EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Church, Churches (Part 1 of 4)

Church, Churches

1. In apostolic times

2. During first centuries

3. During Dark Ages

4. Authority of

5. Classes of (misc.)

6. In home

7. Large

8. Need(s) or ought to

9. Need(s) or ought to be

10. New

11. Ought not to

12. Ought not to be

13. Popular (nominal)

14. Prosperity of

15. Small (smaller)

16. Miscellaneous


1. In apostolic times EW 192-209; SR 241-319

adorned by: exemplary lives of its members 5T 166

holy principles of its members 5T 166

antinomianism in AA 553

apostles built, on foundation laid by Christ AA 595-6

appointment of seven deacons proved great blessing to AA 89

as Christ’s representative on earth AA 122

backsliders reconverted to, after outpouring of Spirit AA 48; 8T 19-20

baptized with Spirit’s power ML 47

beautiful in its simplicity 5T 166

became selfish and ease-loving 8T 26

bright days of, when glory of risen Christ shone upon it MB 137

brotherly love waned in, in John’s time AA 548

change in, caused world to be robbed of blessings God desired men to receive 8T 26

changes that gradually came into AA 548, 580-1

Christ’s divinity denied by some men in AA 553

Christianity taught in its purity by 5T 166

coldness crept into, in John’s time AA 580; 6T 422

consolation brought to, re true state of the dead AA 258

constantly enlarging work was entrusted to AA 90

controversy in, that brought consternation to Gentile believers AA 188

converts flocked to, in all directions after outpouring of Spirit AA 48; 8T 19-20

critical time in, John’s banishment to Patmos occurred at AA 581

deceivers in AA 553

defective, needed stern reproof and chastisement in John’s time AA 587

did not have privileges and opportunities that SDA have 5T 156

did not win souls by display or learning 5T 166

differences sprang up in AA 580-1; 6T 422

dissensions imperiled AA 553

early, faithful Jews composed AA 377

entirely new phase of work entered upon by AA 136

established in Pisidia, Paul later visited AA 205-6

establishment of, centuries of fierce persecution followed AA 597

external and internal foes endangered AA 395

false doctrines urged on, in John’s time AA 580

feeble in its beginning DA 413

financial support of AA 70-6

first efforts of, usually confined to Jews AA 155

first work of, was seeking out friends, relatives, and acquaintances WM 64-5

future apostasy in, was revealed to Paul AA 395

future prosperity of, imperiled by one man or set of men bearing its burdens alone AA 88

general financial interests of, deacons’ responsibility re AA 89

glad tidings of risen Saviour were carried by, to utmost bounds of inhabited world AA 48; 8T 19

God wrought mightily for, through Spirit AA 53

gospel order in, further perfected by ordination of seven deacons AA 88-9

gospel was carried by, to ends of earth 8T 21

to every nation under heaven in one generation 8T 26

gospel was preached to all world by AA 48, 578-80; ChS 254; COL 120; MH 141; 8T 19, 21

before destruction of Jerusalem DA 633

in one generation AA 593; Ed 96; 8T 26

Greek and Eastern, Paul sought to establish firmer union between AA 487-8

grew in spite of persecution AA 597-8

growth in membership of, increased heavy burdens of its leaders AA 88

heresy imperiled AA 553

history of: is among our most precious treasures AA 593

purpose of AA 593

secret of life and power that marked AA 64

was written under direction of Spirit AA 593

labor for Gentiles by, problems met in AA 161

liberal, Paul’s instruction re AA 335-45

life and power of, secret of AA 64

loss of Paul’s labor to, why God permitted AA 417

lost her first love 8T 26

many believers in, cut off from family and friends by persecution AA 70

members of, possessions freely sacrificed by CS 41

membership of, many classes of people of various nationalities composed AA 87

mighty work accomplished by ChS 254

missionaries of, miraculous gift of tongues given to 5T 391

multitudes won to Christ by 5T 166

new phases of doctrine urged upon AA 580

newly organized, commended to God by Paul and Barnabas AA 187

Nicodemus came to defense of, in time of need AA 104-5

Nicodemus used his wealth to sustain DA 177

at Jerusalem in advancing gospel work AA 105

officers were appointed in each AA 185, 206

onward progress of, nothing could withstand AA 91

opening labors of, hardship and bitter grief attended AA 595

ordinances of Christianity were uncorrupted by device of men in 5T 166

organization of: after model pattern of Jerusalem church AA 91-2

further perfection of, when many groups of believers were organized throughout world AA 91-2

