EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Christ (Part 11 of 18)

toil in TDG 143:3

childhood and youth of,

example (to manhood) UL 92:4

example of humility and obedience LHU 33:3

obscure but important OHC 57:4


blessed by, later reminded of the event HP 63:4

cared for by, like a shepherd TMK 51:2

directed to, in simple words when young TMK 42:2

loved by; He rejoices to see Satan repulsed RC 184:5

may have characters like FLB 275:4

not to be kept away from TMK 40:3

prepared to receive, by kindness TDG 266:2

shown acts of love and tenderness by TMK 42:4

shown, as One touched with their infirmities RC 180:2

taught to love and breathe Spirit of HP 209:5

turned to, by kind fathers FLB 265:6

children and youth

loved by FLB 269:7

represent TMK 41:2

understood by LHU 91:7

children of, (believers)

acts toward, He considers as toward Him FW 44:4

help available for HP 302:2

learning of Him TDG 238:5

minds to be drawn to Him by RC 17:4

necessities of, His own personal interest HP 325:2

never cast off even when by grieving Him OHC 147:5

reveal His glory HP 175:3

chosen by, through abiding faithfully in the vine RC 355:3


as jewels shining for HP 267:3; UL 372:2

to draw those around them to HP 166:2

church members are to show that they have chosen 3SM 17:1

church of, spiritual kingdom AG 14:4

churches not shown, by the ministers 3SM 185:4


as Saviour and Sanctifier by many with self-righteousness FW 29:2

as Saviour when you admit to being a sinner 2MCP 480:1

but at war with law of God FW 45:0

but representing Him poorly FLB 123:3

with confidence 3SM 152:3

claims of,

above friends who choose worldly pleasure OHC 149:3

duty must be understood in light of TDG 21:5

on every soul but many choose sin OHC 101:5

on ones who have followed Him here TDG 202:2

search Word of God to understand LHU 238:5

to be true Shepherd impressed many LHU 226:3

cleansed by, to stand before law without shame TMK 140:5

clinging to,

and all heaven will be at your command RC 168:4

as burden grows heavier OHC 317:3

climbing the ladder Jacob saw 3SM 154:2

don’t worry 3SM 326

He sympathizes with those who suffer TDG 313:2

He will never fail you OHC 174:3

promise for OHC 22:3

rejecting confidence in humans OHC 82:5

safety from Satan’s power to draw when TDG 145:5

closeness to/of, UL 128:7

brightness of life depends on RC 107:6

described as eating at His table AG 67:2

disciples in storm experienced, in need TDG 110:6

enables us to represent His work UL 145:3

holding communion, we become like Him TDG 96:6

in discouragement HP 262:3

in humility UL 64:6

in times of much wickedness UL 334:8

more than if He had not ascended on high HP 337:2

occasional, not His plan HP 55:2

people with, need not try to shine UL 322:2

presented in meeting after 1888 conference 3SM 181:1

shame felt with, not claiming sinlessness 3SM 353:2

showing that we have been with Him TDG 139:5

speaking and acting as He would 2MCP 435:3

clothed in humanity that humans might bear God’s image TMK 38:4

clothes of, humble UL 67:2

cloud will carry, to East where it appears at His return Mar 287:8

clung to His Father more as temptations increased RC 58:6

comfort for, lacking in Gethsemane TMK 311:3

comfort from,

and strength LHU 333:4

laying burdens on HP 187:5

Comforter promised by, soul of His life, etc. TDG 257:2

coming of,

as King AG 358:2

to us only as the meek, Crucified One FLB 151:5; OHC 288:4

See also Advent, first; Advent, second

coming to, a thousand ways for FW 64:4

agony and mental effort not required in TMK 113:3

