EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Child, Children (Part 5 of 5)

sinful example of parents influences, from generation to generation 3SG 291

sinfulness of, plead with Christ to reveal 4T 42

singing of soft tunes has quieting influence on CG 93

six years old and upward, should bear share of life’s burdens 2T 700

skill and patient effort needed to mold, in right manner 4T 198

slaves of, parents must not be AH 283

sleeping room of, should be neat CG 109

should be scrupulously neat and clean CH 103

smart and sharp sayings of, should not be repeated in their hearing CG 38

snares for, Satan lays 5T 34

social environment of, importance of 5T 507

society for, parents should choose 1T 395, 400

sold by parents anciently because of poverty PP 310

solitary vice among See Self-abuse

some parents are in subjection to 1T 216-7

soothe, with tender sympathy in their troubles 1T 386

soul(s) of: Christ’s promises will charm and animate CT 172

inconsiderate kindness hurts CG 326

parents are accountable in great measure for 4T 113

parents must work with fidelity to save 5T 506

sowing good seed in, is easier than pulling out weeds afterward 1T 400

speak kindly to 1T 401

speak no angry words to AH 438

speak pleasant and cheerful words to 1T 401

speak to: always in calm and earnest voice CG 261

as you would have them speak to you CG 261

gently AH 436; 4T 61

kindly AH 421; CG 217; 1T 401

speak truth to, in simple language AH 350

special talent is needed to educate 6T 205

spending of money on, by parents 6T 451

Spirit convicts 6T 105

Spirit loves to address CT 172

spirit of, rebels against censure of nervous and fretful parents 1T 386

Spirit will impel, to declare God’s message Ev 700; 7T 27

Spirit will use: to do work older workers cannot do 6T 203

to proclaim truth when men not permitted to do so 6T 203

spirit working on parents leavens 4T 203

spiritual needs of, much lost as result of lack of attention to GW 207

spiritual training of, parents’ duty re DA 515

sports of, parents and teachers should interest themselves in 3T 134-5

steady industry on farm is blessing to 2T 403

stewardship given to every, by God CG 248

stomachs of, crowded with hurtful things at irregular periods 2SM 435

tender coats of, irritated by harmful food 4T 140

stories of romance injure 2T 559

story of Christ’s love should be repeated often to GW 208

stubborn dispositions of, how to subdue AH 197

studies of, should be restricted to proper number of hours FE 60

study dispositions and temperaments of, to know how to deal with them CG 207

subdue your, while they are young 2SG 254

subject to parents anciently 1T 216

subject to parents as long as they depend on them 1T 217

suffer as result of parents’ inconsiderate course 2SM 421

suffer effects of unwholesome food 2SM 431

suffer from: consequences of parental wrongdoing PP 306

disease transmitted to them 2SM 423

suffer penalty of violation of laws of health 2SM 425

suffering and mortality prevail everywhere among 3T 141

suffering of, God falsely charged with causing 2SM 426

sufferings and death of, God takes no pleasure in 2SM 469

sure safeguard of, against corruption of world AH 19

surround, with atmosphere of cheerfulness, courtesy, and love MH 386-7

surrounding influences of, parents should watch 1T 400

surroundings of, educational influence of FE 421-4

should be kept pure and clean CH 103

suspicion demoralizes Ed 289

swine’s flesh should never be eaten by 2T 94

sympathy and forbearance needed in dealing with AH 160

sympathy and love influence CSW 108

tact and wisdom needed in dealing with FE 262

tainted with parents’ physical debility and depraved morals 2SM 422-3

take time to talk and pray with AH 266

talents of, parental responsibility for use made of 6T 429-30

talk to, as if you had confidence in their intelligence CG 33

talks to 2T 420

generally lengthy and wearisome 2T 420

tastes and appetites of, do not pamper CG 473

great care needed re MH 384

tastes of: educate CG 188