in Lycaonia and Pisidia AA 185, 205-6

John was exiled to Patmos more than half a century after AA 568

outpouring of Spirit upon, results of AA 35-56; ML 36, 61; 5T 239; 7T 31-5

Paul desired that false teachers be separated from 5T 243

Paul did not forget, that he had established AA 186

Paul was placed in communication with, when converted AA 120, 122, 163; 3T 430-3

Paul’s care for, became ever-increasing burden AA 186

persecution against, gave great impetus to gospel work AA 105

under Nero AA 487-90

persecution scattered: from Jerusalem in A.D. 34 DA 233; GC 328; PK 699

in God’s providence AA 105; 6T 330

Peter had much influence in DA 817

Pharisees opposed SR 254

plain preaching of God’s word by, divine power attended 5T 166

poisonous errors that were creeping into SL 63-5

power of Spirit made, effective AA 53

precepts of Christianity were given to, by voice of inspiration 5T 166

preparation of, for baptism of Spirit AA 35-7; SR 241-2; TM 65-6, 170

proper order and system were established in each AA 185

remained comparatively pure GC 384

responsibilities in, need for further distribution of AA 88-9

result of outpouring of Spirit on, on Day of Pentecost AA 48; ChS 254; 8T 19-20

revelation given to John was for guidance and comfort of, throughout Christian dispensation AA 583

revival of faith and power of, results of GC 48

rulers’ efforts to destroy AA 597

Sadducees opposed to SR 254

Satan tried to create doubt and dissension in 7BC 947

Satan’s efforts to introduce disunion into AA 87-8

some men in, clung to Jewish customs and ceremonies AA 553

spirit of Christ revealed by 5T 166

spirit of worldliness cherished by, after losing first love 8T 26

spirit that pervaded DA 551

spiritual leaders of, burdens that should not have been borne by AA 89

stirring reproof and chastisement needed by, in John’s time AA 587

storms about to fall upon, Christ foresaw GC 39

suffered for Christ’s sake 1T 78

systematic benevolence in 2SG 230

teachers and leaders in, martyred soon after First Epistle of Peter was written AA 528

time of great peril before, Paul foresaw AA 502-3

time of peculiar trial to, First Epistle of Peter was written at AA 528

unselfish liberality threw, into transport of joy AA 344

unworthy members in COL 73

various interests of, deacons helped in binding together AA 89

weapons of early, God’s word and Spirit were TM 67

witnessing of, for Christ TM 66-70

work of directing repentant sinner in way of life belonged to AA 122

working forces of, Spirit led apostles to outline plan for better organization of AA 89

zeal and labors of AA 578-80

2. During first centuries

acceptance of heathen rites and customs corrupted GC 443

allurements of temporal prosperity and worldly honor imperiled GC 42

apostasy in EW 210-3; GC 42-8; SR 322-4; 8T 241-2

compromising that led to GC 42-3

departing from simplicity of gospel resulted in GC 384, 443

in second century GC 384-5

prepared way for development of papacy GC 443

some Christians stood faithful amid GC 43

Satan worked with subtlety to weaken and destroy 5T 297

apostate, Waldenses arrived at truth in opposition to dogmas and heresies of GC 64

apostolic, Waldenses contended for faith of GC 64

civil power’s support sought by GC 443

to control consciences of people GC 443

comparatively pure during period of persecution EW 222; GC 44

compromise of, with paganism GC 42-5

conformed to pagan practices to facilitate acceptance of Christianity by heathen GC 384

corrupted by: accepting heathen rites and customs GC 443

departing from simplicity of gospel GC 443

deceptions and abominations disguised in sacerdotal garments were introduced into GC 45

