Ms 118, 1902


Ms 118, 1902

Christ’s Method of Imparting Truth


October 6, 1902 [typed]

This manuscript is published in entirety in 21MR 150-153.

The great Teacher held in His hand the entire map of truth, but He did not disclose it all to His disciples. He opened to them those subjects only which were essential to their advancement in the path to heaven. There were many things in regard to which His wisdom kept Him silent. Ms118-1902.1

As Christ withheld many things from His disciples, knowing that then it would be impossible for them to comprehend, so today He withholds many things from us, knowing the <limited> capacity of our understanding. Ms118-1902.2

We are to work as Christ worked. We are to move carefully. We are not to pour forth ideas that contradict the light which God has given, neither are we to follow methods that are opposed to His will. Let us tread in Christ’s footsteps. As we follow Him, we may know that we are walking in the pathway of life. Ms118-1902.3