parents educate 3T 488

should be simple in all things FE 156

stimulating food perverts Te 178

taught too often that they live to eat AH 261

teachers should take special interest in 6T 152

teaching, from book of nature CG 45-52; CT 185-90

habits of order takes time CH 103

tears of, Christ often dried 2SM 238

tell, what God would have them do CG 33

tell way of salvation to, on Sabbath 6T 358

telling story of cross to, blessing resulting from CT 184

temper of, harsh words sour 3T 532

tempted sometimes to chafe under restraint CT 161; MH 394

tendencies of, cultivation of COL 83; Ed 107

tendencies of each, parents should watch AH 414; CG 206

tendency of each generation of, to fall lower and lower PP 561

tender regard for, God has CG 260

thank and commend, for help given to you CG 260

things that, should learn at home CSW 48-9

things that parents should teach 2SM 440

think godly parents are overcareful and unnecessarily exacting CG 234

thoughts of, will be of same character as food provided for their minds 5T 544

time misspent by, in improper reading 2T 236

tobacco users transmit to, their inflamed blood and irritable nerves PP 561

their insatiable craving PP 561

too many hours of study harm 3T 148

too many hours with nothing to do are detrimental to 3T 148

too much confidence in, parents generally have 1T 156

too much criticism of, leads to disrespect for authority CG 280

too much talk leads, to loathe spiritual instruction GW 209; 2T 420

train, to become missionaries CT 168

training and educating, is not easy CG 233

traits in, parental responsibility for DA 517; MH 44

transfer of means to, by aged parents 4T 476-85

treasures that are curse to 2T 652

treat, affectionately 4T 61

with tenderness 5T 319

treating trifling misdemeanors of, as great sins is not Christlike CT 113

treatment of: failure to represent Christ in 4T 141

lack of uniformity in 4T 141

ministers should be kind and courteous in 4T 397-8

trials and needs of, Christ’s heart of love could comprehend CT 179

trifling mistakes of, avoid faultfinding or severe censure for 1T 401

true love does not allow, to indulge passion 1T 546; 2T 701

true love does not allow disobedience of, to go unpunished 1T 546; 2T 701

true state of, parents who were blind to 4T 193

truest graces of, modesty and obedience are CG 145; CT 113

trusting them benefits Ed 289

truthfulness and honesty in, encourage 2SG 256; 1T 157

two ways to deal with CG 258; SD 257

unbecoming garments mortify 4T 142

unchecked inclinations of, strengthen into absolute vices 4T 201

undeveloped adult in, God sees CSW 124; CT 197

unfortunate age for, we live in 1T 397

ungodly course of, mothers’ hearts broken by 4T 292

unnatural cravings of, stimulating food awakens Te 178

unprofitable conversation of, ill effects of 1T 392

unreasoning and undisciplined will of, how mother should deal with 7T 47-8

unruly inclinations of, parents to check 4T 201

unsanctified love of parents for 2T 173

unsubdued will and warped characters of, Satan’s voice expressed in 5T 325

unwise indulgence of, which is veriest cruelty CG 239

unwise sympathy and justification of, in wrong course 7T 185-6

use of money by, parents’ duty re FE 151-2

use of pork by, ill effects of 2T 94

useful employment for, in garden 4T 136

parents should provide CT 146; FE 417

useful work is blessing to CG 124

vanity and willfulness in, flattery and indulgence foster 4T 200

vanity in, should not be encouraged by praising their looks, words, or actions COL 83

varied traits of character inherited by 2T 74

vice disguised in fashion’s garb intrudes itself among 4T 643

violent passions of, parental responsibility for PP 561

visit saloons secretly 4T 651

visiting beer gardens with, parent guilty of 4T 496

visiting of, alone with friends far from home CG 460; 1T 401-2

waiting on, that inculcates selfishness in them CG 91-2

wants of: Christ knows 9T 175

parents should stoop from their dignity of age and station to understand and minister to 4T 141

