EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Character, Characters (Part 2 of 4)

Christ came to give to men MH 17

Christ has made it possible for man to attain 3T 365

continual advancement is essential to 5T 484

continual striving and constant progress toward, is needed 8T 64

depends wholly on God’s grace and strength 3T 188

determined faith is needed in seeking COL 332

every day we may advance in GW 274

every provision has been made for, through Christ’s grace CT 58

God can accept nothing short of SD 138

God works with man’s efforts in 5T 631

God’s standard is TM 420

have no disposition to claim SD 334

how to attain 2SM 161; 5T 744

in times of supreme test MM 168

human beings may attain to AA 531

is: battle and march day by day SD 198

lifelong work 5T 500

knowledge of God’s word is essential to CT 454

lessons in economy are essential to 3T 30-1

lifework of God’s people is to reach forward to 4T 520

man is dependent on divine aid for 8T 64

man may attain, by co-operation with God AA 483, 531

men who work against their own TM 190-1

must be attained before second advent 2T 355

need of PK 55

no assurance that, is easy COL 331

no one need fail of obtaining AA 531

not easy to attain COL 331; SD 198

obedience through Christ gives 1BC 1086

possible through Christ COL 330

perseverance in rightdoing is essential to MYP 45

probationary time is given for 4T 429

reach out to perfection in action while seeking COL 332

Satan invents earthly allurements to prevent 4T 581

seek 2T 188

during hours of probation 5T 557

self-examination is essential to GW 275

some people gloss over work essential to 8T 234

standard of, God calls on us to reach AA 531

strive for MM 253

constantly 8T 64

continually CT 365

earnestly TM 290

in God’s appointed way 5T 500

thought and action are essential to 4T 568

to be attained is but little lower than that of angels 4T 563

trials used by God for 6BC 1099; MB 10; PP 129-30; 1T 706

unobtainable by persons unwilling to strive for it in God’s appointed way 5T 500

walking humbly with God is essential to 4T 337

why some of God’s people will never attain 2T 519-20

work and prayer are both required in 4T 459

youth need to understand meaning of FE 548

11. Right

basis of, in future man AH 258

cannot be formed at once CG 242

formation of: children too often form associations unfavorable to PP 168-9

choose associates favorable to 4T 588

church members must not remain unconcerned re 8T 86

is work of lifetime FE 87; ML 267

mental and moral powers are talents to be used in 4T 606

parents should work for CT 148

probation is granted to men for 2T 88

stomach improperly cared for hinders 9T 160

teachers should work for CT 148

formed only by: improving talents and capabilities to God’s glory MYP 163

persevering and untiring effort CG 164; MYP 163

God gives man strength, reasoning power, and time for building CG 165-6

how to form TM 120

may be formed easily in youth CH 113; 4T 575

mental and moral talents must be used to form 4T 606

reveals: pure and noble aspirations 8T 65

steadfast principles 8T 65

12. Standard of

God’s law is COL 315; Ed 34; GW 276; SD 55; 1SM 317; TM 124

God’s law should be exalted as 5T 500

new, set up at conversion COL 98-9

no man can swerve from, and be guiltless 2SM 217

not one to which man cannot attain MB 76

perfect, Bible presents FE 100; ML 25; MYP 444; 4T 312; 5T 264

same for rich and poor 4BC 1181

same in both OT and NT MB 76

Scriptures are GC 7; GW 250

13. Symmetrical

children should form CG 86

Christ is ready to help you form 5T 579

copy Christ in order to have 5T 421

develop, in children CG 171

development of: eyesalve and white raiment and gold are needed for 3T 535-6

make the most of your time and opportunities for FE 302

participation in Christian service is essential to 9T 127

foundation of, build all TM 176

principles of sincerity and true godliness lie at 5T 545

God wants us to have 1SM 48

God’s people should reveal 5BC 1135

how to develop AA 483; 1SM 338; 3T 459

how to have 4T 376

how to perfect GW 463; 3T 504

man was created with 4T 340

must be built up in accord with God’s living word CT 63

must be developed 6T 43

perfection of, instruct converts in all points essential to 4T 314

teachers should develop, in students FE 53-4

teachers should have CT 191; FE 266

virtues giving, college students should learn to cultivate and practice FE 48

you must have 5T 350

14. Trait(s) of

bad, in minister 2T 548

beautiful, love for mother is 5T 125

best, work that strengthens WM 79

cherished, yield fruit after their kind Ed 109

Christ’s grace in soul develops MB 82

covetousness as, Judas Iscariot cherished 4T 41

crude and sharp, need to be removed 5T 116

cultivate, that are kindly, cheerful, buoyant, generous, pitiful, courteous, and compassionate 3T 420-1

