Ms 69, 1912


Ms 69, 1912

The Sin and Death of Moses


September 10, 1912 [typed]

Portions of this manuscript are published in 1BC 1102, 1115-1116; 4BC 1146, 1173-1174; 5BC 1134; 10MR 151-160.

Moses was chosen as one who was capable, well trained, and qualified by God to lead the vast army of Israel to the goodly land of Canaan. He was not only a learned man, a mighty warrior, and skilled in warfare, but he had also received an education in the school of affliction. He well understood what poverty was, for he had been for forty years a humble shepherd, caring for the flocks of Jethro in Midian. In the school of adversity God had fitted him to stand at the head of the armies of Israel. Ms69-1912.1

The children of Israel had not traveled to the promised land with joy and gladness. Constantly had they murmured and complained, and their murmurings had entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. Because they had not faith in the good things that God had in store for them, they did not have courage to endure the hardness of the way and the trials by which they were proved. Ms69-1912.2