EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Book prices - Bread of life

Book prices

Book prices, low, how to meet demand for 7T 159-60

ignorant or partially civilized people need 7T 160

improper as inducements or bribes 7T 159-60

publishing house discounts on 3T 88

reduce, by reducing cost of production 7T 159-60

reduced, at camp meetings 9T 71-3

on special occasions 9T 74

too low, caution against 4T 388; 9T 73

too high: circulation of books limited by CW 168-9

expensive illustrations result in CW 168, 170

for persons most in need of books CW 168

Book production

Book production, count the cost in CW 171

See also Bookbinding; Book cover; Book embellishment; Book illustration; Bookmaking; Book price; Book publication

Book publisher, Book publishers

Book publisher, Book publishers, foresight needed by CW 150

Book publishing

Book publishing CW 149-50

began under discouraging circumstances 2SG 204-5

blindness sometimes manifested in CW 149-50

counsels on, wrong practices in TM 360

greater discretion needed in CW 150

guard every step in CM 141

keep, on paying basis 7T 159-60

more time should be given to 7T 158

plans for, agreement needed in 9T 70

pledges of money for 1T 689

Book royalty, Book royalties

Book royalty, Book royalties CW 164-6; 5T 563-7; 7T 178; 9T 73

distinction to be made re CW 165

from EGW’s books 1SM 103

Book study

Book study 8T 307-8

benefits little unless ideas gained are practiced CG 32

dead, mind should not be confined to FE 322

father should not neglect duty to children for CT 127

manual labor needed with COL 334

manual training needed with 7T 267

minister given much to 1T 434-5

ministry means more than 4BC 1159

no person so educated as to need no more FE 213

principal means of education is not 6T 217-8

should not divert from learning Christ’s practical lessons MH 442

teacher should not spend all his time in CT 234

training in industrious and frugal habits should accompany FE 423

young minds should not be taxed by FE 416

See also Book; Book education; Book knowledge; Book learning

Book work

Book work, means of quickly giving truth to world 9T 69

See also Colporteur work


Adventist, See Tract Society


Boots, lie will go around world while truth puts on its 1T 463 See also Shoe

Booth, Booths

Booth, Booths, Israelites dwelt in, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 291, 448; Ed 42; PP 540

Bordoville, Vt.

Bordoville, Vt. 2T 632-9, 641, 644, 651, 669; 3T 85, 118

“Born again,”

“Born again,” defined AH 206

See also Birth, new; New birth; Regeneration


Borrower, Bible lessons for FE 542

dishonest, diversion of money from God’s cause by 2T 676

Borrowing money

Borrowing money AH 374; CM 96; CS 255-6

colporteurs cautioned re CM 97

debt and discouragement result from CS 249

for God’s work, sometimes proper CS 278-9

purchase of land by, evils of FE 317-8

Boston, Mass.

Boston, Mass. LS 99, 121-2, 141, 150, 236; 2SG 67, 85, 109-10, 113, 149, 184, 222; 2SM 390; 1T 80, 581, 655

evangelistic work needed in Ev 389-94

for Jews Ev 392

money needed for Ev 34

first angel’s message preached in Ev 84, 389-90

God will cause, to hear truth Ev 391

med. miss. work in CH 547; Ev 390-1

New England Sanitarium in CH 554-5; Ev 390-1

proclaim third angel’s message in 9T 99

thousands in, hunger for truth Ev 391

Bottle, Bottles

Bottle, Bottles, curse on man who puts, to neighbor’s lips DA 149

made of skin, for keeping wine DA 278-80

nursing, baby’s See Baby

of love, fragrance of broken ML 80

tears of pious slaves kept in, in heaven EW 275


Bottom, go to, of everything you undertake 3BC 1161

“Bottomless pit,”

“Bottomless pit,” defined GC 658-9

Boulder City, Colo.

Boulder City, Colo. LS 235, 256; 4T 297; 5T 9


too much setting of; light to shine everywhere PM 227:5


Bounty, all received of God’s, belongs to Him 5T 736

Bourdeau, A. C.

Bourdeau, A. C. Ev 450; LS 238, 289; 1T 662, 665; 4T 301-2

Bourdeau, D. T.