cultivated, Satan takes advantage of DA 382

should be corrected FE 136

dangerous, self-confidence is 3T 444

defective, why some people do not wish to correct their SD 97

deficient, encourage children having FE 66

desirable, cultivate SD 115

each person has undiscovered, to be revealed by trial 7T 210-1

essential, self-forgetfulness as Ed 237

evil, hidden under cloak of religion EW 274

inherited by many people 6T 282

must be overcome 2T 162

one, Judas Iscariot was ruined by cherishing 4T 41

should be nipped in bud Te 215

sin of yielding to control of 2T 74

that bring great unhappiness to possessor FE 67

warfare must be waged against every 6T 95

fearful, pride of heart is 4T 377

five of Solomon’s, worthy of emulation PK 47-8

four, which Satan uses to lead people astray 1T 708

good, cultivate 4T 285

love of world eats out 1T 696

grosser, testimony of persons who retain SD 299

hereditary: affect man’s judgment and ideas 6T 167

beware of COL 161

Christians indulge, as precious qualifications FE 265

evil, appear in children 6T 282

God’s word often collides with our COL 60

how Satan exploits AH 106

must be conquered in Christ’s strength CT 449

must be overcome FE 136; 9T 23

must be transformed TM 416

need firm curb 2SM 93

Satan plans to take advantage of DA 382

transmitted by parents to children 4T 495-6

hidden, change of circumstances reveal 4T 55-6

imperfect, erroneously held up as of great value TM 289

indispensable, for persons in positions of responsibility 4T 548

industry is 5T 180

inherited from parents by children AH 174; CT 115

lying dormant or hid beneath the surface 2T 572

men are endowed with, for God’s service COL 98-9

miserable 2T 468

that are fruits of corrupt tree 2T 562

natural: gospel workers who mar God’s work by 4T 322

must be subdued 5T 304

must be transformed TM 416

need to be cultivated or repressed 5T 423

natural and hereditary, can be transformed by indwelling Spirit TM 416

noble, given to man at creation PP 49

very short period given for cultivating 3T 46

objectionable: angels have special charge of persons having MH 105

angels ready to help persons who have DA 440

Christ’s love for children who have inherited FE 262

dealing with children who have inherited CT 195

how to obtain victory over 6T 262-3

may be overcome by education, culture, and training 4T 323

must be conquered in Christ’s strength CT 449

must be overcome AH 342-3; FE 136

should be checked in early years CG 97

transmitted as birthright to children 4T 323

old hereditary, must be overcome 9T 23

one demoralizing, revealed in words and actions leaves influence for evil 4T 606

subverts every virtue if not overcome 4T 606

one unfavorable, should not be allowed to remain uncorrected COL 331

one wrong, no excuse for TM 264

persistently cherished neutralizes power of gospel SC 34; 5T 53

parents transmit their, to children 4T 495-6

passive and active, cultivate MH 497

peculiar, as hindrance 3T 67

many people have close work to do to overcome 1T 533

persistence is valuable, if sanctified to God and controlled by Spirit 3T 535

perverse, how God deals with our 4T 354

positive: push is 5T 404

results of lack of MH 497

spirit and energy that kindle enthusiasm are 5T 404

two, that give power to do something MH 497; 5T 404

result of cherishing, that misrepresent Christ 4BC 1179

rugged, must be brought under chisel and hammer in God’s workshop 4T 541

selfish, guard against 4T 56

should be uprooted CG 132

sharp and rough, guilt of failing to repress and root out your 4T 362, 606-7

sinful, God has provided means for subduing every DA 429; MH 65-6

strive for mastery SD 89

to indulge, is to invite temptation GC 558

six, that shine before world PP 134

social, how students may develop 6T 172

strong: are blessing if kept under control of Spirit ML 316; 4T 538

are curse if not kept under control of Spirit ML 316

erroneous cherishing of 4T 439

inclination of some people to follow their own TM 501

mother transmits to children her own CD 219

must be kept under Spirit’s control 4T 538

need to be repressed constantly 4T 538

not controlled by Spirit prove to be curse 4T 538

persons who move in accordance with their own AA 279

repress and control your 4T 606

some people need to constantly repress their ML 316; 4T 538

