EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Christ (Part 3 of 18)

great Educator FE 432

great Educator for present and future life CT 309; FE 229

Great Teacher CS 125; CSW 47-8, 94; CT 259-63, 307, 484; CW 29; DA 272, 438; Ed 102; FE 430, 450-1; MM 95; PP 516; 1SM 42; 4T 529; 6T 86, 152-3, 331; 8T 61; 9T 170

Great Teacher of mankind Ed 33

Great Teacher sent from God FE 383

Great Teacher sent into world as light of world FE 382

Great Teacher who knows all things FE 184

greatest Educator world has ever known CT 505-6; DA 809; Ed 85; FE 48, 119; MYP 170; 4T 273; 5T 588

greatest of all teachers AA 303; CT 476

greatest Teacher FE 363; 6T 160

greatest Teacher world has ever known AA 17; CH 590; COL 108; CT 50, 64, 171, 255, 259, 362, 365, 369, 433; CW 115; Ed 51; Ev 184, 350; FE 224, 328, 381, 484; GW 50; MM 61, 193, 200; MYP 65; SD 86; 2SM 152; 4T 273, 545; 5T 254; 8T 64, 307; TM 34, 178, 283, 389, 421, 502

heavenly Teacher Ed 127; 1T 500; 2T 579; 3T 81, 144, 378, 449

heaven-sent Teacher DA 194; FE 177; MH 349; SD 70

humble Teacher GC 24

humble Teacher of Galilee COL 119-20

Instructor of ancient Israel PK 18; 6T 221

Instructor to learned teachers FE 400

lowly Teacher from Galilee DA 177; MH 52

lowly Teacher from Nazareth MB 2

Master of education CW 119

Master Teacher AA 242; CT 211, 389, 465; Ed 78; FE 517, 526; MB pref. vii; 7T 268

most illustrious Teacher world has known Ed 51

most perfect Educator world ever knew 4T 343

new Teacher MB 6

only perfect Educator in world FE 361

our Teacher FE 479

patient Teacher DA 422

perfect Teacher CSW 110

Prince of teachers Ed 82, 282; Ev 148; MH 23

standard Teacher 6T 160

Teacher of God’s people in both dispensations PP 373

Teacher of Israel DA 824; 6T 221

Teacher of mankind PK 577

Teacher of teachers CT 389; FE 517

Teacher sent from God CT 250; Ed 73-83; FE 239, 407, 514; SD 55

Teacher who cannot err LS 392

true Educator 7BC 914

wisest Teacher FE 373

wonderful Teacher CSW 109; Ev 427; EW 165

world’s best and truest Educator SD 70

as stranger to some SDA educators 8T 61

authority of, as teacher of truth DA 456

brought into His teaching none of science of men FE 408

carried out His teachings in His life CT 262

child used by, as illustration in teaching AH 279; Ev 340-1

children were impressed by manner in which, explained Scriptures CH 498; WM 57

children’s questions answered by CT 180; DA 515; MH 42; 4T 141

could have imparted to men knowledge surpassing any previous disclosures MH 448

could not sanction mingling of human requirements with divine precepts DA 84

dealt with men individually in His teaching Ed 231

did not: attack precepts or practices of learned teachers DA 84-5

despise education DA 249

ignore learning or despise education CT 511

perplex the ignorant with mysterious inferences GW 50

use unaccustomed or learned words GW 50

education of apostles by FE 47

explained parables to disciples 6T 248

higher than world’s wises and greatest teachers DA 464

how, explained Scriptures WM 57

handled queries of teachers and rulers FE 400

human traditions exalted above God’s law were set aside by COL 171

humble poor and most unlearned could comprehend truth presented by GW 50

illustrated important truths with things familiar to people 2T 579-80

illustrations used by, from scenes of nature CW 107-8

in all SDA schools FE 513

instruction given by, on every essential subject FE 405

people were anxious to hear EW 165

was most definite, simple, and practical GW 50

was not new but it came with force of revelation FE 238

lessons of, illustrated so clearly the lowest and most simple-minded could readily comprehend them 4T 260