Bourdeau, D. T. 1T 596, 612, 653; 2T 118; WM 325

Bourdon, S. Australia

Bourdon, S. Australia Ev 454


See Rainbow

Bow, Bows

Bow, Bows, bonnets covered with 1T 251

mental perplexity re, undue 4T 629

Methodist woman who wore 2SG 13; 1T 20

on Enoch’s crown EW 40

parading of, at church services 5T 499

some souls satisfied with 2T 593

wearing of unnecessary, improper 1T 252

Bow, Bows

Bow, Bows, Israelites used, in war PP 616

Bowel, Bowels

Bowel, Bowels, bathing gives new energy and life to MH 276; 3T 70

dress should not place weight upon 1T 459

inflammation of, charcoal in treatment of 2SM 299

lack of physical exercise enfeebles 3T 78

not formed to sustain weights 2SM 473

parents need knowledge of 3T 136

physical exercise strengthens 3T 78

women’s heavy skirts drag down 2SM 473

Bowel disturbance

Bowel disturbance, nursing child’s, improper lactation a cause of CD 227


Bowing, and simpering, not Christian politeness AH 422

Eastern custom of, before high dignitaries AA 137; SR 287

before parents AA 137

Bowl, Bowls

Bowl, Bowls, golden, hearts of God’s messengers represented by 4BC 1180

Bowling alley (saloon)

Bowling alley (saloon), Christian not found at AH 515; MYP 398

youth tempted to go to CS 201


Box, self-denial, for saving pennies CG 13 See also Money box


Boxing, school of brutality Ed 210

youth demoralized by Ed 210

See also Prize fight; Pugilist; Pugilistic contest; Pugilistic game; Pugilistic performance

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves, used at Battle Creek College 1SM 132

Box tree

Box tree, in new earth EW 19; 2SG 54; 1T 69

Boy, Boys

Boy, Boys, associates of CG 115

associates poisoned by 2T 406, 408

boldness of, in seeking girls’ society 2T 481

carpentry lessons profitable to CT 122

clothing of, should protect against colds 2SM 471

erring CG 266-7

do not cut off love and tenderness for CG 266

not cured by pressing his fault upon him CG 267

parental love needed by CG 266

failure to bring, and girls to God CT 418

farmer, training in agriculture needed by CG 355-6

father needs to be in close contact with CT 128

father should not leave, wholly to care of the mother 1MCP 166:3

fathers should teach trade to CG 355

father to be a special companion to his FLB 265:3

first lessons of, in card-playing, gambling, etc. FE 63

girl told to keep clear of 2T 564

girl who could not safely associate with 2T 560

girl who loved 2T 562

girl whose mind dwelt too much on 2T 324

girl’s erroneous idea re association with 2T 559

girls’ character should be ennobled and strengthened by 4T 96

girls’ influence should soften minds and manners of 4T 95-6

good, considering his disadvantages 2T 328

habitually making excuse to leave church service to go out to meet girls 2T 481-2

how fathers should deal with CG 285

immodest deportment of 2T 481

inexperienced, mingling of sexes that does great injury to 4T 95-6

keep, employed in useful labor 2T 483

knowledge of household duties needed by Ed 216

lacking outdoor work, should help mother CG 350

little, cigarette-smoking by MH 329

tobacco used by MH 329; Te 68

who pay attention to girls 2T 481-2

who ruled household 4T 500

lottery business lures CS 241

manual training benefits Ed 218

minds and manners of, pure and uncorrupted girls can exert softening influence on 4T 95-6