early in history of, mystery of iniquity began its baleful work AA 266, 587

favors and honors sought from world by EW 226-7

fearful peril of, when pagan persecution ceased GC 42

first departed from simplicity of gospel by conforming to pagan practices GC 384

great men’s favor and support sought by GC 50

heathen philosophers’ teachings influenced GC 58; SR 333

history of, testified to fulfillment of Christ’s words GC 39

hypocrites and open sinners united with EW 228

idolaters entered into GC 42-3; SR 322-4

idolatrous ceremonies were incorporated into faith and worship of GC 43

idolatry brought into GC 43

image worship brought into GC 43

leaven of idolatry was brought into GC 43

most of, assumed new form by end of second century GC 384-5

pagan ceremonies and superstitions were incorporated into faith and worship of GC 50

pagan doctrines were incorporated into faith and worship of GC 50

pagan spirit controlled, in fourth century GC 50

paganism’s conquest of GC 50; SR 327

persecution of, by heathen EW 210-1; GC 39-48; SR 320-1

purity and power lost by GC 43

religious declension in GC 444

Satan insinuated himself into, under cloak of pretended Christianity SR 322-4

Satan’s banner planted in SR 322

Spirit and power of God lost by GC 443

superstitious rites were incorporated into faith and worship of GC 43

world cloaked with form of righteousness walked into, in early part of fourth century GC 50

worship of images was brought into GC 43

worshipers of idols united with, but clung to idolatry GC 43

3. During Dark Ages

captivity of, during long period of relentless persecution PK 714

Dark Ages were days of peril for GC 55

God sustained, through centuries of persecution, conflict, and darkness AA 11

history of, during Dark Ages GC 55-60

in wilderness, Spirit was given to instruct AA 53

was true church of Christ GC 64

of Piedmont, maintained their independence for centuries GC 64

supremacy of papacy was reluctantly acknowledged by some leaders of GC 64

peril of GC 55

refuge found by, in seclusion and obscurity during Dark Ages GC 54-5; SR 331

true, church in wilderness during Dark Ages was GC 64

hatred of Romanism for Bible Sabbath led to separation of, from Rome GC 65

under rule of papacy were early compelled to honor Sunday as holy day GC 65

4. Authority of 3T 428-34

abuse of, by church leaders TM 76, 362, 485-505

by conf. officers TM 347-8

by conf. president TM 496

by officers in gospel work TM 491-2

by responsible men TM 260, 359-64

arbitrary or overbearing action toward ministers by, EGW protested against 1SM 33

arbitrary use of: church leaders warned against CW 38; 4T 130; TM 357-8

God does not sanction 7T 179

loss of souls caused by 5T 614

should not be manifest in gospel work TM 168

as designed by God AA 164

cannot be lightly esteemed 4T 17

Christ has identified Himself with 3T 432

Christ is SD 303

Christ sanctioned AA 122; SR 271; 3T 433

contempt is shown for God by ignoring AA 306; 5T 243

display of, that dishonors God TM 491

dominating conf. president should be deprived of TM 362

erroneous idea re 3T 493

exercise of, manifest Christ’s spirit in TM 362

fathers warned re rebellion against 4T 203

he despises God’s voice who disregards or despises AA 164; DA 806

heavenly authority ratifies, when Bible rule has been followed GW 502; 3T 428; 7T 263

highest: is not given to one man or small group of men 3T 493; 9T 261

is that of general church council AA 196; SR 308

judgment of Gen. Conf. is, that God has on earth 3T 492-3; 9T 260-1 See also General Conference

how Satan works through GC 591

invested in church: by Christ 3T 430

by God AA 164, 306; 3T 417; 5T 243

is God’s delegated authority on earth 5T 107-8

leaders of apostolic church did not covet AA 209

let individual judgment submit to 4T 19

many people use, to overthrow truth GC 455

no laws ordained by, are included in gospel commission DA 826

no one can be justified in disregarding and despising AA 164

Paul’s respect for AA 200

persons exercising, should constantly cultivate self-control CW 38

rejection of, significance of AA 164

respect due to 5T 107

respect for, Paul and Peter taught AA 200

subverted by indulgent parents 4T 199

too much, men in important positions of responsibility should not seek 9T 270; TM 260

