EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Biliousness - Blind leading the blind


Biliousness, sallow skin indicates MM 107

Billiard hall (room)

Billiard hall (room), Christian not found at AH 515; MYP 398

college students visit 4T 436, 651


Christian not found at TMK 311:2

Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights See United States Constitution; United States Declaration of Independence

Bills, medical

Bills, medical, how to save money on ChS 153; CM 90

Bills of exchange

Bills of exchange, in business enterprises DA 556

Binder, Binders

Binder, Binders, duty of, to refuse to bind satanic literature 7T 168


Bindery, publishing house 4T 452

Biography, Biographies

1. Bible

2. Miscellaneous

1. Bible Ed 146-58; 4T 9-15

authentic histories of individuals 4T 9-10

beacons of warning Ed 150

brief 3SG 5

educational value of Ed 146

encouragement from 4T 10-1

justice required faithful narration of facts in 4T 11

lessons from PP 238

on ministry of sorrow Ed 154

most interesting and instructive ever written MYP 273-4

purpose of 4T 10-2, 15

students should study Ed 269; FE 432

true to life Ed 146

truest to life Ed 125

why sins of God’s people were recorded in 4aSG 87-8; 4T 9-13

2. Miscellaneous

books of, colporteurs should not sell CM 120-1; FE 123

of Christians, imperfect 4T 10

of worldly men, do not publish CW 117-8

Bird, Birds

1. Figurative

2. Literal

1. Figurative

devils represented by COL 44

human, truth made to appear as error by Ev 432

man charmed as, by unprincipled women 2T 292

2. Literal

all, have ministry Ed 103

angels guided, into Noah’s ark PP 97-8; 3SG 67-8; SR 65

caged, new song taught to MH 472

Christ’s lessons taught by HP 114

each, ministers to some other life DA 20

early-rising, youth should awake with Ev 651; ML 143

exposed to enemies continually Ed 118

God does not drop food into bills of SC 123

God protects and preserves DA 357; 8T 273

God scatters grain for SC 123

God’s care taught by Christ discussing TDG 279:5; HP 114:5

hunched up, picture of cherubim that looked like CW 171-2

in Eden AH 26; MH 261; ML 167; MYP 365; PP 50; 3SG 34-5; 1SM 268; SR 22; 7T 81

killing of, for food 4T 327

king of, perfection of God’s work in 4T 591

(lark) Christ joined His voice with, praising God TMK 27:4

lessons from CG 54; COL 44-5; Ed 103, 117-8; MB 98; MH 266; PP 599; SC 85; 4T 579

Christ taught AH 222; CT 261; DA 254, 313; Ed 102; MB 95-6; ML 292; SC 123; 2T 496-7, 580

