The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, vol. 80

The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, Vol. 80


February 10, 1903

“An Interesting Dedicatory Service” Advent Review and Sabbath Herald 80, 6, p. 13.

ONE half the basement of the meeting-house of the Laguna Street Seventh-day Adventist church in San Francisco has been set apart and fitter up as a fully equipped dispensary and treatment rooms; and Sunday evening, Jan. 11, 1903, it was formally dedicated to the Lord in the work of the third angel’s message. The meeting-house was crowded with people, the greater part of whom were not of our faith. The exercises occupied nearly two hours, and the people showed unabated interest throughout. There was a brief address on “The Medical Missionary Idea;” another giving the history of this particular enterprise; and the financial statement, as follows:— ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.1

Total amount of donations received from about four hundred individuals, whose names have been reported, in amounts ranging from two cents to fifty dollars, and covering a period of time from March 1, 1902, to Dec. 31, 1902............. $1,302 00 ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.2


Of the $1,302 received in donations, approximately $850 has been given by friends outside of San Francisco, and $452 by the members of this church. There is still outstanding in unpaid pledges about $200, most of which is to be paid within four years, in installments of five dollars a year. ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.3

All donations received have been acknowledged by publication of the names and amounts in the Pacific Union Recorder. ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.4

All bills presented have been paid, the dispensary is free from debt, and there still remains on hand a surplus of $32.13 available for purchasing much-needed instruments and furnishings. ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.5

E. E. Parlin, Treasurer.

These parts of the program were interspersed with pleasant songs, which made it a very interesting service. ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.6

The opening of this dispensary enables the San Francisco church now to stand fully organized in the work of the third angel’s message. For, with the auditorium devoted to the preaching of the gospel in the word of God; and one half of the basement devoted to a good church school, and the other half to a well-equipped medical missionary dispensary, the full, all-round gospel for the whole man is represented. And what is this but that which every Seventh-day Adventist church should be? And what is it but that which every Seventh-day Adventist church can be? ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.7

This simply represents what the third angel’s message is. It is simply the every-day work of the third angel’s message, when that work is truly done; and every Seventh-day Adventist church is in the world for nothing else than to represent the whole gospel as given to the world in the third angel’s message. ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.8

More than a hundred treatments had already been given in this dispensary even before it was dedicated. It was already exerting a good influence wherever known, and with the large attendance of the people of the city at the dedicatory service, its influence is certain to be very greatly enlarged; because after the formal services of dedication were past, the whole congregation were, section by section, escorted through the treatment rooms, where a number of treatments were in actual operation, illustrating the work of the dispensary. And the people were all given time to look well through the rooms, to inquire concerning the treatments, and ask any further questions that they might choose to. ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.9

When the enterprise was suggested, it was intended that the dispensary be thoroughly fitted up, and though it was known that the cost would be not less than a thousand dollars, it was proposed that it should be done, from beginning to end, without incurring any debt. While all expressed themselves that they would be only too glad if such a thing could be, yet it was declared that that thing never could be done. Nevertheless, the enterprise being exactly what was proper, and only what was necessary to the work of the church, if it were to be a true working church, it was decided to undertake it, with the proviso that it should be furnished and completed free from debt, all the way. And it was done. Step by step was taken only as the money was in hand to pay the expense; and as step by step was thus taken, the faith of the church grew, and the courage likewise, and the further the enterprise progressed, the more certainly success was assured: each said to his neighbor, “Be of good courage,” each strengthened the hands of the other, and at last the work of preparing the dispensary was thoroughly done, and the dispensary was dedicated, not only free from debt, but, although the cost was $250 more than the thousand originally expected, $42.73 remained in the treasury, with $200 of good pledges yet to come. ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.10

And this only illustrates what can be done without incurring debt. ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.11

The San Francisco church is deeply grateful to the Lord for his blessing upon their efforts, and his prospering hand in this medical missionary enterprise. They start into their work at the beginning of this year 1903, with renewed courage. And, with their enlarged facilities for doing the work of the gospel, their efforts will certainly be fruitful, more fruitful than ever before. May the blessing of the Lord make it so, and may every Seventh-day Adventist church in the world go and do likewise. ARSH February 10, 1903, page 13.12

Alonzo T. Jones.