EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Blindness - Body, Bodies, human


Blindness, double, of mob in Sodom PP 159

Elymas the sorcerer’s, not permanent AA 168

Isaac’s, in old age PP 179

Paul’s, Christ’s glory caused AA 117-8; SR 271-2

healed AA 121-2; SR 272; 3T 430-1, 433

Blindness, spiritual

Blindness, spiritual, as result of despising warnings of Testimonies 3T 266; 5T 682

because repentance neglected PM 172:5

burden of Ellen White for those in TDG 198:6

cause of DA 475; MB 92-3

confess your 6T 408

exhibition of, that turns from light and evidence 3T 357

explained 4T 88

fast coming on God’s people 3T 324

from cherishing defective tendencies 1MCP 39:0

from lack of connection with God TDG 361:4

God’s Word and His law made useless by TMK 256:4

great natural, of men re God and Christ TM 246

greatest reason for, is that men will not receive correction 3T 255

how men acquire 6BC 1112

how Satan uses a person in MM 93

in doubting part of testimonies 3SM 69:1

makes sin appear no longer repulsive PP 635; 5T 233

of Balaam, by yielding to Satan’s power PP 444

of human minds, that is willful 2SM 135

of Jews, for 1,800 years GC 378

of Korah and companions, hopeless state of PP 405

of man, God pities 4T 178

of people of this generation, marvelous beyond expression GC 561

of perversity, God pities men struggling in PK 435

of soul, how effected MB 93

self-imposed, of Pharisees COL 59

spirit of selfishness in the work brought PM 71:1

spiritualistic deceivers allowed to walk in UL 317:6

terrible, of Aaron 3T 300

of Israel before destruction by Romans GC 23

of Jews as result of sin PP 392

those despising warnings of Testimonies will be left in 3T 257

to contemplate evil OHC 334:2

to one’s own sinful condition 1T 143

willful, Christ made no provision for 5BC 1145

sinfulness of 5BC 1145

Blind person, Blind persons

Blind person, Blind persons, be God’s helping hand to ML 243; WM 239

business disadvantages of 3T 514

casting a stumbling block before, significance of 3T 519

Christ’s regard for those who pity 3T 512-3

compassion due to WM 239

consideration due to 3T 516

dealt with in merciless way WM 242

duty to care for 3T 517-8; WM 239-42

God a friend to 3T 516

God regards, as more valuable than birds 4T 327

God requires, to perfect Christian character 3T 516

God’s attitude toward those taking advantage of 3T 513, 516-7

impatient and overbearing 3T 515

Israel given special injunction re 3T 517

kind and courteous spirit must be cherished by 3T 515

med. missionaries’ duty to WM 239

neglect shown to, God notices WM 239

none need stumble along like a 2T 131

passions of, must be brought into submission to God 3T 516

placed in close relationship to church by God’s providence 3T 511

poor, God’s curse on those taking advantage of 3T 516-7

God’s attitude toward those envying prosperity of 3T 514

reproof for those taking advantage of 3T 513

sin of taking advantage of, for gain 3T 511-21

robbery 3T 514

sins and faults of, must be overcome 3T 515-6

sins of, God does not excuse 3T 516

spirit of love must be cultivated by 3T 516

words and actions of, need of controlling 3T 516

who had naturally impetuous temper 3T 515

whom Spirit will not attend 3T 516

See also Bartimaeus


Blinds, window See Window blind

Bliss, P.P.

Bliss, P.P., hymns of, quoted Ev 503; 4T 586; Te 189, 265

Bliss, S.

