EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Can, Cans - Catholic Church

Can, Cans

Can, Cans,

tin, not as good as glass for canning MH 299; 7T 134


Cana 5BC 1132; DA 144-53, 196-7, 199, 486; ML 186


wedding at, wine supply failed at; Mary spoke to Jesus TDG 366:2


1. Earthly

2. Heavenly

1. Earthly

Abraham called from Chaldea to PK 15; PP 127-8; SR 75

Abraham in, God’s purpose for COL 286; PK 15, 368

Abraham was promised, as everlasting possession PP 169

advantages of, over Egypt 4aSG 54

Amorites originally occupied southern part of PP 433

called Land of Promise AH 327; DA 120; MB 41, 149; 1T 281; 3T 304; 4T 156

Chedorlaomer twice invaded PP 134

description of, in Abraham’s time PP 128, 133

in prosperity PP 472

division of, by Abraham and Lot PP 132

in Joshua’s time Ed 43; MH 184; PP 510-20

drought and famine in, in Abraham’s time PP 128-9

in Elijah’s time PK 119-58; 3T 263, 273-86

in Jacob’s time PP 131, 224-31

eleven days’ journey from Sinai to PP 376, 387

ensured to Israel by covenant PP 390

flowing with milk and honey PK 135

God’s land PP 534

God’s promise to restore fertility and beauty to COL 289

good land PK 16

heathen tribes possessed, in Jacob’s time PP 232

Israel at border of, a second time PP 434

Israel in, God’s plan for COL 290-2; GC 458; PK 16-22, 464; PP 378, 492

God’s promise to Abraham was not fulfilled by PP 169-70

See also Israel

Israel was given, on condition of obedience 1BC 1112; MB 149; PK 135-6; PP 315, 465, 543; 4T 162

Israel was not to gain, by warfare PP 392

for riches or self-exaltation PP 491

Israel’s conquest of, under Joshua PP 481-524; SR 175-82

Israel’s delay in entering PP 464; 1SM 68-9; 2T 107

Israel’s entrance into PP 481-6

Israel’s failure to completely conquer, under Joshua COL 303; PP 511, 521, 543; 8T 119

