EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Characteristics - Chiding


Characteristics, individual, sometimes too prominent 3T 539

Levi’s, reflected in descendants Ed 148

mental and physical, transmitted by parents to children PP 561

most needful, are patience, long-suffering, peace, and love 6T 398

natural, do not act out TM 225

of children of today CSW 46

of divine love, each must develop 5T 123

of true seeker after truth TM 121

to be taken to heaven, how to obtain 5T 129

wrong, Satan takes advantage of men’s DA 812

See also Character, traits of


Charcoal, bloody dysentery treated with 2SM 299

bowel inflammation treated with 2SM 299

disease treated with 2SM 287

eye inflammation treated with 2SM 294

fever treated with 2SM 295

inflammation treated with 2SM 298

indigestion treated with 2SM 298

injured hands treated with 2SM 294-6

injured limbs treated with 2SM 295

poisonous insect stings treated with 2SM 295

reptile stings treated with 2SM 295

sick people treated with 2SM 294

snake bites treated with 2SM 295

swollen knee treated with 2SM 300

with flax seed, in treating the sick 2SM 300

with fomentations, in treating the sick 2SM 294

with olive oil, tends to cleanse and heal 2SM 298

with smartweed, in treating the sick 2SM 294


See Accusations

Chariot, Chariots

Chariot, Chariots, celestial, Elijah translated with convoy of DA 301

cloudy, will take the redeemed to heaven EW 35, 287-8; GC 645; LS 103

flaming, took Christ into most holy place of heavenly sanctuary EW 55, 251

took Father into most holy place of heavenly sanctuary EW 55

iron, Canaanites used 2BC 1002; Ed 149; PP 487, 510, 514

of angels, Christ ascended to heaven in 6BC 1054; DA 831

of feeling, minister who rides upon 1T 647

of fire, round about Elisha in Dothan DA 240; PK 257

of state, Joseph rode in PP 233

Pharaoh used, in pursuit of Israelites PP 283-7; 3SG 231-5; SR 121-3

Pharaoh’s, angels removed wheels of 3SG 235; SR 124

Satan’s, human beings bound to CH 532-3; CT 259; SD 141; WM 338

See also Car; Cart

Charitable book matter

Charitable book matter, plan of liberality in 1T 689-90


“Charity,” in 1 Corinthians 13, means love AA 318-9; 6BC 1091; 5T 168-9

See also Love


Charity, attribute most prized by God 5T 85

attribute Christ appreciates most 6BC 1091

baptism into larger 5T 570

basis of, according to Bible 6T 271-2

Battle Creek Sanitarium gave thousands of dollars for 4T 510

Christian, chain of circumstances calls forth 3T 382; 9T 253

Christian life should be characterized by 4T 196

Christian should cherish 5T 85

church members engaged in liquor traffic give liberally to MH 340

class who have no time or money for Ed 246-7

deathbed, evils of 5T 154

not what Christ requires of Christian 5T 154

poor substitute for living benevolence 5T 155

trying to excuse covetousness by 4T 479-80

deeds (acts) of: be intelligent, systematic, and continuous in doing 5T 271-2

do not limit, to relatives and friends 4BC 1151

do not perform, for display SL 8

should be performed quietly SL 8

should not be done for praise and honor MB 80-1; 1T 193

do not give indiscriminately to all who ask MB 73

do not unite with the rebellious and call it AA 555; SL 65

element of Christian character CG 173; SD 32

false, leads men to love sin and cherish sinners 4T 558

few deeds of, abiding principle of truth is not merely for 5T 547

fruit of disinterested love and benevolence 3T 397

fruit of Spirit SD 32; 4T 59

gifts to, offerings due God’s cause are not to be offset by 9T 248

give to, from pity and love for suffering MB 81

in sincerity MB 81

giving to, should not be done for show MB 80-1

little deeds of, importance of SD 253

