift it UL 355:4

light from,

humbles every proud thought OHC 114:3

shows work to be done as long as time lasts TDG 293:6

live in the sunlight of HP 52:6

look in faith to, and live; our song in eternity TDG 176:6

looking at,

humbles; price of salvation remembered TDG 261:4

petty vexations vanish TDG 338:3

softens the heart TMK 283:2


beyond measure revealed at TMK 369:3

of God faintly seen beneath; measureless love 1MCP 251:2

making, for God’s people UL 169:4

meeting of righteousness and peace at, to be understood TMK 70:3

mercy and truth met at LHU 230:3

message of, unpleasant, bearers to show truth OHC 34:7

nearer to, learning penitence RC 295:4

obedience involves UL 325:4

path from manger to, shadowed by sorrow TMK 66:2

peace of Christ on, given to His disciples HP 249:2; RC 278:3

pledge of,

God’s desire for our happiness HP 45:5

love and mercy of the heavenly Father TDG 88:2

pointing others to Him who was uplifted on LHU 209:4


of, feelings of hope, fear and adoration in LHU 252:3

through coming to, in faith UL 359:3

presenting, again and again, in every discourse VSS 315:1

priests and rulers puzzled to find someone to carry CC 325:2

proves Jesus’ love to each OHC 163:3

reason to love and honor Christ TMK 65:2

reconciles humans and God OHC 46:2

reproach covers; self-denial enriches the giver Con 93:2

resistance from the world to your keeping the Sabbath is HP 151:4

resources of, professing Christian do no grasp RC 17:6


God’s love HP 18:3

Jesus in unparalleled love Mar 99:4

sacrificial system given character by LHU 153:2

salvation by looking at, between heaven and earth FW 72:1

Satan tried to make God’s law appear tyrannical even at TDG 14:4

self lost behind the power of TMK 345:4


nullifies the preaching of RC 112:5

put to shame by RY 96:1

shadow of, Christ in, in Gethsemane TMK 311:3


and degradation, depths of human, shown by HP 368:4

is too perilous to pursue in light of TSB 106:2

sinners invited to look to; conflict between light and darkness LHU 207:5

sin’s consequences seen before LHU 297:6

soldiers of,

courage to be spoken to TMK 274:3

to bear reproach and self-denial PM 47:2

to push to the front in meekness TDG 370:6

See also Soldiers

souls reconciled to the forgiving Father by the TDG 176:3

story of,

Christ will teach you to tell UL 91:8

tell with a melted heart HP 176:2

strength from, more than consumed by bearing it TDG 212:6

strengthened by carrying UL 376:4

study and song throughout eternity TDG 176:6

subjects of, zeal for advancing kingdom marks HP 189:5

sunlight of, live in; stay out of the shadow 2MCP 811

superscription of, on bread we eat OHC 196:3

take family with you to; labor for them 1MCP 162:2

taking up, See Cross, carrying

testifies to high claims of God’s law OHC 137:5

thank God for your UL 109:5

thankfulness for self-denial of OHC 288:6

theme of,

contemplation and joy LHU 249:5

disciples’ witness TMK 344:3

thief on,

Christ alone could respond to TDG 236:4

Christ’s heart was poured out in forgiveness for 3SM 132:1

prayer of, note of faith in, music to Christ TDG 236:5

seen by Christ as less guilty than priests TDG 236:4

truth chosen involves; Satan presents an easier way FW 46:0


genuine only in UL 279:6

with the Lamb impossible without OHC 46:2

value of,

Christ’s death on, known by experience TDG 46:5

working for others shown by RC 284:7

vanquishes every earthly power LHU 230:2

viewing, inhibits our complaint and revenge TMK 65:3

walk not in the shadow of HP 52:3

work for those around who need light, lifting TDG 211:5

world drawn into embrace of Christ at HP 33:5

See also Calvary; Crucifixion


Cross-grained, never be, in home CG 260

Crossless religion

Crossless religion, many persons deceived by living 1SM 382

Cross-purpose, Cross-purposes

Cross-purpose, Cross-purposes, many professed Christians work at MYP 148

no time to be at, with God 4T 191


