The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, vol. 81

The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, Vol. 81


August 11, 1904

“LaGrave” The Advent Review And Sabbath Herald 81, 32, p. 23.

LAGRAVE.—Died at College Place, Wash., June 13, 1904, of heart-disease, Denis LaGrave, aged 61 years and 15 days. Brother LaGrave was born at Mycenae, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. He moved to Washington Territory in 1872, and settled near Dayton, where in the same year, he married Miss Mary Palmer, and where he continued to live until the establishment of Walla Walla College at College Place. In the summer of 1875, Elder I. D. Vary-Horn held a tent-meeting at Dayton, during which Brother LaGrave, his wife, mother, acd sister embraced the truths of the third angel’s message, in which they all rejoiced as long as they lived, Sister Mary LaGrave being the only one now remaining. She and her three children are left to mourn the loss of a devoted husband and loving father; but they do not mourn as those who have no hope. The funeral services were conducted by the writer, who had been intimately acquainted with the family for nearly twenty-nine years, and who happened to be passing through College Place just at the time. ARSH August 11, 1904, page 23.1