The Christian Experience of William E. Foy


We the undersigned, inhabitants of Boston were witnesses of the apparently inanimate conditions into which our brother, Wm. Ellis Foy, was thrown from some unknown cause, on the 18th of January 1842 when he laid two hours and a half; and again February 4th when he laid twelve hours and a half, during which, each time he testifies that he experienced extraordinary visions of the other world. Charles Tash. Francis Sanders George Williams John Thomas David Williams Andrew Lewis Edward Williams George Harris CEWF 23.6

Dr. Henry Cummings testifies: “I was present with our brother at the time of his visions. I examined him, but could not find any appearance of life, except around his heart.” CEWF 23.7

Ann Foy testifies: “The first appearance of life I saw in him, was the raising of his right hand. He then arose upon his knee and made signs for water which was given him. He dipped his hand into it, and wet his forehead, and his speech immediately came to him. We then wished him to tell us, what things he had seen, and he answered, as soon as I receive strength, I will reveal unto you, that which the Lord has revealed unto me.” CEWF 23.8

Copy of certificate of church membership. CEWF 23.9

This certifies that Bro. Wm. E. Foy, is a regular member, of the first Freewill Baptist Church, in Augusta, in good standing. And as such, we commend him to the fellowship of the people of God, of every name, wherever he may chance to meet them. CEWF 23.10

Church Clerk