EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Church, Catholic - Church matter, Church matters

Church, Catholic

Church, Catholic See Papacy

Church, Christian

Church, Christian divided in closing scenes by Sabbath TDG 69:4

Church, Protestant

Church, Protestant See Church (Popular); Protestant church

Church, remnant

Church, remnant See Remnant church

Church above

Church above, Christ desires to prepare His people for 6T 418

Church adornings

Church adornings, splendid, what leads to demand for COL 298

Church affairs

Church affairs, order and system needed in conducting AA 96, 185

Church amusement, Church amusements

Church amusement, Church amusements, raising funds by WM 289

Church and state

Church and state, combined authority of, will enforce Sunday observance Ev 235

dignitaries of, will unite to compel all to honor Sunday GC 592

making preparations now for future conflict 5T 449

separation of, by founders of USA GC 442

union of: Australian gospel workers’ duty re Ev 227

brings church nearer to world GC 297

deplorable condition of France under GC 280

image of beast will be formed by GC 443, 445; 7BC 976

impending danger in USA GC 581

in American colonies GC 297

in England GC 290

intolerance and persecution inevitably result from GC 442

oppressive burden of taxation for GC 280

papacy established as result of GC 443

will unite: in USA GC 445; SR 381-2

to compel men to receive mark of beast GC 450; 2SM 55

to fulfill Rev. 13:16 9T 16-7

to persecute people who keep God’s law GC 605

Church assembly, Church assemblies

Church assembly, Church assemblies, Christ is present in DA 442; 6T 418

Church board

Church board, duty of, before disfellowshiping members GW 501; 7T 262-3

persons who should be prepared to serve on ChS 25

Church body

Church body, judgment of, defer individual judgment to 4T 18

persons not united with, Satan has deceptions prepared for 1T 229

Church book (record, roll)