and difficult experience will be of value TDG 38:5

as you are, HP 17:3; UL 321:4, 328:2

casting yourself on Him HP 119:3

letting Him make the preparation LHU 221:6

not trusting in own strength 3SM 182:4

sinful, helpless 3SM 150:1

companionship, inheritance, etc., received by TMK 320:3

desiring cleansing and the Holy Spirit RC 213:5

heaven enters into partnership with those TMK 123:2

is our part; He is our hope LHU 331:2

is simply accepting terms of salvation TMK 113:3

moment by moment OHC 54:3

more than names on church books TMK 113:3

now just as you are TMK 56:4

painfully with humiliating views of self 2MCP 808:5

part way on own for acceptance is wrong idea FW 73:0

path distinct for OHC 38:2

peril of delay in, not discerned UL 115:3

preparing for heaven TDG 101:4

repentance is not a preparation for TMK 109:3

teachable spirit in CL 28:0

trusting as child to obtain water of salvation TDG 301:4

unworthiness dwelt on hinders faith in TDG 261:5

without experiencing character change HP 277:4

work does not have to be done before 3SM 181:3

See also Christ, take hold of

Commander of armies, leads to victory over evil OHC 311:2

commandments kept by,

as a man LHU 169:2

implicitly TDG 207:4

commands/orders of,

daily seek; (orders) TMK 92:5

His purity gave authority to TMK 207:4

received without time for strife TDG 326:4

supported by sovereignty of eternal throne TMK 38:5

See also Christ, instruction from

commendation of,

expected for morality and influence TDG 57:6

precious TMK 277:4

commitment to,

complete; no cowards in His army TDG 240:2

daily and hourly putting away self-trust TDG 373:2

protects from talking of doubts and trials 2MCP 579:0

communication of, with every part of dominion UL 280:3

communication only through, represented by holy fire Con 80:2

communion of, with His Father in seclusion FLB 263:5

communion with,

by one with witness of Father and Son LHU 36:6

close heart to interference with TDG 75:2

courage and strength for faithful ones in TDG 159:6

daily for victory, even when not inclined LHU 372

divine splendor revealed in HP 61:2

eating the bread of life OHC 61:2

Ellen White longed for mysterious connection 3SM 105:3

experience of believers HP 7:3

faith not noisy demonstrations in TDG 359:3

few have tasted TDG 96:4

gives courage against doubt OHC 117:4

growth in knowledge and love of God by OHC 279:3

impossible while indifferent to sinners RC 232:4

joy and peace in TDG 159:5

light received through HP 72:3

lowly have; ability is not His criteria TDG 227:2

not becoming another man’s shadow VSS 299:1

peace in LHU 332:2

provides strength AG 259:2

self to be surrendered for HP 72:2

unbroken HP 56:5

when doubt arises RC 197:6

See also Communion; God, communion with

companions who tempted, joined Him in song OHC 291:4

companionship of, 2MCP 632:3

forfeited by choosing evil atmosphere LYL 25:3; OHC 258:3

granted those who come to Him OHC 97:4

He strives to achieve, for humanity OHC 327:4

joyfulness reveals HP 246:6

lonely ones may have TMK 203:4

offered; motive of fear unnecessary LHU 98:3

promised TMK 320:3

sharing light in faith TDG 330:3

showing consciousness of TMK 198:4

sinner lifted to, by His suffering TMK 287:3

suffering time made happy for Ellen White by TDG 45:6

thoughts and words pure when having TMK 250:5

through pathways of life TMK 320:3

through prayer HP 69:5

walk and work in HP 183:6

with His followers AG 358:3

compassion and love of God shown by UL 142:5

compassion of, See Christ, pity of

completeness in,