unwise, must not be exercised over God’s people 9T 147

5. Classes of (misc.)

above: Christ desires to prepare us for service in 8T 23

God’s appointed agencies to prepare people for MYP 265

God’s people in church below must be prepared for great reunion in 7T 264

is one with church below 6T 366

working church is connected with TM 204

all aglow, how members are affected by 5T 130

Anglican See Church of England

believing, working church will be TM 205

below (on earth): God’s people in, are to be prepared for great reunion in church above 7T 264

is one with church above 6T 366

is uniting with church in heaven AA 11

should symbolize church in heaven 6T 239

capable of ministering to the suffering, sorrowful, and tempted, Christ died to establish MH 106

Christ’s little, before death DA 719

church on earth united with, in heaven can accomplish all things 7T 31

church on earth would be symbol of, in heaven if members were of one mind and faith 6T 239

college See College church

clad in armor of Christ’s righteousness will soon enter final conflict PK 725

clad in complete armor of light and righteousness enters the final conflict TM 17

complete, man who would be satisfied to be 3T 438

composed of poor and uneducated members, potentialities of 1SM 265

composed of poor members, duty of GW 222-3

consecrated and self-denying, God will work through 1SM 117

corrupt, Revelation 17 foretells destruction of 7BC 983

divided, clinging to individual rights and preferences has caused PP 132

how to deal with 3T 110

educated to look to and depend on human resources become weak TM 380

endowed with righteousness of Christ is depository of wealth of His mercy, love, and grace TM 18

enfeebled and defective, is only object on which God and Christ bestow supreme regard AA 12; SD 13; 2SM 396; 7T 16; TM 15, 49

entertaining son of deceit and false witness will discard message God has sent TM 409

failing to follow God’s opening providence degenerates into observance of forms GC 316

faithful to its trust need not fear coming to naught AA 586

growing, working church is GW 198; 4T 319

happy, church that successfully labors for the erring is LS 187-8; 2T 22

having great light and advantages, ministers should not have to hover over 7T 255

having poor among them should not: neglect their stewardship 4T 551

throw burden of the poor and sick on sanitarium 4T 551

healthy, must be composed of healthy Christians CH 592

honoring God, forces of enemy will not be able to overpower 8T 11

no power can stand against AA 600; PK 259-60; 8T 11

imbued with Christ’s life, effort for world without is result of loyalty to Ed 269

in debt continually, duty of CS 263

in last days is to be light of world polluted and demoralized by sin TM 49

inactive, Satan gives employment to 6T 425

Jewish See Jewish church

knowing truth, message of Isa. 60:1 is for 6T 23

laboring successfully for the erring is happy church LS 187-8; 2T 22

languishing, how outpouring of Spirit may be enjoyed by MYP 133

Laodicean See Laodicean church

leavened with her own backsliding, warning to 8T 250-1

live, working church is 5T 272

living: earnest invitations will be given by 7T 15

God has TM 45

many things needed to be done to have, are not done 6T 371

Solomon’s temple as fit emblem of PK 36

working church is ChS 83; MM 332; 5T 272; 6T 435

loyal and obedient, excellence of divine power will dwell within PK 259; 8T 11

loyal to God must engage in no ordinary conflict TM 51

Methodist See Methodist Episcopal Church

militant: all our zeal will not be successful in making, as pure as church triumphant TM 47

called upon to suffer trial and affliction PK 723

church now is 7BC 988; MH 504; 8T 42; TM 45

defective members in TM 45

faithful members of, will become church triumphant Ev 707

God has special interest in 7BC 971

how member of, can join church triumphant FE 179

is not now church triumphant FE 294; 2SM 226; TM 21-2, 45, 61

men who fight against, beware of TM 22-3, 51

misguided zeal that seeks to purify TM 47

ministers and all in, should say, “Let Israel hope in the Lord from henceforth and forever” TM 15