lessons from PP 437

Israel’s preparation for invasion of PP 438, 454

Israelite spies sent into PP 387; 4aSG 21-2

Jericho as first fruits of PP 491

Jericho as key to PP 487; 4T 149

Moses given panoramic view of PP 472-3

Philistines held plain along western coast of PP 511

plan to give Israel immediate entrance into 1SM 68; SR 162

powerful race inhabited, at time of Exodus PP 487

in Jacob’s time PP 232

promises to Israel re PK 135

report re, by Israelite spies Ed 149; PP 387-90; 4T 148-9

Satan determined to hold PP 688

whole of, Abraham was promised PP 132-3

promise to Abraham included more than PP 137, 169-70

See also Palestine

2. Heavenly

earth made new as PK 715; PP 137, 169-70

gathering of God’s people into PP 542

language of, learn to talk 4T 462

modern Israel’s entrance into, delay of Ev 696; PP 689; 1SM 69

sin will keep Sabbathkeepers out of 1T 533

Canaan/Promised land

appetite kept people from entering CME 40:5

borders of heavenly,

history of Children of Israel for us at TMK 169:4

Satan works against people of God at TSB 85:4

sins at TSB 90:2

temptations at CC 115:3

explained to Israelite children LHU 145:6

fall of many in sight of TSB 92:2

Israelites possessed, by occupation, not by knowledge TMK 162:3

language of,

learned, and to sing songs of Zion RC 284:7

learned by giving affections to Jesus TMK 307:4

reveals Christ’s sympathy TDG 270:3

Moses failed on the borders of HP 256:2

pitching tents nearer to Egypt than to TMK 307:2

possession of, required more than singing songs TMK 162:3

preparation for, in varied experiences of the Hebrews TDG 77:4

spies magnified difficulties in TDG 13:5



son of Ham PP 117

posterity of, Noah’s prophecy re PP 118

bondmen to descendants of Shem and Japheth PP 118

Canaanite, Canaanites

Canaanite, Canaanites, Abraham made God known to Ed 187; PP 128, 368

Abraham’s posterity forbidden to marry PP 171

Abraham’s righteous life influenced PP 128

blasphemed God and defiled earth PP 492

children offered to Moloch by 5T 320

communion with evil spirits by PP 688

district populated by, in Christ’s time DA 399

fortified position held by, on Mts. Zion and Moriah PP 703

God’s forbearance toward 2BC 1005; PP 118

God’s keeping power over Israel known to PP 394

horses and iron chariots used for war by PP 487

heathenism of, degrading PP 118

hornets used against PP 436-7, 543

idolatry of, in Abraham’s time PP 133-4

Israel warned re PP 543

iniquity of, full at time of Exodus PP 390, 423; SR 160; 4T 151

Israel did not wholly dispossess, in Joshua’s time COL 303; PP 511, 521, 543; 8T 119

Israel was to utterly destroy PP 423

Israel’s league with, God’s commands transgressed by PP 543

Israel’s miraculous crossing of Jordan terrified PP 485; SR 177; 4T 158

Israel’s wars with DA 406; PP 393, 428, 434, 487-522, 545; 4aSG 40; SR 178-82; 4T 154

Israelites forbidden to marry PP 171; 3SG 108

Israelites intermarried with PP 543-4

Jewish prejudice against DA 400

not to be dispossessed till time of Exodus PP 232

opportunity for repentance given to PP 492

power of, broken by Israel under Joshua PP 543

powerful race: at time of Exodus PP 487

in Jacob’s time PP 232

religion of, vile and degrading PP 487

roving, worshiped Abraham’s God ML 35; 7T 44

why God destroyed PP 390, 434, 492

wicked practices of PP 171, 492, 506, 688; 3SG 108

Israel forbidden to follow MH 280

Canaanite woman

Canaanite woman,

daughter of, Christ healed AA 19; DA 399-403; MH 42

See also Miracles of Christ; Syrophoenician woman


Canada Ev 571-2; 2SM 26-7; 2T 674

Canada East (Quebec)

