EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Acclaim - Adam


Acclaim See Fame


Accommodating, be 2T 311

Accomplishment, Accomplishments

exert self toward, avoiding trifles RC 163:3

few, because little attempted MH 498

great, why persons of ordinary ability effect Ed 232

may be realized after God proves us by experience OHC 318:3

true Christian does not talk of HP 185:4

See also Attainments


faithful, keep with God a CS 74

God keeps, of every human being CS 111

of means entrusted us CS 224

with nations PK 364; 5T 208

we must render to God AA 423

Accountability, Accountability to God, Responsibility to God

Accountability, Accountability to God, Responsibility to God HP 145:3; UL 120:6

according to right position one might have been in 1MCP 245:2

according to talents CS 116

all should acknowledge TMK 93:2

all to feel, to use talents TMK 330:3

all to give, for the way talents are used TDG 318:2

as agents TSB 73:1

canvassing work requires PM 258:4

capacity determines, in the church LHU 299:2

criticism not from one conscious of OHC 232:3

daily sense of, to God HP 145:3

day of, for work done in the Lord’s vineyard TDG 208:2

deeds done and left undone require TMK 93:2

escaping, is not possible TMK 234:3

examine our own, as Christians TMK 129:2

failure to comprehend CS 212

faithfulness in TDG 78:4


endowments UL 144:3

entrusted goods CS 35; 6T 447

evils resulting from neglect of duty 4T 516

feeling no burden for souls 2SM 382

good we fail to do 1T 511

misuse of His money AA 341

neglect of His needy CS 166

reverence and praise UL 336:4

thoughts, words, time and actions HP 161:2

time, talent, influence, wisdom, etc. TDG 286

for use of:

abilities and skill CS 22; CT 337

blessings AA 75

capabilities and skill MYP 48

faculties 4T 654-7

influence MYP 48

light received 2T 490; 3T 363

opportunities CS 22

privileges CT 337

means CS 22

personal influence FE 213

physical strength CS 22; CT 278; 3T 400

property 1T 324-5

talents CS 119, 143; MYP 319, 370

time CS 22; CT 337; MYP 48

work CS 143

God holds us to, and calls us to choose Him RC 52:3

in any line of work OHC 194:3

in view of San Francisco earthquake and fire at press PM 178:0

increased, greater responsibilities bring TM 282

individual 7BC 987; CD 466; Ev 495; ML 207; Te 49; TM 362

no other can render our 5T 599

to shine as light in world 1SM 265

our will to control in view of TMK 313:3

places humans on elevated ground UL 371:6

realized through His Word UL 144:3

rebellion in heaven teaches individual TDG 128:4

remember, through Christ’s sacrifice LHU 321:2

society of those not recognizing LYL 26:2

tested during time of probation LHU 366:2

See also Responsibility

Accountant, Accountants

clever Ed 29

workers to be faithful, practicing economy PM 332:1

See also Bookkeeper

Account book

Account book, mistakes and victories daily written in MYP 44


business, scrutinized by unseen auditors Ed 144

funds expended in God’s work need MM 165

institutional, essential 7T 253

integrity needed in 4T 285

knowledge of,

all need GW 460

business failures from lack of CT 218

children should be taught CG 136; CT 168-9

gospel workers need CT 218

necessary accomplishment CT 218-9

schools should teach CT 310; Ed 234, 238-9; 6T 182, 216

See also Bookkeeping


book of, paleness in many faces at the opening of TMK 326:4

consider standing of, with God OHC 192

publishing house apprentices learning to keep PM 92:3


Accumulation, preservation of power of CS 158


do gospel work with 6T 418

habits of, manual training to develop Ed 222

learned in accounting for money in canvassing work PM 258:4

Accusation, Accusations

against brethren COL 171; 5T 58-9; TM 37-45, 266-7, 406-7, 504-5

closes heart against Spirit’s full working AA 271

do not countenance TM 406-7

Satan’s work since his fall 5T 287

against God’s ambassadors, beware of PP 386


against workers for God 3SM 348:1

personally before accusers OHC 355:3

brethren given, of evil UL 114:4

Christ did not bring, over Moses’ body UL 270:3

Christ spoke no word of MH 489

Christianity not manifested in 6T 397


be calm and considerate under PP 520

be willing to suffer 3SG 146

better to suffer than to retaliate against MB 17

bitterness from UL 42:5

Christian lives imperiled by GC 28

many called to endure 2BC 999

noble character will not resent 4T 607

not to divert our minds OHC 360:2

silence is best reproof for OHC 174:3

strengthens what they cannot overthrow 4T 607

what to do under 2BC 999; 4T 328

Holy Spirit stops; there will none be in heaven HP 288:3

irrefutable, unwise use of pen or voice brings TDG 250:3

more cruel than spears and arrows 2T 270

never bring, against deceived souls TDG 265:4

no time to spend in 8T 36

obedience to God in bringing HP 292:2

pour not, on the erring 6T 398

praise instead of TDG 245:4

railing See Railing accusation

Satan makes

for our missteps before angels of God TDG 141:3

keep off his side TMK 181:5

Satan’s, we cannot of ourselves answer COL 168

satanic attribute 3SM 345:1

take hold of the work instead of making, about others 2MCP 633:1

that multitudes accept without question GC 459


may drive souls to perdition TDG 270:2

what to do under 2BC 1004; MH 486

vehement, does not convince people 6T 396-7

withhold severe; be wise and let God judge 2MCP 633:4

See also Backbiting; Censure; Criticism; Denunciation; Evilspeaking; Gossip; Railing; Talebearing; Witness

