EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Christ (Part 8 of 18)

convincing power attended DA 305

dead people raised by MH 122

demons cast out by DA 390; GW 250; MH 122

disease healed by DA 390

do not repeat, parrotlike 4T 355

every precept receives force from 6T 54

is divine oracle of religion 6T 21

key that unlocks mystery to persons who receive it DA 727

kind, healing balm in 5BC 1088

life of Vine is received by receiving DA 677

meditate on 4T 355

miracles wrought by GW 250

most gracious, that fell on human ear 4T 46

pledged to souls who come to Him PP 432

power of DA 149; GW 250

raised the dead DA 390

stormy sea stilled by DA 390; MH 122

was with power MH 122

were echo of God’s words SD 21

worth more than opinions of all physicians 1T 502

50. Miscellaneous

Aaron as high priest was representative of COL 148; PP 426

abiding, celestial torch reveals need of CS 30

abiding in, brings rest, stability, confidence SC 71

experience of TM 388-9

you may flourish SC 68-9

able and willing to: do for us more than we can ask or think 5T 50

help when we call 8T 128

able to save and keep all who depend on Him 6T 240

above all question and all law DA 285

absence of, results in no loss to His people on earth DA 166

acquainted with: motives of every mind 4T 66

peculiar trials of every mind 4T 66

acts through Spirit MYP 55

Adam was shown that sacrifice of, would suffice to save whole world PP 67

adored throughout universe of heaven and unfallen worlds SD 372

afflicted in all affliction of humanity MB 13

all angel host at command of ML 56

all blessings flow to men through CS 18; DA 210; MH 424; SR 271; TM 307

for this life and the next CS 18

all communication came through, to world after Adam sinned FE 237

all counsels of God are open to 8T 268

all essential knowledge proceeds from CT 230

all glory of Father is gathered in COL 115

all great Scripture truths center in Ev 485

all and in all, theme of song of redeemed will be TM 433

all light shining on fallen man emanates from MB 39

all lost by Adam is to be regained through Ed 27

all offices of church are centered in FE 399

all ordinances of Jews pointed to FE 398

all our power is derived from 6T 479

all perfection is centered in SD 23

all power and mercies flow from 3T 430

all power is given into hands of TM 92

all promises made to Israel centered in PP 479

all sufferings of, were for us and not for Himself 7BC 913

all truth radiates from MM 97

all truths of God’s word came from DA 287

all who accept, encounter Satan’s assaults DA 116

all wisdom belongs to 1SM 409

all words of Holy Writ are words of MH 122

all-powerful 1SM 70

all-powerful helper 1SM 309

all-seeing eye of, most secret things lie open to MM 133

all-sufficient offering of, accepted by Father 7BC 948

all-sufficient propitiation for sin GC 179

all-sufficient Sacrifice CT 370

almighty Victor GC 633

alone: able to represent Deity 7BC 924

able to reveal character of Deity to mankind MH 422

all offices of church center in FE 399

can make you sure of heaven 8T 131

can reveal Father to man 7BC 914

can save man from penalty of transgression PP 279

cleanses from sin LS 22

could accomplish man’s redemption SC 14

could enter into all counsels and purposes of God PP 34

could fully enter into God’s purposes PP 36

could give security to God for man 7BC 914

could pay sinner’s debt 1SM 229-30

could redeem fallen man from curse of law PP 63

could redeem man from sin PP 63

could reveal God’s character to universe DA 22

could save man from sin 1SM 340-1

had experience in all sorrows and temptations befalling human beings Ed 78

has perfect understanding of human soul Ed 78

mercy and salvation can be granted through PP 353

always near MH 85

angels adore 2T 271; CT 402

angels count it honor to serve DA 649

apostles built on, as Rock of Ages AA 596

appearances of, to apostles after His resurrection AA 436-7; DA 800-32

during Passover week DA 818

appeared again and again to His disciples after His resurrection DA 793

appeared to: no one but His followers after His resurrection 6BC 1092; 1SM 304-5

Paul on road to Damascus AA 114-8, 126, 436-7, 484; EW 200-1; SR 268

seven disciples by Sea of Galilee soon after Passover week had ended following His death DA 809, 818