Canada East (Quebec) LS 132; 2SG 130, 144


1. Figurative

2. Literal


1. Figurative

in social body, intemperance as MH 352

2. Literal

calomel causes 2SM 449

comfort for minister dying from 2SM 256

fashionable dress causes 4T 635

flesh foods cause CD 383, 388; MH 313; MM 278; 9T 159

on eyelid LS 151-2; 2SG 184-8; 1T 92-4


pride and unbelief eat out godliness like RC 368:3; TMK 167:2

Cancerous germ, Cancerous germs

Cancerous germ, Cancerous germs,

flesh foods contain MH 313

Cancerous humor, Cancerous humors

Cancerous humor, Cancerous humors,

flesh foods cause FE 140; 3T 563

self-abuse causes CG 444

swine’s flesh causes CD 393; 4aSG 146; 2SM 417

Candidate, Candidates

Candidate, Candidates,

baptismal See Baptism

students are, for immortal honors CT 229



think 5BC 1107

Candle, Candles

Candle, Candles,

burned before images GC 57

lighted, search God’s word as with SD 176

search heart as with FE 240; 2SM 318

Jews not allowed to light, on Sabbath DA 204

man who burns, at both ends 3T 502

Candlestick, Candlesticks

1. In earthly sanctuary

2. In heavenly sanctuary

3. Special

1. In earthly sanctuary PP 348-9, 356; 4aSG 9; SR 155

burned day and night before altar GC 412; PK 330; PP 348; 4aSG 9; SR 155

called lampstand PP 348

continual offering of olive oil for 9T 248

extinguished in reign of Ahaz PK 330

light of, sanctuary walls reflected GC 414; PP 349; 4aSG 9; SR 155

never all extinquished at one time PP 348

on south side in first apartment GC 412; PP 348

one solid piece of gold PP 348

seven-branched, having seven lamps GC 412, 415; PP 348

2. In heavenly sanctuary EW 251; LS 100; SR 377

in first apartment EW 32, 251; GC 414-5; PP 356

3. Special

Christ is in the midst of UL 207:2

does not shine of itself 6BC 1118

ministers whose, will be removed if they do not repent 4T 403

seven, John’s vision of Christ walking among AA 585-6; 6BC 1118; 5T 752

seven churches symbolized by AA 585-6; 5T 752

Solomon’s, removed because he forgot God 2BC 1032

what will help establish, in its place 4T 286

when God will remove 4T 286; 6T 368

See also Lampstand



children should be trained to CG 204

Christian, powerful influence for good exerted by Te 131

prejudice must be exchanged for 3T 448

Candy, Candies

Candy, Candies,

alcohol put into, to create in children appetite for liquor MH 339

children should be taught to deny themselves of, for God’s cause CD 329

Christmas gifts of, many trifles are spent on AH 479

money spent for: God’s cause needs 5T 156

put in miss. box the CD 329

wasted AH 388

proper nutriment not supplied by Ed 204

restless children given, to quiet them 2SM 435

sale of, at camp meetings reproved CD 329

See also Sweet; Sweetmeat



home trouble like MH 244

unbelief that acts as 5T 96



gossip and backbiting as Ed 235

Jewish, when Romans destroyed Jerusalem GC 32


speeches as VSS 145:3



household, glass preferable to tin cans for MH 299; 7T 134

Cannon, Pastor

Cannon, Pastor,

sermon of Ev 176


of truth, men can stand safely only under MM 88

Canright, D. M.

Canright, D. M.,

communication to 2SM 162-70; 3T 304-29; 4T 277-8, 280-1, 297; 5T 516-20, 571-3, 621-28

ambition of, his ruin 2SM 163

misinterpreted Scripture to discredit Testimonies 3SM 83:3

sold birthright for friendship of God’s enemies 2SM 166

Canterbury, Eng.

Canterbury, Eng.,

archbishop of Ed 233



suburb of Sydney, N.S.W., lady from Ev 452-3



artist painting picture on 5BC 1085

dyed when dipped in color DA 312

not needed to sail with current of world 6T 129

parents’ work is not to: fashion beauty on CT 130

paint beautiful form on CG 220

Paul fashioned, while working at trade AA 352

scenes painted upon shifting, of heavens Ed 101

Canvasser, Canvassers/Colporteur, Colporteurs (literature evangelists)

angels go with, with humility PM 303:0

appeal of, to be for truth in books, not pictures PM 301:2

appearance of books may be more to, than truth is PM 304:1

born-again, needed; angels will go before them PM 301:2

burden for service (more than wages) to be felt by PM 302:1

caution against girls being alone as PM 291

changing life of a certain, but wife needs a place to live PM 297:1

church members as, for Christ’s Object Lessons PM 275:2

cities to be worked by; death is coming everywhere PM 281:1

debt of, to be monitored by leaders; reports needed PM 258:5

Desire of Ages not to be refused by, because of illustrations PM 219:3

dishonest practices of PM 299

doors to truth opened by, as the Lord’s helpers PM 280:3

dread of new; God led and taught PM 366:3

dress habits important for RY 71:1

education for; many do not need extended college PM 288:1

encouragement needed by PM 258:3

evangelistic, take the place of the living preacher RC 253:2

experience not received by; not taught to give truth PM 303:3

going two by two is the Lord’s plan for RC 253:7

gospel to be in books sold by; no money for opposition PM 124:2

health reform to be shared by PM 304:4

help to be be given by; angel ministration needed PM 305:1

honesty and faithfulness of; training to be true PM 259:2

house-to-house work to be done by evangelists and PM 278:1

income to be sufficient for, without overdrawing PM 299:0

influenced against Great Controversy PM 355:0

life of, Sermon on the Mount to be guide for PM 302:2

ministers to be sensitive to financial problems of PM 260:3

more, needed to sell books with truth, not fables PM 314:1

need for,

books lying unsold PM 280:2

signs are fast fulfilling PM 278:3

some are qualified; not to please self PM 93:1

overdrawing not to be permitted for PM 299:0

poverty of, concerned Ellen White PM 300:2

preacher’s work done by, where meetings impossible PM 280:1

talents to be cultivated by, keeping close to God PM 305:1

topics in books learned better by, if fewer illustrations PM 304:3


to be opened by PM 304:4

to be selling point of, not covers and pictures PM 303:3

to be sown by; time is short PM 304:5

unfit, making light of sin and dishonoring bodies TSB 164:1

unsuccessful, to discontinue; accountability needed PM 259:1

value of truth in books needs to be sensed by PM 301:2

witnessing ability needed by RC 253:5

work of, presenting truth with simplicity and love RC 202:5

working along with busy people is recommended to PM 303:2

young, connected with experienced ones RC 253:6

See Colporteur

Canvassing (literature evangelism)

