EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Macedonia - Man, Men


Macedonia AA 211-21, 248, 255-6, 291, 295-6, 323, 350, 390; 6BC 1104; 5T 734


call of, many countries sounding RC 248:7

spirit of love and self-sacrifice shown by people of HP 304:2

Macedonian believer, Macedonian believers

Macedonian believer, Macedonian believers AA 343, 255-6; 6BC 1102-4; MB 80; 5T 734; WM 205-6

Macedonian cry

Macedonian cry AA 211; CS 56; MM 321; 5T 86, 732; 9T 46; TM 43

Machine, Machines

Machine, Machines, consent not to be mere, run by another mind MH 498

destitute of soul CSW 152

gospel workers should not be, moved by another man’s mind 3T 496; TM 303-4

labor-saving, ancients did not have 4aSG 155

useless, many people live as 2T 522

young gospel workers should not be mere 6T 415


parts in, people to relate to each other like HP 287:3

regulated, brain and body are to be like 2MCP 407:1


Machinery, external, gospel work not to depend on TM 512

parts of well-regulated, illustration of AH 179; 1SM 113

powerful, invented to wound and kill 8T 50

prayer that rises above noise of 2SM 316

too much, in SS work is objectionable CSW 156

well-regulated, parts of gospel work should move like 1SM 113


Machpelah, cave of, burial place of patriarchs ML 192; PP 169, 234, 237, 511, 697

Mackford, Wis.

Mackford, Wis. 2SG 295a; 1T 245

Mackin case

counsel relating to; fanaticism 3SM 367

Madeira Island

Madeira Island GC 304

Madison College

Madison College LS 416

Madison Co., N.Y.

Madison Co., N.Y. LS 114; 2SG 101

Madman, Madmen

Madman, Madmen, Christ healed, at Capernaum DA 255-7; MH 91-2

intoxicating liquor turns sane man into Te 37, 288-9

King Saul as PP 663

two, Christ healed DA 337-41; MH 95-9


Madness, Cain’s insane, against Abel 1BC 1087

David feigned, before King Achish PP 656-7

minds goaded to, by pursuing one line of thought LS 354

moral, preferring praise of men instead of God’s favor is 2BC 1000

ruined soul’s, career ending in DA 256

See also Insanity

Magan, P. T.

Magan, P. T. LS 416

Magazine, Magazines

Magazine, Magazines, containing love stories, parents’ duty re CT 133

should not be on our tables 2T 410

containing stories, cease to read MYP 286

light of God’s word more to be desired than 8T 193

money that should not be spent for ML 89

story, misleading things in CT 133

Satan works through CT 120-1

should be kept out of home CT 120; MYP 286

which do not attract true gospel worker 2SM 155

See also Paper; Periodical


Bible laid aside for cheap reading in OHC 275:2

trashy, evil influences of OHC 277:4


Magdala DA 405, 408


Magi See Wise men


Magic, books on, burned at Ephesus AA 286-90; MYP 275, 278

Nero believed in SR 315

practice of, in Ephesus AA 286-7; MYP 275, 278

use of, Egyptian magicians were aided by Satan in 5T 696

Magical change

Magical change, transformation of character is not effected by 1SM 336

Magician, Magicians

1. Egyptian

2. Miscellaneous

1. Egyptian

acknowledged working of God’s power PP 266

apparent miracles wrought by PP 264

appeared to produce frogs 3SG 208-9

could not counterfeit all miracles wrought by Moses and Aaron PP 266; 1T 292; 5T 696

could not save themselves from plagues 1T 292

counterfeited some miracles wrought by Moses and Aaron PP 264-6; 3SG 205-6, 243; SR 116