Church book (record, roll), fashionable sinners enrolled in GC 386

having your name on: does not make you true Christian CS 84; 2T 168; 5T 52

does not guarantee that you are faithful MYP 139

is not enough COL 312

is not salvation Ev 319; 2SM 381; 9T 48

requires little self-denial or self-sacrifice today 1T 405; 5T 172

how to cause new names to appear on CS 298-9

names should be dropped from, only by vote of church GW 500-1; 7T 262-3

names that should be stricken from 5BC 1096; GW 500-1; 7T 262

obligation that binds men to place their names on 6T 447

persons whose names are on: duty of 6T 296

not one in 20, are prepared to close earthly history ChS 41

words that should be uttered by TM 63-4

some persons whose names are on: are not under Christ’s rule COL 304

are without spiritual life 4BC 1166

have spotted record in heaven 2T 442

not worthy to be there 2T 637

robbery recorded against, in heaven 4T 481-2

who are not listed in book of life 4BC 1166; 3SG 86; 1T 504; 5T 278

will be lost 3SG 86-7

what to do before dropping a name from GW 500-1; 7T 262-3

when your name is on, your work is not complete ML 96

your title to heaven is not secured merely by having your name on 4T 16

Church building, Church buildings

Church building, Church buildings 1T 196-7

arrange, with care 4aSG 7

as gate of heaven ML 286; 5T 491

as signs or memorials of God’s Sabbath 6T 100

barn is not suitable for 5T 269

beauty needed in 2T 257

care for, scrupulously 9T 248

cheap and forsaken apartment is not suitable for 5T 269

children should enter, with feelings of reverence CG 543

conduct in, should be reverent PP 252 See also Church services

debt on 6T 102-3

appeal for self-denial and faith to pay off 6T 441

dedicate and present to God our 4aSG 7; SR 153

free from debt CS 259; 6T 101

dedicated to His worship: God meets with His people by Spirit at PK 49; 2T 257

improper use of 5T 496; Te 219

should not be made common place CG 543

dedication of 5T 269

when it is finished Ev 381

deportment in See Church service; Deportment

desecrated by feasting, drinking, buying, selling, and merrymaking 9T 91

desecrated often by SDA children CG 540

different styles of, appropriate to different locations Ev 379

dishonoring debts should be lifted from 6T 103

do not allow children to play, talk, or run in CG 540; 2SG 288

do not erect, on Sabbath 1BC 1108-9; PP 314

do not use: as lunchroom CG 542-3

for business purposes CG 542-3; 5T 496

for school purposes CG 543; 5T 496

donations should be sought to keep, free from debt CS 261

dress in See Church service; Clothing; Dress

embellishing and furnishing, extravagance in GC 386

erect 4T 464

conveniently and thoroughly Ev 378

in large cities 5T 382

in many places Ev 379; 8T 146

in new fields GW 456

throughout Southern States of USA 7T 235

to accommodate God’s people TM 424

until God bids us to stop 6T 440

where new companies of believers organize 6T 108

where souls are converted and established in truth WM 260

with nicety but not extravagance Ev 378

erection of Ev 377-81; 4aSG 6-7; 6T 100-4

appeal for funds to help in LS 363; 6T 101

borrowing of money for, may be proper sometimes CS 262, 279; 6T 101

by Roman Catholics to secure God’s favor SR 332

cheap material should not be used in Ev 378

church members should help in Ev 379

devotion and liberality that should be manifest in PP 344

economy is needed in 6T 101-2

every member should carry responsibility in CS 262

example of prompt, united, and persistent effort in CS 263-4

faith and trust in God needed in 4T 77

financing of 6T 101-2

freewill offerings should be given for 4aSG 6-7

God wants His people to use their means to help in CS 45; 9T 57

greater interest should be shown in, than in erecting our own home 2T 257

how to increase 7T 27-8

instance of, completed in seven weeks CS 264-5

interest and zeal needed in 4aSG 6

lame offerings should not be given for 1T 196

liberality needed in Ev 377

means should not be spent extravagantly for show or ornament in 2T 257

minister should lead out in 6T 101

minister should seek advice from fellow ministers re CS 262; 6T 101

ministers should seek members’ cooperation in CS 262

money is needed for TM 43

persons not of SDA faith will give means for Ev 379

put very best offering into 1T 196

save means for, by denying appetite 9T 157-8

should be extended from city to city GW 435

subscriptions for 5T 153

taste needed in Ev 377; 2T 257; 9T 206

whole church should share in 1T 196

young church may need financial help from other churches in 6T 101

fanciful theory that shoes should not be worn in GW 313

faulty, lack of good ventilation and sunlight often makes MH 274

floors of, well-seasoned wood needed in Ev 378

frame of, should be well matched and well put together Ev 378

God is dishonored by careless, noisy laughing and shuffling of feet in 5T 494

God meets with His people in, and blesses them 5T 494

holding temperance meetings in Te 219

humble: is acknowledged of God 6T 363

need of Ev 377; 6T 100-1

needed where believers are few 5T 269

new converts seen helping to erect GW 435

newly organized church needs Ev 379

vision re workmen erecting GW 435

when SDA began to erect TM 26

irreverence in See Church service; Irreverence; Reverence

is: God’s property 9T 248

sanctuary for congregational worship 5T 491

keep, in very best condition CS 261-2

lack of, SDA are ridiculed because of 6T 100

left in debt dishonors God PP 344

lifting debts on CS 259-65

lifting of debt from, thanksgiving service at time of 6T 104

magnificent, pride and love of display that demands COL 298; PK 565

maintenance of, tithe must not be used for 9T 248

many, will ever be small because men place their own interests above God’s 5T 269