re economy 6T 451-2

study MM 87

works of God in nature were associated with COL 17-27; SC 85; 2T 580

lessons taught at Capernaum by, were carried to other countries PK 73

lift up, as first great Teacher FE 382

lived what He taught Ed 78; Ev 636

loved to gather people about Him under blue heavens DA 291

meaning of, no need to consult learned doctors re GW 50

method (manner) of teaching used by CH 498-9; MH 23; 6T 68-9, 87-8; 8T 201

altogether different from ordinary methods 6T 153

beautiful and attractive CT 240

contrasted with that of learned scribes and rabbis FE 236-8

described MH 23-4

different from that of Pharisees MB 47

every class of people met by 3T 214

follow Ev 53, 441-2

for His disciples 3T 426

for Pharisees and Sadducees 3T 426

in presenting truth cannot be improved upon CH 498

learn from 3T 426

maintain simplicity of CH 498; CT 250, 261; MH 443

simplicity characterized CT 240

study Ev 58, 441, 565

teachers today should follow CT 261

to secure attention, call forth interest, and arouse inquiry FE 236

understand Ev 53

ministers should be educators as was 5T 256

never lost sight of children CT 179

parables of See Parable

pattern of teaching by, ministers should follow 2T 618

personal element in teaching by, importance of Ed 231

physician who can present, as way, truth, and life 6T 248

power of, held men spellbound MB 6

priests and rulers questioned right of, to teach DA 455

questions asked by, puzzled wise men FE 440

ready always to interest and draw men to study Scriptures MM 303

represented as ignorant by educators of His day CT 446; FE 448

reticent and uncommunicative re scientific truths FE 338

Sermon on Mount is wonderful production of teaching by FE 407

showed no regard for traditions and commandments of men FE 238

simplified His important lessons for children CT 180; DA 515; MH 42; 4T 141

some instruction given by, was for His followers only TM 34

sought: access to people by most familiar illustrations MH 23-4

by Sermon on Mount to undo work wrought by false education DA 299

to make His teachings interesting 2T 580

to make lessons of instruction plain and simple 2T 579

study of, as divine Teacher FE 397-404

tact of, in teaching truth SC 12

taught: by sea, on mountainside, in city streets, and in synagogue MH 20-1

often in outer court of temple so Gentiles could hear Him MH 21

only what He had received from Father GC 541

that Scriptures are of unquestionable authority DA 253

while eating at table CT 554

taught disciples: in Bible study groups 6T 87-8

much amid scenes of nature MH 52

re true social life WM 287-8

what to say at public gatherings WM 287

taught disciples how to: conduct themselves in company of the irreligious WM 287

pray SC 93

work for souls CH 498

taught people: amid scenes of nature DA 290; MH 52, 54; 2T 579-80

to behold God in His works, His word, and His providences CT 35; 8T 202

teaching of: contrasted with that of rabbis MH 21-2

freshness and power in MH 52; 8T 201

God’s word was subject of MH 21

is full of grand, ennobling, and saving truth FE 408

much of, given in open air MH 52

no long and far-fetched and complicated reasoning in Ev 171

self-sacrifice is keynote of CS 25

softened and subdued the soul TM 156

style of, was plain and comprehensive Ev 565

was simple DA 253; Ev 565; 2T 579

was simplicity itself Ev 55

teachings of: always positive CT 434

authority characterized 6T 160

benevolence characterized 6T 160

differed from traditions and dogmas of rabbis GW 188

embrace things of time and eternity Ed 82

embrace world Ed 81

freedom from formalism characterized 6T 160

freedom from tradition characterized 6T 160

holiness of heart and purity of life were great subject of 2T 445

impressive and solemn 2T 617

marked with simplicity, dignity, and power heretofore unknown 5T 747

no course in halls of philosophy can equal CT 511

originality characterized 6T 160

practicability characterized 6T 160

re Sabbath DA 281-9

self-sacrifice is keynote of CS 25; 9T 49

simplicity of, study MM 93

spirituality characterized 6T 160

tenderness characterized 6T 160

were focused on practical needs of people 8T 310

See also Teaching

topic of human science never escaped lips of FE 408

training of twelve apostles by Ed 84-96

truth presented by, so deep that wisest and most accomplished teacher could never exhaust it SD 266

vast fields of knowledge might have been opened to men by 8T 201

ventured no further into His subject than people were able to follow 4T 260

was what He taught Ed 78-9

wisdom and deep penetration of, great men astonished at FE 400

youth caught spirit of ministry of CH 498-9; WM 57

See also Section 20

8. As Healer EW 159-60; MH 111; MM 196-7

appellations of: all-healing Physician 3T 184

Chief of physicians CH 536; MM 85

Chief Physician CH 536; MH 111, 116, 121, 134; MM 25; 6T 232

compassionate Physician CH 529; MH 226

divine Healer CH 221; CT 468; Ev 544; GC 515; GW 215

divine Medical Missionary CH 213

divine Physician MH 117; MM 33; 1SM 83; 5T 117

Great Healer CH 318; CT 467; DA 265, 592, 824; Ev 532; MH 22, 59, 226, 233, 244; MM 13, 25, 197