teacher’s unlovely, are reproduced in children CT 197; FE 263

that can prove curse 3T 535

that Christ always recognizes and blesses 7T 269

too prominent, should be repressed and restrained FE 66

trials reveal, that we are not aware of 4T 55

two, that must be cultivated to be overcomer 4T 255

that must be kept in constant exercise 2T 283-4

un-Christlike: compared to thorns Ev 347

God permits men to be tried to remove their COL 175

result of failing to overcome Ev 347

undiscovered, come to light through trial 7T 210-1

unfortunate, strong likes and dislikes as 2T 50

unhappy, some people continually in trouble because of 2T 74

unlovely, are not removed without effort ML 19

unlovely and unlovable, must be overcome 1T 705

unlovely natural, must be expelled 5T 345

weak: mother transmits to children her CD 219

should be stimulated in children AH 414; CG 206

wrong: are not always visible to ourselves 4T 540

received at birth 5T 419

repress your 4T 341

should be repressed in children AH 414; CG 206

15. Transformation of

angels are astonished (amazed) at TM 18, 49-50

as miracle revealing ever-living Saviour DA 407

as result of: beholding God’s character PK 314

communion with Christ AA 559

attained through Christ 4T 321-2

believer who feels no need of, man without wedding garment represents COL 315

Christ has power to effect 1SM 319

Christ’s divine power effects COL 345

Christ’s grace effects CT 197; MB 118

convinces world that Christ was sent as Redeemer MH 470

depends on right knowledge of God MH 409

desired as result of discerning perfection of Christ’s character MB 19

divine, how to experience COL 250

divine power works AA 274

error of trusting to human power for DA 605

God’s converting power needed in PK 233

God’s word as instrumentality in MH 458

grace that effects, Judas Iscariot and John both had access to AA 558

how Christ effects 1SM 337-8

illustrated by working of leaven COL 97-102

impossible without Spirit’s work SD 30

is incomprehensible mystery to Satan TM 18

Isa. 35:1 fulfilled in 6T 308

Jacob’s overmastering purpose to seek MB 144

Jacob’s prayer for MB 144

John experienced AA 558-9; SC 73

knowledge that effects, is most needed 8T 317, 329

knowledge that works AA 475; MH 425; 8T 289

make, your all-important business of life 2T 179

many believers in present truth have not experienced 6T 183

must be: done now AH 16

entire 6T 202

need of, professed Christians who do not feel COL 315

need of knowledge of God that works 8T 329

not result of magical change 1SM 336

only true faith works as leaven in MB 53

outward, Spirit’s daily operation manifested in 2SM 56-7

persons who have not experienced, cannot dwell in Christ’s kingdom SD 294

power of God’s grace manifested in MH 470

pray for 2SM 23

praying for, importance of 1SM 187

resulting from communion with Christ AA 559

Satan is amazed at TM 18

Scriptures are great agency (instrumentality) in COL 100; 8T 319

starts with conversion ML 236

testifies of indwelling Christ PK 233

that makes man a son of God COL 342

that man must experience 2T 179

trials and circumstances used by God to produce 4T 84-6

truth has power to effect TM 185

unbelief in Christ’s power to effect COL 99-100

wrought only by Spirit DA 605

16. Weak points of

are: in danger when assailed CH 411; 4T 575

positive defects 4T 361

become acquainted with your 3T 322

correct, in accord with directions given CG 165

Eli did not strengthen his 4T 516

every Christian is tested to reveal his CS 144

God brings men into different positions and circumstances to reveal their 4T 85

guard your, faithfully COL 358; CT 258

how to strengthen 7T 49

must be overcome MYP 91

must be strengthened 4T 340

by exercise 3T 504

one: indicates communion between sin and soul MYP 91

is dangerous MYP 91

is not trifling matter MYP 91

Peter’s, Satan took advantage of DA 812

received by many people as birthright 4T 361

Satan adapts his temptations to men’s MYP 328

Satan attacks men at their AH 327; DA 120; PP 421, 568; 3T 469

strengthen your 2T 170; 3T 33, 504; TM 379

strengthened by cultivation and exercise 3T 33, 504

training that produces Ed 264

watch for your 4T 376

youth’s, should be strengthened 3T 26

17. Miscellaneous

absence of one essential qualification in, may render rest almost inefficient 4T 63

