EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Naaman - Natural world


Naaman, Syrian general AA 416; DA 239; MH 473; PK 244-9, 252-3; 2T 309-10


Nabal, churlish man of Judah 2BC 1021-2; 5BC 1094; PP 664-8


David and CC 168:3; RC 332

indulgence of CC 170:2

insolence of, Abigail did not excuse CC 169:2

servant of, told Abigail of possible evil result CC 168:3


Naboth, Jezreelite, murdered in Ahab’s reign PK 204-6, 224


Nadab, king of Israel PK 109

Nadab and Abihu

Nadab and Abihu, Aaron’s sons, sin and death of 1BC 1111; 4BC 1167; CH 82, 366; CM 72; CS 205; CW 112-3; FE 427-8; GW 20; PK 482; PP 312, 359-62, 398-9, 426; 4aSG 11-5, 124-5, 127; 2SM 412; 3T 295, 297; 7T 153; Te 43-4, 92, 149, 187, 268, 280, 287-8; TM 356; WM 290


alcohol problem of, considered by Daniel UL 83:3

study instructions to UL 342:3

wine used by; common fire Con 80


Nahash, Ammonite king, in David’s time PP 714

in King Saul’s time PP 612


Nahor, Abraham’s brother PP 127, 172


Nahum, prophet PK 363-6

in time of Nineveh’s temporal prosperity PK 265

Nail, Nails

Nail, Nails, used in crucifying Christ 5BC 1100; 7BC 955, 958; DA 744, 755, 760, 780, 803, 834; EW 53, 176, 179, 292; GC 643, 647; MYP 16; SC 104; 2SG 260; SR 221-2; 1T 138, 155, 160, 241; 2T 208; 6T 479 See also Spike


Nain, dead son of widow of, restored to life AH 204; DA 318-20, 512, 786; MH 42; 1SM 304; WM 156

not raised immortal DA 320, 786; 1SM 304

location of DA 318


Naked, Israelites made, when Aaron stripped their ornaments 3SG 282

Naked person, Naked persons

Naked person, Naked persons, Christian’s duty to clothe CS 162; MYP 314


See Nudity

Name, Names

1. Christ’s

2. Christian

3. God’s

4. Miscellaneous


1. Christ’s

angels draw near when colporteur mentions CM 112; 6T 339

angels never weary of hearing DA 833

authority for Christian course of action AA 28; DA 826

bond of union among Christians AA 28; DA 826; 8T 15

carry forward gospel work in AA 28

Christian’s badge of distinction AA 28; DA 826

Christian’s words and acts are to fasten attention on AA 28

Christians are taught to pray in DA 667

disgraced by failure to make life correspond to Christian profession 8T 248

duty of everyone who names SC 82

efficiency given to prayers by 8T 178

enshrined by Jews in: song and prophecy DA 27

temple rite and household prayer DA 27

men come to God in, by special invitation CT 242

men may come before God with confidence in PP 252

must be written in foreheads of His people 1SM 56

new, glorious star containing EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59