Bliss, S., quoted GC 318-40, 375, 396-407

Bliss, Sister

Bliss, Sister 2T 16


Bliss, true, essence of SC 77

See Joy


Block, of three angels’ messages, woe to him who moves EW 258


1. Animal (as food)

2. Christ’s

3. Fevered or inflamed

4. Healthy

5. Healthy, essentials to

6. Poisoned

7. Purification (cleansing) of

8. Sacrificial (typical)

9. Special

10. Unhealthy

11. Unhealthy (causes of)

12. Miscellaneous


1. Animal (as food)

diseased blood caused by use of CD 393-4

Gentiles forbidden to use AA 195; SR 308

God forbade use of PP 624

to preserve health AA 191

Jews banned use of AA 191

Jews forbidden to use MH 312; SD 225

Jews regarded use of, as sinful AA 191

men consume, as luxury CD 393

ritual law forbade use of DA 390

2. Christ’s

alone, forgiveness of sins is through 7BC 933; 1SM 107

is efficacious 7BC 971

man’s defilement by sin cleansed by SC 28-9; 8T 291

as atoning sacrifice, who is benefited by GC 483

atones for sin PP 372

avails only for persons feeling need of cleansing 5T 219

believers may apply, to their hearts TM 95

can cleanse: foulest stain LS 246

from all uncleanness AA 193

cleansing, man’s pardon and elevation of character secured by MM 127

sins of men removed by 7BC 935

continual reliance on, needed 4T 625

covenant deed ratified by Ev 276

efficacious, needs to be applied continually 4T 122

only for those who believe GW 162

efficacy of, Christians must be exponents of 6T 82

keep ever in view the SD 226

present to people the TM 92

faith in, holy men of old saved by AA 424

man’s only means of pardon AA 393

fountain for cleansing from defilement of sin 4T 625

grape juice pure and in natural state best represents Te 97-8

how to drink of DA 660

in His daily ministration, sin not canceled by PP 357

justification offered through TM 97

living water flowing for Israel symbolized PP 411

man’s pardon and acceptance with God secured by GC 421

man’s whole being purchased by TM 130

merits of, must be applied to soul PP 277

Satan flees at urging of 5T 317

presented before God by Him SC 74

trust in MYP 112

never-failing passport to God’s throne FE 252

new covenant ratified by DA 656-9; PP 371

not symbolized by intoxicating wine Te 97-8

patriarchs saved by DA 663

penitent souls released from condemnation of God’s law by PP 357

pleads before Father in sinners’ behalf GC 429

pleads in sinner’s behalf 4T 124; TM 517

as He says, “My blood, Father, My blood” EW 38; LS 118

presented by Him, for sinner’s shortcomings 1SM 344

in heavenly sanctuary EW 253

in penitent’s behalf PP 357

price of, we are bought with FE 248, 261; GC 475

purchase of, men as DA 488, 517

physicians should rightly regard CH 586

plead before God efficacy of FE 348

Satan bids for 5T 133

youth as 5T 34, 41, 91

sacrifice of red heifer typified 4T 122

sanctification by, division and disunity not a result of 6T 239

sanctuary in heaven cleansed by GC 417-22; PP 356-8

Satan by shedding, separated himself from sympathies of heavenly beings DA 761

sermons that scarcely mention GW 156

shed for transgressors of God’s law PP 516

sins of faithful removed from heavenly sanctuary by GC 421-2

souls precious because bought by 5T 623-4

spilled, water we drink is bought by DA 660

tree of life made accessible through 8T 288

wine of Communion service symbolizes DA 661

youth trample on 5T 186-7

See also Atoning blood

3. Fevered or inflamed

condiments that injure cause Te 182-3

flesh foods cause MH 316

food that is rich causes Te 182-3

gratification of taste causes 4T 214

gross articles of food cause CD 243; CG 461; 4T 141

intemperance causes 4T 30

intemperate parents transmit to children Te 269

mustard, pepper, and pickles cause MH 325

rich cakes and pastry cause 4T 141

sausage causes 4T 141

spice(s) causes CH 114; 4T 141; MH 325

spiced knickknacks cause Te 182-3

stimulating food causes CD 243; CG 461

swine’s flesh causes 4T 141

tobacco user transmits to children PP 561

user of intoxicating liquor transmits to children PP 561

4. Healthy

air that is pure imparts bright color to MH 272

children need food that provides CD 244; 2T 359

Daniel and companions had Te 271

diet of flesh food cannot make CD 322; MM 277

eating food that does not make, violates God’s law Ev 266

health depends on MH 271

healthy brain needs CH 586-7; MM 291

healthy heart sends, throughout body 4T 210

life and vigor carried to body’s parts by MH 271

rolls that make CD 320

stomach given food it cannot convert into 2T 67

vegetarian diet can supply all nutritive properties needed for MH 316

5. Healthy, essentials to

air that is pure MH 293

breathing deeply 2T 68

breathing properly MH 272

diet of right kind 2T 254

food of good quality CD 204, 263, 306, 366; CH 576; ML 141; MM 230, 270, 286; 2SM 297; 1T 682; 2T 404, 537

