EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Baal - Balaam


1. Ancient

2. Figurative

1. Ancient

altars of:

at Ophrah in Gideon’s time PP 547

everywhere in Ahab’s time 3T 263

forsaken in Elisha’s time PK 254

in high places 3T 275

in Mt. Carmel groves PK 144; 3T 279, 280, 284

Jehu threw down PK 255

surrounded by groves PK 114, 144; 3T 263, 275

costly offerings presented to PK 124

could not defend his own altar PP 548

Elisha’s family did not bow to PK 217; SD 93

gorgeous display and fascinating rites of worship of, captivated Israel PK 116

groves consecrated to, in Ahab’s time PK 115-6, 124, 144; 3T 263, 275, 279

high priest of, Ethbaal of Zidonians as PK 114

Jezebel a daughter of PK 114

images of,

Jehu destroyed PK 215

made of gold, wood, and stone 3T 263

leading deity east of Jordan PP 453

persons in Elisha’s time refused to bow to PK 259

power of,

tested by drought PK 124; 3T 274-5, 280

tested on Mt. Carmel PK 147-51, 153; 3T 279-86

priests of,

besought him in vain for rain PK 124; 3T 275, 280

Elijah slew 3T 288; 5T 527

400 in Elijah’s time 3T 274, 279; 5T 526

God’s altar on Mt. Carmel torn down by 3T 280, 284

God’s word could not be changed by PK 123-4

Jehu slew PK 215

joined Jezebel in denouncing Elijah 3T 275

led by Ahab on Mt. Carmel 3T 280

sacrifices offered to sun, moon, and stars by 3T 263

senseless ceremonies of PK 149-52; 3T 281-5

set aside in Jehu’s reign PK 255

slain in Judah in Joash’s reign PK 216

trickery attempted by PK 149; 3T 282

prophets of:

Elijah hated by PK 137

Elijah slew DA 120; Ed 60; PK 154, 224; 3T 285-6; 5T 527

fanatical ceremonies of 3T 280, 282-3

450 in Ahab’s time PK 116; 3T 279; 5T 526

gathered by Ahab to Mt. Carmel 3T 279

God’s people not to imitate 1T 231

sun-god of Phoenicia GC 583; 3T 282

temples of:

destroyed in Joash’s reign PK 216

in Ahab’s time 3T 263

Jehu ruined PK 215

on Mt. Peor PP 449

worship of 3T 263; 5T 173-4

Ahab introduced, into Samaria PK 114-5; 3T 262-3

Balaam seduced Israel into PP 451, 453-61

doctrines of PK 115-6, 120, 123-4, 281-2

in Shittim Vale PP 453

King Josiah suppressed PK 396-7

licentious and degrading PP 449, 453-4

seductive and gross heathenism PK 114

supreme homage paid to nature by GC 583; PK 281-2

suppressed in Judah in King Joash’s time PK 216

worshiper of:

Ahab as PK 114; 3T 277

King Ahaziah as PK 209-10; 5T 191

King Jehoram of Judah as PK 212

Moabites as PP 449

thousands in Elijah’s time 5T 526

See also Baalim

2. Figurative

choice of many LS 326; TM 467-8

ignorantly worshiped by many PK 171; 9T 142

modern worship of GC 583

multitudes follow PK 170

policy that is prophet of 4T 607; 5T 96

thousands have not bowed to 2BC 1035; 7BC 978; Ev 559; MM 303-4; PK 171; 5T 81; 9T 110