one of first sounds that should attract child’s attention CG 488

penitential prayer in PP 411

persons who bear, should represent Him CT 322

prayers are to be presented to Father in AA 28

praying in, means much DA 668

privilege of SC 74

present your requests to Father in DA 833

should be household word CG 208

vital power in AA 28

watchword of Christians AA 28; DA 826

2. Christian

covetousness in small deal disgraces 3T 550

deformities hidden under EW 227

denial of, what God regards as CS 54

do not bear, and yet be unworthy of it 1T 243

God regards absence of self-denial as denial of CS 54

is: God-given name AA 157

royal name AA 157

many persons who pass for Christians are unworthy of 3T 377

means “Christlike” SD 85

misuse of EW 227-8

origin and meaning of AA 157; SR 302

person unworthy of 2T 347

person who dishonors 2T 443

persons taking, should come to God in earnestness and humility for help 3BC 1157

profession of, not a small matter 1T 454

See also Christ

3. God’s

angels hallow MB 107

angels veil faces when they speak Ed 243; GW 178; PK 236

angels’ reverence for 1T 410

as Jehovah, the eternal, self-existent, uncreated One PP 305

as “Our Father” MB 74; ML 289

is music in His ears FE 309

pledge of His regard and relationship to His people COL 142; ML 365

prayer in which is used MB 103-6

sign of man’s love and trust toward Him COL 142

signifies His true relation to us FE 309

careless and irreverent use of EW 70

careless use of, in prayer EW 122

claimed by Christ as His own DA 469-70

embraces past, present, and future 8T 270

fearful thing to take, in vain ML 282

frequent or needless repetition of, in prayer avoid Ed 243; PP 306-7

glorify, in all you do 2T 71

go forward in ChS 258; 6T 395

hallowed by representing His character MB 107

how to pray in COL 147

heritage of His children MB 107

how men blaspheme MB 137

I AM as, means eternal presence 1BC 1099

inhabitants of unfallen worlds hallow MB 107

man stoned for blaspheming PP 407-8

manifest, in every act of life MB 107

never utter, lightly or thoughtlessly Ed 243; PK 236

Philistines dishonored PP 682

pray that you do no dishonor to MB 107

profanation of, in prayer GW 176; 1T 410

pleasure parties that are TM 84

profaned continually by Jews in Christ’s day MB 106

revealed to Moses, expresses idea of eternal presence DA 469

reverence Ed 243

third commandment of Decalogue forbids profaning of MB 66; PP 306

use, in most reverent manner 1T 410

with reverence and awe EW 122

use of, in oaths MB 66

utter, with reverence and awe GW 176; PK 49, 236; PP 307

what it means to hallow MB 106-7

written everywhere PP 251

in all His works GC 678

in earth, air, and sky PP 51

in every shining star PP 51

in nature Ed 63

on all created things throughout universe Ed 303

on all His created works 5BC 1143

on every follower of Christ MB 107

on every leaf Ed 21; PP 51

on every stone and star Ed 21

on every stone of mountains PP 51

on His people TM 446

written in His people’s foreheads, because He is center of their thoughts CS 46

written on foreheads of: 144,000 EW 15; LS 65; 2SG 32; 1T 59

of the redeemed AA 590-1; SD 370

See also God

4. Miscellaneous

book of life contains, of all who have entered God’s service GC 480-1; PP 326

book of records in heaven contains, of God’s people 3SG 285

Christ knows, of each occupant of a home DA 479

Christ knows all men by DA 479

Christ knows God-fearing youth by ML 160

Christ’s disciples not to be anxious for 4T 226

Christian in, you cannot safely be worldling in conduct while 5T 172

denominational, chosen by SDA 1T 223-4 See also Seventh-day Adventist Church

each believer’s, is graven on palms of Christ’s hands FE 273

Hebrew parents gave to children, great significance attached to PK 481

God knows each person by 6BC 1059; MH 229

God knows you by ML 291

good, more precious than gold 4T 588

great, among men as letters traced in sand 5T 579

true gospel workers do not labor to secure CH 285

Hebrew children’s, often stood for traits of character desired in them PK 481

in book(s) of heaven, persons who will have pardon entered against their GC 483

in book of life, reviewed in investigative judgment GC 484

in world, majority aim to make for themselves CS 54

men’s, registered in books of record in heaven GC 480; 3T 224

new: awaits victorious Christian MYP 95

Christ taught men to address God by COL 141-2; FE 309

each of redeemed will have, on his crown GC 646

of all professing truth, mentioned in investigative judgment LS 242