imitated Moses’ work EW 60

opposition of, to work of Moses and Aaron 1BC 1100; PP 263-5; 3SG 205-6; SR 116

Pharaoh consulted, re his dreams PP 219; 3SG 149

plague of boils smote PP 267; 3SG 212-3; SR 117

plague of lice could not be counterfeited by PP 266; 3SG 209, 243; SR 116

rods of: Aaron’s rod swallowed up PP 264; 1T 292

appeared to be serpents before Pharaoh PP 264; 1T 292; 5T 596

did not really turn into serpents PP 264; 3SG 205-6; 5T 696

Satan aided, in use of magic PP 264; SR 395; 5T 696

Satan enabled, to counterfeit God’s work GC 553

Satan used: in attempt to stagger faith of Moses and Aaron 1T 292

to counteract miracles wrought by Moses 1T 292, 716

to harden Pharaoh’s heart 1T 292, 716

Satan was god of 5T 697

Satan’s purpose in working signs through PP 264-5

signs and wonders wrought by PP 263-4

wrought miracles by Satan’s power PP 264; 1T 293; 5T 697

See also Elymas; Simon Magus

2. Miscellaneous

Balaam was DA 59; PP 442, 449

claiming miraculous power, before destruction of Jerusalem DA 631

costly books studied by, at Ephesus AA 286-7

Ephesian, were worshipers of Diana AA 287

ignorance of, revealed in light of divine wisdom CW 102

modern: mesmerism used by EW 59, 87

rappings used by EW 59, 87

will imitate God’s work EW 60

most powerful and favored of, God is mightier than AA 287

of heathen times, have counterpart in spiritualistic mediums of today AA 290

of old: believers in spiritism may scorn PK 210

spoken of with scorn today 5T 193

warning to persons who scorn Ev 608-9

Satan has used, in all ages to destroy faith in God’s miracles 1T 291

Magistrate, Magistrates

Magistrate, Magistrates, duty(s) of: Christ refused to take up 9T 217

neglected in Isaiah’s time PK 306

teaching of Williams (Roger) re GC 293-4

to protect the helpless and poor PK 306

nation’s chief, mother’s work as ennobling as that of AH 231

Protestantism sets power of conscience above GC 204

relationship of, to religious matters of people GC 204, 293-4

respect for, enjoined PP 311

SDA will have to: answer for allegiance to God’s law before FE 202; 6T 128

give reasons for faith before 6T 128

stand for truth before 6T 128

should be strictly temperate Te 48

should never control conscience GC 294

should not prescribe man’s duties to God GC 294

temperate, are blessed by God Te 48

wisdom to speak before, Christ promises COL 252

See also Judge


Magnet, mysterious, points north 3T 45

claims of religion are like 3T 45

obedient men are drawn to Christ as TM 235

See also Loadstone; Moral magnet

Magnetic healer, Magnetic healers

Magnetic healer, Magnetic healers, Satanic healing by CH 454, 459; Ev 606-7, 609; PK 211; 5T 194, 198

women seduced by CH 459; 5T 198

See also Clairvoyant; Electric physician; Hypnosis; Hypnotism; Magnetism; Mesmerism; Mind cure; “Sympathetic remedies”


Magnetism, animal: Satan exploits science of 2SM 352

satanic healing by Ev 606, 609; PK 211; 1T 297; 5T 193

Shakers practiced 2T 272

See also Clairvoyant; Electric physician; Hypnosis; Hypnotism; Magnetic healer; Mesmerism; Mind cure; “Sympathetic remedies”


Magnetism, spiritual LS 79; 2SG 46


Magnifying, of little matters into mountains Te 71

Magnifying glass

Magnifying glass, other people’s faults viewed through CD 423; Te 78-9

Satan’s, makes molehills become mountains SD 298; 5T 95


Mahanaim PP 195, 699, 742

name of, means “two hosts, or camps” PP 195


Maiden, Israelite, taken captive to Syria MH 473; PK 244


Mail, literature should be distributed judiciously through 9T 123

Maine Conference

Maine Conference LS 178

Maine, U.S.A.

Maine, U.S.A. Ev 390; LS 73, 131, 178; 1T 65, 77, 104, 621-2, 680, 643-4, 668, 675; 2T 553, 557, 697, 700, 707, 710-1; 4T 300; 5T 336

about 25 S.D.A. in, in 1846 1T 77

fanaticism in EW 22; 2SG 39-40, 49-52, 116-7; 1SM 203; 2SM 26-7, 46, 328; 1T 644; 2T 553

Maitland, N.S.W.

Maitland, N.S.W. Te 265


Majesty, Christ’s divine, meekness and humility united with MB 14

God’s great and awful SD 19


God of, and might may be our Father and Friend TMK 146:4

united with abasement in Christ RC 35:5


Majority, allegiance given to Satan by GW 26

content to believe as fathers did GC 297-8

God is AA 590; SD 195; Te 291

God’s richest gift rejected by SD 238

great, God’s law made void by 3BC 1153

has no power, in matters of conscience AA 68; GC 201

not on side of right in Noah’s day PP 96

of church is power which should control its individual members 5T 107

on Satan’s side 7BC 950; 5T 31; 6T 143

one principle of truth after another set aside by GC 525

stand in defense of truth and righteousness when forsaken by 5T 136

truth is not popular with GC 144

voice of, should not be regarded as evidence for or against any point of religious faith GC 595

what to do when, choose to be wrong CG 424

when God’s people will be AA 590

you are on side of, when on God’s side Te 258, 291


God is always; He crowns missionary effort with success SW 57

transgression of, no reason why none should confess FW 32:1


Make-up See Artificials; Cosmetics


Malachi PK 705-8

last of OT prophets PK 708


work before first and second advents discussed by FLB 290:2

Malady, Maladies

Malady, Maladies, burden of sin causes large share of 4T 579

deadly spiritual, upon church 5T 202

left by parents as legacy to children 4T 30

of soul, many people suffer from CH 502; 4T 579

sin and unrest and unsatisfied desires lie at foundation of many CH 502

See also Disease; Sickness


1. Figurative (moral, spiritual)

2. Literal

1. Figurative (moral, spiritual)

moral, tens of thousands destroyed by AH 329; FE 320

youth who have breathed Te 192

of skepticism, many people have died from 5BC 1147

of unbelief, diffuses a deathly atmosphere TM 342

sensual, mind befogged by 7BC 909

spiritual: books that infect soul with MYP 276-7

only cure for SD 298

poisonous to principles of righteousness FE 297

2. Literal

of low-lying and ill-drained situations, many deaths result from MH 274

poisonous, atmosphere of cities is full of FE 313; LS 352

quinine in treatment of 2SM 282

Malarial fever

Malarial fever, in Texas 2SM 299

EGW afflicted with LS 256

Malarious atmosphere

Malarious atmosphere, flesh food makes a person more susceptible to changes in CD 386