minister’s duty to his own GW 206

mothers should train, to do useful things 2SM 321

need to be much in open air MH 382-3

not one in 100, has untainted morals 4T 96

not qualified for ministerial work Ev 475

obligation of, to respect parental authority CG 241

older, polluted by dissipation 4T 96

outdoor exercise will not injure 4T 97

pernicious influence of, in school 2T 406

poor, teach trade to 6T 278-9

problem of rearing, in cities AH 137-8

rebellious, exult because parents lack courage to restrain them CG 241

problem of CG 241; 4T 204-5

righteous father’s handling of 4aSG 51; 2SM 333-4

restless, mother should not have to wholly care for AH 220

way to encourage, in self-respect and desire to be useful Ed 285-6

scarcely in teens, courting with girls 2T 460

secret vice dwarfs, physically and mentally 2T 402

self-abuse among 2T 481

See also Self-abuse; Vice, secret

self-willed and bigoted 2T 315

sly in wrong doing 2T 407-8

spendthrift, will be spendthrift man CG 136

street education obtained by AH 137-8; Te 211

strong and firm, can ennoble and strengthen character of girls 4T 95-6

study does not injure 4T 97

teach, how to manage finances AH 93

never to prevaricate or deceive in the least CG 152

useful trade or occupation MH 194

type of the man 2T 312

wayward and self-willed, how to help CSW 172-3

wayward from childhood, letter to 2T 307

what keeps many, from street or corner grocery MH 294

when it is better for, to run away from home CG 241

who threatens to run away from home CG 241

See also Son


avoid encouraging, without love LYL 21:1

deceptive LYL 54:3

shackles of Satan in rebellious LYL 55:1

See also Girlfriend

Boyish ideas

Boyish ideas of love for young girls AH 81

Boyish man

Boyish man, warning to 5T 411

Bracelet, Bracelets

Bracelet, Bracelets, golden, King Saul’s PP 695

Israelites gave, for building sanctuary PP 344; 4aSG 5; SR 151-2

wearing of 1SM 400

Braggadocio spirit

Braggadocio spirit 3T 459

See also Boaster; Boasting; Bravado; Pride; Proud person


See Boasting

Brain, Brains

1. Clear

2. Ill affected

3. Things that ill affect

4. Wearied

5. Miscellaneous


1. Clear 2T 375

counsel should be sought of persons who have 2T 357

flesh foods not best for FE 226

foods soft and liquid not best for FE 226

legislators need Te 289

mothers need 2T 366

periods of rest essential to 7T 256

person whom God rewards with AH 302; ML 147; MYP 244

practice of health reform principles produces 2T 404

privileges of person who keeps 2T 356-7

2. Ill affected

bath followed by rub relieves CG 461

benumbed, sacred things brought down to level with Te 45-6

benumbed sensibilities of, why some cannot arouse 2T 364

blood rushing into, mental distress causes 1T 577

benumbing of, loss from 2T 357

confused, should not participate in council meeting MM 295

congestion and inflammation of 2SM 469-71

animal instincts strengthened by CD 102

causes of MH 306; 2SM 469-70; 2T 318; 3T 235

office workers in danger of 1T 588

persons attending conferences suffer MM 294

safeguard against ML 136

diseased, of woman with weak mind 1T 315

distracted, cool air quiets 2T 531

dropsy on, poisonous drugs cause 2SM 468

inflammation of 2SG 207

fever from 2SG 122

habitual drunkard’s, is diseased MH 344

madman’s, drunkard has Te 289

paralysis of: causes of MM 228; MYP 281; 2T 409, 477

girls in danger of, while entering womanhood 2T 409

severe shock of 1T 104, 610

singular sensation felt on 1T 604

throbbing, ministers and teachers with 2SM 188

taxed constantly, eat sparingly of plain food for 4T 515

3. Things that ill affect

activity that is premature or excessive Ed 207-8

air overheated and foul 1T 702; 2T 531

air that is impure 2SM 436

air that is poisonous 1T 701-2

amusements that excite 4T 94

body that is diseased 4aSG 146

breathing improperly MH 273

breathing that is shallow 2T 67-8

chess playing 1T 555

chilling of extremities MM 230; 2SM 296-7, 467, 470

cider that is hard 5T 357; Te 92, 277

clothing that is improper 2SM 469-70

coffee CD 402, 421, 430; CH 441, 463; MH 326; MM 274; 2T 65; 4T 365

digestive organs that are abused CD 111; CH 564-5; GW 241

digestive organs that are overburdened 4T 408-9

digestive organs that are weakened 2T 318

diseases that are loathsome 3T 140

disregard of nature’s laws CH 458; 5T 197

drug poisons 4aSG 135; 2SM 452, 468

eating great variety of foods at one meal CD 334

eating hurriedly of various foods CD 111; CH 565; GW 241

eating intemperately 1T 618; Te 138

eating largely of all kinds of pies CD 334

eating largely of cream cake or sweet cookies CD 334

eating too much CG 391, 398; Te 138, 162; 1T 618; 2T 357, 412-3, 428-9, 603; 4T 501-2; 6T 357; 7T 257

