Lt 39, 1910


Lt 39, 1910

White, W. C.

Loma Linda, California

April 20, 1910

Previously unpublished. Incomplete.

My Son W. C. White:

I sent you a decided letter for yourself. I did not want it copied; but still it may be considered. Lt39-1910.1

Last night is the first night’s rest I have had for some time; yet I have tried to labor, and now it is ordered that I speak on Sabbath. An appointment is out for me to speak in a large public hall in Los Angeles. Brother Andross and several others were in for this. I was assured I should have Elder Andross to help me. He and Elder Burden were with me in the school. Lt39-1910.2

I was very much blessed in speaking to a crowded house, and all were deeply affected—men, women, and children. I spoke a short time Sunday morning. The meeting place was crowded and the same tender spirit was manifested. And then I spoke once to the crowded meetinghouse in San Diego, and the softening influence of the Holy Spirit was upon the congregation. Lt39-1910.3

I did not stay my supposed time in Paradise Valley. We had good rooms, but they were full at the sanitarium; and as we had to give up our rooms—previously engaged—on Monday, Sarah proposed that we come to this place—Loma Linda—on that day. I thought it a good idea, and we found ourselves in cars for a certain high class of people, ministers and their wives, and we enjoyed the journey. We decided not to go around by Los Angeles. [Incomplete.] Lt39-1910.4