EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Laban - Language, Languages


Laban PP 188-94; 3SG 117-8; SR 89-91

Bethuel’s son PP 173

Jacob and, covenant of peace between PP 193-4; 3SG 126-7; SR 91-2

Jacob fled from PP 192-3; 3SG 120-1; SR 90-1

Jacob pursued by, to Gilead PP 193; 3SG 121; SR 91

Jacob treated with craft and harshness by PP 193

Jacob’s residence with PP 188-93; 3SG 117-20; SR 89-90

marriage dowry of daughters retained by PP 189, 193; 3SG 121

Rebekah’s brother PP 173

selfish and grasping PP 189; 3SG 118; SR 90-1

sons of, shared his jealousy toward Jacob PP 192

substituted Leah for Rachel in Jacob’s marriage PP 189; 3SG 117-8; SR 89-90

warned in dream not to harm Jacob PP 193; 3SG 121; SR 91

wrong of polygamy understood by 3SG 126


Labor, capital and, strife and discord between Ev 26

See also Work

Laborer, Laborers

Laborer, Laborers, in vineyard, parable of See Parable

See Worker

Laboring class

Laboring class See Working class

Laboring man

Laboring man See Workingman

Labor question (problem)

Labor question (problem), much might be learned re, from OT FE 323; MH 183

Labor strikes

Labor strikes, common in last days 9T 11

turmoil and confusion created in cities by 2SM 143

Labor union, Labor unions

Labor union, Labor unions, agency in bringing time of trouble 2SM 142

are a snare 2SM 142

city life becoming more and more difficult because of MH 364; 2SM 143; 7T 84; 9T 90

controlling power of, will be very oppressive 2SM 141

force used to make men unite with Ev 26

keep out of 2SM 142

men binding themselves together in 2SM 142; 7T 84

men in different trades brought under bondage to 2SM 143; 7T 84

men refusing to join, will be marked men 2SM 142

members of, pledge required of 2SM 143

membership in 2SM 141-4

church members who have 2SM 143

means disregard for Decalogue 2SM 143

operations of SDA institutions will be made difficult by 2SM 142

SDA should not join 2SM 142-4; 7T 84

sign of last days 2SM 143


forbidden to children of God CL 12:1

humans bound together in, under influence of Satan 1MCP 28:3

institutions will be hampered by, in cities CL 10:4

members of, binding up in bundles Mar 182:3

opposers of, will be marked CL 10:3

oppressive power of; leave cities CL 9:5

peril in the cities for those refusing to join Mar 182:3

quickly stirred to violence UL 334:6

sign of,

Christ’s coming LDE 23:3

last days; commandment keeping made impossible CL 11

strikes of, sign of the times HP 342:2

Lace, Laces

Lace, Laces, blue, on high priest’s miter PP 351

on bonnets, too much money spent for 1T 135-6

wearing of 2BC 1012; SD 57; 1T 136; 3T 376


Lacing, tight, bad effects of Ed 199; MH 273, 292; Te 291-2

Lacratelle, Jean Charles de

Lacratelle, Jean Charles de, quoted GC 274-5


Lactation See Baby

Lacunza, Manuel

Lacunza, Manuel GC 363

Lad, Lads

Lad, Lads, many, of today will witness for Christ in legislative assemblies Ed 262

See also Boy; Youth


Ladder, bottom of, many brilliant young men unwilling to begin at FE 193

Christ as mystic, seen in Jacob’s dream AA 153, 512, 533; 1BC 1095; DA 311; Ed 52; FE 86, 270-1, 459; GC 19; ML 156; PP 183-4, 568; SC 20; 1SM 181, 279-80; 2SM 222; 4T 465-6; 5T 539-40; 6T 147