in every land PK 188


Baali, title meaning “My lord” PK 299


images of, during Ahab’s reign PK 115

See also Baal


Baal-peor AA 316; AH 326; PK 293-4; PP 454-5, 457, 492, 518, 684

souls entrapped at CC 115:2

See also Baal; Baal worship; Beth-peor


god of Ekron AA 290; PK 207-9, 224; 5T 192, 195-6

See also Beelzebub


Baasha, king of Israel PK 109-10

Babe, Babes

in religious experience, do not remain ML 101

persons who will always be as sickly spiritually as 2T 130

when men first accept Christ they are ML 101

See Baby


1. Ancient

2. Builders of

3. Builders of (modern)

4. Tower of

1. Ancient

dispersion of men from PP 120; 3SG 98; SR 73; 8T 215

Nineveh founded soon after PK 265

founding of PP 117-24; 3SG 96-8; SR 72-4; 8T 213-5

apostasy led to PP 118; 3SG 96; SR 72; 8T 213-4

ended in strife and bloodshed PP 120; 3SG 97-8; SR 73-4; 8T 214

objectives in PP 118-23; 3SG 97; SR 72-3; 8T 213

located on plain of Shinar and by Euphrates PP 118-9; 8T 213

See also Babylon; Babylonia

2. Builders of

erroneous ideas of, re Flood PP 119; 3SG 96-7; SR 72-3

God’s covenant disregarded by PP 119; 3SG 96-7; SR 72-3

God’s existence denied by PP 119; 3SG 96; SR 72

God’s purpose in defeating PP 123; 8T 213-4

idolatry practiced by PP 119; 3SG 97, 301-2; SR 73, 149-50

labors of God’s people among PP 123

language of, angels confounded PP 119-20; 3SG 97-8; SR 72-4; 8T 214

murmured and rebelled against God PP 119-20, 123; 3SG 96; SR 72; 8T 213

planned for:

government independent of God PP 123

metropolis of universal empire PP 119

world-wide monarchy PP 119; 8T 213

sacrificial system corrupted by 3SG 301-2; SR 149

3. Builders of (modern) PP 123-4
4. Tower of

builders had dwelling place in PP 119; SR 73

built as:

escape from another flood PP 119; 3SG 97; SR 72-3; 8T 213

monument of builders’ power and wisdom PP 119; 3SG 97; SR 73

wonder of world PP 118; 3SG 97; SR 73; 8T 213

designed to reach above clouds PP 119; 3SG 97; SR 72-3

lightning broke off top of PP 120; 3SG 98; SR 74; 8T 214

lofty height reached by PP 119; 3SG 97; SR 73; 8T 214

memorial of builders’ folly PP 123

partially completed PP 119; 3SG 98; SR 73; 8T 214

rooms devoted to idols in PP 119; 3SG 97; SR 73

Baby, Babies

1. Death of

2. Health care and training of

3. Nursing

4. Training of

5. Miscellaneous

1. Death of

cause of:

breathing tobacco fumes as 2SM 467; Te 58-9

drug poisoning 2SM 468

chilling of arms and shoulders 2SM 467-8

God’s providence erroneously charged as 2SM 426, 467-9; Te 58-9

parental ignorance 2SM 426, 469

causes and prevention of 2SM 426, 465-72

chiefly due to lack of knowledge of child training Ed 275

natural, Mosaic record mentions no CD 117

thousands of, might have been averted 2SM 469

2. Health care and training of

bones and muscles of, sufficient for support 2SM 466

born defective, Mosaic record mentions no CD 117; 3T 138

born with sexual organs naturally irritable 2T 391

care of MH 381-5

mild and firm manner needed in CG 32

clothing of MH 381-2; 2SM 465-9

feeble, things dangerous to 2SM 465

feeding of AH 261; CH 80; MH 383-4

regular intervals needed in MH 383

fondling of, by visitors 2SM 466-7

fresh air needed by MH 381; 2SM 465, 467

fretfulness of AH 261; CH 80; 2SM 433, 469

harmed by:

air laden with tobacco fumes 2SM 467; Te 58-9

careless inattention to laws of their being 2SM 465

drug-disease 2SM 468

improper feeding MH 383-4; 2SM 433

improper treatment AH 261; CD 228; CH 80; 2SM 433

impure air MH 381; 2SM 465, 467; Te 58-9

overfeeding AH 261; CH 80

overheated rooms MH 381

poisonous medicines 2SM 468

sins of parents CH 19; 3T 140

sleeping with tobacco-using parents 2SM 467; Te 58-9

soothing cordial 2SM 468

sudden or too great changes of temperature MH 381; 2SM 465

sweets MH 383

tight bandages 2SM 466, 468

tight clothing 2SM 466, 469

keep everything sweet and clean about MH 381

nerves of, gentleness tends to quiet CG 32

nervous and easily agitated CH 80

nervous system of, avoid exciting influences affecting 2SM 467

paralysis and palsy in 2SM 467

parents diseased and feeble transmit misery to 4aSG 140

protect, from drafts of air 2SM 465

quiet and sweet-tempered MH 383

self-abuse among 2T 481

sleeping, do not cover face of MH 381; 2SM 465, 469

sleeping room of, ventilate 2SM 465

spasms and fits in 2SM 467

susceptible to nervous excitement MH 381

temperance lessons needed by Te 289-90

warmth needed by MH 381

why thousands of, are born deaf, blind, diseased, or idiotic PP 561

3. Nursing

best food for, that which nature provides MH 383

blood of, mother’s unhealthy diet poisons CD 228; CH 79-80; 2SM 432

character of, nourishment from mother affects CH 80; 2SM 432-3

colic and spasms in CD 228; CH 80; 2SM 432

convulsions and fits in CD 228; CH 80; 2SM 432

fevered by nourishment from overworked mother’s breast CD 228; CH 79-80; 2SM 432

lactation (nursing) of CD 226-8; CH 79-80; 2SM 432

by bottle CD 226-7

by mother 2SM 432-3; MH 383

mother’s health habits affect CD 228

milk for,

should be kept perfectly sweet CD 227

should be secured from healthy cow CD 227

mother’s state of mind affects CD 228; CH 79-80; 2SM 432-3

nursing bottles for, care of CD 227

stomach and bowel disturbances in CD 227

wet nurse of CD 226-7

imparts her temper and temperament to CD 227

4. Training of

determined will often manifest in CG 230

educate, first in regard to health CD 228

less than one year old, parental duty to CG 91

minds of, education of CG 300-1

mother’s habits and deportment reflected in AH 267

mother’s work commences with FE 150; 1T 390

parents should teach love of Christ to CG 487

pranks that seem amusing in CG 202

set lisping, to solving mysteries CSW 77-8

Spirit may mold, from earliest movements DA 512

who throws itself and screams when will is crossed FE 150

5. Miscellaneous

abandoned, care of WM 258

air pure and invigorating needed by MH 381; 2SM 465, 467; Te 58-9

Christ as

cannot be understood 3SM 127:1; TMK 26

hard to understand, but we can believe 3SM 128:1

in His mother’s care TMK 27:2

dedication of,

before birth AH 255

by ministers DA 50-1; Ev 349

dying, mother at cradle of 2SM 468-9

God sees possibilities in AH 264

laid away before time of trouble 2SM 259

may dwell under Almighty’s shadow DA 512

mind of,

nature study by 2SM 437

should not be educated from books 2SM 437

mite of humanity AH 264

most perfect of Creator’s handiwork 2SM 466

mother should not:

bear, year after year AH 163-4

neglect, for sake of fashion CD 226-7

mother watching, for smile of recognition DA 191

motherless, cared for by angels in resurrection day 2SM 260

nervous CH 80; MH 381

praying mother’s faith protects DA 512

precious to Christ AH 274

resurrection of, at second advent GC 645; 2SM 260

sign of dawning of intelligence in DA 191

Baby form, Baby forms

Baby form, Baby forms, need no girts or bands to perfect them 2SM 466


build firm barrier between children and world during FE 69

children educated from, to be gourmands 3T 489

children indulged from, acquire wrong habits 4T 368

children need right instruction from CG 120

children should be as little lambs during 2SM 437

education should begin in CG 26; MH 383

extends to age of six or seven years CG 300; 2SM 437

first education children need in 2SM 439

habits formed in, most important to child’s life MH 380

lessons learned in, most important of child’s life MH 380

little endearments essential during AH 197

mind is most impressible in CG 26

molding of child’s character should begin in CG 193; 4T 381; 5T 323-4

more than one third of human race dies in MH 380

parents’ work must begin with child in CG 193

Samson to be trained to strict temperance from PP 562

seed sown in, become trees later 1BC 1097; CG 116

seeds of selfishness sown in hearts during 4T 200

teach children during,

first lesson in discipline 1T 218

habits of neatness and order from AH 236

lessons of purity CH 103

love for God 5T 416

obedience to God’s commandments CG 488-9

obedience to parental authority CG 82, 85; 5T 327

principles of true religion CG 472

right habits in CG 106; 4T 313; Te 270

self-control CG 400, 457; ML 82; PP 562; SD 371; Te 181, 270

self-denial AH 236; CG 400; CH 113; ML 82; PP 562; Te 270

self-restraint AH 236

temperance lessons MH 334; PP 562; Te 270

temperance principles 3T 567

to do things CG 122

things seen and heard in, mind deeply impressed by CG 202, 302

train and discipline children from 5T 323

training children should receive from AH 183; CG 82-4

what should be taught to children in, re God DA 69; FE 442

what to do when children emerge from MH 384-5

why large proportion of human race die in Ed 275

See Infancy

Baby lispings

Baby lispings CG 487


“Babylon,” term,

applies to world-loving churches PP 124

derived from “Babel” GC 381

designates false or apostate religion GC 381

signifies confusion CG 540; GC 381, 383

Babylon (Babylonia)

1. City of

2. Figurative

3. Kingdom and Empire of

4. Province of

5. Spiritual

1. City of

as Sodom and Gomorrah, place forever accursed PK 532-3

chief glory of Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom PK 515

Cyrus besieged PK 523

Cyrus’s capture of,

Euphrates River turned out of channel in PK 531, 552

prophecy foretold PK 551-2, 557

Cyrus’s siege of, sign deliverance was near for Jews PK 551

Euphrates River protected PK 523

fall of,

foretold more than a century before PK 531

gluttony and drunkenness led to CH 110; PK 522-4; 3T 162

lesson from PK 548

prophecies re Ed 176-7; PK 531-4

secret of Ed 176

fortress seemingly impregnable PK 523

gates of brass protected PK 523

massive walls surrounded PK 523

most magnificent city in Daniel’s time Ed 54; PK 480

Nebuchadnezzar strengthened and beautified PK 515

temple of, vessels of God’s house placed in Ed 54; PK 479

2. Figurative

among believers:

in N.Y. State 1T 270

in Ohio 1T 237

church services often made a 2SG 289

3. Kingdom and Empire of

ambassadors of, sent to Hezekiah PK 344-6

astronomy studied by wise men of PK 344

coming into universal rule, in Jeremiah’s time PK 427

court of, all lands represented at Ed 55; 6T 220

crown removed from Israel passed in succession to Ed 179

Daniel was prime minister of COL 350; PK 546; 7T 248

Daniel’s captivity permitted introducing God to UL 47:2

divinely appointed scourge of Judah PK 385-6

eastward from Israel PK 422

evidence of God’s supremacy given to PK 480

exalted to fulfill God’s purpose Ed 175

fall of PK 530-3

Nebuchadnezzar given prophecy re PK 501

God’s purpose in, Nebuchadnezzar fulfilled PK 521

great changes in, before Daniel died PK 522

greatest kingdom in world PK 521; 6T 220

in Daniel’s time 6T 220

guilt of, filled up in night of Belshazzar’s feast PK 530

history of, truth illustrated in Ed 175

idols of, Belshazzar and lords praised 5T 244

in prosperity, forgot God 4BC 1168

Jerusalem besieged by PK 427

Judah encouraged to be friendly with PK 423

Judah led away captive to PK 386, 425

Judea laid waste by PK 386

king of, Satan represented by GC 660

men of, Daniel’s life was flawless before OHC 357:2

miraculously brought into ascendancy in world PK 385

most powerful empire PK 494; SL 35

Nebuchadnezzar’s golden image symbolized PK 504

one of world’s great empires PK 535

passing power and magnificence of, lesson from Ed 183

plan of Nebuchadnezzar and wise men to exalt PK 504-5

power and magnificence of, world has never since beheld Ed 183; PK 548

prosperity that attended Ed 175

proud and cruel oppressor Ed 176

reached height of wealth and power never since equaled Ed 175

richest of earthly kingdoms PK 501

rise and fall of, prophecy has traced Ed 177

rose unexpectedly as new world power PK 422

rulers of,

divine sentence pronounced upon Ed 176

first and last PK 533

God designed to hold in check 4T 172

God’s wrath visited on Judah by PK 422

Judah should have avoided controversy with PK 423

men of highest intellect PK 501

privilege of PK 501

proud and cruel 5T 752

scepter wrested by Cyrus from PK 556

state religion of, idolatry PK 506

succeeded by other kingdoms PK 514

symbolized by head of gold Ed 175

temporary rule of, God’s people advised to submit to PK 440-2

throne of, Darius took possession of SL 42

true worshipers of God taken captives to PK 479

two false teachers in, Jeremiah rebuked PK 442

vast kingdom 5T 453

why kingdom of, passed away 4BC 1168; PK 501

wise men of, Daniel pleaded for the lives of CC 251:3

wise men of, wise men of today represented by FE 412

See also Babel; Belshazzar; Cyrus; Daniel; Darius the Mede; Nebuchadnezzar

4. Province of,

three Hebrew youth set over SL 37

5. Spiritual

apostate church symbolized by COL 179

blood of saints not spared by; catch light coming to earth 3SM 426:3

call for God’s people to come out of 7BC 968

before plagues GC 604

loud cry will give EW 277-8

persons who fear God today are heeding PK 715

purpose of 7BC 984

repetition of EW 277

second angel’s message has given EW 241-3

when, will be finally heeded GC 390

when second angel’s message will be repeated GC 603-4

call out of,

added to second angel’s message in loud cry 3SM 406:0

after truth proclaimed to world Mar 189:4

to avoid false worship, like call from Egypt 3SM 406:1

to keep Sabbath as Israel from Egypt Mar 189:3

captivity of, restoration of God’s people from PK 714-5


being called, is not our message TDG 172:3

made into, by children playing 3SM 257:1

churches constituting, greater part of Christ’s true followers are in GC 383, 390

churches represented as 2SM 68

fallen because of errors and sins GC 607

fallen denominational churches are TM 61

fallen spiritually TM 117

many true Christians in GC 383, 390

moral fall of SR 364-5

persecute people keeping God’s commandments TM 117

popular churches as EW 274; 4T 13

second angel’s message is to go to TM 59

slave traffic among EW 275-6

spiritual condition of 4T 13

world-loving churches of last days are PP 124

city of Rome is called GC 237

complete fall of, yet future GC 390

confusion of conflicting creeds and sects PP 124

cup of intoxication presented to world by GC 388

danger of becoming a sister to (not danger of becoming) TSB 188:3

daughters of, symbolize churches clinging to papal doctrines and traditions GC 382-3

deals in slaves and souls of men MH 338

destruction of, warning to be given before PP 167

devil’s influence in GC 603-4

erroneous idea that SDA Church is part of 2SM 63-4, 66-8; TM 20, 23, 36-7, 41-3, 45, 49-50, 53, 56, 61

