EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Jabbok River - Jerusalem

Jabbok River

Jabbok River COL 175; Ed 52; PP 196, 208, 433


Jabesh-gilead PP 612, 633, 682, 697-8, 714


Jabin, king of Hazor 2BC 1002; PP 510, 545

Jackson, Dr. James C.

Jackson, Dr. James C., theory of, that was erroneous and dangerous 3T 172

writing of, not known by Ellen White before vision on health 3SM 276:4

Jackson, Mich.

Jackson, Mich. EW 93; LS 149, 153-4, 162; 2SG 181-2, 189-91, 271; 1SM 189; 2SM 72-3; 1T 94


Jacob PP 177-213, 224-40; 3SG 113-42, 153-73; SR 87-99

1. Biog.—before his exile in Mesopotamia

2. Biog.—flight and Mesopotamian exile

3. Biog.—return to Canaan

4. Biog.—sojourn in Canaan

5. Biog.—sojourn in Egypt and death of

6. Characteristics of

7. Chronology

8. Prophetic office of

9. Miscellaneous


1. Biog.—before his exile in Mesopotamia

birthright blessing obtained by fraud by DA 108; Ed 147; GC 616, 620; PP 179-82, 197, 202, 208; 3SG 115, 128; SR 88, 94

birthright bought from Esau by, with pottage PP 179; SR 87-8

covenant promise renewed to, by Isaac PP 183

Isaac’s younger son PP 177

mother’s favorite son PP 177; 3SG 113; SR 87

mother’s petted son SD 127

Rebekah and, deception of Isaac by PP 180-2; 3SG 114-6; SR 88

Rebekah saw, no more after he fled from Esau’s wrath PP 180, 237; 3SG 115-6; SR 89

2. Biog.—flight and Mesopotanian exile

became wealthy in Mesopotamia PP 192-3, 207; 4T 466

Christ spoke with, on hillside at Bethel DA 291

deception of, by Laban PP 188-9; 3SG 117-8; SR 89-90

exile of, in Mesopotamia PP 188-92; 3SG 117-20; SR 89-90

flight of, to Mesopotamia PP 183-8; SC 19-20; 3SG 116; SR 89; 4T 465

guardianship of angels assured to PP 188

homeless and penniless wanderer at Bethel PP 183, 525; 3T 393

Laban’s selfish dealings with PP 189-90

ladder seen by, Christ is DA 311; 5T 539-40 See also Ladder

long years between flight of, and return to Canaan 4T 466

marriage of: to Rachel and Leah PP 189-90, 206, 237; 3SG 117-8, 126; SR 89

to their maids 3SG 126

memorial stone set up by, at Bethel PP 187

promise given to Abraham was renewed by God to PP 184

sin confessed by, en route to Mesopotamia PP 183

vision of angels on mystic ladder seen by, at Bethel AA 153, 512; 1BC 1095; DA 311-2; Ed 52, 243; FE 86, 270-1; GC 617; GW 179; MH 436-7; ML 20, 156; PK 49; PP 183-4, 252, 568; SC 19-20; 1SM 279-80; 2SM 222; 4T 465-6; 5T 539

vow of, re tithe Ed 138; PP 187, 193, 525; 3T 393; 4T 464-5, 471

3. Biog.—return to Canaan

conciliatory message sent to Esau by PP 196; 3SG 127; SR 92-3

Esau influenced by Satan to march against GC 618

Esau marched with 400 men against GC 616; PP 196; 3SG 131; SR 97

Esau threatened to kill Ed 147; GC 616; PP 183

Esau warned in dream not to harm PP 198; 3SG 130-1; SR 96

Esau’s armed bands stilled before MB 62

Euphrates crossed by, on return from Mesopotamia PP 193

Laban and, covenant between PP 193-4; 3SG 126-7; SR 92

Laban pursued, to Mt. Gilead PP 193; 3SG 121; SR 91

Laban reproved by PP 193; 3SG 121-2; SR 91-2

Laban’s selfish dealings with PP 193; 3SG 117-21; SR 90-1

meeting of, with Esau near Jabbok PP 195-203; 3SG 128-36; SR 94-8

name of, changed from “supplanter” to “Prince with God” (Israel) Ed 52, 147; MB 144; MH 511; PP 198; 3SG 129-30; SR 95

new birth experienced by SD 127

only defense of, against destruction by Esau was prayer GC 616

repentance of DA 107-8; Ed 52, 147-8; GC 616-8; PP 198-201, 208; 3SG 128-37; SR 94-9

return of, from Mesopotamia to Canaan GC 616; PP 192-5; 3SG 121-4; SR 90-1

thigh of, thrown out of joint by Angel MB 62; PP 197; 3SG 129; SR 95

two hosts of angels seen by, at Mahanaim PP 195; 3SG 127

wrestled at Jabbok River with: Angel 5BC 1089; CSW 116; CT 498; DA 107-8, 198; Ed 52, 147-8; EW 272; FE 232; GC 616-8, 630; GW 175, 255; MH 511; MM 203; PP 196-203, 208; 3SG 128-33; SR 94-9; 3T 358; 4T 444, 537; Te 243