missionaries should know how to erect Ed 221

more commodious, instance of need of 4T 67

neatness is needed in CG 540; 2T 257; 9T 206

Negro believers need, in different places 9T 201, 206

in Southern States of USA 9T 206, 210

new companies of believers need 6T 100

not all, should be built in precisely same style Ev 379

offered for sale at reasonable rates, SDA can purchase Ev 377; MM 309

order is needed in CG 540; 2T 257

pews in, do not rent 6T 101

“plain and neat and substantial,” what is meant by Ev 378

religious services in See Church service

reverence in See Church service; Reverence

rule that, should be dedicated free from debt CS 259

schoolroom may be in basement of, and above ground GW 435

self-denial needed to keep, free from debt CS 259

separate, when and where Negroes and white people should have 9T 206, 208, 210

SDA need: for spreading truth 5T 465

in cities 2SM 142, 358

should be: attractive 5T 269

convenient and comfortable 4aSG 7; SR 153; 1T 196

in accordance with God’s character and majesty 5T 268-9

neat Ev 377; 4aSG 7; SR 153; 5T 269

perfect in design Ev 377

plain and simple Ev 377-8

should not be faultily constructed Ev 378

should not be left in debt CS 260; PP 344; 4aSG 7

year after year CS 259

should stand as: centers of light TM 424

witnesses to truth 6T 100

some believers would build poorer, than houses they live in 2T 257

some miserable and out-of-the-way buildings not suitable for 5T 269

soon will be severely tried Ev 379

splendid, duty of persons who worship in DA 639

students should be taught how to erect CT 311

things that should be left behind when entering CG 543

under mortgage, church members’ duty re CS 260

ventilated poorly, speaker who was poisoned in Ev 380

ventilation in, need of good Ev 380; MH 274

should not be sacrificed for beautifully colored windows Ev 380

visit with old friends outside of 5T 494

where pioneer SDA worshiped before they were able to build TM 26

will be erected FE 208

work and expense put into 2T 256-7

See also Worship, house of

Church business

Church business, deacons chosen to transact SR 260

delegate lesser details of, to others than ministers SR 261

matters of, should not be left at loose ends 1T 211

minor matters of, leaders of God’s cause should not be burdened with SR 261

place, in secure state 1T 211

women could attend to WM 147

Church business meeting, Church business meetings

Church business meeting, Church business meetings GW 446-8

Christ needed as guide and counselor in GW 446

do not conduct, on level of common business transactions GW 446

habit of petty criticism in, do not indulge GW 447

levity in, is out of place GW 448

more real praying needed in GW 446

open, with prayer for Christ to preside GW 448

persons who object to everything proposed in GW 446-7

progress of, discussion of unimportant points retards GW 446

reverence in, be careful to maintain GW 447

time should not be consumed in debating points of small consequence in GW 447

when Spirit will be controlling influence in GW 448

work of, how to improve GW 446

Church capacity

Church capacity, Christ would have His followers brought together in 3T 445

voice of God in His united people in, respect 3T 451

Church censure

Church censure, place rebellious members under, who manufacture hard cider or fermented wine for market 5T 359

Church charity

Church charity, linking godless carousals with MYP 398-9

Church clerk, Church clerks

Church clerk, Church clerks, women may serve as WM 147

Church committee

Church committee See Church board

Church congregation

Church congregation, poorest, God’s regard for PK 566

Church convocation, Church convocations

Church convocation, Church convocations, appointed opportunities for early and latter rain TM 508

Church corruption, Church corruptions

Church corruption, Church corruptions, SDA must stand clear of CS 201; WM 289

Church council

Church council See Council


Churchcraft, statecraft and, represented by iron and clay in Daniel 2:43 4BC 1168-9