little, God notices 4T 564; 5T 749

man is of higher consequence than AH 222

many varieties of, Solomon owned 3BC 1165

migrations of 4BC 1155; CT 189; 8T 327

needs of, God provides for Ed 117-8; SC 123; 5T 749; 7T 78

nesting material prepared by SC 123

obedience of, to laws governing their life CT 189

on another world EW 39-40

rise early with, on Sabbath CSW 170

singing of Ed 118; Ev 510; SC 123; 2T 584

at Passover time in Israel with DA 76

awaken grateful feelings to God ML 177

be cheerful while listening to AH 510

Christ delighted in listening to SD 135

Creator praised by CG 54; PP 50; SD 135; 3SG 35

exhilarating effect of, upon nervous system MM 231; 7T 86

Christ’s voice heard in Ed 120

children need to hear CT 146; FE 416

children should join in CT 188

gladden men DA 357; 8T 273

God’s voice heard in DA 281-2

in Canaan PP 472

restoring love seen in Ed 101

sick benefited by hearing MH 237, 265; MM 234; 7T 82

song awakened in human hearts by MH 265; 7T 82

testifies of God’s love and care SC 10

while they work SC 123

why God has given MB 96

trembling, serpent charming a Ev 607-8; 5T 198

two, sacrificed in rite of cleansing leper 1BC 1111

unclean, Israel forbidden to eat MH 312

unencumbered with thoughts of care MB 95; SC 123; 2T 580

wounded, Christ would stoop to relieve DA 74

young, must be fed by parents SC 123

See also Eagle; Dove; Hawk; Lark; Pigeon; Sparrow

Birth, Births

Birth, Births, aristocracy of, Christ ignored MH 197

bond of union with Christ cannot be formed by 5T 48-9

child’s, offering Jews made to God at SD 152

consecration of child to God before AH 255

does not prove one a member of God’s family MB 75

in new earth, erroneous belief re MM 99-100; 1SM 172-3; 2SM 25-6

individual, Christ’s regard for a person’s 1SM 259

Jeremiah ordained from, to be prophet PK 407

Jews’ erroneous idea re DA 171

lofty, Christian worth does not depend on Ev 135; SD 347

men cannot be elevated or degraded by ChS 218

no circumstance of, can turn Christ’s love from man DA 194

no man can claim merits because of advantages of 2SM 212


before, child affected by mother FLB 262:4

condition at: disinclination for truth and virtue TDG 34:4

instruction to Samson’s mother before his CC 130:2

new, (spiritual), See New birth

royal, shall we forget our? AG 66:6

Birth control

Birth control AH 163-4; 2T 380

See Families, children

Birthday, Birthdays

Birthday, Birthdays, celebration of AH 473-4

children’s, parental duty re AH 473-4; CSW 142-3

duty to God on CSW 143-4

gratitude due to God on AH 473; CSW 143

remember God’s goodness on CS 295-7

selfish gratification on CS 295; CSW 143-4

thank offerings due to God on AH 473; CSW 142-3; SD 152

Birthday gift, Birthday gifts

Birthday gift, Birthday gifts AH 473-4

that are recognized of heaven AH 473; CSW 143; SD 152

to children CS 296; CSW 143; SD 152

EGW’s attitude to AH 474

Birthday letter

Birthday letter, EGW’s, to son James Edson 2T 261-8

Birthday party

Birthday party, of Herod Antipas DA 221-3

recorded in heaven TM 84-5

See also Herod Antipas; Herodias; Salome


1. Temporal

2. Miscellaneous


1. Temporal

bestowal of, feast made on occasion of PP 179

solemn ceremony PP 179

crowning blessings of, Judah received PP 236

double portion of inheritance of, Joseph received PP 234-5

eldest son inherited COL 253; PP 178, 350; 3SG 113

Esau entitled to, as eldest son PP 178

Esau sold his, for mess of pottage 1BC 1094-5; CH 110; PP 179-80; 3SG 114; SR 87-8