fall of,

announced EW 241; GC 383

message of Revelation 18 will proclaim 7BC 985

not yet complete GC 389-90

progressive GC 390

refers not to Roman Church alone GC 383

repetition of announcement of GC 603

false sabbath given to world by 2SM 118

wine of,

false doctrines as 7BC 985; Ev 247, 365; GC 388, 536; 2SM 68, 118; TM 61-2

few have not been drinking of 1SM 405

how nations are made to drink 8T 94

not all nations have drunk of GC 389

world hopelessly intoxicated by GC 389

fear that organized SDA would become 1T 270

final warning re GC 603-4

fourth commandment of Decalogue rejected by 7BC 979

God’s chosen ones do not compose Ev 365

God’s judgments to fall on GC 653

God’s wrath to be visited upon GC 653


God’s wrath to be visited upon GC 637, 653

has come up in remembrance before God FE 363

Rome is GC 382

soon will receive double for her sins EW 276; FE 363; GC 604, 653

great sin charged against GC 388

how, has fallen 4T 13; GC 383-90

many of God’s people still in GC 383, 390, 604

midnight cry called God’s people out of EW 242-3

mysteries of,

English Reformers acquainted with SR 352

English Reformers exposed GC 248

mystic, of Apocalypse 7BC 980; GC 388; MH 338; Te 24

of Revelation 17 GC 381-90

condition of religious world represented by GC 603; PP 167

dress of GC 382

Roman Church symbolized by GC 382

Rome symbolized by GC 382

of Revelation 18 7BC 980

about to be destroyed GC 604

pamphlets denouncing SDA Church as TM 23

poisonous doctrines fostered by Ev 365

wine of error TM 61

remnant church is not TM 32-62

ripe for destruction GC 653

sins of EW 273-6

reach heaven with Sunday legislation Mar 179:4, 189:4

final warning will lay open GC 606

Thomas Guthrie quoted re GC 384

two distinct calls to people in Mar 189:2

various forms of false or apostate religion as GC 381

various organizations constitute GC 603

vision re, John was given PP 167

Waldenses called Roman Church GC 65

when fall of, will be complete GC 390

wine of,

from every nation; Rev. 18 3SM 392

is false doctrine 3SM 405:3

wine of fornication of, nations will be made to drink 7BC 949

wine of wrath of fornication of, false doctrines created TM 62

Babylonian, Babylonians

ancient, origin and destiny of PK 344

light given through Hebrew captives to 4BC 1169

See also Babel; Babylon

Babylonian captivity

God’s people during,

not forsaken by Him PK 382-3; 5T 468

promised deliverance 5T 468

returned to Him with true repentance during 5T 468-9

God’s purpose for Israel in 2BC 1040; PK 382, 475; 4T 172-3

carried out PK 479-80

greatest monarchs proclaimed God’s supremacy during DA 28

heathen ideas and customs adopted by Jews during DA 29

Israel taken into SR 195; 5T 468

Israelites cured of image worship by DA 28; PK 705

Jeremiah’s messages to God’s people in PK 440-2; 4T 172-3

lessons learned by Israelites in PK 406, 475

light given through darkness of PK 464-76

men who witnessed before heathen during PK 479

persecution suffered by faithful Israelites during DA 28

pilgrimages of Jews to Jerusalem during 4BC 1172

privileges granted to Levites during PK 612-3

prophecies re Israel’s restoration from PK 552-3

prophets received messages for Israel during PK 464; 5T 468

prophets sent to God’s people during PK 582-3

return of captives from,

under Ezra MH 281; PK 607-27

under Zerubbabel PK 551-66; 5T 468

70 years of:

beginning of PK 479

close of SL 46

ended with first year of Cyrus’s reign PK 557

favor shown to God’s remnant people at close of PK 552

Jeremiah foretold 4BC 1158; PK 552-3

nearly ended in first year of Darius the Mede 4BC 1172

prophets foretold PK 441

sign that, was closing PK 551

See also Seventy years

sins that brought Judah into PK 182

synagogues built by Jews during PK 613

what would have averted PK 564


Back, weakness of, strychnine causes 4aSG 138


children’s, self-abuse causes 2T 481

persons who should forget their 3T 76

Backbiter, Backbiters

classed with cannibals Ed 235

compared to adder 1T 117

excluded from tabernacle of God 5T 615

spirituality of churches killed by CG 551


curse of community and home Ed 235

dish of, class who cannot partake of FE 458

Spirit is displeased by 3T 52

woman eloquent in 2SG 157-8

See also Faultfinding; Gossip; Criticism; Talebearing


moral, needed MH 498

woman without 2T 249

See also Spinal column; Spine; Stamina

Backset, Backsets

Backset, Backsets, character strengthened by 3T 494

Backslidden church

duty of, to repent 1SM 126

Laodicean message encourages 7BC 966

Backslidden church members

Backslidden church members, souls not brought into truth because of 6T 371

Backslidden state

Backslidden state, God did not leave church in AA 587

Backslidden woman

Backslidden woman 2T 281

Backslider, Backsliders

be very compassionate to 3T 188

bringing back,

by loving service of God’s children HP 10:5

to the fold TDG 67:4

Christ’s blood pleads for 7BC 948

Christians who never become ChS 107; ML 103

church members’ duty to 2T 218-9

compassion, not bigotry for TMK 128:4

first angel’s message aroused SR 358

God treats, with tenderness SD 260

God’s people represented as 2T 444

God’s plea for return of PK 319-20

gospel work for FE 208; LS 186-9; 2T 13-4, 218-9; 8T 46

gossip hinders 2T 218

how some people become 1T 548; 4T 560

indifference to, ministers warned against 2T 506


will return to fold 6T 401

will return when storm of persecution comes ChS 166

messages to, through Jeremiah PK 410

ministers’ duty to hunt and work for CH 533-4

need more than tame and pointless message 8T 36

only hope of, is to confess 2T 303

plight of, in returning to God 2SM 165

pray for 2T 219

prevailing iniquity makes 2T 346

public appeal to 1SM 147

reason given by, for their course 5T 675


under outpouring of Spirit on Pentecost 8T 19

under preaching of early church AA 48

responsibility for UL 162:5

returning, God graciously pardons and heals 1T 431

returning to church, duty to 2T 219

seems not to comprehend his condition TM 451

settled in sin, light cannot penetrate deception around HP 27:5

some people professing truth are 4T 400

Testimonies give instruction for 2T 608; 5T 667-8

who lack faith in Testimonies 5T 675

who returned to God 5T 643

won back to Christ in France Ev 449-50

working for OHC 178


among churches in 1844 GC 380

among Friends 2SM 473

among God’s people,

astonishing TM 450

discord a result of 1T 246-7

attitude of those returning after TSB 179:1

before second advent, Christ foretold GC 309

cause of SD 89; Te 19

among college students 4T 425

lack of watchfulness and prayer as LS 220

love of dress 4T 647

ministers’ influence as 2T 620

sometimes concealed 4T 31-2

tampering with tea and coffee Te 80

cherishing unholy desires leads to TMK 254:4

children’s, parental neglect causes 5T 38

church leavened with her own 8T 250-1

confession of, needed 6T 408; 8T 11-2

constant brooding over, no spiritual strength in 5T 741

continual, re health reform CH 578

evidence of, desire to urge men into public notice is 5T 75

first step in, often leads to complete apostasy 2BC 1000

God and heaven known better if we avoid OHC 62:4

what often is SD 165

from health-reform principles 9T 153

extreme views result in CD 212

results of CW 125-6; Ev 514

God’s promise to heal 4BC 1150; 2SM 231

gradual, prosperity leads to 2T 280-1

into self-indulgence MM 334

Israel enjoyed gifts of God’s providence during PP 587-8

Israel returned from, in Nehemiah’s time PK 667

Israel’s, God’s patience with GC 19

Jeremiah’s warnings against PK 410

Laodicean message designed to discover 2SG 224

need of rebuking 1SM 380

remedy for ChS 107; 2T 446

result of 2BC 1017

blindness of mind 5T 51

fatal to Judah PK 410-1

hardness of heart 5T 51

inactivity in God’s cause 4T 285

Israel’s chastisement 2BC 1002; PP 545

separation from God 5T 217

sanitarium affords opportunity for MM 216

sin against God and one’s own soul 4T 647

steps leading to 4T 560

teaching that encourages 1T 71

there is no time for SD 332

under trial, cause of TM 169

EGW distressed over UL 339

why many are given to MYP 105

women’s, Satan prepared way for 2T 277

See also Disaffection; Wandering

Backsliding people

Backsliding people, God has not forsaken 3BC 1132

Back track, Back-tracks

church members progressing in 5T 93

make, fast as possible 2SM 168


Backward, we can go, as well as forward CSW 49

Backward movements

Backward movements, make no 6T 157


advantages lost through ChS 170

minister’s 2T 707

Baden, Switz.