person living in selfishness surrounds his soul with AH 34


Malice, conversation must be free from 5T 175

death as result of cherishing MB 56

do not let resentment ripen into 7T 261

God abhors 7BC 940

listed under general heading of “jealousy” LS 242; 4T 385

ministers should put away all 2T 516

Satan constantly seeks to introduce, among God’s people AA 305; 5T 242

weight that must be laid aside to win race for immortality AA 312

See also Bitterness; Enmity; Hatred


hearts inspired with UL 122:2

Jesus’ love in the soul never leads to OHC 234:5


Malignity, sinful emotion of, God’s law takes note of SD 61

Malin, Sister

Malin, Sister 2T 16


Malnutrition, diet for, eggs cooked or raw in MM 286; 2SM 303


Malta See Melita


Maltreatment, calling for enforcement of laws of land 2T 384


Mammon, believers who forget God and love and worship 2T 652

devotees of, how men become 3T 479

God and: church members who try to serve both ChS 41

folly of trying to serve both CS 217

insane love for riches shows that man cannot serve both 3T 479

ministers cannot glorify God and at same time serve GW 341

no man can with safety attempt to serve both FE 502

professed Christians who seek to serve both 2T 138

why man cannot serve both MB 93

you cannot serve both CS 217-8; Ev 622; 1T 199, 539

god of Huram the master workman on Solomon’s temple was 2SM 175

god of this world is 2BC 1027; PK 64; 2SM 175

God’s interests have no union or sympathy with those of MB 93

God’s wrath will fall on persons who have served CS 213; 4T 54

golden chain of, binds many people to Satan 5T 83

idol of many people is SC 44; 5T 83

love of, overbalanced Judas Iscariot’s love for Christ DA 716

warning against 1T 142

many of God’s people led to serve 3T 479

of unrighteousness, making friends by COL 366-75

what it means to make friends by COL 373

parents who make most costly offering to 5T 320

person to whom, is god 3T 479

persons who are servants of COL 302

persons whose works testify that they worship CG 417

professed Christians who serve, God’s judgments will fall upon 4T 252

riches are called CS 133; 1T 539; 3T 479

servants of 2T 237-47

professed Christians who are 2T 442-3

servers of 3T 479; 5T 481

described 5T 205

service of: businessmen warned against 5T 280

do not use your talent in CS 125

soul bound in COL 394

slave(s) of: how men become 3T 384

man who was 2T 238; 3T 544

many professing Christians are 8T 119

slavery of, when higher powers of mind submit to 3T 385

unrighteous, why riches are called CS 133

world’s riches are 2SG 268

when King, becomes controlling power over man AH 372

why riches are called CS 133

worship and service of, warning against CS 217-21

worship of: among God’s people 2T 440

manifestation of God’s wrath against AA 73

many following after Baal in PK 170

worshiper(s) of: man who was 2T 237

professed Christians who are CS 214, 223

transformation of covetous 3T 387

world cursed by self-indulgent vices of CS 139


Mamre, Amorite ruler PP 134-5


Mamre, Hebron’s former name PP 697

oaks of, Abraham under DA 290-1; PP 133, 135; 6T 341

See also Hebron

Man, Men

1. Classes of

2. Creation of

3. Nature of

4. Physical nature of

5. Miscellaneous


1. Classes of

aged faithful, should have honored place in church councils AA 573-4

should recount their experiences in God’s work AA 573-4

all-round, education that makes FE 467

God’s cause calls for GW 94

among higher classes, gospel work must be done for COL 230-1; 6T 80-1

antediluvian, fossil remains of Ed 129; PP 112; 3SG 92-3

intellectual advantages of PP 83

blinded by self-confidence are not safe leaders TM 501

childish and self-indulgent 5T 597

chosen, Christ speaks to people through 4T 393

connected with God’s work cannot remain on neutral ground TM 403

discerning between good and evil, world has never been without GW 263

divided and undecided and unsettled, God cannot use TM 403

educated, who have much self-esteem FE 467

eminent, not needed so much as good, true, and humble LS 274

endowed with giant minds, rallied under Satan’s banner 4T 520

entrusted with money and possessions, must not lift themselves up TM 286

erring great and good, how God works with 2BC 1022

eventually to be equal with angels SR 19

experienced, chosen by God to bear responsibilities in His cause 9T 264

respect judgment of TM 501-2

faithful and truehearted, all through ages there have been PP 84

fallen, is Satan’s lawful captive MYP 51; 1T 341

far-seeing, are needed 5T 555

given capabilities for great things, God longs to work through TM 283

God selects for His work, whom He can best use PP 553

God’s great, study lives of MH 366

good, world does not need great minds so much as GW 204; 4T 522

world needs GW 204

good and perfect, labor rather to become ML 310

great in God’s sight, description of CH 285

things that make 4T 543

great majority of best and noblest, were reared in country MH 366

having: courage to say No, Satan has no power over Te 103

hearts as true as steel, God calls for CH 290; FE 501

little school education, God can and will use 9T 259

powers of organization are needed in God’s work 6T 80

scientific insight, should be among first to hear gospel call CS 139

sense of justice in smallest matters, need of 3T 25