Great Healer of the blind 3T 430

great Medical Missionary CH 212, 371, 539; CT 483-4; MH 267; MM 20, 22; 1SM 112; 2SM 237; 8T 202, 206; 9T 170; WM 53-4

great Minister of healing in SDA institutions MM 25

Great Physician CH 212-4, 497, 526, 528, 535, 593; CT 486; DA 197, 343, 824; Ev 518; MH 118, 144, 174; MM 25, 120; 2SM 284; 6T 111, 136, 227, 231, 378; 9T 178; TM 200; WM 172

Great Physician who made human body 9T 178

greatest Medical Missionary world has ever known MM 24, 48, 159, 194; 2SM 199, 285

greatest Physician world has ever known CH 544, 590; MM 116, 126, 207; 9T 178

Healer DA 259, 263, 582, 776; MH 68; MM 196-7; SR 248

Healer of all woes MH 121

Healer of body as well as soul DA 92; MM 224

Healer of soul DA 270; MH 77

Healer of soul and body 6T 232

heavenly Physician MH 119; MM 248; 2T 375

mighty Healer CH 502, 526; COL 273; DA 217, 402; MH 34, 60, 62; MM 13, 115-6; 2SM 284; 6T 234; 9T 124

mighty Healer of soul and body WM 335

mighty Healer of all diseases WM 172

mighty Healer of sin-sick soul CH 502

Originator of med. miss. work CH 497

Physician COL 418; DA 265; MM 79; PK 719

Physician in Chief CH 536; CT 487; MM 13

Physician of soul and body 5BC 1088; MH 130-1; 6T 230

Physician who never lost a case EW 37; LS 118

pure Physician DA 267

Soul Healer MM 147

true Head of medical profession MH 111

true Head of missionary of med. profession CH 536

True Physician MH 244

True Physician of souls MM 197

as willing to heal the sick now as when He was personally on earth DA 823

can heal all disease CH 212-3

of body as well as soul MH 267; MM 196

compassion of, for the sick and suffering DA 823

compassionate Physician still CH 210; MH 226

example for all who come after Him CH 526-9; MM 20-4

fame of, as Great Healer MH 22

spread beyond limits of Palestine MB 3

healed: all manner of diseases in miss. work CH 535

disease by His word GW 250; MH 122

the sick by laying hands on them COL 418; MM 238

healing of the sick on Sabbath by, was in perfect accord with God’s law DA 207

healing performed by, as quietly as possible SL 14

healing power of love went out from DA 92

healing work combined with evangelism by CH 544

largest part of His ministry spent in healing MM 240

life imparted to the sick by CT 466

lived life of genuine med. missionary 8T 222

med. ministry combined with spiritual ministry by Ev 516

med. ministry of CH 526

keep alive in church principles of self-denial and self-sacrifice followed in MM 316

med. missionary in every sense of word CH 317

med. missionary wherever He went WM 328

med. miss. work brought into His ministry by MM 246

med. miss. work united with ministry of the word by 6T 292

med. student should keep sanctifying influence of, before his patients CT 482-3

ministered to both soul and body MH 111

miracles of healing by See Miracle

missionary of highest type CH 535

miss. work of, healing all manner of diseases was combined with CH 535

more time and labor devoted to healing than to preaching by CH 34; MH 19; 4T 225

never refused to touch loathsome leper with healing DA 776

pity of, for persons afflicted with disease 3T 179

preaching and healing bound together by 6T 234, 242

sees every effort to find access to souls by presenting health reform principles CH 539

sick and afflicted were objects of special care of 4T 225

simple agencies of nature used by, in healing DA 824; MH 233

stream of healing power flowed from CH 526

teaching and healing combined in ministry of MM 62-3; PK 240

temporary hospital established by, on green hill slopes of Galilee ML 226

thousands healed by, with touch and word MM 79

turned no one away who came to Him for healing DA 823

was healing power WM 36

whole villages without moan of sickness because He healed all their sick SC 11

work of physician and minister perfectly represented in CH 528

9. As Intercessor AA 495; 7BC 913, 926; COL 156; CT 14; Ev 187; GC 484; LS 324; PP 140; SC 89; 1SM 140; 6T 67, 363; 8T 177; 9T 104; TM 157, 465