Thomas one whole week after His resurrection DA 807

appeared to EGW at Elmshaven 9T 66

appeared to John on Patmos AA 581-2; 4BC 1173; 7BC 953-5; CW 29, 175; FE 424; MM 37; PP 129; SL 79; 7T 288

on Sabbath day AA 581; 7BC 955; SL 74

argument that, changed Sabbath GC 447

arm of, can reach to depths of woe and degradation CG 401

as Elder Brother feels for all our woes 5T 346

as God’s gift to man DA 19-26; EW 125-7, 149-53; PP 63-70; SC 9-15; 3SG 44-7; SR 46-51

as great center, must unite all in one FE 479

as great ordinance by which man and God are united TM 124

as Lamb of God to the obedient and faithful AA 589

as Lion of Judah, terrible to rejectors of His grace AA 589

as living Vine, we need to be grafted into TM 151

as Mediator, is great Minister in work of redemption 7BC 922

as Messiah See Messiah

as Michael has not yet stood up EW 36

as our Passover has been sacrificed for us 7BC 914

as possessor and giver of eternal life was only one who could conquer death 6T 231

as precious pearl, theme on which we most need to dwell COL 118

as risen Saviour 1SM 301-3

as Shiloh, Jacob’s prophecy re DA 34, 103, 212, 578; PP 236; 3SG 171-2

as Sun of Righteousness: bright beams of, needed to soften and subdue hearts 6T 417-8

churches should reflect bright beams of 6T 437

reflect brightness of 5T 460

sheds bright and healing beams upon sinner 4T 342

as True Shepherd superintends His work through undershepherds 4T 393

as Word of God: expresses His thought SD 21

is God’s thought made audible DA 19

is revelation of God MB 149

ascended into heaven should soften, gladden, and fill minister’s mind 4T 399-400

ascended on high is science of salvation we are to learn and teach FE 262; MH 424; 8T 287