Christ is, to God’s kingdom 8T 130

climb every step of CH 284

climb lower rounds of, before reaching for the higher CT 219

do not grasp higher rounds of, before you have climbed the lower CT 210

educational, youth may climb to highest round of FE 192

ere long you will step off, into God’s kingdom 8T 130

first round of, work of leading people to 7T 271

young gospel workers should begin at GW 73

haste to climb, do not skip some rounds in CT 476

highest round of: God desires us to reach COL 358

God would have youth reach CG 167; MYP 164

persons who wish to reach, without climbing step by step CH 284

seek to reach, in acquisition of knowledge CT 394

lower rounds of, begin at LS 274

students should begin at CT 208

lowest round of: gospel workers should begin at GW 79

work of climbing in education must begin at CT 215

youth beginning at, should not be discouraged FE 213

ministers should climb 4T 417

of advancement: faith is first round in ML 96

knowledge is third round in ML 97

virtue is second round of ML 96

of Christian experience, student should begin to climb at first round of FE 305

of Christian perfection, Peter spoke of 2T 479

of Christian progress: children must be patiently and kindly brought up FE 263

eight rounds in AA 530

given us to climb ML 156

God would have us reach highest round of MM 200

how to climb FE 107

lower rounds of, begin at CT 213

ministers who tread downward on 5T 441-2

must be climbed round after round from lowest round AA 530; MM 177; MYP 46

must be climbed step by step CW 167; ML 95

patiently and kindly help children up CT 195

physicians who tread downward on 5T 441-2

reaching to heaven, Bible leads the soul up FE 131

should be climbed diligently round by round CT 213

steps on, lead to higher education CG 352

students must be prepared to ascend MM 111

take advance steps up, each day MYP 348

whole length of, must be ascended step by step COL 331

why many people fail in attempt to ascend AA 532-3

youth should be pointed to first rounds of SD 73

of intellectual greatness, through Christ men can reach highest round of CT 19

of sanctification, successive steps in MYP 116

Peter’s, eight rounds of AA 530; 6T 147

reaching from earth to heaven, given by God to youth to climb MYP 95

reaching heaven, Bible as aid in climbing CT 448

rounds of, cling to Jesus as to 5T 539-40

teachers too high up on, to reach helping hand to students CT 436

through Christ you may climb SD 118

top of, God is above MYP 95; 8T 130; 1SM 181

keep your eyes fixed on glory at 8T 131

See also Advancement; Improvement; Progress


Christ compared to mystic TMK 82:4


heavenward by faith as God multiplies grace TMK 160:2

necessary before entering gate of pearl TMK 115:3

danger in not climbing, of 2 Peter 1 OHC 74:3

heaven and earth connected by LHU 239:4

heaven’s, let down in everyone’s path OHC 11:4

Jacob’s, See Jacob’s ladder

reaching to heaven, ascend, in doing God’s will RC 204:5

steps on, prepare for more; no thought of rest 3SM 360:3

steps on, taken through faith; progress OHC 67:3

top of, reached and stepping into the kingdom OHC 217:5

upward on,

by lines of faith TMK 328:4

to the throne of God; mystic ladder 2MCP 462:2

whole length of, of 2 Peter 1, to be climbed OHC 73:7


Lady See Woman


Laggards, God wants no 3T 557

no longer be, in working out God’s will 7T 13

Laing, David

Laing, David, quoted GC 250-1


Laity See Church member

Lake, Lakes

Lake, Lakes, Christ loved to gather people on beach beside DA 291

Christ’s lessons associated with 2T 580

in Canaan PP 472

let pupils taste delights found by Ed 247

lily on See Lily

linked with words of truth SC 85

on earth, when created PP 44; 3SG 33; SR 20

See also Sea

placid, testifies of God’s love and care 8T 325

takes to give Ed 103

Lake of fire

Lake of fire, earth as vast, when the wicked are destroyed COL 179; GC 672-3; SR 428-9

Lakeport, Calif.

Lakeport, Calif. Ev 50-1

Lamb, Lambs

Lamb, Lambs, as ensign of Christ’s kingdom 4BC 1171

children as, during infancy 2SM 437

ewe, Nathan’s parable of 2BC 1023; DA 566; PP 721, 727

helpless, picture of Good Shepherd carrying GW 211

in new earth EW 18; ML 354; 2SG 53; 1T 68

lion and, sported together in Eden PP 50; 3SG 35; SR 22

little children should freely play like CT 188; 3T 137

must be guarded constantly with tender care GW 211

of evening sacrifice, Lamb of God typified by DA 756-7; PP 352

of first year, as burnt offering DA 50

of sin offering, Lamb of God typified by DA 652

Paschal, Christ as true DA 642, 652-3; PP 277-8

Passover See Passover lamb

Peter bidden to feed Christ’s DA 811-2; GW 207-12

putting crib low to feed, is most difficult 6T 205

sick, churches tended like DA 825

slain, Lamb of God typified by DA 663, 756; GW 156; PP 68; 1SM 231, 237; TM 77

See also Ewe; Ram; Sheep


followers of, in heaven follow Him here HP 298:3; 3SM 424:2

Marriage supper of, happiness at HP 285:6

robes washed white in the blood of OHC 12:5


Lamech, Cain’s descendant PP 81; 3SG 99; SR 75-6

Lame man

Lame man, at pool of Bethesda, Christ healed MH 81-5

disease of, regarded by Jews as judgment from God MH 82

diseased as result of evil habits MH 81-2

Lamentation, Lamentations

Lamentation, Lamentations, idle, do not exhaust your energies in 6T 21

without restraint, sin of indulging 2SM 268

Lamentations, book of

Lamentations, book of, Jeremiah wrote PK 461-2

Lame person, Lame persons

Lame person, Lame persons, duty to care for 3T 517-8

how Christ considers people who pity 3T 512-3

placed in close relationship to church by God’s providence 3T 511

Lamp, Lamps

Lamp, Lamps, burning, symbol of divine Presence PP 137

ceremony of lighting, during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448, 463