Angel of covenant GC 616-8; MB 11, 62; PP 197

Christ COL 175; GC 157; MB 144; PP 196-203; 3SG 128-37

Majesty of heaven 1BC 1095

4. Biog.—sojourn in Canaan

aged man when told that Joseph was still alive PP 231-2

altar erected by, at Shechem PP 204

bereaved of Rachel near Ephrath PP 206

covenant made by God with, at Shechem PP 522

Deborah’s death mourned by, at Bethel PP 206

dwelt in vale of Shechem PP 204

field purchased by, in vale of Shechem PP 204, 499

grief of, over loss of Joseph PP 212

idolatrous images buried by, under oak at Shechem PP 205-6, 500; 3SG 136-7

lived at Hebron: many years PP 511

till Isaac’s death PP 207

partiality of, for Joseph PP 209, 213

excited jealousy of other sons PP 209; 3SG 138

Reuben’s sin against, at Edar near Ephrath PP 206, 235, 238

sacrifices offered at Beersheba by, on way to Egypt PP 232; 3SG 168

5. Biog.—sojourn in Egypt and death of angels around, in his last hours 3SG 172

blessing of, Pharaoh received MB 62; PP 233; 3SG 169-70

buried in cave of Machpelah PP 234, 237

death and burial of PP 237, 239

dying, blessed hope foreshadowed in benediction pronounced by PK 683

spoke of Joseph as his best-loved son COL 214-5

dying words of, pointed to Christ’s first advent DA 34

Ephraim and Manasseh adopted by, as sons PP 234

eyes of, dim with age when he adopted Joseph’s sons PP 234

Joseph cared for, in his old age PP 233; 5T 124-5

Joseph presented, to Pharaoh PP 233; 3SG 169-70

last years of: brought evening of tranquillity and repose PP 237

his happiest PP 233

his most peaceful PP 233; 3SG 170

light found by, in eventide of life Ed 147; PP 237

sojourn of, in Egypt COL 286; FE 505; PP 231-9; 3SG 166-73; SR 104; 5T 124-5

land of Goshen PP 233; 3SG 169

6. Characteristics of

affectionate father 3SG 172

character of, transformed Ed 147

content with spiritual blessings of birthright PP 207

faith of Abraham appeared undimmed in PP 208

importunate in prayer 5T 164

man of: deep and ardent affection PP 237

foresight PP 177

mild disposition 3SG 113-4; SR 87

prayer ML 20

patient, persevering, and thrifty PP 177

prayed for transformation of character MB 144

prevailed with God, because he was persevering and determined GC 621

reverent because of sense of God’s presence PK 49

Samaritans regarded, as honored patriarch DA 184

thoughtful, diligent, and care-taking PP 177

7. Chronology

died 54 years before Joseph did PP 240

dwelt in vale of Shechem PP 204

more than 100 years after Abraham did PP 204

nearly 50 years before death PP 205

17 centuries before Christ PP 204

fled to Mesopotamia nearly 100 years after Isaac’s marriage PP 188

Mesopotamian exile of, 20 years Ed 147; PP 190, 195, 198, 237; 3SG 125, 128, 131; SR 94, 96