Church customs

Church customs, conformity to, powers of earth will unite in decree for GC 604

warning to people who accept DA 398

Church dance

Church dance See Dance

Church debt, Church debts

Church debt, Church debts CS 259-65; 6T 101-4

appeal for self-denial and faith to pay off 6T 441

church building should be dedicated free from CS 259; 6T 101

dishonoring to God 6T 103

do not leave, unpaid CS 259-60; PP 344; 6T 101, 441

how to liquidate 6T 102-4

methods that should not be used for liquidating CS 204

self-denial boxes as means of paying off 6T 103

thanksgiving service should follow liquidation of 6T 104

See also Debt

Church decree, Church decrees

Church decree, Church decrees, state will use its power to enforce 7BC 976

Church difficulty, Church difficulties

Church difficulty, Church difficulties See Church problem

Church discipline

Church discipline, action taken in, when heavenly authority ratifies 3T 428; 5T 617

administering, without sufficient cause 2SG 150

Christ deemed, essential 3T 445

church board (committee) is not authorized to administer GW 500; 7T 262

church board (committee) may recommend GW 500-1; 7T 262

church board’s (committee) duty re GW 500; 7T 262

church officers may advise GW 500-1; 7T 262

church officers’ duty re GW 500-1; 7T 262

church would go to fragments without 3T 428

church’s duty before administering 5BC 1096; GW 498-501; 7T 260-2

enforcement of, do not neglect GW 501-2; 7T 264

erroneous ideas re 1T 650; TM 29

evils that call for: adultery AH 346

disbelief re Testimonies by the well-enlightened 1T 328-9, 382-3

dishonoring truth by un-Christlike conduct GW 502; 7T 263

forbidden exhibitions of pride in dress 4T 647-8

impenitence 5BC 1096; DA 805-6; GW 500-1; 7T 262-3

licentiousness AA 303-4

manufacture of hard cider or fermented wine 5T 359

open sin COL 71; DA 656; TM 449-50

persistent disregard for instruction given by ministers AA 267-8

persisting in profligacy AA 300

refusal to give up error 1T 117

stubborn persistence in remaining at variance 5T 241

wronging the unfortunate 3T 517-8

foundation of, principles of parental government lie at 3T 294

how to administer AA 267-8, 304-6, 516; 6BC 1112; COL 70-5, 185-211; DA 440-2, 656, 805-6; Ed 89-92; Ev 368-72; GW 498-502; LS 186-9; MM 181-2; 1T 117, 164-8, 333, 383; 2T 18-21, 52, 54, 106; 3T 92-115; 5T 147, 247-8, 349, 480, 615-7; 7T 260-4; 8T 84; 9T 222; TM 45-8, 186, 269, 273-5, 350-7, 369