food properly prepared 1T 682

food simple and healthful 2T 404

food simple and nutritious 2T 537

food that is hygienic CD 409

food that is nourishing 2T 381

food wholesome and palatable 2T 538

fruits and grains ML 132

fruits of trees MM 277

grains containing nutritive properties ML 132; MM 277

habits of eating and drinking that are correct CH 587; MM 291

salt CD 344; 9T 162

6. Poisoned

air that is impure causes CH 62

child’s 3T 454

drug poisons cause 2SM 280, 288

flesh food causes CH 115; MH 315; 4aSG 147; 2SM 418; 9T 160

fruit or vegetables fermenting in stomach causes CD 309

nursing baby’s, mother’s unhealthy diet causes CD 228; CH 79-80; 2SM 432

stimulants and narcotics cause MH 325

7. Purification (cleansing) of

air pure and fresh needed for MH 271-2, 385; ML 139; 2SM 456

compressive dress hinders MH 292

breathing correctly is essential to FE 73; MH 272

liver aids in MH 240; 3T 490

lungs aid in MH 292

lungs need oxygen for MH 272

nature’s grand attempts at 1T 520

physical exercise aids in 2T 529

water that is pure aids in ML 139

8. Sacrificial (typical)

Cain’s offering lacked 4T 395

Christ’s shed blood typified by DA 589-90; GW 156; 1SM 230, 233; SR 50-1

daily sin offering’s, full atonement for sin not made by PP 355-6

sinner’s sin not canceled by GC 420

earthly sanctuary cleansed with GC 417-22; PP 355-6

faithless shedding of, for expiation of sin DA 608

God approached by, in earthly sanctuary PP 353

heathen Gentiles ate AA 192

Passover lamb’s, significance of sprinkling of PP 277-9; SD 227

priests caught, and poured it on altar DA 589

old covenant’s sprinkled, Christ’s shed blood represented by FE 507

on Day of Atonement, sprinkled before second veil GC 419

sprinkled on altar of incense GC 419; PP 348

sprinkled on mercy seat GC 419-20; TM 92

sin offering’s: not taken into holy place in some cases GC 418; PP 354

placed on horns of altar of incense PP 348

presented for the penitent on Day of Atonement GC 429

priest presented before God, in daily ministration GC 420-1

priest took, into holy place PP 354

significance of PP 356

sin removed from sanctuary by virtue of GC 658

sins removed from sanctuary to scapegoat by GC 422; PP 358

sin transferred from sinner to sanctuary by GC 418, 420-1, 480; PP 354-5; SR 378

sinner’s forfeited life represented by GC 418

sprinkled before veil in sanctuary GC 418; PP 354

sprinkled in holy place for the penitent PP 357

slain lamb’s, Christ’s blood symbolized by DA 663; SD 225

sprinkling of, covenant ratified at Sinai by PP 312, 371

symbol pointing to Christ as Mediator PP 353

9. Special

atoning See Atoning blood

baptism of See Baptism

martyrs’, seed of gospel GC 240, 634

Nile River turned into, by plague PP 265; 3SG 206-7, 242-3; 4aSG 55; SR 116

of atonement See Atonement

of sprinkling, character must be purified from sin by GC 425

sea and rivers as dead man’s, under second and third plagues GC 628

shedding of, no remission of sins without 7BC 913; DA 157; GC 417-8; PP 71; 3SG 48; 1SM 107; SR 52