hearty, must have plenty of vegetables, fruits, and grains CD 322, 407

highest type of, true Christian is Ev 641

highly nervous and excitable, diet of 4T 365

honest, is one who manifests unbending integrity 4T 310

ideal, remember that we do not deal with TM 495

in harmony with God depends continually on Him for strength 4T 520

in high places: need our prayers CS 148

SDA should become acquainted with TM 197

solicitation of donations from TM 197-200

in positions of trust, should be among first to hear gospel call CS 139

just and faithful and exact, God’s cause needs 3T 25

kind of, that God’s cause needs MH 497-8

large class of, are living curse to world 3T 564

leading SDA: abuse of authority by TM 260

not authorized to be dictators TM 347, 477, 493

warned against lording it over God’s heritage TM 361

warned against taking extreme positions TM 201

who thinks he is in position of supreme authority TM 491

See also Leading Seventh-day Adventist

leavened with truth, world cannot understand COL 101

like Caleb, needed in ministry, pulpit, and press TM 407

like Paul, church needs army of AA 507

line of holy, during ages before Flood PP 84

live, God’s cause calls for 9T 140

living and working, God’s cause needs 4T 513

living or dead, do not extol any CW 19

maintaining faithfully their Christian integrity are needed now PP 574

making iron rule for others dishonors God and imperils his own soul 7T 181

managing institutions, should not feel they are indispensable 4T 540

marked, unmarried man who is 2T 312

married and unmarried, warning against women inviting flirtations of MM 145

warning to 5T 595-6

who should say, “Hands off!” Ev 680

mightiest, is not infinite 7BC 913

modern, counsel that is greatly needed by GW 125

most sensible of their own insufficiency, God can work most effectually through PP 533

occupying high positions in God’s work, often fail to take time to pray TM 283

should be humble and sincere TM 279

occupying responsible position in God’s work: are not infallible in judgment TM 253, 347

essential qualifications of TM 282-3

evidence of true value and worth in TM 285

must never seek to exalt themselves TM 279, 282

should educate and discipline themselves 4T 549

should improve continually 4T 93

Spirit gives efficiency to, for their work TM 375

Watcher stands beside TM 279

occupying responsible positions in world will be converted 6T 82-3

of all classes and all trades, God’s cause needs LS 274

of all ranks and capacities, should co-operate harmoniously in God’s work 6T 17

of authority in world, need plain “Thus saith the Lord” now 6T 79-80

of different minds, associated together by God to counsel and help one another TM 499-500

of experience, urged to do their duty 4T 211

of genius, should be among first to hear gospel call CS 139

of God, you may be in every sense 4T 568

of greatest talents, God does not always choose for His work PP 553

of high attainments are most ready to admit weakness of their understanding 4T 361

of influence in world, need plain “Thus saith the Lord” now 6T 79-80

when converted will give time, means, talent, and influence to God’s work 6T 82-3

of intellectual and moral power, SDA institutions need 4T 549

of lofty integrity, God’s work calls for 3T 25

of might and power whom God will use 3T 494

of opportunity, precious promises for faithful 6T 82-3

used by God in time of need 6T 466

of opportunity prepared by God to: carry forward His work TM 405

do His bidding TM 411

of principle and faith and daring, work of reform today must be carried forward by GC 460

world is indebted to, for its great reforms GC 460

of sin See Man of sin

of solid worth are most ready to admit weakness of their understanding 4T 361

of stability and solid worth, why SDA have so few CG 507

of stamina, need of MH 497

of vile habits, women should never marry 2SM 422

one-idea, warning against Ev 216

only half developed, God’s work has no use for 3T 494

placed in positions of sacred trust, sometimes regard themselves as great men TM 284

possessing large inventive faculties, should be among first to hear gospel call CS 139

proud and boastful, can be brought to nothingness in instant by God ML 332

real greatness of, measure of PP 568

relying on Him as leader and source of strength, God can work most effectually through PP 553

responsible SDA: had to learn by long discipline how to use their judgment TM 304

not all Christian gentlemen TM 260

some unwise plans made by TM 304

right, needed in right place LS 248

sanctified and self-sacrificing, God’s work needs AA 507

self-made, God’s cause needs 7T 280

sinful, why God has not blotted out 9T 44

spiritually sharp and clear-sighted, God has need of 6T 150

strong, obstacles make 3T 495

strongest, who is 4T 656

thinking and acting contrary to God’s will does himself greatest injury and injustice PP 600

trained for position of usefulness and influence, God’s cause needs FE 202

true, God calls for SD 194

is one willing to sacrifice his own interest for good of others 4T 519

true Christian, no vestige of pride or self-importance in TM 357

truest and most noble and most honorable, cherishes Christ’s love most in soul 5T 235

truly great, are invariably modest 4T 338

unbroken line of faithful, have preserved revealings of God’s will from age to age PP 125