of Godhead, baptism in AA 28

of His people, engraved on palms of Christ’s hands FE 273; 1SM 56; 3T 251

of 144,000, engraved in gold letters EW 19; 1T 69

of people who love and serve God, registered in books of heaven TM 325

written in heaven DA 493

of the obedient, engraved on palms of Christ’s hands 3T 251

of the wicked, recorded in book of death GC 661

of 12 tribes of Israel, borne on onyx stone on high priest’s ephod PP 351

engraved on stones of high priest’s breastplate PP 351

people whose: are accepted in investigative judgment GC 483

are blotted from book of life in judgment PP 326

are registered in book of life of God’s faithful servants CH 285

are registered in church books but not in book of life 1T 504-5

are registered in heaven and immortalized 2SM 168

are rejected in investigative judgment GC 483

soon perish and their memory dies with them 2T 522

will be blotted out of book of life GC 483; PP 326; TM 445

will be erased from God’s book 7BC 987

will be immortalized 3T 251

will stand enrolled in book of life GC 484

persons who think their, a great honor to God’s cause 5T 395

repentant person’s, borne on Christ’s heart PP 351

right, call things by their MM 22

calling sin by, is disagreeable duty 3T 328 See also Sin

royal, Christian name is AA 157

significant of idolatry, given by Nebuchadnezzar to Daniel and companions PK 480-1

white man’s and black man’s, written beside each other in book of life 2SM 343


blotted out unless sensual sins confessed TSB 194:3

Christ presents our, before the Father HP 264:2

confession of, before the Father, looking forward to OHC 368:2

desire for great, in world like building on sand HP 173:2

exchange of perishable, for everlasting honors OHC 20:3

human, all constantly in God’s mind OHC 28:4

obedience to God’s commands enrolls, in book of life TDG 87:5

Napa Valley, Calif.

Napa Valley, Calif. Ev 405


Naphtali, tribe of 2BC 1002; PP 548

Napier, N.Z.

Napier, N.Z. LS 343; 1SM 377; TM 58


Napkin, Christ left, in tomb DA 789

talents wrapped in, and buried in world 4T 618-9 See also Parable


Napoleons, of history Ed 269

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte CG 196; EW 293

Naramores, Dr.

Naramores, Dr. WM 322

Narcotic, Narcotics

1. Ill effects of (mental)

2. Ill effects of (moral and spiritual)

3. Ill effects of (physical)

4. Things listed as

5. Miscellaneous

1. Ill effects of (mental)

brain beclouded 5T 442; Te 35, 64

brain kept from distinguishing correctly Ev 529

intellectual tone lowered MH 335

mental degeneracy CH 49; Te 174

mental powers ruined MM 222

mental powers weakened CH 432

mind benumbed CH 432

mind impaired Te 59

mind paralyzed Te 64

mind perverted Ev 529

2. Ill effects of (moral and spiritual)

moral powers ruined MM 222

moral tone lowered MH 335

resistance to temptation weakened Te 64

3. Ill effects of (physical)

disease of every kind CD 421; MM 222

nerves disordered 5T 442

physical degeneracy CH 49; Te 174

physical nature enfeebled and degraded MH 335

physical powers ruined MM 222

physical strength lessened CG 404

4. Things listed as

alcohol CD 63; CH 68

coffee CD 63, 281, 402, 430, 490; CH 68; MM 274; 2SM 283

fermented wines CD 281, 490; 2SM 283

morphine CD 63; CH 68

opium CD 421; MM 222

stimulants of all kinds 2SM 283

tea CD 63, 281, 402, 490; CH 68; MM 274; 2SM 283

tobacco CD 63, 421; CH 68; MM 222, 225; 4T 309; 5T 440; Te 56, 58-60, 69, 105, 164-5, 254, 278

5. Miscellaneous

appetite for, parents transmit to children 3T 567

dealers in, destroy human family Te 75

do not use CD 426; FE 144

educate people to refuse 2SM 283

established taste for, how to overcome 4T 32-3

indulgence in, man cannot afford CD 341-2

lawmakers warned against Te 46-7

many articles of food and drink are MH 325

money spent for: men must account to God for Te 66

millions of dollars Te 66

misappropriated Te 66

sanitariums should teach people to refuse CD 281

stimulating, line should be drawn against 3T 21

taste for, not easy to overcome 4T 32

touch not, taste not, and handle not 3T 561

use of MH 325-35

brain should never be dulled by Te 74

children should be especially guarded against CT 126; CG 405

give up CD 421; MM 222

men in public office warned against use of Te 46-7

not conducive to healthy mental state 3T 569

overcome, by faith in Christ Te 89

warning against CH 68; SL 28-33

Narcotic poison

Narcotic poison, brain beclouded by MH 134

nerves disordered by MH 134

tobacco is Te 62

Narragansett Bay, R.I.