accepted only by abiding in Him by faith RC 76:4

by increase of His love TDG 238:6

by studying His attributes TDG 205:6

by the Holy Spirit VSS 318:0

contemplate HP 56:6

evidence to be given of TDG 324:2

few realize meaning of UL 89:6

God wants us to have HP 286:5

hard for doubting humanity to grasp FW 108:1

in this life TDG 253:4

love for one another required for TDG 262:5

object of redemption 3SM 202:2

provision made for everyone seeking HP 201:2

submitting to the Holy Spirit OHC 152:4

through faith in His power OHC 213:2; UL 284:3

through His intercession FW 107:3

understanding of, to be made easy 3SM 202:3

united with the Source of all power UL 151:3

waiting and work make us HP 250:4

when perfection of character is reached 3SM 427:2

completeness of; He is the way 3SM 181:3

condemnation was not the purpose for sending 1MCP 249:5

condemned again in the person of His believing disciples TMK 275:3

condescension of,

could not have been greater TMK 81:3

for us, not ours for Him OHC 17:2

from exaltation as One with the Father TMK 60:3

in enduring temptation for our victory AG 164:3

love without parallel, dimly seen HP 194:4

necessity of contemplating HP 62:3

not endured to sanction transgression FW 31:1

seen in Calvary HP 270:3

shown by His taking human nature LHU 74:3

shown by the Creator becoming man HP 40:4

stepping down to live as our example TDG 373:3

taking form of humanity before universe TMK 36:4

to death for fallen humanity OHC 17:3

to poverty and humiliation TMK 83:4

confesses us as we give Him our best service HP 254:6

confession of,

cost of, for three Hebrews of Dan. 3 OHC 358:3

Daniel showed the meaning of OHC 357:2

in words, conduct and life TDG 139:5

more than testimony in meeting OHC 358:2

now in character so He can confess you HP 285:5

sermons less effective than simple words for HP 363:3

confessions to, never taken advantage of UL 74:4

confidence in, TDG 104:3

although He speaks with authority 3SM 138:3

as Helper TDG 191:3

for help because His will is followed HP 187:5

freedom from the enemy by 3SM 326:1

held through conversion HP 248:3

instead of hovering about mystery of faith TDG 231:4

invited HP 257:5; TDG 288:5

needed UL 136:4

not diminished by centuries TMK 111:4

required for gift of the Holy Spirit TMK 170:3

teaching others to have 3SM 151:3

when meditating on heavenly themes OHC 113:5

confidence of, longing to become worthy of HP 181:3; 3SM 238:3

conflict of,

severity of, proportional to interests involved RC 58:7

with Satan showed God’s justice UL 357:8

conforming to,

impossible while beholding self 2MCP 673:2

in will, temper, spirit and meditations 3SM 201:2

rather than being deformed UL 147:3

connecting link between God and humanity HP 77:4; 3SM 21:3

connection of, with the Father in Messiah promise; Isa. 9:6 FW 75:3

connection/union with,

acceptable work may be performed in TDG 304:5

and with others is only safety UL 358:2

as Christ and humans choose each other TMK 361:2

as limpet resisting downward forces HP 151:5

as the living vine 3SM 18:3

as you acknowledge Him as Redeemer RC 204:7

(being like Him), in praising God RC 214:9

brings hope HP 144:4

brings light, hope and power FLB 249:3

brings realization that cannot be expressed OHC 306:4

by grace for all who come UL 285:5

by love for God and others TDG 272:4

by receiving Him and repenting Mar 302:6

capabilities to be exercised in TDG 71:4

closer OHC 145:5

conformity to divine precepts by HP 38:4

conversion and sanctification needed for TDG 48:6

discourtesy reveals lack of 3SM 237:1

