Lt 78, 1910


Lt 78, 1910

White, J. E.

St. Helena, California

September 18, 1910

Previously unpublished. +Note

Elder J. E. White
Nashville, Tennessee

My dear Son:

I have recently written you a letter in which I made a plain statement in regard to the financial straits that we are in. Although our publishing houses have sold many books, I have not been able to lessen my indebtedness. I have a great desire to be free from debt, but under existing circumstances I cannot lessen the debt. Lt78-1910.1

We are now striving earnestly to get many things published, and among them the history of our labors in Australia. I have much matter in my diary regarding our experience in Australia, all written by my own hand, which ought to be published before I am removed by death. But I leave the whole matter with the Lord. For a time I have been nearly broken down, but the Lord has graciously preserved me. I am hoping that I may still labor in planting the seed of truth in good soil. Lt78-1910.2

I have not heard much as yet regarding the camp-meeting in Battle Creek. Lt78-1910.3

We are living in a time when every phase of character will be developed. But each one is responsible for his own individual course of action. I am hoping, Edson, that you and Emma will enjoy the great treasure of the assurance of the rich blessing of God. While the world is under satanic delusions, evil agencies of every kind will be at work to deceive if possible the very elect; but, my children, work, and work humbly with the grace of God in your hearts. Pray much, and watch unto prayer. Keep in close connection with our Saviour Jesus Christ, ever maintaining growth in righteousness and true holiness. Lt78-1910.4

It is your privilege to know the meaning, day by day, of a true reception of the living Saviour, who is waiting to impart the rich, free gift of a true sense of salvation through a belief of the truth as it is in Christ. Lt78-1910.5

I do not want you to become more and more deeply involved in business undertakings; for this always proves a snare to you, my son, hurting your influence in the presentation of the truth. Through the active reception of the whole truth as it is in Jesus, you are always safe. “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.” [2 Corinthians 5:17.] “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.” [Galatians 5:22, 23.] Lt78-1910.6

My son, do not, in any of your work, adopt plans that will increase your cares and burdens, and enlarge your business responsibilities. And do not enter into connection with those not of our faith. In the past I have presented to you your mistakes and dangers, but you are so confident of your prospects that you broaden your work too much, and your expectations are not realized. Then you find yourself involved in debt and discouragement. Lt78-1910.7

We have repeatedly made efforts to help you, and this is one reason why I am so heavily in debt, and why both myself and your brother are placed in an embarrassing and unfavorable light before some of our people. It will not be right for us to again consent to pass over and through the same experiences. We cannot uphold you in launching out into a work that you ought not to be doing. I have not the courage to repeat what I have written in the past. And you have suffered so much in the past that I do not want you again to make the trial of undertaking to do what our publishing houses are established to do. Do what you can in co-operation with your brethren, but do not link up with unbelievers in any business transaction. Your experience in the past is all-sufficient. You can and must keep on safe ground. Then your wife will not be placed where she will worry over your course. Lt78-1910.8

I want you to speak the truth from the Word in righteousness. Christ came from heaven to give His precious life for the salvation of souls. And we are not permitted to use our lives in efforts that will imperil our usefulness in doing our appointed work. We are not to run any risk of hurting the influence that the Lord would have us maintain in His work and service. You have large powers of doing good in certain lines and of magnifying the truth, if you will walk in the light of the wisdom of Christ. Obedience to the Lord’s warning is your safety. You are to try the result of obedience to the Word, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” [Psalm 111:10.] Lt78-1910.9

But you know all this. I must tell you again that we cannot encourage you to be hopeful that I can sustain you in branching out to publish books and deal with agents. I desire you to understand the history of the past, and I encourage you to work humbly with God and minister in His Word. Lt78-1910.10

Your mother. Lt78-1910