appellations of: compassionate Intercessor FE 275

great Intercessor 4T 530

living Intercessor CSW 124

true Intercessor PP 330

as personal Saviour Ed 132; MH 419

at right hand of God DA 52-5; TM 157, 391

before Father MYP 407; 3T 396; TM 157

for church TM 157

by: His spotless life, His obedience, and His death COL 156

prayer for us 7BC 914

Father’s response to, in our behalf 6T 364

for man when Adam and Eve sinned PP 63

in: God’s presence Ev 187; CSW 124

heaven Ed 132; MH 419; SC 74; 8T 128; 9T 103; TM 391

investigative judgment, for all who have overcome through faith GC 482-4

sinner’s behalf PP 140; 6T 364; 8T 178

in heavenly sanctuary is as essential to plan of salvation as His death GC 489

intercession of: added to prayers of His followers AA 37

as golden chain fastened to God’s throne 7BC 914

ceases at close of probation 2T 191

ceases before second advent PP 98

essential to plan of salvation GC 489

God is near to us in SD 77

is that of a spotless life GC 416

is that of pierced and broken body GC 416

man’s need of, is constant 6BC 1078

what to expect from 6T 364

intercessory prayer by 5BC 1145-6; DA 680; SD 296

introduces His people to God as sons and daughters 6T 363

lives to intercede for us 2T 591-2

mistake of Millerite Adventists re GC 429

Moses as representative of PP 330

not as mere petitioner but as Conqueror claiming victory COL 156

office of CT 14; SD 22

pleads: before God for sinful men AA 495; 8T 178

for His church AA 552; TM 92

our individual cases 2SM 249-50

pledged to intercede in our behalf SD 22

points to rainbow PP 107

presents: His spotless merits with our prayers, confessions, and thanksgiving COL 156

our petitions before God 4T 530

prophecies re, familiar to Him as man FE 402

Satan resists, as He intercedes for His people TM 465

thought of, be comforted by 4T 530

work of 7BC 914; 6T 364; 8T 177-8

essential to plan of salvation GC 489

garments of vengeance put on by Him at close of 8T 42

proclaim with pen and voice ChS 130

solemn announcement at close of GC 613

Zechariah foretold GC 415

See also Sections 1, 2, 13; High priest; Judgment (Investigative); Sanctuary (Heavenly)

10. As Judge 7BC 953; DA 158, 210; 9T 185

all judgment committed to DA 210; MM 133

appellations of: eternal Judge DA 708

infinite Judge DA 285

Judge of all earth DA 210, 708, 736; 5T 612

Judge of all living 7BC 958

Judge of all men MM 133

Supreme Judge 7BC 989

appointed (made) Judge 5BC 1134; CS 349; ML 335; 9T 185

to execute judgment DA 210

at close of millennium EW 52-4, 291-4; GC 666-73; 3SG 83-5; SR 421-9

both Advocate and Judge DA 210

during millennium EW 290-1; GC 660-1

only, can be our Judge 9T 185

only Judge of man’s fitness for eternal life ML 339

when, will assume office of Supreme Judge 7BC 989

will stand as Judge at last day DA 158

work of 7BC 953

See also Judgment; Millennium

11. As laboring man

among peasants and laborers SC 81-2

carpenter Ed 217; Ev 132; ML 56; 2SM 163-4; 3T 566

carpenter’s son DA 162, 237

carpenter’s trade learned by CT 147; FE 417

did not use His divine power to lighten His toil DA 72

example set by, of industry MYP 211

in manual labor CT 276-7

learned to handle tools in His youth 9T 185

lived life of toil from His earliest years CT 276

made every article well Ev 378

perfect workman DA 72; FE 418

regarded as uneducated carpenter DA 387

sang David’s beautiful psalms 7BC 936

spoken of contemptuously as Galilean laborer DA 387

toiled: among hills of Galilee SC 82

daily with patient hands CG 346; CT 277

for His daily bread 5T 42

in workshop at Nazareth 5T 42

trade learned by DA 72; MH 399; 8T 222

trained in useful labor ML 131

unwilling to be defective in handling of tools FE 418

worked at carpenter’s trade COL 345; CSW 54; Ev 132, 378; FE 142, 151, 392; ML 56, 168; MYP 211; 8T 222

as carpenter’s son TM 177

at carpenter’s bench AH 290, 443; MH 52

at humble trade SC 82

for wages Ev 132; ML 56

in carpenter’s shop CT 276; DA 72; MH 399; SC 81; 8T 222

in craftsman’s occupation Ed 77

in little carpenter shop in Nazareth 3BC 1129; COL 349; CT 147, 276; FE 417; SC 81

