Partial Report of Hearing on Johnston Sunday Bill, S. 404


Argument by Prof. W. W. Prescott

MR. CHAIRMAN, GENTLEMEN OF THE COMMITTEE: It seems proper that we should have a clear understanding of the real point at issue between us in speaking for and against this measure. Those who are opposed to this bill are not opposed to any man having one day of rest whenever he wishes to take it. They are not in favor of slavery either for working men or for those who are recognized as bondmen. The real question at issue is this: Is it incumbent upon the legislative body to compel men to rest? I submit that as the real question at issue. RJSB 3.1

We take no issue with what these gentlemen say as to the desirability of rest; we take no issue with them on the question from a physiological standpoint. It is just as important that men should sleep regularly as that they should rest a certain portion of time. And with the same logic they use in asking you to pass a bill to compel men to rest, they can come next time and ask you to pass a bill compelling men to sleep. They rest upon the same basis, gentlemen. RJSB 3.2