should be gratified when reasonable 4T 140

warped characters of, express Satan’s voice and will 5T 325

watchfulness over, that parents must maintain CG 113-4

waywardness of CG 147

many parents are to blame for AH 187

we shall meet and know, in heaven CG 566

weak points of character of, should be strengthened 3T 26

well-being of, mother’s habits affect MH 372

what may appear cunning in, becomes contemptible and wicked in adult 4T 201

what to consider before bringing, into world 2SM 421-4; 2T 380

what to do when you have done all for 2T 362

what to suspect when simple and well-regulated labor exhausts 2T 349

when, may be ready for baptism CG 499-500

when it is sin to have 5T 323-4

EGW’s interest in AH 160

EGW’s labors for LS 260

JW and EGW had problems in rearing 1T 102

why: are much more difficult to control than formerly 2SM 435

of religious parents are often headstrong, defiant, and rebellious AH 310

often speak disrespectfully to parents CG 282

seek street companions CH 100

why some, become spendthrifts 3T 119

will and temper of, mother should subdue 1T 390

will be: disinherited because they obey God GC 608

driven from home for obeying God’s law GC 608

given experience in miss. lines CT 170

tomorrow what parents make them today CG 193; MH 131; 5T 37; 6T 119

will do work that older church members cannot do CT 166-7

will of: improper discipline and training of 3T 132-4

must be directed and guided CT 116

must be treated wisely and tenderly CT 116

must not be hammered to pieces CT 116

parents who fear to cross 1T 216-7

should be trained to submit to parents’ will CG 209-11

should not be broken CG 211

should not be destroyed 3T 132

wrong of breaking CT 116

will speak for God in closing work of gospel 6T 202-3

wings used by, to fly in future life EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

wise father who secured his, against evils of intemperance 4T 175-6

wise rules and regulations for, must be made and enforced CT 112

wisest plan for dealing with AH 306

withholding means from God’s cause in order to please CS 44-5

witness of, in closing scenes of earth’s history CT 166-7

words that cause, to forget their troubles AH 196

work for: at camp meeting Ev 584

calls for painstaking, prayerful, careful labor CSW 77

Christ’s method of MH 41-4

simple methods are most effective in 6T 179

work is good for AH 286

work is great blessing to 2T 403, 481

work of, parents should associate in CT 124

should not be exhaustive AH 287

worldly associates endanger 5T 437

worldly associations and influences ill affect 4T 110-1

worldly associations that make, creatures of circumstance 5T 545

worldly attractions fascinate and allure CG 474

worldly spirit in, seek to subdue CG 250

worst evil that parent can permit in CG 223

worst thing that parents can do to, is to release them from labor and responsibility 2T 481

