Ms 47, 1912


Ms 47, 1912

Good Samaritan Work


1912 [typed]

Compiled from earlier sources by Dr. David Paulson.

It is working together with Christ that is true worship. Prayers, exhortations, and talk are cheap fruits, which are frequently tied on; but fruits that are manifested in good words, in caring for the needy, the fatherless, and widows, are genuine fruits and grow naturally upon a good tree. Ms47-1912.1

The parable of the good Samaritan outlines true missionary work, and in this work God’s people are all to have a part. No one is excused who neglects the duty he owes to his fellow men. In doing this work, we fulfil the law of God. Ms47-1912.2

To obey the law of God means to be quick to see the necessities of our fellow beings and quick to help them without stopping to inquire, Do they believe the same doctrines that I believe? Ms47-1912.3

The Saviour devoted more time and labor to healing the afflicted of their maladies than to preaching. When the Master shall come again, He will commend those who have visited the sick and relieved the necessities of the afflicted. Ms47-1912.4