let there be no hasty action in FE 294; TM 46

maintain, among God’s people GW 501-2; 7T 263-4

many believers are loath to submit to 4T 17

many restless spirits will not submit to 1T 413

med. miss. workers must not stand aloof from 8T 161

member deserving of, will have sympathizers 3T 114-5

member subjected to, church’s duty to AH 346; GW 500-1; 7T 262-3

must be administered by vote of church GW 500; 7T 262-3

neglect of, let there be no 7T 264

parents who should be subject to 5T 327

premature, warning against COL 70-5; 3T 113-5; TM 47-8

principles of heaven should be carried out in SD 255

rigid and impartial, need of 5T 538

rules given by Christ for administering 3T 428; 5T 617

special handling in, cases that warrant 5T 646

thorough, need of TM 26

unusual instance of 1T 215

work that should be done before administering GW 500-1; 7T 261-3

See also Church book; Church fellowship; Church member; Church membership

Church dissipation, Church dissipations

Church dissipation, Church dissipations, SDA must stand clear of CS 201; WM 289

Church duty, Church duties

Church duty, Church duties 5T 613-21

children should be trained in AH 182

faithful performance of, loyalty to Christ demands Ed 269

should begin in home first AH 318; ML 284

See also Church; Church member

Church edifice

Church edifice See Church building

Church elder

Church elder See Elder

Church expense, Church expenses

Church expense, Church expenses, church members must help to pay 4T 18

money for, improper methods of raising CS 201-3

running, how to meet CS 261-2

tithe must not be used for CS 103; 9T 248

wrong ways to defray WM 291

Church fair

Church fair See Fair

Church fathers

Church fathers, authority of, claimed for change of Sabbath GC 448

God’s word is to be preferred to DA 398

customs and traditions of, Christian’s duty re GC 164

explanations given by, Roman Catholics think men must accept TM 105

have no right to rule conscience in matters of religious faith SR 352

opinions of: God’s word is not to be interpreted by FE 308

regarded as infallible by Roman Church FE 308

Roman Church’s great error of interpreting Bible by FE 308

pretended, have account to settle with God GC 668; SR 425

suffer fate of the wicked GC 668

Church fellowship

Church fellowship

1. Test(s) of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Test(s) of

disbelief in Testimonies as 1T 328-9, 382-3

eating flesh food should not be made a 9T 159

false, warning against Ev 215

growing hops or tobacco is not 2SM 338

idle tales set up as 1SM 170

open sin should be made COL 71; DA 656

raising swine is not 2SM 338

See also Church book; Church discipline; Church membership

2. Miscellaneous

church members who only wish to enjoy MH 151

church’s duty to exclude unworthy members from GW 501-2; 7T 262-3

condition of, Judaizing teachers would make observance of ceremonial law a AA 189

conduct by which member severs himself from DA 441

dismissal of members from, who propagate error 1T 117

entrance into, erroneous ideas re TM 47

fanatical woman who forfeited all claims to 2SG 159

hasty action in cutting off members from, let there be no TM 46

imprudent man dismissed from, during Civil War 1T 360

licentious member should be dropped from AA 303-4

man who was never to be readmitted to, if he repented 1T 215

many Millerite Adventists were cut off from GC 372

members severed from, should not be regarded as cut off from God’s mercy DA 441

treatment that should be accorded to DA 441; 7T 263

members who should be separated from AA 267-8; 5BC 1096; 7T 262-3; TM 128

persons received into, who become great trouble and care 8T 184

preparation of new converts for AA 298-9

Satan brings unconverted persons into TM 46

tobacco user should not be received into Ev 264

user of intoxicating liquor should not be received into Ev 264

See also Church discipline; Church membership

Church festival

Church festival See Festival; Holiday

Church finance, Church finances

Church finance, Church finances, Judas Iscariot thought he could manage 5BC 1101

methods of, improper CS 201-5; 9T 91

See also Church expense

Church funds

Church funds, do not use, to support people in idleness CS 165

objectionable feasts for raising CS 201-3; 2SM 413; 4T 392

Church game, Church games

Church game, Church games, objectionable, raising funds by means of WM 289

Church government

Church government, church would go to fragments without 3T 428

heaven’s plan of DA 680

See also Church authority; Church organization

Church grumbler

Church grumbler See Grumbler

Church history

Church history See History

Church History of Britain

Church History of Britain, by T. Fuller, quoted GC 95-6

Church History of Ethiopia

Church History of Ethiopia, by Michael Geddes, quoted GC 578

Churchill, E.

Churchill, E. 2SG 168-9

Church institution, Church institutions

Church institution, Church institutions, state power will be used to sustain 7BC 976

“Church in the Desert,”

“Church in the Desert,” descendants of, in France in eighteenth century GC 271-2

Church leader, Church leaders

Church leader, Church leaders, arbitrary authority in, God abhors TM 357-8

authority of, cannot be lightly esteemed 4T 17

better to criticize, before putting him in office than afterward 5T 618

brightly burning light of, when 1,000 torches will be kindled at flame of ChS 175