plan of redemption called for 1BC 1086

sin made necessary the DA 589; SD 225

10. Unhealthy

base passions aroused and strengthened by 2T 404

children’s CD 221, 240; 2SM 435; 4T 30-1

diseased heart sends, into whole system 4T 210

eat not things which make 3T 311

moral and intellectual powers beclouded by 2T 404

persons in poor health have 3T 70

pregnant woman overworked transmits to offspring CD 221

father who had 2T 379

mother who imparts to child 2SM 427-8

tobacco user transmits to children 4T 30-1

user of intoxicating liquor transmits to children 4T 30-1

woman who had 2T 62

11. Unhealthy (causes of)

alcohol Te 57

blood-making organs that are weakened 1T 682

body organs that are enfeebled 4aSG 135

butter and cheese CH 114

cakes and pies that are rich 2T 368

clothing that is dirty CH 61; 4aSG 140

condiments CH 114; Te 57

diet that is impoverished MH 318; 2T 368

digestive organs that are overworked CD 174; 2SM 415

dress that is compressive MH 292

drug poisons 2SM 442; Te 84-5

eating improperly CH 577

eating too much 4aSG 133; 2SM 450; 2T 412, 428

eating too often 4aSG 133; 2SM 450

flesh foods CD 383-4, 387, 400, 412; CH 114-5; Ev 663; 2SM 360; 2T 61, 64, 368

cooked with spices 2T 368, 383

diseased MM 280; 2T 383

highly seasoned 4aSG 126; 2SM 420

food improperly digested CD 179

food improperly prepared CD 256; MH 302; 1T 682, 684; 2T 368, 537

food of poor quality CD 240; 2T 367-8

foods rich and highly seasoned 2SM 420

food scanty and impoverished MH 302; 1T 682; 2T 368

food that is not nutritious 2T 537

food that is rich 2T 368

fruit and vegetables eaten together cause CD 113

heart disease 4T 210

improper food combinations 7T 257

intemperance 4T 30

lack of air pure and fresh MH 274; 4aSG 138, 141, 143; 2SM 461-3; 1T 562; 2T 528

lack of physical exercise 1T 555, 562

loathsome diseases 3T 140

lungs improperly functioning MH 273

luxurious living 4T 30

mince pies 2T 368, 383

mustard and pepper MH 325

pastry that is rich CH 114

pickles MH 325; 2T 368, 383

poisonous drugs 2SM 452

reabsorption of impurities eliminated by skin 2SM 460

salads prepared with oil and vinegar CD 345

slow poisons 3T 140

spiced food CH 114

spices MH 325; 2T 368, 383; Te 57

stimulants CD 422; Te 78

stimulating drinks 2SM 420

stimulating substances CD 339

swine’s flesh CD 393; DA 617; 4aSG 126; 2SM 417; 2T 62, 96

tea and coffee 2SM 420

tobacco, chewing and smoking 5T 440; Te 57

wine 4T 30

work indoors that is confining 1T 520

12. Miscellaneous

air impure does not vitalize MH 274

air pure and fresh vitalizes MH 271; 2T 525, 530

body is nourished by MH 271; MM 106

body parts built up by MH 295

body parts must be vitalized by 3T 405

body’s extremities nourished by MH 382

body’s waste repaired by MH 271; 2T 538

brain congested by, animal instincts strengthened by CD 102

breathing deeply electrifies 2T 68

breathing deeply imparts lively color to 2T 68

changes in, life and health depend on 2T 525

Christ dwelling in hearts compared to 7T 189

Christ’s love compared to DA 417

diseased, blood and fat of animals causes CD 393-4

flesh food from unhealthy animals makes CD 386; 2T 64, 153

filled with cancerous humors, flesh foods cause FE 140; 3T 563

filled with scrofula, parents transmit to children 2SM 431

filled with scrofulous humors: children born with 2T 379

flesh foods cause FE 140; 3T 563

parents transmit to children 2T 379

food converted into, becomes part of our being 4T 141

food elements needed to make, where to find CD 322

food may irritate and excite, while fever rages 2T 384

food that is good needed by, to repair wasting tissues 2T 538

food that nourishes is needed to make MH 271

food wonderfully transformed into MH 295

fresh, raised up in lung fever 4aSG 152; 2SM 305

heart sends, to all parts of body LS 87; MH 271; 4T 210

heart’s double work of forcing, into chilled extremities 2SM 470

hemorrhage of, through consumptive’s mouth 2SG 30

impoverished, children born with 2T 378

impoverished diet makes CD 105; CH 155; MH 321; 2T 367-8

impurities of, liver overworked is unable to throw off 3T 490

infusion of, has saved life MM 286-7

large arteries convey, to extremities MH 382

leper’s, Christ healed MH 69

loss of, from broken nose 1T 11

money stained with, cursed MH 340

overwork heats CD 221, 228; 2SM 433-4

oxygen needed to vitalize MH 274

pregnant woman requires large amount of 2T 381

pregnant woman who craved material to convert into 2T 384

quantity and quality of, pregnant woman’s diet affects her 2T 382

ritual law forbade Jews to taste of DA 390

reading books on war and bloodshed heats MYP 277

rush of, to head must be overcome CD 102

vital current MH 271-2; 1SM 114; 2T 525

life is in 7BC 925; 1SM 114

warmth carried to body extremities by MH 382

water and, Christ’s wounded side issued DA 772

wet nurse imparts her quality of, to nursing child CD 227

white wall stained with, dream re 2T 596

woman with issue of, Christ healed DA 343-7; MH 59-62, 100, 122; MM 204

See also Bleeding; Blood circulation


atoning, simple faith in, can save; others to be told TMK 336:4

baptism of, Christ received, before result of mission TMK 368:2

Christ’s, efficacy of, sincere prayer is mingled with TDG 177:7

circulation of,

compared to Christ’s life in us OHC 60:5

deadened by sadness UL 102:3

gratitude and a clear mind promotes 2MCP 407:1

important in the extremities 2MCP 374:3

improved by useful labor 1MCP 119:2

labor requiring physical exercise improves RC 160:5

sadness impairs 2MCP 458:2

shows God’s care UL 50:3

unbalanced by unhealthful food HP 193:3

doorposts with,

instructions to Israelites HP 150:3

like Sabbath mark on God’s people HP 150

Passover angel spared homes with LHU 31:5

food to be selected to make best; meat dangerous 3SM 288:0

formation of, from food, important to be informed about 2MCP 385:2

indulgence in lower passions deprives mind of TSB 116:3

poverty of, rather than real disease may cause weakness RY 128:1

purchased with, HP 24:4

others seen as TMK 132:4

purity of, dependent upon pure air and food OHC 255:2

safety for Israelites was, on the doorposts 3SM 172:4

shedding, requirement of: truth to be imprinted on mind OHC 47:2

virtue not in, but sacrifices pointed to Christ Con 22:0

Blood circulation

1. Healthy (aids to)

2. Healthy (hindrances to)

3. Unhealthy (effects of)

4. Miscellaneous

1. Healthy (aids to)

air pure and fresh 1T 517, 702; 2T 525

bath(s), warm and neutral MH 237

bath followed by rub CG 461

bathing properly MH 276; 3T 70-1

cheerful thinking AH 259; CH 79

cheerfulness CH 28; ML 150

deep breathing FE 73

extremities kept comfortable and warm 2SM 479; 1T 461

mind free and happy 4T 60

physical exercise CH 199; FE 426; LS 354; MH 238, 385; ML 136, 150; MM 81, 107; 2T 525-6, 529-30; 3T 70, 235, 490

pleasure of doing good 4T 56

respiratory organs’ healthy action Ed 198

skin moist and supple 3T 70

useful manual labor CH 199, 627; Ev 661; MM 106; 1T 555; 2T 569

walking 3T 78

2. Healthy (hindrances to)

compressive dress Ed 199; MH 271, 273

confining indoor work Ed 208; 1T 520

eating too much MH 307; 4T 501-2

extremities chilled CD 302; MH 293, 382; MM 230; 2SM 296-7, 467-8, 470; 1T 461; 2T 531-2

flesh food highly seasoned 4aSG 126; 2SM 420

food and drink that is hurtful CD 88; 2SM 414

foods rich and highly seasoned 2SM 420

lack of air pure and fresh 1T 517, 702-3; 2T 67-8, 525; 4T 264

lack of physical exercise 1T 555, 588; 2T 67, 525; 3T 76

mental exercise without needed physical exercise FE 60, 74, 146; ML 144; 3T 138; 4T 264

passions indulged CH 587

seclusion in overheated room 1T 700-3; 4T 264

sedentary habits 2T 485

sour cider habitually used Te 95

stimulants CD 422; Te 78

stimulating drinks 2SM 420

taking cold 2T 530

tea and coffee 2SM 420

too much indoor confinement 1T 562; 4T 264

3. Unhealthy (effects of)

cough MH 272; 2T 531

disease 2T 531

fullness about chest 2T 531

head (brain) congested CD 302; FE 60, 146; ML 144; MM 230; 2SM 296-7, 468; 2T 531; 3T 138; 4T 501-2

headache MH 271-2; 2T 531

heart palpitation MH 271-2; 2T 531

indigestion MH 271-2; 2T 531

internal organs congested CD 302; CH 587; MM 230; 2SM 296-7; 2T 531

invalids 2T 525

lungs congested 2SM 468

mind enfeebled 4T 264

nosebleed 2T 531

stomach congested MH 307; 2T 531

vital organs congested MH 271-2

4. Miscellaneous

active, has fewer obstructions and impurities MM 106

dress should not obstruct CG 425; MH 293

equalization of, needed FE 321

external application of water is best way to regulate MH 237

free, body parts remote from heart need CH 587; MM 291

extremities need CH 587; 2T 531-2

God’s power manifest in SD 17

healthy: better physiological work results from MH 271

class who cannot have 2T 526

clothing should be conducive to CD 302; MM 230; 2SM 296; 2T 602

health depends on MH 238, 293; MM 106; 2T 526, 531

helps men to follow right principles CT 298

women’s health requires MH 293

how mind and will may affect 3T 69-70

in extremities, large amount 2T 531-2

in face, immense 2T 531

in thousand different channels CS 17

invalids’, light employment in useful labor improves MH 240

laws regulate Ed 99

muscles not used are insufficiently nourished by FE 426

nerves control 3T 69

to brain, excessive study increases Ed 209

woman’s, during pregnancy 2T 382

Blood feud

Blood feud, between Abner and Joab PP 699

Blood-making organs

Blood-making organs, foods that cannot be converted into good blood by CH 114; 2T 383