most prosperous spiritually are most systematic and liberal in sustaining God’s cause SD 264; 3T 405

needing financial aid, our duty to 8T 136

needing to be reproved and warned and counseled is only object on earth on which Christ bestows supreme regard TM 49

not exalting God’s power will surely be left to be brought down to ground 8T 127

not performing every revealed duty degenerates into observance of forms GC 316

obscure, SDA are not to be CH 338

poor, what Christ can do through MH 106

powerless because of vainglory are many 5T 174

praying, feeds on bread of life and drinks of water of life TM 205

working church will be TM 205

prosperous: condition essential to SD 288

must have men on whom it can rely in times of peril 2T 637

preserve dignity, high regard, confidence, and love in order to have 3T 55

prosperous and happy, privilege of being 5T 132

Protestant See Protestant church

proud and boastful, will surely be forsaken by the Lord 8T 127

pure, is compared to virtuous woman GC 381

pursuing Christlike activity with persevering zeal will arise and shine TM 205

receiving, working church will be TM 205

refusing to accept every ray of light, spirit of vital godliness will disappear from GC 316

remnant See Remnant church

revived because some individual seeks earnestly for God’s blessing ChS 121

Roman Catholic See Roman Catholic Church

Satan’s, large confederacy composes TM 16

works to cast off God’s law TM 16

works to confuse distinction between good and evil TM 16

seeking support of secular power is devoid of Christ’s power MB 127

seven (of Revelation 1 to 3): prophecy re AA 585-6

seven candlesticks of Revelation 1 symbolize AA 585-6; 5T 752

symbolize church in different periods of Christian era AA 585

SDA See Seventh-day Adventist Church

shut away from bearing burdens for others soon will suffer spiritual feebleness LS 188; 2T 22