ascension of, OT Scriptures foretold AA 221-2

was signal for outpouring of Spirit AA 38-9

atonement by See Atonement

attributes of, Spirit imbues receiver with DA 805

authority of, as that of God 5BC 1142

Satan and angels rebelled against EW 146

Balaam’s prophecy re PP 451

be able to meet enemy in time of temptation as did SD 134

be representative of, among men DA 141

bears marks of crucifixion still CS 349

beautiful pastoral picture of DA 476

become better acquainted with, by studying Scriptures MYP 212; SC 88

belief in, is essential 5T 49

believers conforming to world wound and put, to open shame 1T 133

best of your substance should be consecrated to 4T 551

bleeding sacrificial victim on altar testified of PP 367

both law and gospel 2SM 106

bought back human race MYP 70

boundless love of, for every human being 7T 225

brazen serpent symbolized PP 430-2

brightness of Father’s glory COL 115; MB 14; 2T 200, 345

bring nothing into your preaching to supplement GW 160

brought no railing accusation against tempter 9T 68

calls for children CG 23-4

came forth from trial pure and untainted by sin 9T 69

came to: bring all authority into subjection to Himself 4T 139

bring all resistance into subjection to Himself 4T 139

develop Jewish economy Ev 554

establish kingdom of righteousness 9T 218

fulfill all righteousness 1SM 211

fulfill every specification of God’s law FE 385

illustrate in His own life God’s character SD 139

manifest nature of God’s law Ed 76

open God’s word to men 1SM 407

redeem us by living life of obedience to God’s law AA 207

redeem us by paying penalty of disobedience AA 207

reveal (represent) Father’s character CT 259; TM 199

reveal God’s love CS 24

reveal God’s true character to men FE 177

show that Satan’s claim to world was false DA 115

teach men way of salvation MYP 15

can: admit no rival in soul AA 541

look on world’s misery without sorrow for having created man 7T 269

reach souls in lowest depths of sin WM 92-3

save to uttermost 2T 60

cannot withdraw from soul that clings to Him DA 198

cares for each person as if there were no other on earth DA 480; 5T 346

carries His people upon His heart DA 329

center of: all goodness and blessings WM 172

all our faith and hope CM 42; Ev 172

all true doctrine is CT 453; 6T 54

SDA message 1SM 383-8

center to which all should be attracted is 1SM 259

central figure of Paul’s teachings was AA 251

channel for revelation of Father MB 40

channel of all God’s blessings to man 8T 288

Chief Cornerstone in all ages 6BC 1083

city of refuge for transgressors of God’s law PP 516

claims: all there is of us SL 95

far more than we give Him 6T 103

for Himself perfect righteousness 7BC 929

cleft in rock is hidden by pierced hand of 2SM 316

cling to, as drowning men 5T 481

closer men come to, closer they come to each other AH 179

closer to His people than is father, mother, brother, friend, or lover DA 327

clothed with boundless authority AA 30

coming of, second See Advent, second

coming of: to Ancient of Days GC 424, 426-7

to His temple in 1844 GC 424-6

to investigative judgment GC 479-80

commands of, angels quickly obey 2T 271

communion between God and sinful humanity has been PP 366

compares Himself to vine SL 80

compassion of, as compared to that of earthly parent 4T 207

when we make mistakes SC 64-5

compels no one to follow Him DA 480

compensation received by, for His sacrifice for sinners GC 652

confederacy against, evil men and angels arrayed in unpitying MB 29

confess, openly and bravely 4T 555

confessing, meaning of 1T 303

connecting link between: God and man 6BC 1078; Ed 33; 8T 178

two worlds 3T 193

conqueror of death and grave 1SM 306

contemplates 5T 652

cornerstone of Jewish economy DA 597-8

coronation day of, His people will be jewels in His crown of rejoicing on 4BC 1177; 6T 309

correct knowledge of, gives view of character of true Christian 4T 375-6

could, have taught humility if He had appeared with human pomp? DA 138; 5T 253

cross of See Cross

crown of: brilliant and glorious EW 53-4

consists of many crowns DA 739; EW 16; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 60

royal majesty TM 139

seven in number EW 54

See also Coronation; Crown

crowning glory of attributes of, is His holiness CT 402

crowns with grace and peace every persevering effort made in His name 4T 38

crucified: breaks and wins hearts 6T 67

Christians are offered power in, sufficient to convert souls AA 307

God’s love set forth in, has no parallel FE 198

is central point of all Christianity CT 23-4

lift up, before people 6T 75

power of, present to people 6T 392

power offered in, to enable us to resist all temptations to evil AA 307

present, in every miss. effort CT 22

should soften, gladden, and fill minister’s mind 4T 399-400

sinners’ attention must be aroused by preaching of 6T 66

study to make, fresh subject to people 6T 60

symbolized by brazen serpent PP 475

talk it, pray it, sing it 6T 67

theme of contemplation, conversation, and most joyful emotion should be SC 103-4

world is converted only by preaching of TM 424

zeal should fire our hearts to tell story of 7T 33; 8T 22

crucified and living, living faith must rest upon merit of TM 224-5

crucified and risen: message of, might be carried soon to whole world by army of youth as workers Ed 271

must be uplifted before people without God and without hope GW 29; 8T 16

only means of salvation is AA 298

proclaim with power message of 9T 44

true religion teaches forgiveness only through merits of TM 468

crucified for our sins, is science of salvation we are to learn and teach MH 424; 8T 287

is theme for study Ev 187

dearest gift heaven had to bestow 5T 739

demands all there is of man 1T 240

denial of, by believer who disguises his faith through dread of suffering or reproach DA 712

Deut. 8:2, 3 quoted by, more than 1,400 years after Moses wrote it DA 121

did not: abolish Sabbath by nailing it to His cross DA 630

count heaven place to be desired while any were lost DA 417; MH 105

interpose to deliver John the Baptist DA 224

make display of outward glory foundation of reverence 5T 253

need to speak to His friends in parables DA 525

rail against Satan when He raised Moses from the dead PP 478-9; 4aSG 58; SR 173-4; TM 249

seek admiration or applause of men MH 197

speak word of direct reproof to Judas Iscariot Ed 91

take on nature of angels to save man 8T 207

dignity and individuality of, is wholly distinct from pride and assumption DA 88

dignity of, is in imposing such conditions as He pleases 6T 414

discerns men’s interests and purposes of thoughts re Himself and His people 1SM 31

dishonored when stomach is abused CD 111

does not: call us and then forsake us DA 382

compel men to receive Him DA 487

drive but draws men unto Him MB 127

forget His people for one brief moment MH 488

doing for 2T 24-37

dominion forfeited by Adam is recovered by GC 674; PK 682; PP 67, 69

See also Dominion

door to fold of God DA 477-8

drawing close to, result of AA 561

during millennium See Millennium

duty and delight of all service is to lift up, before people 9T 147

dwells in man by word of truth TM 390

each person must choose, for himself 5T 46

earth linked with heaven again by SC 20

eclipsed too often by man standing between Him and people 4T 318

effulgence of Father’s glory MB 49

Elisha as type of PK 240

embodiment of: divine perfection 5T 739

infinite and disinterested love and benevolence 1SM 234

truth and holiness SD 26

encircles man with His human arm while grasping God’s throne with His divine arm 8T 178