with Joseph CSW 54; DA 72; Ev 378; MH 399; 8T 222

worked to help support His family CG 346

12. As man (on earth)

absent from feasts during much of His ministry DA 451

accepted God’s law and wrought out its principles in His life 5T 576

accepted God’s plans for Him MH 479

accomplished work He came to do CH 498

accused as: blasphemer COL 171

Sabbathbreaker COL 171; 1SM 314; TM 294

accused of: receiving sinners COL 185-97

lightly regarding God’s law COL 377; DA 497

acquiesced cheerfully in all of Father’s requirements 4T 396

acts of, condemned by dignitaries at Jerusalem early in His ministry DA 196

agonizing in Gethsemane, angels beheld DA 693

agony of, on cross testifies to His estimate of human soul 5T 604

all heaven triumphed in victory of, on cross DA 758

all mysteries were comprehended by DA 326

all temptations of humanity were met by 9T 190

all truth was understood by DA 326

alone, is perfect pattern which all should copy 2T 638

amazing sacrifice made by AA 333

angels attended 4T 109

angels did not keep, from temptation GW 266

angels guarded DA 793, 832

when in danger DA 528; EW 159

while in tomb 5BC 1114

angels not permitted to minister to, on cross 2T 215

appointment of, to meet disciples in Galilee after His resurrection DA 793-4, 818

arguments used against, founded in falsehood 1SM 70

as: evangelist CH 318

Messiah was called Son of David DA 608-9

our kinsman, redeemed us from bondage of sin DA 327

as gospel worker: earnest 3T 164

earnest and constant DA 73; MH 51

example of CH 317

expected much and attempted much DA 73

labored incessantly and intensely and often without food CH 526

untiring 9T 45

zealous 4T 600

as prophet, spoke to daughters of Jerusalem DA 752

assailed by: Satan on every point 4BC 1148

Satan’s fiercest and most subtle temptations GC 510

associated men and women with Him, in gospel work Ev 67-8

attempts of Jews to stone EW 159

attended: synagogue on Sabbath Ed 251

yearly festivals of Jews CT 262; MH 22

attention of, to little things COL 357-8

attentive to wants of least among men CT 262

attitude of: to His opponents 1SM 70-1

to sinful men in need of divine love and salvation Ed 79-80

toward social outcasts COL 185-6

authenticated fact that He was living Saviour DA 829

authoritative example for us SD 137

authority of, defended by Him DA 593-4

to teach was challenged by Jewish leaders DA 455

authorities at Jerusalem sought to murder DA 260

baptism of: angels hovered over scene of EW 153

example of steps sinner must take in conversion DA 111; 4T 40, 42-3

heaven bore testimony at DA 136

many people present at DA 136

no repentance needed by Him to submit to it DA 110

not received as confession of guilt on His own account DA 111

purpose of 4T 40-3

witnessed by Satan DA 116

baptism of suffering and blood experienced by 4T 121

barriers broken down by DA 399-403

became: Shepherd through His sacrifice DA 478

spiritual leader for all ages 1SM 409

began to redeem man where his ruin began CD 153; 3T 486; Te 19-20

benevolence of, Jews did not admire SL 14

beset by adversaries at every step COL 170

better knowledge of, constantly cultivate desire for SD 27

birth of: contempt and evil whisperings re DA 88

mystery of, no attempt made by Him to explain DA 387

OT Scriptures foretold AA 221-2

story of, is exhaustless theme DA 48

was miracle 5BC 1128

wicked insinuations re DA 387

birthplace of, Micah foretold GC 313

blood from wounds of, fell drop by drop on rock below DA 760

bore: every test DA 598-9

insults without retaliation 5BC 1081

brutal treatment of, during His trial 1T 240-1

burial of, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus aided disciples in DA 773-4

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus helped to bear expense of AA 104