acquirements are of little value unless, is ennobled by religion 4T 116

actions make FE 194

adornment of, outward display of dress is regarded as of greater consequence than 4T 643

adversity tests 4T 544

all that is harsh and coarse and rough in, put away TM 151

alone is what God values TM 362

architect of his own, each person is to great extent CT 222; 4T 656

are not: formed in one mold FE 277

revealed by occasional good deeds and misdeeds SC 57-8

as building, cracks often seen in CG 165

as your spirit is so will be moral result upon your 1SM 118

attributes of: all righteous, dwell in God as perfect and harmonious whole COL 330; 7T 276

Christ seeks to develop in man His COL 388

four Christian, that are gained by doing kindly actions with kindly heart SD 102

righteous, Christian is privileged to possess all COL 330

three, that heaven values DA 437

three Christian, that suffering and calamity awaken CS 23

barrier of, one wrong act breaks down 5T 396

baser metal of, time and circumstances test and discover 4T 540

be pure in TM 471

bear witness for God in 6T 365

beauty of: choicest productions of art are not comparable to MH 37; PK 566; 7T 143

Christ’s, God desires that our souls be clothed with MB 97

fruit of Spirit’s working MH 37; 7T 143

God estimates men by their MH 477

God imparts to man’s soul His DA 313

God loves SC 85

is first and highest beauty Ed 249

need of PK 55

no real, out of Christ 2T 174

often lost sight of in desire for outward appearance 7T 66

become like God in MH 409

benevolent and unselfish in, God’s plan to make man become 9T 255

best models of, are liable to make mistakes 3T 55

Bible lessons influence CG 41

Bible study done in earnest affects 8T 322

Bible study refines and ennobles PP 596-9

Bible test of MM 46

people who do not understand FE 495

body is medium for upbuilding of PK 488

breadth and nobility of, training that develops PK 647

breadth of, to be many-sided is to have Ev 106

build: as temple of living stones 8T 173

harmoniously MM 217

in accord with pattern set before us CG 165

symmetrical in structure 8T 173

that God can place His stamp of approval on CG 165-6

that will stand forth as fair temple of God 4T 606

to stand test of storm 8T 173

builder of, Christ came into world as COL 345

builders of: motto worthy of adoption by Ed 286

must not forget to lay right foundation TM 241

parents’ responsibility as CT 131

canker in, unbelief acts as 5T 96

cannot be: bought FE 87; PP 223

complete when self-love and covetousness are retained CS 19

made or transformed after probation closes TM 235-6

transformed without Spirit COL 408

cannot be changed: at second advent AH 16; SD 9; 4T 429; 5T 466; TM 430

when man is about to die TM 430

change of, will not come by miracle at second advent SD 9

charity should be shown by 3T 332

cheapness of, put away SD 315

Christ alone can fashion and change FE 279

Christ does not weigh, in scales of human judgment 1SM 181

Christ formed within is revealed in WM 38

Christ is put to shame by believers who misrepresent Him in DA 439

Christ may be denied in, by love of ease and shunning life’s duties and burdens 3T 332

Christ reshapes, after pattern of His own character MH 504

by His grace 6T 111

Christ shapes and molds man’s, according to His own will COL 157

Christ’s atoning blood cleanses, from sin GC 373

Christ’s beautiful garment of, teach children and youth to wear Ed 249

Christ’s grace is needed to purify and refine CG 164; SD 154

Christ’s love gives refining touches to Ed 241

Christian becomes like Christ in, by continual devotion GW 285

Christlikeness of: enduring trials develops MH 470-2; 5T 344

maintain standard of religious principles with 7T 92

may be had through Christ’s grace MH 99

obedience to God’s commandments accompanies COL 315

prayer for MH 470

through God’s grace men may possess DA 826

closer you come to Christ the more faulty will appear your SC 64-5

closest test of, how your moral strength can be equal to 4T 63

coarseness of, detrimental influence of associates having CT 120

dishonors God MM 184

communion with God imparts moral elevation to 6T 47

compare your, with standard of righteousness Ev 224

completeness of, godliness is foundation of CH 362

man may possess, through Christ MH 131

confidence in present truth imparts energy, efficiency, and noble dignity to 3T 226