to satisfy lustful appetite 2T 38

Esau’s erroneous thinking re 2T 38-9

Esau’s sale of, significance of 3SG 116-7

Jacob’s motive in desiring PP 178

Jacob obtained Esau’s, by deception and fraud Ed 147; GC 620; PP 180, 197, 202

kingdom and Messianic promise of, Judah received PP 235

possessor of, to be progenitor of Christ PP 177

priesthood of, Levi received PP 235

privileges and conditions of, Isaac’s sons were informed re PP 178

privileges and obligations of COL 253; PP 177-9

double portion of father’s wealth COL 253; PP 180

headship of family PP 180

priesthood of family PP 177, 350

privileges of, Reuben forfeited PP 206, 234

spiritual blessings of, Jacob content with PP 207

2. Miscellaneous

children receive almost unconquerable tendencies to evil as AH 241; MH 373

God-given manhood as one’s 4T 28

many sell their PP 179

for sensual indulgence PP 182

selling of 2T 37-50

strong and weak points of character as 4T 361

to eternal life, sold for worldly advantages 5T 275

youth receive objectionable traits of character as GW 211

youth who sell their, for mess of pottage 3T 223

See also First-born son


bartered for sinful pleasure; realized too late HP 362

Biscuit, Biscuits

1. American

2. English

1. American

baked improperly sometimes 1T 681

made with soda (saleratus): digestive organs injured by CD 319, 343

dispense with CD 319, 343

dyspepsia caused by CD 319

injurious 2T 537

not in harmony with health reform principles CD 319, 401

unfit to enter stomach CD 319-20, 343

why people eat CH 117; 2T 537

2. English MH 321

Bishop, Bishops

Bishop, Bishops, in Dark Ages, corrupt GC 57

qualifications of 1T 692

Scriptures not to be replaced by, as guide GC 595

Bishop of Rome

Bishop of Rome See Pope

Bit and bridle

Bit and bridle See Bridle and bit


Bitter, class who put, for sweet MM 142

Bitter cup

Bitter cup, apportioned for us to drink,

Christ drained 2T 73, 590

Christ drank CS 21

Father’s hand holds, to our lips MH 233; 5T 316

given us by God to purify and cleanse us EW 47; 2SG 290

made more bitter by murmuring, complaining, and repining EW 47; 2SG 290

sweetened by patience, endurance, and prayer EW 47; 2SG 290

what Christ does when He gives, to us 6BC 1076-7

when Christ began to drink DA 624

Bitter feeling

Bitter feeling See Feeling


1. Root(s) of

2. Miscellaneous


1. Root(s) of

beware lest there spring up 5T 614

church should not be troubled and defiled by 5T 614

defile many souls MB 59; 4T 229

how to destroy LS 326; MB 59

in church members’ hearts, Satan’s work 4T 489

ingratitude and lack of love as source of Ev 274

inherited property that became, to children 3T 127

money inherited by children frequently becomes 3T 121

permit no unhappy differences in church to become 4T 610

plant of love crowded out by DA 651

planted in hearts against God’s servants TM 408

poisonous, evil seed produces 2SM 70

results of secretly cherishing LS 327-8

that strikes deep 4BC 1142

things that are 7BC 937

uproot every fiber of CW 99; 5T 241; TM 467

2. Miscellaneous

all, put away 5T 279

among God’s people, Satan determined to create 5T 236

among men, grieves God 5T 224

banish, from soul DA 310

evil fruit 5T 63

of our nature, repress and root out 4T 607

of soul, seeds producing harvest of 5T 30

Satan continually tries to create 6T 151