Accuser, Accusers

anger gives reason to believe HP 246:3

avoid gatherings of your; dealing with more than humans LHU 323:3

brethren as, pleases Satan TMK 184:2

deceived, kindness in meeting LHU 323

of brethren 3BC 1162-3; GC 519; 5T 289

active when God is working GC 519

apostates as, before courts GC 608

as spies 3BC 1163

betray Christ as did Judas Iscariot 3BC 1163

evil wrought by 3BC 1162

how one becomes DA 314

Satan as COL 166-8; GC 395, 618

Satan’s right-hand helpers GC 519-20

need to pray 8T 36

of God’s servants GC 519-20

accuse Him TM 466


business of, some make life a 9T 29

fetters of, who help to forge TM 281

Satan deals in COL 161

self-righteousness leads to COL 151

Accusing others

Accusing others COL 340-1

do not be found MH 489

Accusing spirit

false prophet’s 2SM 73

fanatics’, against church 2SM 66

Judas Iscariot cultivated DA 717

offensive to God 7T 212

results of indulging MB 126

Satan’s spirit revealed in DA 353

Spirit’s work hindered by AA 271; Ev 370

shows tree is evil MB 127

Accusing tongue

Accusing tongue, Christ lifts soul above MH 90


Achaia AA 252-3, 270, 291


called “Achar,” troubler of Israel PP 495

childhood of, defective training in 2BC 998; CG 234

children of,

involved in his transgression 2BC 998; CG 234

not trained to obey God 2BC 998; CG 234

confessed too late 2BC 997; 3T 270, 272

confession of, made in hopes of averting consequences TDG 134:3

covetousness led to ruin of 2BC 997; PP 496-8; 1T 140; 3T 264; 4T 492

dissembled when he saw Israel troubled 4T 492

family of, destroyed CG 234; 1T 140

God robbed of first-fruits by PP 496

gold and silver devoted to God’s treasury taken by PP 496; 3T 264, 269; 4T 492

guilt of, Israel accountable for PP 494

held no holy office 3T 239

price paid for ill-gotten gain of SD 185

sin and death of 3T 263-5, 267-9; 4T 491-3

warning to us 2BC 996-8; PP 496, 519; 1T 140; 3T 239, 520; 4T 491-2; 5T 157

sin of,

among gospel workers today 2SM 197

disaster brought to Israel by PP 497; 3T 264, 270, 519; 4T 491-3; 5T 157

distress not felt for 2BC 997

in defiance of most direct warnings PP 495

talebearing worse than UL 122:3

sold himself for a robe and gold TDG 134:2

sold himself to do evil 2BC 997

stoned to death PP 494-5; 3T 268

at Gilgal PP 613-4

Achan, Achans

almost every family has 5T 157

cleanse camp thoroughly from 4T 492-3; 5T 147

every church has 5T 157

hindrance and reproach to God’s cause 1T 122; 4T 564

many, among church members 5BC 1096; PP 497


troubler of Israel, Achan as PP 495

See also Achan

Ache, Aches

children’s 1T 687

in back and side 3T 76

nature’s protests against abuse 4aSG 134; 2SM 451

sick persons who should rise above MH 246; 3T 76

See also Headache; Pain; Shoulder

Achievement, Achievements

difficult, to hate sin and love sinner is GW 30

intellectual, gift from God; no merit in it FW 23:2

possibilities of, impossible to conceive HP 195:5

present, never rest satisfied with HP 355:6

pride of, those with, far from kingdom of heaven TDG 197:4

reach highest, through inspiration from Jesus TMK 341:3

reaching for, setting example in confessing sins TDG 322:4


by taking of the divine nature, hardly imaginable OHC 60:4

carried into courts above UL 248:5

Col. 1 shows heights of TMK 54:4

possibilities of, in Christ incomprehensible TMK 159:4

wonderful, life not made up of ML 172

See also Accomplishment; Ambition; Attainment; Best; Goals; Success


Achish, king of Gath PP 656, 672-4, 691

Achor Valley

Achor Valley PP 495


Acorn, oak in Ed 253; 6T 145


awakens sympathy Ed 269

church members to have, with each other in the Lord OHC 166:4


for leading to more truth OHC 301:2

with God UL 107:4

seeking, of those needing help HP 320:3

See also Association


unite in labor for SD 268

See also Associates; Companions; Friends


Acquiescence, perfect

rest in DA 331

brings perfect rest RC 278:5


Judas Iscariot overcome by CS 220; 4T 487

Satan excites mental organ of 2T 238

trait of, development of 4T 359

Acquisitive spirit

Acquisitive spirit must be overcome CS 227

Act, Acts

analyze your 2T 564

bearing of, upon ourselves and others MH 483; 5T 92

compare your, with God’s law 2T 512


affects others for good or evil 2T 133

character is revealed by Ed 61; PK 218