went to Egypt: 17 years before his death PP 233

when 130 years old 3SG 170

wicked deeds of his sons horrified MYP 390; 3SG 171; TM 87

8. Prophetic office of

spoke under Spirit of inspiration COL 214; PP 235, 237

prophecy(s) of: re Christ as Messiah AA 223; DA 193

re Christ as Shiloh PK 683; PP 235-6; 3SG 171-2

re his descendants PP 235-7; 3SG 170-3

reached far into future 3SG 170-1

revealings of God’s will preserved through PK 682-3

Spirit of prophecy given to PP 235-7; 3SG 172

9. Miscellaneous

affection of, for Benjamin 3SG 158-9

for Joseph PP 209

answer given to prayer of, by dream PP 193

became prince with God through faith and prayer MH 511

birthright already secured to, by God’s promise Ed 147

children of, tempted to contract marriages with heathen PP 332

tempted to worship heathen idols PP 332

church needs faith and energy to wrestle with God as did 1T 144

enlisted in God’s service COL 301

Esau and PP 177-82; 3SG 112-28; SR 87-93

birth of PP 177; SR 87

met at deathbed of Isaac PP 207

striking contrast in PP 177

two classes represented by PP 207-8; 3SG 131; SR 97

twin sons of Isaac PP 177

experience of, at Bethel impressed Joseph Ed 52; PP 213-4

family of, polygamy troubled PP 190, 208-9; 3SG 170

foresaw result of association with unbelievers 2SM 129

God often instructed, in dreams 3SG 139

gospel understood by PP 366

in new earth 1SM 64

kept his vow re tithe 4T 466-7

kingdom of heaven taken by, with spiritual violence or force SD 30

life of: full of trouble and perplexity PP 237-8; 3SG 170

lessons from GC 621; MH 374; 3T 67

study MH 366

motive of, in desiring birthright PP 178

persevering faith of PK 158

pray with COL 149

plan of redemption unfolded to PP 184

plead with God in earnest faith as did 4T 402

prayer of, at Bethel was granted by God PP 204

qualities of, highly valued by mother PP 177

Rebekah repented of counsel given to PP 180; SR 89

review of his life history by Ed 147

Sabbath kept by GC 453

Satan accused, before angels GC 618

sense in which Christ deals with His people as, did with his children 1T 388

shepherd DA 479; PP 177, 190-1; 3SG 121-3

sins of, repeated in his sons PP 238

sinful life of, influenced children Ed 147; PP 208-9, 238

sister-wives of, jealousy and rivalry between PP 190; 3SG 117

sons of: blessed by him before his death Ed 53; PP 235-7; 3SG 170-3

changed in character while Joseph was in Egypt PP 225

character of PP 225

deceived him after selling Joseph PP 212

Joseph and other PP 209-12, 224-40; 3SG 138-80

made humiliating confession to him 3SG 168

not all righteous 3SG 136

reformed 3SG 170

repentance of Ed 148; PP 231-2, 239; 3SG 167-8, 173

sent to Egypt for grain PP 224-31; 3SG 153-61

Shechemites murdered by PP 204-5, 235; 3SG 136

sin seen working out retribution in Ed 148

were shepherds PP 232-3; 3SG 139, 169

sorrows of, as result of his sins PP 237-8

tender regard of, for his children 1T 388

tiller of soil PP 177

training of Joseph by CG 197; PP 209, 213

type of the righteous PP 207-8; 3SG 131

victory of conquering faith known by MB 62


angels minister to you as they did to TMK 328:3

changed from man of defects to a prince by prayer TDG 104:3

Christ knows His flock more intimately than did TMK 53:3

difficulties not all vanished for, but confidence given TDG 323:4

earnestness of, needed in prayer TMK 272:2

ensnared by defrauding his brother; he wrestled with Christ FW 75:1

example of,

in holding fast to Christ HP 24:2

in wrestling for freedom from sin FW 75:2

experience of, lessons for us in; own strength insufficient 2MCP 454:2

God will do for us what He did for; He will be entreated TDG 323:5

gospel preached to, through the mystical ladder OHC 66:4

hold fast to your Saviour as did (letter to Edson) TDG 334:2

name of, changed when he got victory FW 75:3

people like, needed now who will wrestle with God TMK 270:2

perseverance of, needed HP 88:4

praying as, Holy Spirit received by one HP 314:3

promise to be claimed as did HP 258:4

stone taken for a pillow by; afflicted by his mistake TDG 323:2

stony pillow honored by, in adoring his Saviour TDG 323:4

taking the kingdom of heaven by force, as did RC 217:5

victory in prayer shown by experience of TDG 184:5

vision of, explained TMK 21:4

wrestling with Angel at Peniel TDG 298

Jacob’s ladder

OHC 66

climbing, higher on OHC 71:4

connection between worlds shown by TDG 323:4

God appeared above, with compassion on Jacob OHC 66:5

God’s glory above, appreciated only by climber OHC 68:5

growing in grace means climbing OHC 74:4

plan of salvation taught by TMK 21:2

represented Christ, TMK 21:3

climb it clinging to Him 3SM 154:2

top and bottom of: Christ’s divine and human natures OHC 66:4


Jacoblike, wrestle, in prayer 2SG 257; 1T 158

Jacob’s trouble

Jacob’s trouble, time of, coming to God’s people EW 36-7, 283-4; GC 616-30; LS 116-7; PP 202-3; 1T 183; 5T 451

Jacob’s well

Jacob’s well, Christ did not speak disparagingly of Ev 267; MH 156

Christ’s experience with Samaritan woman at DA 183-95; GW 194-5; MH 27-8, 156

dug 1,700 years before Christ visited it PP 204

located at opening of beautiful vale of Shechem DA 183; PP 499-500

Jacobin, Jacobings

Jacobin, Jacobings, atrocities of, in 1793 GC 284


Jael, Sisera slain by 2BC 1002


Jahaziel, Levite prophet Ed 163; PK 201


Jair, judge of Israel 2BC 1005


Jairus, dead daughter of, restored to life COL 358; DA 342-3, 534-5, 786; MH 59; MM 204; 1SM 304

not raised immortal DA 786; 1SM 304

elder of Jews DA 342

house of, not far from Matthew’s DA 342

Jewish rabbi DA 342; MH 59

ruler of synagogue DA 342

Jam, Jams

Jam, Jams, indigestion caused by MH 301


James, brother of John DA 296; Ed 86

Christ’s call accepted by DA 249

Christ’s raising of daughter of Jairus witnessed by DA 343

fisherman humble and unlearned DA 249

gospel work by, among Jews AA 165; SR 302-3

indignation of, toward inhospitable Samaritans AA 540-1; DA 295, 487; SL 58; SR 268

John and, called “sons of thunder” DA 295

highest places in Christ’s kingdom sought by AA 359, 541-2; DA 644, 650

mother’s request of Christ for DA 548; SL 56; 2T 32; 4T 226

Judas Iscariot’s severity toward DA 644

longed to be near Christ DA 548; Ed 87

martyrdom of AA 143-4, 151, 542, 597; 6BC 1067; COL 308; DA 549, 619, 629; Ed 86; EW 186; SR 292, 299

man forbidden by, to cast out devils in Christ’s name AA 543-4; CSW 85; DA 437; SL 56

one of disciples most close to Christ DA 292

Paul’s first meeting with 6BC 1059; SR 278

Peter and Andrew helped by, with miraculous catch of fish DA 246

pride and ambition of, Christ rebuked AA 542; SL 57

with Christ in Gethsemane DA 686

with Christ in prayer on mountainside DA 419

young disciple AA 541


James, Christ’s brother AA 405

one of three leading apostles 6BC 1108

Paul’s regard for AA 399, 405

presided at general church council at Jerusalem AA 194-5; SR 307-8

James, Epistle of

James, Epistle of: apostle wrote PP 248, 384; 2SG 143; 5T 639

apostle James wrote 7BC 936; CH 457; COL 170; GC 382, 466, 472, 474, 482, 554; PP 154, 384; 2SG 143; SR 395; 2T 685; 4T 550; 5T 57, 196; 9T 91

after gospel reached Antioch of Syria AA 157

James, Iram

James, Iram WM 335

James the less

James the less, apostle Ed 86


Jangling, costly offering 1T 310

January 1

January 1 See New Year’s Day


Japan, cry from Ed 262-3


Japheth, Noah’s son, and his descendants PP 117-8


Jareb See Sennacherib


Jargon, in church services, God not pleased by 1T 146


Jason AA 230


Java, coffee from, unnecessary 2SM 301

sign pledge to abstain from Te 82

Javelin (spear)

Javelin (spear), Goliath’s PP 455

Phinehas slew Zimri with PP 455

Saul threw, at David PP 651, 653


Jealous, be sincerely, for God’s honor CW 173

brothers who were, toward esteemed church members 4T 323

Jealous eyes

Jealous eyes, woman disposed to regard everything with 1T 708

Jealous freak, Jealous freaks

Jealous freak, Jealous freaks, sanitarium workers should not be subject to MM 173

