The Bible Echo, vol. 13


The Bible Echo, Vol. 13


January 3, 1898

“Note” The Bible Echo 13, 1, p. 8.


OF Charles A. Dana, who was the maker of the New York Sun, and who died lately, it is said that “he never had an idle day since he left college.” This was not because he was against his will deprived of idle days, but because he did not want any such days. He would rather be busy than to be idle. And yet he lived to the age of more than seventy-eight years. It is all nonsense about work’s shortening life. Idleness will shorten life far more than will steady, busy work. Any Christian would rather work than to be idle. The Christian so loves work that he will work for nothing rather than to do nothing. And whoever would work for nothing rather than to do nothing, will never need to work for nothing.—A. T. Jones. BEST January 3, 1898, page 8.1