Partial Report of Hearing on Johnston Sunday Bill, S. 404


The Inevitable Result

Through operation of law enforcing a day of rest the church crowds herself upon the state as the only means of supplying the religion that is essential to rest. Thus there will be forced upon the state a union of church and state as the inevitable consequence of this legislation. RJSB 18.1

The legislation, then, in its true intent and purpose from the beginning, revolutionizes backward the noble work of our fathers in establishing religious liberty here as a constitutional right. RJSB 18.2

Upon their professed claim that it is merely and only to secure a rest-day as a civic and economic measure, the legislation is economically and governmentally suicidal. RJSB 18.3

Upon their own known and published doctrine of a rest-day, the legislation inevitably forces a union of church and state, and that can only sink the state. RJSB 18.4

And to the whole nation the result can only be that the church of the United States will force the masses to accept the kind of religion she has to offer, a religion of force, instead of all the people accepting the religion of their own choice, as our fathers, by the Constitution, fixed matters here, as they hoped, forever. RJSB 18.5