unlearned and humble, successful as preachers 4T 378

unmarried, never pet and flatter Ev 494-5

vacillating in principle should not be placed in responsible positions LS 248

we cannot conceive what converted, may become or do 4T 93

weak in moral power should not be placed in responsible positions LS 248

who says and does not, God will not tolerate Ev 132; MM 127

who will not be bought or sold, greatest want of world is Ed 57

willing to do and dare, needed in ministry, pulpit, and press TM 407

willing to venture anything and everything to save souls, God needs WM 266

without God’s grace, love to do evil 1T 362

young See Young man; Youth

2. Creation of Ed 15; MH 415; PP 44-5; 3SG 33-4; SR 20-1; 8T 264

agency of personal God was manifest in MH 415; 8T 264

all heaven took deep and joyful interest in SD 7

authentic account of, Bible contains 5T 25

Christ created MH 415; 8T 264

created as new and distinct order of beings SD 7

created to be temple of God DA 161

crowning work of creation of earth was MH 415; 8T 264

God’s purpose (plan) in: how to fulfill SC 79-80

must be considered in work of education Ed 14

Satan’s effort to frustrate (thwart) GC 484; SC 17

will be accomplished PP 342

history of, revealed to Adam by Creator PP 83

not by process of evolution Ed 130; PP 44-5

object of PP 601

Bible shows how to attain CT 53

Bible tells CT 53

many people misunderstand 4T 354

means by which, may be attained CT 53

See also Adam; Eve

3. Nature of

all weaknesses of, Christ is acquainted with CG 467

became evil when he transgressed God’s law GC 505

becomes pure and true when connected with Christ MYP 35

bent in, to evil Ed 29

Bible teaching re, accept GC 559

carnal, Satan seeks to arouse unholy desires of PP 717-8

Christ died that, might be restored, rebeautified, and reconstructed 5T 537

Christlike, is not selfish, unsympathetic, and cold CT 266

clamors of, human strength cannot deny DA 122

condition of, when created PP 44-5, 48-9; SC 17

degraded by sin PP 64; 5T 738

depraved by sin FE 199; PP 53, 61

God understands the tendencies of PP 688

destructive tendencies of, Satan strengthens 6T 238

disposition in, to envy, jealousy, and cruel distrust 3T 343

fallen: Christ’s grace alone gives enabling power to resist and subdue tendencies of MH 428

inherited by son from father PP 80

must be purified, ennobled, consecrated by obedience to truth 5T 235

strives for mastery AH 205

fallen because of sin SC 62

fatal deception re SC 18-9

great and important truth re, that needs to be understood 1T 300

internal foes and corruption of, war with 2T 74

is: fallen MH 428

human nature still 1SM 72

most perverse of all creatures 4T 93

threefold FE 57

worth working upon CT 236

man’s substitute and surety must have 1SM 257

may be changed and brought into harmony with God’s nature MB 98

must be: considered in educational work Ed 14

transformed 4T 258

natural and earthly, God’s word destroys DA 391

new, Spirit implants COL 411

originally in harmony with God’s will PP 45

perverse, we do not understand our TM 503

same in northern Europe as in America Ev 420

Satan’s efforts to deprave GC 506

Scripture teaching re, needs to be understood SR 398

sinful, cannot keep God’s law PP 373

so depraved that he has no power or disposition to resist sin PP 53

so identified with power of evil that he cannot overcome except by union with Christ 5T 230

so weakened by sin that he cannot resist power of evil CT 33

spiritual, meditation that gives tone and strength to SC 88

subject of, needs to be understood 1T 300

tendency of, to run from one extreme to another 5T 305

weakened by transgression SC 17

whole, is transformed when Christ abides in heart SC 73

must experience entire transformation SC 43

will is governing power in 5T 513

4. Physical nature of

aid, in her work of healing MH 231-2

assist, in effort to expel impurities from human system MH 127

in effort to re-establish right conditions in system MH 127

at war with the spiritual 4T 215

bears abuse as long as she can CH 112

without apparent resistance MH 235

without resisting 2T 69

crimes against, terrible penalties affixed for PP 461

does not suffer abuse long without protesting CH 563

drug medication hinders, in healing disease MM 223

efforts of: to heal broken bone MM 11

to heal cut in flesh MM 11

to rid herself of encumbrances and ill treatment suffered 2T 69

efforts that help, to free human system of impurities 4aSG 133-4

God’s healing power works in MH 112-3

gratification of perverted appetite and passion cripples, in her work SL 26

healing work of, man can hinder MM 11

how, rallies to help overcome depraved appetite 1T 549

moral and, close sympathy exists between CD 165; SL 25

physicians try to assist, in work of healing MH 111

professed Christians cripple, in her work CH 66

tendencies of, should be under dominion of higher power MH 130; PK 489

work ruin and death PK 489

time needed by, to recuperate exhausted energies CD 422; MH 327

wants of, parents should understand CH 39

See also Body

5. Miscellaneous

abuse of God-given talents by 4T 519-20

alienated from God by nature SC 43

alienated himself from God by sin SC 20; 5T 173

all, stand on equality in heaven CS 133

all works of, are under God’s jurisdiction TM 253, 347, 493

alone of all creatures God has made on earth is rebellious SL 76

as God applies term, is son of God MYP 47; SD 324

as sinner is in different position from that of Satan DA 761

as unsightly representation of his Maker 6T 369

be, according to God’s estimate of men TM 455

beautiful world created for 2T 258

became Christ’s property by His sacrifice CH 83

became Satan’s captive by transgression PP 331; SC 17

became Satan’s subjects by transgression 4T 563

befogged, suppose that other men are in error TM 294

began to show signs of decay in third generation from Adam 4T 29

belong to one great family CS 24

by creation PK 369

by redemption PK 369-70

best possible use of, in God’s work plan to make 9T 76

boy is type of 2T 312

brain of one, gospel workers should not have to rely on TM 299

brotherhood of, Jew and Gentile are linked by Christianity in MH 25

call no, brilliant who has not wisdom to choose Christ CW 175

came from Creator’s hand with symmetrical character 4T 340

came under Satan’s power by sin PP 67

can accomplish nothing good without God FE 167

can become as Pharisees TM 294

can sometimes be read, nearly as plainly as books 1T 689

cannot effect radical change in himself by his own efforts 4T 294

cannot explain themselves MM 92

cannot save himself 1SM 331

cannot understand God’s purposes 5T 701

capable of appreciating: God’s wisdom and benevolence PP 48

justice of God’s requirements PP 48

capable of constant advancement 4T 93

choice of, for positions of responsibility in God’s work 9T 264

Christ assigns to, work of extending knowledge of His grace 9T 255

Christ enables, to obey every divine requirement 7BC 926

Christ endowed, with intelligence and power 8T 264

Christ gave His life to free, from sin and to reinstate him in favor of Creator 5T 173