dependence on, mistaken idea re TM 374

domineering spirit in, God abhors TM 357-8

duty of, to members obeying dictates of fashion MYP 355-6

eating flesh foods, influence of 2T 393-4; 9T 159-60

essential qualifications of AA 94-5; 9T 264

experienced, youth’s duty to respect judgment of MYP 445

failure of, to educate church members to be workers 5T 618

false prophet who made most of mistakes of 2SM 84

God will give wisdom to TM 325

in Battle Creek, Mich., warning to TM 89-90

indifferent and purposeless, influence of PK 676

lessons which may be profitably studied by 3BC 1128

major matters of importance and difficulty should be referred to SR 261

men given responsibility of general oversight of church as AA 91

should not lord it over God’s heritage AA 91

men who might have been high, have not learned to economize CG 135-6

may be re-elected if their service has blessed church 5T 619

more thought should be given by, to plans for church work ChS 62

murmuring against, secret of PP 404

not called by God to work of ruling but to plan and counsel with fellow workers 9T 270

not set up as kings and rulers in church TM 477

of local church, never to be chosen for period of more than one year 5T 619

others will not move at all if, move reluctantly ChS 175

ought not to: talk politics FE 477-9; GW 393-6

try to force others to follow their prescriptions TM 363

ought to: avoid long and dry prayers and long exhortations 5T 618

direct their own households wisely 2BC 1009

give every member something to do in God’s work 9T 116

realize that Christ’s commission is given to all believers AA 110

search out diligently sins which bring God’s displeasure 3T 269

see that means of church are not squandered 1T 369

train people to become missionaries FE 113

work for purification of church 6T 239

persons refusing to co-operate with ministers or others should not be chosen as AA 278-9

plans should be devised by, for youth to use talents 6T 435-6

prejudices and preferences of, gospel’s advance must not be hindered by AA 200

presumption of, in seeking to control other people’s minds TM 366

principles of piety and justice should guide AA 95

public prayers of, should be short and to point 5T 618

public testimonies of, should be short and to point 5T 618

reproofs given to, false prophet who made capital of 2SM 84

responsibility of, to students too poor to attend school 9T 77-8

responsibilities of, are solemn AA 92

Sabbath services conducted by 6T 361

safe, persons blinded by self-confidence are not AA 279

persons determined to follow their own judgments and plans regardless of judgment of brethren are not AA 279

seek to embrace too much authority 9T 270

seeking to drive sheep, God is not glorified by 7BC 942

selection of 5T 617-21

not by casting lots 2SM 328

questions to be asked in 5T 618

self-importance in, God abhors TM 357-8

self-righteousness in, God abhors TM 357-8

should be: earnest, full of zeal and unselfish interest 5T 618

foremost in God’s work 6BC 1104; ChS 175

lovers of hospitality 6T 342

men of spiritual life 6T 361

slow and tedious, who talks too much and prays too long in public 5T 618

solemn warning to, God’s words to ancient Israel have COL 306

strange fire offered by, in use of harsh words, in self-importance, self-exaltation, self-righteousness, arbitrary authority, domineering, oppressing, and restricting liberty of God’s people TM 357-8

thinking it their prerogative to rule, warning to 9T 270

time and strength of, should be spent in dealing with weightier matters AA 93

should not be spent in adjusting minor matters AA 93

unconsecrated, how Satan has worked through GC 52

wanting to dictate and control, warnings to AA 199

when, become responsible for sins in church 3T 269

wise, qualifications that fit men to become AA 94

zealous in politics, should be dismissed FE 477; GW 393

See also Church leadership; Church officer; Elder; Leader

Church leadership

Church leadership, high standards of, outlined in OT Scriptures AA 95

man who is unkind and churlish in family is not qualified for 4T 347

minister’s duty to train people for AA 17

responsibilities of AA 164

do not neglect or despise men bearing AA 164

need of wise distribution of AA 88-9, 92-4

See also Church leaders; Church officers; Leaders

Church legislation

Church legislation, Christ’s servants are not to teach DA 826

no place for, in gospel message DA 826

Church letter, Church letters

Church letter, Church letters, taken by members from one church to another in apostolic times AA 327

Church life

Church life, prayer needed in 1SM 116

Church lottery

Church lottery See Lottery

Church matter, Church matters

Church matter, Church matters, do not leave, in unsettled condition 1T 211

knowledge of, enemies of SDA faith have no right to 2T 54