foods that weaken MH 302; 1T 682

persons with feeble, milk and eggs may be needed by MH 320

weakening of, blood is depraved by 1T 682

work of, diet’s relation to 2T 254

Blood pressure

Blood pressure, in brain, mental distress as cause of 1T 577


Bloodshed, Ahab’s, in murder of Naboth PK 206

among the wicked at second advent GC 656

as judgment of God LS 413

as result of intemperance GC 589

becoming common 8T 249

earth filled with woe by GC 614

God’s people will be accused of causing GC 614

problems threatening to fill world with Ed 44

thousands perish daily from MH 207

when second temple was destroyed GC 33

world is being visited by, in its perversity FE 356; PK 278

world threatened with PP 536

See also Crime; Violence; War

Blood stream

Blood stream, mental impressions affect 3T 70

night air does not poison 2T 528

See also Artery; Blood; Blood circulation; Blood vessel; Murder; Vein

Blood transfusion

Blood transfusion See Blood; Infusion

Blood vessel, Blood vessels

Blood vessel, Blood vessels, contraction of, mental impressions cause 3T 70

large, blood distributed to body by CD 102

will’s influence on 3T 70

See also Artery; Blood; Blood circulation; Vein

Bloody dysentery

Bloody dysentery See Dysentery

Bloody sweat

Bloody sweat, Christ’s pores exuded, in Gethsemane DA 759-60


Blossom See Bud; Flower

Blouse, Blouses

Blouse, Blouses See Waist


Blow, that wounds to heal AA 516; Ed 90

Blueberry, Blueberries

Blueberry, Blueberries, fresh, recommended CD 473; WM 285

Blue ribbon

Blue ribbon See Ribbon, blue

Blunder, Blunders

Blunder, Blunders, best of men make, when left to themselves 6BC 1108

decided, why God permits some to make SD 73

grave, men who think their ways perfect make TM 304

grievous, why so many make MYP 163

persons leaning on human wisdom will make TM 515

See also Errors; Mistakes

Blunderer, Blunderers

Blunderer, Blunderers, Christ’s work does not need 4T 67

rule to follow in dealing with GW 122


Blundering, in God’s work, avoid FE 301

ministers who sin by GW 105

Blundering along

Blundering along, many people are 2SM 211


Blunt, guard against being Ev 637


wicked trait of character OHC 229:5


Blusterer, is not Christian AH 427

Board, Boards

1. Meetings of

2. Members of

1. Meetings of 5T 559-61

attendance at, taxes brain and nerve GW 451

Christ’s transforming grace needed in 5T 559

collision in, causes of 6T 139-40

counsel from God sought first by; divine eye sensed PM 230:2

injustice and dishonesty in TM 260

ministers should not sit up late at night in 7T 250

Spirit’s influence may be had in 5T 559

tumultuous actions in, what would quell 5T 559-60

what makes men sharp, critical, and overbearing in 5T 560

which ministers should not attend 7T 255

witty things said in, out of place Ev 642

wrong eating affects 7T 257-8

2. Members of

duty of each, to critically examine his motives 7T 257

ministers as GW 451; 7T 250

question re 7T 254-5

motto for TM 418

need of changing TM 417

wisdom from above needed by 5T 559

See also Board of trustees; Church board; Committee; Council

Boarder, Boarders

Boarder, Boarders, church members’ influence on 4T 513

children kept by EGW as CG 125-6

Boardinghouse, Boardinghouses

Boardinghouse, Boardinghouses, religion to be taken into FE 82

students at, stand for Christ CT 98

Boarding school

Boarding school, diet in, sound health principles needed in FE 226

Boardman, Sara H.

Boardman, Sara H. See Judson, Sarah H.

Board of trustees

Board of trustees, members of 5T 559-60

Boast, Boasts

Boast, Boasts, adversaries’, try God’s servants ChS 240

Boastful claim

Boastful claim, to freedom from sin, make no GC 471

Boastful person, Boastful persons

Boastful person, Boastful persons, active and zealous GW 144

the truly wise will not be CSW 13


Boasting, all, to be laid in dust 8T 234

brawler’s 2T 389

improper 6BC 1115; 6T 122

language of the meek is never that of SL 15

ministers should work without GW 143

of merit in ourselves, out of place COL 401

of one’s excellent qualities, is wicked pride 4T 223

of Sennacherib and Rabshakeh PK 352-4

of what you have done in past, shun 2SM 222

Peter’s, almost brought him to ruin Ed 89

reasons for truth should be presented without Ev 69

world’s way is to begin with PK 595


blindness when, of doing righteousness 1MCP 39:0

characteristic of one choosing not to know God TDG 40:2

put away; study parable of the talents TDG 373:2

unwise; Peter fell not knowing his frailty TDG 260:4

we have nothing for; God’s love in us affects others TDG 83:5

wrong because every talent and victory are by grace LHU 343:5

See also Pride

Boat, Boats

Boat, Boats, for Australian school 6T 182

Peter’s, Christ preached from DA 244-5

Peter’s old love for DA 810

See also Ship


counsel to one spending time on, and neglecting God TDG 138

experience of Ellen White in TDG 110:2

leaky, “I” is; it cannot be trusted 2MCP 673:2

See also Water


“Body” in Matthew 6:25, defined 2T 496

Body (church)