enables one to be channel of light UL 361:2

explained by the figure of the vine UL 182:4

gives a testimony to bear TDG 289:2

honor of, in praising God TMK 134:5

humble ones made soul winners by TDG 41:4

in daily labor elevates OHC 186:4

in heart, will, mind, thoughts UL 182:5

in principle and action HP 56:3

in seeking the lost TDG 67:4

is vital although others may bring spiritual food LHU 110:3

knowledge of truth gained in TDG 95:3

laborers with God through TDG 255:2

learning of Him; bearing others’ burdens TDG 160:6

like grafted branch OHC 145:2

like the tree root UL 98:4

loving one another results from TMK 173:5

maintain HP 60:3

minister not trusted by ones with, when errors arise FW 86:2

Moses had; God showed him His glory TDG 95:3

parable of vine and branches best shows HP 56:2

peace and joy gained only by TDG 145:4

Pharisees noticed that disciples had FW 64:1

pledging to walk as He walked OHC 333:3

possibility of TMK 134

power, peace and joy from HP 61:2

precious assurance in time of need OHC 320:2

preparation for the future requires TDG 309:5

privilege of the Christian TDG 92:2

produced by bonds of sympathy with others RC 103:3

productive of all good HP 187:3

seeing His glory in the kingdom TMK 172:4

seen by fruit borne in affliction RC 355:2


by dealings UL 135:2

by fruits HP 72:5

by the life RC 306:3

soul prosperity requires TDG 74:4


seem noble and sacred because of TMK 132:4

worked for through RC 236:6

strength from, for being with unconverted OHC 300:4

through accepting His yoke HP 28:3

thus He will bless FW 66:5

treating others right TDG 135:4

united with Maker and Upholder TMK 316:3

victory by HP 251:5

See also Christ, relationship with


as a perfect Man UL 17:3

for humanity AG 179:3

for us through suffering OHC 265:4

in death LHU 235:5

where Adam fell; He passed over the same ground 3SM 136

conquering by the power of, angels rejoice at TMK 314:3

conqueror for, through captivity by revealing character RC 358:6

conqueror’s spirit in UL 36:3

conscience hardened by remaining away from TMK 287:3

consciousness of, about His plans for humanity TMK 107:5

consecrated ones given life of His life HP 62:4

consecrating all to, is preparation for His coming Mar 76:6

consolation of, mingled with sterner messages UL 273:5

consult, before making any move UL 141:4

contemplation of, See Christ, thoughts about


between, and His brothers; He relieved suffering TDG 59:5

of greatness and humility in RC 35:5

control by, HP 270:2

accountability for not accepting TDG 106:6

of entire being as we work with Him OHC 306:3

prayer reveals importance of TDG 238:3

controversy of, with Satan, vast interests involved in RC 58:3

converts discern wisdom, justice, mercy and love in TMK 216:2

cooking skills improved when sensitive to impressions of TDG 136:6

cooperation with,

faults corrected by TMK 190:4

for healing by using muscles TDG 129:3

in bringing tendencies under God’s will OHC 117:3

in consecration, so Holy Spirit can work TMK 160:4

paid for by His blood; be true TDG 370:2

progress through UL 204:2

to be complete in Him RC 129:7


aversion felt to things contrary to the law when TDG 146:2; TSB 81:2

in love and in hate for sin 3SM 183:2

that the Spirit may dwell in us OHC 180:4

to become pure, holy, sinless OHC 264:2

copying the love of, makes an acceptable worker OHC 182:5

coronation day of, those with spot or wrinkle not acknowledged on Mar 39:4

cost to,

infinite, to win conflict over Satan FW 74:4

to leave heaven to be the head of humanity HP 13:3