Narragansett Bay, R.I. GC 295


Narrow, in gospel work, shepherds who were 5T 370-4

in sphere of usefulness, men who were too 2T 650

man who is, shows he needs God’s grace 7BC 935; 1SM 181; 5T 605

many professed Christians would pronounce Daniel, re eating and drinking CH 69

Narrow idea, Narrow ideas

Narrow idea, Narrow ideas, conf. president who had 5T 370

re the worthy poor, caution against 2T 284

SDA lose much by, and plans TM 303


Narrow-mindedness, give no sanction to GW 165; 4T 415

needs of God’s work cannot be comprehended by TM 303

See also Littleness


Narrowness, avoid all CT 502; 5T 567

commandment keepers accused of PP 55

grudging a pittance to the needy COL 353

in work for souls, man who manifested 2T 77

later English Reformers accused of GC 260


failing to depend on God, using human judgment FW 27:1

selfish spirit brings TDG 78:5

Narrow spirit

Narrow spirit, must be overcome 3T 421

Narrow view, Narrow views

Narrow view, Narrow views, of religion, guard against taking 4T 62

re God’s work, danger of taking too 2T 669-70

Narrow way

Narrow way, dream of traveling 2T 594-7

vision of, and broad way 1T 127-8

Nashville, Tenn.

Nashville, Tenn. CG 132; CW 146; Ev 398; LS 416; 2SM 358; 7T 232-6


Nathan, David counseled by, re building temple PP 711-2

David reproved by 2BC 1023; DA 566; PK 141; PP 720-1, 727; 4aSG 86-7, 89; 1SM 212; 2T 688; 4T 15; 5T 683

faithful to Solomon PP 749

men like, God calls for GW 150; PK 142


Nathanael, as example of: prejudice Ev 446; 1SM 414

soul won by true home miss. work 6T 428

became winner of souls 6T 428

childlike in sincerity and trust DA 293; Ed 86

Christ’s conversation with, figure used in SC 20

convicted by John the Baptist’s message DA 139

disappointed when he first saw Christ DA 139; 1SM 414

earnest seeker for truth CSW 25-6

faith of, took hold on unseen realities DA 293

fifth disciple won by Christ DA 139-40

first expression of faith in Christ by DA 142

intensely earnest DA 293

one of disciples most closely connected with Christ DA 292

Philip brought, to Christ DA 139-41, 292; Ev 446; FE 365; SC 91; 1SM 414-5; 6T 37-8; TM 110