consecration needed before doing PM 302:4

decision to continue in, to come from God PM 260:4

evangelistic work,

great good may be done PM 297:4

publications go where meetings cannot PM 280:1

evil difficult for counseled one to avoid while TSB 59:4

financial problems in, others to help with PM 260:2

going by twos in PM 295:2, 297:4

importance of,

equal with ministry of the Word PM 298:5

profitable line of evangelistic work RC 253:2

impossible in own strength PM 305:1

instruction in,

experienced one to give PM 265:1

thorough, and drill as preparation for PM 297:5

workers must sense its importance PM 301:1

many urged to enter field of RC 253:3


may do good by PM 287:3

needing money might engage in PM 258:3

required first to succeed in, wrong policy PM 260:1

order to be observed in; accounting needed for funds PM 258:4

plans in, may vary PM 265:1

sacred work RC 253:5

success in,

by spirit of Christ’s self-denial PM 301:1

from good instruction PM 265:2

territory reserved for, while neglecting it PM 298:1

unsafe for one in fornication not recognizing sin TSB 163:1

women can do PM 295:2

work of, God gave, to successful one; he kept at it PM 297:2

youth in, connected with experienced and devoted ones PM 295:1

See also Colporteur work; Tracts; Leaflets

Canvassing work

Canvassing work See Colporteur work

Capability, Capabilities

Capability, Capabilities,

accountability to God for use of MYP 48; PK 482, 488; 4T 187; 7T 281-2

all of man’s, belong to God COL 116; 3T 396

alone, will not bring success COL 146

Christ is to act through man’s MB 94

Daniel valued his, but did not trust in them CD 154

devote your, to God’s service for saving souls 6T 448

entrusted, that become a snare PK 83

every man’s, Christ knows SD 23; TM 129, 144

God increases, of persons who educate themselves to industrious habits CS 165

God longs to work through persons who have, for great things TM 283

God requires Christian to grow in, in every line COL 330

God would have men enlarge their MYP 256

man’s specific place in life is determined by his Ed 267

men are indebted to God for all their MYP 48; 7T 281

men are to take their increased, to heaven CT 18

need using for God’s service ML 261; 6T 448

office does not bring man power of, that he has not previously possessed 9T 277

person not growing daily in, does not fulfill life’s purpose COL 329-30

physical, should be offered to God as consecrated oblation TM 283

place proper estimate upon your SD 118

service for God increases man’s AA 283

think and speak modestly of your 5T 478

unused, men must account to God for COL 363

varied, God gives to men PP 595

work for God with all your Ev 629

See also Ability; Capacity; Talent

Capacity, Capacities

Capacity, Capacities, for knowing God, how to enlarge COL 355

for receiving, how to increase 6T 448

preserved only by imparting COL 143

man’s, limited at best 4T 361

small, can do good for Christ 4T 47

See also Ability; Capability; Talent


Capernaum, Battle Creek church compared to 3T 200

center of Christ’s work in Galilee DA 252; PK 73; 9T 121

Christ’s labors in CH 500; DA 196-200, 252-61, 316, 378, 380, 383-94, 399, 432, 673, 809; Ev 586; GC 515-6; MB 59-60; MH 100; PK 73; 1SM 83