burning denunciations hurled by, against hypocrites and Pharisees 5T 144

bustle and confusion of crowded city wearied 4T 141

came: in personal contact with men WM 60

not as king but as sower COL 35

came not to: destroy old dispensation Ev 554

overturn thrones and kingdoms MH 36

came to: live God’s law FE 385

live life of the poorest MH 19

redeem Adam’s failure DA 117

world as its light COL 416

world in humility MH 197

came to earth with: accumulated love of eternity Ed 76

hoarded love of eternity MH 37; 5T 204; 7T 144

love as broad as eternity 4T 418

came to reveal: Father to sinners 8T 286

Father’s character PP 469

came to vindicate: authority and holiness of God’s law PP 366

claims of God’s law 8T 207

God’s law before world SD 55

character of: divine-human, study carefully MH 491

enemies constantly sought to find stain in 8T 208

formation of, He began early to act for Himself in DA 86

great principle manifest in PK 82-3

keep noble principles of, constantly before people 6T 258

represent 5T 594

study 9T 187

was absolutely perfect MM 20

without spot or stain of sin 9T 187

charged falsely with one crime after another 5T 291

charged with: blasphemy by Jewish authorities DA 699

casting out devils through Satan DA 321

sedition by Jewish authorities DA 699

seeking to overthrow temple service DA 433

preparing way for complete subjugation of Jews by Romans DA 205

chief work of, was ministry to the poor, needy, and ignorant CH 387; WM 59

was preaching to the poor WM 171

children felt perfectly at home in presence of 5T 421

children loved to play around FE 68

children’s happiness brought joy to 4T 141

children’s kisses of grateful affection received by DA 592

claim of, as king was ridiculed by earthly rulers COL 77

claims of God’s law not lessened by SD 48

clasped healed children in His arms DA 592

cleansing of temple by, roused determined hatred of priests and rulers against Him DA 167

collapsed from exhaustion, after temptation in wilderness DA 131

commanded no army MH 197

compassion of: for neglected masses 6T 254

for the poor and the sick MH 17-8

for the sick and suffering MM 121

knew no limit MH 17

condemned: for crime of treason against Roman government DA 773

on charge of blasphemy 5BC 1104

condescension of, that broke Peter’s heart DA 645

conditions on which Jews would have accepted DA 130

conduct of, at private feasts WM 287

eternal welfare of sinners regulated 3T 217

confided care of His mother to John AH 204; DA 752; EW 177; MH 42; SL 53; SR 224

confronted constantly with apparent failure DA 678; 6T 307

conquered hearts by His gentleness and unselfish, unassuming spirit 7T 156

contacted people in their homes Ev 203

continual pain suffered by, while in contact with enmity, depravity, and impurity 5T 422