eating too often CG 398; 1T 618; Te 138

experimenting with drugs MM 228

flesh foods freely eaten 2T 62

fomentation improperly used 1T 604-5

foods improperly combined 7T 257

foods rich and unwholesome CG 398; 1T 618

foods that are improper CD 241; 2SM 434; 2T 357

foods that irritate stomach CG 460

grief uncontrolled 1T 577

habits that enervate 3T 162

indulgence of animal passion 2T 477

indulgence of appetite CH 68; CS 134; SL 29; 4T 454; TM 114

intemperance 4T 31

intoxicating drink 3BC 1162; CH 463; GW 386; 2SM 420; Te 38, 289; 2T 268; 3T 242

labor constant and exciting in meetings 1T 711

lack of air 2T 67-8

late supper Ed 205

lustful practices FE 227

literature that intoxicates FE 451-2

mental distress 1T 577

milk and sugar used together 2T 370

narcotics Ev 529; MH 134; 5T 442; Te 35, 74

opium 4aSG 139; 2SM 447-8

physical habits that are wrong CT 299

popular concept of hell 1T 26

reading habits that are intemperate CT 134-5; FE 164; MYP 281

reading excessively FE 163; MYP 281

secret vice 2T 470

self-abuse CG 444; 2T 392, 409

sexual excess 2T 477

solitary vice 4T 97

stimulants CD 423; Te 74, 78

unnatural, that benumb 1T 549

stomach affliction CD 53; CH 578

stomach disturbance CD 335; MM 294-5

stomach irritation CD 243; CG 460; 2T 65; 4T 140-1

stomach that is clogged CH 577; MH 307

stomach that is diseased 7T 257

stomach that is enfeebled CD 395

stomach that is fiery CD 102

stomach that is overworked CD 181; CG 388, 391; MH 306; ML 146

stories that fascinate 4T 498

studying constantly CH 564

studying excessively Ed 209; FE 60, 146; ML 144; 3T 138

sugar CD 327

swine’s flesh beclouds 2T 96

tea CD 402, 430; CH 463; MH 326; MM 274; 2T 65

tobacco 1BC 1111; CG 404; CH 81, 463; FE 428; 4aSG 126; 2SM 467; Te 47, 58-60, 62

transgression of rules of health and morality 3BC 1166

ventilation that is poor MH 274

whatever hinders living machinery’s active motion 2T 370

wine 4aSG 125; 5T 357; Te 36, 92, 277

words acting like deadly poison 1T 696

working excessively 2SM 436; 1T 516-7; 7T 256

without physical exercise CH 564; CT 295-6; FE 325, 418; MH 306; 3T 149, 155-7, 235