judged by prompting motives COL 316; 2T 512

principle that should underlie GW 128; 3T 84

recorded in heaven TM 463-4

victory or defeat determined by AA 313; MH 129

evidence sincerity of love to God and His cause 1T 690

greatness of, not what constitutes sin 1BC 1083

habitual tendency of, reveals character SC 57-8

hasty and unguarded, potential danger of one MH 452

improper, evil thoughts and desires lead to 2T 300

influence of COL 339

kind, repay tenfold 1T 306-7

least wrong, let no influence lead to 4T 575

lightest and most secret, God’s law bears on 1BC 1104


as fragrance of flowers MB 82

great characters formed by 4T 603

has bearing for good or evil PP 158

place of, in life’s experience 3T 541; 5T 93

many, passing for good works are prompted by wrong motives 2T 512

mean, men of principle scorn CH 410

momentary, danger of one ML 322

new birth attested by 5T 75

of soul, expulsion of sin is DA 466

offensive to God, indulge no 5T 69


character not formed by CG 199

influence of Ed 109

one rash, may ruin a soul PK 86

one thoughtless, may ruin many souls 5T 33

one wrong, prepares way for another CG 202

others’, love places favorable construction on 5T 169

our daily, influence others 3T 542

outward, fair transcript of principles within LS 244

recorded 2T 564

repetition of,

confirms character CG 164, 199

habits formed by CG 164, 199-200; MH 490; MYP 163

review your, daily 2T 512

right if heart is right 2SG 257; 1T 158

secret, all open to God 3T 82

seeds bearing fruit COL 85; 3T 363; 4T 63

sinful, springs from selfish desire PP 309

testify to what is in heart 1T 500; 2T 95

trivial See Trivial act

twofold impression made by 8T 172

unjust, we cannot conceal from God CG 152

unpretending, that God smiles upon 2T 647

unrighteous, God notices MM 154

well-balanced character is formed by, well performed MYP 144

we shall be judged by our 2T 315

what to think of before doing MH 490

wrong, can never be undone PP 426

yielding to temptation to sin is your own 4T 623

See also Deeds; Works


Acting, right

eating that prevents 1T 618

moral purity requires GW 126-7

Action, Actions

1. Kinds of

2. Regulation of

3. Miscellaneous

1. Kinds of

brethren’s, enough to do without criticizing 1T 426


done in God irrespective of selfish gain TDG 337:3

See also Business, transactions of

cheap and covetous, disgrace doer 7BC 906

concentrated, need for 3T 435

concerted, departmental work needs 5T 534

conscientious, depend on right thinking; exercise helps 1MCP 120:3

consecrated, need of 6BC 1087

consistent, think prayerfully for TDG 244:6

daily, to be met in judgment 2T 366


cleansing of camp calls for TM 426-8

grace is not a substitute for 2MCP 691:3

in God’s work TDG 33:2

opposition calling for TDG 265:3

destiny determined by, but some claim faith only FW 55:2

determined, truth needs men of 4T 488

disagreeable, efforts to change TDG 289:4

disorganized, angels cannot work successfully for us with CET 199:1

either virtuous or demoralizing TSB 61:3

energetic, living faith prompts to ChS 177

erroneous, erroneous eating and drinking causes SL 25; 9T 160; Te 18


cheap and foolish thoughts beget 4T 412

Satan delights in TMK 355:2

fitful, put aside 7T 202

generous, reaches into eternity 4T 490

good, registered in the book HP 182:4

harmonious, need for 6T 293

harshness of, comes from Satan AG 263:4; HP 31:6

hasty and inconsiderate, lack of judgment results in Ev 366-7

healthy, God works with us in 3T 46

holy, fruit of, possible by Holy Spirit like sap in vine TDG 252:3

honorable, Christ requires 4T 607

how right, become habitual MH 491

impetuous, relating to Sunday law issue 3SM 397:0

impulsive See Impulsive action


caused by undue excitement of brain 2MCP 508:1

holiness never leads to 2SM 29

irreverent, recorded in books of heaven CG 547

just and square, needed in buying and selling CS 240

kindly, do with kindly heart SD 102

minutest, carry out principles of God’s law in 4T 75

others’, God’s thoughts toward you not changed by OHC 174:4


grace and truth in heart control 5T 648

inward grace revealed in 5T 568


circumstances often demand TM 497

difficult for some people 3T 499

prompt and decisive, glorious triumphs gained by PK 676; 3T 498

prompt and energetic, undecided soul may be saved by 4T 446