Counselor, whatever our condition in life OHC 56:6

counterfeiting the work of, Satan is ever ambitious in 1MCP 21:4

course given by, for best interests now and eternally TMK 223:2

courtesy of,

clothed His life with beauty HP 296:6

for all OHC 236:5

in bringing truth to people PM 307:2


of, with the Father provided divine nature 3SM 130:2

with, unites majesty and gentleness TDG 193:4

covered ground where Adam stumbled and fell AG 179:3

covetousness frequently rebuked by OHC 193:2

created anew in, by feeding on His Word TDG 46:4; TMK 94:3


comes near those who receive UL 45:5

Sabbath observance witnesses to true God 3SM 256:2

criticism of, suggested by Satan UL 54:6

cross of, See Cross


around, kept paralytic from getting close FW 67:3

pressed LHU 90:2

sometimes almost lifted, off His feet UL 57:3

crown of,

at second coming will not be of thorns FLB 351:5

laid off to help humans UL 67:4

pearl of lost humanity reset in TMK 84:4

crown of glory (not thorns) worn by, at His coming AG 358:2; OHC 367:3

crucified with,

to rise to newness of life 3SM 201:3

today is the time to be UL 283

crucifixion of, See Crucifixion

cry of, “It is finished” thrilled heaven OHC 118:3

cup that looked so bitter to, was separation from God HP 89:4

curiosity not satisfied by UL 86:2


of God voluntarily borne by, for the fallen race TMK 339:3

of transgression suffered by UL 40:4

cursed surroundings did not pollute TMK 36:5


draw nearer to OHC 326:5

experience with, to be of highest value UL 242:2

receiving instructions of, to bear Heaven’s stamp HP 311:5

dare of Satan not accepted by HP 255:3

darkness pressured, UL 90:5

on cross lest He should swerve 3SM 132:2

days of His humiliation never forgotten HP 284:3

dealing with, See Christ, treatment of

dealings of, followed by those who enter pearly gates TDG 108:4


immediate for transgressor except for grace of TDG 246:2

sentence of, accepted by Him for humanity TMK 35:2

tasted by, so all might live HP 13:3

death and resurrection of,

baptism is like RC 107:2

preached boldly by disciples FW 63:3

death of,

all may be saved by; all one in Him HP 288:2

alone UL 223:4

angels asked whether the Father might save from FLB 76:3


law is immutable 3SM 179:6

there was no other hope for sinners FW 30:1

blessings of heaven brought within reach by FW 43:1

burdened ones were object of, as well as you 3SM 239:2

clothed with reproach although equal with the Father TMK 339:4

consecration inspired by TDG 315:3

determination to validate TSB 108:4

devil brought under dominion of death FW 74:0


could not explain FW 63:2

pondered words of John 14:3 after TMK 363:2

earthquake at; people shaken together in heaps LHU 235:6

established the law; it did not annul it FW 30:2

eternal life made possible through UL 134:3

exalted to the throne because of TMK 302:4

Father and Son pledged to keep covenant through FLB 76:3

for us OHC 17:2

forgiveness and life through OHC 361:2

freedom from, illustration explaining HP 42:2

glorification by, ever in His mind UL 110:5

gratitude awakened by scene of TDG 328:3

guilt of Jewish leaders for demanding TDG 236:4

happiness and gratitude from OHC 63:4

harmony with God by UL 110:3

honored humanity; we must not act condemned TMK 224:4

intercession included TMK 74:4

kingdom entered because of UL 113:5

knowing that our sin caused, leads to loving Him TMK 205:5


honored by, and humans saved TDG 162:5

maintained only at the cost of 2MCP 565:2

not changed by FLB 89:2; FW 90:1

righteousness required FW 89:3

Lazarus argued against plan for TDG 149:4