Christ is without sorrow for having created MB pref. vii-viii; 7T 269

Christ works through, to uplift and save others FE 344

Christ’s unwearied ministry to CT 495

church needs, for the times CM 19

clothing worn by, on Sabbath 2SM 474-5

condemned to life of perpetual toil and anxiety because of sin SR 40

condition of, through sin has become preternatural 8T 291

through sin is unnatural MH 428

confidence in, many people have lost MH 145

contends with foes stronger than himself PP 717

counsel and reproof given by God to, for their good TM 413

created as free moral agent PP 48

created for: companionship of angels COL 201

fellowship with God Ed 124

God’s own glory 1BC 1082

happiness COL 290

high and noble purposes such as engage attention of angels 4T 438

higher and holier state of enjoyment than present world can afford 4T 438

created to: be social being PP 46

bless humanity and glorify God 4T 354

express God’s thought and reveal His glory MH 415; 8T 264

honor God and bless fellow men CT 21

inhabit earth ML 305; SR 19

crowning work of God’s creative power SC 44

cut off from direct approach to God after Adam’s fall PP 67

danger of looking to, for help and counsel more than to God GW 414-5

degeneration of, as result of sin 5BC 1081

transmitted as legacy from father to son PP 306

degradation of, as result of sin COL 201

depending on, great danger of SDA is that of TM 106-7

deterioration of, in moral and intellectual power as result of sin PP 68

in physical stature and endurance as result of sin PP 68

dignity of, philosophical theories that destroy 7BC 906

direct communication between God and, cut off since Adam sinned PP 366

diversity among SD 286

do not exalt, as great and wonderful MM 168

do not regard any, as criterion GC 595-7; TM 109-10

do not rely on any, to think for you TM 109-10

does not know himself 4T 416

dominion given to, over all earth PP 44, 50, 67

endowed with: capacities for improvement when created 4T 340

high intellectual powers when created PP 49

intelligence and power when created MH 415; 8T 264

power not wholly unlike God’s Ed 214-5

20 times as much vital force when created as men now have 3T 138-9

enjoyed open communion with God in beginning PP 50, 67; SC 17

entire, whole heart and mind and strength comprise 4T 119

erroneous idea that one, can control God’s work TM 304

estimated by God at his true value ML 98

every: Christ discerned infinite possibilities in Ed 80

Christ identifies Himself with DA 638

Christ saw in, son of God Ed 79

consideration received by, from God of justice PK 198

given opportunity to correct his errors before they become fixed in character PP 268

God can use, in proportion as He can put His Spirit in him MH 37

God claims, as His by creation and purchase MB 56-7

God designs that, shall use his mind and conscience for himself 5T 725

God has given something to, to do 3T 77

God has given to, his appointed work TM 375

God sees in, value that exceeds finite computation MH 162

God’s double claim on MB 56-7

God’s eye is upon MM 121

has his place in God’s eternal plan MH 476

has part to act in deciding his own destiny FE 297

is responsible to God TM 422

ministers to life of tree, shrub, and leaf DA 20

must act as God moves upon him 5T 725

must not act as moved by another’s mind 5T 725

must stand or fall for himself at last 5T 247-8

must work out his own salvation with fear and trembling FE 297

responsible to God for his own work 7T 180

surrounded with atmosphere peculiar to him FE 297

teach, his dependence on God TM 374

excellence of, possession of Christ’s virtues determines CW 175

faculties of, are not self-created 8T 63

fall of Ed 23-7; EW 147-9; PP 52-62; 3SG 39-47; SR 27-41

degradation resulting from 4T 268

fearful evidence of 2SM 165

lifetime is required to recover from 2T 448

occurred 6,000 years ago Te 16

results of 2T 448-9

strongest evidence of MH 452; 8T 313

fallen, given another trial through Christ 4T 354

fellow, must not be your shadow TM 303

few, are fitted for great want of the times FE 120

God’s work is not to be managed by TM 320

forced obedience from, God takes no pleasure in PP 34

forced submission of, by God would make him mere automaton SC 43-4

formed by God for companionship MM 48-9

free to choose service of God 1BC 1107

freedom of will granted to, to render voluntary service to God PP 34

genealogy of, according to Scriptures PP 45

gift of one, alone is not sufficient to direct God’s work Ev 104

given part to act in accomplishing salvation of fellow men 4T 472

God can do without, but they cannot do without Him 4T 540

God does not apportion to one, special territory in which he alone is to labor GW 481

God does not confine Himself to one, or set of men TM 208-9

God has not authorized us to exalt CW 117

God is not dependent on 4T 472

for advancement of His cause CS 20

God is not straitened for 5T 224

God speaks to, through His servants PP 268

God spoke no longer directly with, after Adam’s fall FE 237

God takes, as they are to be trained for His service DA 294

God uses, as channels through which to work in saving men 9T 255

God works through, as His instrumentalities 4T 473

God’s estimate upon, how to learn 4T 568

revealed in cross of Calvary ML 292

God’s ideal for, is higher than highest human thought can reach Ed 18; 8T 63

God’s image in, nearly obliterated by sin PP 595

God’s means of exalting 4T 472

God’s purpose in testing, by tree of knowledge of good and evil 1BC 1082; PP 48-9, 53