endeared to Father for giving His life for man DA 484

enmity against, strikingly displayed in France GC 271

enthrone, as supreme in your heart SD 60

erroneous idea that: is light embodied Ev 614

is like dew gathered in beauteous form Ev 614

is like leaden cloud Ev 614

eternal vigilance of, over His church 7BC 956

Eusebius’s argument that, transferred Sabbath to Sunday GC 574

every man will be judged by, according to his words and works COL 74

every ray of divine light has been communicated to man through Ed 73

every soul is fully known to, as if he were only one for whom He died DA 480

everything is supplied to man through MH 425

everywhere there are souls who will take their stand for AA 140

exalt, as sinner’s refuge GW 158

excellence of, many believers have twilight perception of 8T 318

experiments made on human hearts by, through exhibition of His mercy and grace TM 18, 49

express image of: Father PP 45

Father’s person 6BC 1068; 7BC 907, 921; COL 115; EW 77; MB 49; MH 418; SD 318; 2T 200; TM 137

God’s person SD 21

invisible God MH 422

expression of God’s heart, mind, nature, and character MM 19

God’s perfect love WM 54

eyes of, see past, present, and future MM 97

failure to lift up, education that results in CH 560

faith in, as Messiah is not to rest in evidences of sight 4aSG 116

family of earth and family of heaven bound together in DA 25-6

Father’s life flows out to all through DA 21

Father’s name ever exalted by PK 69

final coronation of GC 665-71; SR 421-6

angel of lofty stature will place crown on His head in GC 669

redeemed will have part in 8T 131

we shall soon witness 9T 287

will be witnessed by the wicked SR 423-6

with diadem of glory 4BC 1157

first advent of: Daniel specified time of GC 313

Jews waited more than 1,000 years for DA 27

time of, definitely pointed out DA 233-4

See also Advent, first

first makes penitent whom He pardons MB 7

first work of, on earth after His resurrection DA 793

flesh and blood of, what it means to eat and drink 5BC 1135; DA 389; PP 277-8; SD 70

flock of, scattered throughout world DA 479

followers of: came chiefly from the lowly and unlearned 5BC 1090

persecution that Satan will instigate against AA 84-5

Satan’s servants and, cannot harmonize GC 507

should labor as He did DA 350

will not be popular 5T 502

following, means obedience to all His commandments 7BC 949

food on your table has been provided by 8T 288

footprints of, found beside sickbed DA 640; MH 105-6

way to heaven is consecrated by DA 480

foundation and builder of church is GC 416

foundation stone of church is SR 252

fountain opened by, for sinful and suffering world 6T 86

full of: tenderness and compassion for His workers DA 360

vigor of manhood’s prime during His public ministry DA 486

fuller understanding re, many people long for PK 171

garments of vengeance put on by, at close of His priestly work 2T 190-1, 691; 5T 207-8

gave: Himself willingly and cheerfully to do God’s will CS 302

no new form of prayer to His disciples MB 103

prophecies of Revelation to John AA 581-9; CW 29; TM 115

rites and ceremonies of law 6BC 1095

Gentiles looked for, as divine Instructor DA 33

gift of: all heaven was poured out in COL 326; CS 46; DA 565; FE 85; SC 21; SD 11; 1SM 323