repeated, form habits COL 356; MYP 148


basis or cause of 2T 487

fruit of true godliness CT 329; 1T 405

holiness of heart produces SD 10

right thinking lies at foundation of FE 248

think right thoughts and you will perform AH 54

right or wrong,

motive determines CG 201

prepares way for its repetition 5T 18, 119


fear should not be our motive for TMK 320:3

happiness in LHU 91

if heart is right OHC 218:4

result of right thoughts TMK 135:2

righteousness of Christ includes TDG 182:2

secret, open before God TSB 87:0

selfish, recorded in the book of heaven Mar 39:3

small and unimportant, links in chain of human events 3T 542

small wrong, establish habits in youth CG 201

spasmodic, true follower of Christ does not have UL 36:5

trifling, account of, required; God sees them 1MCP 316:1

true Christian, bear impress of heaven SD 85

unchristlike, suffering is no excuse for 2MCP 513:5; TDG 177:2

unfitted for God’s service by, which weakens powers TMK 115:5


God calls for 8T 72; TM 399

important in religious crisis 3T 446

universal, summon churches to 7T 14

unjust, by those in responsible positions TDG 40:2

unselfish, God will open way for witness by TDG 201:4


avoid defeat from; you need good influence 2MCP 735:3

erring turned away from the Saviour by HP 100:3

vigorous, and healthful thought of youth needed OHC 282:2

virtuous or demoralizing LYL 42:4

vulgar, avoid AH 438

wholly such as God can commend, need of CG 152


blot made by, only blood of Christ can heal HP 197:3

correcting with meekness; talk with workers PM 136:1

effects of frequent repetition of CG 201

regretted and quickly corrected HP 260:6

reveals defect in character 4T 540-1

2. Regulation of

angels influence our COL 341-2; 3T 364

approaching the Model in 1MCP 244:1

arouse every spiritual energy to MM 332

basis of,

pure principles should be 2T 326

sanctified principles should be 2T 380

be always Christlike in CT 487

be gentle in GW 163

beholding Christ continually shown in HP 293:3

businessman to carry religion into all TMK 324:4

changing, only when pressed, unacceptable to God PM 147:4

Christ to appear in all OHC 299:4


to be the spring of TDG 94:2

to underlie FLB 221:6; HP 169:5

consider; lifetime is precious TDG 286:2

consult your Leader before taking UL 141:4

control of, all can exercise CG 466

control resolutely your 4T 243

control, with reason UL 139:2

criterion for, not men’s sayings and doings CSW 84

daily review of, examine your motives by 2T 512

discerning spirit that controls UL 187:2


by law of God OHC 139:5

to see if standard is being met HP 265:5

faithfulness and loyalty should characterize COL 358

feeling and, combine 4T 372

fixed in, guard against becoming 3T 540

goal of going to heaven to be seen in TMK 169:3

God’s love in heart affects SC 61

governing your thoughts makes, much easier 3T 82-3

guard your SD 99

guide of, right principles should be FE 516

harmony in, through the Spirit of Christ OHC 169:4

high plane of, how to keep God’s work on 6T 419

Holy Spirit prompts, in Christians 2MCP 552:3

investigate your 2T 564

law of God to be test of TMK 290:4

love must be principle of COL 49

love should give tone to 2T 439

management of our, Christ must have 5T 219

motive gives quality to SD 171

planning needed for successful OHC 112:5

preach indwelling Christ by SD 352

reason and principle should regulate 2T 325

religious experience affects, HP 169:4

holy principles TDG 94:3

representing Christ in TMK 198:4

restraint over, needed MYP 68

reveal Christ by FE 459

reveal nobility of truth by LS 303

right to determine, not ours OHC 42:3

show meekness, self-denial, and charity by 3T 332

sanctified by lesson of Christ RC 61:3

show relation to Christ by 2T 178

sin never to be sanctioned by OHC 258:3

Spirit should influence 2T 356

spring of, principles of God’s law must be COL 391

standard of, God’s law should be FE 315

strictest integrity should govern 4T 487

subject your,

to Christ’s will GW 447

to God’s will 3T 538

take time to weigh TMK 233:2

tell for God by 2SG 216; 1T 132; 4T 633-4

testify by, that you are God’s child Ev 358


and purposes are secret springs of RC 379:3

followed by; caution against impurity 2MCP 592:2

union of (human and divine) brings success FW 27:0