sleeping, is called to wake up and work ChS 90; 6T 434

sleeping apostles represented 5BC 1104; 2T 205

spurning or slighting message of truth becomes enshrouded in darkness GC 378

state, formed in Massachusetts Bay Colony GC 293

tended like sick lambs are many DA 825

treachery of wavering, is written in books of heaven TM 17

triumphant AA 593-602; 2SM 396-7

all our zeal will not be successful in making church militant as pure as TM 47

church militant is not now FE 294; 2SM 226; TM 21-2, 45, 61

faithful members of church militant will become Ev 707

how member of church militant can join FE 179

true: are united in one Lord, faith, and baptism SR 289

glorious prospect beyond, Zephaniah called attention to PK 389

is guardian of treasures of truth committed to God’s people GC 64

Israel of God today is PK 74

Roman Catholics separated from GC 51

Romanists accuse Protestants of willful separation from GC 51

terrible trials were to beset AA 266

will suffer persecution similar to that of Esther’s time PK 605

Zephaniah called attention to glorious prospect for PK 389

true to her allegiance, forces of enemy cannot overpower PK 259-60; 8T 11

no power can stand against AA 600; PK 260; 8T 11

uniting with world will become corrupt TM 265

universal, pope declared to be visible head of GC 50-1, 54

visible, Protestantism sets authority of God’s word above GC 204

Waldenses as, in wilderness GC 64

Waldensian missionaries raised up GC 72

weak, members who scatter from Christ make COL 340

weak and inefficient, lack of Christ’s grace makes FE 258

lack of zeal to witness for truth with mighty power causes 8T 22

weak and sickly, minister’s unfaithfulness causes Ev 326

weak as water, inconsistent and unguarded course of members makes 2T 186

without converted ministers will be sickly and ready to die Ev 643

without spot and wrinkle, Christ will present to Father 1T 163

working: is connected with working church above TM 204

is growing church GW 198; 4T 319-20

is living church ChS 83; MM 332; 5T 272; 6T 435

live church is 5T 272

will be praying, believing, and receiving church TM 205

will realize that its members wear Christ’s yoke 1SM 117

world-conforming, oppose and despise truth COL 78

6. In home CG 480-5

assemblies of, appointed opportunities for early and latter rain TM 508

children should learn to pray in CT 110

every family is CG 549

parents have little, in their home 6T 354

reading circle that improves ML 199

reform your 7T 67

thorough reformation needed in AH 441

See also Home

7. Large

attract many members who merely seek to secure financial benefit 5T 185

believers should not move to places where there are 5T 184

children are in greater peril in 6T 198

class of members who are heavy burden to 5T 185

colonizing of God’s people into, is contrary to His plans 8T 244-5

colonizing of SDA to form, does not please God 2T 633

dead weights in, how many members become 2T 114

declining spirituality in, remedy for 8T 244

do not look upon, as enjoying great advantages 5T 184

evil surmising and criticism prevalent in 8T 83

financial aid should be given by, to poorer churches 8T 136

how, should relate themselves to smaller churches 8T 136

human wisdom tends to build up MH 147

idlers in Christ’s vineyard in 2T 114

institutes should not be held in 6T 442

many members are hindrance rather than help to 5T 185

many members of: do comparatively nothing to advance gospel work 8T 244

do not know where to take hold to labor 2T 114

need to be transplanted in order to have room to grow strong MH 152; 8T 244

feel that they have no part to act 5T 185

members of: are not growing in grace and knowledge of Christ 6T 424-5

content to do little for others MH 151

do comparatively nothing 8T 244

do not bring religion into business 6T 424

duty of 2T 114-5; 8T 83

dying spiritually for lack of work to do 8T 244

feel little interest in salvation of souls 6T 424

feel little responsibility for progress of God’s work 6T 424

problem of keeping, active 2T 114-5

membership of, rule that will work well re 8T 244

officers of, taxing labors of 2T 115

perils facing members of 3T 197

problems met with in 8T 83

problems peculiar to 3T 197

SS of, in danger of becoming formal, mechanical, and spiritless CSW 164

SDA counseled not to unite with 8T 83

SDA should not move into cities to unite with 8T 82

should not be led to be helplessly dependent on ministerial aid MM 315

spirit of criticism in 8T 83

talent of many people is buried in 2T 114

why many members fold their hands in 5T 185

why many members shun responsibility and effort in 5T 185

youth in: much might be done for CT 41

special need of work for 3T 197-8

special training schools for GW 75

8. Need(s) or ought to

accept gospel workers gratefully as they would accept Christ AA 278

advance from victory to victory AA 91

arouse to action now as never before PK 716

awake: before it is everlastingly too late 6T 437

to dangers to be met Ev 362-3