copy example of, in God’s work 6T 442

correct example of gospel minister was given by 4T 373

could not: sanction mingling of human requirements with divine precepts DA 84

see through portals of tomb while on cross 2T 209

courage of, good under greatest opposition and most cruel treatment DA 330

cousin of John the Baptist DA 109

crowds that listened to, no building in Palestine could hold MH 17

cruel scourging met by, with meek submission 4T 139

crying children cheered by His tender sympathy 2SM 238

daily lot of, reproach and penury were GC 20

dead body of: described DA 772

embalmed with myrrh and aloes DA 773

water and blood flowing from side of, significance of EW 209

wrapped in linen sheet for burial DA 774

dead persons raised to life by DA 786; EW 160

who were not clothed with immortality DA 786

declared John the Baptist to be greatest of prophets 5T 224

deeds of mercy marked pathway of, at every step CH 499

deep tenderness manifested by, for humanity GW 117

deference and respect manifested by, for age SD 130

definite purpose in every word and act of DA 393-4

demonstrated before all worlds that God’s law is unchangeable GC 503

denied right of priests and rabbis to question Him DA 211

denounced abuse of Sabbath observance DA 206

depended on hospitality of friends and disciples DA 524

descendant of: Abraham AA 247; DA 44; PP 125

David 5BC 1130; DA 44; 1SM 247

Judah PP 236

possessor of birthright PP 177-8

Shem PP 117

descent of, traced from Abraham through royal psalmist AA 247

deserted by God, to all appearance, when He died for sinners DA 624

despised because of His humility, holiness, and purity EW 178

destruction of, argument urged by Jewish rulers for GC 615

devils in council plotted to defeat EW 158-9

devotion of, to doing good to others 3T 54

did: no act to gain applause PK 693

works no other man had done or could do 3T 213

did not: attach “Professor” to His name Ev 132

attack precepts or practices of learned teachers DA 84-5

avoid weariness 4T 100

censure human weakness DA 353; GW 117; SC 12

change Sabbath GC 447

contend for His rights DA 89

dazzle men’s senses with display of outward glory 5T 253

despise education FE 47

die that man may have license to break God’s law TM 161-2

disclose all truth to disciples Ev 57

exalt His divine character FE 392

exercise divine power for His own benefit DA 119

fail to show proper respect for the law DA 706

flinch from severest trials CT 277

go to Paradise on day He died DA 751

go unbidden into temptation DA 126

gratify curiosity 8T 310

hold Himself aloof from the unfortunate 2T 467

ignore claims of His body MYP 234

measure His work by hours MH 500

meet glory of popular conception of Messiah DA 457

needlessly place Himself in conflict with rabbis FE 439

neglect smallest and simplest duty WM 153

overwhelm men with immensity of His talent FE 338

resort to abrupt actions or prescribed rules Ev 140

rest in possession of almighty power DA 336

seek earthly throne DA 727

seek to dazzle men’s senses with His glory DA 261

shut Himself up in hermit’s cell DA 86

step into world as fully matured man CSW 54

stoop to enter into controversy with Satan PP 478

suffer and die solely to save man GC 503

suppress one word of truth DA 353

take part of His family because they were related to Him FE 402

unnecessarily expose Himself to persecution DA 355

use His divine power to resist temptation 4T 45

work in way to dazzle men with His superior abilities FE 338

yield to temptation even by thought DA 123

did not come as king DA 147

to rule nations MYP 16

did not come to: abolish God’s law 2SG 274

establish temporal kingdom in this world DA 820

did not die to: abolish God’s law TM 134

destroy God’s law COL 314

did nothing to: establish His authority as earthly king MB 3

vindicate or deliver Himself COL 171

died as: Passover Lamb 3SG 225

true sacrifice DA 233

whole Saviour 2SG 216

died to: maintain authority of God’s law SD 54

save man from his sins but not in his sins 4T 251

secure right to destroy Satan TM 134

secure second probation for man TM 134

show that God’s law is immutable COL 314

dignified life in all its details MB 99

disappointment of, when those for whom He died choose sinful companionship 5T 508

disciples longed to see, reign as temporal prince DA 415

disciples reproved by, for spirit of self-aggrandizement 4T 226

doubts assailed, while He was dying 2T 209

drank bitter cup apportioned for man to drink 2T 590

dwelt among the lowly MH 197

each event in work of, had its appointed hour DA 451

ear of, heard every cry DA 163

easily approached by the most lowly WM 53, 170

embodiment of refinement and purity 2T 467

emphasized binding claims of Sabbath PK 183

employed none of Satan’s weapons MB 57

endured: agony that required help and support from Father 2T 509

all temptations with which man is beset 4BC 1147; 7BC 930; SD 230

cross for joy of seeing souls redeemed 6T 449

every test that man could have CG 475

every trial to which we are subject DA 24

judicial punishment for man’s sins SR 225

keenest pangs of hunger 3T 481

most terrible temptations SD 24

opposition from wicked Jews EW 160-1

severest trials CT 49-50

struggles and torture of soul in world of sin DA 363; SC 94

testing process 4T 86

enemies of, gathered up every false report against Him 5T 291

enemies pursued three years in trying to find stain in His character DA 467

energy of, was indomitable 4T 603

enjoyed singing of birds SD 135

entered homes of men WM 60

erroneous idea that, abolished Decalogue PP 365

came to do away with OT Scriptures PP 365-6

evangelist as, never was there such MH 22

every idea presented by, was His own 1SM 409

every sentence uttered by, came from God FE 407-8

every word and act of, had its definite purpose in His work of redemption DA 393

example for: fathers DA 515

us Ed 259; CG 525; 2SG 251-2; 1SM 172; 4T 139; 7T 46

example of, God’s law expounded in 1SM 317

God’s word requires that His people imitate 5T 113

holy life SD 42

only safe course is to follow 1T 408

what God designed men to be physically and spiritually DA 50-1

exercised no powers men may not have through faith DA 24, 664

expenses of, in work of preaching 4T 42

experience of, with persons possessed by demons GC 514

experienced all temptations that befall men Ed 78

expositor of prophecies re Himself DA 237

faith of, marked with blood drops of agony in Gethsemane AA 582

faithful regard of, for one-soul audience 6T 115

false conception re, errors and traditions led Jews to accept 5T 710

false reports circulated against DA 392-3

familiar with men’s interests and occupations MH 24-5; 3T 214

familiar with prophecies re His: humiliation, atonement, and intercession CT 260

mediation CT 260; FE 402

Father unfolded His plan to, day by day DA 208; MH 479

Father’s character was revealed in ML 300

Father’s presence separated from, in Gethsemane 5BC 1124; DA 686-7; 2T 203, 206-7