confirmed by repetition of acts CG 199

conformity to God’s will in, proves connection with Him 6T 92

consistency of, faith in Christ gives SD 45

co-operate with heavenly agencies in conforming, to divine model GC 623

correct every fault of your, in humility SD 117

correct knowledge of your, is difficult to have 5T 332

crisis reveals COL 412

cultivate excellencies of, that will fit you for society of the pure and holy 5T 51

death makes no change in AH 16; 5T 466

decided change must take place in, when men accept Christ 5T 172

decides man’s destiny COL 74, 123, 356; Ed 109; FE 502

decides man’s worth in God’s estimate 9T 223

decision of, is required to deny appetite CD 165

success in daily work of overcoming sin requires CD 165

deficiency(s) of, doom of persons content with 4T 588

supplied through faith in Christ Ed 257

deformity(s) of: fate of persons who persist in excusing their 4T 496

glimpse of Christ’s purity lays bare man’s SC 29

hereditary and cultivated, teachers have to meet FE 278

remedied by looking to Christ 9T 182-3

Satan is jubilant when he hears us make excuses for DA 311

what to do re your 9T 182-3

denial of Christ in 3T 332

depth and stability of, stony-ground hearers lack 3T 111-2

unselfish labor for others gives SC 80

determines nature of man’s resolve and action 6BC 1058

develop, by smoothing out its rough points CG 205

in harmony with principles of God’s word 3T 420

dietary habits have much to do with PP 562; 1T 488-9

discipline that gives firmness to ML 296

dissecting: detrimental to camp meeting 2T 597-8

habit of, compared to cannibalism Ed 235

no time for 8T 82-3

separates soul from God 2T 185

serving up, as dainty dessert 4T 195

diversity of condition as one of God’s means of proving 4BC 1181; 3T 22; 4T 84-5

divine agencies combine in forming, according to divine pattern 6T 130

divine love modifies AA 551

divine mold needed upon 5T 624

do not wait for God to work miracle to change your TM 455

does not come by chance CG 164; MYP 163

each person’s, Satan knows points most easily assailed in PP 457

early education and training molds PP 408

earnestness and fixedness of purpose molds, according to divine image 5T 307

education and Ed 225-9

effects of Solomon’s apostasy on his 7T 217-8

element(s) of: Christ’s gentleness should be DA 437

firmness and decision needed as AH 320

four, that make man truly successful and honored MH 396; PP 602

nobler, care and affection for dependent children helps to develop 2T 647

Scriptures should become Ed 172

shrewdness and close calculation are essential, if properly controlled 4T 540

three, that would mar all heaven 3T 533

enjoy everything that ennobles, expands, and elevates MH 405

erroneous idea that position gives 4T 548

essential qualities of, integrity, firmness, and perseverance are CT 225-6

every deficiency of, may be supplied through faith in Christ Ed 257

every man’s, God has perfect photograph of ML 291

will be measured by God’s law 5BC 1085; GC 268

every phase of, please God in COL 332

received by children as inheritance FE 277-8

every word and action should tend to elevate, refine, and ennoble 5T 593

evil associations deteriorate 4T 589

evils needing correction in your, ministry to others manifests 2T 170

examination of, investigative judgment is work of GC 428

excellence(s) of: Christ had, found in no other man 7BC 904

fruit borne in life testifies to DA 314

heavenly, cultivate 3BC 1164; 5T 51

many church members do not discern 2T 127

must be result of your own effort ML 267

no true, apart from Christ SC 21

obedience to God’s law develops DA 309

position will never give 9T 283

exemplary, God’s people should be distinguished from popular religious bodies by 3T 58