wrath of, irritable parents excite 1T 384

wrong desire of, do not indulge CG 244

wrong tendencies in, can be overcome by God’s grace 4T 499-500

wrongdoing of: must be corrected CG 249

must be dealt with promptly and wisely CG 250

must be handled with firmness and decision CG 250

See also Baby; Boy; Girl; Parent; Stepchildren; Youth


abilities of, valued rightly by them if taught right 1MCP 173:0

acknowledge to, if you have not yielded to God TDG 264:3

activity natural for; train them for useful work 3SM 229:2

angels of God near TMK 42:4

anger of, following parent’s example 2MCP 519:1

angry words of, silence of parents for a time after FLB 265:4; RC 184:4

animal nature transmitted to, by intemperate parents TSB 114

animal passions strong in some; fathers need patience RC 175:4

annoyance from presence of, may be a problem 3SM 220:3

appreciation for, to be shown by parents FLB 268:3

approval and pleasant words to be felt by, for happiness RC 185

associates of, See Friends of

authority of God and humans taught to HP 150:5

backslidden, parents’ example caused, in most cases 1MCP 156:1

become as, in trust, obedience and love to be happy TDG 310:3

behavior of, may be like children 3SM 228:4

belong to God from infancy FLB 264:5

belong to God’s family RC 171:6

blessing of, comforted bereaved mothers 3SM 314:2

blessing or curse depend on choice by HP 217:3

blood of Christ available to, of a discouraged mother TDG 39:5

bring up, in admonition of the Lord UL 118:5

brought up in the Lord, angels in homes where RC 169:6

burden not caused by, if taught right PM 89:1

capabilities of, given for the glory of God HP 210:2

care of, left to strangers 1MCP 162:2

censuring (in relation to school) will not help 1MCP 200:3

character development of,

father has responsibility in RC 174:6, 179:1

law of God a sample for OHC 262:2

characters of,

blessings not withheld for shaping FLB 275:4

depend on parents’ efforts RC 300:3

developed through parents’ characters FLB 277:4

evil because of parents’ neglect FLB 269:4

from parents, so patience is appropriate 1MCP 139:4

mother chooses who will work with her to mold TMK 39:4

needed to stand firm HP 208:3

perfected UL 204:3

prayer for, not enough TDG 219:4

pure, helpful, kind 1MCP 366:3

responsibility deepens FLB 268:3

symmetrically formed; privilege of mothers 1MCP 139:5

See also Children, dispositions of

choice of, between world and heavenly path HP 217:3


as, spoke and acted with wisdom of child TMK 27:2

attracted UL 145:3

bore the sorrows and trials of TMK 30:3

condescended to take, in His arms and bless TMK 300:3

gave lilies to UL 98:3

grieved by disciples’ rejection of mothers bringing TMK 40:3

had temptations of 3SM 134:3

keep before, in song, prayer, and the Word HP 209:5

loved, although He was the Majesty of heaven TMK 100:3

loves RC 171:3, 249:4

noticed the sorrows and needs of HP 40:3

played with, and blessed HP 54:3

received flowers from UL 57:4

sacrificed His life to redeem HP 210:3

understands temptations of LHU 77:6

welcomed TMK 40:3

will bless, now too if mothers teach obedience 3SM 314:3

Christmas presents for, may not be amiss UL 367:2


heritage; they treasured His words LHU 90:4

humble birth to have attention of, on Dec. 25 TDG 360:2

obedience an example for OHC 264

teaching understood by UL 57:2

church desecrated by, playing in meetings 3SM 257:1

companionship of, parents to appreciate FLB 268:3

confidence of,

encouraged by joining them in play 3SM 228:4

gained by sanctified, tender regard 1MCP 145:0

lost when harshly treated 2MCP 552:1

to be gained, then obedience taught RC 190:7

conflict with, while clinging to a harlot TSB 142:2

connected to God by living faith of parents OHC 263:3

control to be exercised over 1MCP 169:2

cooking simply should be taught to parents and CME 36:3

cooperation of, parents to seek OHC 304:4

correction of, pray before RC 186:3

dealing with, See Children, treated

death of, souls may have resulted from, for J.N. Andrews TDG 348:3

dedication of, See Hannah

delighted by Christ’s appreciation UL 57:5

desire of, to do something for Jesus TMK 42:3

desires and dislikes of, discontent from honoring 1MCP 170:1

development of, See Development

differences in; treat them differently 2MCP 552:0


in training, remembering the judgment RC 185:4

taught to; working way through school TSB 72:3

direct, to Jesus as soon as they understand simple lessons TMK 42:2