seeds of, apparently innocent words that are 7BC 940

spirit of: church’s greatest danger 5T 236

results of cherishing TM 441

self-esteem often results in DA 650

spiritual discernment dimmed by 6T 297

words of, that grieve and wound 4T 346


avoid, in pleading for freedom of worship 3SM 415:2

dies by refusing to speak Satan’s suggestions HP 174:6

dig up and bury TDG 121:5

estranges from Jesus UL 42:5

fragrance of spirit spoiled by others’ LHU 321:2

passions not under Spirit’s control cause 1MCP 192:1

remove, lest others be contaminated TMK 187:4; OHC 181:5

remove roots of, for love to grow OHC 173:5

sowing, to reap the same RC 300:4

speaking of others in UL 210

tearing down others is a work of TMK 187:3

trials may develop, if we choose OHC 70:5

waters of, to be sweetened by Christ’s followers RC 219:6

See also Marah


Bitters, alcoholic, for the sick MH 338-9

Bitter thoughts

Bitter thoughts, fill not your mind with 7T 261

Black, Blacks

association with, restricted to avoid prejudice (1899) SW 95:2

attitude of some in St. Louis church toward SW 11:1

Christ died for, as for whites SW 9:1

compared to a mine of precious ore SW 65:1

dealing with, by workers in the South SW 9:1

debt of restitution owed to SW 53

education of,

practical training needed SW 65

was in God’s plan SW 42:0

hatred of, because of injustice, not to be stirred up SW 74:1

immorality and hatred learned by, from whites SW 84:0

intelligence and character among; development possible SW 44:1

looking down, was fashionable, but Jesus sympathizes SW 10:4

methods (wrong) would unfit, for working for their people SW 96:1

ministers among, preaching to whites SW 15:4

missionary work for,

from own race SW 15:3

when prejudice is broken down SW 14:1

needs of, who are dying in sins (1897) SW 81:1

neglect of working for (1895) SW 19:1, 42:1, 45:0

plans for working with SW 15:1

prayer of love for SW 56:0

prejudice in treating by their working on Sunday SW 73:0

religion of, more excitable; different methods needed (1895) SW 72:3

responsibility of Christians for, as God taught Israel SW 43:0

schools needed for, to protect from false doctrines (1895) SW 32:1

sin has been taught to SW 31:2

slavery freedom was not all God had planned for SW 42:0

talent among,

intelligence will be seen (1897) SW 81:1

minds may grasp plan of salvation SW 49:2

teach, as children avoiding prejudice (1895) SW 68:2

Word of God to be taught to SW 46

workers developed among, for their own people; caution SW 92:2

working for,

as for whites SW 55:0

by non-SDAs in time of opportunity SW 43:1

dangerous positions about; crisis coming SW 67:2

opposed by some with spirit of oppression SW 67

prejudice has prevented SW 19

to be increased (1895) SW 24:1

whites to prepare for (1891) SW 16:1

wrong treatment of, reason for greater missionary work SW 14:4


done to, not to be discussed with them SW 92:1

patiently suffered by, to help others see light SW 92:1

See Skin, color of; Negro; Colored race

Blackberry, Blackberries

Blackberry, Blackberries, cultivation and use of CD 492; MH 299

Blackboard, Blackboards

Blackboard, Blackboards, SS lessons to be taught by use of CSW 114; CT 181; Ed 186; 4T 70

Black Hawk, Colo.

Black Hawk, Colo. LS 236; 3T 329

Black man

Black man, name of, written in book of life beside white man’s name ChS 218; 2SM 342