Jealous king

Jealous king, insane madness of PP 658

Jealous person

Jealous person, can well be spared from God’s work 5T 224

will be shaken out 1T 251

Jealousy, Jealousies

Jealousy, Jealousies 1T 311-23

Aaron’s, toward Zipporah PP 382-4

accusers of brethren create 3BC 1162

all, must be overcome 5T 130

all who yield to, rebuke for PP 386

among apostles DA 431

among believers crowds God out 4T 155

among gospel workers, Satan seeks to create TM 504

among SDA leaders, warning against 8T 138

attribute of Satan FE 278

banish, from heart 6T 202

bars way against Spirit 6T 42

began with sin CG 79

blinding effects of PP 383

brother of returned prodigal son harbored COL 207-9

can easily find something to interpret to injury of others 5T 95

cease your 2T 90

cherished in heart, excludes man from blessedness of heaven 4T 453

children learn, from parents 4T 196

children’s, mistreatment that causes CG 212-3

self-abuse causes 2T 392

Christ’s regard for publicans and sinners stirred Pharisees to COL 209

condemned 5T 94-8

cruel, danger of cherishing 3T 328

results of cherishing 5T 672

cruel spirit of, of King Saul toward David 4aSG 82

demon of, entered King Saul’s heart PP 650

despondency caused by 1T 708

disheartening, in church 2T 673

displeases God 4T 91

do not allow, to come into your heart TM 505

do not cherish, in heart MYP 424

do not reproach Christianity by, toward others 4T 65

door to Spirit’s working is closed by AA 271; Ev 370

doubt caused by 1T 708

empty yourself of 1SM 191

envy and, often united with fiery temper 2T 74

envy follows, and rebellion follows next 3T 346

Eve’s, because God withheld forbidden fruit EW 147

evil, called discrimination by some people 7BC 936

evil fruit 5T 63

feeding on, warning against 1T 164

feelings of, cherished against JW and EGW 1T 236

results of cherishing 3T 313

freedom from 5T 123

friendship and love turned into bitterness and hatred by 2T 566

fruits of selfishness Ev 370

general heading of, malice, envy, and hatred come under LS 242; 4T 385

gives rise to envy PP 397

giving expression to, makes man Satan’s instrument COL 341

giving utterance to, warning re DA 323

God marks all 1T 526

God’s displeasure against idolatry is fitly called PP 306

God’s law takes note of 1SM 217

grieves God 5T 224

hellish shadow 3BC 1163

honors bestowed on Daniel excited, toward him PK 539

imagining that brethren cherish, toward you 2T 90

in church members’ hearts is Satan’s work 4T 489

in God’s work, warning against DA 182

inconsistency of 2BC 1020

increases with age, unless subdued 1T 422

indulgence of, angels ashamed of CH 412

insinuated into minds by Satan 4T 211

Jacob’s love for Joseph excited, in his brothers PP 209

Jacob’s preference for Rachel excited Leah’s PP 189-90

Jewish priests and rabbis cherished, re John the Baptist’s influence DA 181

Jewish priests and rulers cherished, toward Christ DA 181; PP 239

Korah’s, toward Moses PP 395

Laban’s sons shared his, toward Jacob PP 192

lack of holiness leads to 2T 445

lay down your 4T 240

leading to unrest, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness 2T 572

leaven of, camp of Israel leavened by 3T 344

that is curse 3T 313

led Corinthian believers to close hearts against Spirit’s working AA 271

Lucifer fell because of EW 145; GC 495; PP 36-7; 5T 291

man who cherished, from fear of being supplanted 4T 98

men who harbored, toward brethren 2T 543-8, 638, 673

manifests itself in countenance CSW 113

mental unhappiness caused by 1T 708

miasma of DA 179

ministers should put away all 2T 516

Miriam punished by God because of her PP 396

Miriam’s, toward Zipporah PP 382-4

mischief wrought by 2T 566

much so-called discernment is 1T 708

must be subdued and sacrificed forever 1T 705

mutual, in Abraham’s household PP 145

natural fruit of selfishness 2T 545

never let your tongue express, of another person 4T 337

parable that rebukes all COL 402

parents easily stirred to CG 264

parental neglect resulting in FE 67

perceptive powers beclouded by LS 199; 2T 605

persons who seek food for 1T 527

petty, singers warned against Ev 507

what would close door to 8T 139

poisonous plant sown by Satan AH 196

in heart ML 179

reproduces itself even in God’s cause TM 186

retards and cripples God’s work Ev 633

rubbish defiling soul temple 5T 92

Satan excites, against leaders of God’s work 1T 236

Satan instigated, to produce discord and dissension 7T 182

Satan is author of 6T 42

Satan works on minds to excite 1T 236

Satan’s, toward Christ 3SG 36-8

satanic agencies stirred up, against Daniel PK 540

seed that produces bitterness of soul 5T 30

seeds of, planted in many minds 5T 695

seeking after style and ostentation creates 6T 451

self-esteem’s relationship to 1T 312

should have no part in minister’s being 2T 547

sin of, put away 6T 95

sinful emotion of, God’s law condemns SD 61

slavish, Satan excites in the aged organs which lead to 1T 424

some lovers of gossip actuated by 5T 94

sows itself broadcast like thistledown 5T 58

sowing seeds of, beware of 2SM 71

spirit of: as cruel as grave 4T 334

Gideon’s tactful way of dealing with PP 554-5

illustrated by parable COL 400-1

must be overcome 2T 76

poisons soul PP 650

those in our schools should not be given to FE 472

unreasonable, more difficult to manage than fierce wolves of wilderness 3T 342

unrestrained, sometimes burns into flame 1T 422

uproot SD 295

wearisome load 4T 241

work of, Satan instigated 5T 291

See also Envy


Jebus, heathen name of Jerusalem PP 703


Jebusites, inhabited Jebus PP 703


Jechoniah See Jehoiachin


Jedidiah, means “beloved of the Lord” PK 51

means “The Beloved of God” 2BC 1023

Solomon was called PK 51

Jeer, Jeers

Jeer, Jeers, be not moved from steadfastness by 2T 237

unbelievers’, class not moved by 1T 136


Jehoahaz, king of Israel, son of Jehu PK 254


Jehoahaz, king of Judah, son of Josiah PK 412

See also Ahaziah, king of Judah


Jehoiachin, king of Judah PK 422-3

prisoner of Babylonians, in Daniel’s time Ed 54-5

reigned three months and ten days PK 438

son of Jehoiakim PK 438


Jehoiada, high priest PK 215-6


Jehoiakim, king of Judah PK 422-39

Jeremiah’s message burned by PK 433-6; 4T 177-9; 5T 678

Josiah’s older son PK 412

Nebuchadnezzar’s vassal PK 422-3, 437-8

rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar PK 422-3, 438

reign of, closed in ignominy PK 438

early in PK 428

fifth year of PK 433-4

first years of PK 422

fourth year of PK 430

Jeremiah prophesied during PK 412

Jehoram (Joram)