to her responsibility 1SM 117

bear: decided witness for God Ev 86

their own burdens 3T 10

beware of preachers who do not cherish spirit of humility and self-denial 5T 88

care for lambs of flock AH 358-9

carry: message to world Ev 16

to perfection work commenced by Christ 5BC 1146; SD 296

cease putting dependence upon men TM 380

contribute to God’s cause in foreign fields GW 466

convey God’s saving mercy to world MM 131

co-operate: in work of spiritual tilling 6T 420

with minister in saving souls AA 206

correct their ways lest God visit them in judgment 2T 142

do: med. miss. work MM 315-6; WM 338

miss. work for the helpless and suffering 6T 85

systematic miss. work WM 182

work given them by God Ev 114

work that Christ did during His ministry CH 210

educate youth for miss. work CT 69

enter regions beyond GW 464-70

examine carefully candidates for gospel work EW 100

exclude from fellowship: members bringing dishonor on truth GW 502; 7T 262-3

unworthy members GW 502

feed lambs of flock CG 42

feel interest for its own poor 4T 509

fight against seen and unseen foes 8T 42

follow on in God’s opening providence GC 316

fulfill: gloriously her mission of proclaiming gospel to world AA 91

her night watch 2T 205

give attention to colporteur work CM 7

give in unselfish love and benevolence a representation of Christ’s love MM 315

give in word and action a representation of Christ’s love MM 315

grow in spiritual strength and efficiency TM 174

have festivals of rejoicing unto God CT 371

help: each other to care for their sick and poor 6T 272

in training youth for miss. effort 5T 556

people who cannot help themselves WM 217

worthy students needing financial help CT 69; 5T 556; 6T 213

hold her principles firmly and decidedly before kingdom of world TM 17

hold up standard of true reform in their territory 6T 292

humble their hearts and see their great need of correction 2T 142

illuminate world 1SM 133

improve their talents to God’s glory 4T 618-9

increase in activity and enlarge her bounds 2SM 396

keep herself pure, sanctified, and holy 7BC 986

labor for the erring 3T 186-8

leave trained and experienced workers to press into new fields 6T 292

live truth if they expect strength 6T 370

make: more liberal efforts to train SDA youth CT 43

special provision for training missionaries 5T 391

wise use of literature CT 530; 9T 87

make known God’s love to men 3T 381

manifest principles of Christ’s kingdom COL 296-7

multiply TM 199

practice hospitality 6T 342-4

practice truth TM 400-1

pray for impartation of Spirit TM 64

prepare way for ushering in God’s everlasting kingdom PK 375

put away all pride of external display 5T 581

put on her beautiful garments now TM 16

receive and in every possible way communicate light 6T 425

reflect to world God’s fullness and sufficiency AA 9

relieve ministers of extra burdens of hospitality 2T 645

rely on power of faith and obedience 7T 101

repent of her backslidings 1SM 126

represent: Christ’s love MM 315

God’s character before world 6T 11-2

heavenly principles MM 132

rid itself of slime and filth tarnishing its purity TM 450

rouse to action 1SM 126

search for cause of her darkness and affliction 3T 520

search out and minister to neglected poor 6T 255

serve God with self-denial and sacrifice 9T 59

shine 6T 423

show deep interest in tract work 4T 390

stand out separate and distinct from world 6T 437

stand perfectly united in Spirit and counsel of God to end of time 2SM 397

vindicate God’s law TM 58

win souls without ministerial help 6T 439

work actively as organized body GW 464

9. Need(s) or ought to be

begotten again unto lively hope 1SM 116

built up Ev 337

channel of truth to world 6T 32

clean, pure, and holy SD 265

colaborers with Christ 5T 731

converted TM 64

counseled 7T 16; TM 49

fed with manna from heaven TM 17

instructed: on subject of tithing 9T 250-1

to do miss. work 6T 431

kept: in sole guardianship of Christ’s grace TM 17

pure from unbelieving element 5T 229

light of world 2SM 67; TM 49

living, devoted, working church 4T 657

living and working agency for Christ MM 317

pillar and ground of truth COL 54; 9T 91

purged and will be 2SG 201

purified by living and pointed testimony 1T 216

reproved TM 49

salt of earth 2SM 67

strong PK 74

taught how to: conduct SS CSW 185

prepare simple and healthful food 7T 112

work for Christ Ev 64-5

training school for Christian workers MH 149

vitalized by solemn truths they believe 5T 582

warned 7T 16; TM 49

10. New

all who believe should help to raise up MM 315

burden of raising up, God has placed on all believers MM 315

devise methods to maintain deep and living interest in 6T 85

duty of persons who raise up, in new territory CD 465; MM 261

establish, as memorials for God 7T 105

establishment of: all God’s people should have part in CH 223

is manifestation of God’s love CH 223

must be extended from city to city GW 435

gospel workers raising up, duty of CD 465; MM 261