done in secret for needy 1T 194

make great men in God’s sight 4T 543

must cover Christians as garment 4T 125

needed in judging people and things 4T 62

neglect of, in church PP 497

object of, example of true 2T 435

organized, giving of gospel to the lost is not to be left to CH 390

ministry to the sick and poor is not to be left to MH 147

outworking of true 8T 140

persons asking, Christian’s duty re MB 72-3

poor people could be distributors of, rather than receivers 3T 400-1

prompts Christians to help people more needy than themselves 8T 136

raising funds for, methods used by churches in GC 387

real, helps men to help themselves MH 195

referred to in 1 Cor. 13 AA 318-9; 5T 168-9

round in ladder of Christian progress AA 530

set forth in Scriptures, described 4T 558

show of, Pharisees sought distinction by DA 261; MH 32

toward the erring 4T 65

true, plain dealing with sin and sinners is not inconsistent with AA 555

too pure to cover unconfessed sin AA 555; SL 65

true conversion leads to exercise of 6T 84

truest, defined MH 195

what to do when taken in by deceivers in matter of 2T 31

widows and orphans have claim upon, of God’s people 1T 190

widows and orphans need more than WM 85

works of, erroneous notions re 1T 193

should not be done in secret 1T 193

response of first disciples in 3T 392

world’s, work that SDA must not leave to MH 203

See also Benevolence; Love


attribute Christ appreciates most TDG 365:2

Christian will cultivate, of 1 Cor. 13 RC 306:7

church responsibility involves more than UL 277:5

deed of, God’s plan for stewardship not offset by TMK 221:3

fruits of, set forth by the apostle RC 268:6

grace of, in ladder of 2 Peter 1 OHC 73

kingdom of Christ, court of, graced by HP 372:2

restraining impulses toward HP 325:3

result of: winning confidence 3SM 239:2

sale of Ministry of Healing helps sanitarium in work of PM 365:5

See also Benevolence; Needy

Charity box

Charity box, funds for, forgo luxuries to provide 4T 511

youth urged to deny themselves to provide 4T 511

Charity expedition

Charity expedition, White family went on WM 331

Charity fund

Charity fund, for helping worthy poor sick 1T 560; 4T 510

second tithe provided by Israel as PP 530

Charity patient, Charity patients

Charity patient, Charity patients, care of, at sanitariums 1T 642-3

sanitarium’s liberality to 4T 510

Charles V

Charles V, emperor of Germany (in 1519) GC 145; SR 346

indebted to Frederick, elector of Saxony GC 145; SR 346

Diet assembled at Worms (in 1521) by GC 145, 155-62, 197, 207

ordered Luther (Martin) brought to Diet at Worms GC 146, 150

Aleander protested to, against Luther’s (Martin) coming to Worms GC 146-7, 150

Luther’s (Martin) defense before GC 154-62, 197, 207

contempt of, for Luther (Martin) GC 160

admiration of, for Luther (Martin) GC 161

rejected deliberately truths presented by Luther (Martin) GC 162-4

announced he would protect Roman Catholic religion GC 162-3

respected safe-conduct given to Luther (Martin) GC 162-3

yielded to dictates of worldly pride and policy GC 164

Luther (Martin) ordered by, to return GC 166

edict issued by, against Luther (Martin) GC 167-8, 197

pope was jealous of GC 197

failed to crush Reformation GC 197

Diet assembled at Spires in 1526 by GC 197

determined to crush Reformation GC 197

annulled arbitrarily resolution granting liberty of conscience GC 198-9

arbitrary act of, evangelical Christians alarmed by GC 198-202

convoked Diet at Spires in 1529 GC 197-8, 211

not at Diet of Spires in 1529 GC 201-2

King Ferdinand represented, at Diet of Spires in 1529 GC 198, 201-2

Protest of Christian princes of Germany presented before Diet at Spires GC 197-206