Croup, children suffering with 2SM 471

Crow, Crows

Crow, Crows, flocks of, feasting on human corpses GC 284


God’s keeping power in, when walking in His way HP 84:4

seeking God’s will in, as well as in the chapel HP 84:2

Crown, Crowns

1. Christ’s

2. Of glory

3. Of life

4. Of the redeemed

5. Miscellaneous


1. Christ’s DA 739; EW 16, 53-4, 281, 286; GC 641, 666, 669; LS 65; 2SG 32; SR 422, 425; 1T 60

as High Priest EW 251

angel of lofty stature places, on His head GC 669

jewels that will shine in MB 130

lift up, above diadems of earthly potentates AA 69; 6T 402

soul saved will be additional star in ChS 275; 6T 296

2. Of glory

awaiting: martyrs of Christ GC 42

overcomer Te 144-5

persons who bow at foot of cross of Christ PK 590; 5T 475

Samuel AH 536

the redeemed 9T 286

parents who sacrifice, for valueless laurels CG 278

persons who attend to work God has given them will receive ChS 268

prepared for faithful and unselfish workers in God’s cause 3T 194

redeemed children will wear ML 357

redeemed receive, on arrival in heaven EW 16; GC 646; LS 66; 2SG 33-4; 1T 60

redeemed will wear GC 646; ML 357; PP 447; 5T 485

3. Of life

awaits victorious Christian MYP 95

before God’s people to win SD 8

Christ formed within makes man worthy of SD 255

Christians must be wrestlers for FE 137

earnest and persevering effort needed to obtain ML 105; MYP 104

glittering with many stars 6BC 1105

given at end of conflict Ev 186-7

God’s people are fighting for SD 283

leaders of institutions who will not win 8T 140

obtained only by overcoming as Christ overcame MH 455; 8T 315

persons faithful to end will receive 4T 300

placed only on brow of overcomer 5T 71

prayerful study and determined effort needed to win 2SM 212

promised to person faithful to death 7BC 916

redeemed will wear FE 91

seek earnestly for 8T 131

strive earnestly for ML 352; MM 318

striving for, will not make man dissatisfied or less useful CT 490; MM 44

struggle to win 6BC 1089

sufferings of persons who will receive AA 588

youth may wear CT 48

youthful Christians are fighting for FE 301

4. Of the redeemed 7BC 958; CS 349; CSW 55; EW 16, 52, 288, 294-5; LS 66; ML 21, 349; MYP 330; 2SG 33; 3SG 86; 1T 60-1, 198; 5T 384; 8T 254

angels are preparing 3BC 1159; 6BC 1081; SD 185

bearing their new names EW 288; GC 646

golden 7BC 988

inscription on GC 646

laid at Christ’s feet AA 601; 6BC 1093; CS 349-50; DA 131; EW 289; GC 647, 667; MB 90; MH 506; ML 91, 342, 352; SR 424; 8T 44

laid on shelf EW 18; 2SG 53; 1T 68

pure gold EW 54

richer than that worn by earthly monarch SD 362

some very bright, others not so bright LS 66; 1T 61

stars in EW 16, 54; LS 66; 2SG 34; 1T 61

souls won to Christ are to shine as 4BC 1174; CS 212; EW 61; 1T 198, 512; 4T 52; 6T 451

star-gemmed, light radiating from God’s throne reflected by 5T 96

5. Miscellaneous

Adam’s glittering GC 648

angels are preparing: for the true, frank, and honest 5T 96

angels wear EW 66, 167, 169, 191, 279-80, 286; GC 613; 3SG 44; SR 39

await: overcomer AA 153; CG 567; LS 290; MYP 113; SL 91; Te 114

the faithful CG 569; ML 359

believer unfaithful in use of means will lose 1T 198

brilliant, martyrs for Christ will wear will wear EW 18-9; 2SG 54; 1T 68

Christian’s, seven graces that are CG 173; SD 32

conqueror’s, faithful gospel workers will wear 1T 433

cross must come before DA 422; MH 476

Egypt’s, Moses refused 3SG 184

Enoch’s, brighter than sun EW 40

heavy with stars, in Christ’s strength strive for ChS 109

immortal: awaits overcomer 1T 698

God’s people strive for CT 344

is to be won Ev 16; MH 103

little time left now to secure 1T 454

persons who will talk of 2T 59

imperishable, heroic souls will win MM 257

jeweled, martyrs for Christ earned 4T 336

lost by reprobate ministers, persons who take 1T 441

love is, of Christian graces SL 87

no, without cross 3T 67

no place in God’s work for persons who desire to win, more than to bear cross MH 476