Baden, Switz. GC 182-4

Badge, Badges

jeweled, Jewish priests wore 4T 161

of admission, to King’s palace AA 524

of allegiance, to first great apostate COL 318-9

of Christ,

not all are His who wear MB 145

wear FE 476

of Christianity, not an outward sign MH 470

of distinction, Christ’s name as our AA 28; DA 826

of mourning, not to be worn in hereafter GC 676

of truth and obedience, wear FE 476; GW 393

parchment strips worn by Jews as DA 612


wear no FE 476; GW 392

See also Political badges

use of, in Christ’s time DA 610


with holes, treasure put in COL 247

See also Basket

Bailey, Noah

Bailey, Noah, fanatic 2SG 131

Bait, Baits

proper, needed to reach higher classes Ev 556-7


attracts souls into his net 2T 172

earthly treasure as CS 145

investment of money as 5T 154

seducing 8T 293

taken by prospective victims, watched MYP 83; 2T 143

worldly, warning against TM 277

Baker, J.

Baker, J. 2SG 145

Baker, Miss M. A.

Baker, Miss M. A., poetry of, quoted DA 336


schools should teach CT 310; 6T 182

See also Bread

Baking powder

bread made with, not best CD 319-20, 343

compounds made with, unfit for stomach CD 319-20, 343

in breadmaking, harmful and unnecessary MH 300

See also Soda


Balaam PP 438-61; 4aSG 43-52

angel with sword terrified PP 442; SC 23; 5T 637

apostate prophet DA 59; PP 439; 4aSG 43

professing to be God’s prophet PP 439-41

regarded as God’s prophet PP 454

reported to have supernatural powers PP 438

ass of, enabled by God to rebuke him PP 442

confession of sin by, not genuine SC 23; 5T 637

covetousness and ambition blinded PP 442

covetousness led to ruin of 1BC 1116; PP 439-40, 451; 4aSG 43-4

covetousness of, bribe excited PP 439

cruelty of, to ass PP 441-2

curse of, Israel could not be harmed by PP 439

dallied with temptation PP 439

double-minded 4aSG 43

failure of, to curse Israel GC 529

fame of, Moab heard of PP 438

fate of, similar to Judas Iscariot’s PP 452

foot of, crushed by ass PP 441

future events unfolded by God before 4aSG 48

God’s favor forfeited by, for rewards of king CS 139

God’s work for Israel known to PP 439

hoped to make God’s service a steppingstone to riches PP 452

inhabitant of Mesopotamia PP 438

Israel’s experience with, a warning 5T 599

Israel’s future shown to PP 447

knew his duty to refuse Balak’s rewards PP 439

knowledge of, re sacrificial offerings PP 444

magician DA 59; PP 442, 449

Messiah’s coming foretold by DA 59-60; PK 684; PP 451

Moabites’ guilt not as great as that of PP 441

not permitted to curse Israel PP 441, 443, 448; 4aSG 46; 5T 598

one cherished sin led to ruin of PP 452

permitted by God to follow his own will PP 440; 4aSG 44-5

poetry of,

beautiful Ed 160

sublime and impassioned PP 449

prayer of, to die as the righteous PP 447

presentiment of, that his end was near PP 451-2

presumed upon God’s mercy PP 448

presumptuous folly of 4aSG 45

pronounced words contrary to his heart’s sentiments PP 447

prophecy(s) of, re Israel PP 449-50; 4aSG 46-7

handed down by tradition from century to century DA 59-60

fulfilled in Israel’s afterhistory PP 447

that Star should come out of Jacob DA 60

resurrection of righteous dead shown to PP 447

Satan’s agent 5T 598-9

sin and fate of, warning to us 1BC 1116

slain with Midianites by Israel PP 451, 456; 4aSG 50

snare advised by; women and wine beguiled warriors TSB 84:0

Spirit forsook PP 451; 4aSG 48-9

spirit of, when praying COL 221

Spirit spoke through DA 59; GC 529

success of, in enticing Israel GC 529-30; PP 451, 454; 4aSG 49-50; 5T 599

superstitious ceremonies and enchantments used by 4aSG 47

thousands today pursue course similar to that of PP 440-1

three efforts of, to curse Israel PP 444-9

time-server 1BC 1116; PP 439

warned by angels PP 439, 653; 5T 637