direction listened to by; happiness in firm discipline 1MCP 171:1

discipline of, to prepare for heaven UL 94:4

disobedience of,

left to own way; clouds of judgment FW 46:0

not allowed by Abraham CC 49:2

permitted HP 209:3

dispositions of,

affected by mother before birth FLB 262:4

learn; teach them the way of the Lord TSB 41:2

sweet in a happy environment RC 185:2

dress may be vanity for 3SM 244:2

drifting of, parents are never to allow 3SM 210:1

dull and grievous conduct of, patience with HP 223:3

duty willingly accepted by; happiness in discipline 1MCP 171:1

early years of, See Children, young

education of,

away from disobedience, etc. (2 Tim. 3:2) TDG 307:5

by precept and example of parents 1MCP 156:1

learning to love Jesus TMK 42:3

to avoid evil influences HP 208:4

to honor God, fathers’ responsibility RC 175:3

to know God by His Word UL 33:2

to live for future life, not this world TDG 271:3

to meet world HP 208:3

to understand missionary work around them RC 252:4

what a work is this RC 300:3


ardor of, to work for Christ TMK 42:3

with cheerful words in overcoming TMK 42:2

entrusted to us for character preparation RC 171:6


life or death of, depend on mother’s influence RC 195:5

things neglected when parents put off being Christians TDG 264:2

evil in,

caused mostly by intemperance (1884) CME 40:5

parents to ask forgiveness for transmitting 2MCP 519:2

(propensities) not neglected by Abraham CC 49:3

example for,

of practical godliness RC 41:4

is the most effective means of training HP 212:3

to be cheerful RC 186:6

excitement and acclaim for LHU 32

families without, best as missionaries in the South SW 93

fashion not to be the indulgence of UL 302:3


responsible for bringing, into world RC 175:2

robbed, by relationship with another woman robbed TSB 136:0

to bind, by love RC 174:3

to encourage mother in work of training RC 171:3

to maintain interest in FLB 265:3

to mingle with, love and influence their minds RC 174:3

to study ways to reach RC 175:5

feelings of, Jesus shared LHU 90:5

fight of faith to be taught to TMK 42:2

fighting with, unjust; children affected 2MCP 552:2

first lessons for: love, confidence and obedience RC 189:6

flattery is poison for; parents to show tender regard 1MCP 145:0

flowers placed in hands of, to teach truth TMK 144:3

food given to, should be simple, not stimulating 3SM 290:1

friends/associates of,

demoralize them, when neglected by mother TSB 42:1

principles taught are carried out with 1MCP 172:3

unbelievers as LHU 146:4

gentleness and patience win, from wrong RC 186:5

gift from, (best offering) is freshness of childhood RC 373:6

given to service of Christ by parents OHC 263:5

God has committed care of, to mothers, not to fathers TMK 39:3

God loves, and desires their harmony with heaven HP 217:2

goodness of, rewarded even in this life 1MCP 171:1

growing up careless and irreligious RC 169:5

habits formed as, generally mark them for life TMK 40:4

haphazard work in raising TDG 219:4

happiness of,

by feeling approval and pleasant words RC 185:2

learned by developing character beauty RC 174:4

heart training of, neglected causes bitter harvest FLB 269:4

hearts of,

bad seeds in, produced briers and thorns 1MCP 156:1

can be bound to the mother RC 171:4

frozen by cold dignity; kindness will soften TDG 266:2

given to Jesus as grateful offering of love TMK 145:3

keep tender and sensitive by example TMK 42:3

open to divine influences FLB 270:4

heavenly agencies cooperate as you teach HP 208:4

help of, to parents should be appreciated TMK 149:5

heritage of Christ; UL 57:5

teachers have responsibility in dealing with 1MCP 192:0


duties to impress LHU 173:5

influences on, endure through character RC 292:6

to be school to train, for the higher school HP 209:2

homeless, See Orphans

honor to parents to be objective of RC 180:6

ignored, getting into mischief, creates bad influence 3SM 217:3

illegitimate, not to marry mother of one’s TSB 225

imagination of, cultivate, to picture the new earth TMK 145:3

impressed that they bear God’s image RC 300:7

impressions on,

harsh treatment leaves harmful 2MCP 552

influence, for life 2MCP 599:1

impulse not to govern dealing with 2MCP 552:0

impulsiveness of, restrained by Word of God as standard RC 176:2

impurity and sin permitted in 1MCP 162:2

inducements of Satan for; he wants control of minds 1MCP 170:2

