Lt 10, 1910


Lt 10, 1910

Workman, Brother and Sister [W. D.]

St. Helena, California

December 10, 1909

Previously unpublished. +Note

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Workman

Dear grandchildren Mabel and Wilfred:

I would be pleased to see you both, but I do not wish to make you homesick. I am trying in every way to revive in the minds of our people our past history in a manner that will encourage a stronger faith. In doing this, we find that we shall have to meet difficulties, but these difficulties can be mastered. Lt10-1910.1

Many perplexing problems will come before you, but if you will walk step by step in faith, you may both increase in confidence and in those characteristics which will constitute you laborers together with Jesus Christ. Lt10-1910.2

I hope you will write to me frequently, especially Mabel, my dear granddaughter, and tell me how you are getting along. I would be so pleased to see you, but I do not wish to make you homesick. I am writing by lamplight and find it difficult to get into an easy position to write. I am so thankful that the Lord continues to give me a clear understanding of the truth; and so long as my mind is clear, I shall continue to use my pen in calling the attention of our people to the serious importance of the times in which we live. Our faith must be centered in Jesus, who is the hope of our salvation. Lt10-1910.3