God’s standard of, is elevated to highest meaning of term 4T 520

has in himself no power to: oppose effectual resistance to evil 5T 294

resist power of evil SC 17

resist Satan successfully MYP 51

save himself PP 431

has not evolved from: germs, mollusks, and quadrupeds Ed 130; PP 45

lower forms of animal or vegetable life PP 45

has power to choose between right and wrong CSW 22

has scarcely begun to live when he begins to die COL 342; CT 21

has to learn himself before God can do great things for him CW 82

hear evil of no 2T 54

heart of, is cold and dark and unloving by nature MB 21

natural selfishness and corruption in 4T 496

highhanded power that makes gods of TM 361

hold of evil upon, only divine power can break MH 428; 8T 291

homage not willingly and intelligently given by, God cannot accept SC 43-4

in his mortal state, cannot endure sight of God’s glory 5T 467

in his own strength is strengthless PK 175

in his present state, can be heir to God’s kingdom GC 323

cannot enter God’s kingdom GC 323

in his sinful state, would find no joy in heaven SC 17-8

in his sinless state, communed with God SC 17

individually accountable to God 5T 725

infinite value placed by Christ upon CS 136

inhumanity of man to, greatest sin is MH 163

innocent and holy when created PP 48

instrumentality of, Christ superintends His work through 4T 393

intellect alone does not make 4T 519

intellect must be cultivated in order to make 4T 519

intellectual perfection but little lower than that of angels may be reached by 4T 93

intellectual power of, originally but little less than that of angels PP 50

is (are): amenable to moral law PP 52; 1SM 216

built up (composed) from what he eats CD 269, 322, 387, 389-90, 407

but dust and ashes 5T 194

changed in accordance with what they contemplate FE 126

corruptible GC 323

erring 1T 120

fickle and full of self-esteem 8T 106

finite CT 423

frail, ignorant, and liable to misconception MH 483

free and responsible agents of God FE 297

God’s property MM 229; 2SM 284

mortal GC 323; 1SM 298; 4T 336

responsible to God TM 348

Satan’s captive 5T 294

self-sufficient and easily puffed up in vain conceit 5T 670

simply good or bad in God’s sight CS 162

under condemnation of God’s broken law COL 244

weak in moral power and supremely selfish 5T 670

is Christ’s property GW 498; 7T 260

bought with price of blood CH 83

is free moral agent PP 49; 1SM 216-7

to accept or refuse to do evil 2T 294

it is Satan’s act to tempt, but his act to yield 4T 623

it remains for, to choose to be set free from bondage of sin SC 44

jewel of mind elevates, above beasts 8T 127

judges from appearance COL 72

judgment of one, gospel workers should not have to rely on TM 299

is not perfect on all subjects GW 481

kisses of, that are polluted by tobacco Te 60

knows not his own value ML 176

lean not on, but trust God LS 323

life of, Christ studied DA 70

constantly depends on God DA 207

life span of, decreasing since Noah’s time CD 117

littleness of, lesson re 4T 289

longs to rule over fellow men CS 24

lost his connection with God by sin COL 165

lost kingship will be restored to, in world to come Ed 304

love, for Christ’s sake TM 157

lower order of beings recognize sway of, in world to come Ed 304

may be enlightened by science 4T 93

may be little less than angels in performing duties on earth 4T 415-6

means and, make best use of 9T 76

measure of, cultivated mind is 4T 561

measured by consecration and faithfulness to God’s will 9T 274

mind He has put in, God works by His Spirit through 5T 725

mind of another, no one should be mere machine run by MH 498-9

mind of one, is not to: control another 4T 609

rule mind of another in God’s work TM 361

minds of, give God chance to use TM 303

misfortunes of, why God has permitted TM 287

mistake of, as confidant of woman’s family troubles 2T 306

most helpless of creatures when born 4T 93

must be: co-worker with Christ in overcoming sin 4T 33

victor over evil on his own account 4T 32-3

victor over himself 5T 384

must not exalt himself as God MH 415; 8T 264

must work with human power aided by divine power to resist temptation 4T 32-3

name of, only person who is entitled to 4T 520

naturally inclined to: be sordid and avaricious 5T 382

follow Satan’s suggestions MYP 51; 1T 341; 5T 294

need not cease to grow intellectually and spiritually during lifetime 4T 547

need of, who will keep fort 4T 194

needs to improve constantly AH 301

never praise, flatter, and pet Ev 494-5

new, in Christ AA 245

nicest and most difficult work ever committed to Ed 292

no: appointed to be conscience for fellow man TM 477

can form character for another FE 297

has been appointed work of being ruler over fellow men TM 495

has been made master to rule mind and conscience of fellow being TM 495

is proper judge of another man’s duty TM 348

should exalt his own judgment TM 501

no, is absolutely independent of fellow men TM 496

no one: has sufficient wisdom to manage gospel interest without helpers GW 481

is authorized to order brethren arbitrarily to do as he thinks advisable TM 491

is qualified to bear burden of God’s work alone TM 499-500

is to be center and pattern for others Ev 105

is to be controlling power in God’s work 7T 259

is to be voice for whole cause of God 7T 259

should be mind and judgment for fellow men TM 303, 491

should be sole head of SDA institution 6T 241

should claim to have all light there is for God’s people TM 107

no other creature made by God has called forth such exhibitions of His love as 4T 562