prayed often with Philip under fig tree DA 140

prayer of: came from sincere heart GW 257; 4T 534

how Christ answered DA 140-1; 4T 534

under fig tree DA 140-1; 4T 534

prejudiced against Christ 6T 37

present when John the Baptist pointed to Lamb of God DA 139; 1SM 414

searched prophecies for light re Messiah DA 140

was praying for light when found by Philip CSW 25-6; 6T 428

when doubt and prejudice of, changed to faith DA 140


Christ understands you as He did UL 335:7

Nation, Nations

Nation, Nations, affairs of ruling, how God miraculously shapes PK 385

all, are to pass in judgment before God FE 481; GC 490

ancient wicked, why God did not immediately destroy COL 286

angry: held in check till time of trouble 7BC 967

in 1848-9 EW 36, 41; LS 117

in 1900 6T 14

preparing for war 1SM 221

restrained for finishing of third angel’s message EW 85

shortly before seven last plagues begin to fall EW 85

with one another 9T 26

as dust of balance FE 481

Assyrians used by God to punish PK 349

Babylon’s prosperity has never since been equaled by Ed 175

blessed through Israel by advent of Messiah PK 15

brotherhood of, men are bound together into great Ed 238; MH 442

Christ’s love is not to be circumscribed to DA 402

conditions on which God bestows blessing upon Ed 174

conduct of, God gave His law to regulate 1BC 1104

covenant God made with Abraham embraced all PK 368

creation and distribution of, God’s purpose in AA 238; Ed 174; PK 500

cup of iniquity of, will be full when law is made that transgression of Sunday shall be met with punishment 7BC 910

desire to make self a center fills CS 24

destiny of, God has in His charge the MB 121; 5T 753

God presides over TM 431

each, has laws which command respect and obedience GC 584

enlargement of mind comes to, only as men return to allegiance to God FE 395

entire, God will not suddenly destroy Ev 27

fall of, cruelty and greed of rulers have resulted in Ed 176

secret of Ed 176-7; PK 501-2

fate of, arrayed against God PK 366

failing to fulfill God’s purpose PK 366, 501

final conflict will involve all 7BC 949

foreign: improve every opportunity to extend truth to 3T 208

SDA literature needed in languages of LS 204-5

send missionaries to LS 212

strife and oppression with intensity not now anticipated will break forth in LS 421; MM 333

USA will be followed by, in honoring Sunday 6T 18, 395

giving freedom for circulation of Scriptures, blessings resulting to ML 24

God has a reckoning to make with all FE 481

God keeps a reckoning with all 7BC 910; 5T 524

God keeps account with all, with unerring accuracy PK 364; 5T 208

God will punish cities as warning to Ev 27

God would demonstrate before all, His plan to bring victory out of apparent defeat PK 475

God’s dealings with, consider MH 441-2; 8T 307

Jehovah’s footsteps traced in record of MH 441-2; 8T 307

God’s mercy for, has limit 5T 208

God’s overruling purpose re Ed 177; PK 535

God’s plummet measures Ed 178; SD 338

God’s plummet tests PK 536

God’s purpose for every Ed 176-7; PK 535

God’s purpose that Israel should be blessing to PK 368-9

God’s rule and government is over all 4BC 1170; 6BC 1081; FE 505

gospel of Christ’s grace will be heard by all DA 828

grand councils of, maxim that has controlling influence in 5T 562

greatness of, measured by fidelity with which they fulfill God’s purpose Ed 175; PK 502

grievous troubles will soon arise among WM 136

growth of, appears dependent on man’s will and prowess Ed 173; PK 499-500

God works out counsels of His will in Ed 173; PK 500

heart of, home is CT 396; MH 349

heathen, why God used Israel to punish PP 299-300, 442, 523, 627-9; 3SG 269; 4aSG 50-2 See also Heathen nation