indulgence of

parents who love, avoid 3SM 293:1

train, as God’s family; avoid HP 210:3

train, for Christ; refuse, in appetite or vanity TMK 40:2

infancy of, father to begin character training at RC 179:2

infant, mother’s behavior mirrored by RC 189:5

influence of, who are taught right 1MCP 172:3, 173:1

influence on,

by careless parents 3SM 229:1

considered before becoming parents 3SM 214:4

not to be jeopardized TSB 37

seen by others RC 167:4

inherit inclinations to wrong; strengthen the good 1MCP 144:4

institutions strengthened by, when taught right 1MCP 172:4

instructed by parents to love and glorify God HP 216:4

instruction to Israelites about teaching, is for us LHU 146:2

interest in tempted OHC 121:4

Israelites told to bring, inside and put blood on doorposts HP 150:3

keep, within own premises CL 12:4

kept in the narrow path by effort and prayer HP 212:4


and tenderness for, prepare them to receive Christ TDG 266:2

and willingness to help, God expects of 1MCP 366:3

kiss and prayer important to, for binding hearts RC 169:4

knowledge and experience given to, by God’s grace TMK 161:3

leading, after own heart; baptized with Spirit of Christ TDG 141:6

lessons for,

in pitching camp of Israelites LHU 145:6

to be elevating; heaven records 1MCP 172:3

to be ennobling; write books without error PM 98:4

to bring joy and desire to serve Christ LHU 173:6

little, we are to be, of Christ, learning of Him TDG 238:5


and approbation of parents to be preferred by RC 180:6

and interest of God for RC 373:6

seen between parents shown by TDG 335:3

love by,

for Christ as for parents RC 190:7

retained by explaining results of keeping errors RC 186:5

management of,

by fathers as well as mothers FLB 265:5

with the winning law of love TMK 42:4

mature morally by mother looking to God, doing duty RC 173:4, 190:5

minds of,

contain corrupt seed ready to grow OHC 202:2

develop by what they see 3SM 229:1

fed with real and divine PM 99:2

influenced by parents RC 174:3

mothers given time to beautify RC 169:3

needed guidance from mother preferring missionary work TSB 41:1

Satan is determined to control 1MCP 170:2

Scriptures to be unfolded to OHC 202:4

set right; walk and talk with them 3SM 211:3

misbehaving, church suffers from one family with TDG 293:3

mischievous, shield from temptation and encourage RC 249:7

missionaries in early years TMK 42:3

mistakes of, shown teaching that correction needed to enter heaven RC 186:5


not called to missionary work while neglecting TSB 46:2

to be teacher of, from babyhood RC 178:5

to care for and teach, but not be slave to them RC 184:3

to teach, way of salvation TSB 43:3


gratification when expecting, is not best 1MCP 133:4

responsibility to, although disrespectful TSB 44:2

temperance important for mind and body of CC 130:2

natural beauty to be seen by, as expression of God’s love TDG 86:2

nature lessons for, to make Sabbath a delight HP 152:3

needs of, used as excuse for not being a Christian TDG 362:6

neglect of,

good done for others will not cancel 1MCP 162:2

nothing to absorb parents that would cause 3SM 210:1

saddens Jesus TMK 39:3

while claiming to be led by God TSB 42:2

Noah’s ark and sand used in training young 3SM 218:2

noble when fruits of the Spirit are in the home RC 170:6

obedience of,

guided rather than appetite indulgence TMK 40:2

important but combine with loving atmosphere TSB 44:3

school needed for, if home deficient 3SM 217:3

to be taught; they will learn self-control RC 184:3

of Israel, See Israel


father’s influence especially needed for FLB 265:2

younger to be taught and treated kindly by RC 249:6

openness of, with parents to be encouraged RC 180:4

other children may be invited by, to join Christ TMK 42:2

overcoming by, adults to help 2MCP 518:5

own way of,

not to be permitted, but love them RC 186:5

to be repressed 1MCP 169:2


copied by, in not bowing the knee to God TDG 264:3

educated by lessons they teach to HP 209:2

granting wrong requests of TDG 39:2

influence spirit of HP 206:4

make a hedge about their, by prayer HP 90:6

not necessarily followed by, in piety TSB 45:2

respected and reverenced by FLB 267:5

take, to the gate of the city of God HP 216:4

to pray with, about trials and annoyances RC 180:2

to prepare, to meet their Lord in peace RC 243:8

to work together for highest good of 1MCP 155:2

united in faith to bring up HP 208:2

united in training HP 219:3