all treasures of heaven given to man in 8T 26

alone reveals infinite depths of God’s divine tenderness and compassion 5T 739

Father’s heart is revealed in 9T 254

love of God manifest in, amazed angels 2T 200

whole treasury of heaven poured into world in COL 326

gift only to persons who give themselves to Him COL 116

given to: fallen race DA 25; SC 14

stand at head of humanity AA 359

gives man privilege of calling infinite God his Father COL 142

glorification of, at close of millennium GC 671

with glory He had before world was 5BC 1146

glorified, is our Brother DA 26

redeemed will behold Christ crucified in GC 651

glorified Father by demonstrating His love DA 671

glorious in His holiness CT 402

glory of, is concerned with His people’s success 7BC 948

OT Scriptures are irradiated with DA 211

glory of God’s law is embodied in 5BC 1133; 1SM 237

glory of second temple was FE 237

God communicates with world through 1BC 1117; 8T 238

since fall of Adam and Eve PP 67

God has adopted human nature in person of DA 25

God has communicated with humanity in, since His birth DA 116

God has mysteriously linked all men together by means of TM 494

God has revealed Himself in Ed 132

God Himself was crucified with 5BC 1108

God spoke to, as man’s representative DA 113

God’s character revealed in 5T 737-46

God’s gift to man EW 125-7

God’s greatest gift to meet man’s greatest need Ed 74

God’s people have left out, and preached arguments Ev 232

God’s thought made audible SD 21

God’s word requires that we be like 5T 113

gospel presented to John by, on Isle of Patmos CW 29

grace and power of, communicated to us in promises of God’s word MH 122

great antitype of sacrificial offerings 3SG 304

great antitypical Lamb of God 6BC 1061

great antitypical sacrifice PP 576

great center CM 49; DA 370

from whom radiates all glory 4BC 1180; DA 680; TM 19

men approach one another in proportion as they approach DA 296

great central interest in SDA church services should be TM 331

greater than angels 1SM 402

grieved when His people neglect to show gratitude DA 567

guides His people today 3BC 1156

guilt of crucifying, rests upon all world DA 745

guilty secrets of lives of men are known to MH 88

Haggai represented, in parable 4BC 1176

hand(s) of: held entire map of truth Ev 57

holds you much firmer than you can hold His hand SD 22

name of each separate believer graven on palms of FE 273

nothing can pluck us out of SC 72

you are not safe unless you hold 4T 544

has lost none of His: compassionate nature DA 480

humanity TM 19

has pledged Himself to: be our helper 5T 237

heed our cry COL 148

has spoken in both OT and NT 5T 235

hated but one thing in world and that was sin DA 88

have faith in, as personal Saviour Ev 362

heart of, never closed to His people TM 20

pained when we fall into temptation 5T 604

perfect peace reigned in DA 330

heathen looked for, as divine instructor DA 33

heaven was enshrined in humanity in 4T 396

heavenly merchantman seeking goodly pearls COL 118

heel of, bruised on cross by Satan PK 701

helped in person of His saints 5T 151

helper of all who seek Him in faith 5T 202

hiding place for us is 2SM 316

higher than: angels 3SG 36

highest angel 7BC 928

His word and, are in perfect harmony 8T 193

history of, should be searched by comparing scripture with scripture FE 406

hold up, as Saviour from sin CH 556

homage of angels is received by AA 333

honored man with His confidence TM 190

hope of eternal life is centered in SC 88; TM 93, 376

hope of His church today is 5T 470

how image of, is stamped on human soul TM 389-90

how man crucifies, to himself afresh MB 10

humanity was enclosed in bosom of Infinite Love in 4T 396

humanity was given into hands of, after fall of Adam FE 237

hungers for human sympathy and love DA 191

ideal of all truth is 8T 201

ideas of many believers re, are vague, dreary, and confused SD 167

identifies Himself: closely with His people TM 20

with suffering humanity 5T 151

identifies His interests with those of His: faithful people PK 545

suffering people GC 668

if we are of, our sweetest thoughts will be of Him DA 83

if you are willing to sacrifice all for, He will be your Saviour 3T 45

image of, God’s word requires that His people bear 5T 113

image of invisible God 5T 739

images of, worship of EW 211; GC 43

imbues men with God’s attributes DA 762

immortality can be obtained only through GC 533

immortality comes through PP 88

imparted to all built on Him MB 150

improves whatever He touches 1SM 118

in all Bible 6T 392-3

in person of His followers visits the poor and needy 7T 226

in us will meet Christ in brethren 9T 188

incessant labor of, utter weariness from MH 55

independent and above all law 4T 120

before His incarnation 7BC 904

individuality of, Scriptures clearly indicate MH 421; 8T 268

inexhaustible fountain of living water DA 187

inexhaustible wellspring of truth 7T 276

infinite sacrifice of: for man is amazing 3T 402

made possible that human nature might be restored, rebeautified, reconstructed from its ruin 5T 537