each person has his own, to keep burning Ev 473

flickering, that will go out in darkness 5T 612

fresh air consumed by, in sickroom 2SM 459

God’s word as AA 474; CH 242; ChS 263; COL 406, 408; GC 394, 427; GW 250

in your hands 6T 470

Jerusalem’s, kindled after evening sacrifice DA 463

keep your, burning brightly ML 109; 6T 470

trimmed and burning 9T 48, 133

of earnest endeavor, lighted in youth by faithful teacher CT 104

of life, God’s word as 2SM 126

trimmed by hand that lit it ML 217

of ten virgins ChS 263; COL 405-8, 414-5, 418-20; GC 394, 427

oil in AA 474; COL 405-8, 414-5, 418-20; GC 394, 427; GW 104; 5T 538

one, that gives more light than torch-light procession Ev 473

shining, on stand in house MB 39

small, kept steadily burning MH 355

soul’s, trim 7BC 916; GW 104; 5T 276

temple’s radiant, Christ symbolized by DA 463

that burneth, let truth go forth as MM 334

See also Candle


Christ arranges, so all in His house may be enlightened RC 197:3

holding Word of life as, when we have seen its beauty TMK 172:3

keep, trimmed,

and burning TDG 33:2

and with oil in this time of last call TDG 33:5

truth as, to go forth; its guardians are to be awake TDG 222:2

Lampstand, Lampstands

Lampstand, Lampstands, two large, in temple court DA 448, 463

See also Candlestick

Lamson, Dr. P. M.

Lamson, Dr. P. M., woman physician 3T 175

Lancashire woman

Lancashire woman, comment of, on minister’s success GW 225


Lance, brass, Goliath carried PP 646

Land, Lands

Land, Lands, Australian, worked in superficial way FE 368; TM 243-4

Australian school’s, for farming 6T 181-92; TM 242-4

bought on credit, extravagant prices paid for FE 317-8

co-operate with God in restoring diseased, to health 1BC 1112

cultivated, Christ drew lessons from 2T 580

cultivation of COL 88

brain power and tact needed in TM 243

families should learn more about CD 312

institutions should learn more about CD 312

made more difficult by curse upon earth 4aSG 155

miss. work done by 9T 36

reform needed in FE 323

special blessing brought to workers by CT 311; FE 323

spiritual lessons learned from nature by COL 88

students brought close to nature by FE 423

students should learn FE 423

will bring its return FE 317

curse upon, because of man’s disobedience 4aSG 123

disposal of, for advancement of God’s cause 1T 177

distributed among Israelites, in Joshua’s time PP 511-3

extravagance in, robbing God’s treasury by 5T 10

false witness borne in condemning FE 323

God as rightful owner and original proprietor of PP 534

God can make 20 acres of, as productive as 100 5T 152

God is real owner of PP 534; TM 197; WM 278

God will lead persons possessing, to accept truth 1SM 128

God’s gifts to man CS 65

God’s people will have no use for, in time of trouble EW 56

idols of 2BC 1012; SD 57

do not set up CS 231

God may remove your GC 622

importance of having, for cultivation CD 323; MM 296

improvement of, families should learn more about CD 312

institutions should learn more about CD 312

increasing acquisition of, eagerness to acquire more land accompanies 5T 259

inheritance of, Israelite could not deprive his children of Ed 43

investing God’s means in, evil of 5T 151

investment in CS 238; 5T 151-2, 465; 9T 57-8

temptation to CS 45

is not prize before God’s people ML 340

Israelite family was to have, for cultivation CT 275

Israelite’s: could be redeemed at any time Ed 43

left to lie fallow every seventh year Ed 43

Levitical code did not permit permanent transfer of, by sale or exchange PK 205

observance of sabbatical year benefited PP 532

products of, went to the needy every seventh year PK 647; 4T 467

not sown or reaped in sabbatical year PP 533

Israelite’s agricultural, was to lie fallow every seventh year PK 646-7

large, believers wanting to move away to buy 5T 153

lawful title to, efforts men make to obtain CS 225

love for, warning against cultivating CS 209

man inclined to set affections on CS 112

man permitted to possess God’s, for a time PP 534

man’s, is not his own AH 367

means invested in God’s work are safer than in CS 41

minds engrossed by GC 464

mortgages taken on, poor people oppressed by PK 648

near school property, purchase and sale of CS 240

ownership of, how God taught His people re Ed 43

parents advised to secure, for cultivation CD 400

parents possessing piece of, are kings and queens FE 327

people who add land to COL 371; 2T 196-7; 9T 90

in East and West 1T 114

people who live as if, were chief object of their creation FE 233-4

persons investing largely in, while depriving families of comforts of life 2T 683