convoked Diet at Augsburg in 1530 GC 205-6, 211

audience granted to Protestant Reformers by GC 207

Confession of Protestant Reformers read before GC 207-8, 211

declared Augsburg Confession to be truth GC 208

banned Reformation in Germany GC 239

ambition of, to destroy Protestantism GC 211

power of, greater in Netherlands than in Germany GC 239

Protestants persecuted by, in Netherlands GC 239-40

armies of, road to Basel, Switz., blocked by GC 233

battled against omnipotent power GC 211

defeated in time of apparent triumph GC 211

forced to grant toleration to Protestantism GC 211

abdicated for cloister in premature old age GC 211

Charles IX

Charles IX, king of France GC 272-3


Charley, horse named LS 144; 2SG 133, 166

Charlotte, Mich.

Charlotte, Mich. LS 249-50; 1T 107

Charm, Charms

Christian, is kind words, pleasant looks, cheerfulness HP 180:5

dark shadows chased away by AH 422

moral worth’s, wealth and outward attractions cannot buy 7BC 942

nature’s, God would have men happy in AH 502

of character, are fast colors that never fade CG 424

outward apparel’s, shallow and changeable MYP 345

spiritualism’s, bewitching influence of 1T 429

thrown around humblest employment CG 121

truly courteous people have MM 172

woman’s true CG 140

Chart, Charts

Chart, Charts, of life, be diligent in study of 4T 493

prophetic, Charles Fitch’s GC 392; SR 366-7

Scriptures as, showing way to heaven 1SM 15

simple and inexpensive, need of Ev 203

two large, sold with Key of Explanation 1T 666, 689

use of: effective in explaining prophecies Ev 203

minister makes truth stand out clearly by 9T 142

recommended for illustrating truth Ev 203

used in 1843, God’s hand hid mistake in figures of EW 74

should not be altered EW 74

used in preaching in 1856 2SG 219

JW used, in preaching 2SG 151

Word of God is like, showing waymarks of truth FLB 7:4


Charter, miss., gospel commission is AA 28; 8T 14

Chase, Mary

Chase, Mary 1T 661-2; WM 324

Chasm, Chasms

Chasm, Chasms, earth had no frightful, when created PP 44

large, seen in EGW’s dream 2T 596

which nothing can bridge COL 271


Chastening, fruits of, in Jacob’s experience PP 237-8

Israel’s, God’s purpose in PP 407

See also Affliction; Trial; Tribulation; Trouble

Chaste word, Chaste words

Chaste word, Chaste words, Christian must use, in conversation 2T 304


Chastise, God’s unwillingness to, vividly shown PK 413


Chastisement, God defers, to grant opportunity for repentance PK 413

God’s merciful designs in, Jeremiah defended PK 428

God’s purpose in sending, upon sinners PK 435

Israel’s backsliding and PP 545

of His people, Chaldeans used by God for PK 425

for their spiritual good PK 475

part of God’s great plan AA 481

See also Affliction; Trial; Tribulation; Trouble


purpose of, to allow partaking of divine nature 3SM 201:1

sent to save from death TDG 21:4


Chastity, laws of, physicians who transgress CH 365


thoughts, words and actions to be preserved in 2MCP 432:2; TMK 140:2


Chatting, love for, indulgence increases 3T 222

senseless 1T 591


Cheap, put away from mind all that is MYP 42

turn away from that which is MYP 47


See Commonness


Cheat, person whom men call a 2T 83


Cheating, Ananias and Sapphira guilty of MM 127

in business, warnings against 4T 350

of schoolboy playing truant 2SM 163

people guilty of, themselves Ed 108-9

Chebar River

Chebar River Ed 177; PK 464, 535-6; 5T 751-2

Checker playing

Checker playing, brain excited and wearied by 1T 555

exciting influence of 1T 514

God condemns 1T 514

recovery of health hindered by 1T 555


Chedorlaomer, king of Elam PP 134-5

Cheek, Cheeks

Cheek, Cheeks, children’s, sunlight brings healthy glow to MH 275; 2T 527

cosmetics on ML 143

flushed, at pleasure parties CT 340