of earthly treasure, vast multitude rushing to obtain 1T 347

of everlasting life, winners in Christian race will receive AA 312

of immortal glory: await the faithful 4BC 1157; GC 633

is to be won 4T 503

redeemed will wear 6BC 1093; SD 347; 3T 227

seek 2T 46

triumphant Christian will be given AA 311-2

triumphant runner of Christian race will win AA 311-2

weakest saint may wear AA 313

of immortality See Immortality

of laurel, victorious athletes received AA 310

of rejoicing: Christ is Christian’s 2T 294; 3T 526

God’s people as jewels in Christ’s 4BC 1177

soul saved will be star in your MYP 23; 3T 199

soul won to Christ will shine forever as a SD 279

See also Rejoicing

of rejoicing in kingdom of glory, redeemed will have stars in 4T 358

of righteousness, offered to overcomer GW 152; 4T 447

of sacrifice See Sacrifice

of thorns, Christ wore AA 582; CS 21; 5BC 1100; DA 734, 736, 739, 755; EW 49, 169-70, 292; GC 643; 2SG 252, 286; 1T 135-6

of victory, you must share conflicts if you would wear 1SM 28-9; 5T 71

overcomer will receive 7BC 982

overcomer’s, token of condition attained AA 543

token of self-conquest through Christ’s grace AA 543; DA 549

perishable, ambition of athletes rewarded by 2T 46

won by ancient Greek athletes CD 28

prepared for overcomer, faith sees Te 213

redeemed children receive ML 352

removed from Israel, passed successively to Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome Ed 179

seven, within Christ’s crown EW 54

souls you save will shine brightly in your SD 252

star-gemmed, persons who throw away opportunities to gain CS 125

stars in, privilege to have 3T 95

two 1T 347-53

victor’s: confirm yourself in habits that will enable you to win CT 258

how to overcome and at last wear 4T 301

not attained without continual effort and activity MH 452; 3T 325; 8T 313

stretch every nerve and exercise every power to obtain 4T 537

struggle for 8T 313

wealthy believers who lose their 2SG 268

wearing of, badge of Christianity is not MH 470

won by winner of earthly race 2T 357-8

you have to win CD 328

See also Diadem


all may win, in the heavenly race OHC 69:3

awaits those

longing for the Saviour’s appearing Mar 309:4

who fight the good fight OHC 368:5

Bible reveals how to win TMK 192:5

brightness of, not all the same, but no jealous hearts 3SM 155:4

casting, at Jesus’ feet,

and glory given Him for overcoming Mar 317:6

joining angelic choir 3SM 431:3


gives, to the faithful Mar 39:4

is, of our rejoicing HP 163:5

laid aside, to uplift humanity TMK 83:3

offers richer, than of any earthly king TMK 320:3

Christians may be jewels in Christ’s HP 267:3

cross comes before OHC 361:3; RC 349:4

crucifixion marks give value to; cast at Redeemer’s feet LHU 348:2

desired more than bearing the cross PM 247:1

faithful ones who blessed others receive RC 22:5

given to all who have overcome HP 278:3

imperishable, kept before one running the race RC 277:5

many will raise, to recognize mothers RC 195:6

object of Christian’s ambition TMK 91:2


receives, of immortality TMK 364:5

wears victor’s, by grace TDG 175:2

promised to weakest in Christian race if he is earnest TMK 315:2

received and cast at Jesus’ feet with praise HP 216:6; UL 118:7

rejoicing when the Lamb of God gives the redeemed HP 280:5

saints given, LDE 281

like no earthly monarch ever had HP 371:4

robes and; weeping is past 3SM 430:3

seeking, ardently OHC 188:2

sinners forfeit, to others HP 362:6

victor’s, determination to wear OHC 164:3

we want; lay treasures up in heaven TDG 86:4

within a crown worn by Christ at His coming AG 358:2; HP 357:3

worthiness for, by Christ formed within, not position Mar 98:2

See also Life, crown of; Robe