God works through the organized, although some are defective RC 199:2

See also Christ, body of

Body, Bodies, human

Body, Bodies, human:

1. Mechanism (organism) of

2. Organ(s) of

3. Miscellaneous

1. Mechanism (organism) of

adaptation of means to ends in Ed 198

all parts of: need to be worked MM 79

tax equally MM 296

under law 8T 264

become better acquainted with CD 131, 302; MH 128; ML 127; MM 221; 2SM 290; 3T 136

breathing deeply gives tone and vigor to 2T 68

cannot be fully understood 3BC 1141; MH 417; 8T 260

conditions on which God cares for ML 134; SD 172

degeneracy of See Degeneration; Degeneracy

few people know anything about CH 38

function(s) of: Creator wisely arranged CD 17; MM 221

depends on God MM 276

excessive eating and drinking enfeebles SL 26

harmony with God’s life-giving arrangements needed in MM 262

is not by inherent energy Ed 131

outdoor life strengthens SD 170

strict temperance is essential to vigorous exercise of 3T 487

we cannot afford to dwarf or cripple any ML 142

God formed SD 172

God keeps, in motion CH 586; MM 276, 291; TM 423

God supervises 1BC 1081

God’s most wonderful work in world is CD 17; CT 125; MH 128; MM 221

God’s wise arrangement manifest in 6T 252

harmonious action and dependence of Ed 198

harmonious action in, disease is caused by lack of CH 587

inaction of, muscles decrease in size and strength as result of 3T 76

keep, in order MH 235

knowledge of, teaches that every member is to do God’s service TM 456

man has no right to neglect any part of TM 456

not self-functioning 1BC 1081; MH 417; MM 9

proper nourishment needed by, to perform its work 6T 374

signs of decay in, in third generation from Adam 4T 29

study of, encourage CH 390; Ed 198; MH 147

God bids us make MH 271

suicidal practices wear out 6T 373

vital force of, more than 2,000 years of sinful indulgence needed to lessen 4T 29

works at all times LS 87

2. Organ(s) of

cannot live confined to serving itself DA 417

depend one on another for health 3T 136

do not cramp any TM 242

do not weaken, by neglect or abuse MYP 69

each, has its work to do 3T 310

exercise needed by 3T 77, 310

exercise strengthens 3T 77

guard, from harmful practices 6T 372

harmonious action and dependence of, study Ed 198

hot food and drink enfeeble CD 432

made to be used 3T 77

mental peace that invigorates 2T 327

overworking any, result of 3T 310

perverted appetite enfeebles, diseases, and cripples 6T 369

Spirit renews MM 12

tea and coffee injure CD 430

3. Miscellaneous

abuse of: avoid CH 155

by perverted appetite 3T 63

God is dishonored by MH 322

is sin CD 118

as temple of: God CD 131; CH 121; DA 161; Ed 200-1; ML 134; 1T 205, 477; 5T 139; Te 61, 64, 142

Spirit CD 118, 160; DA 161; FE 426; MM 295; MYP 69, 242; SD 313; SL 31; 2T 70, 353, 354; 3T 63; 4T 570; 6T 369-70; 7T 137

bathing, importance of 3T 69-71

belongs to God CH 586; CS 115; MM 291; MYP 68; 1SM 100; 3T 63

by creation and redemption CD 16

best means of preserving, become intelligent re 3T 63

brain and, secure equal taxation of MM 265

brain controls CH 586; 3T 69

built up from food and drink SC 88; 2SM 125; 3T 563

capital of, brain is 3T 69

care for and appreciate CH 41

care of: be intelligent in CH 41, 504

co-operate with God in CH 587; CS 115; ML 149; MM 291; 2SM 289

first study of life should be 3T 485-6

God will help us in 6T 379

persons trained in, needed to teach others 6T 375

church compared to, by Paul AA 317-8

claims of, Christ did not ignore MYP 234

clothe, healthfully MH 291-4

compared to: harp of thousand strings ML 148

house 6T 375-6

compliance with God’s requirements benefits CD 32

condition of, soul is affected by Ev 261

co-operate with God by keeping, in best of health MYP 69

death dissolves 5T 466

dedicate your, to God MM 295

defilement of, warning against PP 362

deformed and sickly, thousands of 1T 304

designed for action, not inaction 5T 522

development of, plenty of exercise is essential to 5T 178

devils can disorder and torment GC 517

devils seek to control DA 257

disease of, gospel work includes healing of 4T 564

sanitarium is one of God’s instrumentalities to relieve 4T 564

diseased: best medicine for, consciousness of right doing is 1T 502

brain is affected by 4aSG 146

diseased mind nearly always accompanies 6T 301

displacements and deformities of, fashionable dress causes 4T 635

do nothing that would defile CH 41; MYP 242

doctrines that defile 5T 139

does not receive half of care often given to machine CH 566

each member of, functions in obedience to intelligence governing the whole 4T 16

emanations from, clothing is defiled by CG 107

enfeeblement of, that makes man enemy of God 3T 63

every sinew of, belongs to God MYP 69

exercise is needed by 4T 652

exhalations from, sickening sensation caused by 2T 528

failure to care for, is insult to Creator CD 16; MM 49

fashionable dress ill affects 4T 635

fearfully and wonderfully wrought by God MH 271

first, creation of MH 415; 8T 264

given to man to use in God’s service CH 41

God has written laws on every fiber of, that govern it Ed 196; Ev 265-6

God keeps, alive and functioning CD 56; CH 586; Ed 131; MH 415, 417; PP 115; 8T 260, 264