at social gatherings MYP 387; TM 83

hectic flush on, symptom of consumption LS 147; 2SG 173

kiss on, should be repelled with disgust 2T 458

robbed of glow of health ML 143


Cheer, fellow laborers’ need of, too often forgotten MH 492

lofty, time of rebellion and apostasy calls for 2T 515

only words of holy, should be heard 2T 516

persons sorely tempted need SC 120

seek opportunity to bring to others 3T 540

voice of, proclaimed Paul triumphant in combat AA 332

word of, may strengthen the discouraged to overcome DA 504-5; 5T 612-3

words of, God will help you to speak MM 201

speak, to the discouraged COL 418

Spirit leads Christian to speak, to others 6T 115


Cheerful, Christian should be 7BC 960; CG 147; 2T 311

in tribulation LS 421

in world of sorrow and disappointment 6T 365

church gatherings for singing can be reverent and 4T 73

med. workers should be MM 34

minister should be Ev 644

music of birds can make men AH 510

nurses should ever be MM 192

persons who would be, must pray MH 393

physicians should ever be MM 192

religion should be 6T 365

remain, when perplexed in business SC 122

think of something CD 104

forget self and 2T 530

true Christian is always 7T 70

you may have true Christian dignity and at same time be 4T 62

Cheerful alacrity

Cheerful alacrity, give to God’s cause with CSW 142

Cheerful conversation

Cheerful conversation, hearts of children bound to parents by ML 200

Cheerful countenance

Cheerful countenance, all may possess Ed 240

class who seem to think, is sin 3T 334

God calls for your 6T 277; WM 71

Cheerful demeanor

Cheerful demeanor, children are attracted by Ed 240

Cheerful frame of mind

Cheerful frame of mind, cultivate 1T 704

Cheerful heart

Cheerful heart, Christian father who will have 2SM 438

do with, what God says to do CS 164-5

Cheerful light

Cheerful light, look on matters in AH 433


Cheerfully, most successful toilers work, for God in little things 6T 115

Paul performed, lowest as well as highest duties AA 354

take up work, however humble 1SM 89


1. Benefits of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Benefits of, better than drugs ML 177

blessed SD 168

blood circulation improved CH 28, 79; ML 150

entire body toned up ML 150; CH 28

in performance of daily tasks 2T 529

in treatment of cold 2T 530

life-giving power Ed 197

on body and mind 2T 326

physical health promoted CH 79

prejudice melted away Ev 543

religion made attractive AH 323

soul filled with light and peace 2SM 298

to others and ourselves AH 431

under bereavement and suffering AA 464-5

2. Miscellaneous AH 430-3; CG 146-9

approach people with Ev 444; WM 87

atmosphere of, need of living in 4T 62

bear life’s burdens with 2T 640

children respond to CSW 98

children should be surrounded with atmosphere of CT 115; MH 386

Christ carried, into His work DA 73

Christian, is beauty of holiness CG 147; SD 168

Christianity does not restrain SC 121

class who seem to think, is sin MH 251; SD 116

cultivate AH 430; MM 214; 4T 62, 104

in home 4T 622

instead of brooding over sorrow and trouble ML 153

cultivation of, needed to resist Satan 1T 704

diet affects CT 298

do not consider, a sin 4T 627

do with, whatever you do for God’s glory MB 88

do your duty with TM 423

do your work with SD 218

eat with MH 306

educate soul to CG 146-7; SD 168

effective in restoring health ML 177

encourage CD 419; CH 79; 2T 98, 639; 3T 13; 4T 103

excellent Christian grace MM 214; 4T 62

without levity 4T 62

exercise of, emaciated invalid benefited by MM 107; 2T 530-1

expression of, worn by once-despondent countenance 7T 86

faces of benevolent men lighted up with 2T 534

health and, how to enjoy ML 138

home should be place of FE 154; MH 393

how to achieve, in work LS 353