will of Christ consulted in all HP 189:2

wisdom and judgment needed in DA 369

Word of God,

regulates the source of, toward one another TDG 238:4

to be part of all FLB 22:6

words we speak lead our TMK 137:2

youth who guard, receive everlasting life HP 216:3

3. Miscellaneous

accountability for, done and undone TMK 93:2

accountability to God for, individual 5BC 1100

affect others as well as ourselves FE 194

all accountable for, while on probation in this world OHC 337:4

all, either a blessing or injury to someone OHC 227:4


inspect our MYP 27; 2T 560; 4T 63

record human TMK 234:6

record our CH 412; 3T 363, 438

watch our every RC 250:2


does not justify FW 33:1

in God’s Word is shown by TMK 226:3

that God hears and blesses shown by OHC 119:5

body pervaded by; each organ works 1MCP 116:0

call of EGW to, and to obey as the paralytic did FW 75:4

character is built through MB 149

character perfection requires 4T 568


came to teach, as well as knowledge TDG 108:2

crucified afresh by, of professed children of God TDG 98:4

had a purpose for every CC 284:4

is interested in all TDG 91:4

sees the result of, and asks us to trust HP 74:3

church members may know, from the Word TDG 82:2

contrary to God’s purposes, why not cease TDG 101:3

creation is wholly pervaded by Ed 214

cross revealed in, of the truly converted RC 287:2

daily and living preachers 4T 641

daily become history by the recording angel OHC 7:4


God distinctly marks 5T 627

is of some account 3T 22

course of,

inconsistent with knowledge of truth FE 377

twofold character and importance of CG 201

everyone called to 1SM 266

faithful record of our, God keeps PP 217-8; 4T 244

fields for, truth opens, never before comprehended TMK 216:2

fruit men bear 1T 416; 2T 598; 4T 609

gives power LS 87; ML 130

God approves or disapproves all UL 364:5

God calls for, in giving light UL 58:4

God cares about UL 87:5, 240:3

God judges by the fruit of Mar 63:4

God sees, HP 24:4; TDG 334:4

and knows our spiritual progress HP 322:3

also the world, angels and people HP 155:7

God sees all 1BC 1086; ML 291; 5T 628; 6T 170

God truly estimates all 2T 158

God weighs our MM 123; TM 438; WM 19

habits are made by FE 194

heaven sees,

heavenly family HP 101:4

in correcting business wrongs TDG 343:3

Holy Spirit’s internal work shown in LHU 124:5

human body wholly designed for Ed 207

human body wholly pervaded by LS 87-8; ML 130

inconsistency in, worldlings watch for TDG 165:4

influence of, twofold FE 194

influence others 9T 182

influence us and others AG 311:4

law of being FLB 232:2

law of obedient, objects of creation work under 1MCP 115:1

law of our being MH 237

life always shows itself in 6T 443; RC 197:5


beautified, of Christ, and we are to follow Him TMK 187:4

brought into; gold tried in fire TDG 274:3

is principle of, in renewed heart SC 59

shown by, enables seeing Him who is invisible LHU 134:3

love of Christ,

in heart is expressed in HP 173:4

to be seen in TDG 266:3

men of,

God blesses labors of PK 148

men of prayer should be ChS 171

we need 5T 187

mind is source of; God notes what glorifies Him PM 44:1

mind pollution makes, loathsome TSB 124:4

motives and principles revealed by 5T 103

muscular organs created for TDG 129:3

need for, as well as for words for the heart SW 49:1

own, salvation depends on; God helps our efforts FW 48:2; NL 35:3

people of, needed, prepared for emergency RC 208:6

power controlling, revealed in this life OHC 162:3

power of, telling PP 556


before; be awake as guardians of truth TDG 222:2

for right, angels impress those who offer UL 253:6

to be followed by corresponding TMK 41:3

preach by your 2T 618; 3T 66

principles governing,

known and recorded in heaven RC 303:3

shown by Jesus UL 136:2

profession of true Christian supported by RC 272:5

prompting motives of, judge people by 3T 507

purity improved by right 1MCP 69:1

recalled in judgment 4T 385

required of Christ’s soldiers HP 298:4

salvation requires TMK 115:2

Satan notes our 1SM 122

seed cast into soil 4T 366; 5T 118

service of Christ shown as attractive by RC 183:5

single, character is not formed by, but by habits 2MCP 552:3

souls balanced for or against truth by 3T 428

source of,

mind is FE 426; TM 121

will is 5T 515

speak louder than:

