Lt 92, 1910


Lt 92, 1910

White, J. E.

St. Helena, California

October 2, 1910

Portions of this letter are published in VSS 200-201.

My dear Son Edson:

I have been very busy planning how we may adjust our work and carry it forward with the least expense possible. The work of revising and adding to our books brings us much perplexity, and we need all the light the Lord has given us. Lt92-1910.1

I have received excellent reports of the meetings held in Nashville. The discourses you have given have been well received. This pleases me; for over and over again the Lord has given me the word that you must not engage in any employment that would hedge up your work as a minister of the gospel of Christ. You are to devote yourself to the ministry of the Word, but you must guard strictly against entering into commercial business and manufacturing enterprises. You are easily led into business of this kind, and then the work in which you should engage is neglected. Lt92-1910.2

Jesus pitied poor sinners so much that He left the royal courts and came to this world to teach men and women what they must do in order to be saved. Lt92-1910.3

These words were spoken to me by my Instructor: “The cities are to be warned, and the living teacher is to open the Scriptures to large congregations.” You are not to feel that your highest and most powerful work is in the making of books. This is not your main work. Speak the Word before the people. Let the Lord Jesus impress your mind. Commercialism, even in book-making, is not to engross your powers. Lt92-1910.4

As you engage in the work of opening the Word of God to others, you will receive physical and spiritual blessing. When you are speaking before a congregation, the brain is not taxed as it is when you are pouring over articles for your books. When a speaker talks in the proper way, taking deep, full inspirations, and throwing out the voice in clear, distinct tones, the whole being is benefited. The exercise of my lungs in deep breathing, as I have engaged in public speaking, has been a life preserver to me. Lt92-1910.5

Care is always to be taken not to strain the vocal organ. They are to be kept as smooth as possible. When you are speaking before a congregation, let the abdominal muscles have the hardest part of the work to do. The light given me for you is that you are to do more public speaking, and that you are to be sure, when speaking, to exercise the abdominal muscles. Your brain has been overstrained. Take heed to the things I write you, and you will see that my words are true. As you engage in the work the Lord points out for you, the Spirit of God will impress minds through the words you speak. The spoken word will make a deeper impression on hearts than the printed word. I write you these things now because your writing power is less efficient than your power of addressing congregations. Lt92-1910.6

When a minister is staying with a family, he should in an emergency take hold to help in the outdoor work. This will be a blessing to him and a help to those he is staying with. Our ministers are too much indoors, and often the rooms in which they stay are ill-ventilated and the air impure. Lt92-1910.7

Let the minister remember that his habits of life often exert a more powerful influence than the sermon he preaches. Let ministers learn of Christ. In all His habits, in every word and deed, Christ was a true minister. He observed the laws of health. He has left us, in His life practice, an example that we are to follow. Let us study more closely the habits and life of the Saviour. He was verily an open-air speaker. In order that He might reach the people where they were, a great deal of His teaching was done out-of-doors. Thus many received a knowledge of the gospel. Lt92-1910.8

The whole system is benefited by open-air exercise. Let our ministers remember that it is their duty to get out-of-door exercise, for the benefit of the physical health. Lt92-1910.9

I have had experience in many countries and have always had the same testimony to bear. Our people in America need to breathe more out-of-door atmosphere. Ministers make a mistake in taking so little physical exercise and in remaining so much indoors in heated and often ill-ventilated rooms. Their time is largely given to study and to writing, when physical exercise is a positive duty. By using their physical powers, they would benefit the powers of the mind. They should exercise brain, bone, and muscle equally. Lt92-1910.10

A minister should never leave his work in any place half done. There are those who take up work in a certain place and for a time report the best of interest; but before their work is completed, they leave for a new place. This has been a great mistake. The Lord calls for completed work in all places where work is undertaken. A thorough work is to be done, that souls may be convinced and baptized. Let our ministers bear this in mind and not give up their work till it is finished, till souls are baptized and received as members of the church. Lt92-1910.11

Christ came to this world as a human being, that He might become acquainted with the experience of human beings in every stage of their experience. Humiliating Himself, He came to the aid of those who were exposed to the temptations of the enemy. Satan had prepared all kinds of commercialism to draw minds from the heavenly things that are all-important for the saving of the soul, to things that are common, to selfish and grasping efforts, to sharp trade of every order. It was his purpose to lead men to regard with indifference the heavenly treasure. Christ saw the peril that man was in through yielding to the desire to obtain riches by commercial schemes. He saw man’s natural inclination to be charmed with earthly treasure. He saw the warfare that was being waged between good and evil; and He volunteered to leave the heavenly courts, lay aside His royal robe and kingly crown, and assume humanity. He would give His life, that the world might have an opportunity to be redeemed. He would stand in man’s behalf against the enemy of all good and by divine grace overcome every temptation brought to bear against him. Lt92-1910.12

Your mother. Lt92-1910