wrong habits contracted in youth 1T 501-2

4. Wearied

communion with Christ soothes 7T 243

how to help the sick who have Te 248

minister’s preaching is ill-affected by 7T 250

physical exercise relieves 3T 152

reading excessively causes 2T 434

reading that is ill-chosen tends to 4T 497

rest is needed by 7T 256

Spirit refreshes Ed 261

teacher’s teaching is ill-affected by 7T 250

working excessively causes ML 81

5. Miscellaneous

active, needs to be employed from earliest years CT 146; FE 417

alone, education does not consist in using CT 308

baby’s, congestion of 2SM 469

poisonous drugs cause dropsy on 2SM 468

tobacco fumes ill affect 2SM 467; Te 58-9

blood that is pure is essential to CH 586-7; MM 291

body is wholly controlled by CH 586; MM 291

capital of body MYP 236; 3T 69, 136

child’s, bath followed by rub relieves CG 461

inflammation and congestion of 2SM 469-71

schoolwork that ill affects 2SM 436

citadel of the being CT 299

communicates with the rest of body through nerves 4aSG 146

condition of, when EGW could not write 1T 577

correct habits of eating and drinking properly nourish MM 291

do good by using ML 118

do not leave others to be, for you CT 475

eat food that does not becloud MM 295

electric power of: aids in resisting disease Ed 197

mental activity promotes Ed 197

system vitalized by, to resist disease 3T 157

exercise of, taste for practical duties encouraged by 5T 90

function of, God’s care essential to CH 586; MM 291

given to every person by God 1SM 100

gospel work should be done with every energy of Ev 434; WM 78

harmonious action with other parts of body by, essential FE 426; Te 74

healthful food needed to nourish FE 227

healthy, health of other parts of body require CH 586

office workers need 1T 516

healthy powers of, conflict with spiritual darkness calls for CT 538

how, acquires solidity and strength 2SM 321

idle, ready for Satan to control 1T 395

injured part of body telegraphs its injury to ML 148

intellectual class often overwork 3T 156

keep, in most healthful condition MYP 150

open to truths of God’s word FE 548

laboring men’s, robbed of intellectual strength 3T 157

learn to see with SD 283

learn to treat and use of 2SM 289

let no one be, for you AH 373; CT 475; FE 307; 3T 157-8

make best use of SD 171

material in, nourishes system 2T 470, 477

men of, God’s cause needs LS 277

mental impressions conveyed to nerves by 3T 70

most delicate of physical organs Ed 207-8; 2SM 436

muscle and, tilling of soil equalizes action of FE 323

proportionate exercise needed by FE 319; 6T 180

nerves centering in, pain in LS 227

nerves proceeding from, control body 3T 69

nervous energy of body is derived from Ed 207-8; 2SM 436; 3T 69

nourishing food needed by, to do its work FE 227; MH 295

one man’s, gospel workers should not rely on TM 299

organ and instrument of mind CH 586; MM 291

organs of motion governed by communications from 3T 69

physical labor benefits Ev 661; 1T 555; 2T 569

seat of nervous forces and mental action 3T 69

stomach appeals to, to reason from cause to effect 7T 257

stomach is closely connected with MH 306; 2T 318

stomach’s condition affects 7T 257

strength and activity of, how to lessen or increase 4T 498

strength of, God claims man’s 4T 613

ministers should economize CD 55

teacher must preserve Ed 277

wealthy children need something to do to increase FE 419

students need to learn to see with FE 302

students need training in use of 2SM 323-4

students’, distracted from studies by games 2SM 322

much of no value crowded into CT 392

study attracts blood from extremities to 3T 138

sympathizes with stomach 9T 160

unoppressed, retain blessings of 3T 310

unsanctified, too much power entrusted to TM 348

use your, to God’s glory 1SM 100

vital energy imparted to mind through Te 74

youth need to learn to use AH 509

youth’s vital capital CG 444

See also Intellect; Mind


abstinence from harmful substances preserves power of RC 243:8

activity of,

reduced by physical inaction 1MCP 116:0

while neglecting to tax the physical 1MCP 195:2

appetite and passion controlled that, may discern duty TDG 287:3

bought and sold in bargaining for royalties PM 232:3

burdened by useless studies 1MCP 195:0

change needed in caring for; rest needed (Ellen White letter) 2MCP 383:5

clarity of,

habits must accord with God’s laws to have 1MCP 317:2

knowing how to guard TDG 206:3

needed before salvation can be realized CME 39:4

pure appetite and habits result in CC 248:6

requested by Ellen White TMK 141:2

clouded by liquor, tobacco and wine; (befogged) RC 247:3

confused by improper diet UL 253:2

digestion impedes work of, when abused RC 152:5

diseased by abuse of stomach, causing unkindness, etc. 2MCP 392:0

enfeebled and unbalanced by impure practices HP 195:3; 1MCP 227:5