See also Black people; Black person; Negro


Blackness, deeper than midnight, class shut in by MB 92-3

dense, will fall on earth GC 636

See also Darkness

Black people

Black people, white people and, free and equal in God’s sight 2SM 343

See also Black man; Negro

Black person

Black person, soul of, Christ paid purchase money for 2SM 343

See also Black man; Negro

Blacksmith, Blacksmiths

Blacksmith, Blacksmiths, iron and steel tested by MH 471; 7T 214

not fitted to use plane 5T 184

should teach poor to do useful labor MH 194

strength of, comes from God COL 349; CS 114; CT 277

See also Smith


Blacksmithing, schools should teach CT 310; 6T 182

Blackwood’s Magazine

Blackwood’s Magazine, quoted GC 270


Blade, germinating seed’s, beauty in CT 142

Blaming others

Blaming others, overcome desire for AH 438

See also Censure; Chiding; Criticism; Faultfinding; Scolding

Blaming spoiled youth

Blaming spoiled youth, embarrasses and discourages them MM 179


Blandishments, Satan tempts men with 9T 24

See also Bribes


Blank, in society, woman who was 2T 326

lives worse than 2T 284

Blasphemer, Blasphemers

Blasphemer, Blasphemers, Christ denounced as COL 171; DA 470

death penalty for, in Israel PP 408

God’s judgments acknowledged by PP 109

influence of, not what church should fear most PP 497; 4T 493

of God’s name, affiliated with secret societies Ev 619

open, persons feared more than 4T 564


Blasphemy, against God, by antediluvians PP 100

by Assyrian army officers PK 352

against Spirit, charges that are CT 358; FE 434

not in sudden word or deed 5BC 1093

charge against God that is 3T 136

condemnation of rabbinical requirements deemed as DA 205

crime of, charged against Stephen SR 263

daring, Jewish enemies regarded Paul as teaching AA 390

dreadful, doctrine of eternally burning hell is GC 536

expresses contempt for God’s authority PP 409

heaven-daring, in France in 1793 GC 273

oaths of, at Christ’s trial before Pilate DA 734

of God’s name, man stoned to death for PP 407-8

Pharisees accused Christ of DA 207-8, 269; MH 76-7

Pharisees considered, as sin worthy of death DA 269

punished in Israel by stoning PP 409

Sanhedrin condemned Christ on charge of DA 699, 709-10, 714

teachers in SDA schools in danger of committing CT 358; FE 434

words against temple deemed as DA 155-6

words that would be, from others than Christ DA 468


avoid creating, in enemies 3SM 395:3, 399:1

Christ was thought to speak, to the paralytic TDG 106:3

claiming God’s power to enforce false sabbath is 3SM 424:1

ignoring God’s call is the most general TMK 244:3

mouths speaking, forever stopped after all have decided Mar 191:3


Bleeding, from mouth and nose, by athletes AA 310

Blemish, Blemishes

Blemish, Blemishes, physical, will be left in grave GC 645


Blessed, of God, qualifications needed to become 2T 631

people who take up their appointed work bless others and are themselves CH 391

persons who are truly 2T 631

persons who give to needy bless others and are themselves 9T 253

Blessing, Blessings

acceptance of, brings righteousness and peace UL 99:6

acknowledgment/recognition of AG 149:3, 325:3; LHU 346:2

actions required by HP 55:3

all may have OHC 143:4

angels bring,

but not unless solicited OHC 129:4

in response to prayers RC 121:5

when they see us bless others TMK 335:4

which we are to give to others TDG 342:6

appreciation of, instead of searching shadows HP 274:4

appropriate, for yourself today HP 262:2

asking for greater, on the basis of past HP 129:5


receiving and, through grace of Christ TMK 132:2

to each other by being true in everything TDG 95:4

to other family members TDG 34:5

to the world represented by rising sun TDG 92:2

believe in the reception of, when asking 3SM 301:1

blessing others brings TMK 92:4

brighten our journey and lead to love God OHC 10:2

bring, into the lives of others HP 232:3

business person who is Christian may be 2MCP 438:1; TDG 337:2

canvassers and evangelists receive PM 278:3

channels of,

by responding to the Holy Spirit HP 311:4

chosen as HP 232:3

is a superhuman mediation FW 22:1

choosing how God will give, is not allowed us UL 109:3


dispensed, abundantly and continuously HP 225:4

held, as well as keys of death TDG 341:3

is always present to give TMK 203:4

is source of all OHC 120:4

is the medium of, between God and humanity HP 77:4

pronounced, for sufferers for Him LHU 37:3

showed His prerogative to bring, not condemnation LHU 37:2

waits to freely dispense TMK 87:2

Christians may be, as represented by rising sun OHC 296:2


inestimable gift brings all TMK 59:3

merits bring all RC 205:5

worthiness and our acceptance make, possible TDG 196:3


in disobedience, ignoring conditions FW 59:2