history of: prophecy literally fulfilled in PK 501

speaks to men Ed 178

study the working out of God’s purpose in Ed 184; PK 548

how ancient, lost knowledge of God AA 14; COL 286

how probation of each, is closed 5T 208

idolatrous See Idolatrous nation

impieties of, recorded in books of heaven PP 165

in world to come, will own no other law than law of heaven 7BC 988

Israel’s iniquities emboldened, in idolatry and crime PP 582

land boom is curse to FE 317-8

leading men of, God uses many GC 610

marshaling of, understand progress of events in final MH 442; 8T 307

modern: Assyria’s rise and fall is rich in lessons for PK 362-3

fast closing up their account with God 5T 208-9

recipients of unprecedented mercies 5T 208

under condemnation of God 6T 405

warned against arrogance and pride PK 366

more powerful than Canaanites, Israel was to conquer PP 544

movements of, God’s providence directs DA 32

nation will rise against, after four winds are loosed 7BC 968

obedience to God’s law brings blessings to SD 39; 1SM 218

origin of, Bible alone gives only authentic account of CT 52; Ed 173

path of safety and happiness for, obedience to God is PP 591

people of other, praying for light and knowledge PK 376

SDA asleep re getting light before LS 212

perfection of thought not found in any 9T 180

period of probation given to each 1BC 1093; 2BC 1005; 4BC 1143

period of test is given to each Ed 177; PK 535

place assigned to each, in God’s great plan Ed 178; PK 536

poverty of, passion for amusements increases FE 312

squandering money in horse racing and betting increases FE 312

preparing for God’s judgments 6T 405

preparing for war, restrained till four winds are loosed 7BC 968; 1SM 221

pride in, evil effects of 4T 377

prosperity of: Bible unfolds principles that are cornerstone of PP 599

bound up with acceptance of divine principles Ed 238

depends on citizens’ virtue and intelligence GW 388

depends on home influences CT 396; MH 349

God has made known principles that underlie PK 500

God’s law reveals underlying principles of Ed 174

principles of parental government lie at foundation of 3T 294

protected by God, no diviner’s enchantment or curse can harm 4aSG 47

record of God’s dealings with, study MH 441

rejecting worship and service of true God, Israel was to destroy COL 290; PK 19

relations existing among, rulers and statesmen watch Ed 179; PK 537

strained and restless Ed 179; MM 333

rise and fall of: books of Daniel and Revelation make plain PK 548

lessons to learn from Ed 177-8, 183; PK 548

predicted hundreds of years before PK 501

prophecy fulfilled in PK 501

prophecy has traced Ed 177

study the working out of God’s purpose in Ed 184; MH 442; PK 548

ruin of, rejection of God’s principles has wrought Ed 177; PK 535

Satan controlled, through papacy GC 268-9

Satan’s present working on, should startle students of prophecy 5T 537

shaking of angry, shaking of European powers as EW 41

spirit of anarchy permeates all PP 102

stability of, only safeguard for Ed 229; PK 83

statute book of, Bible as 8T 40

stirring up of, to one deadly combat while angels hold four winds ML 308

strength of: measured by its fidelity in fulfilling God’s purpose Ed 175; PK 502; SD 338