excitement of, undue, produces impurity 2MCP 508:1

food for,

by infidel authors 1MCP 358:0

Word of God not to be placed in mist by 1MCP 92:1; RC 286:3

food simple to avoid weakening of TSB 53:0

God has given, for His glory OHC 43:3

habit weakening, disqualifies for receiving patience OHC 69:4

injured by bad physical habits; stimulants do not help 2MCP 383:4

muscle and, expend power of, not on unimportant things HP 170:6

nerves of, injured by unhealthful food OHC 308:2

nutriment robbed from, by dissipation and indulgence 1MCP 316:1

power of,

benumbed by imprudent eating 2MCP 391:4

educate for best use OHC 43:3

heart power needed rather than OHC 162:7

preserve; reserve is needed for emergency 2MCP 506:1

weakened by disturbing the stomach TDG 206:3

weakened by moral pollution, closing heaven TDG 123:5

proportional exercise of muscles and, to maintain vitality TDG 129:3

rest needed for, to speak and think properly 2MCP 735:2

stomach affliction affects, unfitting one to give counsel 2MCP 391:4

study (excessive) excites; physical organs lose healthy tone 2MCP 509:1

sugar causes fermentation clouding the 2MCP 391:3

taxation of, exercise in agriculture and other work saves 1MCP 120:3

thinking is essential for 1MCP 116:0

tired, time with God refreshes HP 83:4

tobacco affects, blocking spiritual discernment 1MCP 75:3

wearing out, by mismanagement; friends will see results 2MCP 376:4

wine numbed, of Nadab and Abihu UL 83:3

work of, without physical exertion 1MCP 197:1

workers using, should tax all parts of human machinery 2MCP 375:0

working, constantly is a mistake 2MCP 507:3

See also Mind

Brain energy

Brain energy, overworked stomach saps CD 137-8

See also Brain force; Brain nerve energy; Brain nerve power

Brain-enervating habits

Brain-enervating habits, sinful and health-destroying CH 21

Brain nerve, Brain nerves

Brain nerve, Brain nerves, abuse of stomach ill affects CD 53; CH 578

aid of, digestive organs call for 2T 428

butter and flesh food benumb 2T 486

communicate with entire system Ed 209; 2T 347

eating to much benumbs 2T 412, 428

eating too much overtaxes and weakens 2T 428

indulgence of natural appetites and passions ill affect 3T 51

intoxicating liquor destroys Te 59

mental impressions conveyed to body’s nerves by 3T 69

only medium through which heaven communicates with man Ed 209; 2T 347

secret vice benumbs and partly paralyzes 2T 470

secret vice excites, to unnatural action 2T 470

self-abuse destroys healthy tone of 2T 347

simple food needed to avoid weakening of 2T 46

stomach nerves convey irritation to MH 326

swine’s flesh enfeebles 2T 96

tobacco destroys Te 59

vital action of whole human system controlled by 3T 69

Brain-nerve energy (power)

Brain-nerve energy (power), eating too much benumbs and partly paralyzes 2T 414

eating too much robs FE 425; 2T 363

evil practices that affect CT 135; FE 425; MH 306; 2T 347, 412; Te 68-9

God will help us preserve, if we do our part CD 492

gratification of base passion squanders 2T 474

intemperance of any kind weakens 3T 50; Te 148

lustful practices destroy Te 68-9

reading excessively ill affects CT 135

self-abuse destroys 2T 347

stomach diseased draws on MH 306

stomach overloaded draws on 2T 412

taxed to utmost, seek not counsel of person who has 2T 357

tobacco weakens Te 69

working excessively weakens 2SM 436

See also Brain power; Intellectual power; Mental power

Brain power

Brain power, digestive organs call for aid of 2T 603

eating imprudently benumbs CD 53; CH 578

eating too much lessens 2T 362-3, 603

excessive use of, that causes disease LS 354

exercise of, cultivation of soil requires TM 243

God gave us, to use Ev 650

God has not given all, to special persons TM 302

gratification of taste enfeebles 4T 44

inefficient without sacrifice and willing obedience SD 236

irregular eating and sleeping saps CD 123, 395; SD 172

keen exercise of, Bible study calls for MH 459; 8T 319

minister should use, to proclaim gospel Ev 663

no person has too much 1SM 100

physical exercise benefits 6T 180

put to highest use, in study of God’s word and will FE 305

put to stretch, to solve and master hard problems FE 226

secret vice weakens 2T 391

stomach calls for aid of 2T 413

stomach overloaded draws on 2T 363

strong drink destroys Te 119

thinking earnestly requires FE 226

tobacco destroys Te 119

vigorous, needed at camp meeting 2T 602-3

warning re excessive use of, while neglecting physical organs FE 321

youth lack, because they do little useful labor 4T 96

See also Brain-nerve power; Intellectual power; Mental power

Brain-taxing labor

Brain-taxing labor, board and council meetings entail GW 451

Brain weary

Brain weary, long sermons make preachers Ev 177

persons who are, treatment of MH 236-7

Brainwork (labor)