life from, through faith in Him TMK 35:2

love and dependence of humans won by UL 180:4

love and pity of God proved by TMK 20:4

loving those redeemed by TDG 239:3

made Him conqueror OHC 118:3

magnified the law and justified the sinner RC 82:4

manner of, astonished the universe TMK 339:3

merit in, because of willing obedience FLB 97:3

might have been refused UL 134:3

only human nature died at UL 260:2

Old Testament sacrifices shadowed forth TMK 17:4


a new way; sacrificial system ended UL 100:2

way to life and to keeping of the law FW 46:2


and joy made possible by HP 36:2

bequeathed to disciples RC 278:2


of sinners’ acceptance with God RC 74:6

that it will not be in vain TDG 320:6

priests fulfilled God’s purpose in CC 371:3

ransom paid by RC 17:5

rejoicing in heaven because, not in vain OHC 167:2

reliance only on His Father in UL 357:7

restores moral image of God in humanity RC 165:4

restraint removed from God’s love by TMK 69:3

sacrificial system reminded the sinner of TMK 17:2

salvation was His privilege to offer by TDG 270:6


destroyed and sin removed by HP 33:5

imagined victory at UL 357:6

Satan’s character revealed to the unfallen at RC 60:3

saves from sin, not in sin FLB 313:5

scenes before; who can describe them? LHU 257:3

seed planted at UL 110:5

seemed likely, in wilderness of temptation TDG 265:5

shameful and made repentance possible TMK 100:5

showed strength of His love HP 269:3

shown not to have been in vain HP 321:5; Mar 317:4; UL 47:6


depth of God’s love HP 15:4

love UL 377:4

that continuing in sin leaves no hope UL 189:5

sin bearer for the unjust TMK 65:2

sin of every believing soul taken away by TDG 145:6


may live by TMK 287:3

saved from death sentence by HP 361:2

souls valued according to TDG 326:4; TMK 132:4

transgression caused RC 21:6

type met antitype in LHU 31:7, 319:2

unnecessary if law could have been changed FW 118:2; RC 53:5

See also Calvary; Christ, gift of; Christ, life of; Christ, sacrifice of; Cross

debt of sinner paid by; He taught how to keep the law TMK 294:4

decision for,

with His Father that He must come as a baby RC 16:5

See also Christ, commitment to

decision must be made by all for or against LHU 253:2

declare the love and power of TMK 345:4

dedication of heart and mind to, because He bought us TMK 135:2

defeat of, Satanic agencies worked for, from His birth AG 162

defects sensed more clearly when living nearer to TDG 16:3

defense by, for those Satan accuses TDG 226:3

defense for His people if by His side 3SM 389:2

deficiency of humans supplied through merits of TMK 229:4

deity of TMK 338:2

deity shrouds; lift Him up 3SM 169:2

delights in followers being colaborers with God OHC 144:6


from discouragement and hopelessness TMK 80:3

the faithful when Satan has ensnared all possible UL 365:6

denial of,

accepting truth without change in character is TMK 306:2

by making elaborate preparations for guests OHC 192:3

by Peter when He needed him most OHC 307:2

by those following seducing spirits Con 92:3

by useless chitchat VSS 65:2

persecution should not lead to 3SM 421:1

Peter learned patience in Christ’s reaction to TMK 180:3

temptation of, strengthens as the end nears OHC 354:4

denounced for being God TMK 111:3

denunciations of, followed by expressing regret TDG 109:3

dependence of,

on the Father, UL 341:2

constantly acknowledged TMK 252:4

dependence/reliance on


on His sufficiency HP 297:4

to be pure like Him TMK 130:3

for angel protection 3SM 193:3

for every beauty of character OHC 232:3

for spiritual help 3SM 183:2