not found in facilities make it appear invincible Ed 175; PK 502; SD 338

not found in its boasted greatness Ed 175; PK 502; SD 338

strife and tumult of: Christ still guards His people amid 5T 754

God still guards His children amid MB 121; PK 176

God still guides earth’s affairs amid Ed 178; PK 536

that will drink of God’s wrath unmixed with mercy GC 627

union among, men cannot expect 1T 361

unrest in Ev 18

unsettled state of, honest souls troubled as they witness CT 507

signs of times LS 203; 3T 202

USA as, in God’s own hand 1T 267

USA’s prosperity as GC 296

voice must go forth to arouse 5T 187

waiting for light of truth, many LS 209

war waged by, claiming to be Christian 7BC 974

warning message must go to all DA 828; Ev 573; 3T 207

weakened morally as they forget God 4BC 1168

welfare of, fathers’ duty to children bears on RC 175:2

when cup of iniquity of, will be full 7BC 910

when mercy will no longer plead in behalf of PK 364

when ministry of God’s wrath begins with PK 364; 5T 208

why, deteriorate in power and glory 4BC 1168

why God permits matters to come to crisis in COL 178; SD 353; 9T 91-2

wicked, destroyed by God’s judgments 1SM 269

will be: on side of great rebel leader 5T 136

stirred to their very center 2SM 380

will unite to make void God’s law 5T 524

See also Kingdom


better, soon to be reached TMK 274:3

death of Christ reached many LHU 257:4

division within, at end of time 3SM 418:1

God keeps a reckoning with TMK 355:2

heavenly, more important than any earthly OHC 250:4

law of, judgment of those trying to establish 3SM 415:5

limit of sins of, reached TSB 139:0


message to, in power of Spirit without display PM 308:4

nourishing and appetizing foods to be produced in TDG 136:5

publishing workers to improve to go to PM 120:2

youth trained for printing truth in PM 92:4

people gathered from all, for God’s temple TMK 151:5

probation given to, before God punishes 3SM 396:3

prosperity of, lost without faith in God’s Word 3SM 310:3

stirred; support withdrawn; await

strained relations among, responsible people watch Mar 174:4, 266:3

union of, coming; confederacy of Satan 3SM 392:4

wine of Babylon for all 3SM 392:1

National abuse, National abuses

National abuse, National abuses, Christ attacked no DA 509

National apostasy

National apostasy, will end only in national ruin Ev 235 See also Apostasy

National barriers

National barriers, God can never endorse erection of, in gospel work 9T 197-8

National calamity

National calamity, God alone is shield and strength in time of 1T 260

National City, Calif.

National City, Calif. See Paradise Valley, Calif.

National council, National councils

National council, National councils, decree of, persecution awaits people refusing to bow to 2SM 380

Satan intrudes in GC 508

National dislike

National dislike, prejudice of, example of COL 380

National distinctions

National distinctions, laid aside in Christ FE 203

obliterated in Christ 1SM 258

National enemy, National enemies

National enemy, National enemies, Christ did not condemn DA 509

National gospel worker, National gospel workers

National gospel worker, National gospel workers, best to train, in their own country 6T 137

seldom best for, to go to distant lands for education 6T 137

training of 6T 137

importance of 5T 394

National greatness

National greatness, Israel rendered outward service to God as means of attaining DA 28-9

Jewish hope of, founded on misinterpretation of Scriptures DA 154

safeguards of, Bible principles are surest GC 296

Nationalistic spirit

Nationalistic spirit, of scribes and Pharisees 9T 190

Nationality, Nationalities

Nationality, Nationalities, believers of different: unity among 9T 179-83

God’s plans for 2BC 1029

must draw close together in unity 9T 198

no wall of partition should be built up between 9T 181

seek to break down any wall of partition erected between 9T 181

believers of one, must help those of another in crisis 9T 197

should labor earnestly for every other nationality 9T 196

cannot elevate or degrade men ChS 218; 2SM 343

difference(s) in: does not release SDA from helping one another 9T 197

God’s people are not to separate themselves into separate companies because of 9T 198

must not cause erection of walls of partition 9T 197-8

different, God desires a mingling together of 9T 180-1

distinction of, all men invited to come to Christ without DA 403

Christ recognized no MH 25; 9T 190

distinction on account of, God recognizes no COL 386; PK 369

dividing prejudice of, Christ tears away DA 823; MB 42

does not prove that a person is child of God MB 75

field for miss. operation is not limited by FE 209; LS 337

God will gather people for Himself from all 7T 109

gospel work must not be restricted by DA 403

gospel workers of different, harmony should prevail among 9T 187

should be united in USA 9T 196

in Europe, gospel work among 9T 180-1

in USA, SDA work among 9T 195-8

in your cities and towns, give truth to Ev 569

in your own country, evangelize people of various ChS 199; LS 212-3; 5T 391-2

no circumstance of, can turn Christ’s love from man DA 194

other, improve opportunities of giving gospel to people of LS 212-3; PK 73

people of all, SDA publications should enlighten 7T 160

persons of different, should connect with SDA schools FE 111

separate conferences for different, not needed in USA 9T 195-8

show that men of every, are one in Christ 9T 196

See also Foreigner; Language; Nation; Race


all, to be reached UL 60:4


came to all SW 9:1; TDG 301:6

is Brother of all SW 63:2

recognizes no TDG 106:2

contempt for, but Jesus attracted their attention LHU 212:3

differences in, but all have work to do 2MCP 426:4

distinctions of, to be laid aside SW 21:2

hatred for any, shows the character of Satan LHU 207:2

mingling of, desired by God UL 281:2

peculiarities of, God knows how to meet OHC 171:3

united by God through truth OHC 171

wall of separation between, not to be built UL 281:4

warning must go to all HP 340:2

National life

National life, evils in, teachings of God’s word would eliminate PK 192

National peril

National peril, God’s care for Elisha in time of PK 236

National prejudice

National prejudice See Prejudice

National pride

National pride, fierce Jewish, Christ’s references to blessings given to Gentiles aroused DA 240