possession of, does not make man independent of God 7T 88

provided providentially, for sanitariums and schools 7T 102

for SDA work TM 210

purchase little piece of, where you can have garden 2SM 356

purchase of 1T 114

for sanitariums and schools 7T 102

that is not acceptable to God CS 145

sale of: by early believers to advance gospel AA 70

for advancement of God’s cause CS 215

to provide money for miss. work 5T 733-4

sanitariums need 2SM 291

for agricultural purposes 8T 227-8

sanitariums should be surrounded by extensive tracts of 2SM 301; 7T 78-9

Satan seeks to make possessors of, drunk with cares EW 266; TM 474

school, should be regarded as God’s schoolroom COL 87-8

schools need: for agricultural purposes FE 512; 8T 227-8

for cultivation COL 87-8; CT 187; Ed 212; FE 322

schools should secure, at distance from cities 8T 215

sea and, calamities by See Calamity

SDA families should have: for cultivation 2SM 360

for gardens and orchards 2SM 358

for home AH 373

students should be taught how to clear FE 538

testify to man’s indolence TM 243-4

that should be sacrificed for God’s cause 2SG 249

value of, as compared with value of one soul CS 153; 2T 664

wealthy church members urged to sell, to help advance God’s work 5T 734

worship of, professed Christians marked as idolaters and apostates by CS 223

See also Farm; Soil

Land boom

Land boom, as curse to country FE 317-8

Land, promised

See Canaan

Landed possession

Landed possession, each Israelite family had its MH 280

Landed property

Landed property, Israelites’, reverted to original owner in year of jubilee Ed 43; MH 184; PP 533-4

Landlord, Landlords

Landlord, Landlords, in England, evangelistic work for Ev 416-7

Landmark, Landmarks

Landmark, Landmarks, Bible, some SDA drifting away from CSW 35; Ev 362

fixed by God’s word, result of removing one GC 525

given by God to SDA, never seek to remove one of 8T 162

of SDA faith, some believers drifting away from TM 503

of SDA message, preserve 5T 199

spurious scientific theories that would steal away MM 87

of truth: Satan seeks to remove the old Ev 359-60

stand firmly for 6T 17

SDA have the old 6T 17

old SDA: believer’s only safety is in preserving CH 459; 5T 199

children drifting away from 5T 330

cry about changing, that was imaginary CW 31

defined CW 30-1

erroneous ideas re CW 30

many believers do not know what, are CW 30

many believers have drifted away from 5T 66, 684-5

much talk about standing by, at Minneapolis, Minn. CW 30

no removing of, at Minneapolis, Minn. CW 30

nonimmortality of the wicked is one of CW 30

of truth, experience, and duty 6T 17; 8T 160

persons professing to have new light will seek to unsettle faith in 5T 295

persons who seek to remove CSW 35; Ev 362

Sabbath truth is one of CW 30

sanctuary of heaven is one of CW 30

some persons departing from 5T 97

some persons in responsible positions have departed from 7T 107

theories that tend to remove 2SM 25

turning away from, results of 2SM 393

wandering from 5T 137

we stand by 1SM 162

removing of, when there will be 7BC 985

Satan seeks to remove, by placing false inscriptions on God’s signposts 6BC 1120

turning away from, danger of Ev 364

well-defined, that should govern in emergencies GW 106-7

young gospel workers should set up GW 106-7


drifting from, by vain and vague theories Con 69:0

removal of,

after truth proclaimed to all nations Mar 189:4

false sabbath exalted more in time of 3SM 406:2

youth to set up, for guidance in emergencies 1MCP 365:2

See also Faith (religion), landmarks of

Landscape, Landscapes

Landscape, Landscapes, beautiful, lessons for children from Ed 119

Christ’s lessons associated with 2T 580

of bliss, redeemed will enjoy contemplation of 5T 301

Land speculation

Land speculation, mania for, warning against CS 231

persons who would get rich by, warning re CS 238

Lane, S. H.