now, believing every word of Bible TMK 226:2

cleansed of suspicion and envy to allow RC 277:2

common, nature teaches appreciation for OHC 10:3

conditions for, HP 169:3

right relationship to God TMK 332:3

separation from world is hard FW 41:1

confession brings TMK 239:3

consecration in cooperation with God brings VSS 125:2

contentment with small, disqualifies for fullness of Spirit HP 335:3

cooperation required for RC 207:4

cost of, to the receiver TMK 194:4

counsel received prepares for greater 3SM 360:3

crimes made to appear as, by spiritualists Con 90:2

curse may result from UL 373:2

desire for, to be cherished UL 333:4


is the greatest TDG 122:3

prepares for OHC 313:2

disguised, lay untouched for fear of lost enjoyment TMK 335:4

earthly, loss of, may teach more than their possession OHC 327:4

Ellen White books bring, when bought and studied PM 365:4

essential for a people who will be tried OHC 344:4

example of Christ in using powers for, never to hurt TDG 121:7

expectation of larger, to be shown UL 61:3

experiences that bring the most, may be most trying OHC 324:4

faith as of Christ’s disciples brings TMK 159:5

following the Word of the Lord conscientiously brings TMK 272:3

fresh, by giving goods of heaven to others TDG 303:5

full and free, for those coming in the name of Christ TDG 341:5

gifts of God used for His kingdom bring OHC 199:2


abundantly and continuously by Christ TDG 283:4

differently from the way we mark out OHC 313:3

if they will not be abused OHC 10:3

to sustain God’s cause OHC 194:5

to those doing God’s will FW 28:0

to those who receive God TMK 106:5

giver receives OHC 189:4


gives, to those sincerely seeking Him HP 71:6

is forgotten in spite of RC 321:2

is not satisfied to give less, to us than to Jesus TDG 44:6

is sometimes considered less important than His RY 96:1

offers, to worshipers TMK 263:3

wants to give, in completeness UL 353:6

wants us to have FLB 22:4

God’s ownership recognized brings OHC 191:2

grasp, by faith RC 109:6

greater, God is ready to impart; testify for Him FW 61:2; TMK 370:4

growing up to be, when parents control and teach 1MCP 169:2

health principles prepare mind and body for CME 43:2

hearts undivided in response to LHU 239:4

heaven’s richest, given to fallen race through Christ OHC 13:3

Holy Spirit,

brings all other, in its train HP 113:5

imparts, but neglect brings drought 3SM 188:4

understood brings VSS 318:0

homes with family worship receive HP 213:2

human cooperation while God sows seeds brings TMK 281:3

humans cannot bestow HP 79:2

humblest ones may be, without knowing it LHU 276:6; HP 239:4

humiliation needed for, at certain meeting with Ellen White 2MCP 727:1

humility before God brings TDG 258:5; TMK 122:4

idleness changes, to a curse TDG 133:5

increased for those giving all glory to God OHC 316:2

language unable to portray infinite, brought by Jesus TDG 176:2

law obeyed and administered brings OHC 262:4

life, power, grace and salvation as, through Christ 2MCP 680:2

light bearers to receive RC 206:6

living so that God will grant TMK 140:4

look for, instead of complaining UL 176:6


by compromise with the world OHC 305:3

by displeasing God through ungodly companions TMK 319:2

by failing to bring our needs to Christ HP 74:3

by rejecting divine light TMK 368:3

by slighting blessings we have OHC 10:3

love and pity seen in RC 284:5

love of God shown by LHU 249:4

make up for neglect of world SW 12:0

making own, impossible; lift up Jesus 3SM 152:3

ministry to temporal and spiritual wants gives double TDG 147:6

moral, reward of those with minds heaven bent OHC 80:2

mount of, study sermon on; divine nature; blessings LHU 230:4

neglect of, prevents growth AG 285:3

nothing of value without God’s OHC 196:2

numerous as raindrops HP 272:3


(cheerful) at whatever the cost brings TMK 297:3

not to have, as the principal reason Mar 342:3

results in FLB 62:3; TDG 304:8


receive, from us, when we follow course God approves TDG 310:2

to be blessed with our; rejoicing is not enough TMK 316:3

to be given, as Christ’s life is relived in us TMK 235:5

overlooked to dwell on trouble TDG 42:3; TMK 232:2

pass on, to others OHC 245:3

past, brighten the future with thoughts of TDG 358:2

Paul’s prayer for the Colossians reveals unlimited HP 158:3

peacemakers receive; refuse to hear gossip 2MCP 439:3

personally received are encouraging and remembered OHC 135:2

place yourselves hourly where you can receive TDG 168:6

praise about, tempts to display wisdom and wealth TDG 193:2

praise Christ for FLB 123:5

praise God instead of thinking of own religious activities brings FW 87:3

pray for, which God feels is best, then believe 2MCP 650:3

prayer is the channel of all Mar 85:2