passions stirred up in, by harsh management 2MCP 552:2

planning responsibility to be shared with FLB 268:3

playing of, Christ watched, and approved achievements LHU 90:5; UL 57:6

pleasures of, in Christ pure, without remorse 2MCP 384:2


in family influences TMK 149:4

of confidence as OHC 147:4

with, if required to stay home RC 121:4

prayer of, God loves to hear LHU 368:5

preaching of, Ellen White shown circumstances of 3SM 111:0

preparation of,

for Christ when parents work for characters UL 204:4

for death or for immortal life RC 167:5

to meet Christ HP 212:2

pride in, overcome by teacher’s example of meekness 3SM 229:3

principles taught to, carried out with associates 1MCP 172:3

problems shared by, with companions instead parents RC 180:3

property of God UL 302

cannot be dealt with as you like 1MCP 169:2

protected from scourge in land when parents cooperate HP 150:5

provide happiness for, rather than being cross UL 118:6

punishment of, for crying by an unwise mother 2MCP 552:1

reaching, through music or pictures RC 175:6


and pray with (for couple who had neglected God) TDG 264:3

of Scriptures and good books recommended for PM 377:1

to, by Ellen White 3SM 262:2

rebellion in,

banished by companionship with teacher 3SM 229:3

confirmed by anger of parents 2MCP 552:2

when forbidden what you are doing 3SM 293:2

redemption of, will bring joy to their parents Mar 308:5

refusing desires of; show them you want their good RC 186:5

regard for, to gain confidence; flattery is poison 1MCP 145:0


of, to God encouraged by love of nature; He is Giver RC 174:5

renewal to one another in Christ felt by HP 209:5

relatives and, inner circle of, most important 1MCP 162:1

religion desired for, limited TDG 294:2

religious service to be taught patiently to LHU 146:2

respect for ministers lost by, if parents are critical TDG 167:6

responsibilities of home shared with FLB 268:3

restful spirit to be taught to, when mother learns it TSB 42:0

restraint of,

Eli’s negligence in CC 143:3

from evil never lessens love for parents 1MCP 171:2

reverence and right to be taught to, before world stamps TMK 40:4

righteousness longed for by, through management FLB 265:5

rights of; mother not to neglect home responsibilities TSB 43:1

risked when sent to public school 3SM 212:3

rule by, of both mother and self; discernment needed 1MCP 169:2

Sabbath happiness important to teach HP 152

salvation of,

although parents lost LDE 293

based on parents’ faith LDE 293

claimed although father was godless TSB 45:2

comfort for bereaved mothers about 3SM 314:2

cooperation with husband in working for 1MCP 155:2

difficult by neglect of mother TSB 42:1

from unbelieving and believing parents 3SM 313

kept from them, worse than to not enter yourself TDG 264:3

leave cities for CL 13, 19:4

kept from them, worse than to not enter yourself TDG 264:3

mother as chosen instrument for TDG 39:3

neglected HP 219:4

of unbelievers has not been revealed 3SM 315:1


asked about, in the final day 1MCP 162:2

given grace to accomplish TDG 293

have responsibility to work for OHC 304

whom Satan rules; they would be lost if they died 3SM 315:0

sanctifying influence upon, parents can have OHC 263:3

Satan inspired Herod to kill, in Bethlehem Con 27:2

Satan’s efforts against, repulsed FLB 269:7


not best; deal firmly but kindly with TMK 149:5

will not cure evils UL 302:3

Scripture instructions important for training LHU 160:6

seeing, in heaven, reward for faithful parents RC 168:5

self-abuse corrupts others including 3SM 286:2

self-control learned by,

characters are impressionable RC 292:6

from father’s sterner discipline FLB 265:6

selfishness in, brings unhappiness HP 216:2

self-respect to be taught to youth and PM 88:1

severity with, by one wanting to retain position RY 75:3

sin of; disobedient, unthankful, etc.; last days sign LYL 53:4

sin to be conquered by, through grace when very young TMK 42:2

sinful inclinations in, suppressed by teacher’s compassion 3SM 229:3

singing to, by Jesus LHU 90

snatching something from, example of unwise parenting 2MCP 552

sons taught to love useful employment OHC 263:4

souls of,

love is the key to TMK 39:4

righteousness imprinted on tablets of, with effort 2MCP 599:2

to be fed 3SM 229:1

valuable; mother wanted missionary work TSB 41:2

worked for as well as for adults RC 185:5

speak to,

kindly UL 302:3

with love and tenderness TMK 149:2