how to make indolent and selfish sadness give place to 2T 326

importance of, in SS CSW 169

to health and happiness ML 177

Joseph’s, amid sorrow 1BC 1096

in prison 1BC 1097

justification by faith produces 6BC 1071

let, pervade home AH 433

manifest: at home CG 148; CH 100; SD 122

at mealtime GW 241

to world CG 146

without lightness or frivolity 3T 241

marked, true Christian manifests 3T 377

mistaken idea re AH 430; 4T 62

mother should cultivate MH 374; 2T 466

mother should encourage CH 79

need of: in all men do for God SC 103

in work WM 89

under bereavement and suffering AA 465

no need of affecting ML 161

not inconsistent with Christian dignity AH 430; 4T 62

nurses should manifest MH 221

offerings should be given with CS 199

older members of family should give children lessons in CG 143

parents should cultivate Ed 240

Paul and Silas manifested, in Philippian dungeon AA 216

Paul’s, during long imprisonment AA 464-5

during shipwreck AA 443

people who work with, are most happy 2T 529

put, into your work 5BC 1112

reacts upon whole body CH 28; ML 150; 4T 60

remedial agency 2SM 298

SS teachers should cultivate CSW 97

sacrifices should be made with TM 423

smallest duty should be performed with WM 153

teachers should cultivate Ed 240

teachers should manifest CT 212

teachers’ secret of Ed 277

true Christian exhibits Ev 630

trust in God would make, take place of gloom, doubts, and murmuring 2T 657

unpretending acts of self-denial done with, God smiles on 2T 647

young women who think themselves invalids should exercise MM 107

youth’s, depends on normal physical and mental development FE 60

youth’s healthfulness requires FE 114

See also Contentment


assurance of salvation brings, and impresses others TMK 49:3

atmosphere of, to demonstrate our faith OHC 305:3

blessings considered create HP 245:2

brightens pathways; grief is harmful 1MCP 63:0

bring all, possible into our lives UL 185:2

bring, to others UL 185:4

cast care upon God and maintain TDG 42:5

characteristic of one justified by faith RC 78:6

charm of Christian influence OHC 238:2


always showed RC 37:4

pleased by spirit of TDG 305:4


are light to world by their OHC 296:2

needed who always maintain TDG 304:6

Christ’s influence should lead to TMK 136:2

converting power in, but levity is wrong TMK 138:3

cultivation of, TMK 225:5

do not look on dark side 2MCP 466:1

is duty, RC 160:3; 1MCP 62:3

reveals the peace we can claim TMK 127:2

difficulties should not prevent, for those who love God SW 12:0

dignity of character mistakenly thought harmed by 2MCP 758:4

encouraged TDG 44:5

expressing faith and rejoicing in blessings brings OHC 120:2

glorifies God; pleasant words mean presence of grace TDG 332:3


desires, not long faces OHC 148:2

dwells with those who show RC 186:2

wants, in us HP 274:5


by resignation and 2MCP 662:1

of those around us demands our HP 273:3

heart filled with, and praise to name of Christ TMK 142:5

Holy Spirit is always present to bring TMK 171:5

home with singing has more HP 94:6

importance of, not looking on the dark side TDG 216:2

influence of, almost irresistible HP 180:5

instead of complaint UL 306:3

knowing Jesus went before us RC 350:2

like sunlight blessing all that live TDG 92:2

makes Christian influence almost irresistible RC 305:5

more, for friends than for family TDG 288:2

obedient will carry, of heavenly peace AG 124:3

obligation to show UL 102:2

outcome of business accepted with TMK 232:4

parents to bring in TDG 111:6

pray daily for HP 226:5

prayer for, and ability to do better work TDG 374:5

religion shown attractive by atmosphere of RC 220:3

remembering Christ’s love encourages TDG 44:3

respect and usefulness increased by UL 120:5