made possible that sin might be removed 5T 537

inspired holy men to write God’s word FE 440

instruction given to apostles by, after His resurrection GC 349-50

interest of, in His people is stronger than that of mother for child SD 77

in salvation of children Ev 349-50

intoxicating wine never made by Te 98

invested with: honor and authority of heaven DA 212

power to give life to all creatures 1SM 249

right to give immortality 5BC 1113; DA 787; ML 295; 1SM 302

invitation of, to come to Him for rest DA 328-32

irrevocable sentence pronounced on Jerusalem by 5BC 1098

is: a person 2SG 74

Christianity GW 282-3

first, last, and best in everything SD 70; TM 389

gift every day CS 198

glorified best by persons who serve Him intelligently 3T 160

in His holy place ChS 261

life itself 6T 230; 7T 74

of no value to you unless you know Him as personal Saviour DA 389

our efficiency in all things 6T 467

our recommendation to people 6T 473

riches of OT COL 126

to be as one crucified among us 6T 479

to be first to end of time 9T 147

to be revealed through humanity MB 40

treasure of both OT and NT COL 126

word and guidebook to be received and obeyed FE 385

is denied: by spirit contrary to His DA 357

in many ways 1T 408

Isaac as figure of 3T 369

Isaiah’s prophecies re PK 373

Israel rejected, before Pilate CSW 47-8

Israel spurned and rejected GC 19-20

Israel was doomed by rejecting DA 580-8

Israel’s rejection of, Moses was shown PP 475

it is not enough to believe about 5T 49

it is one thing to join church and another to be united with MYP 357

Jews rejected: because He reproved them COL 293-4

because His teachings required changes in their lives COL 105

because His teachings were spiritual and demanded self-sacrifice DA 213

because of His poverty and humility 2T 142

Jews rejected and crucified, because His purity and holiness rebuked their selfishness and corruption GC 46

Jewish nation was preserved as witness that, was to be born of seed of Abraham and of David’s line DA 44

Jewish nation withdrew from theocracy by rejecting DA 737-8

Jewish rejection of, culminated in cross of Calvary DA 241

John did not see, after His ascension until He appeared on Patmos 7BC 955

John the Baptist recognized, as Messiah 5BC 1078

John’s teacher on Isle of Patmos FE 424

jovial minister in pulpit crucifies afresh TM 146-7

keep, uplifted when handling sacred truths of God’s word TM 309

keep your eyes fixed on CW 93

keeping of, treasures of eternity have been committed to 1SM 138

keeping power of, God desires every soul to triumph in 6T 366

kingdom of See Kingdom

knowledge of, no treasure can equal gift of 7BC 905

results of growing in CT 37

ladder connecting earth with heaven is 6T 147

ladder in Jacob’s dream represented 1BC 1095; DA 311-2; FE 271; PP 184; SC 20; 1SM 280; 5T 539-40 See also Ladder

ladder to God’s kingdom is 8T 130

Lamb of God to the obedient and faithful 6T 404

lamentation of, God’s heart poured itself forth in DA 620

left His work on earth in hands of undershepherds 5T 237

less you meditate on, better will you appear in your own eyes 4T 375

life and character of: erroneous idea re SC 120

man needs perfect example given only in 5T 198

needs to be studied more Ev 120

numberless pens used to present Ev 120

perfect example given only in CH 459

study 6T 59

life and death of, would have had no value if He had not been without sin 7BC 933

life and death and intercession of, prophets foretold COL 127

life and light of every living thing is 6T 182

life eternal or immortal is God’s free gift through 5BC 1130

life finds its center in Ed 297

life lost through sin is restored to man in DA 786

life of: impartation of Spirit is impartation of DA 805; GW 285

in soul leads to constant cultivation of heavenly graces 6T 472

is in His word DA 390

life of man is derived in MM 7

lift up: above prejudice of color or caste 9T 209

as center of all hope 6T 62

as complete Saviour GW 161-2

by sacrificial service PK 19

higher and still higher CH 510

in sermon, song, and prayer GW 160

light and life of world is CW 175

light given to man from heaven comes through PP 367

light in whom there is no darkness 1T 405

light of, every page of Scriptures shines with COL 115

light of sun and moon and stars is DA 464

links heaven and earth 3T 193

Lion of Judah to rejectors of His grace 6T 404

lived on earth 1,500 years after: Feast of Tabernacles was instituted by Him DA 291