Christ resided in DA 252, 355; PK 73

like Sodom and Gomorrah 3T 200-1

location of DA 252, 318, 809; MB 70

on great thoroughfare of travel CH 500-1; DA 252; Ev 586; PK 73; 9T 121

Peter’s home at DA 259; MH 29-30

SDA compared to 5T 624

woe pronounced on DA 489

your going to, God’s attitude toward MH 473

Cape Town, Union of S. Africa

Cape Town, Union of S. Africa CS 264-5


Capital, borrowed, persons who live on CH 99; FE 153-4

character as your MM 143

God’s entrusted, make wise use of 5T 462

responsibility for rightly using CS 119

labor and, strife and discord between Ev 26

that is: of more value than silver or gold CT 225-6

unaffected by panics or failures CT 225-6

time and strength are all, that many poor men have 3T 400

Capitalist, Capitalists

Capitalist, Capitalists, English, evangelistic work for Ev 416

question for, whose one object is to secure wealth CS 148-9

Capital punishment

Capital punishment, Jews did not have power to inflict, under Roman rule DA 204

See also Death penalty

Cappel, Switz.

Cappel, Switz., Zwingli (Ulric) fell at GC 212

Caprice, Caprices

Caprice, Caprices, boy enslaved by his FE 151

diseased imagination’s, warning against 2T 524

excessive study causes self-control to give way to Ed 209

God’s work too often left to, of feeling 4T 358

See also Whim


Capricious, nothing in Christianity is FE 280

Captain, Captains

Captain, Captains, all who enter army are not to be 5T 394

of Lord’s host See Christ

Captive, Captives

Christ released, to show His power over death FW 74:1

fate of, taken in war AA 326

humans became, by yielding to sin OHC 104:3


Babylonian See Israel; Seventy years

end of, Daniel knew that time was near for TMK 271:2

God brought His people into, to purge of heathenism UL 161:3

reason for, compared to disasters in Battle Creek PM 176:3

Car, Cars

Car, Cars, Christian conduct in MH 491

hindered by stones put in front of it 7T 238

of salvation, church members clog wheels of Ev 370

tract distribution in 1T 552

See also Railway cars

Caramel coffee

Caramel coffee See Coffee, cereal

Caravan, Caravans

Caravan, Caravans, pilgrim, on way to and from Passover DA 80; PP 538

Carcass, Carcasses

Carcass, Carcasses, polluted, will never pass portals of City of God 2T 477

Card, Cards

Card, Cards, deciding business questions by use of 2SM 327

50 Bible texts on, vision of EW 22-31

golden, presented by angels at gate of heaven EW 37, 39; LS 18

Satan plays his, for your soul Te 292 See also Game of life

Card playing

Card playing, associations and tendencies in, dangerous 4T 652

brain excited and wearied by 1T 555

college students should be prohibited from engaging in 4T 652

college students who engage in 4T 436, 652

conversation during, trivial and degrading 4T 652

devils as familiar guests where there is 4T 652

discard FE 320

exciting influence of 1T 514, 555; 4T 652

expertness in, leads to gambling 4T 652

first lessons in, how boys learn FE 63

for amusement: leads to poverty, prison, murder, and gallows 4T 652

not beneficial to soul or body 4T 652

warning against 4T 651-2

God condemns 1T 514

habit of, many youth acquire 3T 151

intellect is not strengthened by 4T 652

med. institution that discontinued 1T 568

opposed to Christ’s teachings 1T 490, 554

parlor pastime of, unsafe AH 516-7; MYP 399

pernicious amusement leading to sinful practices 4T 652

relish for useful and elevating occupations destroyed by 4T 652

Satan presides where there is 4T 652

Satan’s invention CS 134

shun and discard AH 499; LS 353

sick people not benefited by 1T 490, 554-5

tends to evil 1T 490

wayward children given to, parents warned re CG 278

why youth should not engage in 4T 652

See also Gambling


counsel to one participating in TDG 138:2

Ellen White shown, in family she visited 3SM 41:2

time devoted to, is lost RC 247:4

Card table

Card table, Satan uses, to lead men into sin PP 460

Care, Cares

1. Christ’s

2. God’s

3. Human

1. Christ’s

for each soul, is as though there were not another on earth DA 480; MH 229; 5T 346