profession PP 579

words MYP 141

Spirit of Christ in the heart revealed in TDG 357:6

spirit prompting, manifest in judgment TM 224

stability of, evidence that Nehemiah was brave Christian TMK 174:5

stand always ready for MM 135

stones in structure of character HP 47:4

strength from, for every power of the being 1MCP 99:1

testify of having learned of Christ FW 23:1

testimonies accepted when justifying; otherwise thought “her opinion” 3SM 81:3

times call for UL 170:7

truth hated which opposes TDG 221:2

vigor lessened by some; God dishonored 2MCP 392:3

EGW desired all her, to be true; publishing decisions PM 210:4

witnesses in the judgment HP 232:4

suffering from own wrong course of TDG 123:2

world does not understand our UL 159:2

youth who are unpromising may be aroused to RC 300:6

See also Activities; Behavior; Practices; Words and actions

Action and reaction, Actions and reactions

law of, in plan of salvation WM 302

seen hereafter Ed 306

Active labor

Active labor, for others, love wanes without DA 825

Activity, Activities

abundant, not many work with Christ in their TM 320

bustle of, rabbis esteemed religion to be DA 362; FE 440


bearing no eternal fruit OHC 187:6

which accomplishes nothing OHC 224:4

spiritual knowledge lost by OHC 281:2

call every power of being into 5T 580

church TM 204-8

church members’, pastor’s duty re GW 197-8

commands of God followed in all TMK 219:5

condition of life SC 80

constant, spiritual advancement requires MH 452

danger of making savior of ChS 98; DA 362

despair avoided by finding responsibility requiring TDG 129:4

dreadful lack of, in God’s cause 1T 260-1

earnest and untiring, need of 1SM 105

excessive 7T 69

fulfillment of our mission requires Ed 214

God’s plan for man LS 87-8; 2T 522

God’s word does not repress MH 396; Te 193

greater, calls for closer communion with God MH 136; 7T 194

happiness found in, when we partake of divine nature TDG 200:4

heaven in ChS 84; 5T 716; 6T 433

heavenly beings have constant; Jesus also gave example 1MCP 115:1

in world to come is not wearing and burdensome ML 358

increasing, accompanied by danger in God’s work ChS 98; DA 362

intense, God and angels work with 7T 14

law of life COL 364

leaven of, church services need TM 204

means of real enjoyment 5T 260

not substitute for obedience TM 451


needed in God’s work CS 48

soul winning calls for Ev 354


coaxing into, by asking to walk and give opinion TDG 129:5

intelligence preserved by 2MCP 375:4

lack of, results in less brain activity 1MCP 116:0

purity of thought requires Ed 209

places of, Christ passes through, and warns about losing soul OHC 286:3

religious, depth lacking in TDG 80:4

right in themselves, may be a snare UL 138:4

seeking work requires 5T 178

sin attached to, brings weariness TDG 33:3

spasms of, do little good 6T 277

spiritual, dignity in 3SM 373:0

spiritual strength requires 5T 393

stopping, to regain health is a great error 1MCP 118:5

strength increases with 1MCP 119:2

time in, with souls unblessed and God not glorified TDG 27:5


Christian life not made up of ChS 249; ML 133

importance of PK 171


brooding relieved by 2MCP 401:0

happy influence from, that is not taxing 1MCP 119:2

wasted TM 490

we do not show enough Ev 169-70; 6T 417

without prayer is of no avail ChS 263

See also Confusion; Exercise; Employment; Inactivity; Industry; Work

Actor, Actors

celebrated, on power of enthusiasm CT 255

in last great drama 8T 27

useful suggestion by Ed 233

See also Arnoult, Sophie; and Betterton, Thomas

Acts and Monuments

Acts and Monuments, by John Foxe GC 91-2

Acts of the Apostles

Acts of the Apostles, book of:

Luke wrote AA 211-2, 397, 439; 6BC 1051

need of 1SM 21

precious treasure AA 593

study carefully 6BC 1051

Acts of the Apostles, The

Acts of the Apostles, The, EGW at peace while preparing 3SM 124:2


Adage, every man is architect of his own fortune CD 29; MYP 242; Te 156


1. Chronology

2. Before fall

3. After fall

4. Descendants of

5. Future of

6. Miscellaneous

1. Chronology

events of nine centuries witnessed by PP 83


4,000 years before Christ 5BC 1081; DA 49, 117

nearly 1,000 years GC 647; PP 82-3

several hundred years 3SG 51; SR 55

6,000 years ago 1BC 1082

to ninth generation of children PP 82; 3SG 51; SR 55-6

2. Before fall

affections of,

centered upon heaven Te 11

pure PP 45

amenable to moral law PP 52; 1SM 216

animals named by PP 46

appetites and passions of, reason controlled PP 45

body and features of,

described 1BC 1082, 1084; CH 19, 108; Ed 20; GC 644; MH 415; PP 45; 3SG 34; 4aSG 120; SR 21; 3T 139; 4T 29; 8T 264; Te 11

heir to no disease Te 11

invigorated by tree of life PP 50

perfect in health 4aSG 120; 4T 29

under law MH 415; 8T 264

complexion of Ed 20; 3SG 34; SR 21

copartner in God’s firm SD 15

countenance of PP 45

created by personal God MH 415; 8T 264

created pure; he was given something to do 1MCP 115:2

for high and noble purposes 4T 438

from dust of earth DA 269-70; EW 221; PP 56

through Christ DA 269-70; MH 415; 8T 264

to inhabit earth ML 305

created to be:

blessing to others Ed 174; PK 500

God’s counterpart CD 45; ML 126; Te 11

honor to Creator PK 500; CT 21; Ed 174

crowned king in Eden 1BC 1082

crowning work of creation CD 45; Ed 130; MH 415; ML 126; PP 44-5, 52; SC 44; SD 40; 1SM 216; 8T 264; Te 11