Moses died DA 421

living center of everything is Ev 186; 1SM 158

living spring from which to draw continually 7T 276

long patience of, with perverse human nature COL 73

long-looked-for Messiah SR 270-1

looking to, is everyday work 5T 70

love and power of, Sabbath as token of DA 281 See also Love

love of God flowed from, in irrepressible streams DA 678

loveliness of, all earthly attractions seem of little worth beside SL 91

loves little children AH 273; CSW 158; DA 511; FE 68-9, 161; MH 390; 6T 201

Majesty of heaven MH 22

made Himself: donation to world 2SM 200

offering for sin 4T 374

magnify, in every discourse as all in all 4T 401

in sermons 4T 313-4

make: center of all truth Ev 181

first and last and best in everything MH 361

your close and dear companion 6T 393

your daily companion MB 85

your hourly companion 5T 652

your rock of defense 5T 130

your theme 5T 158

make no one your confidant but 5T 201

man builds upon, by obeying His word MB 149

man can be freed from penalty of sin only through GC 540

man can have nothing without, but delusive hope 5T 49

man cannot follow, unless he refuses to gratify inclination and determines to obey God 5T 515

man cannot rightly interpret nature apart from 8T 257

man has never seen God except through 8T 265

man who put, to open shame 3T 438

man’s friend and deliverer DA 341

man’s justification and righteousness are in PP 431

man’s representative and head 4T 86

man’s sin separated, from Father PP 63

men may take, at His word TM 486

men may trust implicitly in 5T 130

men must meet temptation as did DA 121

men of every class become members of one family through 1SM 258

men would be excusable for lack of faith and obedience if, had been but a man LS 246

manifestation of, whole Bible is GW 250

manna as type of PP 297

manna pointed to, as living Bread PP 354

many Jews will accept, when gospel is presented in its fullness to them AA 380-1

marriage honored by, as divine institution DA 151

marriage of, to New Jerusalem EW 55, 251, 280; GC 426-8

Mary united with brothers of, to persuade Him to be more prudent DA 321

Mary’s spiritual relationship to DA 325-7

matchless love of, attracts souls to Him DA 480

medium of: communication between God and man DA 143

prayer and blessing between man and God 8T 178

prayer between man and God 6BC 1078-9

meekness and patience of, proved His kinship to God DA 734

meekness of, is Christian’s power 4T 559

mercy and love of, dwell upon SC 89

merits of: appropriated by faith DA 175

imputed to men come up before Father as sweet odor 5T 174

imputed to men when they follow Him 5T 174

purify from defilement of sin 4T 124

remedy for sin DA 175

merits of blood of, avail to cleanse from least and greatest sin 3T 543

Messiahship of, crowning evidence of DA 625, 655

one evidence of Ev 552

Messianic work of, prophets foretold PK 718

mightier than: angels AA 29

Satan 3T 526

mightiness of, talk of 5T 741

mighty healer of sin-sick soul 4T 579

mighty miracle worker DA 533

mind of, God’s word is to us a daguerreotype of 3T 538

mind that dwells on, experience of TM 388-9

minister of: church on earth through His delegates 4T 393

new covenant DA 166

ministers should hide behind 2T 638

ministers should lift up, in preaching GW 156-60

ministers are under special care and protection of GW 13

ministration of, sanctuary services taught important truths re GC 414-22; PP 356-8