sanctifying influence of truth shown by OHC 326:3

showing the power of grace by, amid irritations OHC 352:2

singing songs of Zion brings, to us and others OHC 10:2

sober watching for salvation with TMK 170:4

though disappointed in men UL 276:2

value in looks of 3SM 237:1

victory of Christ is reason for 3SM 324:3

viewing everything with HP 245:4

words and thoughts must show; impressions dangerous 2MCP 463:1

words of, brighten lives HP 239:3

See also Joy

Cheerful people

Cheerful people, busy, are most happy CG 342

enjoy best health CG 342

Christians should be most ML 177; MYP 363

Cheerful piety

Cheerful piety, Christ manifested, at all times DA 86

Cheerful service

Cheerful service, God is honored by COL 364

Cheerful side

Cheerful side, of religion, represent 6T 365

Cheerful spirit

Cheerful spirit, accept your lot with MH 199

cultivate AH 432; ML 195; 2T 434-5

health and strength promoted by MH 241; 1T 702

physicians need 3T 182

Cheerful subject, Cheerful subjects

Cheerful subject, Cheerful subjects, discipline mind to dwell on CH 628; 2T 247

Cheerful thing, Cheerful things

Cheerful thing, Cheerful things, happiness depends on fixing mind on MH 248

Cheerful thinking

Cheerful thinking, blood circulation improved by AH 259

mother should accustom herself to 2SM 432

Cheerful word, Cheerful words

Cheerful word, Cheerful words, beneficial like medicine 2SM 430

let only, escape lips CG 247

speak, each day MYP 145

in home AH 18; CG 217

spoken, will return to speaker ML 195

Cheerful worker, Cheerful workers

Cheerful worker, Cheerful workers, God calls for GW 266

Cheering religion

Cheering religion, Christianity is, in its influence MYP 364

Cheering word, Cheering words

Cheering word, Cheering words, gospel workers need our EW 106


Cheers, every life is light that, or influence that darkens pathway of others PK 94

Cheery word, Cheery words

Cheery word, Cheery words, cost no more than unpleasant ones CG 147


Cheese CD 239, 369-70, 491

blood-making organs cannot convert, into good blood CH 114

children who ate CD 239

deleterious in effect CH 114

do not sell or eat, at camp meeting CD 329, 369

intellect enfeebled by CH 114

more objectionable than butter MH 302

new, that should never enter stomach CD 369

not suitable for children 3T 136

should never enter stomach 2T 68

wholly unfit for food MH 302


test not to be made of eating, but evils to be shown 3SM 287:1


Chemosh, Moabite god, Solomon’s shrine for 2BC 1039; PK 57-8

Cherethite, Cherethites

Cherethite, Cherethites PP 731

Cherith Brook

Cherith Brook, Elijah by DA 360; MB 111; PK 123, 129, 168; 3T 288

Cherry, Cherries

Cherry, Cherries CD 312, 324

Cherry sauce

Cherry sauce CD 312; 2SG 161

Cherub, Cherubim

1. Real

2. Symbolic

1. Real

approach God’s throne with solemn reverence MB 106

are angels 2BC 1030; 4BC 1140; Ed 36; EW 32, 252; GC 415; PP 347, 349; 4aSG 8-9; SR 153-4, 194; 1T 76; TM 18

as guards around Great King 4BC 1140

as guardians of: God’s law 2BC 1030; 4aSG 113-4; SR 194

heavenly sanctuary GC 414-5

Christ sits between 5T 754

connected with work of redemption PP 347; 4aSG 8; SR 154

cry of, Isaiah heard GC 471

delighted to adore Christ GC 651

endowed with glory by God 1SM 257

excel in strength COL 176

gate of Garden of Eden guarded by, after man sinned PP 62, 83-4

glow with glory of God 4BC 1140

God sits above and between 4BC 1141; FE 252; MB 121; PK 176, 536; PP 732

He who sits above, still guides affairs of earth Ed 178; PK 536

He who sits between, guards His people still MB 121; 5T 754

illustration of, that looked like bird hunched up CW 171-2

interested in: plan of salvation PP 348-9

work of salvation GC 415

look with interest and reverence at God’s law EW 252; PP 348-9; 4aSG 8; SR 153; 1T 76