National prosperity

National prosperity See Prosperity

National Reform Movement

National Reform Movement, efforts of, to restrict religious liberty 5T 715

erroneous ideas re 5T 715

intolerance and oppression will be manifested by 5T 712

See also Sunday-law movement

National ruin

National ruin See Apostasy

National separation

National separation, in God’s work, warning not to build up 9T 198


See Blacks; Race


Natural, Christ sought to draw attention from the artificial to the SD 75

co-operates with the supernatural GC 525

See Desires, natural; Heart, natural

Natural agency, National agencies

Natural agency, National agencies, God’s miraculous power works through DA 367; 2SM 346-7

use, in preventing sickness 6T 224

in treatment of sick 6T 224

See also Nature; Remedy

Natural cause, Natural causes

Natural cause, Natural causes, do not attribute all of God’s workings to 2BC 1011

work of creation cannot be explained from 3SG 94-5

Natural economy

Natural economy See Economy

Natural history

Natural history See History

Natural inclinations

Natural inclinations See Inclination

Natural independence

Natural independence See Independence


Naturalist, many things said about nature by SC 87

Natural law

Natural law See Law

Natural life

Natural life, illustrations from, teaching spiritual truths by SC 67

Natural loveliness

Natural loveliness See Loveliness

Natural means

Natural means, rightly used, bring about supernatural results 2SM 346

Natural outflow

Natural outflow, of love, sympathy, and tenderness to others 5T 606

Natural philosophy

Natural philosophy See Philosophy

Natural powers

Natural powers, natural laws must govern 5T 522

Natural principles

Natural principles, God’s love cannot be explained on 3BC 1141

Natural provisions

Natural provisions, God’s, for man are perverted DA 367

Natural religion

Natural religion See Religion

Natural science

Natural science See Science

Natural things

Natural things, combine, with spiritual in school studies FE 375

Natural world

Natural world, contemplation of His works in, God encourages SD 110

diversity among things of SD 286

evidences of God’s love and goodness seen in MM 103

evil manifest in Ed 101

God’s glory proclaimed by 1SM 291

God’s work in, created by His word 1BC 1081

great laws govern 9T 221

has no power except that which God supplies 6BC 1068; 1SM 293

human body is more wonderful than anything in MM 221

illustrations from, Christ drew FE 236

used in Christ’s teaching FE 236

key in, for unlocking treasure house of God’s word CT 187

lessons from, on how to deal with men TM 190

melancholy in, persons who take mournful pleasure in MH 251

men may behold and admire God’s work in CD 17

mysteries in, that men cannot fathom SC 106

objects of: lessons to be learned from 3T 333

obey Creator’s will 3T 333

never deny God 3T 333

never refuse to obey any intimation of God’s will 3T 333

order and harmony of, depend on obedience to natural laws MB 48

perfect knowledge of God is not revealed by 8T 255-6

perfect revelation of God is not given by 1SM 290

regular operation of appointed laws in, God works through TM 190

remedies in, for ills of man 2SM 289

same law obtains in spiritual as in MB 92

science in, men are to study 3BC 1144

silent preachers in 6BC 1067-8

spiritual lessons in, man’s unaided reason cannot explain CT 423

study of His work in, God encourages 3BC 1144

things of, as aid to Bible study Ed 120

treasury from which every student may draw 8T 325

under God’s control 6BC 1067

whole, interpreter of things of God CT 186

wise men gather imperfect knowledge of God from 1SM 295

wonders in, angels open eyes of mind and heart to see ML 291

wonders presented by, beyond men’s comprehension Ed 170