He loves to provide; lay sins on Him 3SM 325:2

learned RC 119:4

from family interdependence UL 33:4

leaving case with God OHC 313:3

mind prepared to recognize LHU 366:5

more, brings clearer evidence of His love TDG 173:5

must be perfect LHU 40:4

needed for salvation UL 333:2

purifies life RC 318:2

realized UL 181:4

realizing helplessness 3SM 149:4

safety only in FLB 336:2; 1MCP 39:3; TMK 231:5

same as for weakest soul LHU 148:5

to be as His dependence on the Father UL 341:2

to feel sympathy for the neglected SW 28:1

to put away sin HP 30:5

victory made certain by HP 17:6

See also Christ, trust in

descriptions of,

by John, but not His person PM 220:1

See also Christ, appellations of

desertion of followers of, was a humiliation TDG 189:2

desirability of TDG 96:5, 101:3

desire for / wanting,

all satisfied in TSB 191:3

but not knowing where to find Him OHC 55:4

made Ellen White want to be where His light shines OHC 297:5

when seen in life RC 185:3

See also Christ, attraction to

desire of,

for our salvation OHC 163:4

for us to be like Himself OHC 175:3

for us to be with Him RC 257:3

human penitence presented as TMK 77:3

that we bear much fruit TDG 189:5

desire to be like,

by beholding Him 3SM 169:3

if He is abiding in our hearts TMK 178:5

keeps the soul tender and thankful OHC 105:4

desire to come to, when convicted of sin FW 31:2

desires of, made subordinate to mission UL 330:5

destruction of, in infancy attempted by agencies of hell AG 162:5

determination to be prepared to meet OHC 360:2

differed from others in His life 1MCP 182:3

difference claimed between us and, but He took Abraham’s seed 3SM 197:3

difficulties surrounded, here 3SM 130:0

dignity of, shows the great love that prompted sacrifice TMK 371:2

directions given by, are clear UL 197:3

disappointment of,

by refusing to work in His vineyard TDG 370:2

who died that you might overcome TDG 204:4

disciples of, See Disciples

disciples to suffer and overcome as He did RC 230:6

discipline of,

causes refinement 3SM 243:1

moving toward perfection under RC 164:2

put yourself under; heed His instruction TDG 290:5

discouraged ones to be brought to CME 23:0

discouragement of, would have destroyed hope for humanity TDG 236:2

discourses without, because He is not in minister’s heart VSS 315:2

discourtesy repulses souls from OHC 229:3

disease did not contaminate, although afflicted for others 3SM 133:2; TMK 48:2, 67:4

dishonored by

doubting His power HP 275:5

failure to mention Him to friends OHC 55:3

our doubting His pardoning love TMK 241:4

our talking of inefficiency AG 259:2

taking His name without revealing His character TMK 128:2

words VSS 20:3

words and deeds departing from truth TDG 352:4

distinct from the Father UL 153:3

distinguished from the world by righteousness UL 303:6

diversion from, gives influence and power to the enemy HP 168:2

divine power

grasped by; example for us to grasp it too HP 238:2; 3SM 140:1

not exercised by, in overcoming appetite 3SM 129:1

divinity and humanity of, AG 49:4; Con 37:4; LHU 153:3; RC 237:4; UL 196:3

assure possibility of divine nature for us OHC 182:4

both complete 3SM 135:3

made redemption and restoration possible UL 196:3

sacrifice given in TDG 148:2

shown by top and bottom of Jacob’s ladder OHC 66:4

touched by TDG 298:2

divinity not denied by TMK 111:3

divinity of,

apparently impossible to onlookers at the cross TDG 236:5

assurance of our eternal life TMK 35:4

attested at His baptism Con 9:1

clothed/concealed/veiled with humanity HP 40:3, 357; LHU 35:6; OHC 17:2; RC 237:3