Lane, S. H. Ev 418

Language (speech)

1. Talent of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Talent of COL 335-9; CS 115-6; 6T 322

busy mothers should cultivate 6T 381-2

carries with it great responsibility 3BC 1142

Christ will help you to be Christlike in use of AH 443

cultivation of, knowledge will be of little value without CT 217; 6T 380

diligently cultivate COL 335

God is dishonored by abuse of MYP 424

God’s promise to help you use aright your CT 156-7

God’s work is crippled by abuse of MYP 424

guard carefully 3BC 1142

highest work in which man can employ, speaking of Christ is COL 339

how Christ used WM 286

how to use AH 401-5

influence of, on souls MM 213

let all make the most of 6T 382

must be cultivated to obtain power to communicate 6T 383

neglect to cultivate, disqualifies man for ministry 6T 282-3

persons who use, to discourage and dishearten God’s servants 8T 84

precious talent MM 213

ranks with highest gifts 7BC 936

reveal fragrance of Christ’s character in 6BC 1083

right use of, true wisdom shown by ML 111

should accumulate for God’s glory CS 116

use, to build one another up in faith 7T 22

See also Voice

2. Miscellaneous AH 434-44; Ed 234-7

Abigail’s, seasoned with grace PP 667

abusive, harmony of domestic circle often broken by 4T 348

adapted to minds of common people, Christ used GW 169

apostles’, was pure, simple, and accurate after Pentecost AA 40; SR 246

appropriate: education is of little use unless you can clothe ideas in 6T 380

learn to clothe your ideas in CT 217

lost time which should have been used in CW 19

ardent and impulsive, stirring up enthusiasm that God does not approve 2SM 363

bad habits of, make readers and speakers tedious CT 247

be careful in FE 457; LS 298

be gentle in GW 163

be kind in GW 163; ML 84; 7T 47

be pure in AH 435

be separate from world in FE 311

be simple in MB 69

be straightforward and true in MB 69; PK 252

beautiful, Satan presents lofty sentiments in FE 471

bitter and impatient, results of MYP 327

boldest figures of, fall short of truth in 2 Cor. 4:17 6BC 1100

burning, apostles clothed their ideas with AA 46

chaste and dignified, preach in GW 166

truth should be clothed in Ev 640

cheap, minister should not use GW 145

chief requisite of, is that it be pure, kind, and true Ed 235

choice and exact, Daniel and companions used ML 147; MYP 241; PK 485

Christ revealed in His people’s, has power to win souls COL 338

Christ used, that child could understand CH 498; GW 115

that common people could understand 8T 201

Christ’s: charmed His hearers FE 242

Pharisees criticized simplicity of FE 242

plain to children as well as the aged FE 242

was pure, refined, and clear as running stream DA 253

clear, need of 6T 380

clear and correct, accustom yourself to use COL 336

clear and distinct, important in public speaking 4T 405

clear and easy to understand, state your ideas in 7T 275

teach backward students in 7T 275

coarse and unrefined in, ministers should not be GW 93

coarse in, Christian cannot be 2SM 20

true Christian cannot be 6BC 1111

coarseness of, put away SD 315

common and cheap expressions in, sound and pure words should replace CT 238

common expressions in, do not condescend to 1T 216

correct: accustom yourself to use COL 336

gospel workers should try to use CT 238

minister should use GW 145

study earnestly to use FE 256

correct habits in, children should be encouraged to form FE 267

correct in, God would have every man be MM 200

correct use of, education is worth little without CT 217

students should be taught, in reading, writing, and speaking CT 207, 216

corrupt, bar way against COL 337

cultivate, so as to speak distinctly CSW 97

cultivation of, suggestions re CT 238-40

defects of: do not be embarrassed by CT 247

may be overcome by careful, painstaking attention CT 238

must be remedied before men are admitted to ministry 6T 381

should be submitted to criticism and correction CT 239

defective: minister’s influence destroyed by 6T 381

truth must not be marred by CM 71; 6T 380, 382

your usefulness and influence is affected by cherishing CT 238

distinct and intelligible articulation needed in FE 215

distinct enunciation needed in 6T 383

distinguishing features of, Ps. 5:5-12 presents 3BC 1142

do not make remarks in, as rude as possible 1T 216

easy to understand: Christ taught in 8T 308

school should give instruction in CT 261

speak of Christ’s love in Ev 199

education in, Scriptures are best book for ML 339

elevated, Bible clothes truth in FE 130

eloquent in its simplicity should be used in pointing way of salvation 5T 409

emphasis and expression in, speak with 6T 383

evangelist’s, should be clear and distinct Ev 204

exaggerated, reproof should not be given in Ed 294

exaggeration in See Exaggeration