Lucifer as See Satan

minister to God’s people AA 154; PP 347; 4aSG 8; SR 154

minister to King of kings in heavenly sanctuary PP 357

rejoice over salvation of souls COL 197

represented: by two large additional cherubim in Solomon’s temple 2BC 1030; 4aSG 113-4; SR 194

on innermost roof curtains of earthly sanctuary Ed 36; GC 414; PP 347; SR 154

on mercy seat of earthly sanctuary 2BC 1030; 4BC 1140; EW 32, 252; GC 415; LS 100; PP 348-9; 4aSG 8, 133-4; SR 153, 194; 1T 76

on veils of earthly sanctuary Ed 36; GC 414; PP 347, 349; 4aSG 8; SR 154

sing songs of praise 4BC 1140

to God and Lamb MB 104

way to tree of life guarded by, after man sinned EW 126; GC 534; PP 60, 62, 83-4; 3SG 45; SR 41

welcomed Christ back to heaven DA 834; 1SM 306

See also Angels

2. Symbolic

appearance of hand beneath wings of, significance of PK 176

embroidered in: innermost roof curtain of earthly sanctuary GC 412, 414; PP 347, 349

veils of earthly sanctuary EW 252; PP 347, 349; 4aSG 8-9; SR 154-5; 8T 284

Ezekiel’s vision re MB 121; PK 176; 5T 754

golden, as oracle PP 349; 4aSG 102; SR 184

on mercy seat in earthly sanctuary 2BC 1030; CW 172; Ed 36; EW 32, 252; GC 412, 415; PP 348-9, 584; 4aSG 8, 113-4; SR 153-4, 194; 1T 76; 8T 284

two large additional, in Solomon’s temple 2BC 1030; 4aSG 113-4; SR 194


and seraphim, ransomed ones walk past, into city of God 3SM 431:2

glory from God enshrouding, seen by Isaiah RC 338:2

Chess playing

Chess playing, exciting influence of 1T 514

God condemns 1T 514

hinders recovery of health 1T 555

Chest, Chests

Chest, Chests, compressive dress ill affects MH 292

fullness about, when extremities are improperly clad 2T 531

greatest amount of body heat is in 2T 531

lower part of, tight lacing ill affects MH 273

may be expanded by judicious exercise CT 247

minister’s, becomes broader by speaking correctly 4T 404

pains in, eucalyptus oil beneficial for 2SM 301

room needed by, to expand to fullest extent MH 292

students whose, are so contracted they cannot take full, deep breath Ed 208

Chest difficulties

Chest difficulties, right use of abdominal muscles would remedy many CT 297

See also Lung

Chestnut bur

Chestnut bur, never be like CG 95

persons who prick like 5T 605


never be like, in stirring up anger HP 246:4

Cheyne, Dr. John

Cheyne, Dr. John MM 51-2

obligations to God not forgotten by HP 235:2

Chicago, Ill.

Chicago, Ill., advantages of san. work at Hinsdale for MM 305

as wicked as Sodom and Gomorrah MM 305

encouraging work started in, by 1895 CH 510; 8T 149

foreigners in, evangelize ChS 199

God’s word went forth to lay, in ruins 4T 52

gospel work in CH 510; 8T 149; TM 254

centers needed in rural districts for MM 305

money is needed for Ev 34

localities outside of, gospel work needed in MM 305

Martha Washington Home in Te 261

slums of 8T 183

some gospel workers must labor in MM 305

Swedish Mission on Oak St. in Ev 572

Washingtonian Hall in, in 1885 EGW spoke in Te 261

EGW at 2T 553; Te 261


Chicken, child with diarrhea called for CD 240-1, 292-3

See also Cock; Hen; Rooster

Chicken broth

Chicken broth, sick child given CD 292-3, 466; 2SG 166


Chiding, does more harm than good in efforts to teach others MM 209