demonstrated to John’s disciples RC 352:5

flashed forth at times UL 313:2

grasped God while identifying with humanity Con 38:1

He was conscious of LHU 167:6

holds throne while humanity touches earth TMK 328:4

humans linked to the Infinite through TMK 269:4

Jews realized, but would not surrender LHU 106:5

John the Baptist heard about the claim of LHU 33:5

Lazarus’ resurrection, crowning evidence of TMK 48:3

leaders’ resistance corresponded to evidence of UL 80:2

maintain; exalt the cross UL 58:6

Mediator from everlasting LHU 74:5

not shown as a youth LHU 32:6

original and not developed from humanity UL 260:2

perfect character by laying hold of RC 308:6

priests rejected overwhelming evidence of TDG 149:5

proof of, by evidence not given to Satan UL 39:3

relationship with God by laying hold of HP 32:3

revealed at second coming HP 357:4

Satan feigned to doubt, in wilderness Con 39:1

seen in His attitude LHU 226:6

settled at second advent HP 358

temptation not easier because of TMK 291:2

treasure that occasionally flashed through TMK 58:3

divinity shined in face of, when answering mother TDG 59:3


among brethren grieves TDG 121:7

and peace may both come from OHC 328:3

not in; harmony between people He dwells in TDG 262:5

doctrine of, system of truth that met wants of heart RC 101:5

doing as,

God works with one seeking to be PM 259:3

required for God’s approval of church decisions 3SM 22:1


strength from, soul to be educated for TDG 117:2

to, when continually considering His character RC 318:6

with and from, consuming His words PM 285:1

drawing of,

but all do not respond TDG 223:4

but does not lull to sleep; sword not peace TDG 251:5

chosen for salvation because of response to OHC 77:3

for every heart HP 171:6

for subjects of His kingdom AG 52:3

seen in the longing for a better life 3SM 198:3

through the Holy Spirit; repentance imparted 3SM 196:4

drawn by God to see, on the cross FW 25:2

drinking from, does not deplete the fountain OHC 65:2


in us, results of HP 231:3

on, See Christ, thoughts about

dwelling with,

and enjoying Him forever HP 352:2

here if we expect to dwell with Him in heaven TMK 119:5


in telling of, when He is an abiding power 3SM 187:3

in words of, appropriate to consequences VSS 92:4

earth is purchased inheritance of AG 27:5

eating flesh of,

and drinking blood assures eternal life 3SM 202:2

explained to disciples by Him in John 6:63 TMK 107:3

if He is your treasure and satisfaction TMK 107:4

means Bible study and obedience UL 78:4

education by,

disciples in all ages have had FW 64:1

for children of Israel; also testing UL 341:5

is higher; sit at His feet LHU 185:3

education (higher) looks to, working with Him to save lost TDG 168:3

education in heaven from HP 33:6

Educator as the world had never seen 3SM 138:3

efficiency of, lead people while dwelling on 3SM 183:3

efforts made for, will be rewarded FLB 245:7

Ellen White

desired to be in harmony with UL 120:2

desired to take hand of, laying awake praying TDG 44:5

felt incapable of writing on mission of 3SM 115:1

learned to trust UL 359:5

lifted by UL 241:5

longed to see UL 78:2; RC 350:6

loved to repeat the name of TMK 283:2

encouragement from, not fully understood by disciples RC 129:3

endured all the woe of humanity’s sin RC 57:5

endured assaults of powers of darkness AG 179:3

enemies of,

could annoy Him as they can us OHC 57:3

who had been disciples TMK 254:2

enjoyment of presence of, power lost to defend TMK 318:2


taken into special favor with TDG 275:4

transformed by association with HP 337:4

entry of, when soul temple is cleansed OHC 55:4

envy and jealousy changed by beholding OHC 234:3

envy of scribes and Pharisees for respect shown to VSS 102:2

equal with the Father, HP 357:4; TMK 292:4

but authority was His own TMK 38:2

from the beginning 1MCP 352:0

infinite LHU 17:9

erring ones drawn by; give them reading matter and love PM 372:0

escape of, easily possible in Gethsemane TDG 267:2

eternal life given by; He brought treasures from heaven UL 144:6

evenings of, spent talking with day workers UL 330:2

everlasting life given by UL 49:7

everything to the believer 3SM 154:2

Holy Spirit presents Him PM 220:2


for voice of, call to path of obedience TMK 300:5

from, that He is the light of the world TDG 24:3

of divinity of, throng in Gethsemane received TDG 267:2

evil angels enlisted to fight against TDG 256:4

evils in Jewish nation unveiled by TDG 31:4

exaltation of,

abilities not for selfishness VSS 116:3

avoiding pride in own ability TMK 176:3

by entire submission UL 136:5

by obedience; giving best service HP 254:6

in heaven but willing servant on earth TDG 192:6

never letting His banner trail in the dust TMK 341:5

only, enabled by the Holy Spirit 3SM 137:2

proportional to His humiliation TDG 341:2

when submission is complete UL 136:5