extravagant, do not use TM 219, 227-8

faults of, you may correct your FE 215

figurative, Christ clothed cutting truth in COL 22

flippant, false witness often borne in 1BC 1106

forcible and simple, Christ taught in GW 49-50

full and round tones needed in 6T 380

gentleness of, cultivate Te 252

gift of: greatly abused and widely perverted CT 245

God’s purpose in giving man CT 243

is precious CT 245

little appreciated CT 241

need of cultivating CT 245

no other gift from God is more precious than 6T 337

no gift should be more appreciated than CS 115

precious in world of sin and ignorance CT 245

right use of CT 238-47

should be sanctified by Spirit TM 316

God-given faculties of, use of CW 100

God has given man a tongue to glorify Him in 5BC 1093

God speaks to man in His own PP 106; 3SG 75

that man may better understand Him SR 71

gospel workers can correct one another in Ev 74

gospel worker’s, should be clear and expressive Ev 665

grace and beauty of, some authors disguise wicked principles by using Ed 227

grand superhuman, Scriptures not given to man in 1SM 20

greater simplicity in, words are better understood by 6T 383

habits of, train children in AH 435

habits of hasty, overcome AH 438

harshness in, let there be no GW 163

harshness of, never brings blessing GW 163-4

strive silently and prayerfully against AH 443

hasty, only increases unhappiness AH 349

why many professed Christians use COL 99

hasty and angry, Christ was tried on points of 7BC 936

hasty and impatient: common error of lightly passing over Ed 236

God does not lightly regard Ed 236

is common error in use of language MYP 134-5

is without excuse MYP 135

warning against Ed 236; ML 81

hasty words should not be used in 7T 22

heaven’s, gospel workers who have not learned GW 144

persons who do not know COL 413

high-flown, not appropriate in prayer GW 177

truth should not be presented in CM 72

higher and purer, how to acquire power to express love for Christ in SD 72

higher standard in, when church members will reach 8T 211

human: revealed truth has been embodied in 1SM 25

reward of the redeemed cannot be described by AH 542; GC 675

Scriptures must be given in 1SM 20

Scripture presents divine truth in GC 5-6

husband should be guarded in CG 24

impatient, loss of self-control is shown by MYP 327

imperfect, God speaks to men in 1SM 22

in person who can improve dishonors God 6T 382

improvement in, gospel workers need CT 217

impurity of, shun DA 302

in home AH 438

in SDA schools, should reveal simplicity of true godliness CT 56

incorrect, must be overcome MM 200

used by some people who in theory know better than to do so CT 238-9

incorrect pronunciation in, be careful not to give words CT 238

intelligent articulation needed in CSW 97

kind, as dew and gentle showers to soul GW 122

lack of distinctness in, marks it as defective CT 239

law of, exact truth should be MB 67

for teachers should be love, tenderness, patience, and self-control Ed 293

law of love should rule your AH 440

learned in, never search for words to give impression that you are 6T 383

let every sentence in, be clear and distinct to last word 6T 383

let every word in, be full and well rounded 6T 383

let not your, savor of sickly sentimentalism AH 434

let Spirit mold and fashion your CT 254

let your, be alway with grace GW 122

be seasoned with grace 4T 521

lightness of, unbecoming to minister 1T 380

loose and careless, warning against SD 285

lowering of tone of voice at end of sentence in, destroys force of thought 6T 383

man of smart, who is tinkling cymbal 6BC 1091

men preparing for ministry should seek to be perfect in 6T 383

manner of, persons who have neglected Ev 666

minister’s, should be solemn and well chosen in every respect 1T 649

ministers should eradicate from, every cheap and common expression Ev 211

modest and elevated, use 4T 348

mother should be careful of her AH 267

must be under Spirit’s control CW 19

need of changing, after conversion AH 22

no, adequate to describe heaven EW 289

adequate to describe reward of the righteous SR 431

no gift more noble or greater blessing than TM 316

no talent capable of being greater blessing than COL 335

obedience to God’s word would make men superior in CT 441

of Canaan, should not be new and unfamiliar to God’s people SD 72

students should educate themselves to speak CT 548

of entreaty, used by Paul in counseling Philemon AA 457

of humanity, lessons must be given to humanity in DA 34; PK 700

of the earthly, do not cultivate SD 72

one defective habit of, do not leave uncorrected FE 215

one of God’s great gifts to man 3BC 1142

organs of, God does not require people who pray to wear out 1T 645

overbearing expressions in, do not harmonize with sacredness of minister’s work GW 163