masterpiece SD 313; Te 142

Eve given to,

as companion and help-meet MH 346; PP 46

as his only wife PP 91-2; 3SG 99; SR 75

Eve presented to, angels witnessed HP 203:2

familiar with animals PP 51

father and representative of mankind CT 33; GC 647; PP 48; 6T 236

free from curse before falling; perfect in thought and act 3SM 141:4

free moral agent 1BC 1084; Ed 23; PP 48-9, 331-2; 3SG 43; SL 76; SR 30; 1T 358; 2T 294

gentleman CT 273

glory of God reflected in faculties of Ed 20

God seen face to face by MB 27

God was teacher of, and angels were companions Con 11:3

halo worn by 1SM 270

happiness of, work of caring for Eden’s garden OHC 223:2

history of creation learned from Creator by PP 83

impress of Deity on soul of Te 11

innocent and holy PP 48

king among lower creatures Ed 26

king in Eden Con 10:4

labor in Eden brought pleasure to TDG 133:2

lord in beautiful domain 3T 153

made in God’s image and likeness AH 27; CD 45; COL 194; MH 163; ML 126; PP 44-5, 595; SD 7; SR 20; 3T 50, 568; 5T 311; 8T 264; Te 11

in character GC 645; PP 45

in form and feature GC 645

in outward resemblance Ed 20; PP 45

in physical, mental, and spiritual nature Ed 15

mentally perfect 4T 29

mind and heart given to, for contemplation 1BC 1082

mind of, capable of continual expansion with God as teacher TMK 13:6

nature of, inferior to angels GC 511

new and distinct order of being 1BC 1081; SD 7

noblest being on earth AH 26; 2T 347

obedience to God’s law required of 2SM 380-1

occupation of, agriculture AH 27; Ed 219; GC 648; LS 355; MH 189; PP 47

partaker of God’s life 1BC 1082

perfect man AH 25-6; DA 117; ML 126; SC 17; Te 11; 3T 72, 162

power given to 8T 264

akin to Creator’s Ed 17

from Source of all power SD 7

similar to God’s 5T 311

power of endurance of CH 19

privilege of, throughout eternal ages Ed 15

pure 1BC 1082-4; 5BC 1128; MH 261

reign of, subject to Christ DA 29

representative of God over lower creatures PP 45

righteous character could have been formed by SC 62

rule of,

all nature acknowledged Ed 26; PP 59

over world was not independent DA 129

self-denial was a test for; reason and conscience important TMK 14:3

sinless 5BC 1081, 1128; 6BC 1118; PP 45, 60, 80; 4aSG 120; 1SM 267

spotless as holy angels 1BC 1083

stature of,

little below that of Christ GC 644

lofty and noble GC 644; PP 45; 4aSG 120; SR 21

more than twice as tall as men now living 3SG 34; SR 21

much greater than that of men today GC 644; PP 45

somewhat taller than Eve PP 45; 3SG 34; SR 21

subject to God’s law and government PP 49

superior being SD 7; 5T 311

temple for indwelling of Creator DA 161

upright 1BC 1083; CH 108; PP 49; 3T 72; 4T 293

vicegerent of Creator DA 129

vital force of, 20 times that of men today 3T 138-9

will of,

harmonized with God’s will Te 11

perfect before the fall Con 18:2


was given to; he was created pure, holy and healthy 1MCP 115:2

was important to the happiness of Con 11:2

3. After fall

Abel’s death grieved PP 82; 3SG 51; SR 55

advantage we have over, in resisting Satan SD 141

angels instructed 3SG 52

re history of Satan’s fall EW 147; PP 52-3; 3SG 39; SR 29-30

re plan of salvation PP 66; SR 56

re their employment EW 147

angels warned, against Satan’s devices PP 53; 3SG 39; SR 29-31

animals rebelled against rule of Ed 26-7; PP 59

Cain’s becoming murderer grieved PP 82; 3SG 51

carrying burden of sin Con 18:0

Christ bore guilt of DA 598-9

Christ bore the test failed by, 1MCP 185:0; OHC 25:2

Christ in position of SD 24

Christ instructed 7BC 912

Christ seen prefigured in sacrificial animal by 6BC 1095

Christ was tempted where, failed SD 24

commanded to teach and be example to descendants CC 22:5

covenant of grace made with PP 370

death regarded by, as merciful end to life of sorrow PP 82; 3SG 51; SR 55

decay of tree leaves caused particular grief to CC 22:3

defiance not set in mind of, he simply went contrary to commandment RC 56:2

disobedience of, entailed sin in his posterity TDG 318:3

Eden and the fall described by, to the ninth generation CC 22:4

Enoch instructed by, re man’s fall PP 84

Eve made subject to PP 58-9; 3T 484

Eve tempted EW 147-8; GC 532; PP 56; 3SG 41-2; SR 35-6; 3T 72

failure of,

and victory of Christ; EGW’s talk to prisoners UL 189:4

Christ redeemed DA 117; ML 323; 4T 293

showing obedience possible 3SM 136:3

in bearing slight test brought retribution TMK 313:2

to calculate result of disobedience 5BC 1103

fall of,

bondage of sin wrought by HP 192:2

Christ began redemption at point of TDG 206:5