no power in, to read hearts of fellow men TM 375

noblest being on earth, transforms himself into beast 2T 347

noblest specimen of God’s work 8T 63

not a complete whole in himself 9T 196

not all, are constituted alike Ev 287

not created to: be idle CT 273; Ed 21

please himself FE 153

not descended from apes Ed 130

not made to dwell in solitude AH 25; PP 46

not naturally inclined to be benevolent 5T 382

not qualified to judge amount of labor woman should perform CH 314

not saved in: groups GC 490

masses but as individuals MB 36

not wise to choose one, as president of Gen. Conf. TM 342-3

one: authority of Gen. Conf. is not vested in 9T 260-1

folly of trusting great mission in hands of TM 304

should not become shadow of another 5T 725

origin of, erroneous theories re 7BC 906; PP 45, 112

originally made upright, perfectly holy and happy 4T 293

pantheism makes, his own savior MH 428; 8T 291

passionate, should have no part in dealing with human minds TM 261

person who trusts in, leans on broken reed TM 376

personal responsibility of, is understood by few 1SM 216-7

physical condition of, when created PP 45

physical life of, is not eternal or immortal 5BC 1130; 1SM 296

physical organism of, is under God’s supervision 1SM 294

not like wound-up clock 1SM 294

physical strength of, has decreased with his years PP 83

placed above lower orders of being on earth MH 415; PP 45, 50; 8T 264

placed in world of sorrow, care, and perplexity to be tested and proved 5T 311

placed on test and trial TM 282

placed under law as indispensable condition of his existence PP 49

possesses reasoning powers to understand claims of God’s law SL 76

power of endurance with which, was originally endowed CH 19

power of evil in, how Jacob broke Ed 147

power outside of and beyond himself needed by, to restore him to God’s likeness DA 296

power that restores, must be supernatural MH 428; 8T 291

powers and abilities that elevate, above lower creation CS 17

powers of, perverted by disobedience CT 33

progress in mental and moral dignity may be made by 4T 93

purity of character but little lower than that of angels may be reached by 4T 93

reach, where they are MH 511

redemption of, God will be glorified in MB pref. vii-viii

remember that, are fallible and erring PK 202

responsible for receiving or rejecting truth 3T 428

results of placing, where God ought to be TM 376

rises no higher than his conceptions of truth, purity, and holiness PP 91

Sabbath is essential to PP 48

Satan cannot force, to do evil 2T 294

to transgress 4T 623

Satan’s methods tend to make slaves of TM 361

secret parts of, should not be revealed to women physicians or nurses CH 364

selfishness took place of love in, as result of sin CT 33; SC 17

shadow of another, do not be MH 498-9; TM 303

shortsighted in judgment, not appointed by God to criticize and condemn others TM 294

should learn how to cook CH 155; CT 313; MH 323

should not become another man’s property 1BC 1107

sin’s effects upon MH 451

size and stature of, decreased rapidly after Flood 3SG 84; 4aSG 121

great before Flood Ed 129; PP 90, 112; 3SG 60-1, 84, 92-3, 95

more than twice as tall originally as men now living 3SG 34, 84; SR 21

so weakened by transgression that he could not resist power of evil SC 17

sold himself to Satan MYP 70

some, better adapted to one branch of gospel work than another 4T 608-9

never grow up to full stature in Christ 5T 597

speak evil of no 2T 54

tendency of, in responsible positions to lord it over God’s heritage TM 477-8

to place nature above God 8T 257

theory of evolution of, Bible does not support Ed 130; PP 45, 112-6; 3SG 91-5

thought of another, gospel workers should not be machines to be moved by TM 303

thousands of, exist only to consume benefits God bestows upon them AA 353

true glory and dignity of DA 466

true greatness in, view that extinguishes all chance of TM 284

true religion brings, into harmony with laws of God, physical, mental, and moral PP 600

turns from God, not God from him MB 93

unaided, cannot resist his inclination to evil Ed 29

undue familiarity by, warning against AH 331-2

united to God by Christ more closely than if we had never fallen DA 25

united with Satan in apostasy FE 199

untainted purity of, when created MH 261

uplifting of, angels work night and days in 4T 521

utter inability of sinful, to obey God’s law in himself PP 371

value of: estimate, by mystery and glory of cross 4T 462

estimated according to heart’s capacity to know God COL 354-5

how heaven estimates COL 354-5

known only by going to Calvary 2T 634-5

revealed by cross of Calvary ML 292

should not be estimated by kind of work they do GW 282

value placed by God upon, is seen in light of cross 4T 563

very dear to God because he was formed in His image CD 45; ML 126

vital force of, not diminished till after first 2,000 years of indulgence of appetite and lustful passion 4T 29

vital force with which, was originally endowed 3T 138-9; 4T 29

wants of, require day of rest from toil and care 1T 532-3

well-being of, bound up with God’s sovereignty 5T 737

when God puts His Spirit on, they will do His work TM 411

why, have worshiped creatures of their own imagination PP 91

why God can do but little for MYP 256

why God created, with power to transgress His law PP 49

why God has chosen, to proclaim His truth CS 20

with unaided reason, cannot explain deep things of God CT 423

without bias to evil when created PP 49

without Christ, cannot overcome Satan MYP 51

without divine aid, can do very little 1SM 100

without freedom of choice would be mere automaton PP 49

you are not only, whom God will use TM 303

See also Adam; Mankind


bodies of, corrupted; wives serve their lusts 1MCP 225:1

Christ was a perfect TMK 111:2

fellow, See Others

fishing for, miracle taught about UL 288:9


affections given to TSB 209:1

interested in Ellen White worker TSB 216:2

interested in other women TSB 194:1

outer, absence of devotion of, by denying Christ as righteousness FW 15:1

Wise, See Wise men

woman’s strong helper HP 202:4


influence of, powerful; avoid divided affections LYL 37:3

missionary spirit needed by SW 17:1

pleasure of God in, may be as it was for Samuel LHU 339:8

sensuality is dangerous temptation for LYL 69:2

See also Humans; Individual; Race