for His faithful workers, assurance of DA 811

protecting, rest under MH 250

2. God’s

all people laboring in His service are to rest in DA 313

Christians may safely rest in MB 106

faith is needed in, in time of danger DA 336

for birds and flowers, lesson from MH 266

for: His children MH 473

His creatures LS 257; MH 199

humblest of His creatures MH 411

for His people: always exercised ML 292

during seven last plagues EW 44; GC 629-34

exercised every moment CS 18; MM 276; TM 423

in time of trouble EW 34, 43, 56, 282-5; GC 626

like wall of fire round about them PK 581

for the poor PP 530-6

many people give no opportunity for, for them 2T 657

measureless and everlasting, watches over His people FE 502; PK 59

over weakest of His children PP 300

promised to people who obey His commandments Ev 240

providential, for His children 8T 272-3

tender, living proof of 2SM 274

things of nature that testify of 8T 325

3. Human

accumulation of, that violates Christ’s injunction CS 209

anxious, Christians should not allow themselves to be troubled with CS 227; Ed 138

borrowed, will cease 2T 72

burdens of, faith in God’s love and overruling providence lightens PP 600

cast all your, upon Christ SD 27

upon God SC 93, 122

Christ did not shirk DA 73

Christ invites His people to cast upon Him all their DA 329

Christ’s example for souls pressed with 1SM 260

do not allow, to lead to neglect prayer 1T 151

equal, given by God for all souls He has created DA 639

feverish, that God condemns CS 159

freedom from, in treatment of persons sick from overwork MH 236

remedy for sickness 2SM 458

God would not have His people weighed down with PP 294; SC 122

keep your, before God SC 100

lay every, at Christ’s feet 1SM 88

learn to carry your, to God TM 478

life’s: church members imperiled by 4T 286

eclipsing glory of eternal world 4T 552

persons drunken with 4T 434; 5T 280

separate soul from God 3T 381

used by Satan to divert minds from Christ SC 71

little, Christians may bring to Christ their 5T 200

load of, hearts aching under DA 330; MH 481

multiplicity of, God is not perplexed by SC 86

needless, you do not need to weary yourself with MH 199; 2T 576, 601

Satan seeks to make possessors of land and money drunk with EW 266

take all your, to God 2T 72

treadmill of, life is too solemn for Christian to be in COL 343

what to do when assailed by MH 250

what to do when burdened with MYP 107-8

worldly: engrossing minds and absorbing people’s affections 3T 385

have too large a place in Christians’ thoughts AH 405

lay aside heavy burdens of 3T 384

lay off yoke of PP 294

no class free from temptation to COL 51

soul-winning work neglected as result of 4T 629

turn attention from light God has given 5T 681

See also Anxiety; Worry


common, with sense of responsibility to God TMK 329:4

dressing and eating may be, that absorb interest TDG 279:5

God has you under His UL 314:5

overburden of, crowds out eternal interests OHC 280:2

privilege of casting, on Christ OHC 30:2

taking on so many, that soul is not kept in God’s love 2MCP 736:2

time not to be occupied with nonessential TDG 100:2

wait upon the Lord in; do not trust humans TDG 82:3

wearied with, that draw minds from spiritual things TDG 140:2

weighed down with, people of God not to be TMK 225:2

worldly, Christ’s time for heavenly things never taken by HP 214:4

See also Burdens


Career, new, believers taking Spirit as helper and comforter may find 6T 260

See also Calling; Lifework; Occupation; Trade; Vocation


Careful, indolent person may learn to be 2T 428


Carefulness, every man’s work is sufficiently important to be done with 4T 608

See also Thoroughness


work to be with, wherever it may be LHU 245:5

Careless attitude

Careless attitude, no place for Christian to rest in TM 508

Careless habit, Careless habits

Careless habit, Careless habits, in secular work, brought into religious life COL 345