Brainwork (labor), avoid, immediately after meal CH 565; GW 242

excessive, JW’s 3T 9

exhaustive, two meals a day best during 2T 371

See also Intellectual work; Mental work; Sedentary work

Brainworker, Brainworkers

Brainworker, Brainworkers, deal justly with 5T 565

foods of fewer kinds needed at one meal by Ed 205

fruit diet often brings relief to MH 235

God-given capital entrusted to 5T 563

lack of physical labor injures 6T 192

minds of, labor too hard 3T 157

power of endurance for MH 238

results of study of, belong to God 5T 563

See also Sedentary workers

Brake, Brakes

Brake, Brakes, put, on appetite CD 162

Bramble, Brambles

Bramble, Brambles, in heart’s soil 4T 202

plot left to grow, while owner weeded others’ gardens 4T 381

special pains not taken in pruning 7T 214

worthless, grows luxuriantly without cultivation AH 468; SD 333

Branch, Branches

Branch, Branches, withered, prune from your life ML 177

See also Tree of life; Vine, branches of


Brand on Cain See Cain

Brandt, Gerard

Brandt, Gerard, quoted GC 237-8


Brandy, advising people to take, dangerous Te 42

drinker of, cure of MH 446

mental and physical degeneracy caused by CH 49; Te 174

ministers using Te 164

moderate use of, appears to invigorate body Te 158-9

pepper sauce used in Te 96

prayer under influence of, God’s regard for Te 45

professed Christians using 1BC 1111

sense of languor and debility caused by Te 158-9


Brass, Babylon protected by gates of PK 523

heavens as, in Elijah’s time PK 139

Israelites gave, for building sanctuary PP 344

Paul trusted God when heavens were as AA 363

pillars of, hangings of sanctuary supported by PP 347

sounding, how one may become 5T 98

truth does not benefit receiver who is as 4BC 1181


Bravado, child’s discouragement often concealed by Ed 291

See also Boaster; Boasting; Braggadocio spirit; Pride; Proud; Person


Brave, timid may become 4T 614


Bravery, reckless spirit falsely termed 3T 482

youth tempted to show, folly of 5T 397


labor brings, to the timid TDG 132:4


“Brawler,” in Titus 3:2, defined 2T 389


Breach, in God’s law See Law of God


1. Objectionable

2. Preparation of

3. Unleavened

4. Miscellaneous


1. Objectionable

bolted wheat, unhealthful 2T 68

fine wheaten, children eating CD 239

heavy and clammy, digestive organs broken down by CD 343

heavy and sour, ill effects of 1T 681-4; 2T 537-8

of poor quality, dyspepsia caused by 1T 682

stomach diseased by 1T 681

unwholesome, harmful 2T 373

EGW’s experience with CD 257; 2T 373

2. Preparation of CD 315-21; MH 300-1

at Cooranbong, N.S.W. WM 336

baking powder in, harmful and unnecessary MH 300

classes needed for instruction in MM 267; WM 128

cooks should excel in CD 315

co-operate with God in DA 367

girls and women should learn Ed 216; 1T 684; 5T 90

knowledge of, family health requires 3T 156

important 1T 682

milk in, objections to MH 301

simplicity needed in CD 108, 319

skill needed in 2T 537

soda (saleratus) in, harmful and unnecessary CH 117; MH 300-1; 2T 537

superfine white flour not best for MH 300

thorough baking needed in CD 108, 315, 319; MH 301

to kill yeast germs MH 301

thought and care needed in CH 117; MH 302

3. Unleavened

eaten at Passover season DA 653

represented Christ DA 77

hot or new, may be eaten MH 301

in Lord’s Supper, recommended 6BC 1090

significance of DA 660-1; 3SG 228

in Passover supper, significance of PP 278

rolls or gems baked as CD 472

sold to public on holiday occasions WM 285

sorceress of Endor served, to King Saul PP 681

unbolted meal and water used in 4aSG 153

EGW used 4aSG 153

4. Miscellaneous

baker’s, in stereotyped breakfast CD 259

best quality of, religion leads to making of CD 315

body needs supplied by Ed 171-2; ML 26

blood, bone, and brain produced by Ed 171-2; ML 26

brown, healthful CD 108, 319

butter and, girl who ate CD 240

not to be eaten between meals CG 388

Christ tempted to make, out of stone DA 118-9

See also Christ

cold, little butter may be used occasionally on CD 350

corn, made from meal ground by hand mill WM 336

crust of, as banquet CS 162-3; 7T 226; WM 169

dried in oven, wholesome CD 317

dry, crumbed in breakfast gruel or bean broth 2T 603