ministry of, as high priest See High priest

to children 9T 175; WM 116

ministry of consolation obtained by, through suffering MB 13

miracles of See Miracle

misconduct of gospel workers grieves 5T 420

mission of, Satan’s misrepresentation of DA 65-6

was to reveal Father to men SC 11

mission of God’s people is like that of 6T 225

momentous decision made by, in Gethsemane DA 690-1

more distinct views of, need of SC 99

more exalted views of, how to obtain SC 65

more men imitate, more Satan will pursue them 1T 406

more people long to find way to, than we think GW 158

more powerful than Satan DA 493; MH 94

more souls long to understand how to come to, than we imagine 4T 394

morning and evening sacrifice pointed to DA 44, 756-7

Moses as type (figure) of PP 264, 330, 426, 480; 3T 358

Moses’ prophecy re, as prophet DA 193

mother of See Mary

mother’s best friend is AH 204

mystery of mysteries is found in 1SM 403

nature of, greater than that of angels MB 14

nearness to, strengthens man to resist Satan 1T 406

never abandons soul for whom He died DA 483; MB 118; PK 176

never deceived by appearances GW 317

never forces His company upon anyone DA 800

never forgets He is our representative TM 19

never makes mistake GW 470; 6T 160

never wars against Himself ML 276

never-failing weapon of, “It is written” was 9T 68

no atonement of suffering needed by, for Himself 7BC 913

no disappointed hopes found in 1T 504

no hope for transgressor except through 8T 25

no one is brought to, except by His personal effort COL 197

no one showing himself friendly to, should be repulsed DA 437-8

no one understands your peculiarities of character as well as does MYP 17

no rest for, between throne and cross AA 333; MH 501

not acquainted with John the Baptist until baptized by him DA 109

not divided TM 24

in faith and doctrine CD 187

not glorified before His ascension DA 805

not in state of solitude ChS 261

not indifferent to expression of grief DA 743

not now a Saviour in Joseph’s new tomb 5T 754

notes with pity man’s failures and discouragements 5T 420

occupies double position of offerer and of offering 7BC 933

of history, rejected by professed Christians today DA 56

offers: something better for whatever He asks men to renounce Ed 296

to take our sins and give us His righteousness SC 62

office of King of Israel accepted by DA 590

officework of, in imposing such conditions as He pleases 6T 414

omnipotence of 7BC 921

omnipotent power of, given to His workers in emergency 6T 76

one great sacrifice made by, in His life, mission, and death 5T 626

one soul who in simple trust casts himself on, Satan cannot overcome COL 157

One who should baptize with Spirit DA 171

One whom John the Baptist had foretold was DA 172

only answer to problem of sin is SC 19

only compulsion employed by, is constraint of love MB 127

only hope of salvation is Ev 596

only interview of, with many believers after His resurrection DA 819

only medium of communication between God and man SC 20

only perfect photograph of God 7BC 906

only remedy for men’s sins and sorrows is COL 254

only sin offering is 7BC 913

only successful antagonist sin ever encountered CM 153

only way to God is SC 21

opportunities to speak for, watch for COL 339

ordained that succession of men should proclaim gospel Ev 544

outshining of God’s glory DA 19; COL 126; MH 418

pagan religious systems offer redemption without DA 478

participant in all counsels of God GC 495

Paul’s concept of, before his conversion AA 452

peace of: brilliant talent cannot command 4T 559

intellect cannot secure 4T 559

is gift of God 4T 559

money cannot buy 4T 559

perfect obedience rendered to God by MYP 165

perfect representation of God 7BC 907

perfect revelation of God LS 94

persecuted in person of His followers GC 271-3

person of, seen in vision EW 77, 126, 149

person who would find fault with 1T 145

persons who suffer with, will reign with Him 1T 78

persons who will stand nearest to, in His kingdom DA 549

personal enemy of, Satan is 1T 302

personal experimental knowledge of, higher education means CT 11-2

personification of all human goodness TM 138

Peter was remembered by, after His resurrection COL 156; DA 793

philosophy apart from, is foolishness MM 97

picture of, how to compare yourself with 3T 538

pictured in God’s word, compare your thoughts, feelings, and intentions with 3T 538

pities sinner’s weakness DA 462; MH 89

place your property in hand of, bearing nailprint of crucifixion 9T 50-1

placed man on his honor TM 190

pleads His blood before Father for sinners GC 429

pledged Himself to: be man’s substitute and surety SD 22

be our Sin Bearer DA 703

live perfect life from infancy to manhood ML 274

pledged His word to give us rest 8T 129

point hearers to, in every discourse 6T 54

point sinners to 6T 67

point to, as sin-pardoning Redeemer 5T 159

poor man’s friend always MM 310; 5T 565; WM 172

portrayal of, in OT law CT 462

position for, moral courage is required for taking AA 139

position of, contrasted with that of angels 7BC 922; SR 13

positive description of, Bible is only book giving FE 382

power of: greater than that of any human prince PP 608

healing of paralytic illustrated, to forgive sin DA 267

no array of human wisdom or strength can overthrow 8T 39

Sabbath is sign of, to make man holy DA 288

Sabbath is token of DA 281

to keep man from sin AA 306

to save, talk more re MH 144

will be exalted above all earthly kingdoms PP 450

power of demons is under control of DA 341

power of God in, is only power that can break hold of evil from men’s hearts MH 428; 8T 291

practical and definite views re, need of SD 167

preciousness of, theme of conversation should be CT 338; TM 81

predictions of, re Jerusalem were fulfilled to letter GC 29

preparing mansions for people who love Him AA 334

presence of: assured wherever gospel is taken AA 29

in His word speaks to the soul TM 390

never repulsed children 4T 141

only the pure in heart can abide in DA 108