humble house of worship should be built for Ev 379

leaders of, selection of 5T 617-8

minister should develop talent in Ev 337

ministers should enter new fields and raise up 2T 340

must be established 6T 24

must not be left destitute of help Ev 337

officers of, qualifications of 6T 85

organize Ev 19; GW 26; 1SM 112

plans should be laid for work by Ev 19; GW 26

raise up 7T 20

in every city MM 309

throughout Southern States of USA 7T 235

raised up as result of: camp meeting LS 348

literature circulation CM 150

teach, to carry truth to others 3T 205

EGW’s burden for 4T 314

will be established FE 208

young, deficiencies in true religious experience in 4T 314

great need of vital godliness in 4T 314

11. Ought not to

allow its poor to suffer lack of necessaries of life 4T 509

allow med. miss. work to be selfishly controlled 8T 231

associate with pleasure-loving class TM 91

compromise with coarse ways and low standard of Christianity 4T 338

divorce themselves from med. miss. work 1SM 112

give place to the licentious 5T 146-7

look to men in high positions of responsibility for strength TM 380

rely on: ministers to keep their flagging faith alive 3T 210

worldly rank and splendor but on power of faith and obedience MM 158; 7T 101

suffer believers in affliction to be wronged 3T 520

trust one man’s mind and judgment 3T 445

12. Ought not to be

barren and unfruitful WM 308

brought under control of human power AA 199-200

content merely to hold its ground against enemy ChS 83

given mold of the human instead of the divine AA 206

sustained by minister’s life Ev 343

13. Popular (nominal)

against SDA 5T 236

American, doctrine of second advent ignored and forgotten by GC 309

amusements in, for gathering funds for church treasury CS 201-3; WM 289-92

apostasy of, many people becoming disgusted with 4T 392

apostate: Babylon as symbol of COL 179; GC 381-2

falsehood and idolatry in GC 45

human wisdom and authority adopted by, in place of that of God 6BC 1071

Satan has gained control of 5T 472-3; 9T 231

separation of the faithful from GC 45; SR 324

symbolized by vile woman GC 381-2

uniting in exaltation of Satan, sentence of Rev. 18:8 will go forth against TM 62

will unite in exalting Satan TM 62

attention of, question that should engage GC 48

Babylon and her daughters are composed of EW 274-6; GC 381-3, 389-90; PP 124, 167; 2SM 68; SR 364-5; 4T 13; TM 61, 117 See also Babylon

Babylon’s wine of error presented to world by TM 61-2

backsliding, closed their eyes to signs of times GC 316

bazaars held by, to gather funds into church treasury COL 54; 9T 91

buying and selling in, to gather funds for treasury COL 54

choosing Barabbas instead of Christ 5BC 1106

Christ and angels look on, with anger EW 274

claim that God’s law has been changed or abrogated 4T 13; 6T 10

cloak of religion in, covers greatest crime and iniquity EW 274-5

coldness and death reign in EW 116

common course of, great disappointment awaits us if we decide we have no work to do that is out of TM 125

concerts held in, to gather funds for church treasury CS 204

conformity of, to world’s standard awakens no opposition GC 48

constituting Babylon, great body of Christ’s true followers are still to be found in GC 390

slave traffic by EW 275-6

corruption entering, since 1844 EW 277

corruptions of, God’s people must stand clear of CS 201-2; WM 289

dances held by, to gather funds into church treasury CS 201-2; WM 289, 291

deceit practiced by, without reprovings of conscience EW 274

declension of faith and piety in, is widespread GC 463-4

decline of living piety in, cause of GC 478

desecrated by: buying and selling COL 54; 9T 91

feasting, drinking, and merrymaking COL 54; 9T 91

discord and division among, cause of GC 520

dissipation encouraged by, to gather funds for church treasury CS 201; WM 289

dissipations of, God’s people must stand clear of CS 201-2; WM 289

do not make drive against, in preaching 9T 244

do not run down Ev 227

doomed, loud cry will cause precious souls to hurry out of EW 279

door of, sin of world’s impenitence lies at GC 389

enraged against Sabbath truth EW 33

errors of, many people becoming disgusted with 4T 392

established teaching of, many people do not dare to accept anything contrary to GC 596

evil traits over which, throw cloak of religion EW 274

exalted to highest privileges COL 317

exhortations of, are abominations in God’s sight EW 274

failure of, to discern signs of times GC 380

to do duty after emancipation of Negro slaves 9T 205

fairs have banished thoughts of God from GC 463-4

fairs held by, to gather funds into church treasury COL 54; CS 201-2, 204; WM 289; 9T 91

faith of, SDA ministers must not ridicule 5T 165

fallen: are Babylon TM 61

before plagues fall God will call His people out of EW 261

God has honest hearts in EW 261

God-fearing people in Ev 559; 9T 110

honest souls will leave, to unite with remnant EW 261

loud cry will call God’s people out of EW 278-9