precious, given in flowers OHC 196:3

preparation for, TDG 300:2; HP 347:3

by accepting correction and warning HP 122:4

by confession and humiliation OHC 129:5

privileges withheld may be OHC 318:3


seek earnestly for OHC 131:3

to those who seek and follow Christ RC 102:3

to W. O. Palmer UL 348:7

property devoted to cause of truth brings OHC 194:4

proportional to,

humility because they are used right TDG 356:5

our love and good works TMK 334:3

providence in sending OHC 245:2

pursuing natural tendencies does not bring OHC 333:2

readiness to receive HP 71:6

receivers of,

enter in through gates FW 43:3

to return part to Him UL 360


and imparting them to others TDG 303:4

as we pray for words to bless others 2MCP 434:3

intellectual and spiritual, to help others TDG 253:4

is not enough; we must catch and give light FW 59:2

to impart TDG 356:5

recognition of, See Blessings; acknowledgment of

recount, often HP 101:3

recycling, secret of spiritual growth AG 285:4

reformation need not be proved before claiming 3SM 150:1

rejoicing in, brings strength OHC 120:2

relationship to the Father make, possible RC 121:5

reluctance to accept FLB 22:4


strengthens for future trials TDG 58:3

when tempted to pity self LHU 273:5

requirements followed bring TDG 309:2

response to faith HP 187:4

result of life with Christ and obedience HP 185:2

rich, when John 6:38 becomes own testimony TDG 189:6

richer for those with harder conflicts UL 147:5

right relationship for RC 121:5

right thoughts result in actions that bring TDG 66:3

Sabbath to be a day of HP 152:2

scattered throughout life OHC 245:5; TMK 213:4; HP 125:3

seeing need and walking with God PM 183:0


in small companies TDG 11:4

which Christ placed within our reach HP 166:6

self-supremacy withholds us from TDG 125:4

service brings greater, to the doer than to those served RC 51:3

serving God with a pure heart brings HP 85:6


with all OHC 183:5

with those less favored UL 351:2

sin to be put away for 3SM 155:2

sitting under Christ’s shadow brings TDG 154:6

soul nourishment sought for true OHC 196:4

source of all, is God HP 265:3

spiritual strive for, to be kept loyal TDG 74:4

stewardship brings TMK 221:5

strength of brain and muscle brought to storehouse for RC 207:6

students and teachers received, in meetings with Ellen White 3SM 182:1

submission to the yoke God gives brings OHC 326:2

surrounded by, through the goodness of God TMK 145:2

talents used to share HP 221:7

talk of UL 185:2


evidence of God’s care OHC 196:4

God gives us what is best when we request HP 82:2

which are not best to have UL 369:3

thankfulness for, UL 238:3

Ellen White’s for rest TDG 116

while watching soberly for salvation TMK 170:4

tithe and offerings expected from those receiving HP 305:3

trusting Christ with the whole heart brings TDG 189:5

united to Christ as to the vine for FW 67:0

unlimited HP 294:4

unrealized: food, clothing, angel protection FW 69:2

use made of, God is testing us on RC 204:2

view of restriction of, dishonors God OHC 245:2

willingness to do works of Christ brings, to the soul 2MCP 496:0

working with intelligence and decision brings TMK 332:5

worthiness of Christ, reason for, not our worthiness OHC 344:5

See also God, favor of; Mercy, divine; Privileges

Blessing, Mt. of

Blessing, Mt. of, Sermon on Mount given on MB 1

See also Beatitudes, Mt. of; Sermon on the Mount

Blessing of God, Blessings of God

1. Bestowed

2. Miscellaneous

1. Bestowed

be willing to appropriate 4T 339

call for response from man PP 187

Christian may enjoy, in answer to prayer ML 51

daily, Master calls for grateful acknowledgment of MYP 143

Elisha refused payment for PK 250

estimate, in light of cross 4T 461

faithfulness in tithing brings 3T 404

folly deprives men of 2T 527

forsake every sin in order to obtain PP 203

given constantly to His dependent children CSW 140

hang in memory’s hall 4BC 1143

healing power in CH 28

impart, to others CS 17, 164; MH 102; ML 240; 6T 283

in disguise PK 132; 5T 312

increased by imparting them AA 345; COL 86; Ed 110

innumerable MYP 409; SD 116, 340

poured on believers and the unthankful MM 255

Israel disposed to find fault with PP 428

keep in thoughts every SC 104

limited by man’s weak faith CSW 72

limited in proportion to Israelites’ offerings 3T 395

man used as medium for distributing 9T 255

misappropriated 1SM 142

misinterpreted DA 106

not a substitute for effort required of man MYP 147

orchard and vineyard deprived of CG 80

pass, on to others PK 716; 3T 390

persons ever receiving and never giving lose 6T 448

proportionate to faith men exercise 7T 274

returns required are proportionate to 7T 200-1

special, accompanies labors of men of action PK 148