eating of, encourage CD 315, 394

daily: lesson to learn in receiving Ed 108

prayer for CS 164; MB 110-3

share with others MB 111

fine-flour, deficient in nutritive value CH 114; Ed 204; MH 300; 2T 68

fruit and, for third meal of day CD 178

fruit juices and, recommended CD 437

graham 1T 681-2

recommended for camp meeting 2T 602

healthful, seldom seen on many tables CD 343

in unhealthful breakfast CD 105

lack of, no excuse for not being hospitable 2T 28-9

light and dry, stomach’s health demands CD 315

light and sweet, needed MH 301

living on, not health reform CD 105

loaf(s) of, cross of Calvary stamped on DA 660

make small and thoroughly bake MH 301

loaf of good, more religion than many think in CH 117; MH 302; 2T 373

practical religion in CD 251; CT 313; MM 270

made of mixture of wheat, oatmeal, and rye flour CD 321

milk and, diet of poor families using 7T 135

miraculous provision of, in wilderness 4T 469 See also Manna

none of God’s people should beg 5T 151

parable of friend asking at midnight See Parables of Christ

provide good, at camp meeting 5T 163

provision of, in time of trouble EW 56; GC 629; 3SG 252

purchased by Christ’s broken body DA 660

raised, best when cut in slices and dried in oven MH 301

hot or new, never serve MH 301

raised or yeast, use water instead of milk in making MH 301

simple evening meal of, at Emmaus DA 800

staff of life CD 315

taint of sourness in, tolerate no CD 108, 319; CH 117; MH 301

two or three days old, more healthful than new bread CD 108, 317, 319

unbolted wheat, nourishes more than fine-flour bread CH 114; 2T 68

white and raised with yeast, as change for pregnant women 2T 384

whole-wheat, is best MH 300

See also Baking; Biscuit; Bread (spiritual); Gems; Rolls; Crackers; Zwieback


and water,

certainty of, for “him that walketh righteously” LHU 131:3

promise of, includes also eternal life TMK 268:3

provided for time of trouble Mar 181:2

compared to knowledge of Christ: no value unless accepted TMK 107:2

daily, request for, refers to spiritual food also OHC 209:2


admiration for, not enough; it must be eaten TDG 231:5

Christ daily imparted, to hungry souls TDG 283:2

eating, important; customs of world not to be aped 2MCP 557:5

promise of, in holding fast integrity to God TMK 268:3

souls want; feed them; strong meat is not for babes VSS 327:3

spiritual, must be eaten, not just seen FLB 22:3

superscription of cross on our OHC 196:3

Bread (spiritual)

1. Of life

2. Spiritual

3. Miscellaneous

1. Of life

all need to eat 4T 558; TM 385

all united to Christ will receive MH 49

for spiritual growth AA 284-5

alone, hungering soul satisfied by FE 339

Bible truth is 5T 117

blessing to soul 4T 539

Christ is MB 112; MH 441

Christ’s discourse on DA 384-91

testing truth DA 391

feed your soul with CG 511

given to Israel to give to world COL 221

go to Scriptures for 1SM 160

how men feed upon MB 112

lack of, souls perish from 8T 307-8

minister’s sheep starving for GW 32

people hunger for 4T 70

in Christian world CW 110

in our own families DA 822

pray for MB 133

provided for all who hunger 3T 190

share with others DA 369; 5T 606

soul-hunger satisfied by TM 340

spiritual sinew and muscle nourished by CT 353

unadulterated with human opinions, give 1SM 186

2. Spiritual

Christ as DA 384-91; MH 441

God’s word as Ed 171-2

of heaven, what it means to eat 7BC 957; DA 384-91

prayer for daily bread includes MB 112

what rabbis regarded as DA 386

why seek, in historical and theological writings? MH 441

3. Miscellaneous

of dependence, desire not to eat 2T 308

Bread from heaven

eaten by receiving and appropriating truth OHC 208:3

feeding on, as mind opened to the Scriptures RC 297:6

minds filled with the unimportant instead of TMK 106:2

Word of God RC 37:5

Bread of life

angels are present as little companies feed on TDG 11:6

Christ’s words are; disciples ate and understood LHU 115:6

eating, in communion with Christ OHC 61:2

energy restored by eating TMK 106:2

prayers should express hunger for OHC 130:4

Word of God is, to help us grow LHU 111:8

work of giving, to be absorbing, keeping hearts kind TDG 365:4