Careless inattention

Careless inattention, to sacred things, encouraged by words and actions MYP 42


Carelessness/Recklessness, avoid all, in city missions GW 365

bad habits are often result of Ev 668-9

death is often result of CH 62; 4aSG 141; 2SM 461-2

disease caused by 2SM 461

fevers caused by CH 62

fruit of shunning individual responsibility 1T 99

great blessings or privileges should never lull men to PP 360

great manifestations should never lull men to TM 454

in choosing gospel workers TM 170-2

minister’s, in dress 2T 610-4

moment’s, may plunge soul into irretrievable ruin 5T 540

need of rebuking 1SM 380

neglect of prayer will be seen in 2T 505-6

outpouring of Spirit hindered by 1SM 140-1

re soul’s salvation 2SM 212

recorded in books of heaven MYP 228

separates soul from Christ TM 130

spoils life God designed for you MYP 212

treat nothing sacred with MYP 266

workers’, pub. house losses as result of 4T 451-2

youth warned against 3T 374


and indifference, victims to Satan’s power have OHC 332:5

at work TMK 93:4

caution against UL 139:3

character preparation prevented by OHC 165:4

Christ’s gift considered in view TDG 176:5

displeases God TDG 331:2

God sees those with, as frauds although some admire them TMK 325:3

happiness now and immortal inheritance lost by OHC 76:2

influencing others by TDG 278:3

lives of professed Christians reveal TMK 352:3

moral, seen by recklessness in bodily habits 2MCP 405:1

physician acting with 3SM 52:4

presumption in, knowing that Christ intercedes FW 107:3

youth with, who profess truth TMK 325:3

See also Thoroughness; Waywardness

Careless soul, Careless souls

Careless soul, Careless souls, shaken out of church 1T 181-2

Caress, Caresses

Caress, Caresses, fond, spasmodic love expressed in AH 94


Caretaking, all SDA work should be characterized by MYP 230

called for in business Ed 138

habit of, how teachers can encourage in students Ed 212

man who was not trained in, during childhood 4T 439-40

Careworn person, Careworn persons

Careworn person, Careworn persons, Christ longs for, to come to Him COL 226

Christian’s duty to ML 242

guard against becoming 2SM 399; TM 513

what to do when you meet MH 158, 168

Carey, Wm.

Carey, Wm. COL 79; Ed 269


Satan pleased with, showing him with horns and hooves 1MCP 24:1


See Sympathy

Carman, J. F.

Carman, J. F. 1T 578-9

Carmel, Mt.

Carmel, Mt. 2BC 1034; DA 120, 425, 487; Ed 151; PK 143-54, 238-9; 3T 279-86; 5T 526-7

See also Elijah

“Carnal lusts,”

“Carnal lusts,” meaning of words AH 127-8

Carnally minded

Carnally minded, truth becomes less and less palatable to 4T 155

Carnal mind

Carnal mind See Mind


Carnival, grand, man who thought to make life a DA 256; MH 91

high, held in deceived hearts by error, falsehood, and heresy SD 332


supposed revivals like, prevents good Mar 234:3

Carousal, Carousals

Carousal, Carousals, godless, linking church charity with MYP 398-9


Carousing, men go on, as ox to slaughter Ev 26

Carpenter, Carpenters

Carpenter, Carpenters, apt to teach, should train youth in SDA schools CT 311

Christ as, children should read of Ed 217

Christ worked as COL 345; Ev 378; FE 142, 151, 392; ML 168; MYP 211; 2SM 163-4

at Nazareth 3BC 1129; COL 349; FE 417

18 years SD 129

for wages ML 56; 2SM 164

in His youth CSW 54

with Joseph DA 237

Christian, let no man speak disparagingly of 4T 608

duty of, to teach the poor to do useful labor MH 194

father who is, should give sons lessons in carpentry CT 122

should teach his sons how to build houses CG 355

four, representing agencies used by God in restoring Israel PK 580-1

helping to build Noah’s ark, faith of 1BC 1088; FE 504

needs to learn his trade or profession 5T 528

not fitted to work at anvil 5T 184

skill of, comes from God COL 349; CS 114; CT 277

son of, Christ in His earliest years worked as TM 177

Christ was known as DA 237

trade of, Christ learned 6BC 1104; FE 417; 3T 566

Christ worked at MYP 211

uneducated, Christ was referred to as DA 387

welfare work for WM 328



learned trade of UL 94:3

sang in trial of patience working as HP 246:5

worked as TMK 362:3; UL 57:2

worked as, honoring all labor HP 214:3; TMK 30:2

skill of, comes from God TDG 32:5

Carpenter shop, Christ as youth worked in little: at Nazareth CT 147; DA 72

till His baptism DA 109

with Joseph MH 399; 8T 222

Christ spent greater part of His life in CT 276; SC 81

Carpenter’s bench

Carpenter’s bench, Christ did God’s service as much at, as when working miracles DA 74