people who act as Gentiles in, cannot enter heavenly courts 1SM 166

perfection in, every Christian should seek COL 336

perfection of, urge on every student the need of Ev 668

person using defective, should not be made occasion of jest and amusement 3T 192

person who uses plain, often made great offender 4T 561

physician should carefully guard his CH 363

plain, Christ used GW 169

use 6T 380

plain and simple, ministers should use 2SM 152

sermons should be given in GW 168; 6T 56

plainness of, persons who use 2T 52

politeness of, should be cultivated at home CG 76

power of: diligently cultivate COL 335

is of great value CT 240

regard, as precious talent 6T 322

serpent in Eden did not have 3SG 39

to clothe message of truth with beauty 6T 322

powers of, reason should control Ev 668

prayer should be offered in simple, clear, and distinct 6T 383

profane, avoid person who uses AH 48

proper habits of, parents should train children to COL 337

propriety of, God demands of gospel workers Ev 629

pure and correct, accustom yourself to use COL 336

pure in, how Timothy was kept AA 203

purity and nobleness of, nobleness of character is revealed by Ed 237

purity of heart is revealed by Ed 237

purity in, constantly practice AH 16; SD 316

parents should manifest 7T 186

purity of, Christ’s disciples were noted for DA 712

witness for Christ by MH 156

rash, irreparable breach created by Rehoboam’s PK 91

ready, Moses pleaded lack of PP 254; 3SG 192

will not convert one soul 1T 380

refined in, co-operation with Christ makes people CT 100

students should become FE 464

refinement of, people who will lose all love of WM 254

respect in, cultivate ML 84

revengeful, never makes man feel that he has gained victory 7T 243

right culture, use, and power of, needed in every line of Christian work COL 336

right habits of, parents should encourage Ed 235

rude, do not indulge AH 421

SS teacher should cultivate power to speak distinctly in CSW 97

SS teachers’, minds should be carried high above earthly things by CSW 97

Satan claimed to have acquired power of, by eating forbidden fruit Ed 24

seasoned with grace in conversation CT 443; FE 134

SDA should be separate from fashions and practices of world in 7BC 941; LS 350

severe and dictatorial in, man who was inclined to be GW 163

severity of, avoid any Ev 304

sharp and severe, chafes spirit COL 337

should be avoided when giving reproof or counsel COL 337; GW 120

simple: Christ always used CT 261

Christ appealed to humanity in striking but FE 406

Christ presented great truths in Ev 56

Christ taught in FE 236

Paul presented truth in AA 252

public prayer should be offered in GW 177

SS teachers should use CSW 167

Scripture lessons should be taught in PP 504

speak truth to children in AH 350

spiritual truths should always be presented in CT 261

truth should be presented in 1SM 157

simplest: Bible presents gospel in FE 377

Christ expressed marvelous truth in DA 254

Christ taught in CT 433

slow of, Moses was 1BC 1099

so simple people could not fail to understand, Christ used MH 23

sound, minister should use 2T 707, 709

sound and pure, edifying character of ML 114

speak in clear and distinct voice in 6T 383

strict purity of, physicians should guard CH 366

study, from higher point of view than knowledge of grammatical rules Ed 234

study of Ed 234-5

authors having no regard for principles of morality should not be used in Ed 226-7

best school for, home is Ed 235

literary works that should not be used in Ed 226-7

one of fundamental branches of learning CT 216

should tend to strengthen and upbuild character Ed 238

students should not drink of wells of paganism in Ed 226-7

tame and lifeless, message is not to be given in GW 29

teachers whose, will be seasoned with grace CSW 75

tender and kind, educate yourself to use 3BC 1164

tenderness and love in, cultivate AH 198

timeserver’s, resolutely resist PK 660

unbecoming, careful cultivation of outward proprieties is not sufficient to shut out all MH 490

most careful attention to outward proprieties of life will not shut out all GW 123

remedy for 4T 559

warning against 1T 416

uncouth, gospel workers should discard all CT 238

unguarded, danger of expressing SDA views in 1SM 176

unkind and hasty, parents should not use CG 482

unrestricted liberty of, position does not give men TM 288

unseemly, true Christians manifest growing distaste for MB 24-5

unwise, unhappiness often caused by AH 437

use, to declare God’s wisdom and love CS 115

use of: common error in Ed 236; ML 81; MYP 134-5

in disciplining children AH 438-40

in meeting opponents GW 375-6

in public prayer 6T 383

ministers may be proficient in TM 194

vulgar and abusive, husband who uses AH 348

vulgarity of, vitiated heart indicated by AH 422

Waldensian children were taught to be guarded in GC 67

what to learn re, in school of Christ COL 337-8

wife should be guarded in CG 24

See also Enunciation; Evilspeaking; Gossip; Pronunciation; Public speaking; Sermon; Speech; Tale-bearing; Voice; Voice culture; Word


ability in, needed by workers in word and doctrine VSS 176:2

error of impatient speech in RC 292:7

exaggerated, See Exaggeration

feeble in explaining the Father’s love TMK 338:5

flowers have, reminding us of the Giver TDG 241:3

force of, given by angels to reach souls TDG 115:4

heartache of Jesus is beyond TMK 66:2

heavenly, world is our school for forming TDG 96:2

mild and circumspect, from one representing Christ TMK 185:3

refinement of, love of Jesus always leads to TMK 198:2

salvation (gift of) cannot be described by TDG 176:2


for colored (1896) SW 58:2

is most eloquent VSS 84:1

of John telling of the Saviour’s grace VSS 364:3

Language, Languages

Language, Languages, ability to write and speak accurately your own, more important than acquiring foreign language Ed 234