turned into curse 1SM 140; 5T 250

by man’s wickedness MH 337

by Satan Te 12

within grasp, woman who overlooked 2T 640

within reach of wealthy, are within reach of poor GW 222

2. Miscellaneous

acknowledge God as giver of CS 47

appreciation of God’s goodness and love brings MH 253; SD 122

bestowed, God speaks to His people in PP 470

by laying on of hands See Hands, laying on of

Christ assures realization of, when needed DA 200

comes from God AA 75; PK 707; PP 525; 5T 150

as gift of redemption Ed 101

stamped with cross of Calvary CS 157

through angels DA 143

through Christ DA 143, 357; MH 424; 8T 178; TM 307

to all His creatures SC 77

counterfeit 1SM 142

cup of: Christ came from wilderness of temptation to give to men DA 144

dashed by sin from lips of millions PP 410

presented by Christ MB 7

drinking from same fountain of, men draw together by 5T 100-1

earthly, not obtained without toil 1SM 359

work together with God in order to enjoy Ed 214

God tests men with 7BC 967; 3T 384; 4T 484

God withholds, from persons who will not impart them 7T 18

God’s grace works, out of curse Ed 148; MB 136

God’s life in hearts flows out to others in SC 77

great, give no license to sin PP 360

in store for the fully surrendered MM 332

should not lull to security or carelessness PP 360

greater than we ask, Christ longs to give us DA 200

greatest, access to Christ’s atoning blood is SD 224

bestowal of Spirit is SD 242

heaven full of, waiting to be given 1BC 1087; COL 145; 3T 575

how to be, to world 4T 227

inexhaustible supply of, from which to draw 1SM 28; 5T 71

more valuable than worldly riches and glory 2T 576

must be sought 2T 263

needed, Christ’s invitation to ask MB 130

greater faith needed in prayer for 5T 17

needed in struggle with besetting sins, Christ grants AA 532

never-ending, for faithful Sabbathkeepers EW 286

no limit to, that God’s children may receive AA 471; 7BC 906

obedience by Israel was followed by PP 466

of fellow creatures, labor to multiply 5T 606

of gospel are to be communicated CH 391

person doing wrong cannot have DA 439

person realizing his guilt and helplessness may receive 5T 438

pride deprives men of 9T 155

priest pronounced on people a, after offering incense DA 99

promised: appreciate COL 398

on condition of obedience PK 411; 4aSG 122-3

soon to be realized in fullness PK 722

that brings all other blessings in its train DA 672; GW 285; 8T 21; TM 174

to faithful Sabbathkeeper 6T 359

to persons hearkening to sure word of prophecy PK 576

reflex WM 301-10

from doing good to others SC 79; 4T 56, 72

from work to save the erring 2T 53

removed, God speaks to His people in PP 470

selfish pride results in 1SM 87

richest, miser who forfeits CS 23

promised to persons consecrated to God’s work MYP 26

when men may expect to receive 1SM 141

salvation’s, for all mankind 6T 273

Satan seeks to use, for man’s ruin PP 421

spiritual, we may obtain from Christ all 5T 221

temporal, compliance with God’s requirements brings PK 546

erroneous idea that all men should equally share PP 535

given in trust to men AH 367

upon food DA 365, 405, 800; MH 321

waves of, that widen and deepen SC 83

when men may claim SC 52

when, for believers is withheld AA 341

which spread table in wilderness, will never cease 6T 178

will not come without earnest effort on our part 1SM 359-60

Blessing others

Blessing others, giver receives blessing by 2T 534


Blight, grape and apple crops damaged by 5T 361


Blind, children born, many 3T 140

man born, Christ healed DA 470-5, 824; MH 233

in Christ’s triumphal entry DA 572

person born, Genesis contains no record of CD 117; 3T 138

Blind man/People

Christ had compassion on, but Pharisees did not LHU 207:5

rejoiced in presence of Christ; His face first many saw TDG 283:4; HP 225:4

Blind and dumb person

Blind and dumb person, Christ healed DA 321; GC 515

Blind baby, Blind babies

Blind baby, Blind babies, parental responsibility for PP 561

Blind believer, Blind believers

Blind believer, Blind believers, church members to be eyes for 3T 521

church’s duty to discipline members who wrong 3T 520

faithful, angels guard steps of 3T 516

neglect of, how God looks upon 3T 518

poor and diseased, church members’ duty to 3T 519

severe treatment of, reproved 4T 325-8

unrighteous treatment of 4T 334

warning not to perplex and distress 3T 520

who had inventive ability 3T 513-4

Blind eyes

Blind eyes, Christ opened DA 217


Blindfolded, by world, many supposed to be going to heaven are FE 311; LS 350

youth, on way to destruction MYP 31-2

Blinding effect

Blinding effect, sin’s PP 361

Blind leading the blind

Blind leading the blind EW 68-9

at Battle Creek, Mich. TM 81

instance of 3T 441