Christ covered the ground of AG 179:3; 3SM 129:3; TDG 318:3

Christ redeemed, and perfected a character of obedience TMK 32:3

fashion to sin since 6T 129-30

humans have been toilers since OHC 224:3

inexplainable 1BC 1083

Satan blamed God for DA 24

succession of falls since 1BC 1082; Te 92

voice other than God’s brought LHU 53:5

warns not to accept words that detract from law LHU 53:6

See also Humans, fall of

fallen nature of, strives for mastery AH 205

fallen, God placed less confidence in CC 20:2

first animal sacrifice offered by PP 68; SR 50

first ceremonial offering presented by SR 50-1

first death witnessed by PP 68

first signs of decaying nature seen by PP 62; SR 55

flowers drooping grieved PP 62; SR 55

God no longer spoke directly with FE 237


dealing with, after disobedience, interested Satan Con 19:2

goodness in providing a ransom was a marvel to TMK 17:2

revelation handed down by CC 22:5

gospel message given by COL 126

gospel understood by PP 366

guilt and death received from 6BC 1074; CG 475

hope of, that first-born son might be Deliverer DA 31

life forfeited by, by disobedience 3SM 141:3

life of,

filled with sorrow GC 647

one of sorrow humility and repentance CC 22:2

mankind’s future revealed to PP 67-8; SR 48-9

men are lost in SD 120

plan of redemption revealed to PP 67

promise of Christ’s first advent heard by AA 222; DA 31

repentance and sacrifices of, disappointed Satan Con 22

repentance of 1BC 1084; GC 453, 647; PP 61, 82; SC 40; 3SG 50; SR 55; 5T 637

reproached by

himself and his children CC 22:2

men for his sin PP 82

results of disobedience not calculated by RC 56:2

resurrection hope of, at death GC 647-8

sacrifices offered by DA 115

seed of God’s word committed to AA 45

Seth instructed in religion by PP 88; 3SG 53-4; SR 57

sin of,

committed out of love for Eve EW 148; PP 56-8; 3SG 42, 44; SR 36, 38

could neither be denied nor excused PP 57

cut off intercourse between heaven and earth OHC 66:2

deliberate PP 57-8

effort to excuse 5T 637

Eve blamed for PP 57; SC 40; 3SG 44; SR 38-9; 5T 638; Te 284

God blamed for PP 57-8; SC 40; 5T 638

great because of light prohibition PP 60

hunger not cause of 1BC 1084

indwelling sin not cause of 1BC 1083

regarded today as a simple mistake UL 16:5

separated humanity from the heaven-ordained Center RC 51:5

sin’s consequences grieved 3SG 51

system of sacrificial offerings committed to PK 685; PP 68, 363-4; 3SG 301; SR 149


and death experienced by, after the fall Con 16:2

could have been resisted by, as it was by Christ OHC 107:3

might have been withstood by Te 121

temptation of, compared with Christ’s DA 117-8

test failed by,

borne by Christ; heaven regained FW 89:0

sinners given a chance to pass LHU 79:2

tithing dates from time of 1BC 1093; 3T 393

told that without shedding of blood no remission of sins SR 52

tree of knowledge was the test of obedience for OHC 343:3

vows of obedience renewed by PP 62

witnessed for God to descendants PP 82, 84, 88, 363; PK 682-3; 3SG 50-1, 53-4, 296; SR 55-6, 146

worshiped at gate of Eden DA 52; PP 62

4. Descendants of

born with inherent propensities of disobedience 5BC 1128

could not receive from him what he did not have GC 533

fallen nature inherited by PP 80; 3SG 53

first curse pronounced upon 1BC 1085

guilt of, shared by his children but Jesus bore it FW 88:3

homes of, to be like his in Eden Ed 22

obedience required of, through grace FW 41:2

Sabbath honored by loyal PP 80-1

sons of, may become sons of God TDG 255:2

sons of God through Christ GC 477

5. Future of

contrasted with people of later generations GC 644

meeting of, with Christ in City of God 6BC 1093; GC 647; 1T 659

reinstated in first dominion GC 648

restored to Edenic home GC 647-8; 3SG 89

resurrection of, at second advent GC 644-5, 647-8

See also Adam and Eve; Man

6. Miscellaneous

advantage over, knowing his fall and Christ’s victory Con 64:2

and Eve (See separate listing)

blaming sin of, for keeping natural tendencies 3SM 179:4

deception was not an excuse for Con 86:1

food designated for; meat permitted as consequence of fall TDG 210:7

headship of the earthly family was God’s plan for RC 51:5

nature of, we may possess a higher nature than UL 18:3

obedience required for, and for us FW 89:3; LHU 139:6

Satan claimed disobedience of, showed law could not be kept 3SM 136:1

sin is the same malignant thing as it was in the time of FW 96:2

sinlessness of, before the fall, reached by the obedient HP 146:5; Mar 224:5

youth to learn from TMK 313:2