Jehoram (Joram), king of Israel PK 212-5, 255


Jehoram, king of Judah 2BC 1038; PK 192, 212-3


Jehoshaphat, king of Judah CS 139; PK 113, 190-203, 214

1. Chronological data

2. Miscellaneous

1. Chronological data

Ahab died in reign of PK 196

Ahab’s contemporary for many years PK 190

called to throne at age of 35 years PK 190

died during reign of King Jehoram of Israel PK 212

Judah invaded near close of reign of PK 198-202

lived in peace many years PK 192

later years of reign of PK 196-7

reigned 25 years PK 190

2. Miscellaneous

Arabia sent sheep and goats to PK 192

army of, singing by Ed 163; PK 201-2; SD 199

court of appeal established by PK 197

courts of justice under PK 197

Philistia sent tribute to PK 192

prophet Jahaziel counseled PK 201

prophet Jehu reproved PK 196

prophet Micaiah counseled PK 195-6

Samaria visited by PK 195

war of, with Ahab against Syrians PK 195-6


Jehoshaphat, valley of GC 32


Jehovah, compassionate guardian of His people PP 305

Creator and Upholder of earth DA 206

God of Shem PP 117

identified PP 305

King of theocracy of Israel PP 312

manifested in Christ 4T 396

name of, Christ the Angel in whom was PP 366

only true God 6T 166

See also Christ; God

Jehovah God

Jehovah God, name of, denotes His condescension and compassion 2BC 1034

Jehovah Immanuel

Jehovah Immanuel, Christ as CH 455; MB 34, 108; 5T 195


Jehovah-jireh, name of, signifies “the Lord will provide” PP 153


Jehu, king of Israel PK 170, 214-5, 254-5; 6T 400


words of, selfish torrent of VSS 29:1


Jehu, prophet PK 196


Jehudi, royal attendant PK 433


Jehu-like, zeal that is TM 55, 333

Jehu spirit

Jehu spirit 2BC 1038; 2T 147; 5T 343; Te 221; TM 333

Jelly, Jellies

Jelly, Jellies, indigestion caused by MH 301


Jephthah, Israel judged by PP 558


Jeremiah PK 408-76; 4T 164-85

1. Imprisonment of

2. Prophetic messages and ministry of

3. Reception of prophetic messages of

4. Miscellaneous

1. Imprisonment of

cast into: dark and dismal pit GC 626

dungeon PK 456

dungeon during Zedekiah’s reign 4T 181

loathsome pit AA 575; 4T 525

Malchiah’s dungeon 4T 182

God did not forget, in dark and dismal pit GC 626

imprisoned PK 432; 4T 176

because he insisted on surrender to Babylonians PK 466

because of his fearless utterances PK 408

for faithfully obeying God 5T 678

labors of, during imprisonment PK 433

released from prison by Babylonian officers PK 460

removed from Malchiah’s dungeon to prison court 4T 182

summoned from dungeon by Zedekiah for secret inquiry PK 454; 4T 181

2. Prophetic messages and ministry of

ambassadors at Zedekiah’s court given counsel by PK 443-4; 4T 169-70

appealed to Scriptures of truth in efforts toward reform PK 466

assurances of deliverance and restoration of God’s people given through PK 472

breaking of potter’s vessel by, illustrated Judah’s fate PK 431

captivity of Jews foretold by 4T 164

coming of Christ foretold by AA 223

commanded to stand in temple court and speak of impending crisis PK 412-3

consistent in counseling submission to Babylonians PK 442

could not be deterred in giving God’s message AA 575; 4T 167-8

false prophet Hananiah died according to word of PK 446; 4T 171-2

false prophets denounced by PK 442-5; 4T 169-72

future’s glorious prospects shown to PK 408

Habakkuk cited by PK 445; 4T 170

heart of, God’s word as burning fire in PK 437

Hosea cited by PK 445; 4T 170

importance of Sabbath observance stressed by PK 411

interpreter of judgments falling on Judah PK 428

invitations given to Israel by, to repent PK 466

long period of captivity in faraway Babylon foretold by PK 469

message dictated by, to Baruch PK 432; 4T 177

message given to church by PK 474

message of reproof given to, for Israel 4T 164

messages of, Ezekiel confirmed PK 448

messages of comfort given to church through PK 466

messages of counsel sent by, to people in Babylonian captivity PK 441-2

more than any other prophet, emphasized teachings of Mosaic law PK 411

ordained from birth to be prophet to nations PK 407

promises given to faithful remnant of God’s people in time of PK 427

prophecies of, Daniel and companions studied PK 553-4; SL 46

prophesied: in Josiah’s time PK 405

later than Hosea, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah PK 445; 4T 170

600 years before Christ was born DA 65

that Christ would be Prince of house of David AA 223

prophetic ministry of: began in thirteenth year of Josiah’s reign PK 407

began while he was still a youth PK 407

lasted 40 years PK 408

referred constantly to teachings of book of the law PK 428

remnant of Jews warned by, not to flee to Egypt PK 460-1

return of exiles from Babylonian captivity shown to PK 469

70 years of Babylonian captivity foretold by 4BC 1158; PK 554; 4T 169

spoke for God in temple court 4T 165

spoke orally under inspiration of God PK 413

stood: before Judah as tower and fortress PK 419

firmly for policy of submission to Babylon PK 440-1, 444-5, 455-7

nobly in defense of God’s justice PK 428

taught people by means of acted parables PK 423

tearfully entreated Zedekiah to save himself and his people PK 457; 4T 183

trained from childhood for holy service PK 407

two false teachers in Babylon rebuked by PK 442

warning message sent by, to kings of Ammonites, Edom, Moab, Tyrus, and Zidon PK 443; 4T 169