God’s claims upon 7BC 909; CH 40

God’s constant care over CH 586

God’s regard for Ed 200-1

godliness and righteousness are not detrimental to 1T 502

govern, as God requires CH 42

government of CH 41-2

great caretaker of, God is CH 587

guardian of, be faithful as 2SM 296

wisdom needed to be faithful as CD 302

health of: helping the poor and suffering contributes to your 4T 60

labor for 6T 225

learn how to preserve CD 18, 302

religion of Bible is not detrimental to CH 28

study first to preserve 3T 485-6

temperance in eating and drinking is essential to 3T 487

youth who will be blessed with MYP 244

health to, godliness and righteousness are 1T 502

healthy preservation of, strict temperance is essential to 3T 487

idolized by some people 1T 162

ignorance re, God’s word condemns FE 427

ignorance re care of, is greatest cause of suffering CD 241

is sin CH 40; 6T 369

imagination may control parts of, to their injury CH 587

impulses and passions have their seat in CH 41; MYP 235

impurities constantly and imperceptibly pass from 2SM 460

infirmities of, mind is affected by 1T 304

woman who dwelt too much on her 2T 433

intelligent knowledge of, all people should have CH 41

is: Christ’s purchased property 6T 369

not your own CH 40; 2T 352-3; 3T 63

keep (preserve) your: clean CD 232; MM 295

free as possible from disease 2T 366

from harm and defilement MH 271

holy 2T 356

in subjection 2T 359; PK 489

pure ML 134; MM 295

uncontaminated ML 134

laws of, penalty for transgression of 6T 369

medium through which mind and soul are developed MH 130; PK 488; Te 61

misuse of, is forbidden CH 41

shortens man’s time for serving God CH 41; MYP 235

moral defilement of, angels witness TM 448

morbid condition of, cloud is cast on everything by CD 52

mysteries of, baffle the most intelligent 8T 260

neglect of: avoid CH 155

careless, God’s word condemns FE 427

God is dishonored by MH 322

is forbidden CH 41

is neglect of mind 3T 486

nerves from brain control 3T 69

nerves of, mental impressions communicated to 3T 69-71

not all SDA possess, in sanctification and honor 2T 450-1

obligation to keep, clean, pure, and healthy is not comprehended CD 16

original power of, as healer MM 11

poor mortal, man’s disposition to decorate EW 274

powers of, belong to God 2T 354

healthy life is most favorable for development of CH 41

present your, to God as living sacrifice 2T 70; 3T 63

preserve, in best of health CD 35; CH 41, 121; Ed 200-1; Ev 261; GC 473; MYP 235; 4aSG 148; 2SM 296; 1T 477; 2T 65, 70, 354, 381; 6T 375