Christ did God’s will while working at CT 147

Christ worked at AH 443; 7BC 936; MH 52

in His youth AH 290; CT 147

Christ’s experience while working at AH 443; 7BC 936


Carpentry, boys profit by lessons in CT 122

teach, in SDA schools CT 310; 6T 176, 182

teachers of, should be kind and patient CT 311

should teach how to build substantially and economically CT 311

trade of, give students opportunity to learn CT 311

Carpet, Carpets

Carpet, Carpets, different colored threads in, lesson from 6BC 1083

expensive MH 367

suggestions re AH 153

sunlight may fade CH 57; MH 275

sunlight should be enjoyed even at expense of 2T 527

velvet, do not make a home AH 155


Carpetbag, first issue of Present Truth taken to post office in LS 126, 195; 2SG 115-6; 1T 88, 105

used in traveling in 1854 2SG 189


Cart, mother pressed down by care as, beneath sheaves 1T 683

persons who have stood as, burdened beneath sheaves 3T 262

souls burdened with grief as, beneath sheaves MB 119

Carter, Bro.

Carter, Bro. LS 233; 4T 292-3


See Caricature; Comic almanac

Carver, Mass.

Carver, Mass. 2SG 68, 71


decision of every, before Christ will be at rest TDG 91:4

spread out, before the Lord; He will brace you to endure TDG 82:4

trying, not to bring despondency TDG 194:3


Casket, containing treasure of mind, many people spend life in ignorance of FE 426

pearls designed for Christ’s, heart that will find 1SM 266

Cast down

See Discouragement


Caste, all pride of, lost in Christ 1SM 258

Christ established religion without MH 25; 9T 191

Christ ignores 6T 268

Christians should have no thought of DA 437

field for miss. operation is not limited by FE 209; LS 337

God recognizes no distinction on account of COL 386; PK 369

gospel contains no thought of GW 330

how Christ looks upon 1SM 259

indulging in, warning against CS 160

is hateful to God DA 403

laws of, in Egypt in Joseph’s time PP 228

no: in Christ 1SM 257-62; 6T 294

in God’s kingdom AA 20

with God CS 162; GW 332

Paul lived in age of AA 238; Ed 67; SR 312

prejudice of, true Christian is lifted above 9T 209

pride of, do not indulge in WM 209

proclaim faith and worship having nothing of DA 820

religion of, Bible recognizes no 9T 223

social, Christ’s life puts to shame GW 330

spirit of, gospel tolerates no GW 333

true courtesy ignores Ed 240


God does not recognize HP 234:4; OHC 180:3; TDG 106:2, 301:5

Castle building

Castle building, airy, probationary time must not be spent in 3T 333

girl who was told to cease her 2T 560

habit of, is bad and exceedingly dangerous 2T 561

next to impossible to break up 2T 561

mind is depraved by 2T 429

novel reading results in CSW 22

should cease 2T 252

unfits a person for usefulness 2T 251

women whose imaginations are perverted by 2T 463

See Daydreaming

Casualty, Casualties

Casualty, Casualties, by land and sea, proclaim that end is near 7BC 950

world in its perversity is being visited by FE 356

See also Calamity


Catacombs, under hill outside city of Rome GC 40


Catalogue, God keeps, of men’s delinquencies PP 203


Cataract, does not reveal God’s personality as Christ does 8T 265


Catarrh, children afflicted with CD 240; 2SM 471

chilling of ankles causes much 2SM 477; 1T 459

healed in answer to prayer LS 113; 2SG 100

woman who used snuff for relief of LS 113; 2SG 100

Catarrhal difficulty, Catarrhal difficulties

Catarrhal difficulty, Catarrhal difficulties, overeating aggravates CD 137


Catholic See Roman Catholic

Catholic Christian Instructed in the Sacraments, Sacrifice, and Ceremonies of the Church

Catholic Christian Instructed in the Sacraments, Sacrifice, and Ceremonies of the Church, by R. B. Challoner, quoted GC 384

Catholic Church

Catholic Church See Roman Catholic Church