warnings and entreaties of, reached every part of kingdom PK 429

warning of Jer. 26:4-6 given by, more than 100 years after Philistines took ark of covenant from Israel PK 415-6

while in prison, continued to counsel Zedekiah PK 455

while in prison court, was given message of assurance for God’s people PK 472

wise master builder as prophet PK 409

witnessed literal fulfillment of his prophecies of impending doom PK 408

wonderful prophecies of, during closing years of kingdom of Judah PK 427

Zephaniah cited by PK 445; 4T 170

3. Reception of prophetic messages of

Ahikam and others pleaded for 4T 168

case of Micah the prophet cited in defense of 4T 168

cruel mockings endured by PK 420

death of, angry priests and people sought 4T 167

princes of Judah sought PK 456

denounced as traitor GC 458

despised and hated because he rebuked sin PK 408

enemies of, charged him with sedition PK 418-9; 4T 168

false prophets opposed PK 417, 441-2; 4T 167-8, 170-4, 185

falsely accused of defecting to Chaldeans 4T 181

God raised up friends for, in crisis PK 456

Israel’s opposition to warning messages of 4BC 1156

Jews charged, with causing their evil fortunes PK 442; 4T 168

kept under close surveillance by men who scorned his messages PK 466

many priests opposed 4T 168

opposed by false prophet Hananiah PK 444-6; 4T 170

persecution suffered by PK 419-21; 5T 678

placed in stocks PK 432

priests opposed PK 417

priests who condemned, elders opposed PK 418; 4T 168

princes denounced, before king of Judah PK 417

princes of Judah wroth against, during reign of Zedekiah PK 455-6

princes rallied to defense of PK 418; 4T 168

son of false prophet opposed PK 453-4

threatened with death PK 417

4. Miscellaneous

absolute faith of, in God’s eternal purpose PK 461

advanced in years when he purchased field in Anathoth PK 469

ancestral field in Anathoth purchased by PK 466-70

Baruch as secretary of PK 432, 469; 4T 177

called to: drink cup of tribulation and sorrow PK 421

endure hardness as good soldier of cross PK 407

council of nations amazed by actions and message of PK 444

counseled by friends to hide himself 4T 177-8

destruction of Zion overwhelmed, with grief PK 461

Ezekiel was contemporary of PK 448

faith of, acted parable illustrated PK 466-70

faithful to God in childhood PK 407

fearlessly opposed persons who turned men from God’s word GC 520

frequent visits made by, to various parts of kingdom of Judah PK 428

hidden from Jehoiakim’s wrath by God PK 434; 4T 178

Josiah’s death lamented by PK 405

labored: earnestly for the impenitent PK 412

untiringly PK 428

Lamentations written by PK 461-2

as memorial of folly of turning from God’s counsel PK 461

lesson learned by PK 420-1

letters of, read more than 60 years after they were written 4BC 1158

sent to Hebrew captives in Babylon 4BC 1157-8; PK 441-2; 4T 172

life of, spared by pleading of men of influence PK 418

longed for peace and quiet of life of retirement PK 419-20

ministry of, Daniel and his fellows lived during PK 428

during Zedekiah’s reign PK 440-51

naturally of timid and shrinking disposition PK 419

Nebuchadnezzar showed favor to PK 460

never lost sight of importance of heart holiness PK 426

prayer of, for light re God’s purpose concerning mankind PK 470-1

Rechabites and PK 423-5; 4T 174-5

roll written by, burned by Jehoiakim PK 433-4; 4T 177-9

second roll given to Baruch by PK 437

sensitive soul of, arrows of derision hurled at PK 420

sorrow of, over fate of his people PK 461

strengthened daily to endure suffering PK 420

wept over rebellious Israel GC 21

when messages of, began to be committed to writing PK 432

wrath of, Jehoiakim’s attitude aroused PK 429

writing of roll burned by Jehoiakim was reproduced by PK 436-7; 4T 179

writings of, accessible to Jews during Babylonian captivity PK 552-3

wrote on scroll 4T 176-7

yoke of subjection worn about neck of PK 444; 4T 169-70

Zedekiah promised not to slay PK 456

Zedekiah’s third call for 4T 182-3

Zedekiah’s tried counselor PK 440

Jeremiah, book of

Jeremiah, book of 4BC 1157-8; PK 407, 432, 461-2, 554-5; SL 46; 4T 172


Jericho, accursed after its overthrow PK 230; PP 491-2; 3T 264

ceremony of marching seven times around, purpose of PP 493; 4T 163

Christ visited DA 553

city of palm trees PP 453

described DA 552; PK 229; PP 369, 453, 482, 487, 491; 3T 264; 4T 160-1

devoted to God as first fruits of Canaan PP 491, 496

God defied by 4aSG 64; SR 181

home of publicans in Christ’s time DA 552

John the Baptist preached near DA 132, 553

key to Canaan PP 482; 4T 149

location of DA 132, 552; PK 229; PP 438, 453, 482, 487, 493

overthrow of: five centuries after its fall in Joshua’s time PK 230

God’s original plan for 4T 154

lesson from 2BC 1004

might have occurred 40 years before 2BC 995

Rahab and household spared from PP 483, 491

significance of PP 492

without human aid 2BC 995; PP 496; 3T 269; 4T 164; TM 214

overthrown in Joshua’s time 2BC 995-6; PK 229-30; PP 393, 487-98, 554, 613; 4aSG 62-4; SR 179-81; 4T 156-64

by angels 2BC 994-5; 3T 264

by armies of heaven DA 132; PP 492-3; 3T 264, 269; 4T 161-2

by Captain of the Lord’s host PP 493; SD 160; TM 410

by Christ and His angels 2BC 994; PP 493; 4aSG 64, 102; SR 181, 184; 4T 163

by God PP 491

by God and His angels 4T 164

by God’s word PP 496; 4T 161

people of, trembled at news of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt PP 369, 483