experience and education of lifetime mold SC 33-4

failure to read, results of 2T 630

faith must be wrought into 5T 404

faithful performance of home duties has reflex influence on 6T 439

false principles that permeate and transform DA 408

fashioning of, Spirit is to do 9T 135

faultless, Christ is the one 4T 541

features of individual, are recorded in books of heaven 5BC 1085; CG 562; ML 291

feeling great and holy responsibility elevates 6T 340

finite man is likely to misjudge TM 47

firmness of: discipline that gives youth MYP 80

Eli lacked, to reprove sin and execute justice against sinner 4T 517

lack of, is weakness that must be overcome 5T 297

results of lack of MH 497-8; 5T 297

teachers should have 3T 135

fixed forever beyond all change at second advent 5T 466

force of: cultivate 4T 515

leaders need 3T 498-9

must be gained by cultivation 5T 321

needed to make influence a positive power MH 498

received through unreserved surrender PK 219

form, after that of Christ CG 169

now for future life COL 342

that is reflection of divine character 8T 86

forms of religion that could not transform DA 88

forming now, soon will be stereotyped forever 4T 343

foundation of: is laid by obeying Christ DA 314

lay, on eternal Rock of salvation 4T 117

love must be COL 49

free from sin, form CH 634

fruits of Spirit in SD 290

games which do not refine and purify 2SM 322

garments of, may be washed in blood of Lamb 5T 717

glory defined as DA 331; SD 337

God cannot perfect man’s, without his co-operation MH 487

God deals with each person according to his GW 208

God estimates, by its inward adorning 2T 175

God gives talents and mental powers but men form their COL 331; 8T 174

God has elected, in harmony with His law PP 207

God is honored more by, than by numbers PP 550

God knows your, better than you do MH 471; 4T 84

God longs to see men reveal, after His similitude DA 313

God makes no mistakes in estimating GC 486

God sees in your, what man cannot see 3T 513

God tests, of all men 2T 688

God tests men’s: by His mercy DA 394

by persons needing our sympathy, love, and disinterested benevolence 3T 511

in distribution of His gifts COL 355

God weighs, in balances of sanctuary 3T 370; 5T 279

God’s grace molds and fashions SD 123

God’s grace must smooth and polish, before men are fit for place in His temple 4T 541

