The Christian Experience of William E. Foy


It is often remarked, when a work of this character, is before the public, “I am no believer in dreams and visions.” Very well, such are welcome to their own discerning incredulity. The object in publishing these visions is not to benefit such as reject indiscriminately every thing of this kind; no such expectations are cherished. But an earnest desire to comfort, and encourage the dear saints of God in their weary pilgrimage, by a glimpse of the blessedness, awaiting the finally faithful has prompted us to this step. And no doubt is entertained but that it will prove to them, a rich and invigorating repast. CEWF 5.1

That God does manifest himself in visions to his children, the records of every age, do abundantly testify. And on this point, the Bible is clear and positive. The patriarchs and Prophets were shown the great and mighty events, that were yet in distant future,, by the agency of visions. But it is often asked if the method of revealing the events, and scenes the awakening of sinners, reclaiming of backsliders, and the building up of the saints in the most holy faith. They are published as nearly as possible in his own language. There is a most beautiful resemblance in the views here given, with the visions of Ezekiel, Daniel and John. As for instance; the description of the “tall and mighty angel,” and “the sea of glass.” CEWF 5.2

The view of the mighty angel having the trumpet of pure silver, and the announcement of the great and terrible voice, is exceedingly interesting and instructive. CEWF 6.1

That the despised and humble few, who are patiently waiting for the appearing of their glorious King, may be refreshed and comforted,, in this hour of trial, while perusing these two visions,, is the fervent prayer of the Publishers. CEWF 6.2