why God ordered Israel to destroy PP 492; 2SM 333-4

plain of DA 552; PP 438, 453, 487; 4aSG 60; SR 177; 4T 158

Rahab’s testimony re PK 369; PP 483

rebuilt by Hiel the Bethelite PK 230

before waters of spring were healed PK 231

in Ahab’s time 3T 273

road from Jerusalem to, described COL 379; DA 499, 552

school of prophets at FE 97; PK 224-5, 230

seat of Ashtoreth worship PK 229-30; PP 487

set apart for priests DA 552

spoils of: belonged to God 3T 269

devoted to God PP 496

devoted to sanctuary service PP 491

Israel forbidden to take 4T 491

reserved for Lord’s treasury PP 496; 3T 269

spring of waters near, healed by Elisha PK 229-34

two spies sent to PP 482-3

Jeroboam I

Jeroboam I, king of Israel 2BC 1033; PK 87-8, 99-100, 139, 282, 401-2; 3T 278

Jeroboam II

Jeroboam II, king of Israel PK 286


Jerome, of Prague AA 598; Ed 254; GC 99-103, 110-5


Jerubbaal, Gideon’s name PP 556

See also Gideon


1. After Christ’s birth

2. Before Christ’s birth

3. Miscellaneous


1. After Christ’s birth

apparently impregnable in Christ’s time GC 26

apostles preached with unflinching courage in AA 165, 514

apostles were to begin gospel work in, after Christ’s ascension AA 31; COL 218; DA 820

apostles’ labors at, during festivals AA 165, 514

attitude of church elders in, toward Paul AA 399-406

capital of Jewish nation DA 154

center of greatest exclusiveness and bigotry AA 197

Christ died outside of boundaries of DA 741; GC 18; 4T 121

Christ wept over DA 353, 575-80, 587; GC 18-22; SC 12; 1T 505; 4T 189, 191-2, 487; 5T 258; 8T 67-8

Christ’s labors in, results of AA 31

Christ’s prophecy re second advent is mingled with that re DA 628

Christ’s prophecies re destruction of: apply directly to last days MB 120; 5T 753

fulfilled to letter GC 29

were to have another fulfillment GC 36

Christ’s second visit to MB 2

Christ’s tears and anguish in warning DA 620

Christ’s triumphal entry into DA 569-79; 5T 258

Christ’s visit to, when 12 years old DA 75-83

Christ’s withdrawal from, after raising Lazarus DA 541

Christians in, scattered by persecution by Paul AA 103

Christians scattered from, by persecution AA 103-6, 155; SR 301

city of Christ’s love PP 475

could have stood to this day 4BC 1156

deepest prejudice against gospel existed in AA 77

dense cloud over, when Christ died DA 756

eastern gate of, open at night on festal occasions DA 802

false messiahs in DA 628

false teachers among believers in AA 383

famine struck, in Paul’s time 6T 271

first general church council in AA 190-7; SR 304-9

four principal sins of 8T 133

gospel work in, from Pentecost to Stephen’s death AA 35-102; SR 241-67

gospel work of apostles was centered in SR 302

Herod the Great beautified GC 24-6

impending destruction of, approach of Roman armies was sign of GC 37; 5T 451, 464

irrevocable sentence pronounced by Christ upon 5BC 1098

Jews looked upon, as their heaven DA 29

Jewish hope that, would be head of universal kingdom DA 299; MB 5

journey from Galilee to, occupied several days DA 75

Judaism’s stronghold AA 44

Magi’s arrival quickly noised throughout DA 61

many secret believers in, after Christ’s death AA 31; DA 820

massive bulwarks of, as Israel’s capital GC 17

metropolis of Jews AA 197

millions of Jews assembled at, during Passover of AD 70 GC 31

not preparing to welcome her Redeemer DA 44

Paul and Barnabas went from Antioch in Syria to AA 190

Paul went from Damascus to SR 276

Paul went from Ephesus to AA 269

Paul’s brief visit to, from Ephesus AA 281

Paul’s last visit to AA 397-418

Paul’s secret escape from AA 130

persecution of early church in, results of AA 70

plowed like a field after destruction DA 577; PK 713

poor Christians in distress at, Paul’s appeal to Gentile Christians to aid AA 399; 6BC 1103; 3T 392

popular tumult in, in Pontius Pilate’s time COL 212-3

privileges God bestowed upon DA 569-79; GC 18-21; 8T 67-8

reports of Paul’s persecution of Christians at, spread far and wide AA 121

representation of church refusing to walk in light 8T 67

road from Jericho to, described COL 379; DA 499, 552

Roman destruction of: by Titus and his armies in AD 70 AA 379; COL 213-4, 269; GC 31-4; PK 713

cannibalism of Jews during GC 32

Christ foresaw COL 213-4; DA 534, 577, 580, 743; GC 21

Christ foretold CW 24; DA 628, 630, 800; GC 17, 393; PK 712-3; SR 320

Christ warned His disciples re DA 634; PP 166

Christ’s prophecies partially fulfilled by MB 120; 5T 753

Christians fled from city before DA 634; GC 30-1, 37

Christians persecuted before DA 629

erroneous views of Christ’s disciples re GC 24-5

faint shadow of world’s doom GC 36

fearful warning to sinners GC 36

40 years after Christ’s death 5BC 1149; DA 630; GC 27

horrors of starvation in GC 31-2

John witnessed AA 569; DA 816

Josephus’s appeal shortly before GC 33

judgment came upon impenitent Jews in COL 309

linked by Christ with prophecies of last days CW 24

million Jews perished in GC 35

Moses was shown PP 467

not one Christian perished in DA 630; GC 30

reception of Christ by Jews would have averted COL 295-6; DA 242, 577

scenes in, will be repeated 5BC 1123

significance of DA 739

solemn warning to men today PK 417; 4T 167

started at Passover time GC 31

symbol of final ruin of world 3BC 1133; COL 302; DA 743, 816; MB 120; TM 232

terrible social conditions preceding GC 26-8

terrible sufferings during DA 577; GC 31-3; PK 713

thousands perished in famine and pestilence during GC 32

Roman guards under Archelaus slew thousands of Jews in DA 66

Roman siege of, by Cestius and his army GC 30-1

during Feast of Tabernacles GC 31

ruin more terrible than that of, whole world will be involved in GC 614

ruin of, failure to walk in light brought 4T 192

Sermon on Mount heard by many people from DA 298; MB 4

skies above, bright and beautiful AA 572

some leading Christians at, clung to former prejudices and habits of thought AA 400