with the law of love TMK 42:4

speaking pleasant words to be taught to 1MCP 179:2

spirit of contention over trifles caught by TDG 111:3

Spirit of the Lord leads, in the time of Rev. 18 Mar 218:2

spoiling, easier than teaching righteousness 2MCP 599:2


from, for those bearing responsibility PM 89:1

of, to be developed in Christ; no restlessness 2MCP 384:2

striking, in anger RC 186:3; UL 302:2

subdued only as parents subdue themselves TMK 149:5

submission required of; they are not to rule RC 184:3

tastes of, carefully disciplined and educated OHC 202:4


control of temper and religion as living principle RC 169:2

doing good FLB 265:6

how Jesus came into the world to bring hope TDG 360:4

little by little; they belong to God 2MCP 599:3

not to love things of the world UL 94:4

self-respect, being true to God and principle PM 88:1

seriousness of heaven and hell UL 118:5

that they belong to God 1MCP 327:3

tidiness and sharing burdens UL 33:5

to consider the works of God TMK 145:3

to exercise control 1MCP 169:2

to feed on Word 1MCP 327:3

to speak pleasant words OHC 294:3

teachableness of, greatness in kingdom of heaven required TDG 231:2

teachers of ignorant parents coming out of slavery SW 45:0

temper controlled by, and Christlike spirit cultivated RC 169:2

temperaments of,

best understood by parents RC 180:5

fathers to learn, to deal with their minds RC 174:5

temptation met by, as they join army of Lord TMK 42:2

thinking by,

molded by thinking of parents TDG 264:3

not to be centered upon themselves RC 252:2


not to be wasted by, in useless activity UL 94:4

strength, capabilities of, are Christ’s HP 217:3

torture pictures of martyrs not good for PM 217:1

training of,

as helpers with God 3SM 210:1

binding hearts to parents and God LHU 253:4

book Education, with topic of 3SM 214:3

father should help in HP 208:2

for Christ HP 217:3; TMK 40:2

for God from infancy FLB 264:5

grandest work committed to mortals FLB 264:5

important; homes in country CL 12:2

in early years, much depends on RC 184:2

methods learned for; God will help TSB 40

more than teaching TSB 44:3

patience in UL 94:4

requires time, perseverance and prayer RC 171:3

service to God from HP 212:4

to begin early or future work will be hard 2MCP 599:3

watchfulness and prayer in, accomplishes more than severity RC 185:4

work done with God; binding hearts OHC 304:5


as God treats His older children 3SM 220:3

as purchase of God instead of playthings HP 210:3

tenderly RC 249:6

without impetuosity and icy dignity TDG 266:2

trials and annoyances of, parents to sympathize with RC 180:2

truth received/seen by,

after loving nature and seeing God as Giver RC 174:5

in parents’ lives leads, to fight against wrong, etc. RC 186:6

trying to reach God’s purpose HP 210:4

unassuming attitude of Christ as youth is example for LHU 32:7

unbelievers not to have control of 3SM 210:1

unfaithful, Samuel comforted Eli who had RY 49:3

unhappiness in, caused by parents’ neglect to restrain OHC 263:2

unwarned while spreading the message to others HP 219:4

value of, who believe in Him, as value of angels TMK 40:2

walk more with; talk with them 3SM 211:3

will strong in some, for good but others take patience RC 175:4


to draw wayward 2MCP 519:2

to raise, needed 2MCP 384:1

to train, sought in prayer RC 169:3

to train, to love you and God RC 186:5

wish of, law in some families 1MCP 170:1

Word of God,

understood better by, away from cities CL 13:1

when yielded to, brings His special care HP 215:6

words of anger spoken to FLB 265:4

work for, by younger ministers RY 37:2

work to be shared by even the small FLB 268:3

workers for God not idlers OHC 221:5

wrong countered in, by constant watching 2MCP 599:2


busy with useful activities 3SM 216:0

Christ to be object of simple lessons for TMK 42:2

influence of, bad when they are neglected 3SM 215:3

learn courtesy in the home from parents 3SM 229:1

lessons learned by, carried through life 2MCP 599:1

love and reverence to God taught to Samuel LHU 339:2

prepared to understand being followers of Christ 1MCP 156:1

salvation of, would depend on faith of parents 3SM 314:0

Samuel was pious from time of RY 49:3

time for training, for usefulness and heaven 1MCP 171:2

time to prepare for membership in royal family UL 249:2

way of the Lord taught to LHU 146:2

youth and, See Children and youth; Baby; Education, early; Students; Youth