Father’s representative in fallen world ML 274

favorite resorts of, fields and hills were DA 290

favorite theme of, paternal character and abundant love of God was TM 192

paternal tenderness and abundant grace of God was COL 40; 6T 55

feelings of, on way to Gethsemane for last time DA 685-7

fields of knowledge that, refused to open 8T 309

finished work given Him to do AA 24

first earthly home of, stable was 5T 269

first step in organization of church by, ordination of 12 apostles was AA 18; DA 291

first work entrusted to Peter by GW 182-3

forbade people to declare Him king DA 383

forced no one to believe Ev 171

forces of confederacy of evil sought to overcome DA 116

foresaw results of His earthly mission and death DA 410

forgave: His murderers while on cross DA 744, 760; EW 176; PP 140

Peter for denying Him 4T 488

forsaken of God on Calvary 2T 209

foundation of Christian church by, began with calling of first five disciples DA 141; WM 60

friends provided home for, as wayfarer 2SM 154

fulfilled: Messianic specifications of OT Scriptures AA 436

OT types and prophecies GC 267

plan existing from days of eternity DA 147

prophecies re His first advent 5BC 1090

types of ceremonial law COL 35

fund established by, for aiding the poor 4T 41-2

funds of, for evangelism were meager 4T 41-2

future read by, as open book AA 21

Gabriel strengthened, in Gethsemane 5BC 1123

gained access to hearts by sympathy and confidence TM 190

gates of hell could not prevail against DA 413

Gentiles drawn to, by tie of human sympathy DA 193

glory of, was in His simplicity CH 320

God’s commandments kept by 1SM 314

God’s law exalted and made honorable by SD 48

God’s nature and attributes revealed by MH 419

godly women aided, in teaching truth 2SM 44

gospel seed sown by, in out-of-way places Ev 47

great contradictions presented themselves in DA 87

great multitudes thronged steps of, in Galilee MB 3

great sorrow of, over Jerusalem’s rebellion GC 22

greatest opposition was met with good courage by 3T 217

greatest share of attention of, given to the poor 7T 226

greatest success of, was among the poor WM 171

grew in grace as perfect man 1T 339

had: divine foresight DA 655

neither food nor drink from Passover supper to crucifixion DA 742

no opportunities that the poor do not have MH 197

no place to lay His weary head 4T 83

no respect to persons or station 4T 225

no secrets re His purposes or doctrines DA 699

nothing to do with subjects of dissension among Jews DA 253

unlimited confidence in Father 3T 107

had been separated from Mary two months when marriage feast was held in Cana DA 145

had no home of His own DA 524; ML 166; 2SM 154

except that of friends MH 19; ML 166

had to: bear all trials and afflictions of man 7BC 925

fight battle as every child of humanity must fight it DA 49

meet life’s peril in common with every human soul DA 49

hated: because of His purity and holiness GC 27

without cause MB 32

He who never slumbers nor sleeps watched over DA 65

heart of: beneficent power of God’s law manifested in 5T 576

broken for man SR 224

broken on cross GC 540

burden of our sins broke SC 13

sin that broke GC 471

sorrow broke DA 353

when pain tortured DA 643

woes of lost world broke GC 651

heartfelt anguish of, when people refused His message GW 49

heavy dew dropped from cypress and palm trees upon, while He prayed in Gethsemane DA 687, 689

helped: His widowed mother provide for household at Nazareth MB 111

people who most needed help 2T 467

Herod the Great was moved by Satan to attempt to slay GC 438

holy Pattern of life 6T 393

homage given by world to position, wealth, and talent was foreign to DA 260

homeless wanderer GC 20

hospital of, found wherever sick people were MH 17-8

hospitality of Samaritans was accepted by MH 26

house-to-house work done by AA 364; GW 188; WM 53, 116, 170

how, met sneers, taunts, and ridicule from others 7BC 936

was tempted in all points as we are 4T 86

how narrow and worldly-minded men judged DA 196

human race would have been forever in Satan’s power if, had been overcome by him DA 687

humanity would have been lost if, had yielded to temptation SD 24

humility combined with inherent power and grandeur in, awed men while they loved Him 5T 253

hungered for sympathy and co-operation GW 28

hypocrisy fearlessly denounced by DA 353; GW 117; SC 12

identified Himself with: needs of His people 3T 186

the afflicted, the lowly, and the needy 4T 141

impressed men with sense of hidden power MH 51

inconveniences of poverty were suffered by CT 34

individuality of, distinct from earthly pride or assumption FE 400-1

inexpressible anguish suffered by 2T 206-7

inexpressible sorrow filled, when men rejected Him DA 393

innocent happiness was pleasing to ML 186

interested in: children CSW 54-5

people WM 162

Israel’s rejection of 4aSG 116-8

foretold in prophecy Ev 612-3

foretold in Scriptures DA 821

Jewish leaders denounced: as impostor DA 213

as Samaritan COL 381

as seditious before Pilate DA 728