all: circulation of SDA publications should increase in CW 15

publications on second advent should be translated into 9T 34

second advent should be heralded in 8T 116

SDA publications should be translated into Ev 573

truth must be proclaimed in LS 209

all spoken, gospel was proclaimed at Pentecost in AA 40

confusion of, in building Tower of Babel PP 119-20; 3SG 97-8; SR 73-4; 8T 214-5

God’s purpose in PP 123

correct use of your native, more valuable than superficial study of foreign languages CT 208

dead, training for life’s practical duties should not be neglected for study of MH 444 See also Greek; Latin; Hebrew

differences of, SDA should not erect walls of partition because of 9T 197-8

diversity of, great obstacle to gospel work SR 243

proclamation of gospel hindered by AA 39

distribution of tracts and papers in other, prepares way for great work LS 215

European, Christ’s Object Lessons should be translated into 6T 474

familiarity with different, is help in miss. work CT 497, 518; FE 187

missionaries in primitive church were miraculously endowed with 5T 391

foreign: ability to write and speak your mother tongue is more important than acquirement of Ed 234

best way for young men to learn 5T 392

better way to learn FE 537

circulation of SDA books must greatly increase in LS 447

God can make men fruitful who do not know FE 537

in some cases young men may need to learn 5T 392

many believers will need to learn FE 537

many believers who know, could proclaim truth to other nations 5T 391

med. missionaries can learn, as they work MH 155; 8T 205

middle-aged gospel workers find it harder to learn 5T 392

preparation of SDA literature in 3T 211

SDA presses sending forth truth in CW 15

SDA publications should be printed in 3T 204

should be studied in SDA schools FE 537

some believers can teach truth through interpreter of FE 537

some people who cannot speak their native tongue correctly want to study CT 215

superficial study of, neglect of mother tongue for CT 208

teachers’ boast should not be knowledge of CT 230

knowledge of other: acquired by Joseph in Egypt PP 217

young men may obtain, while laboring to save sinners CT 508; 3T 204

knowledge of your native, essential to good education CT 215

many: publications now available in, to every part of world 9T 122

SDA books should be translated and published in CM 120; 7T 160; 9T 34

SDA publications should be issued in LS 214; 4T 79; 9T 62

SDA publications should be multiplied in Te 30

SDA publications should be translated into 9T 26

small tracts on different points of Bible truth are needed in CH 466

truth must be translated into Ev 570-1; LS 305

EGW’s books published in 1SM 101

men of other: God has moved upon LS 205

should be qualified to labor in God’s cause LS 205

should be trained in SDA publishing houses LS 205

of nature, without Christ man cannot correctly interpret 8T 257

one: recognized as language of literature when Christ was born DA 32

spoken by mankind before building of Tower of Babel PP 120; 3SG 98; SR 74; 8T 215

widely spoken when Christ was born DA 32

other: apostles could speak fluently and accurately in, after Pentecost AA 39-40; DA 821; SR 243, 246

believers in Ephesus were enabled to speak AA 283

believers who can speak, need miss. training 5T 392

English-speaking students in mission schools should learn 7T 169

give truth to people of LS 212

God in His providence is preparing men to give truth in LS 213

knowledge of, missionaries in early church were miraculously endowed with 5T 391

many believers need to work among people of FE 537

men needed to prepare SDA literature in LS 206

men needed to translate SDA literature into LS 206

people of, are to hear truth in America ChS 200

SDA publications needed in LS 205; 3T 205, 207

SDA publications should be printed in LS 204-5

some believers must go to work among people of CT 497

young men can learn, while doing gospel work LS 204; 3T 204

young men should become familiar with CT 508; LS 204

young men should prepare themselves for miss. work by learning 3T 204

people of almost every, in cities of America 8T 36

school’s strength does not lie in number of, taught by it CT 206-7

several, it is not necessary that all know CT 497

should be studied CT 497

some gospel workers will learn, in countries to which they are sent FE 537

students should repeat Bible truths in their own CT 434

study of, many students neglect in, what is more essential to happiness and success FE 71

not forbidden CT 497; FE 537

various, spoken by Jews at Jerusalem on Pentecost SR 242

your native, importance of knowing how to use rightly CT 207-8, 215-6, 219; Ed 234

See also Greek; Hebrew; Latin; Tongues, gift of