God’s ideal of DA 209

Israel did not reach MH 312

point sinners to MH 180

reached only by Christ’s grace MH 180

God’s law as His measure of 2SM 318

God’s process of refining CS 165

God’s word exerts transforming influence on COL 132

God’s word must be interwoven with 5T 576

gold of steadfast principle in, will endure forever 6BC 1088

goodly fabric of, is wrought out through divine power 7T 149

gospel work for others strengthens MH 151

gospel work should be given Ev 68-9

gospel worker’s, leaves impress on God’s work 5T 428

grace and power and force of, received through unreserved surrender PK 219

grace’s controlling power on, young teachers who know little about CT 191-2

graces of, cultivate all COL 332

not developed by arbitrary law or rule Ed 237

great, formed by little acts and efforts 4T 603

great diversity of, among youth 5T 88

great sanctity of, Satan manifests 3T 456

great Searcher of hearts is acquainted with all CT 68

greatness of, consists in living for welfare of others DA 613

greatness of truth elevates 5T 577

grows day by day into Christ’s likeness ML 99

growth of, is silent and imperceptible Ed 106

habit of careless and irreverent criticism reacts on DA 323

habits and culture of years leave impress upon 4T 351

habits form COL 356; MYP 148; SD 113; 3T 499

harshness of, hard and unfeeling spirit manifests 5T 608

harvest of life is Ed 109; MB 90

health should be as sacredly guarded as CG 343

her brothers’, sister who is right may determine 3T 80

high position does not give Christian virtues to 9T 277

high principles of right should balance FE 193

holiness must be inwrought in TM 446

holiness of: Enoch’s, ours should be like 8T 331

needed for second advent GW 54

position does not give PK 30; 9T 283

rebukes evildoers GC 46

honor God in MM 253

how idolatry of dress affects MYP 360

how to become like God in MH 409

how to build, after similitude of Christ’s character MB 150

how to help others discern what is repulsive in their 6T 188

how to keep your, unspotted 5T 70

ideal of: becomes higher by discerning perfection of Christ’s character MB 19

Christlikeness is CT 365; DA 311; 8T 64

more men know of God higher will be their MB 19

identity of, Christianity does not require loss of 4T 65

imperfection of, is sin COL 330

strength may be had to overcome, through Christ 3T 183

impurities and roughness of, trials are God’s workmen to remove MB 10

inclines in direction of one’s training 3T 367

inconsistent features of, be careful not to exhibit 6T 397

indication of your, your words are DA 323

influence of associates on 4T 588

influences that misshape, in many schools and colleges CT 220

influences that mold, youth need to understand Ed 202

instruct youth to build, on abiding foundation MYP 163

integrity of: colporteur’s countenance should reflect 5T 402

makes souls precious to God CM 154

mothers should present to society children having CG 163

now is time to cultivate LS 285

invite Spirit to mold your 3T 45

is: being developed 1T 332

built through action MB 149

delineated faithfully in books of heaven GC 487

determined to great extent in early years of life 4T 574

molded after divine similitude as mind dwells on Christ TM 388

most impressible in childhood and youth DA 101; MYP 134

of high value with Christ 6T 268

power COL 340

preserved after death by God 6BC 1093

transformed by force of circumstances under which one places himself 4T 617

is built day by day: for time and eternity CT 489

in accord with Christ’s directions 9T 48

is developed: by dying daily to self 4T 66

from habits 6T 174

is formed: day by day CG 200, 562

for eternity now 6T 268

in childhood 1T 390

to great extent in early years CG 199; CH 112

to habits of integrity, by small things 3T 22

is formed by: degrees 3T 46-7

exercising principle in small transactions of ordinary life 3T 22

hard and stern battles with self COL 331

living through Christ’s grace DA 312

stern efforts to resist temptation FE 87

is not: inherited PP 223

revealed by occasional good deeds and occasional misdeeds SC 57-8

transferable COL 412; TM 234

is recorded in books of heaven SD 130

with unerring accuracy as if on artist’s polished plate GC 487

judge your, by God’s holy character COL 151

judgment day will test 6BC 1087-8

keep your, under discipline to Christ FE 266

knowledge of God and Christ expressed in, importance of 6T 97

knowledge of God refines and elevates DA 468

knowledge of God should be revealed in 6T 97

Korah’s rebellion tested, in Israel 3T 347-9

legacy of, received at birth 4T 499

lessons of nature that mold Ed 100

let light of heavenly grace irradiate your CG 239

life of sinful indulgence molds PP 269

likeness of, descent from Abraham is proved by DA 467

little incidents of everyday life shape 4T 561

little stability and firmness of, seen today CG 184

little things of everyday experience have power to mold MH 401

little things of life determine ML 172

little things test PP 158; 2T 647; 3T 22

love modifies MB 38; 4T 223

loveliness of, John did not naturally possess AA 540

makes the man ChS 218; 2SM 343

man alone cannot develop his, for heaven CG 172

man builds, day by day for time and eternity MM 42; 5T 569

man cannot change his, except by God’s grace SD 120

man is human and defective in TM 328

man’s standing before God is decided by his DA 107

men are forming, for eternity 6T 268

for heaven or one that will debar them from heaven 3T 331

men are here to form, for eternal world 1T 196

men are here to perfect, for heaven 3T 526

men develop, by way they use entrusted gifts CS 133

men estimate, by that which they can appreciate DA 196

men live in this world to form, for the next 4T 236

men of, that church lacks today 4T 340

men unimpeachable in, God wants CG 152

men’s ideas of God mold their DA 604

manifest Christ’s lowliness in 3T 448-9

manifest sanctifying power of grace in, to world 5T 570

marred by: following inclination or impulse COL 382

trying to seek world’s standard MH 481

may be placed in God’s keeping power MB 32

measurement of, is constantly going on ChS 85

mental ability and genius are not CG 161; ML 267

mental and moral powers do not constitute 4T 606

mind is garden but fruit is 4T 606

minister should know how to read 2T 630

minor transactions reveal 4T 310

model of, Christ’s life presents SD 334

mold of, daily acts of life reveal CG 481

molding, in harmony with God’s is high and noble work Ed 19

molding and refining of, Spirit works in man’s heart to effect CT 68

moral changes needed in, know what is essential to 5T 535

through Christ 5T 535

moral force of, God’s work needs men having 3T 496