Spirit poured out upon church at AA 47-56; COL 218; SR 241-7

spiritual condition of, in Christ’s time 8T 67

symbol of world: hardened in unbelief and rebellion GC 22

rejecting Christ’s grace MB 151

unpardonable sin committed by DA 587

view of, from Mount of Olives DA 575-6; GC 17-8, 23

walls of, Calvary was outside DA 741; GC 18; 4T 121

would have become: mighty metropolis of earth if she had accepted Christ DA 577

queen of kingdoms if she had accepted Christ DA 577

world’s diadem of glory if she had accepted Christ DA 577

would have stood forever if Israel had been true to God GC 19

wrath denounced against, because of her sins GC 26

2. Before Christ’s birth

abominations practiced in, in sixth year of Zedekiah’s reign PK 448

Abraham proved his loyalty to God near PP 703

Absalom’s entry into, with army PP 738

Adonizedek king of, in Joshua’s time PP 507

angel with sword stretched above, in David’s time PP 748

ark of covenant taken to, in David’s time PP 707; 4aSG 112-3; SR 192-3

Assyrian siege of, in Hezekiah’s reign PK 305, 361-6

Babylonian destruction of PK 309, 406, 423, 458-63, 466; 4T 184-5; 6T 249-50

Ezekiel foretold PK 448

horrors attending PK 471

Jeremiah foretold PK 469

prophecies foretelling PK 384-5

rapidly approaching when Josiah died PK 406

why God permitted 2BC 1040

Babylonian sieges of: by Nebuchadnezzar’s armies PK 422, 427-8, 438, 452-3; 4T 181

in ninth year of Zedekiah’s reign PK 452

Jeremiah was God’s mouthpiece during PK 408

thousands of Jews perished during PK 471

called Salem before Joshua’s conquest of Canaan PP 703

center of worship in Israel PP 537; 7T 53

conditions in, when Ezekiel saw vision of God on throne 5T 752

while Nehemiah was cupbearer to king of Persia PK 628

conquest of, in David’s time PP 703

Cyrus’s proclamation for return of Jews to PK 558-9

Daniel prayed with windows opened toward PK 541

David made, national capital PP 703

David’s plan to make, religious center of Israel PP 711

defenses of, Hezekiah strengthened PK 350-1

doom of, approaching in Jeremiah’s time PK 422-39

Ezra and exiles returned to 1T 282

God moved upon Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) to help to rebuild ChS 171-7

God said of, “This is My rest” PP 732

Hezekiah’s reforms in PK 331-9

hills around, protected her PP 703

Huldah’s message re doom of PK 399

Jews crossed desert wastes to, on return from Babylonian captivity PK 560

Jews in distant lands prayed with faces turned toward PK 541; PP 354

located: in close proximity to Ephraim PP 703

less than 50 miles from city of Samaria PK 351

on border between Benjamin and Judah PP 703

on central and elevated position in Canaan PP 703

20 miles north of Hebron PP 697, 703

Melchizedek’s home PP 136, 703

name of, changed from “Jebus” to “Jerusalem” PP 703

pilgrimages to, during Babylonian captivity 4BC 1172

restoration of, decree of Artaxerxes I (Longimanus) for DA 233; GC 326-8, 398-9, 410; LS 57-8; PK 605, 607, 610-12, 698-9; 1T 52

in Nehemiah’s time ChS 173; PK 182, 628-78

reverent awe of worshipers as they looked upon PP 539

ruins of, Nehemiah surveyed 3BC 1136

sanctuary service transferred to temple at PP 514

Shiloh’s ruin was warning to PP 514

Syrian siege of, in reign of Ahaz PK 328-9

temple of See Temple

terrible judgments to befall, prophecy re PK 411

three yearly feasts celebrated at DA 75; Ed 41-2; PP 537

walls of: rebuilt in Nehemiah’s time AA 597; ChS 172; Ed 286; PK 607, 635-45, 657; 3T 570-5

Sanballat’s efforts to frustrate rebuilding of PK 653-6

three miles long in Nehemiah’s time PK 639

water supply of, Hezekiah made sure PK 350

worship of heathen deities on street corners throughout PK 330

suppressed by Hezekiah PK 337

3. Miscellaneous

appearance of: during Feast of Tabernacles DA 448-9; PP 540-1

during Passover festivities GC 17; PP 539

dangers that evils which ruined, may come upon church today 8T 133

God’s people have, in their houses and churches TM 346

ministers who should tarry in, till endowed with power from on high 2T 120

mission in, in 1850‘s that would accomplish no real good EW 75

mistaken zeal to go to EW 75; TM 345-6

modern, danger of building Battle Creek up into 8T 133, 150

never will be built up as center of God’s work EW 75

new See New Jerusalem

not more highly favored than God’s people today 4T 191-2

of world, impression should not prevail that Battle Creek was FE 365

sin of, repeated at Battle Creek 8T 67-8, 133-4

spending money to send men to TM 345-6


Christ proclaimed first in, where shameful work had been done TDG 341:4

Christ wept over, just before His crucifixion TDG 109:4

destruction of,

end of world typified by LDE 18

scenes in day of Lord worse than 3SM 417

seen by Christ TDG 109:7

warning of, unheeded HP 343:4

door shut to disbelieving inhabitants of TDG 235:5

New, See New Jerusalem

probation of, closed with Christ’s mission TDG 109:5

restoration of, Nehemiah prayed and worked for CC 263:2

sin of, in rejecting Christ, repeated today TDG 109:7

star followed by the wise men became dark at Mar 11:5

temple at, to witness to every soul HP 191:3

wrath gathering over, seen by Jesus TDG 109:7