Lt 82, 1910

Entering the Cities

Again and again I am instructed to present to our churches in every place the work that should be done, not only where we have churches already established, but in new fields where the truth has never been fully established. In our cities, as verily as in far-off lands, there are people of all nationalities whose souls are precious and who must hear the message. The way must be opened to reach these unworked fields. Decided work must be done. Openings must be made. Lt82-1910.11

It is impossible for man to measure the ingenuity shown by Satan in deceiving human minds. As Christ saw the working out of Satan’s plan to deceive man in many ways, He gladly came to our world as an infant, to live in this world, to meet the wily foe at every stage of human life, and to counterwork his satanic wiles. No one could understand as Christ did the enemy’s power of deception. He saw that the world was being captivated by the delusive power exercised through commercialism of various kinds. He came to take human nature and to stay this overwhelming power of deception which was leading souls to their ruin. Lt82-1910.12

Thus was carried out the plan for Christ to act His part as a Saviour. He came to our world to live and suffer and die, that He might win to God the souls deceived by Satan. He is wise in an understanding of the tempter’s plans, and He can teach men and women how to become wise to discern and escape the corruption that Satan is constantly inventing. Lt82-1910.13

Christ declared, I have pledged Myself, as the only begotten Son of the Lord God Almighty, to carry out God’s plan to win souls from Satan to the Lord’s side. Christ alone can defeat the enemy. He works in man’s behalf to uncover his plans, that souls may be led to turn from the archdeceiver. Lt82-1910.14

May the Lord bless you, Sister Rumbough, and guide you in all your efforts to establish the truth, is my prayer. Lt82-1910.15