prostration of, ill-chosen reading tends to cause 4T 497

put your, to best possible use 1SM 100

reading novels and stories injures 4T 497

redemption price for, Christ paid CH 586

relationship between mind and: explain to people CH 543

is mysterious and wonderful 3T 485

is very intimate CH 28; MH 241

See also Mind

restored to original perfection at last day ML 153

sanitariums should teach people how to preserve, in best condition 6T 225

Satan seeks control of 2T 359

Satan’s agents can affect EW 44

Satan’s means of casting spell over 5T 193

satanic delusions affect EW 44

satisfying joys give health and vital energy to 4T 579

self-abuse enfeebles 5T 91

should be servant to mind PP 562; 1T 487

sickly, God is not glorified by 3T 486

sin against, God is dishonored by 6T 369

sin of polluting CH 22-3

sinful indulgence defiles CH 22; 3T 162

soul is corrupted by whatever corrupts MH 280

soul sickness affects 6T 301

sound, sound mind is needed in 2T 375

subject your, to higher powers of your being MH 130; PK 489

sufficient nourishment is needed by 2T 538

sympathy between mind and, is great 4T 60

take care of CH 41, 121; Ed 201; 2SM 296; 2T 70; 3T 63; Te 142, 164

teach people to keep, in best condition CH 543

tissues of: are breaking down constantly MH 295

process by which blood continually sustains MH 295

seeds of disease taken into, by eating flesh foods CD 386

tobacco and alcohol poison Te 36

wasting, good food is used by blood to build up 2T 538

water is best liquid possible for cleansing ML 139; Te 101

tobacco defiles Te 64

treated as if its laws had no penalty 6T 369

true beauty of, how to approach standard of MH 292

trusting, to physician CH 37

unclean, God is not pleased to see children with ML 129

unreserved consecration of, God calls for 6T 375

violation of laws of our being mars 1T 477

vital energy of, solitary vice saps 4T 97

weakening or injuring, warning against 1T 205

why Satan seeks to enfeeble and degrade MH 130; PK 488-9

without hands is useless MM 238

wonderful power of, to resist abuse CD 164; CH 66; SL 26

wrong treatment of, violation of physical law and Bible standard by MYP 238

you have, as well as soul to save Ev 260-1; WM 117

you have no right to treat, as you please CD 56; CH 40-1; MM 275-6; 6T 369

See also Anatomy; Health; Hygiene; Physiology



abuse of,

belonging to Christ OHC 43:2

violates nature’s laws and incurs penalty RC 154:5

accountable to God, for treatment of HP 191:5

activated when God created man TDG 273:4

alcohol and tobacco keep, from being holy and acceptable Con 61:1

all parts of, must be used or service is deficient RC 165:6

appetite indulgence impairs RC 154:3

appreciated as gift from God RC 154:4

blemished by sin cannot honor God HP 192:4

brain overtaxed hurts; teach all to work with their hands 1MCP 120:2

care for,

essential for moral restoration HP 157:3

individual responsibility TDG 340:6

required by God OHC 267:2

required for help from the great Physician TDG 129:6

required to witness before world and universe RC 165:5

to give healthful service to God RC 138:6

Christ purchased HP 198:5

close relationship of, to moral nature RC 144:5

commands of God will exert a healthful influence on OHC 36:2

communion by harmony of, with heavenly principles RC 164:6

contortions of,

and screaming are works of Satan NL 55:3

in preaching not after Christ’s example TMK 178:4

in singing, unpleasant 3SM 334:0; VSS 424:1

corruption of, forfeits favor of God 1MCP 233:2


by abuse or overwork TMK 86:4

by wrong habits prevents perfect service RC 138:5

culture of, by experimental knowledge of godliness HP 141:3

debased by indulgence TSB 111:0

decoration of, hours spent in studying fashion for TMK 312:4

defilement of, harms others as well as oneself RC 165:3

deterioration of, faith sustains during time of UL 78:4

duty to preserve and honor, to be pure before God TDG 123:3

educate, for best use for God OHC 43:3

emanations from, by appetite must offend God Con 61:3

entire, God owns, and no part is to be neglected RC 143:6

exercise gives new life to every part of RC 147:4

exercise required for organs of, for health RC 147:3

fitted for Holy Spirit, is character perfection OHC 265:2

glorified at Christ’s coming 3SM 427:3

glorified, those purified by obedience to have UL 97:4


gave His Son for, as well as for the soul OHC 228:4

gives, to be put to the task working with divinity FW 27:1

has created; organs are not our own property 3SM 284:1

keeps, in order if humans cooperate RC 152:6

not glorified in, when using tobacco 1MCP 75:4

purchased, and claims FLB 30:5

will keep, in order if we cooperate OHC 267:2

God’s law is written on every part of OHC 266:2

habits bind, preventing reflection of God’s character LHU 66:3

handiwork of God HP 157:2

handling, and discovering nakedness of young women TSB 125:2

harmony of all parts of, qualifies us to represent Christ OHC 265:2

harmony of, with mind and soul through obedience UL 241:5

heavenly, useful and fulfill their mission 1MCP 115:1

indulgence that injures any organ of, robs God TMK 315:3

infirmities of, depression from, not evidence about God TSB 258:3

knowledge of, given to help humanity TDG 32:5

lower passions have their seat in HP 198:5

machinery of, works all the time 1MCP 116:0

members of, to be useful TDG 129:4, 203:4

mind closely related to OHC 266:3

mind to rule HP 141:4


of organs or faculties of RC 165:8

or abuse of, causes corruption 1MCP 120:2

movement of, encouraged TDG 45:3

neglect of favors for, in so-called health reform RY 128:3

no right to reduce powers of, by indulgence OHC 43:2

organs of,

Adam was to use; he could not be idle 1MCP 116:0

disease from straining VSS 262:1

God made HP 157:2

God’s property; wrestle against lust OHC 42:5; TDG 367:4

kept healthy for precious service for God 2MCP 378:2

strength from work of FLB 232:2

worked by supernatural agencies for lust AG 161:3

pain caused to, but life hid with Christ is safe TDG 371:3

parts of, influence the whole UL 379:4

polluted, many who pray and stand in high places have TSB 113:2

property of God,

religious life closely related 3SM 290:3

to be used for Him HP 217:5

why damage it by indulgence? OHC 43:2

provision for, necessary OHC 193:3

redemption’s price reason to keep pure HP 198:4

responsibility for care of,

awakening souls to RC 246:4

given by God TDG 185:6

illustrated in God’s Word HP 191:4

return to God, that He has purchased HP 43:5

sacrifices without blemish show how we should keep our Con 61:2

sanctified as Christ’s possession OHC 41:2

Saviour of soul and, Christ to be shown by nurses as CME 18:2

shows humans were made for activity OHC 224:3

sin in, (adultery) compared with animal sacrifices TSB 99:4

sin not to reign in TDG 60:3

soul and, both reached by the gospel ministry CME 44:0

soul health depends on condition of TDG 185:5

study of care for, required by God TDG 123:2

study working of own, for temperance in eating TDG 340:6

subjection of, for it to be temple of the Holy Spirit 2MCP 394:1

submission of, to one who led into adultery TSB 166:0

supernatural power claimed for, in fanatical exercise NL 51:2

talk (self-centered) about infirmities of 1MCP 275:1

teach about, as God’s dwelling place CME 31:1

temple kept pure for indwelling of Holy Spirit OHC 265:5

train and discipline, for highest service OHC 265:4

treatment of,

as if its laws had no penalty HP 191:4

mind’s vigor and purity subject to HP 200:2

use of, more important than studying Latin and Greek 1MCP 195:2

waste of, not supplied; mistaken ideas of health reform RY 128:1

weakened by misuse UL 379:4

weary, time with God refreshes HP 83:4

wonderful but can be abused 2MCP 385:2

work for soul and, is interpretation of the gospel CME 7:3

See also Being, entire; Mind and body; System; Temple