The Eastern Question


The Eastern Question

What Its Solution Means to All the World.



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God dealt personally with the nations of old, and it is unreasonable to suppose that He has nothing to do with the nations now. His ways have not changed; but people have forgotten or will not believe that the Most High still rules in the kingdoms of men, and works out through them His own deep counsels and wondrous purpose. EQ 1.1

Three distinct portions of Scripture are devoted to the Turkish power, and it is the object of this tract carefully and candidly to examine these passages, and gather from them what word the Lord has for us in our day. EQ 1.2

The only organized nation within the bounds of history when the Bible record was closed-a. d. 98-was the Roman Empire. It constituted, moreover, in a sense, the very center and pivot of God’s work and purpose concerning the whole world for all time. The Roman Cæsar Augustus had decreed that “all the world should be taxed,” when Christ, the Saviour of the world, was born. By the authority of Rome, vested in the Roman governor of Judea, Christ was delivered to be crucified, and Roman soldiers watched the tomb, which was sealed with the Roman seal. Rome, therefore, being the great power of the world, and being also the center of God’s cause and purpose in the world for all time, it is fitting that it should be the first world-power to be dealt with in New Testament prophecy; and, in the nature of things, after it would be considered the nations which should follow it to the end of time. EQ 1.3